A Profile In Implicit Fashiness: Selite

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This is the first of what I hope is a series of interviews which will take you behind the proverbial curtain and introduce you to your extended Alt-Right family. The subjects will be personalities and content creators from our movement who are steadfast in their love for our people and our cause.

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The following is a profile on one of the most talented podcasters in the Alt-Right movement. Some have said that if Julius Evola and Coco Chanel would have had a love child then the result of the impassioned right-wing love affair would have been him.

Selite is a writer and panelist on Alt-Right Politics and has released a new interview podcast titled Selite’s Wochenschau; both of which can be found here on

Mr. Selite, what is so great about the Alt-Right, and why did it attract you?

The Alt-Right first attracted me as a refugee from traditional NationalReview tier conservatism. Like a lot of people in this movement, I think the Ferguson Riots, the Obama DOJ’s seeming endorsement of BLM, and the Muslim invasion of Europe led me towards White nationalism. The hollowness of most mainstream conservatives to address these issues, and the living in dysfunctional multiculti major cities made me realize that a more radical solution was the only option if my children and grandchildren would ever have a chance of a better future than my parents or grandparents.

I find the Alt-Right to be so much more refreshingly open and honest about so many issues than other political ideologies. We are the only “adults” in the current political environment right now– you don’t see many other people maturely discussing the coming displacement of the White majority, much less other major issues like the automation revolution and the absolute lack of morality in society. Come for the racism, stay for the discussion.

You were a proud member of the U.S. Armed Forces. Would you please describe your service for our readers?

I served in the Marine Corps after high school for four years. I volunteered for an elite unit and was honored to serve overseas with some high-caliber Marines who were excellent role models and really instilled in me lasting values like perseverance, humility, integrity, and masculinity. The military is a great character-builder for young men and the benefits are excellent if you’re just starting out your professional career. However, it also delayed my red-pilling for a while, as it’s the closest you can come to a “colorblind”, merit-based organization in contemporary America.  I’ve spoken about this before on my show, but if we were to live in a multi-ethnic nation, the only way it could manage a semblance of national unity would be to adopt a semi-fascist stratocratic government.

Tell us what doing an AltRight podcast is like from a creator’s perspective.

It’s an amazing creative outlet. I’ve gotten a little bored of politics since Trump was inaugurated, so doing the Wochenschau allows me to talk about issues that I’m not as well versed on and is an amazing learning experience.  Doing absolutely absurd skits is a ton of fun as well– I have always been writing sci-fi/horror fiction stories since I was in high school, and performing & publishing them for a receptive audience is really gratifying.  I hope that a lot of fellow goys will start releasing some of their own creative content– even if it isn’t explicitly fashy. We have a very talented and passionate community and I would love to see more goys publish their works and market them to our community.

 How much work goes into creating your podcasts?

On average, I’d say it takes about 7 hours of work for a 2.5-3 hour show, about an equal 1:1 ratio of time spent recording vs. time in post-production. I’m still an amateur and new to Audacity (my primary recording & mixing software). Writing scripts can take anywhere from 1-2 hours. They’re much more work than I anticipated. I’m envious of people like Enoch, Spencer, and the Third Rail guys who can riff for hours far more articulately and concisely than I can.

Tell us about how you came to be called Selite. What does the name mean?

I used to be degenerate and partake in “the devil’s cauliflower”. I also used to like the game Sniper Elite, where you played as an Allied OSS sniper in WW2. I adopted the nom de guerre “Stoner Elite” early on in my shitposting career as an homage to my prior days being dazed and confused.  Contracting it to “Selite” was easy if I wanted to keep my followers… plus it sounds a lot better in podcasts than a Nazi who smokes weed.

If I may ask a personal question, have your political beliefs caused any strain on your relationships with family, friends, etc.?

I haven’t told most of them about my views. I think my father and a couple of military buddies know. In general, I try to keep it pretty low key. The only people who have disowned me are Jews after I called them out on their tired “fellow white people” shtick. In general, I would recommend everyone keep quiet about being alt-right if they wage-cuck for a living—the atmosphere is still very hostile towards our ideas.

Why is it unfair to call people in the Alt-Right “White supremacists?”

I think it’s fair to distinguish White nationalists from White supremacists; the distinction being that the former advocates “nationalism for all” and the latter stands for subjugation of non-White races. A lot of Alt-Righters will happily self-describe as White nationalists, which is very nice, and ideally we could just adopt a live-and-let-live policy, rigidly enforce our borders, let Mexico be Mexico, withdraw from our overseas commitments, and adopt courteous but detached relations with other peoples.

