Globalization May Have A Silver Lining

If you travel across the White World, you start to notice patterns and trends as well as serious differences. Writing about the differences among Whites is one of my favorite past-times, and I do it not to poke fun, but because these differences genuinely fascinate me.

I feel compelled to point out that you increasingly see a mono-White culture emerging in the Megapolises of the formerly White world.  The same brands, the same subcultures…it’s all there among the trendy people.

I’ll be blunt and to the point.

White youth everywhere acts like complete fucking degenerates. (Seriously, if I see another ~25-year-old man? with a nose-ring or some other variant of a safety pin attached somewhere to his face I feel like I’ll snap.) One of the benefits of living in an era of globalization is that the absolute worst trends spawned in Williamsburg, NY are then spread across the globe.

Yes, Hipster/Grunge/Wigger culture is inescapable now. You see these freaks everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you go to the trendy parts of Stockholm, Vienna or St. Petersburg, neo-Boheniam culture is a cultural staple now. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind even mind an overarching White culture… if it wasn’t so degenerate. The Hipster wave seems to prove how easy it is for White to find this common culture across ethnic and cultural lines. It also begs the question why a positive, common supra-culture among Whites couldn’t emerge.

Perhaps if Whites controlled MTV it could.

And it’s not just the Whites who are developing a monoculture.

The non-Whites are starting to look exactly the same in every White country. Put simply, all the browns are starting to become Black. Turks will fight Kurds in Germany, and Pakis will fight with Indians in the UK. Hell, even the Mexicans will fight with the Blacks in the United States. But more and more you notice how all the non-White are starting to adopt Hollywood generated gangsta culture. In Europe, they do it with skinny jeans instead of baggy jeans nowadays I suppose, but the behavior is all the same.

And they all hate Whitey of course.

Globalization may be inevitable if ethnic nationalism doesn’t come back with a vengeance, but it may not work out the way the Elites envisioned it. I think it is safe to safe that they saw a future resembling a mocha-blended frappuccino. The way things may actually turn out is a sort of soft divide between the dumb brutish Morlocks and the mincing self-segregated Elois. I assume you can guess which is which in this scenario.

That’s two prognoses for the near future, assuming that Globalism wins.  But it occurs to me that there is a third option that might arise.

White consciousness might develop across Europe as a result of contact with the Third World. In fact, Globalization might lead to a Global White Culture and a Global non-White Culture. The Global North and the Global South if you will.

And all of a sudden, that’s a future that doesn’t seem so dark. Wouldn’t that be something to throw back at our enemies?

They’ll say:

Globalization is inevitable!

We will reply:

As is the White Imperium, buddy.

It occurs to me that we may not be able to change the momentum behind Globalization fully, but we can mold the reaction to it in our favor.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • the white mono culture has existed since the fabulous four, but the degeneration of the already degenerate races into a mono culture based on Hollywood’s image of the black is actually something that we should be thanking the Jews for

  • About the map…Argentina and Uruguay are more ethnically European than the United States, or even western Europe by now.

  • i do agree that whites should have right to save their cultures. however in globalization only money talks.
    that why elitists use immigrants for money purpose.
    in future we can build fully automated worlds and everyone will have their own societies. no more goverments will be needed. Autonomic societies will emerge and within it people that share similar traits ethnic and culture will cooperate and create their own utopia.

  • I would prefer Etno-Nationalism to prevail, but if Global Pan-European culture takes over, the Global North vs the Global South as has been couched, that wouldn’t be the worst thing.

  • There should be a whole field of study on the split personality of Christian and Judaic Europe and how they have made and broken the world. “The European Jew” is a field of study by itself.

  • Europeans are not racist. Europeans and whites in America are one of the most empathetic communities in the world. We strive to work and understand any group to the point we pick up body language and change speech patterns to communicate and be friendly. The Jewish angle warps that. We have to be aware of this incredible effect on our daily lives to how it has shaped our conception of our past, our present to our relationship with each other.

    Because we did not have the Jewish view of the world, by and large, Europeans were the most successful in dealing with the world. I believe the Jewish version has effected race relations across the world mainly due to the power of the West and, European Empires that took Jewish concepts of race relations across the world.

