Nordic Youth Wrecks Homo/Pedo Parade In Stockholm With Style And Class

Nordic Youth had a successful counter-demonstration against Sweden’s Pride March.

For those of you that don’t know, Sweden is ruled by an unholy homo/cat-lady/SWPL mafia. Nordic Youth likes to remind them that there are still Swedes who resist.

The Battleplan

Nordic Youth divided into 4 separate groups and decided to not wear any nationalist clothing. Cops were on the lookout and prepared to intervene seeing as Nordic Youth has done something against Pride for 3+ years straight.

Everyone was casually dressed and did their best to blend in. They then went to the staging ground and stormed it simultaneously all at once. They originally had two banners with “Save the Children” and “Stop the Pedophiles” but the group with the latter banner was detained prematurely by the police who caught wind of the operation and just had to go and ruin the fun.

The mission was to hold up the parade for as long as possible until the police physically removed them. The result was a monumental success. Nordic Youth managed to stop a parade with 50 thousand participants and probably half a million onlookers dead in its tracks for ten minutes.

They chanted “Protect the children from the pervert’s festival!” and other such shitlordy chants.

Everyone had an assigned role, some guarded the flanks, others the rear, still others filmed the whole action. Despite what the Lefties were kvetching on Facebook, this wasn’t a particularly well-planned or well-rehearsed action. The Left thinks that these guys are Spetsnaz or something like that when really they just kept their cool under pressure and worked like a team. Don’t tell them that though. It is good that they fear us. We become larger than life in their minds and they become paralyzed with fear. Remember:

This is what Whites can do spontaneously, no planning necessary. Let that sink in.

The Action

Two Antifa guys ran in only to get promptly BTFO’d by Nordic Youth. The first attacker got grabbed by his collar by one Nordic Youth and then pummeled by a second Nordic Youth who availed himself of the soft stationary target that was so graciously presented to him. The other Antifa wisely ran for it.

One female who was with the Nordic Youth got attacked by a balding numale Swedecuck who presumably was also a homosexual. This prompted a charge by the Nordic Youth into the crowd to rescue her. The leader of the group, Fredrik Hagberg got taken down by the coppers and was thrown face down onto the asphalt. He was milliseconds away from getting arrested when the adrenaline spike kicked in. He pushed himself up to his feet with some Swedish manlet cop on his back as well and retreated into the protective formation of his comrades, shedding the cop off his back as he did so.

Hagberg managed to avoid arrest because he managed to get back to his group. The moral of the story for activists everywhere is this: don’t go out alone, move in groups, stick together.

Several useless female cops tried to overpower the group with their grrrrlpower, but it was only when the male cops started pushing that Nordic Youth was forced off the march route. (It occurs to me that we should encourage more and more female participation in the police force everywhere in the West, as it will only make our jobs easier. Go feminism!) The group locked elbows and managed to avoid arrest and attack by Antifa by sticking together as they beat a hasty retreat.

Round 2

After the successful first action, the group casually made its way over to a new location, with the police in tow. All of a sudden they broke out of their walk and sprinted over to the parade again to stop it in its tracks. This time, they got caught out by the cops, who were out in force with helicopters, squad cars, and mounted patrols. (If only they could muster such resolve for dealing with Muzzies!)

The group was finally arrested, tagged, and driven out of the city.


A group of 20 some activists was able to stop an entire parade of fags and freaks. This was a modern day Thermopylae moment if ever there was one.

The freaks could have rushed Nordic Youth and trampled them through sheer force of numbers. But they didn’t. They were scared stiff by the resistance they encountered. If this incident demonstrated anything, it is how fragile the freak mafia is. All it takes is just a handful of good men willing to put their foot down and say “not one step further” to stop the whole damn circus in its tracks.

If you needed any more proof, here it is. A small, but dedicated corps of activists can move mountains… And we’ll have a lot more activists at Charlottesville on the 12th. Join us and join in the fun.


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  • Lmao this is the most disgusting place of the internet, you are all isolated no life freaks that just want to hate everyone cause your life sucks

  • Since Adam & Eve, the arse is part of the Digestion System and NOT part of the Reproduction System !

