The Need For An Alt-Right Attorney Network

Picture: Richard Spencer, Cameron Padget, and Sam Dickson outside the Federal Court House in Montgomery, Alabama.

The Alt-Right needs your help.

If you are a licensed attorney, and you’re willing to stand up for free speech when the Alt-Right gets challenged by universities, antifa, city councils, etc., please fill out the form below.

  • Ken31

    Start with a PAC and ill think of supporting a legal network.

  • Matthew Funk

    Derp, I can not readz. Disregard.

  • Christopher Heydrick

    Spencer is PISSED

  • Johnny Fascismo
    • Bob


  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    John Bonacoursi approves of this shut down…

  • Joseph Curwen

    Excellent initiative.

  • Early May

    A woman on Twitter, Loretta the Prole, offered to help draft something

  • curri

    The neo-Bolsheviks are working themselves up into a frenzy, preparing for another Holodomor:

    • Johnny Fascismo

      So many lies in that article.

  • Catiline_Conspirator

    Affirming free speech is the wrong way to approach this. It’s similar to invoking color-blindness in response to anti-white racial hatred. What is required instead is an effort to ban and otherwise deny freedoms to all those who would deny them to us. Bring a gun to a gun fight.Tit for tat. An eye for an eye.

    • Rhino 🦏🥛🐸

      Lawyers will do their job, everybody else does theirs. We are not bound by their precedents except to the extent they are useful to us.

      That is fighting fire with fire.

  • Jaded Diaspora

    Isn’t this what is all about? They’ve already been involved in this, having put the City of Charlottesville on notice in their July 23, 2017 letter to the city leadership. As I understand, Bristow is a Michigan attorney, and you might need a member of the VA bar to contest this in court, so maybe that’s the issue?

  • Bob


  • Anime Nazi Troll 3000



  • shabbygoy

    Post this video on some
    lawyer/attorney forum or
    webzine. Take this
    appeal straight to them . . .

  • Billy Brown

    or we need new courts. we have a lot of treason trials to catch up with. no treason in 50 years? that’s not a real nation

  • Mandatum Mandat

    How can I get in touch with Sam Dixon?

  • wotan237 .

    We also need a prison outreach network, unfortunately.

  • Vlad le Putin

    Great initiative, and as I think this past week has shown, needs to happen. We have propaganda down pat. Our alternative media is maturing into a robust platform, which is nearly at the point it can completely replace traditional media. What we must do is make strides in law, tech and financial platforms. This weekend, the hacks on Red Ice and Nord Front, and the constant de-platforming should make this crystal clear that that needs to be the focus over the coming months more then anything. Trump gave us a huge win today, let’s use it so when the next Charlottesville happens, we are ready for everything.