    Today the Jewish version of history and sociology shaped our understanding of European race relations. It shapes government policies on race relations to our educational system and our media. Our relationship with each other and with non whites is now hostile. Non whites relationship with each other and with whites are both hostile and suicidal.

    it continues to effect our white nationalist movement and defines the natural aspect of being a proud white as that of a bigot, a racist and a hater. I see that today in how the media here in the US and abroad see us in articles I read of the the meeting in Charlotsville and the history of the Confederacy, Nazi Germany to the Colonial Empires.

    Had 6 thousand years of civilization adopted Jewish concepts most of these civilizations would never have made it. the amount of hate generated would have wiped them out centuries ago. Today race relations in non the non European world is ripping them apart. From Asia to Africa levels race hate have never been seen there in their long history.

    I also believe modern day Jews are victims to their own version of history and of each other.
    We are not wrong or paranoid for seeing the Jews or Jewish versions of history and those who call us bigots, racists and haters also fully believe this Jewish twist. they are also victims

    How Jews to Judaism see the world continues in the interpretation by modern historians. It effects our movie industry and our media. It is so pervasive that we have to battle against others who see the natural process of white pride as bigoted and we battle a system mainly shaped by Judaic concepts of right and wrong to the intolerant God and its effect on the world that includes both White and non white. I hope I was not too verbose but I felt the need to jot this thought down on alt right.

  • The Roman and Greek civilizations who did not have a black and white version of life, morals, had a more sophisticated grasp of the world than Judaism. that also can be found in the Hindu/Buddhist world to a good deal of Asian faiths and philosophies ranging from Shinto to Confucianism.

    Europeans rejected the intolerance embedded in Judaism at the very beginning going back 2 thousand years to the birth of Christianity. It did not stop. Part of the reason why German philosophers sought non Jewish civilizations was to prove that their struggle against Jewish concepts was not just in Europe. Discovering “Aryan” Hinduism and Buddhism was a God send. Discovering that non Abrahamic philosophies from Shinto Japan to Confucius China proved that this is limited to the Jews.

    But western historians naturally twisted 18th and 19th century Europe to fit their concepts. I found that out when I checked the wikipedia on terms like Swastika and Aryan. the writers in trying to understand German philosophers took quotes and made narratives to fit European thinkers into the Jewish concepts. They became racists when they were not. We can see that in the amount of lies and distortion that define the Holocaust.

  • I am going to make a few comments on the subject of race, history, and the Jewish angle. It would be easier to put this in a book that no one would read, so I post them in comments. There is little that I write which is new but the Jewish angle on history and race relations is so pervasive it is almost impossible to break free from it.

    I will begin with the Jewish angle to history and race.

    Judaism explains the fight between good and evil as non solvable problem. The world is black and white. there are no shades of grey. Heaven and Hell is clearly marked in the old testament. some say they got this from Zoroastrianism, I believe Zoroastrianism helped support an established belief in Judaism of a black and white, good and bad world.

    Catholicism softened this a bit by introducing concepts like “purgatory” and “limbo” to break up the stark world of Hell and heaven. Catholicism softened the damning effects of sin (which leads to hell or the wrathful unforgiving God of the Old Testament) by introducing “Venial sin” verses “mortal sin”.

    The harsh world of the war between “Good” and “Evil” we read in the old testament is absent in the Greco Roman world. The faiths of these civilizations deliberately did not have this black and white world. their relations with non Europeans was natural. They were people who were proud of themselves without harboring hate towards others mainly due to the lack of a “us” verses :”them’.

    The “us” verses “them” is another very strong part of the Jewish tribes. it strengthened an intolerant unforgiving God as seen in the first 3 commandments to the “pagan”hating beliefs of Judaism. that could also explain the lack of art, iconography, and in depth philosophy in Judaism. It could explain how that influenced Greco Roman christian beliefs in Europe.
    note: comments are in progress.

  • They forgot to put Argentina and Uruguay in Blue, but yet they included Japan and South Korea?????

    Half of Argentina and Uruguay’s population is straight up Italian mixed with Spaniards and Germans with a sprinkling of Mestizos and Indians. Argentina, percentage-wise, is more white than the USA.

  • FACT:

    If you have Pasty White Skin………

    From Birth……

    In the Modern Era……

    You have been Birthed with a Metaphorical Genetic Defect……

    Not so in the Past……

    Best Bet??

    Eat Healthy…..

    Take Vitamins……


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  • If you’re a Pasty White Skinned Ginger….

