Alt-Right Politics – August 6, 2017

AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.


  • The Ashkenazim have marginally higher IQ’s. It sure as hell isn’t above 110, though. That’s bullshit. I’m convinced they’re Roman converts, anyway. The rank-and-file line up that way. But interestingly enough: not their Cohen. They’re probably the Khazars we’d been hearing about. They’re certainly Turks. As for East Asians: we do NOT discriminate against them. That’s also bullshit. What we ACTUALLY DO is factor in the fact that they CHEAT ON THEIR TESTS AND ON THE SAT. They’ve got a nice little scam going on there and everybody in education knows about it.

  • There is no secret plan behind Trump’s actions. He is too undisciplined and uninformed to implement any kind of plan.
    You may think it’s your duty to project optimistic outlook, but denying obvious truth of Trump’s epic incompetence makes you look stupid and makes me blackpilled thinking I am receiving political commentary from stupid people.

  • Stephen Miller is a Jew. And there are no good Jews, Spencer. You wonder why people call you a Zionist pawn when you’re sitting there defending a Zionist Jew in power doing something half-‘BASED’ who you admit to having been friends with? Hah, you douche. Did you fuck him or something?
    I kid, I kid.
    What would have been really great is if he had ACTUALLY addressed the issue with the Jew York immigration narrative by describing the views of Emma Lazarus… But he didn’t. Wonder why, eh?

    On the Mudfolk IQ Question…

  • All these people keep getting disappeared guys, what are you doing to stay safe? The establishment is starting full on war with us especially with the JudeTube shit. Get some bodyguards and watch your back, dead leaders aren’t good for any movement.

      • That’s cute saying that, but there is doing it. We can’t even must a few thousand people at rally in every state on tap. What makes you think we are the stage of destroying the fed reserve?

        I have seen this shit for years and it still tires me to read obvious shit that is miles away. Work on getting each other jobs first and if one of us makes a business, work for basically free and do 16 hours a day for 7 days a week. I know I will once one of us makes it into a business situation.

        It’s about time we started getting shit done instead of what is good in the long run.

        • Yes, you are true in this you write – but this is the only place among Kameraden that I can be allowed to dream of better times…

    • Agreed, Christopher. Our movement can be insular to the point where we become oblivious about how deep behind enemy lines we are. Our leaders would do well to recognize the gravity of the situation now, instead of when an avoidable tragedy occurs. If we underestimate the enemy at this point, we’re fools. They (who could I be referring to???) want us dead, period, and they have the power to make it happen. Any statement less severe would be naivety.

      Let’s face it – we are on the road to becoming the most formidable (truly) White anti-establishment movement since you know who. Safe to say, our leaders need to take precautions appropriate to that emerging reality.

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I care about our leaders as if they were older brothers. In a sense, they are. Looking forward to the big event in VA…

      • I wish we had more shekels. I’m sure there are people out there, in the movement already, who would be willing to be bodyguards but they still need room and board, and perhaps equipment if they don’t already have their own.

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