Alt-Right Politics – August 6, 2017

Richard, Selite and Greg cover 1) Affirmative Reaction: Trump moves against academia’s minority-favoritism. Is he serious, or is this just a smoke-screen? 2) Mo’ Russia, Mo’ Sanctions: rising temperatures and a chance of WWIII (21:14). 3) Seth Rich was a Snitch: The bodies are piling up in SE DC, the Pakis are scurrying for cover, and jewrnalist Seymour Hersh is caught on tape smelling a rat (54:30). 4) Immigration Consternation: White House pretender and Neo-nazi sympathizer Donald Drumpf is imposing standards on what immigrants are admitted. What’s next, a repeal of the 13th amendment? Unbelievable. Get on the right side of history (1:17:30).

Also joining us this week: Even McLaren, NPI’s Executive Director and all-round cool guy.


Following Issue 1: Gaudeamus Igitur (traditional academic song). Following Issue 2: Мы – армия народа (Russian song). Following Issue 3: Xurious: Revolt Against the Modern World

AltRight Politics
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