    …..who only Burns in the Sun……

    Your Best Bet…..

    ……for congregating the THOTS????

    Lots of Money……


  • Including most of Asia in your mono-Black culture is ridiculous. Maybe you don’t like them but that doesn’t make them gangstas. This whole thing makes little sense. As you admit there are Wiggers in every western country. isn’t that mono-black culture? What we really have is the entire world being judaized into single NWO mono-culture with a multiple subcultures.

    • I didn’t make the map. I already addressed the asia thing in another comment. Sorry I offended your weeb love of asians.

  • Including China in and Most of Asia in your “Mono-Black culture” is ridiculous. Why that an attempt at a joke or something? Also none of this is silver lining. It means loss of languages and real diversity.

  • On a related subject I debated the symbol we call the Swastika. The reason for the “debate” was the orthodox Jewish version, the vague reference that the Swastika is also found in ancient civilization around the world, and my understanding of it. So I wrote this:
    The German “Swastika” is directly connected to the Sanskrit word “Swasti”.
    The German use of the word “Aryan” and its root comes from the Sanskrit word “Arya”.
    It is deliberate.
    Hinduism appealed to the 19th century German philosophers because Hinduism is considered an Indo Aryan Faith and is connected to the Roman and Greek faiths, as is Sanskrit. Sanskrit is connected to Latin and ancient Greece. Sanskrit is more refined and older than either Latin or Greek. Google= Max Muller.
    Some common words. “Raja” in Sanskrit is “Rex” in Latin. “Deo” in Latin is “Deva” in Sanskrit.
    Google= Panini the Sanskrit Grammarian. It is due to this plus much more that German philosophers took the symbol of the Swasti and its name.
    I know that this symbol appears in other civilizations but Swastika comes from Swasti.

    PS:(Judaism,Christianity and Islam are considered Abrahamic faiths).

    • “I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so” ~ [Adolph Hitler, to General Gerhard Engel, 1941]

      On May 3, 1945, the Catholic press of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, published the following eulogy in honour of the Fuhrer: “Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity…. words cannot be found to lament over his death…. Over his mortal remains stands his victorious moral figure. With the palm of the martyr, God gives Hitler the laurels of Victory.”

      The Sanskrit term Swastika 卐 has been in use in English since 1871, replacing gammadion 卐 (from Greek γαμμάδιον).

      The Gammadion Cross 卐 is formed by group of four Greek lettergamma (Γ), the capitalised third letter of the Greek alphabet. Each gamma represents one of the four Evangelists, (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) who radiate from the central Greek Cross, which represents Christ.

      Swastika mosaic in Byzantine church in present day [Edomite] Israel.

      • I like your comment but do not see how it relates to mine. As I wrote the word Swastika is directly linked to the Sanskrit word Swasti and that the symbol represented as the “Swastika” is also present in a lot of other cultures but Germany got that from Hindu India.
        after posting my comment I realized that the word Swastika comes directly from Sanskrit and not just the word “Swasti”
        If you had not googled “Swastika’, “Aryan; “Panini”, “Indo Aryan Languages” to “Sanskrit” maybe you should

    • Very astute, India, as well as the ME, was, at one time, occupied by Aryan peoples (in fact Iran means Aryan), until the dark hoards moved in and tainted the Aryan blood (there is at least some evidence that in ancient Egypt, this blood corruption was initiated/instigated by the Hebrews – they been at this shit a LONG time).
      BTW, if you travel to India, traditional swastika symbols are not at all uncommon. And many Indian people will stand up for their rights to keep and display their ancient ancestral symbols. Tho India too is jewed (see Ghandi).

  • Hipster/Grunge/Wigger culture is inescapable now.

    – Vincent Law

    It is far from universal. It rarely makes a good impression in a job interview. One seldom sees it in the cubicles and offices of leading corporations.

  • Very insightful. In the past, educated people all over Europe spoke Latin and Greek and could relate to each other. Perhaps some similar English-speaking White culture will emerge, it is going to absorb the best parts of every European and Western culture.

  • The more you’re exposed to what you don’t want the more you ask the universe for what you do want. Many of these young leftists are going through major cognitive dissonance right now. I don’t know many Seniors who want to retire in diverse communities. People will begin massively separating culturally and recognizing that whites have their own unique culture. Folk Music, Alternative Rock, Classical, Country. Hipsters are the whitest of the white culture but they just don’t recognize it. It’s pretty obvious if you ask me. Leftists also recognize racial differences very quickly. Most will never diversify.

