HAPPENING: Nordic Youth Smokes Out Hundreds Of Afghani Scum In Front Of Swedish Parliament

Last updated 3:23 pm, Aug 9 2017

Wew lads, what a story.

/Ourguys/ over at Nordic Youth launched a demonstration against hundreds of Afghani men who are camping out in front of parliament, protesting for their right to stay in Sweden and not get deported. Here they are:

The Lying Media

The media is calling these grown-ass Afghanis ‘children’ and trying to tug on the heartstrings of cat-ladies, dumb college broads and boomers to get them on the side of these rapefugees. And in the aftermath of the demonstration, they are demanding that the police launch a ‘Hate Crime’ investigation against the ‘Nazis’ which the police has already complied with.

Nordic Youth wasn’t having any of that.

They showed up to show these scum that not all Swedes are castrated soy-munching Elois willing to put up with their bullshit and demands for free gibs.

A smoke grenade lit one of the blankets on fire in the ensuing demonstration. Apparently, 3 of the Afghanis got burned by the towel that caught fire. While I am hopeful, I am also skeptical. This is probably them playing victim to get pity points and not get deported.

My first thought though:

Have we started the fire?

All in all, the action was a success, but the aftermath was very grim indeed.

The Arrests

As you can see from the video above, one cuck cop with a baton and a pony-tail tried to get Nordic Youth to sit down and be arrested. Nordic Youth refused to listen to his low-T bullshit and decided to march off in style after they were done. They were followed and cut off by a large police detachment by the subway.

At that point two Antifa showed up to harass the already detained Nordic Youth members. One of them was a crazy 30-year-old shrew that threw a mug at one of the Nordic Youth. It missed because chicks can’t throw and it shattered near the face of one of the Nordic Youth.

Another Antifa moved in to start a fight with an already detained Nordic Youth member.

This seems to be the guy. Notice his hamster cheeks and numale physique.

The police let him get close. And when the Nordic Youth member stood up to defend himself, the cops pounced on him. One of the cops was an Arab, who threatened to beat the Nordic Youth next to the aforementioned guy.

He followed through on his threats.

Two blond Swedish cuck cops helped the Kebab keep the second Nordic Youth down as he manhandled him and screamed, “TELL ME WHO YOUR LEADER IS!”

The Swedish cuck cops did nothing. They just helped hold the Nordic Youth down as the Arab went on his power trip and applied pressure on the already defenseless Nordic Youth member.

The Woods

After the initial arrest, the Nordic Youth were then individually driven out of the city in cop cars. They were all dropped off in the middle of nowhere on their own by the cops.

One of the Nordic Youth members, however, was beaten up and dumped in the woods by the corrupt coppers. No word on if it was the Arab cop yet.


Kebab-confirmed. The same guy who was man-handled earlier by the Arab was then driven into the woods. The Kebab bashed the cuffed Nordic Youth against the police door head-first. Then they took him to the ground and tried to break his arm. Simultaneously, the Swedish female cop held his other arm down and the other Swedish cop sat on the Nordic Youth’s calves.

The Kebab screamed in his ear:

We’re the ones in charge now!

Then he threatened the Nationalist with more beatings. The cuck cops had a nice laugh and touching moment of solidarity with the kebab when he said this.

The Nordic Youth member is now in the hospital, recovering from the concussion.


There are two conclusions to be drawn here.

First, as the police increasingly get diversified, these demonstrations by groups like Nordic Youth will be put down more and more brutally. Luckily, since the police force remains majority cucked White, Nordic Youth hasn’t yet fully experienced the long arm and baton of the state. But things might escalate.

Second, this remains a story of high-T courage, resolve, and determination. It shows that even in an insane country like Sweden, there are still young White men willing to struggle and fight for their people. A group of 20 Whites was able to rout hundreds of inbred Afghani squatters and their enablers.

20 men in a country of about 9 million do not sound like much, but it is a testament to Nordic Youth’s courage to face overwhelming odds and underwhelming apathy.

Luckily, the Unite the Right rally coming up on the 12th in the United States is shaping up to be absolutely massive. If 20 men can face down an army of fags and pedos and then face an army of Third Worlders, we have no excuses in the States.

Show up to Charlottesville and help us make our stand.


If you want to help out Nordic Youth, you should throw some shekels their way.


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  • it is not because of some “marxist” ideology. It is CAPITALISM that is
    pushing the elite/politicians/leaders to lie and cheat to get as many
    human livestock into the developed nations

    Congratulation, you are spewing official leftist/marxist/antifa/commie narrative.

    How almost illiterate, non-skilled human livestock is helping economy of Western European countries to grow? They depend on welfare and get money from native working people.

    Lowering wages is present only when those Turd Worlders are willing to work, not case with those “refugees” and “asylum shiters” from Africa, Middle East and Asia.

    And there is no need for massive manual labour, because of automatization and robots.

    Why evil Japanese capitalist don’t import massive non-Japanese labour force in Japan?

    Try something else.