However, I doubt that will be possible—it’s kind of like being the sole ANCAP libertarian in Liberia.  You might adopt the non-aggression principle, but somebody else will just kill you and take your stuff. We know actions like pollution and carbon emissions can have global impact—much less nuclear war.  It’s realistic that in 20 years some crazed Idi Amin 2.0 could buys or develop a nuclear weapon. Since we all share the same earth, it will probably be necessary for our own survival to restrain some other peoples from unchecked population growth, or developing new technologies and industry.

What is the biggest issue facing White people today?

Our lack of racial consciousness and solidarity. All other issues—the Muslim invasion, LGBT insanity, the stratification of our economic classes– are secondary. Once White people realize we have shared interests as a race, and that we are under threat, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.

Why is a White ethnostate important for our people?

Until we have an ethnostate where we have ultimate political control, our ultimatefate as individuals and a race will never be secure. It’s also going to ensure the material well-being of our folks– imagine how much more wealthy and productive the US would be if it was all-White, or at least restricted the franchise & benefits to other Whites. We need to change the constitution or create a new state that is founded explicitly as a White nation and for White interests.

What happens to all the non-White people when we establish the White ethnostate? Where do those people go?

Lawrence Murray has probably the best take on this:

What Will Become of the Empire? Visions of Late Modernity in United States

On the American continent, there will probably be a “pure” ethnostate where you have to be 90% white or passable as white to be admitted. There will probably also be some kind of mixed states, such as a Meso-American “Aztlan” in the Southwest and a “New Africa” somewhere in the South. I imagine that a lot of mestizos/mulattos will move there initially. However, depending on the level of racial consciousness in those subsidiary states, there might be backlash against the lighter-skinned non-whites, like how mulattos were killed alongside whites in the Haitian Revolution. I genuinely feel sorry for some of these people—they are going to forever be caught between two identities, never truly accepted by either side. On the lighter side of things, Hawaii is probably going to be renamed “Hapa Island” and used for sex tourism for wealthy miscegenators.  It will also have a giant memorial statue with an eternal flame to Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger.

Why are events like the August 12th rally in Charlottesville so important for our cause?   

Charlottesville is going to be a critical moment for the Alt-Right for three reasons:

  1. It will demonstrate that we are a cohesive, serious political force. It’s going to frighten the media and bring national discussion back to these monuments, and ultimately, white identity.

  2. The protests are going to shut down many shops and restaurants on a Saturday in Charlottesville’s main strip. There will be financial consequences for many of these businesses, and I imagine some will just want to shelve this controversy over the statues and move on. It’s going to show that there will be a price to pay for going along with the revisionist agenda.

  3. This kind of organization and show of force will inspire a lot of young guys in our country that they aren’t alone, and that this movement isn’t just limited to /pol and web forums.

Letter grade for President Trump thus far and why, and what are your predictions for what he accomplishes in his first term in office?

B+. He’s not totally /ourguy/, and he’s facing insane opposition from the Left and outright sabotage from the cucked Right. However, what he’s done so far has shifted the Overton window back to a semblance of sanity in our domestic and foreign policies. I think he’ll really start to reap legislative victories after 2018. On the other hand, I wish he would not publicize some of his internal struggles in the White House—his recent fiasco involving Scaramucci gave the impression that the administration is in total chaos. I obviously understand that he’s facing recalcitrant holdovers from Obama & the GOP, but it’s going to hurt him in the long term.  He should have just cleaned house as soon as he got inaugurated.

How Alt-Right will Senator Kid Rock end up being?

To be honest, I doubt he’ll be very much /ourguy/, considering his history of working alongside Blacks in the music industry. His economic policies will probably be more populist à la Trump, and I imagine his stance on immigration will be conciliatory towards legal immigrants and harsh towards illegals—in the same way your uncle at holiday parties would wonder out loud “why can’t they just build a wall?” Rock’s most important achievement—even if he doesn’t win—will be to humiliate the existing political establishment, and force the Democrats to reveal just how hollow their ideas and policies have been when challenged by an unsophisticated, but street-savvy performer. He’s a lot like Trump in that respect. “Only The Court Jester Gets To Speak Truth To Power …”

How much of a role should women play in our movement?

 I don’t think women are under any illusions about which role they should play in this movement—it’s the goys who need to discipline themselves and explicitly define where women fit in. Lauren Southern fanbois and the MGTOW crowd give the impression that we aren’t a serious movement. There’s a fine line in between actual misogyny and fawning at the feet of “Aryan Princesses”. Women are necessary for personal, social, and familial stability, and I think *some* are very good advocates for our cause. Some of the BASED ladies I know have been great at facilitating events for the families and strengthening our community. However, men always need to be at the reins of leadership — a revanchist, positive movement like ours needs that masculine energy to coalesce and drive forward into ultimate political change. Also, gas the THOTs, gender war now.

