Globalization May Have A Silver Lining

If you travel across the White World, you start to notice patterns and trends as well as serious differences. Writing about the differences among Whites is one of my favorite past-times, and I do it not to poke fun, but because these differences genuinely fascinate me.

I feel compelled to point out that you increasingly see a mono-White culture emerging in the Megapolises of the formerly White world.  The same brands, the same subcultures…it’s all there among the trendy people.

I’ll be blunt and to the point.

White youth everywhere acts like complete fucking degenerates. (Seriously, if I see another ~25-year-old man? with a nose-ring or some other variant of a safety pin attached somewhere to his face I feel like I’ll snap.) One of the benefits of living in an era of globalization is that the absolute worst trends spawned in Williamsburg, NY are then spread across the globe.

Yes, Hipster/Grunge/Wigger culture is inescapable now. You see these freaks everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you go to the trendy parts of Stockholm, Vienna or St. Petersburg, neo-Boheniam culture is a cultural staple now. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind even mind an overarching White culture… if it wasn’t so degenerate. The Hipster wave seems to prove how easy it is for White to find this common culture across ethnic and cultural lines. It also begs the question why a positive, common supra-culture among Whites couldn’t emerge.

Perhaps if Whites controlled MTV it could.

And it’s not just the Whites who are developing a monoculture.

The non-Whites are starting to look exactly the same in every White country. Put simply, all the browns are starting to become Black. Turks will fight Kurds in Germany, and Pakis will fight with Indians in the UK. Hell, even the Mexicans will fight with the Blacks in the United States. But more and more you notice how all the non-White are starting to adopt Hollywood generated gangsta culture. In Europe, they do it with skinny jeans instead of baggy jeans nowadays I suppose, but the behavior is all the same.

And they all hate Whitey of course.

Globalization may be inevitable if ethnic nationalism doesn’t come back with a vengeance, but it may not work out the way the Elites envisioned it. I think it is safe to safe that they saw a future resembling a mocha-blended frappuccino. The way things may actually turn out is a sort of soft divide between the dumb brutish Morlocks and the mincing self-segregated Elois. I assume you can guess which is which in this scenario.

That’s two prognoses for the near future, assuming that Globalism wins.  But it occurs to me that there is a third option that might arise.

White consciousness might develop across Europe as a result of contact with the Third World. In fact, Globalization might lead to a Global White Culture and a Global non-White Culture. The Global North and the Global South if you will.

And all of a sudden, that’s a future that doesn’t seem so dark. Wouldn’t that be something to throw back at our enemies?

They’ll say:

Globalization is inevitable!

We will reply:

As is the White Imperium, buddy.

It occurs to me that we may not be able to change the momentum behind Globalization fully, but we can mold the reaction to it in our favor.

Vincent Law
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