The ‘Unite The Right’ Rally Is Going To Be A Turning Point For White Identity In America

If you haven’t heard yet, let me inform you that the largest ethno-nationalist rally of the 21st century is being planned for August 12th in Charlottesville, Virgina.

Everyone who isn’t hiding out in Nigeria or Eastern Europe is going to be there.

Despite all the internal bickering and squabbling that has characterized the pro-White movement the last couple of decades, everyone has managed to put aside their differences to focus on this rally.

All of you who have asked if the Alt-Right will ever get serious and do something IRL now have an answer.

We are going to rally to defend White heritage in Charlottesville, Virgina. The last time we were there we kept it on a need to know basis and planned internally. We mustered about 250 pre-vetted people.

This time, we are putting out the call for all White advocates to come out.

The Daily Stormer has been promoting the event heavily and it looks like they are going to bring a lot of young new cadres to the rally. Identity Evropa will be there as well as several Southern Nationalist groups. There will be no Alt-Lite co-rally, it will be just us, the proverbial and literal White Guard out there defending the statue of General Lee. This is a good development. They are quickly becoming irrelevant and losing their street presence as we continue to grow and take up space.

No one knows how many of us will show up there just yet. A conservative estimate would put us at about 500, although if the Daily Stormer book clubs, frog twitter, and affiliated groups come through, we can top 1000.

What we do know is that there will be hundreds of Antifa there and they will be looking to start a fight. The city government is hostile to us, and they may order the police to stand down so that Antifa can move in to disrupt our rally. This is what happened at Berkeley, but it didn’t end well for Antifa:

We have taken precautions. There are several self-defense units already organized, and it looks like Azzmador’s people from the Daily Stormer will have shields on them, just like the Traditional Worker’s Party will as well.

We’re ready for a fight if it comes to it. In fact, we welcome Antifa to start it. We will defend ourselves and break that pathetic little trust-fund anti-White faggot organization once and for all.

Imagine a world without Antifa — no more shutting down patriots, no more shutting down free speech, no more shutting down White people.

We need you there. The Alt-Right is growing stronger and stronger. Our ideas dominate the internet, despite all the censorship that we have faced. Now it’s time to dominate the streets. From there, we will begin to dominate politics as well because all political power ultimately flows from the streets.

A fight lies before us…a fight for action…for vigor…for vitality…for manhood.

You might think it’s just a rally, but really, it’s so much more.

We’re making a stand when no one else will. We are telling the anti-White establishment and it’s attack dogs that we are not going to give another inch. And that’s what politics is really, a game of inches. You can’t change everything overnight, but you can start advancing the line, inch by inch.

We are where we are because previous generations forgot how to hold the line. They caved and the enemy advanced inch by inch, yard by yard. And now we have come to the tipping point. Our countries are ruined. Ruined to the point where we can’t even talk about it. You may have asked yourself:

“Where is the resistance? Why isn’t anyone trying to stop it?”

Well, now you have your answer.

At long last, the Lunatic Left has met disciplined and motivated opposition from the Alt-Right. And they don’t like that one bit. They are so scared that they can’t even think straight and can only hit the ‘Panic’ button to try to shut us down. They are afraid because our message is starting to resonate with thousands of young white men and women.

They should be. And after Charlottesville, they will finally understand the depths of their failure. They will know that they have failed to stamp out the White Identity movement in America.

They will try to break us at Charlottesville, and they will fail.

People will talk about Charlottesville as a turning point. There will be a before Charlottesville and an after Charlottesville. Will you stand up for your history, your race and your way of life?

Will you be there?

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • I don’t have my life sorted out well enough to attend an event of this kind but I hope and pray that your actions are fruitful in the changing of consciousness to accepting the White right to freedom of destiny. May the Great White Father God watch over you. May he grant you good memes and effective oratory, but if mass assaulted, may his bolts rain down on the enemies of his Chosen People.

    May Odin also bless you with port-a-johns. People need to drink water in Virginia in the summer. YOU NEED SOMEWHERE TO LEGALLY USE THE BATHROOM!!!

    May the Great Father provide

  • As usual it’ll be fifty marchers, and about a thousand counter-protestors here to give them a nice, warm welcome. 🙂

  • My humble suggestions: This is called Unite the Right. Remember that. It is not called be violent and end up in jail.

    Be careful of those who will infiltrate the event and try to egg some on our side on to violence in order to entrap them. The haters of Whites want nothing more than national headlines and photos showing Awakened Whites as violent thugs.

    If you read down through this thread you’ll see a poster who calls himself Uppity White Man. Notice how he’s foul mouthed and antagonistic and how he talks about violence at the event and how he attacks other Whites here in over the top ways, instead of discussing issues as among friends on the same side. I’ve toyed with him in order to draw him out so he would reveal himself. He has done so. Be wary of him if he shows up at the event. He also seems to be a new arrival to the scene. Does anyone here know him? I doubt it.

    At the event, the haters of Whites will taunt you and call you names and try to get you to be violent so they can get it on video. Keep cool heads. Be professional. Be disciplined the way police or the way some of us who were in the military were taught. Always travel in twos or threes. Always have cameras ready to film. Hold the line. Hold your tempers. We can win by having the high moral ground. Avoid hotheads on our side, they may be infiltrators.

    Masks are against the law in Va. so try to get good photos and video of every single person on the other side.

  • I have been wishing for a group to come along and be the white voice, because we need it more than ever
    I never knew there was such a group until today, I even asked several friends if they knew of such a group they all said no, there cant be one its not allowed.

    • We Whites will decide by ourselves alone what is allowed and is not allowed for our kind. And, it is clear that more and more of us are deprogramming ourselves from the foul and evil anti-White propaganda and are realizing that we are a nation unto ourselves and that we carry our White nation within our White genome no matter where we live.

      Glad to hear you’re now awake.

  • I would be there with you guys if I were an American. Or if I could afford the flight.

    Nevertheless, good luck!

  • Have a great day out there, and kick some butt! Also don’t forget that the mayor is a Jew, and Jews can’t really lead. No common sense. He will exercise bad judgment as sure as the sun rises. Be prepared to exploit that.

  • . You know I have some problems with this August 12th thing. the Stormer Nazis bother me. I hate Nazis. My father fought Nazis and was tortured by them. They are socialists like the communist antifa. I am a capitalist. I am of proud white American, we built this glorious country. I am proud of what my race has accomplished throughout history . I’m an American that supports my Constitution. I stand with America.
    So I will probably be there cuz I think it is time that white northern European culture must be reasserted in our country ,n order to keep our culture, which is been much-maligned and damaged in the last 50 years.
    But damn it, I can’t stomach Nazis.
    I just made up my mind. I would love to mix it up with those communist antifa punks and when I’m there I may. But my main service to my culture, my country, and my people will be I will buy several hundred dollars worth of trauma gear and medicine and act as a cameraman to protect our people as much as possible. God Bless America!