    I’m 95% NorthWest European (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) and I was an ethnic minority in my school district and neighborhood growing up. I recognize difference immediately between myself and southern/eastern europeans/irish and know where I need to be to find people culturally similar to myself…..Although the fact that white people can’t officially have groups is incredibly frustrating. That should change soon I hope. I know a lot of conservative American and British men feel frustrated they can’t have ethnic pride. Change on the horizon?

  • No, seriously, fuck globalism. I may be a burger right now, at the epicenter of white monoculture, but if we win I may return to the land of my ancestors and rejoin the tribe from which I came.

  • Maybe this is the reason why the globalists are trying to make the US fight Russia. Do away with a lot of whites and split them in half afterwards. More white genocide coming our way.

  • Too much wishful thinking. You saw that Time Magazine cover a few years back, they want everyone to look mestizo or Middle Eastern. They(international finance run by you know who) want revenge for the only race that knew how to destroy them.

  • This is all the result of the destruction of White nations – the end of the White man’s ability to defend his borders and keep his communities White.

    In White cultures, there are many cliques for kids growing up. Jocks, geeks, band fags lol, a wide range of personality types. Otoh in non-White cultures everyone acts the same. There really isn’t the social stability to make people feel safe enough to be themselves so there is much less variety of personality in non-White peoples/cultures.

    That we’re seeing this in both the Whites and non-Whites is due to the fact that there really are few totally White schools and communities for White children to be themselves in anymore.

    • This is all about the jews. I urge you to read Mein Kampf. It is uncanny to read a first hand account of the exact scenarios, problems and (((political issues))) facing the Weimar Republic in the 20’s which “WE” now face here in jewmurika and also worldwide.
      It is equally remarkable how AH (88!) clearly recognized (((the problem))) on both a national and international scale. He simply called out the jew (which of course is why he is vilified to this day).
      Again, “Mein Kampf” is a must read for ANY white person who cares about their nation, the world around them and the future of their children.

      • I’ve read it, I know it, I know how it’s been misrepresented in the zio-press.

        But thank you all the same, it’s definitely a must-read.

  • There won’t even be a white mono-culture if we don’t remove non whites from white countries!

    • Start with the jew. If you want the wolves out of your sheep pastures, you must first secure control of the gates.

      • The you mistake these scavenging hyena and cockroaches for wolves? they are feeding off the carcass of the west and yes Jews are opening the gate! We will transform ourselves to become wolves again like our great ancestors and we will chase the scavengers away and the Jews will be too scared to open the gates ever again and if they try we will be waiting with teeth flaring.

  • My take
    Globalization really took off after 1600 when Queen Elizabeth the 1st signed the charter for the British East India company. In the following centuries the East India Companies of Europe created a global network trading and dealing with Kings and kingdoms, Emperors and Empires.

    What I call “The Age of Mercantilism” began in 1600 and ended just before World War 1. During that time Empires were created, Revolutions took place and the modern nation state were born.

    They gave birth to the European Colonial Empires. They were so successful that the British East India company eventually controlled 50% of world trade and the Dutch East India company valued today had a fortune of 70 trillion dollars.

    The American age in the 20th century completed the global economy and increased the standardization of societies.

    If the Global world is divided between the white and non white word, the White world will have
    the world’s largest economies, world’s most powerful militaries, highest standard of living, control continents such as Australia, Europe, North America, control vast natural resources and the cutting edge technology to take us to new worlds across space to the oceans.

    • East India Companies of Europe is the subject in a book I am reading – India 70 years after Midnight – August 15 will be Indian’s 70th anniversary of Independence – and it is a failed state – misery beyond belief – nothing to celebrate for these poor wretches.

  • I don’t believe globalization is inevitable. I also don’t believe the average white Joe wants a universal brown world, even if they don’t admit it. Public opinion is on our side, we just have to institutionalize the alt right.