Name a book, movie, and YouTube video that is an absolute must for everyone in the Alt-Right and add a reason for each?

My favorite book has been “Camp of the Saints” — hilarious, horrifying, and inspires you to avoid the swarthy fate that befalls the West in the book. A great film is Commando— silly, high-T fun that is basically the epitome of Chad nationalism.   For YouTube, I love Murdoch Murdoch—a spot of levity and humor among the more dire predictions of figures like Molyneux & Pierce. Enjoying what we do is key to keeping morale up–we can be serious about saving the White race and have fun at the same time.

You were recently snubbed from the ADL’s “From Alt-Right to Alt-Lite: Naming The Hate” list for this year. What will you be doing in the near future to improve your chances for 2018?

Some say I am responsible for the destruction of Laura Loomer’s tires. If these auto-maintenance shenanigans continue, hopefully next year I can edge out Ramzpaul for a prime spot on the ADL’s hit list.

Many of our readers are young White men. What is your advice for them?

Think strategically about your future. Most “woke” young men already know this, but aimlessly drifting through high school/college and expecting to land in a satisfying career afterwards is not feasible. You have to take conscious steps to grow up—this includes creating long term life goals, developing and sticking to a fitness regimen, monitoring your finances, developing your intellect by reading & debate, and deliberately choosing who you’ll be friends with and which girls you want to date. Don’t just expect the pieces to fall into order when you reach a certain age. I’ve met some young guys in the movement who are leaps and bounds more mature & financially secure than some of the 30+ bugmen I work alongside. Also, don’t forget to have fun.

What is the future of the Alt-Right?

The Alt Right is going to change a lot in the coming years. I don’t think the current vanguard we have now will have the same level of influence as it becomes more mainstream and gains more political and cultural influence. Spencer may not become Führer of the Pan-European Reich, and Enoch may not become Generaloberst of the Sonderkommando. Our ideas will probably be toned down somewhat for normie consumption as we start to actually govern at the local, state, and ultimately national level. Lawrence Murray has written a few great essays on this topic. However, our current levels of exponential growth and the fear that we inspire in the establishment is simply amazing, I could have never imagined we would have gotten this far even in early 2016. I think an explicitly “White Identity” political party will become a powerful voting bloc within the next five years.

Final words?

Thank you for giving the me opportunity to speak with you.



  • I hope the Alt-Right does not tone down our ideas at all as we near mainstream. I really don’t want for our movement to be mainstream. Mainstream means “open to everyone”. I want only White people in this. I think we should stay strict & never let out guard down! Whites let their guard down after WW2 & now the world is in chaos.

  • Never even heard of this bro before. Guess I have a new podcast to add to the line up. Why don’t you just blow my brains out now??!!

  • Selite is the man, he’s probably my favorite AR podcaster at this point along with Don Camillo.
    It’s always good to have veterans on our side, I think reaching out to current and former military members is probably the most beneficial move the AR can make at this point. Most veterans are not aware of the AR, but I can tell you firsthand that nearly all of them are naturally AR. Anyways, Wochenschau is a great podcast, admittedly though I’ve never really listened to the first 10minutes or so of each episode because I have a very hard time getting into any type of non-fiction.

  • IMO no man worth his salt is going to be convinced by a woman at the political level. Not to mention that a good 90% of these “based” women are crypto-feminists who mostly just assume that the alt-right’s push for lifting and dressing well will get them hotter guys, but they still want to keep some of the rights of feminism.

    Some may laugh at this, but I and other guys have seen the “Nazi feminists” who just LOVE the Hugo Boss leather, the goosestepping parades and the impassioned Hitler speeches, but also love to trot out facts like just how much feminist freedom was given to women in Nazi Germany (a historical fact that is true, by the way, and one of the reasons I don’t consider myself a Nazi).

    IMO one of the biggest issues plaguing the alt-right is the fact that young men want marriages, and stable families, and that simply is being denied to them. So what IS good propaganda for our side is having groupies, women that are open and available and subservient. Involving women on the political side I think is a net negative.

    • But yet you miss the women who are in the movement, who are truly feminine. The disconnect is amazing between real women and real men in this movement.

    • You haven’t talked to many Alt-Right women, I see. All that I know of are nothing like you have described. We are all Trads. We take to twitter & alt media to connect with each other & bring more trad women in. We are only political in speaking against 3rd world migrant crisis, lgbt, & (most of all) jews.
      It is all a work in progress but these young men will have their dream of the trad family life. Change is happening for us faster than change any other movement has ever seen. Women are waking up!