  • HAHAHA ! Well done ! Clean up this human junk yard” ! Since Adam & Eve, the arse is part of the digestion system NOT of the procreation system !

  • People think I am gay when I cuddle with another man…that’s the problem. My lizard brain wants to remove from my presence the creatures that hate freedom. I should have the freedom to cuddle with cute adorable real-life plush men without them thinking I am getting in their pants. I have no problem with men shacking up and getting along. I draw the line on lust and perversion and exploitation of children. You can love a man without sex, but the gay movement wants to convert the civilized world into the afterlife sex fest of a ISIS suicide bomber. Beasts are homosexual and pedophilic. But therein lies the rub: You are not a beast, you are a Human. Humans have self control. Trying to convert everyone to gayness is a warfare and aggression on the civilized behavior of a sober human. I don’t like gays for the same reason I don’t like honor killing or female genital mutilation. We should have improved our species and did away with it once we learned how to make bronze tools. When someone tells me they are gay I hear the words…”I don’t subscribe to acting civilized and chaste and making the world a better place for the humans”. Organized lust is just as bad as organized religion. You shouldn’t be inserting your penis in another mans anus for the same reason that you shouldn’t flush feminine hygiene products down the toilet. The toilet is for spent food. The trashcan is where you place trash. A beast is a creature that acts lustful to make lots of babies and plasure. A human has self control. Whites are a good race. The Asexuals are the true Master Race.

  • The fact that you guys want to disrupt vs work on yourselves I find a bit sad. Culture degenerates into immorality when the people in that culture become weak and immoral themselves. How many of you go to the gym, fast, eat healthy, pray, resist porn and casual sex and work on being better people?

    • A) Chubby Tindr-using nationalist who is a member of Nordic Youth and goes to every counter-demonstration and activity despite all the risks.

      B) Bodybuilding nazi monk who wagecucks and disconnects from the modern world. Plays it safe and finds an excuse to not join Nordic Youth on a single activity.

      I know which person I respect more.

    • Therin lies the rub. That is the whole church of liberals ideology. To be lazy and horny and act like animals and put in their two weeks notice and quit being humans. Liberals hate work and want people on the dole. Liberals hate God because they want to have as little moral guidance as possible. Liberals want to be gay and mal-gendered because refusing to be a better person is easy and lazy.

  • this is literally the best thing ive ever seen in a loooong time!
    way to go my hero’s in sweden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • There is no Cancer Pride Parade, and there is no Diabetes Pride Parade. So homosexuality is the only disease that has its own pride parade. How interesting.

    • You hit the nail on the head. How the refusal to make yourself a better person be something to be prideful about? Fact: There are 2 genders, and a multitude of mental-illness-lifestyles. They said, the best way to starve a liberal is to hide his food stamp card under his work boots. Someone already exposed that liberals like communism and high taxes and being on the dole a long time ago. It’s now time to show that Liberals hate making the human a better person because, that would involve WORK. Work is a dirty word to a liberal.

  • Beautiful. One comment about, “It occurs to me that we should encourage more and more female participation in the police force everywhere in the West, as it will only make our jobs easier.” Only if the females are identitarian. The next task ahead for identitarians is to infiltrate police departments all over the West. From that position, they are capable of all kinds of things: Mapping out key actors and networks, control over forensic and other evidence, early warning, passive resistance, propaganda, etc. It will also ensure that identitarians have, and have some control over, the reservoir of martial knowledge and experience in Western societies. The coup in Turkey last year failed because the police forces, having real street experience, beat the military.

  • Congratulations to our comrades from Hellas. Good work brothers. Death to the liberals, the faggots and the lefties!

    • Gays crash, God laughs. My “faith in humanity restored” meter needle budges to the right a little with every gay person that ISIS tosses from a building.

    • I am a rude offensive keyboard warrior who stays up late without medication because I am fighting to save that adorable creature in your avatar. Humanness is awesomeness. If you are an Atheist, this creature might as well be a god. My feathers get ruffled every time someone punches or tries to injure or shame that avatar. If you encourage more animal-like or parasite-like aggression to a Homo Sapien, it’s just as if you hit my sister.