  • All of what’s to come can still be avoided if the globalist liberals and neocons could respect the human right to freedom of association.

    Demanding “inclusion” is not a good survival strategy. Exclusion and niches are the way of the universe.

    People who feel entitled enough to demand “Inclusion” into all White spaces, and only white spaces, need to “sort themselves out ” (see Jordan Peterson).

    No one is owed entrance into a community or organization.

  • Glad to hear that Native Swedes still love their country and culture enough to put up a fight and resist Islamization. Currently, the Sweden Democrats are the largest party but they are not an outright majority as they “only” represent some 35%. And no other of the Islam-collaborator parties will join with them to form a coalition. So a party that represents the majority of Swedes is left powerless because Cultural Marxism has had decades to infiltrated the minds of the public, has convinced all too many that Sweden actually has no culture to protect. It is a sad state of affairs. Sweden is committing its own extermination.

    Swedes, you had better find the authentic truth, take that red pill and come to understand that Islam is a Arab mono-culture, not a ideology of “diversity”. No amount of Kebab shops will ever compensate you for the loss of your Liberal and tolerant society to Islam.

    Special message to the Kvinnor: Women of Sweden, you crazy/stupid bitches, what have you done? Look at what you are destroying! Islam has a mandate to put you imbeciles in bags and under the ownership of a man! Wake up!

  • Would agree – we have an unholy trinity of feminism, capitalism and Zionism all symbiotically feeding on the carcass of the West.

  • AltRight groups in all White countries should start compiling data bases recording all incidences of race-treason by cuck Whites, incluing names and dates.
    This should include everyone: cat-lady hags, traitor politicians, turn coat cops, beta-male anti-fa fags, mud shark misceginating ho’s, etc.
    If we ever get our countries back, accounts need to be settled.
    These traitors need to be publicly tried, humiliated and executed with great cruelty. Their families should be made to watch. In fact, family members guilty of lesser crimes should be given a chance of forgiveness in exchange for being the executioners of their treasonous relatives.
    Yes, many heads need to roll, many.
    I just hope I live long enough to see this and take part.

  • More evidence that diversity will end in mass pogroms. Only one race is coming out of this alive, be it this year or a hundred years from now. The evidence that it always ends this way is the fact that there are distinct races.

  • if you guys don’t start calling out the cops soon I think there may be an alt right civil war. we need real leadership who is man enough to call an enemy and enemy

    • While most cops are cucks, most normie conservatives are pro-cop so what is the point of alienating them?

      And there won’t be an alt-right civil war lol

      • no there wont. i must have had a beer that night and got a little rowdy. might be time to give the drinks up though after what happened today. who knows how things will go from here

  • Can I get a source on the alleged shitskin cop, and his actions?
    Because I can’t find any other article that mentions that particular event.

    • Stick your thumb back in your mouth, lay your head down and rock yourself back to sleep baby, this is way above your intellectual capacity and pay grade……take your uber autism elsewhere. Did you really expect the mainstream media to mention it…..are you really that out of touch with reality?
      Have you been paying such little attention to how kebabs act? Who gives a shit if you can’t find another source? Why do you need another source? What does it even matter if you can’t personally verify? Is this all about your fragile little ego? Damn, we got so much stupid to fix.

      • Did you really expect the mainstream media
        I haven’t read any mainstream media on it, I was speaking about articles written by our side, you inbred retard.

        Have you been paying such little attention to how kebabs act
        I am speaking of one particular event, which may or may not have happened, and I have in no way commented on dunecoons in general, you illiterate dullwit.

        Why do you need another source
        Because I have read several articles by our media on this, and no one else has mentioned that dunecoon cop and his behavior, not even Nordic Youth mentioned it in the post they made about it on their own website. Which is very strange, if it had happened every single article would mention it.
        You really are a moron, have I told you that

        Now do the world a favor, google the helium method, use it, thnx XOXO

  • Running away from the cucks isn’t ‘courage’ and getting detained and beaten is a defeat. These issues won’t be solved with ‘demonstrations’, ‘protests’, and loudly whining about not liking what is going on. There is only one way to deal with tyrants supported by foreign mercenaries.

        • You’re not mature enough to realize that gun hobbyists aren’t going to play a significant part of any actual change.

          This isn’t to say that guns will or will not do so, but the current set of gun cucks are useless, at best.

          • LOL So you think you can run these Jews off with ‘peaceful protests’? You must be really delusional. The N.S.D.A.P. and the Fascists parties in Italy and Spain didn’t win power by chanting slogans and running away like cowards when the cops showed up. They won respect, and power as well, by standing their ground and defending themselves.

          • So someone who studies history and learns from it is a sperg? What a great argument you got there. Facts are Facts, though. The masses only follow strength, and strength is displayed through use of force or, alternatively, not shying away from people threatening to use it, and can never be shown through merely protesting or whatever, although that does have a place in the movement. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for political actions, like having a torch light march or gathering to show our numbers, but that becomes worthless the moment you allow the shabbos goy to run you off without a fight. These men should have been running the perverts out of town and doxxing their leaders and instead of running from the cops they should have stood their ground and made them use force. THAT gets more attention and respect from people who are looking for a way to resist the Jewish tyranny.