    • You need to deprogram yourself from your hatred of your fellow Whites (assuming you are truly White), and you need to understand that the Nazis were actually trying to save Whites. Perhaps they were ahead of their time, but they didn’t want war with Whites.

      Ask yourself this: Would Whites be better off today if the Germans had won WWII? If you are honest, you’d have to say we would be better off and we wouldn’t now be facing our genocide.

      • Hey knucklehead, Where do you get off saying I’m programmed to hate my fellow white man. What, are you freaking nuts? Listen bonehead, I have had my DNA checked, I know what kind of white person I am, I know my racial history. Do you dummy?
        I’m not only white – I’m bright white.
        You know nothing of the Nazi experience. you’re naive and puerile belief that they were simply trying to save white people is as bird brained As it is simple-minded.
        Nazism was not merely racial. They were not for the survival of the white race they believed that the white race was Supreme and should dominate because of this superiority.
        Nazis believed in socialism in which the government controls the means of production the means of making money. I am a capitalist, I believe in Freedom I believe in running my own business without the government bothering me and you want the government to own your company and run your life. Don’t you know the only difference between a communist and a Nazi is that one is an international socialist and the other is a national socialist??? You’re both left wingers.
        People like you disgust me, you’re just like the left, a flock of ignoramus sheeple huddling together out of emotion and fear, you’re just a punk.

        Would I be better off today if the Germans had won. My how can you be that stupid. The answer is no I would not have been better off I would have lived in a socialist country with the government telling me what I can do and not do. You don’t think you could own a gun if the Nazi’s had won. They disarmed Germany. You sound like a kid. Full of shit and just as dumb.

        I certainly I’m going to be there in 6 days like I said there’s going to be a need for trauma gear and Trauma medicine and I’m planning to have a few hundred dollars worth and I’m going to use my camera to back up our side best I can.
        You can recognize me, fat old man with white curly hair and a real bad attitude ,you see me, Repeat some of the crap you just wrote and I’ll just show you how bad a mean old white man can be. Knucklehead

        • I was going to respond in kind and that’s the Marine in me. But, for the moment I’m going to assume you mean well and are just misinformed, so I’ll hold my choicest comments about your I.Q., etc. which is what I often try to do when dealing with putative Whites.

          You need to think deeper. All Whites would be better off if the Germans had won. They were for Whites and against those who were destroying Whites.

          And, you use the typical but wrong headed cliche that National Socialism was the same as Communism. Not even close. Read more and learn the difference.

          You need to tone down your responses.

          • You want toned down responses. Don’t you ever. Don’t you ever, doubt my race or my love for my own kind. Keep your bigoted responses to yourself.
            You said I need to think deeper. Why? Because I disagree with you? Don’t be an ass.
            Not only did my father fight the Nazis and understood their hate. He was a white man that they were glad to torture because he believed in freedom. That’s Nazi’s for you. I’m a great student of comparative political power. I’ve studied the Nazis for over 40 years. it saddens me to see an American think this way.I think you need to study much more .I don’t think you know what you talking about. They weren’t just for the preservation of the race they believe the race was Supreme and they had the right the practice Negative eugenics on those white people that didn’t meet their requirements: the handicapped,the deformed, the mentally ill and millions of gypsies.
            I am white but I am American. I keep to traditional American values close to my heart.
            You are exactly the kind of person that wants to make me avoid August 12th.
            I won’t, I’ve decided to be there.

            In World War II who would you fight for, America or the Nazis?

          • With such hatred of your fellow Whites who wanted to save Whites, you sound ((( ))).

            And, as with other ((( ))) you seem to be obsessed with Nazis.

            You may have white skin but my guess is that you are not White.

          • More…look around where you live. Read about the violent crime against Whites by non-Whites. Read about how Whites are discriminated against and treated like dirt.
            Look at the propaganda for Whites to miscegenate and turn their families non-White.

            Do you think those things would be happening now if the Germans had won?

            White genocide is happening right now. Are you even aware of this?

          • I’m not on the side of the boomer who you are arguing with. But you also need to re-examine your blind love for German nationalism. A lot of eastern peoples would have suffered under the German yoke.

          • Had to look up what all those parentheses meant. What, are you 12 years old? Is this the kind of silly s*** you indulge in?
            You know what disgusts me you little creep? There is a group of decent white people trying to save our Western culture and stop the attack on white people as a race.
            But we always have you Nazis and Kluckers stinking up the movement.
            Don’t you get it ,you guys are Sideshow from another time.

          • The failure to Organizing around race is what has lead us into the ditch you say you oppose.

          • It is clear that you are a deranged ((( ))) who hates non-Jewish White people. We see you. Just another big mouth coward seeing a parade coming down the street and then jumping in front to pretend you’re a leader or at least a part of it. You are not White.

          • My above comment that begins “It is clear…” should have been directed to (Uppity [pretend] White Man).

          • You’ve come on here as a troll and with a chip on your shoulder. This article is about White unity and your opening comments sowed the seeds of division and fragmentation when you went out of your way to attack Whites who you don’t like. That is not fostering unity. If you don’t like some Whites or White groups, just don’t say anything. If you are truly on the White side of things, promote unity.

          • Evolver1 The previous post you ask if I wore a kippah. Whatever the hell that is? It sounds kind of Jewish to me. Where you implying I’m a Jew. I’m not trolling you, you’re trolling me, muttonhead.
            If I’m selling the seeds of division and fragmentation then it is only Nazis that are suffering, since apparently that’s the only ones that have replied to any of my posts.
            I’m very disappointed that I haven’t heard from hard-headed supporters of the Constitution. White men of America who want to fight for Western culture and American values. I don’t unify with every piece of s*** in the world black or white. like I said I’m showing up at Charlottesville to check it out to see if there’s any value in the alt Right Movement. I’ll do my part by bringing medicines and my camera. I’ll probably windup fighting I usually do. Evolver 1 if you don’t like what I’m saying why don’t you just quit posting me?
            If I need you to open your mouth I’ll unzip my pants.

          • So now you’re also homosexual. What a sad and pitiful twisted individual you are.

            A real armchair Rambo. You are one very confused individual. Tell me where your genes are in the Constitution. Tell me, what race is an American? Do you have American genes or do you have White genes?