  • You have to admire their commitment and bravery, but god damn, only 20? Might as stick a fork in Scandinavia!!!!! They are a lot worse off than we are in the states. Evola and Spengler were right for the most part. Maybe we just ride out this wave and when the sheep wake up, pounce on them with the truth. Besides, what these kids did essentially was a waste of time. The folks behind all of this are safe back in NYC, DC, and the City of London. A group of 20 wouldn’t make the evening news back here in the states. Until the right creates a viable program that can appeal to the people without compromising its principles, it won’t last.

  • I’m a big fan of the white identity movement, but I disagree with this approach. I’m all for promoting a healthy lifestyle and making lots of white babies, however getting into fights with police and pretending homo equals pedo will only make the altright look like some skinheads. Isn’t that what the left wants?
    I’m curious, how far would you guys take it if you had total power. Make homosexuality illegal? Punishable by death?

    • I agree to some extent. The movement is still units infancy, but wants to pick I fight with the left in general. That in itself is fine, but it isn’t big enough for the job. They need to stick with a platform of hard politics that can build cadres.

    • Pride normalizes and encourages children to engage in homosexual behaviour and is sanctioned by the state. Here’s what they say on their own website:

      “RFSL Youth [for 13-29 year old’s] invites you to a workshop about sex, dating, and relationshops. From the mobile app Grindr we will talk about better dating and safer sex, reciprocity and consent, condoms, lubricant and much much more. There will be both fun and seriousness! Welcome!”

      Or how about this informational video from RFSL same state-sponsored gay lobby organization mentioned above:

      Now do you understand why Nordic Youth protested?

      • I agree, the whole pride bs is ridiculous and it should not be promoted. My question is, once you remove the gay pride propaganda you will still have a gay minority. What do you intend to do with that? You can’t deport gays like racial minorities.

        • You’ll get a different answer depending on who you ask but most of the guys in Nordic Youth would agree on banning homosexual propaganda; Pride parades, “sex education”, state-financed tranny operations etc.

          Or to put it more crudely: you can get fucked up the ass in private but leave it out of the public sphere.

          • Liberals are hasty to scream at the top of their lungs “SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!” but when it comes to bedroom habits they want it all in the open on public roads. It’s almost as if they hate morality.

        • Homosexuality is like any other disease, you try to cure it. If that is not possible, you would probably have to quarantine those who are the most infected, to isolate the plague — in the interest of public health and safety.

          • If its a disease you better stay away from gays or you’ll catch it too. Lol. Then you’ll also need to be quarantined.

          • Thanks, GenX — good advice.

            Homosexuality is a self-inflicted disease, like type-2 diabetes. If a fellow makes the wrong choices re food and exercise (or lack thereof) he gives himself type-2 diabetes. Likewise homosexuality — but a different set of bad choices.

          • Add the desire to go on active shooting sprees to that list. If you hate children and love despair, and hate sanity and like to cut yourself, you catch that disease and mow down children at school. Yes I despise children, in a way they should be deported to a safe utopian island far away from me. But to want to murder them and cause their parents grief is more than a hate crime…it’s genocide of the sane.

      • How sad. The disease of homosexuality is rampant, even in Sweden, the former home of the Vikings. There is much work to be done. Many need to be cured of this plague, or quarantined. How bold of the Nordic Youth to begin the effort.

  • Yeah, the LGBT thing is basically a big “field fuck” (from Jarhead) and a flight from responsibility.

    • “Vi är många fler” = We are many more than you.

      Hence: Well no shit Sherlock. Thousands of degenerates celebrating sodomy and pedophilia versus a handful of proud swedish nationalists.

      • If they hadn’t been so degenerated and weak they could have lynched the people from Nordic Youth easily by sheer numbers. Not even the cops could have saved them, had they even been on their side, which they are not. They could have lynch the cops as well.

  • There’s no connection between homosexuality and pedophilia. Underage girls are 12 times more likely to be molested than underage boys. When the altight strays from the facts and science, you weaken the case for the entire movement.

