The AFD’s Awesome Placard Campaign Is Winning The Propaganda War

The Alternative Für Deutschland party has been dropping some red pills via their election campaign placards posted across the country.  This is Alt-Right tier propaganda.  Frankly, it’s better!

Above from the left, translated from German, the first caption reads: “Colorful diversity? We already have that.”  Second from left: “Burkas? We stand for bikinis” (killing two birds with one stone by offending feminists).  Next: “We like the traditional,” with an image of a  happy family enjoying the beach.  And finally on the right, the placard advocates “direct democracy like in Switzerland.”  Referendums are considered “dangerous” by the German elite, as that would allow the actual citizens to have a say in the affairs of their own country.  Such populism, why you know what that can lead to…

And there’s more.  Above from left: “Making kids is fun!” (this is true). Center: “Protect the border!” And on the right, below the image of a woman peering out of a burka, the caption reads: “The freedom of our women is not negotiable!”

Compare this to our political scene.  The Republican party’s ethos seems to be, “Don’t offend anyone, but say things in a slightly different formulation than the Democrats.”  Over in Germany, the AFD’s ethos is now officially, “zero f*cks given.”  Unfortunately, they’re not an especially successful political party; which perhaps gives them liberty to let loose.  When you’re already banished from polite-society, it tends to have that kind of liberating effect. Reminds you of the Alt-Right a bit, no?  We both have a small but loyal and enthusiastic following.  Only our demographic is growing.

It could well be that the AFD is more savvy on nationalist questions than they let on.  According to Mike Enoch, party members were not averse to listening to a little Daily Shoah now and then.  With such interesting tastes in entertainment, who knows what these gentlemen would be up to if they were really let off the leash?  At any rate, this is some of the best propaganda out of Germany since World War II.

Similar to the US, the AFD has to worry about various shitty leftists vandalizing their signage; as we experience with our Trump signs, to say nothing of our more risqué posters.  (Imagine, we couldn’t even safely display a sign for our President in our own country!)  The AFD’s motto in hanging the signs, according to Die Welt, is, “The higher, the safer.”  Up to 40 to 50 percent are torn down. “That’s why they have to be hanged up again and again.”

The Germans note the irony of Antifa and other leftwing extremist groups who are in fact the ones using anti-democratic tactics; i.e., shutting down free speech.  Indeed, the “shut it down” tactics the AFD has experienced are similar to what the Alt-Right has experienced, or even what more moderate conservative factions in the US have experienced.  One cannot say that it is worse in Germany or America, as the street-level violence of the left is equally outrageous in both countries.

It would seem that right wing messages prevail with a given nation’s native population when allowed to compete in the free-marketplace of ideas.  Perhaps Germany is an exception, with their heretofore disappointing voting patterns.  But again, that is all the more reason for the AFD to throw caution to the wind, and just go all out, as they are now doing apparently.

Steve Bannon, are you paying attention?  Take notes.  As for Germans, while they by no means are broadly in favor of the AFD, one senses that they cannot but help to admire the courage, and the nerve of the campaign that the AFD has launched.

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  • “Kinder machen Spaß” does not mean “Making kids is fun!” but rather “Kids are fun!” (implying “Having kids is fun”).

  • I was a bit worried when they tried to kick out the far right members, but got encouraged when Petra’s attempted coup failed.

  • The collateral shown looks very attractive to American eyes, but I can’t judge whether it’s effective in Germany. You buy a box of Persil or packet of nappies there, and it’s the same carefree, wholesome family on the packaging. Does it ‘normalize’ the AfD or make people tune the message out?

    Conversely, nobody in America is doing that sort of thing. Perhaps someone should. Our stuff always looks as though it was designed by motorcycle gangs.

  • The Marketing seems bland to me, or rather ironic because it’s using corporate stock photos to promote “radical” positions. Maybe it’s just a German thing, idk.

    It’s not really saying much that AfD’s branding is better than the GOP.

    Trump’s marketing was excellent because he capitalized on Alt-Right meme culture, which has the best memes. Pic related is better marketing than any of these stuffy AfD placards that make me yawn.

  • You should have included the placard with the pregnant woman. Text:
    “New Germans? We make them ourselves.”

    • and what will they do if their political party doesn’t get into power, like in France, Netherlands, Austria, etc? Look at how the Brits are still getting screwed even after Brexit. Look at all the resistance Trump is getting in America from the leftists. Even if we win politically, there will be civil wars in our nations. The Marxists have no intention of just letting us be free.

      • that is completly correct brother but like Richard Spencer once said: “we as white people need to become hated minorityies in our own countrys that we can find ourselfs back. That ourself that once encountered the world and did built empires!”

        WE ALLWAYS HAD BEEN STRONG FIGHTERS! We just forgot how to fight for what is ours, but we will rise again when the pain and anger will be strong enough!
        Our people getting killed and raped everyday. Sooner or later enough whites will wake up and start fighting back!
        We need to become minorities that we can heal from the desease(Marxistic whites/the left and jewish influence) in our societys and become again what we really are: Explorers and FIGHTERS!

        Dont take the black pill, friend. WE WILL RISE AGAIN!

  • AfD is fairly successful. Not as much as other patriotic European parties, but they entered every state parliament since 2013 where they ran. They are generally stronger in the – much less populated and “enriched” – east, but they have also broke through in the west. As of today. they are in 13 out of 16 state parliaments, with a percentage of between 5.5 and 24.2.

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