African Migrant Apocalypse Arrives in Spain; Pro-Invasion Groups Celebrate

These videos recently recorded from Ceuta, Spain, look like scenes from a zombie invasion movie, and the worst part isn’t even the screaming hordes of African men celebrating their brute-forced entry into European Union territory, but it’s the meek and pathetic reaction by European authorities to the hundreds of illegal entries over the past ten days.

Just take a look at the following video, recorded on August 1st, depicting the first concentrated border assault. 70 Sub-Saharan migrants rampage through town at around 5:30 AM, delirious from their success at scaling the nearby border fence or cutting through it with use of wire cutters and mallets.

The sirens of ambulances wail in the darkness. In the midst of the chaos, a group of about a dozen migrants lie on the ground as concerned police and paramedics surround them. First, the migrants try to keep authorities back by throwing sticks and stones, but eventually they relent as they realize the white men won’t harm or imprison them. One policeman lifts bottled water to the migrants’ mouths, others bandage wounded hands and wrists. One of the migrants sits, leaning against a lamppost, dressed in standard rapper attire, complete with baseball cap. At least he entered Europe in style. A young female paramedic carefully wipes blood from a migrant’s forearm.

In this scene, we witness a microcosm for a European society that has reached maximum tolerance levels. A vicious foreigner can illegally enter Europe, injure himself on barbed wire in the process, attack police, scream and dance and beat his bare chest in the middle of the night, and the only proper reaction native Europeans can legally have to all the infractions is to dress the foreigner’s wounds and cart him off to a reception center where he may hand in an asylum request.

The second video shows the most recent assault where nearly 200 migrants entered Spain from Morocco on Monday night, August 7th. This time, the migrants not only jumped the border fence, but also targeted the El Tarajal border crossing point, inciting violent scuffles which led to a Spanish guard severely breaking his leg.

Ceuta, a Spanish enclave bordering Morocco, has been a target for illegal migrants and smugglers trying to get into Europe for decades. A 20-foot-tall double border fence was constructed in 1993, and since then, there have been sporadic mass attempts by Africans to climb over it. 2017 has so far seen unprecedented numbers, and as long as humanitarian NGOs keep meddling in the affairs of European nations trying to defend their people and interests, migrants will continue their attempts to claim the ultimate prize: European welfare and women.

Technically, in Spain there is a law that if migrants are captured near the border, they can be returned to Morocco without needing to aid or register them. This law is naturally condemned by the United Nations. Hungary has a similar law: if migrants are caught by authorities within 8 kilometers of the Serbian or Croatian border, they are escorted back over the fence.

Of course, this has all the Invader-Aid groups reeling from fits of autistic screeching. Once they gather their wits, they send forth their legions of bitter, mostly female journalists and representatives to manufacture emotional articles about how bigoted native Europeans are for not caring about poor brown babies and mothers fleeing from imminent doom.

Nikolina Milic of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights said: “These cruel and unlawful actions do nothing to stop the journey of people seeking safety and dignity. People tell us they have nothing to lose and will try to continue however dangerous it may be. Violence and intimidation must be replaced with fair and effective access to asylum procedures, and authorities must investigate claims of abuse.”

These so-called push-backs are prohibited by international refugee and human rights law, because, among other reasons, they undermine a person’s right to seek asylum and deny the right to due process before a decision is made on whether they should be expelled or not.

Concerning Spain again, the nation finds itself attacked by the same groups for any efforts to prevent pumped-up Sub-Saharans from rampaging in the streets and blocking traffic. This piece from The Independent, describing a mass border assault back in February 2017, includes information on the aid groups complaining about Spanish laws not protecting “refugees” enough:

Maria Vega, from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), said Spanish authorities must properly assess asylum claims before returning people to Morocco and transfer refugees to the mainland as soon as possible.

“These transit centres are above their capacity and they are not an appropriate place for housing refugees, families and victims of trafficking,” she told The Independent.

“Women and children are sleeping in one side, with their husbands and male relatives forced into another place.”

Notice how every pro-rapefugee diatribe on the internet tries to deceitfully garner sympathy for migrants by first mentioning non-existent women and children, while euphemizing the screaming African males as mere “husbands” and “male relatives”. These writing techniques are emotional manipulation, and should be seen as nothing more than harmful attempts to gain support for illegal activity.

We need to say it, and say it clear: We, the native people of Europe, are not responsible for the fate of every human being on earth. Humanitarianism is ultimately done out of self-interest. People who are overly sensitive to suffering risk being a detriment to the whole of human society, and they must be contained.

Although this article is about a bleak subject, there is hope. Events like these help our cause, and wake up regular Europeans to the atrocities they have perhaps not seen clearly or truthfully before. Illegal migration is a serious crime that must be punished, and those caught aiding illegal activity are traitors and will be dealt with in due time.