      • You can get deep into the weeds quickly on the subject of a purported link between homosexuality and pedophilia. The American Psychological Association says there isn’t one, but you can find online sources insisting that such a link exists. From what I can see, all of the entities who want to see a link between homosexuality and child abuse are religious groups desperate to prove that the Old Testament is fact. These same religious groups probably reject evolution, too. Here is the most succinct source I can find that argues against the link, but some will not find the Huffpost to be credible.

        • 2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:”

          Liberals ignore scripture that doesn’t suit their Leftist Marxist agenda. e.g. Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Romans 1:26-27 all clearly and unequivocally define homosexuality as a sin, an abomination, stating that those who participate in homosexual acts won’t inherit the kingdom of God.

        • Hey, genius. Has it ever occurred to you that a large percentage of the members of the American Psychological Association are sperm-hungry homosexuals? Hence, the pseudoscientific misinformation that they broadcast in the guise of science.

          • This is stupid. Old Testament, New Testament. All of this is only jewish garbage. The germanic ancestors of the swedes approved homosexuality. In the religion of them, was normal open homosexuals sacerdots.

          • It is the duty of Aryan man to move forward to higher levels of physical, mental, and spiritual strength — not backward to lower levels.

          • John Calvin and the Protestant Reformers took mystical legends of middle eastern herdsmen and turned them into a well organized system of theology — a system that, in its utility, far surpasses anything ever imagined by ancient Semites. This system of thought gave Americans the fortitude to overcome fierce Indian tribes, establish a transcontinental nation, and gain a position of respect in the world.

          • This is nonsense. All that you are talking about are white traits, not christian traits. This is indepedent of any jewish system of values. The golden age of the greeks, romans or vikings were all pagans and occured without any jewish influence. Moreover, it doesn´t have “white chistian scriptures”, all christian whites use the same book written exclusively by jews. I see that you are only a cuckservative.

          • Pedro, your outlook is typical of European white nationalists who base their thinking on the European experience — such as the failed German National Socialist movement. We need an improved form of white nationalism that is more dynamic and forward looking — one that has a chance of winning. National Socialist movements are doomed — due to the inefficiency of socialism and the irrational environmentalism which is socialism’s handmaiden.

            socialism + environmentalism + atheism = a loser mentality

            In America, we had to overcome a continent filled with bloodthirsty pagan savages whose religion was totemic nature worship. Several of these pagan tribes were more formidable in battle than the Huns or the Mongols of the Old World ever dreamed of being. Religion is a weapon of psychological warfare. Calvinist form of Christianity gave us the mental strength to resist the American Indian mindset. During the early colonial period, if we had lacked that mental strength, the Indians would have been able to overcome us easily, given their superior numbers, in spite of our technological advantages. (Those technological advantages themselves were largely due to Christian belief, which gave us full access to natural resources that the nature worshiping Indians did NOT have.)

            capitalism + Christianity = a winner mentality

          • And that’s where there so called ‘privelidge’ comes from. It’s kind of hard to think of it as a privelidge if you worked you ass off to earn it.

        • Earlier versions of the DSM listed both homosexuality and trans-sexuality (gender disphoria, sp?) as mental disorders, even as recently as just one version back on the latter. They are not listed as such in the most recent edition (version 5 unless a new edition has been recently released). One must ask the question then, “is this scientific or political?” Obviously the same must also be asked regarding the APA,..

    • “In research with 942 nonclinical adult participants, gay men and lesbian women reported a significantly higher rate of childhood molestation than did heterosexual men and women. Forty-six percent of the homosexual men in contrast to 7% of the heterosexual men reported homosexual molestation. Twenty-two percent of lesbian women in contrast to 1% of heterosexual women reported homosexual molestation”

    • Why did you write 12 instead of twelve? Strange visual effect Schlomo.

      My understanding is that pre teen boys are far more likely to molested than pre teen girls.

    • Well, considering that there are probably about 25-50 times more heterosexuals than homosexuals that suggests a large over-representation of pedophiles among homosexuals, perhaps as large as 200-400 %, meaning that homosexuals would be 2-4 times as likely to be a pedophile as someone that is heterosexual. That is quite a strong connection.

      Think ahead one step, for fuck’s sake.