            I toy with the likes of you, because some others reading this may understand from what is written that the struggle we are in is ultimately about genes.

            Everything else is secondary. We must remain White. Our White genome is our nation and our philosophy and our constitution.

            If we do not remain White, nothing else matters because we won’t exist–we will have disappeared from existence just as now extinct human types have disappeared from existence.

            In other words, the struggle we are in is for our very existence against evil genocidal forces that want to wipe all White people off the face of the planet.

            And, the event in Charlottesville, is more than just about preserving a statue or Southern Heritage, it is about preserving Whites. General Lee was one of us. He was a great White man whether any of us Whites are from the North or the South or the East or the West.

            It is White haters who are trying to erase Whites a street name at a time and the removing of White history a statue at a time. Have no doubt about this–they are attacking all Whites and our very existence and want us to go extinct.

          • Let me reverse your first sentence so that it makes sense. What a sad and twisted individual you are Calling people homosexuals. Hell I don’t know, why don’t you get on your Nazi knees and suck my American prick.
            I’ll tell you if I like it or not. it wouldn’t be the first time that Americans had the Nazis Suck their dick.
            Of course, you laugh at me, you’re an idiot!
            You don’t toy with the likes of me, you’re certainly not intelligent enough. The analogy I draw is that your like you are like an earthworm trying to understand Advanced physics. You just don’t have the brainpower.
            Outside forces trying to destroy us and you’re absolutely right. but the answer to our lessing than population is for a white women to f*** more and have more babies.That would solve right there.
            Of course white haters hate us. That’s why they’re called White haters. and yes you’re right they are trying to completely and utterly destroy us and our complete culture. I have absolutely no doubt of this. I think this is a deadly battle to the end. I think Nazis and Cluckers get in the way of the fight.
            Nazis and Cluckers make it almost impossible to recruit any educated competent and capable white people because they do not want to be Associated with people that are known for their bigotry and ignorance.

          • What a silly and pitiful little twit you are. You are the kind of person who turns people off to wanting to save Whites. You are low life scum. Please crawl back under your rock with the rest of the loathsome creatures. You are a maggot and a piss ant.

          • Triple-exthnics. Jewish Professor Nathan Abrams on Jews in the American porn industry.”

            Extending the subversive thesis, Jewish involvement in the X-rated industry can be seen as a proverbial two fingers to the entire WASP establishment in America. Some porn stars viewed themselves as frontline fighters in the spiritual battle between Christian America and secular humanism. According to Ford, Jewish X-rated actors often brag about their ‘joy in being anarchic, sexual gadflies to the puritanical beast’. Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion. Astyr remembers having ‘to run or fight for it in grammar school because I was a Jew. It could very well be that part of my porn career is an “up yours” to these people’. Al Goldstein, the publisher of Screw, said (on, ‘The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism.’ Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed by those very same WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged.

          • Notice how the poster calling himself, “Uppity White Man” resorts to depraved, sexually laced, insults, this betrays a perverted psychology, so typical of the (((tribe))).

            Check out: ‘Dirty Jews’ and the Christian Right. Brilliant actors like Larry David and Sarah Silverman are challenging America’s powerful religious, family-friendly culture and asserting their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity.

            The (((tribe))) has created a torture porn genre which they call “kosher porn.” Check out: “Hollywood’s Jewish Avenger.” by JEFFREY GOLDBERG, SEP 1 2009.

            Triple-exthnics. Nathan Abrams on Jews in the American porn industry.”

          • Notice how the person posting as, “Uppity White Man” resorts to depraved, sexually laced insults, this betrays a perverted psychology, so typical of the (((tribe))).

            Check out: ‘Dirty Jews’ and the Christian Right. Brilliant actors like Larry David and Sarah Silverman are challenging America’s powerful religious, family-friendly culture and asserting their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity.

            The (((tribe))) has created a torture porn genre which they call “kosher porn.” Check out: “Hollywood’s Jewish Avenger.” by JEFFREY GOLDBERG, SEP 1 2009.

            Triple-exthnics. Nathan Abrams on Jews in the American porn industry.”

          • Yup. I especially like your first sentence. And, it was exactly the depraved, sexually laced insults used by (((Uppity White Man))) that finally pulled him out from behind the curtain.

          • Hey Strongs………………I see you had to pull your comment history again. What happened this time???

          • Further to my previous comments on the hasbara troll that’s posting sexually vulgar comments, which are part and parcel of the (((tribes))), psychology.

            In his book, “An Empire of Their Own”, Jewish film critic Neal Gabler, details the Jewish takeover of the film industry in America, describing how the (((tribe))) devoured the values the White Christian America. Neal Gabler writes that;

            “AMERICANS COME TO DEFINE THEMSELVES by the shadow America that was created by eastern European Jewish immigrants, …which is not the real America, it’s their own version of the real America. But ultimately, this shadow America, its images and its values, come to devour the real America.

          • Cheap sissy name calling. Sure you’re not a liberal Antifa cuck? Weakling. The last thing you want to do is meet me. I notice you are afraid of me finding you. You never responded when I asked what you look like.
            I have very white skin, whiter than normal. i’m in my 60’s 5’10, 240 lb with a gut. My hair is white and reddish, I still have freckles. I carry a blackthorn cane. I got a loud mouth and I’m pushy. I’m easy to find.
            Now … what do you look like… weasel?

          • The random capitalization, arcane insults and fixation on nahtzees all but confirms his boomer status. They are so easy to spot, but always recoil when they are found out.

          • You wouldn’t dare lol. And you’re tired of talking to us anyway, did you forget already?

          • Are you a Fed, uppity? Are you an uppity Fed?

            Non one goes around threatening folk online over and over unless they’re a Fed. Or a JIDF troll. Certainly not a beta boomer cuck like yourself.

            Of course you could be all of the above. Beta boomer cuck JIDF troll that works part time as a Fed.

            Those would be some serious credentials, talk about a protected class.

          • You are pathetic and you are supposed to rep for white people. This is exactly what I was afraid of weaklings trying passing for strong old school white men. You are already crapping your pants. Like Emperor God Trump said about people like you. ” Sad, just sad”. See you there! Bitch.

          • You don’t belong here. You’re a (((troll))) just trying to divide Awakened Whites. We see you. And, your threats of violence are absurd and just show how out of touch you are with those who are really pro-Whites.

          • Don’t be scared. You sound like a little white snowflake. You have run your mouth at me. No one talks to this white man that way unless you have a gun.
            Our beef is separate.

          • I think some folks might like to talk to you. How can you be recognized?