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.


  • The same thing is happening in Canada now. Hundreds of monkeys running over the border from the USA and being welcomed as refugees. What a nation of cowards and traitors.

    • My strategy would be to target the NGO’s. Mob of guys go out there with base ball bats in no mans territory. Beat the living shit of of the useful idiots. If done discreetly, it would be pretty hard to prove a case particularly if done in the middle of nowhere. Eventually the morons will get the message.

  • Some humans are more closely related to archaic, extinct hominid ancestors than other humans. This video is proof of that.

  • What about the right of the indigenous peoples of Europe to exist on their own land? Europeans may be able to invoke international protection under the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). Articles 9 and 33 state that indigenous peoples and individuals have the right to belong to an indigenous community or nation, in accordance with the traditions and customs of the community or nation concerned, and that they have the right to determine their own identity.

    There is a lack of authoritative definition as to what peoples can be considered Indigenous. The main criterion includes, but is not limited to self-identification and the following: distinctiveness, a determination to preserve, develop and transmit to future generations their ancestral territories and identity as peoples in accordance with their own cultural patterns, social institutions and legal system, a strong link to territories and surrounding natural resources, distinct social, economic or political systems; and distinct language, culture and beliefs.

  • I have never wanted to see people die as much as I have watching these negroids on these videos. They scream & jump around like a bunch of chimps then pretend to be hurt as they are treated like wounded children. How are European whites ok with this? Many white liberals would turn these vidoes off before watching until the end because they want to pretend this isn’t the reality.

    • We White Americans aren’t much different. In the old days, anytime our people were raped or killed or brutalized by blacks or Indians, there was all out hell unleashed in retaliation. Nowadays, we just sit there complacent and take it. Worse, many whites will feel sorry for these nonwhites and make excuses for it…and even accept them into their own families and homes. Insane!

    • Because there hasn’t been a free country in Europe since 1945. Europe has been under hostile Judeo-Anglo-Soviet occupation continuously since that time.

        • This thing is called a refugee rescue operation, they weren’t attacking anything. European Union is welcoming them as new future citizens of EU.

        • Border of occupied territory, do you know that Victoria Nuland (sent by Obama) traveled all around southern Europe from Iberia to Balkans threatening leaders to let migrants in.
          Same happened to Merkel when she said that multiculturalism is a grand delusion.

      • lol, do any of you guys read history? Many country’s in the EU have more freedom than the US. Unless by freedom you only mean the ability to carry weapons around. You guys need to travel more.

  • “Violence and intimidation must be replaced with fair and effective access to asylum procedures, and authorities must investigate claims of abuse.”

    The “right” to asylum must be eliminated. Most non-Western countries and regions are hell holes. The West must not allow itself to be treated as a dumping ground for all of the world’s hell holes.

  • Europeans want to die. They consciously want to be chopped up in machete mobs and will suicide vest anyone who gets in the way of that. You can’t help someone like that.

    • They castrated their own aristocratic class with infinite bureaucracy, almost total censorship, and replaced it with vengeful Jews, and now the average European has no concept of how to even live.

      • You killed your brother, first in the flesh, then in the spirit. America and Great Britain allied themselves with the jew when the europeans tried to oust him, and together they first firebombed and raped the heart of Europe to a moonlandscape, and has kept the propagandawar going out of Hollywood ever since, and still with troops stationed, remember. If you had listened to Lindberg instead of Roosevelt, you and we would now have been free. But we are in this together, so lets not sling poo at eachoter.

    • Pretty much, yeah. The Spaniards spent 700 years reconquering their country, now they’re just giving it away

  • Pathetic West. Spain is in the tight grip of the Globalist Money Bankers. Do as you are you told or you will be toast!
    Time for Spain to break up again or another Generalissimo is gone amiss.

    • Yep, they will need another Franco. Someone with balls to say “no” to this invasion. And somebody had best step up like, now, because, as I posted above, this African situation is just starting. What we’re seeing now is literally a trickle compared to the deluge that will soon be upon them.

  • I have noticed how a lot of these videos appear on RT, now compare this to neocon/liberal media that don’t deem this newsworthy. They think that having an endless horde of Africans entering Europe is irrelevant and would rather play their war games on the Russia border.

    • Yes, back in 2015 the migrant crisis was the main news item, but I believe mainstream outlets have been told to direct their attention away from it since their original coverage of the event backfired. Their narrative didn’t get the sympathy they were hoping for.
      So, now they ignore events like these, or only approach them from the perspective of the migrants, and their panel of “experts” they quote in their articles are usually pro-refugee groups or politicians.