    • @unpaidpundit:disqus You’ve forgotten to make a link between your fist sentence “There’s no connection between homosexuality and pedophilia.” and your second sentence “Underage girls are 12 times more likely to be molested than underage boys.” Looks like you weren’t thinking straight. I assume what you were trying to say was something along the lines of heterosexual men molest girls more frequently than homosexual men molest boys. The point you were trying to make is that you believe that pedophile attacks are more likely to be heterosexual men assaulting girls rather than homosexual men assaulting boys.
      I’m just guessing because I’ve heard this attack on heterosexuals about a thousand times before but it’s really not clear from what you’ve written. Facts and science are indeed good things but you can’t invoke their authority just by typing the words. You have to actually present the facts and present the science, so, assuming I’ve guessed your meaning correctly, what are your sources? @disqus_KwzI0PTNaP:disqus in his reply has quoted real research that suggests the complete opposite of what you are trying to assert.

  • “It occurs to me that we should encourage more and more female participation in the police force everywhere in the West, as it will only make our jobs easier”

    Tbh when governments have so much power I think the best hope that people have to protect themselves is to make the government as incompetent as possible.

    • That’s the best part, by moving from allowing tolerance to forcing acceptance, they’ve turned a bunch of people who were neutral towards homos against them.

      • I’m a homo and I’m against them! I was neutral to the whole pride thing, think I went to one once in London when I was 22 and it was the creepiest and most perverse thing I had ever witnessed in real life.

        They put their hedonism before their race and that’s a mistake. I suspect a lot of them, while having a moderate to high IQ, have a mental illness which prevents them from thinking about the consequences of their actions.

        The Swedish pride imbeciles should have supported Nordisk Ungdom since NU will at least ensure the people who will actually hurt them will be thrown out of the country.

        I despise homosexuals

          • Thank you for posting this. I also happen to be a member of the “Third Sex” (despite years of making my best efforts against it!) like Ryan, and I am embarrassed and appalled with visceral disgust by the degenerate displays consistently made at various “Pride” events.

            I’m in Canada and I thought the screeching and protesting would be over when “gay marriage” was legalised in 2005. But no, that was only one step in an ideological project. You ain’t seen nothing yet, as it goes!

            As I hear more often lately, we can’t reach or be our true selves and potential with “somebody else’s religion.”

            And is the website you provided states, Christianity ALWAYS benefits Jews.

          • Sorry for the delayed response. The Disqus notification ended up in my spam folder for some reason.

            Satan is NOT a Jewish construct. The name Satan was stolen, just like (((they))) stole and perverted pretty much every other spiritual teaching that you find in their “holy books”. From the Sanskrit Satya, meaning “truth” they created Shaitan, meaning “enemy”. Who’s enemy is it though? 😉

            It is natural to name the highest God of the pagan pantheon as Satan. Being devoted to truth and enlightenment means you are a follower of Satan/Lucifer. Even the name ‘Odin’ stems from ‘Satan’. The ‘W’ in Wotan is an adaptation of the Greek ‘Ʃ’ (sigma).

            If you study this with an open mind, you will reach a similar conclusion. The aversion to Satan, Satanism, Demons, Lucifer exhibited by the majority of whites is the result of centuries of Christian indoctrination. No matter your current stance on spirituality, Satan is neither to be feared, nor dismissed as fantasy. He is an important part of our spiritual heritage as Indo-Europeans.

            Don’t confuse the Satanism that I’m describing with the simulacrum found in The Church of Satan or in other idiotic false paradigms. Real Satanism has nothing to do with atheism or what we call “evil”. Spiritual Satanism becomes a fascinating scene if you spend some time to explore it. It involves empowering yourself, actually communicating with the gods, working towards becoming a higher being, and also engaging in spiritual warfare (which is DOING something to clear the mess we’re in).


          • If it had stuck to paganism then maybe but giving it a lick of satanic paint kind of ruined it for me.

        • Same, brother 🙂

          I wish others like us wouldn’t 1) make such a “thing” about this one of many facets of ourselves, and 2) would wake up to the brainwashing by the radical left, and it’s hijacking of the original fight for queer folk not to be beaten to a pulp.

          Now it’s all inextricably tangled up in a Jewish leftist ideology.