            In a previous post you said you were old, fat and had a beard. Is that right? How old? What kind of beard? How fat? How tall. What will you be wearing?

          • Gutless Nazi, can’t stand toe to toe with an American White man. The white man is all about individual power and responsibility not a craven coward that has to hide in a gang. That’s how Antifa fight. Are youAntifa?
            I gave you my height, weight,and the cane I carried. Weren’t you paying attention dummy. Sounds like I have to arm myself if you’re bringing your boys. Same old story. Can’t have the cops catch me with it – can’t let the punks catch me without.
            Thanks Punk for tipping your hand. No wonder you Nazi’s lost.

          • You sound insane. Well, let’s see if we can profile you a little from your own words. You are obese. You are a senior citizen. You use a cane. You have a beard, which is common among the Orthodox. You have curly hair, also a common ((( ))) characteristic. You have a foul mouth and you use homosexual references a lot.

            There is a high probability that you are diabetic and perhaps have heart problems. You are more than likely single and have never had kids. Your choice of words (I won’t tell you which ones) indicates that you may actually be in Israel.

          • You’re just being boring now. Your attitude is why you have been so ineffective in protecting the race. You remain a laughing stock to the white world. You people are a problem in the white world not a help. I don’t care about the opinions of traitors to my country and western civilization. Blither on.

          • There you go again. Telling a person he is a “Nazi” (NSDAP) is a COMPLEMENT.
            We could only wish we had Hitler’s NSDAP back again fighting for the survival of our Race.

          • Calling a patriotic American a Nazi is the Gravest insult. It’s just you are not American. Why don’t you go to where you came from? There is still room in Germany, if you can beat a Muzzie to your spot. LOL

          • He may be trolling us, I’m not sure anyone could imitate the classic boomer cuck patriotard mindset any better.

          • That was truly lame. It also misses my point about Nazis. Those Americans in the propaganda piece crushed the Nazis.That is exactly why that form of socialism is no longer a national threat.
            What the current problem with Nazi’s (other than are socialists) is that they are hurting the effort to protect and defend our white American culture and Western Civilization.
            Decent white folks will not have anything to do with Nazi’s or Klukkers. You will never recruit those masses of white people to defend themselves as long as Nazi’s and Klukkers are involved. Been doing retail politics a long time – perception IS reality. That the political problem with them. I’ve already been accused of me being non-white by a Nazi.
            The things that have occurred in this country that these soldiers are talking about have been from the undermining of socialist/Democrat communists.
            Seems to me you guys need to study more . I looked at your video. Here is a video of a defected KGB agent in 1985. It’s boring , but if your serious it’s worth looking at.
   also the longer version underneath gives an education on communism methods we are seeing today with Antifa.

          • Those Americans in the propaganda piece crushed the Nazis.
            Not without the Jew’s help. If you are an honest broker for Truth, you would not slander anyone with the term ‘nazi’.
            We (the USA) were wrong to have fought along side the Jew in ww2.
            Charles Lindbergh had it right. Henry Ford had it right. Charles Coughlin had it right.

          • You may have white skin but my guess is that you are not White.

            Not hard to spot! Just ONE more Hasbara Rat. There are plenty of them.

          • The Nazis were just copying American eugenic practices sir.

            Their doctors returning from tours and appointments in the US were imitating the sterilizations and treatments in addition to race laws seen in the US.

          • I think you’re mixed up and your daddy got sent to the Pacific. The Germans didn’t torture POWs , but the Japs often did.

          • Hey, stupid. Are you really that ignorant. I’m going to give you a break and assume you are just a jackass and not really retarded.

          • I see the Stormer didn’t have the stomach for my first reply to you. Your cheap name calling is exactly that cheap trailer trash talk. Of course, when black we have a different name for your type.

          • Not only did my father fight the Nazis and understood their hate.
            You just exposed yourself you Jew Tool. Or Jew Fool. Who did the German’s ‘hate’ without cause???
            “Judea Declares War on Germany”

          • Listen I’m not responding to drive. Time is getting short and I need to get my stuff together for the trip. Like I said I’m going primarily to see if this movement is politically viable or if the usual cretans fuck it up. I am hoping you goobers I’ve been talking to are not representative of the whole.

        • The Nationalists in Germany organized in response to violent red Communists. Saying they were the same is like saying heat is cold lol. No, they are exact opposites.

          Which is the opposite of being the same.

          The label “Socialist” means nothing. Even Hitler said he adopted it just because the word was considered trendy at the time. So you’re talking about two bitter rivals, and calling them the same because they both use the same word in their party name.

          No, bitter political rivals are not the same. They are the exact opposite of being the same.

          Maybe if you weren’t so uppity you’d do some reading and find out what everyone else on this site already knows. Hitler may not have fought for us specifically but he did sure fight against those who are destroying us. Siding with the commies against Germany in WWII was disasterous for Europe, and disasterous for our race.

          And given our current state, your continued opposition to nationally minded White men is foolish in the extreme.

          • Socialism – a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state. Both Germany and the Soviet Union were socialist economies. At different times in their relationship they either battled or we’re comrades but the fact they were both Socialist is beyond reasonable denial. I get tired of ignorant arrogant assholes that tell me I should do more reading or studying because I don’t agree with them. If you don’t think Germany wasn’t socialist prove it. . Hitler was an authoritarian a totalitarian he controlled everything through socialism. He did not believe in a free and open Society .
            Explain to me how about I am an opposition to nationally minded white men? I am a white American Christian man.
            It’s my culture on trying to save. Nazis and Cluckers get in the way. I already explained to you how Cluckers got in the way of the Tea Party electing the president. Nazis and Cluckers get in the way.
            Nazis are not American. Cluckers are not American. You guys are like turds in the punch bowl you just make it nasty for strong white folks trying to straighten out this mess. We get smeared with your shit..Please get the hell out way. There are decent white people trying to make a success of this country.
            Both Socialist societies had the following (partial) list of similarities.
            Antisemitism and genocide
            Ideological determinism
            Concentration camps
            Classless society
            Social justice
            Boy, you guys sound like Antifa.

          • Capitalism just means you have a Rothschild or a Sassoon or a Feinstein owning everything.

          • If you have reservations about joining in a pro-White rally because of your opposition to “evil nahtzies,” then I don’t need to explain how you are opposed to nationalist minded White men. You just told us that you were.

            Nazi = Nationalist. Organized in opposition to the godless, borderless Communists. It’s an easy choice, for any White man who cares about his race.

            And don’t give me that garbage textbook definition of socialism. Using that the US is socialist and has been since WWI.