  • I thank all that replied to my earlier comment – perhaps I was overly berbost regarding the Qews – perhaps this is why I’ve been barred from nearly every news site – but I don’t want the Qews to feel welcome -herzlich willkommen
    I do know if we were to end usury they would shrink to nothing

  • The map suggests we’ve won our struggle and gained the power to segregate at will and have large White communities. If we only have our own little sporadic pockets of White culture immersed in a multi kulti sea, new generations will be tempted to betray the cause. We have nothing like the traditional aspects that propagate Islam and encourage them to beat our current fertility. We don’t have the luxury of even losing one member to miscegenation and there will be weak links once people are desensitised by the multi kulti media complex. We need actual power or tradition.

  • I think that Imperium can exist with local sovereignty. This is a global struggle for basic civility that many nations can get behind without submerging themselves

  • I noticed this when I visited Moscow and Amsterdam. In Moscow you will never forget for a single second that you are in Russia. In Amsterdam you get the feeing you’re in a Western European city. Tolerant, lots of shopping, and ethnic food, just like the rest. The only way you’d have of knowing you weren’t in San Francisco or New York or London or Paris is by the Dutch flags everywhere, which actually is kind of odd for a Western European city.

  • I don’t like the idea of a “mono-white culture” but it might be inevitable. That mono-culture should by no means be American Jew culture though.

    • its mono or war like the last 3k years lol. either works for me. france and England fought a 5 generation 100 year war over a title and 2 most people they are both just celts

  • >Japan

    Nippon confirmed honorary Aryans. I approve of this provided a strict Hapa ban applies (which doubtless the proud Japs would agree to).

  • It would be sad to see white people be turned mono-cultural, Germany, Russia, Britain, Poland, Italy should all have their own cultures, languages, and religious practices. Even in countries like the US and Canada there are significant differences between whites from different region like Nova Scotians and Albertans and Alabamans and New Hampshirans. It’s one of the great things about whites, we can distinctions tha make thing interesting without petty and short-sighted violence.

  • Vince, you are literally looking on the world as Black and White. Just like our TV in the mid-’70s. I doubt Asians (Orientals) will adapt the Dindu culture anytime soon. Not all White kids are subject to MTV and degeneracy either. As for my origins, the Caucuses, we will retain same traditions 1000 years from now.

    • Perhaps he wasn’t talking about orientals because they’re not nearly as big of a threat to us demographically in comparison to the brown hordes of the global south.

    • Orientals seem more drawn to White culture tbh.

      But that doesn’t apply to central asians, I’ve found.

      • Central Asians? If it’s about ‘stans, then they really do not know what the Dindu culture is all about. The Chinese or Hindus, probably never. Iranians? They will be the last ones on Earth to intermingle with Blacks. Perhaps, North Africans, plus Arabian youth, are more tuned to adopt Black life style. Probably, because they live in France block to block, street to street.

        Would agree that Islam is supposed to break some racial barriers, but it does not go deep either. Ethnic conscious, traditions by large prevail over the assigned religion belonging.

        Those people are generally not subjected to the ongoing global degeneracy.

        Also, I have a feeling that the hip-hop Black culture is the thing of the past worldwide.

        • You’re talking out of your ass about Iranians. They adore Black culture and their kids flock to it. Lived around enough of them to know that for a fact.

          • Yeah, I do not live around many Iranians. The ones that I know have nothing to do with Blacks.

      • Games made in America or Europe are often very PC and have lots of mud people characters in them. It’s not un-common if the protaginist is a dindu or some other shitskin. Compared to japanese games who often always have white characters and are much less PC if at all.

  • You’ve left out the Asians, in this. I don’t see Chinese or even upper caste Hindus going for the black side.

    Been to a suburban piano recital lately? You know the ones that private teacher associations give?

        • Yeah, These are the high IQ South Koreans too. Truthfully, most Asians remain Asian no matter what country they live in though. They hang out around mostly other Asians, speak their own language and eat their own food. This is why I think Asian immigration into white countries is a bigger threat than low IQ immigration. They take over legitimately, without engaging in jihad or appeals to “muh systematic discrimination.” Even I kind of respect them, even though I’m aware of the demographic threat they pose.

          • South Koreans eat dogs – is this true? if so must stop.
            Asian girls can be very seductive

          • copy pasta from wikipedia

            “Over 100,000 tons of dog meat, or 2.5 million dogs, are consumed annually in South Korea. Although a fair number of South Koreans (approximately 42% to 60%) have eaten dog meat at least once in their lifetime, only a small percentage of the population is believed to eat it on a regular basis.”