    • “ of the biggest issues plaguing the alt-right is the fact that young men want marriages, and stable families, and that simply is being denied to them.”

      There is an Alt-Right oriented dating site called WASP Love. Maybe more guys should utilize it?

  • I saw the youtube on infowars and the Spanish border patrol agents opened the gates and let them in. After the Africans rushed in some of the Spanish border agents wacked and kicked them
    That part I do understand. why open up the gates and let them in? The guards should have used flame throwers…instead of opening the gates

  • Biggest threat is not nuclear missiles but black genital-missiles.

    ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs will destroy Europe.

    Just look at the following images: Africa is penis, Europa is vagina.

    While this invasion of savages is happening, BBC makes TV shows where white historical figures are replaced with blacks. Blacks are lionized as god-hero-race. Divine Right of Blacks as the Lion King. German and Swedish government promote race-mixing with savages. France says a newly arrived African is just as French as Frenchmen with deep roots. France also elected some guy who says there is no French culture. And proggy white men are addicted to self-righteous supremacist crap of bitching about ‘racism’. And white women go to dance clubs to dance to rap and seek negro mates.

    Black-Penis-White-Vagina is the Official Ideal of the Globo-West. Also true of homos. Milo’s book DANGEROUS talks about he only goes with black men because he’s addicted to bigger penis. White women, elite and low, now feel likewise.

    Why are blacks so threatening?

    Africa has huge birthrate.

    Blacks are protected by taboo against ‘racism’.

    Jungle Fever makes white people lose their minds. I mean it even it leads to white guys going cucky and having blacks hump their women. Sexual hedonism is the core of pop culture that is the only culture, and this has led to worship of mandingo. This is why students should read Mandingo the novel along with Mockingbird.

    Now, if blacks had same IQ and temperament as whites, their invasion of Europe would transform it drastically… but there would still be civilization.

    But because blacks are lower-IQ, wilder, and more savage, they will not only change Europe but lay it to waste. Forever. Germanic barbarians were thugs but has the DNA to do civilized things. Blacks don’t have such genetic potential. They cannot be civilized.

  • When the enemy colonize your land and your women’s wombs, it’s the end.

    Look what happened to natives of what is called ‘Latin America’. Spanish took the land and colonized native wombs to create mestizos who no longer identify with natives. Indigenous folks became land-colonized and womb-colonized.

    People worry about Brain Drain but not enough about Yield Field and Womb Doom.

    Look at the African men coming to force whites to yield the field and doom white wombs to make mulatto babies.

    Colonization of field and colonization of wombs. That will end the West.

    And globalists are promoting the New Ideal of Black Male and White Female.

    PC works in insidious ways.

    OVERTLY, it says race is just social construct and rejects racial differences. With such overt denial, it promotes the union of all races since they all ‘bleed red’. Why shouldn’t people come together since they are all the same under the skin?

    But COVERTLY, PC is totally racialist. It promotes interracism with sounds and images that suggest that blacks are the superior race. For fun, thrills, entertainment, and rapture, the modern man and woman are addicted to sports, pop music, TV, movies, and generally pornified culture, a world where the barrier between obscene and mainstream have vanished. Even Disney is pretty porny these days.

    And all the images and sounds say “white girl, go with superior negro with more rhythm, more speed, bigger genital, etc” and “white boy, worship the superior negro stud who really deserves white women while you should be a dorky beta-male cuck ‘progressive’.”

    So, we need to approach PC from two levels. We need to expose the discrepancy between its Overt Message and its Covert Message.

    Overt Message says “don’t judge people by color of skin” but Covert message says “do judge people by sound of their voice, power of their fist, rhythm of their booty, and size of their genitals, especially those factors favor blacks over whites in a world of junglized drives.”

    After all, there is no PC condemnation of ‘misogyny’ and ‘toxic male culture’ in rap, sports, and sex industry that are filled with Negroes(as hired guns and buns for Jewish vice industry overlords).

    • That was incredibly disturbing to say the least. I can’t imagine these migrants having much sexual market value to European women.

      • those sluts will bang horses and dogs. that’s all they are. they need to be kept on a leash. they just seems so cute 100 years ago in those big puffy dresses that we our pathological altruism made us compelled to pander to their feelings

      • I have seen many blue eyed blondes going for the darkest thug they can find. I just don’t get it. It is so natural for me to only be attracted to White Men. black men & other non-whites just blend into the background. Maybe those girls like to lord it over black girls that they can take their guys. In that case I don’t blame a negress for attacking a white girl. She put herself in that position.

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