            Probably best you stay away from C-ville, and every other pro-White gathering in the future. You have no clue what’s going on. Meanwhile the saviors of America are just waiting for your breed to die out, that boomer mindset of yours is toxic and a big reason why we’ve lost control of our countries.

          • This white man helped put our President Trump in the White House. Not Klukkers and not Nazi’s. You guys have always been failures. You are exactly like Antifa. The same mindless group think. You shame white people.I’m sure there will be decent caucasian folk there. They can’t all be Nazi niggers like you?

          • The Nazi who voted for Trump helped him just as much as you did. One man one vote.

            Unless you’re a Democrat of course. You do sound like one, doing your best Archie Bunker impersonation.

          • Y ou think I sat on my as and didn’t help Trump. I was deeply involved with the Tea Party, particularly the rallies. I remember having to deal with Klukkers and Nazi’s coming trying to steal all the limelight. That night on the news all there would be some dentally impaired skin head stepping all over the Tea Party message to get conservatives elected. They were screwing up decent white folk from electing a president that would be for white folks. We finally had to change tactics because the Nazi,skins and Klukkers stunk up the place too much, screwed up our message took up TV time.
            I went to over 104 rallies and went state to state collecting over 8000 registrations. 2000 being first time voters. I donated 1500 hard earned dollars and drove people to the polls. I worked my ASS off on getting him elected. So don’t give me this one man, one vote crap. Get of your lazy white ass and act like a white man.
            About Archy Bunker. I look look alittle like him. I have his bull dog attitude.
            And we both come from the same working background. It was guys like me that talked to working stiffs all over America. We were the same so we could show the Archies how the Democratic Party changed and was screwing them and they should re register Republican and vote for Donald Trump. That is how he got elected. Did you think it was magic?
            BTW I register independent. Vote Republican sometimes third party.
            It is because of lazy ass white citizen not being concerned enough about their own freedom to be politically active is why we caucasians are in the place we are in our own country.

        • There is a lot more to being a Nazi than killing or genocide of the so-called Jews. Most Nazis were in fact white Christians who stood up to the Jewish Bolsheviks and their Zionist central banksters committing genocide against white Christians globally. The neo-nazi thing is leftist Jew/Jesuit media propaganda for the most part today aimed at the multi-cultural theft and destruction of all our white christian people and nations. These are the real turds in the punch bowl and the real 800lb elephant in the room…Marxist Jewish/Jesuit power.

          • I’m tired of talking to knuckle heads. You are too simple minded apparently to get it. In politics perception is reality. You might think Hitler is a great guy. But that is NOT the perception of American.
            To patriotic Americans he was a filthy, deviant pervert a genocial maniac that murdered millions.
            And anyone that has anything to do with him is contemptable white trash.
            We have a huge job against heavy odds against whites in our own country. Don’t lug us down.

          • Hitler’s victory in let’s say 1940-41 would have allowed the US to maintain things like segregation and maintain the homogenous white population. Instead liberal democracy and (((capital))) won.

            It’s obvious.

          • If you’re tired of talking to us knuckleheads you have no reason to attend C-ville, or any other pro-White gathering.

            Not that anyone here believes you are really pro-White, or even White.

          • I’m hoping to see good American whites that value freedom and western civilization. If there is just tired old Nazi’s and Klukkers it will be a disappointment. Because Klukkers and Nazi’s will continue to be the shame of the white race.

        • You are so off base it’s hilarious.

          Had the Nazis defeated liberal democracy and the largely Jewish financial power that orchestrated that system, then the US would still have segregation. The white population would be 90% in the instead of 60% and Europe would not be facing an influx of Africans and Muslims guarded by the shield of the USAF (see what happens to racist Serbs and Germans)…

    • What ever your father got into I can double up on with my own family history. Sooo try it.

      The Nazis have been ludicrously vilified. Our grandfathers and fathers were hoodwinked.

      • What proof do you have of that? Only a Nazi symp would say something as ignorant as you just did.
        My interest is not of some failed Nazis. They lost, America crushed them. The only use that Nazis have in this day and age is to offer leftwing media something to poke fun at or use to humiliate the alt right movement.
        To give a good example, remember when Spencer raised a glass of water and salute to Donald Trump. You had several Nazis give the Sieg Heil salute. Ever since then we atl right have been associated with Nazis, and decent white people don’t want to have anything to do with Nazis. You may want to defend Nazi’s, but that makes you come across as an enemy of the American people. Nazi’s Cluckers will ruin the Resurgence of white pride and promotion of Western Civilization. What concerns me the most as you seem to be completely clueless regarding this issue. Even the commies are smart enough to hide their moves.

  • I have a lot of followers who are offended by the Nazi and KKK stuff because of all the years of leftist negative propaganda and I think you people here know that. So, I hope you just use regular people in regular clothing out protesting and supporting their white kindred events and causes. Many so-called Altright sites seem to be intentionally feeding into the negative stereotypes to scare our people away from uniting. Great piece…

    • The local law enforcement appears to be lefty, which means there’s a higher chance for violence. Really, if the old school indoctrination is still that deep in you this would not be a good rally to attend. You’ll find yourself between two large groups, neither of which you identify with.

      Otoh, it may help you see the light on which group represents your interests lol.

  • “And for this struggle the leaders must be men of first-class brains and indomitable courage. If the struggle on behalf of the Weltanschhauung is not conducted by men of heroic spirit who are ready to sacrifice, everything, within a short while it will become impossible to find real fighting followers who are ready to lay down their lives for the cause… In order to secure the conditions that are necessary for success, everybody concerned must be made to understand that the new movement looks to posterity for its honour and glory but that it has no recompense to offer to the present-day members.”

  • We whites have exhausted every solution in color blindness to humble diversity and it only amounted to us being robbed of identity racially pushed aside for other racial supremacy. No one said waking up would be pretty, but the kids are pretty alt right now. Time to fight fire with fire. Hail the alt right!

  • Daily Stormer…?

    This event just hit its ceiling and the entire AltRight will too if it aligns itself with Neo-Nazis.

      • DS is toxic. You can either cooperate with them or win over millions of normies but you cannot have both. For a few hundred participants more, the AR is selling out its long-term prospects. Worst deal of the century.

        • “DS is toxic” – You.

          DS was big behind organizing the last Charlottesville torchlit rally. Just because DS is Natl Enquirer dank memes style doesn’t mean its readers are going to show up in brownshirts.

          NSM on the other hand, I hope does not show up.