          • No. Someone who fetishisizes gun cuckery (and they are just magic dirt cucks) as an end all be all answer to the problem of asserting political dominance is a sperg.

            Sweet summer child, it will take far more than posturing about how tough you will be with a firearm to effect actual change.

      • I am just stating facts and you are obviously triggered. You don’t win your liberty by running away from the mercenaries, you win it by standing up to them.

    • The purpose is propaganda. Publicity. No movement is serious without these features and the sacrifices they require on occasion.

      • Yes, propaganda is all good and fine, but this makes pro-Aryans look like effete cowards who run from fights. They should have stood their ground and made the mercenaries use force. That gets even more publicity, shows we aren’t afraid to defend ourselves, and won’t meekly skulk off when challenged by the mercenaries.

    • I wouldn’t doubt they were at some point. Afghans are all drug addicted scum. They can’t even stay sober in the middle of gun battles. Bunch of subhuman trash.

  • Interesting that these Afghans look a lot more Asian than the Afghans I have seen (in photos and on video) in the past. I wonder whether they were really Afghans, or perhaps from another part of Asia. Maybe they are from an eastern province of Afghanistan where the people look more Asian.

  • This is great. Salut to the Nordic Youth. And fuck the Kebab cop who assaulted the guy in the woods. If it was a white cop and a BLM activist we would never hear the end of it. But since it’s a smelly, greasy dune coon and a white guy it will be kept hush hush. Their only “our” police, when we’re in power.

  • They are heroes, of course. When we win, their names and faces will be immortalized, and their glory will be eternal. Off-topic: we all know that Cuck is a nice definition for a male race traitor, but how would you aptly call a white female who betrays her race ?

  • Next time avoid the Swedish police, wait till the Afghani group breaks up, single out a couple or even one, douse, light up and leave. The message will become clear very quickly.
    Retaliation will happen but that means escalation of violence and.. the message is given. They are not welcome.
    Antifa should be hunted down. Single them out. Afghans are on Swedish turf. The battle is fought on Swedish land.
    avoid the cops!
    If the situation was reversed and this was Afghanistan they would make sure to get their point through that Europeans are not welcome.

    • Very easy to give these great suggestions in a comment section while others are supposed to put their freedom and lives on the line.

      • Then make you own suggestions. The first method led to beatings. Maybe not hard enough to kill but beatings .

  • They remind me of the comfortable international students you see at the local university campus… they live in the global village … no borders for them…. seeping in silently year after year … with all the right connections, cash and ‘programming’ for the global village.

  • What’s going on in the West has nothing to do with “capitalism” and everything to do with jewish power.

    • It is a means to facilitate one world government. Whites created the
      West and are the only ones strong enough to take outthe globalists.

  • good! Mudslimes are even more degenerated then the liberal Democracys of the west! Nordic Youth is getting better and better!

    • capitalism is just a tool to be used…carefully, as any tool should be….what the deal is with nationalists/altrighters etc is that their philosophy is culturally tied to conservatism…and conservatism is just a propaganda construct created by the establishment many decades ago in order to prevent socialism/economic leftism from taking over in america….so one of the cultural tenets of conservatism is that capitalism can do no wrong…and that tenet, that cultural rule is still strong in the minds of most nationalists/altrighters

      • Alt-right is a reaction opposite conservatism. Conservatism isn’t even a proper ideology, because it is a relative position. I was red-pilled on capitalism at around the same time as I was on the rest of it. I am not a socialist, but these binary dogmas are dangerous.

      • “what the deal is with nationalists/altrighters etc is that their philosophy is culturally tied to conservatism…”

        There´s the problem!

    • It’s not shilling for capitalism to say that white genocide isn’t a capitalist thing, although I’m sure capitalists are taking their shekels into account when promoting this shot, I don’t think that this is the full story. Really I think we are just being hit from both sides. Capitalists will fuck us for shekels, commies will fuck us because muh privilege, and in the end the main reason is to increase Jewish power on the part of the Jews, and to seek personal gain in the form of capital or social and political standing on the part of the shabbos goys.

      • (((Capitalism))) and (((Communism))) are two sides of the same Jewish coin. Both are cancerous and need to disappear from human history forever.

        • Well that’s essentially what I’m saying. Capitalists will destroy for money, and communism will destroy because communism is for people who aren’t king material that want to be in the same level as the kings.

    • How nationalists can continue to shill for capitalism never ceases to amaze me. Good points.

      Thanks to capitalism you have computers, cars, aeroplanes etc.

      Capitalism is just a tool. What you don’t like about capitalism is crony type of capitalism.

  • These young guys are doing Gods Own Work.

    That Arab cop must have a name and an address etc etc.

    He’s only acting bold like he does because he thinks he’s immune.

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