          • Yeah. I love dogs too. I think all that “man’s best friend” stuff is exclusive to white people though.

  • Break the hold on power of the Jewish Empire – ending usury of World Bank will improve individual wealth – purge the media – reinstall cinema morally codes – create dress codes —- get rid of Israel and exterminate the Jews forever

    • The last part is not necessary. All we have to do is to create communities (in the most general sense) that explicitly exclude them.

      • “The last part is not necessary.”

        So said every European leader who merely kicked jews out instead of doing what needed to be done.

        “All we have to do is to create communities (in the most general sense) that explicitly exclude them.”

        We’ve tried this for 2,000 years and looks where it’s gotten us. They always find a way back in.

        No, they all need to be exterminated. Enough is enough. They’ve earned their genocide a thousand times over for what they’ve done to us.

        • I don’t think your comment should be allowed.

          Others say that about my hoax/false flag comments, but this is different.

        • Send em to Israel and don’t lift a finger to help them when the Palestinians take back what is rightfully theirs.

          • Psshh what a cuck. Send them to Israel but take all the aid we gave them and give it to Hezbollah.

          • Yeah, that would work… The point is I don’t think that whites in general have the stomach for genocide at this time.

          • Ou contraire, some of “US” do. Who would shirk at destroying a nest of rattlesnakes dwelling under their porch and threatening the wellbeing of their family?
            It’s the same situation, make no mistake, it is them or “US.” It’s that simple.

          • I don’t disagree. Just be prepared to fight the hordes of normie huwhytes who will defend them before they join us.

          • Yeah, I’m thinking crush and destroy ALL the parasites now infesting “OUR” lands. “WE” grab the $500 TRILLION booty (which is rightfully “OURS” anyway since they stole it from “US”).
            Then let them rot in the desert surrounded by enemies as “WE” Redirect the third world invaders to israhell’s doorsteps with an army of bad goy “humanitarians” welcoming and directing the misfortune “refugees” to resources offered by israhell’s excellent social benefits (er, which will no longer be funded by the jusa).

          • Get back all our art they have taken. Judaism is the only faith that has not produced art or science.

          • (((David Cronenberg))) has never made a film I haven’t liked tbh. This is generally true though. Jews are only good for manipulating bureaucracy to their own advantage. And pushing degeneracy on da goyim.

          • Einstein was a total fraud and plagiarist whose fame as a “scientist” was only made possible by the judenpresse.
            Feynman was a theoretical physicist whose main contributions consisted of postulating “what if” scenarios, i.e. Oh yes, silver tongued devils they are.

          • You people truly are imbeciles. Trouble is — you white trash scum breed idiot children like rats.

          • All frauds and liars. Salk ripped off the research, Einstein plagerized from others especially his wife whom he abandoned, don’t know about Feynman but I’m sure he’s guilty of something dark and cheesy because jew.

      • Enshrine the kikes in the constitutions of the West as the offspring of Satan and the virus that nearly exterminated the European races.

      • They will always slither back again. History is on our side. More than 350 times since Babylon they have slithered back and got themselves a new stranglehold on their hosts. It is either the ovens or exile into deep space on some desolate planet with no intelligent lifeforms. Just dump them there and fly away again. They will have no one to parasite on except for on each other. Either they learn to work for their survival or they will die. In any case, they will no longer be with us or in our backyards.

          • Yes, so that you can slaughter the retreating enemy at will. By keeping them surrounded the enemy will fight to the death.
            It would help to actually read Sun Tzu as opposed to quoting out of context.
            ST was no panty waist, his every word was directed at defeating The Enemy.

    • I would add that gender reassignment surgery should be practiced on little Israel children in the same manner they want to do that to our kids.

    • Any of you idiots think government organizations look at these comments? You would be 6,000,000 times safer if you literally just wrote “please visit my house and shut down the alt-right FBI”. Unless of course you are shills, in which case fuck you.

      • I’ll gladly give them my phone number and contact information (assuming “they” don’t already have it) so that we can discuss the current situation. It would help to get converts in the government.
        “OUR” enemies openly talk about killing and exterminating “US.”
        “WE” can cower in the corner and take it or “WE” can fight back.
        To the best of my understanding if someone is in the process of trying to kill you, well by law I believe you get to try and kill them back.
        Ain’t that how it works?

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