          • Whites of every nuance who are pro-White should show up. And, no Whites should whine things such as this (squeeze your nose as you say these sissy words to get the full effect): “You think I’m a neo-Nazi or a racist or a White supremacist? Look at these other guys, they’re the neo-Nazis and racists and White supremacists, I don’t hate anyone and some of my best friends are….” Disgusting and weak.

          • It’s not about virtue signalling or punching to the right. It’s about calling a spade a spade. Don’t affiliate with Neo-Nazis. They destroy EVERY right-wing project, either through their own ineptitude or by being associated with them. This is a fact, proven over and over again for the last 70 years and we don’t have time anymore to repeat the old mistakes.

          • Hitler and the National Socialists were trying to save White people. They were all about White life–increasing White birthrates, increasing White pride in who and what we are, improving mankind through improving White people.

            You’re drinking the anti-Whites’ kool-aid and when you knock “neo-Nazis” you’re just using them as a stand-in for all Whites who are assertively White.

          • WFB went whole hog with endless purging of “extremists” for fifty years. He achieved nothing politically (aside from constantly surrendering), but he did get invited to a lot of fancy parties.

          • If DS people already took part in Charlottesville, I am disappointed. This is a strategic blunder of the worst kind. It will provide the MSM with endless ammunition and for once they even have a point.

          • You aren’t the kind that checks beneath his bed each night are you, afraid Hitler might be hiding down there.

            Just stop watching so much tv. You’ll feel much better I promise you.

        • Nope. Our history over the past decades shows that trying to be acceptable to those who hate Whites never works. The haters of Whites just call all pro-Whites names. It’s time to stick it in their faces and come boldly out of the closet as Whites and demand that the hate against us stop.

          Hiding who we are doesn’t do any good.

          We must learn from others what works. Blacks didn’t gain what they’ve gained by going along to get along. Gays didn’t get what they wanted by hiding in the closet–instead they came out with full outrageous gayness and now they have parades with the straights and police depts, etc.

  • If I fly in from England, what will customs ask me? And what is the best way to meet up with others when I get there?

    I have a short window to get the flight and need to know if I should wait until another one arrives. The UK is lost atm and I want to have my fill of anything European based that is our fight. I was with National Action but we have since been disbanded.

      • I was thinking that, but then I have the problem of finding somewhere to sleep. It’s expensive as it is without adding hotels.

        If anything I will have to come to the next one and prepare as soon as it is announced — hopefully at a State that is cheaper.

    • It would have been superb to have a parallel protest here in the UK on the same day. The whitelash going global.

  • Remember, this is war and your enemy is the most phenomenal cheater and deceiver that nature has yet produced. Plan for even far-fetched scenarios. Their greatest desire is to turn this rally against its own purpose. They will attempt to do this by dreaming up unexpected angles for attack. Their favorite device is do things in such a large, overblown way that people cannot conceive of it being a “conspiracy.” They assassinate in broad daylight. They blow things up. It is somewhat foolhardy to keep putting the movement’s leading lights all in one place. Plan, brainstorm, take every conceivable precaution.

    • I tend to agree, although I would be shocked if the extreme types of violence you mentioned were to happen at the upcoming rally.

      Truther channels on YouTube have pointed out that there have likely been some hoaxes associated with anti-fa. Some of the footage from “rioting” in DC during Trump’s inauguration didn’t look quite right. It was as if the rioters and the police were both participating in a choreographed charade. People walked right through what was ostensibly pepper spray without appearing to be affected, for instance.

      Also, some people who claim to be on our side could be working for the government or certain (((anti-white))) organizations with deep pockets.

      Assuming that the pro-white movement keeps gaining numbers, the (((anti-whites))) will probably eventually try to arrange for another major war along the lines of the Civil War or World War Two. (((Their))) strategy in major wars like this is to coax both sides into war before one side (i.e., the one (((they))) don’t like) is ready. Then when that side loses, the (((anti-white))) agenda can be advanced much more quickly than would have otherwise been possible.

  • I live in a nationally registered historic structure built in 1840. During the civil war this house was part of the Confederate academy where cadets had their meals. Before each meal they have to recite their Latin conjugations. It also became a triage center and many Confederate soldiers were treated and many died here.

    During one battle the Union army bombarded this town and this house. I have one cannon ball from that bombardment.

    After the war Confederate veterans would come to this house to get a free meal made by two ladies. I have the cauldrons in which the food was prepared.

    There is a Confederate Soldier buried in the back yard with a headstone.

    I cannot attend this Rally but I am sure the souls of those brave Confederate Soldiers will be there in Charlottesville with you.

  • Guys, I recommend you bulletproof jackets if you can afford them. violence is expected to escalate from the opposition.

  • Good luck from England. To borrow from Tyrtaeus, ‘Do not fear the mass of warriors, and do not flee… For those who remain by their comrades’ sides and have the courage to go into the melee, of these are fewer slain.’

    ‘Disgraced is the dead that lieth in the dust with a spear-point in his back.’

  • I hope the Google guy who wrote that huge Red Pill of an internal company memo against Google’s diversity nonsense shows up.

  • Anyone got any good hotels? I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I’ll be able to make it (I got the time off well in advance, but then my old truck decided to have several parts stop working at once – considering renting a car but I’m not sure yet), I’m looking at hotels right now, but I know absolutely nothing about charlottesville and dont want to pick one that looks nice on the outside, but is located in the wrong hood.

  • I was on a site, Daily Caller, I was perplexed by comments, many like this type -” fascism has always been a far far left ideology”; …”the Democratic party is rooted in NAZISM” or “The Left has become the new Stalin/Hitler model.” and …”And you are a true fascist, a filthy liberal fascist just like the rest of the liberal media”
    Thank the Lord that this site is the exception to this ignorance – But It seems many Americans get their “isms” all mixed up – very confused people it is hopeless to try and clarify.. Very rude when I attempted to clarify Fascism from Marxism. I’ll stay here with the knowledge Americans.

    • This is a common argument of the alt-lite, basic bitch conservatives and libertardians. I have had this debate too many times. Now I just shrug and say I’m third position. Left wing and Right wing are beneath me. Me ne frego!

      • This is similar to conspiracy theorists saying: “the two party system/the left right paradigm is a lie”.. Which is true to a certain extent. The two parties actually seem to be modelled on the right brain, left brain split and the dominance, or rather imbalance of either side. People that have a dominant right brain are typically liberals and left brain dominant people are typically conservatives. Liberals want the state to be their nurturing mother while conservatives want the state to be their stern father.

        Balance, of course, is key. That the alt-right is still very loose about certain things is a big plus as far as I’m concerned. There’s no place for conservative or liberal dogma. Truth and what actually works is more important.