          I also responded to Adrian.

          • The only thing it’s good for is showing the left’s hypocrisy as their bigotry is laid bare, they think any criticism of gays must be homophobic in nature ?

  • Man, reading some of the normie Swedish comments are hilarious. Vince wasn’t wrong about the Spetsnaz remark.

    Martin – “I just want to say one thing which I personally find most disturbing about this whole thing. Look how they move and remain in formation. How they hold every front even when they are divided they unite almost organically. This suggest unbelievable training … disturbing as fuck”

    Olle – “Yes!! Really disgusting. Thought about that today quiet a bit. How they must have prepared properly. And how they also must be so used to doing this kind of stuff”

    Martin – “I think about the definition of terror… for me it is those who train to overthrow democracy! […]

  • 800k+ views of the video on Faceberg and media coverage in Poland and Hungary. This was a resounding propaganda victory. Excellent action by my comrades in the Nordisk Ungdoom. I know these goyim personally, they’re a badass crew proving once again that the men of our race are still being born with the right stuff. Check out their YT: it’s all in Swedish, but there are plenty of hilarious actions they’ve engaged in. My personal favorite was trolling Women’s Day by handing out toilet brush bouqets.


  • I just have to post this:

    With the Gay pride in Thessaloniki in Greece a group of nationalist came to disrupt the event but due to heavy police presence they only managed to corner up in a street and to only name call the sodomists and their allies who threw kisses back at them! In Athens nothing was allowed to move and only a mad monk and a religious nut managed to make some noise with the monk throwing anathemata (curses) towards the homos and their allies!

    Such things give me hope, Bravo to the Swedish nationalists! They prove that even with supreme numbers our enemies are worthless cowards that have next to no want for life because they hold nothing dear enough, ‘xcept some orifices, to have anything to die for! This makes them weak when the situation even look like it is becoming serious and getting them back to the closet is…. actually quite easy if we by-pass or replace the establishment!

    • Sorry but I fail to see the patriotism in this song? Or are they being ironic? When the spartan warrior is unmasking he is clearly shown to be african? “I belong to no race but the human and I don’t give a flying fuck about skin color”. FFS!

      No, give me Gigi und die Braunen Stadtmusikanten any day of the week! No possible misinterpretations of their lyrics 😀

  • These European guys are great.
    The Gay movement is no longer about Gays. They have been taken over by special interest groups who use the movement to push every far left policy. What we are fighting are people like Soros to the European Union. The face looks like the Gay movement and they will swear by it. Not anymore!
    Not in the 21 century. They are now the face of extreme Left wing policies.

    a good example here in the US is the Black Lives Matter. the BLM is not about Black rights. It has little to do with MLK and the desegregation movement of the 1960’s, but it uses that black movement to push the far left policies.

    That is why BLM will take down Confederate monuments but not lift a finger for black on black murders or any black problem. Keep up the fight. We are battling a major evil.

  • Gorgar approves.

    However, please don’t think of ever trying anything like this shit with American police officers, especially in areas with aggressive diversity hiring.

    New Horst Wessels are coming – just not yet.

    • Yeah, that’s a very good point. Swedish nationalists can do this kind of stuff because the police corps is cucked to the max and won’t use violence unless absolutely necessary.

    • Strictly speaking cops should be restrained from using firearms if they know that protests and near riots are not going to become lethal. Cops can give a fair fight if the opponent stops short of bringing knives and guns and starting fires.

    • Makes you wonder why the Europeans are butthurt about being arrested for thought crimes, considering by American standards their prisons are like cheap motels.

    • …shouldn’t that properly read “Don’t ever think of trying anything like this shit with American police officers. IF YOU LOVE YOUR DOG!” Muslims and blacks and liberals and gays are only a few problems. Do some research on “PUPPYCIDE” The anti-marijuana SWAT terrorists have declared utter Jihad on the family dog, murdering it in a peaceful potheaded hippie’s home—in front of their 5 year old child–on his birthday–AT THE WRONG ADDRESS!. You cannot un-see this medieval barbarity. Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into skyscrapers.

  • Remember, the storm is a good opportunity for the pine and the cypress to show their strength and their stability.

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