      • Well said, and absolutely true: these “poor immigrant” stories no longer generate the (sym)pathetic Pavlovian response desired by the powers-that-be amongst the normies…so, best bury this crap and keep ’em focused on something else. Meanwhile, the dark hordes continue to pour in. And just think, according to demographic trends in Africa, this is literally just drips and drabs before the deluge that’s coming. What happens then??

        • “What happens then??”

          Its close to unknowable how the world will be once Europe has been completely overwhelmed by Africa. My guess is that places like China, Japan and India will be able to hold out, but the world will become more brutal and less wealthy.

          • China is especially interesting in this regard. Not only will they maintain their ethnic homogeneity and won’t fall for the suicidal “diversity” crap…they are, as we speak, actively colonizing Africa. And, because they aren’t burdened with an equivalent to “white guilt” and don’t possess white levels of empathy, they are just as content to let the African natives starve and kill each other. They sure as shit won’t be pouring in massive amounts of aid to bail out starving African babies and baby-mommas; hell no, they will go in there and buy ’em out…and those who can’t support themselves, screw ’em. This will probably pressure even more dindus to flee to the welcoming arms of the Europeans. In the end, it works out as part of a smart Chinese geopolitical strategy. They are probably laughing their asses off at Europe seeing stories like this.

          • ^ Loved this. Chinaman knows!! And notice how brazenly he tells the African like it is: “You guys screwed up! You had all this handed to you and look at you now!! Ha!!” Now…imagine a white European or American saying that. Oh, wait, you wouldn’t! They’d be too AFRAID to say such things, and, if they did, it’d be in hushed and whispered tones as they cower in fear that somebody might hear them! And it’s not like we don’t see the same exact thing here in the States: once prosperous cities that are now African shitholes. The Africans did to Detroit, Baltimore, Milwaukee and numerous other cities, what they’ve done to their own homeland: reduce it to squalor and ruin.

          • Trump alluded to this, comparing the US bankrupting itself in a war against Afghanistan, meanwhile China have diggers on the other side of the mountain extracting minerals, without having fired a shot.

    • The media is not covering any race related story the way they used to just a short while ago. The media used to LOVE to cover any controversial race story because they know that such stories attract large audiences. Every other week in the U.S., we were hearing about unarmed black men and boys being shot by police. Those stories have dried up. Is it because black males are not being shot by police the way they used to be? Perhaps, but I doubt it. Just yesterday, NPR had a story about how South Africa is corrupt, and an economic basket case, but they didn’t put it on the front page of their web site, and they did not tweet out a link to the story. I think they were afraid of the comments they would get. I think the media is now fearful of the commentaries they get on any controversial race story.

      Not giving wall-to-wall coverage of race related stories satisfies the media’s ideological needs, but it must be costing them audience and money. They are trying to make up for this by turning any remark by Trump into a controversy.

      • What I noticed is the rise of pro-white movements popping up like crazy when the media went race-crazy. When we saw how anti-White the media is & how they were boldly blaming Whites for everything while painting nignog thugs as innocent babies we saw White Nationalism make a heavy come back! It grew so fast & still hasn’t lost momentum!

        • BUT will white men take to the streets and LITERALLY fight them in the streets? It’s one thing to notice there’s a problem. It’s another to actively combat it. We are being invaded and terrorized. There’s no “peaceful” or “nice” way to stop this. Our ancestors (Sobieski, Martel, Arminius, Vlad the Impaler, etc) used force to stop threats to our people.

          • The problem seems to be the leftturds have the Military and the Police on their side now? Still think the Scumbag Globalist’s need to be brutally and totally eliminated and the funding for these self righteous morons will dry up…

    • I like R.T. and I value the counterpoint to the American propaganda I get by checking out R.T. but I think Russia’s news channel is more about countering American propaganda than it is actually Jew-naming, or saving Europe from Africans.

      Russia is still in bed with The Jews. Putin signed a law a few years back that gave stiff jail times to anyone 1, downplaying or denying the Holocaust™, or 2, attempting to reinterpret Russia’s role in WWII (like making all those fake chimneys and blood gutters and sh!t). The only ‘death’ camps were behind Soviet (Jew-controlled) lines. So when the lid gets blown off the Holohoax, Russia goes down with Jewry if they don’t fess up right now on their own about Jewish lies. They are enabling the Jews to continue the Holohoax extortion of Whites. Russia could blow the lid off it right now.

      • Wow !! That is a great point and indesputable. All we hear these days IS NAZI NAZI NAZI in films, in the paper, on Netflix, JooTube etc. If the Soviets were put in the same place, the awakening in the U.S. and Europe would have definitely happened by now but…like you said, that would disrupt the revisionist verdict of all of WW2 and the Semitic influence would be bare naked.

        • I’m not a Holocaust Denier… I just believe that the next one, v2.0 is going to be the real deal…

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