    • More DR3 “Dems are real racists” “Liberals are the real Nazis” retardation. Many of the posters at the sites you list are Boomer Idiots.

        • Triggered. Many of the people fucking us over at tech companies are in fact Millennial bastards and I bash them as well.

    • The theory that Nationalsocialism/Fascism/similar are far right ideologies comes from the Libertarians. They believe that the left/right spectrum is total liberty on the right and total government on the left. This, of course, is pure nonsense.

      • American libertarianism derives in part from the writings of three damaged, sterile women in the last century who couldn’t form stable marriages, namely, Rose Wilder Lane, Isabel Paterson, and, of course (((Ayn Rand))). What do you expect would happen when you let a bunch of girls do your thinking for you?

        • I am going to use your reply, as well, to answer the man – It may cause his head to explode – just having fun, as well,

      • Well…Ja, it’s kinda correct…left=Marxism=communism=Talmudic Judaism=TOTAL GOVERNMENT (ova da goyim, Oy very)…right=higher ideals=God given(innate, if you prefer)freedom to pursue ideals=Aryanism=LIBERTY…
        So…it’s kinda RIGHT (in alt sort of way)….

      • I am also going to use your reply to answer the man – It may cause his head to explode – just having fun

  • For all those attending, stay in groups and do not get separated. Remember Antifa’s cowardly tactics of trying to isolated someone to round on while others create a diversion. Do not let them get away with it.

    • So quick question. What if you’re an individual going by yourself and aren’t a member of any of the organizations that are going? I assume those of us individuals will be allowed in to attend.

      • I’m not an organizer. I was just giving advice on how to avoid antifa attacks, which is to stay in groups. Of course you’d be allowed in. Nobody was suggesting otherwise. Nobody has said you have to be part of an official group.

  • Ha ha, well count me among the hiding out in Eastern Europe, in Zagreb actually. I wish you all cheers and tremendous success, Živili!

  • I don’t post a lot here but thought I’d mention that for those of us that cannot arrive to rallies in person, it is still important that we are active in spreading the word on “mainstream” sites about this site, NPI, Radix, Amren, Identity Evropa, etc where we can in the comments sections. Anything we can do to raise awareness.

  • This is a Southern Nationalist event–a pro-Confederacy, pro-slavery event. Any non-Southerner who’ll attend it is confused.

    • Its being held where it is precisely because the symbols of the South are the current target. Make no mistake that they are targeted simply out of a moral outrage against slavery. No, They are targeted because they are the Symbols of White Americans that are most easily explained away as why they are targeted. It will not end there. The next step will be the Founding fathers..slaveholders of course..then the American flag itself..and so on and so forth untill its too late to stop the genocidal policy of erasing us. If you wont fight for the symbols of the White South, you wont fight for America at all. there is no division of North or South in the eyes of our enemies…They only see White Petty Divisions among Whites are indeed real, but we must make an effort to move beyond them and see ourselves in this as one people.

      • My sole concern is the flourishing of the white race. Defending the Confederacy is inconsistent with that.

        • The white race(s) will not flourish if we keep letting every little tool that comes along demean and degrade white history. Don’t counter signal our people.

          • Defense of the monuments to the Confederacy is not defense of “white history,” and you are sorely deluded if you believe any Southern Nationalist thinks the contrary.

          • Was the Confederacy a Chinese nation? African perhaps? Oh no. It was white. So like it or not, it is a part of white history. I live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I was born in Memphis, Tennessee. I am a Southern Nationalist. I can tell you with absolute certainty that the white populations of the southern states do not long for a return to slavery or even the Confederate nation. We crave freedom, peace, prosperity, safety for our children, and a righteous goal to strive for. We really don’t want to destroy the current nation but we will if it is the only way to get what we must have. Your line of thinking is the same that asks: What is white enough? Stop creating division amongst us. Or is that your goal? What else do you intend beyond pissing off southern whites and encouraging our own people not to attend?

          • Damn. I fell for it. Can you pull the hook out of my mouth? I have a dinner date tonight and I need room in my mouth for my foot.

          • Whether the establishment and the fight for the Confederacy were events in the history of the white race–as they obviously were–has nothing to do with whether defense of the monuments to the Confederacy is defense of white history. As I’ve just said in response to another of your replies to me, they’re not history exhibits; and if you’ll argue the contrary, you’ll be disingenuous at best.

            As to my goal: It’s hardly obscure. I object to defense of the Confederacy, and I object to the framing of a Southern Nationalist event as a pro-white event. Having no character, the Southern Nationalists, who, in their defense of the Confederate monuments, seek assistance from outside the South, are attempting to make embrace of the Confederacy a part of white advocacy, for lack of a better term. Non-Southerners who accept that framing are fools–and I won’t be surprised if quite a few of them appear at this “Unite the Right” rally.

            If you crave freedom, peace, prosperity, safety for your children, and a righteous goal to strive for–well, I’m in sympathy. That has nothing to do with the Confederacy.

          • Oy vey goyim, stop uniting under any kind of common banner or there will be anudda shoah.

          • You’re a divisive ass. A LARPer who always has to be right and countersignals everything, if you’ll countersignal this event. GFY and stay home, where you belong, with the women and children, but please refrain from discouraging others from being men, a task you apparently are not up to.

            “Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want
            to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.”

            ― Adolf Hitler

          • In South Africa they’re burning the old paintings from the Universities for being “too white” and “colonial”


            If they destroy the Confederate monuments without resistance, they will then go after the monuments of figures from non-Confederate American history who were slave holders

            The point is to erase our history, so future generations of whites have even less of an understanding of their place in the world* than people do today

            Anyway, it’s a good rallying point, and perhaps it can recruit people who are frustrated with the more cucky forms of Southern Nationalism

            * People who should have inherited a great civilization but were dispossessed

        • I assume you agree with the Charlottesville council shutting down the protest.

          They must share your concern for the flowering of the whites.

          • Well, then, you assume incorrectly, Captain John–and inexplicably, too, because nothing I’ve said suggests I think the rally shouldn’t be permitted.

    • Nothing about the South is pro-slavery. We prefer American made tractors. Slavery was and remains the biggest mistake anyone ever made. Please get your head out of your ass or the 1800s, which ever is more expedient.

        • Moronic. You might as well say that standing up for the right of a high school to name its ball team the Apaches is pro-scalping.

        • Defense of men is defense of rape. Defense of whites is defense of conquest. Defense of humans is defense of pillaging, raping, murdering, stealing, defaming, and every other “ing” you want to throw in there. Do you see what I did there? I used your logic and I showed everyone who cares to read this just how faulty it is. People are not advocating for slavery. They are advocating for white history to remain visible. The last thing we need now is for our statues to be smashed, our art torn, and our books burned. Think McFly, Think!

          • Yes, I saw what you did there: You engaged in sophistry.

            The monuments to the Confederacy are not history exhibits and are not being defended as such–not honestly, anyway.

          • Maybe you should just not go and shut the fuck up. People like you who want to fight just to fight are fucking cancer. That’s right, you’re cancer. You have zero value to our movement, so just go start your own.

            I fucking hate faggots like you.

          • You make me laugh. Faggotry–unmanliness, weakness–are exactly what you admire, in those non-Southern pro-whites who are rolling over, as Southern Nationalists attempt to compromise them, via this “Unite the Right,” by lashing pro-white advocacy to embrace of the Confederacy. You’re nothing.

    • Why hasn’t this greasy Philly cheese steak been blocked yet? Hey Guido, North Philly (to name just one neighborhood) is 10% White. Enjoy your future. How long do you think you can hide out in your mom’s basement?
      Three days after the EBT cards stop working you’ll be sodomized and cannibalized by the shitskins. Ciao, fanuch.

    • No, we want robots for our slaves, not blacks. You need to think about the Alt Right as a future-oriented movement which wants to create a white ethnostate combined with feasible advanced technologies. Mentally we belong in the 2030’s and beyond instead of the early 1860’s or the 1930’s.

      • I’m not talking about the alt-right. I’m talking about Southern Nationalists, who are attempting to frame embrace of the Confederacy as a plank, so to speak, of the alt-right platform. On the basis of an exchange you and I had some months ago, I like you, Albionic–but if you want to advise someone not to be thinking about the 1860s, you should be talking to the persons who have organized and are promoting this “Unite the Right” rally.

        • Where are all of these Southern Nationalist boogie men you speak of? How vocal are they about subverting the movement? Can you provide any evidence what so ever to make your point? Otherwise you are basically screaming about the shadow Nazis in the corner which makes you look very much like a leftist.

          • You might want to try Occidental Dissent, for starters. For some period–and maybe still–its overseer, Hunter Wallace, an avowed Southern Nationalist, was associated with the present website,, and he seems to be involved in the organizing of this “Unite the Right” rally. Two of his recent posts re the rally are at and In the first-linked of those, Mr. Wallace attempts, as you’ll see, to group the Alt-Right, Southern Nationalists, and White Nationalists as “the White Wing” (his coinage, as far as I can tell).

            But your comment is disingenuous–ridiculous, really. Devotion to the monuments of the Confederacy is a Southern thing–a characteristic of Southern Nationalists and of those Southerners who delude themselves that their ongoing defense of the Confederacy is merely a defense of “heritage.” (Mr. Wallace, in the second-linked of the posts I linked above, calls the latter type “Southern Heritage Activists,” but they are really simply Southern Nationalists who are unwilling to admit, even to themselves, what they support.)

            I myself, by the way, have been commenting for years at Occidental Dissent, where, as Mr. Wallace could tell you, I’ve always made clear my antipathy to the Confederacy.

          • Yes, I am sure you made your opinion known to Confederate leaders at the time too. Is there any other group of white people you hate and disavow or just us southerners who are too stupid to know what we stand for?

          • There is your problem. I dislike what those groups of white people do just as much as you. I refuse to hate them though. I am not above them and neither are you. We could win our great struggle and achieve all of our wildest dreams and one day later you and those like you would have us in a class war. Remember, most of the whites who oppose us are sober, well read, and socially refined people that disdain the common man.

          • If it will allay your fears, I’ll assure you I’m the model of democratic comportment in my interaction with my lessers; and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve been accorded, similarly, much charitable treatment by my betters.

          • “Drunkards, semi-literates, the ill-mannered–plenty.”

            Blacks and mestizos? That’s sounds racist.

        • The main problem is that it’s a physical position to defend.

          Attack always has the advantage. Vandalism is more effective.

  • I wish I could go, but shit, only 16 with no car, i’ll be watching the whole damn thing though, hopefully it’s just like Berkely.

    • As a 30 year old man, you have no idea how thrilling it is that people half my age are getting ready for a fight that will outlast all of us posting here today. I was worried that my generation would be the death of all things good, including you and your generation. I made a Disqus profile just to tell you good luck, we are all counting on you.

      • Thank you for the kind words, I do feel the need to say, I am not nearly the only one, even as a New Yorker, my school voted mostly for Trump (schoolwide election poll), this gives me hopes for the future for some of these states, without the city, New York would be red, hands down. With generation Z (Zyklon) also growing up, they are expected to mostly be right wing as well, thanks in part to the internet, and most specifically YouTube, nearly every modern child will grow up looking at YouTube, and thankfully, it is a haven for free speech, this is why it is so, so critical for not only my generation, but also those older to fight for the continuation of free speech, and to stop the limitations of our thoughts, and perspectives, no longer are we going to be silenced and pushed around, it’s time to take back our country, and to truly, truly, fix it. The future is promising, and I will do everything in my power, to make sure it stays that way. If I could go and punch some commies, damn it I would.

        • You can’t see it but I am standing and giving you the slow clap of awe. I have a client in NY so I know the state is God’s country full of good people. The city….let’s have faith on that one and see if GenZ rewards our patience.

      • I’m 17 and living in New Zealand. So wish I could go. Anti-white politics is just as strong here as in Weimerica.

        • Being hated the world over is a trait the White man has in common with the Jews. You would think that alone would make us natural allies.

          I would love to be able to get you to the rally but I can’t get myself there at the moment. Bills are a beast. You guys should have your own events and we all should really look into networking the entire right. A worldwide front, not just a united American right.

          • I’m currently heavily involved in the governing National Party. Things are changing. My generation is moving in the right way.

          • The Jews are the whites mortal enemies. They’ve been behind everything that has weakened and subverted the West. Jews want whites out of the way because we’ve been the one race that has stood up to their greed and power. After WWII, Jews were terrified of seeing whites (like Germany) stand up against them and vowed ‘never again’, so they pushed self-hating programs on whites and open borders, but this has only angered more whites all the time and exposed the Jews even more.

            “that’s the thing about the Jews. They always go too far.” some white nationalist podcast (forget who)

          • Don’t worry Will. Things are changing for the better. I know even from anecdotal experience that our generation is hugely different in worldview from older generations, especially in the area of sanctimonious ideological creeds. Many of us increasingly do not pay lip service to PC pieties.

    • If you’re game over at DS the other day they suggested just putting a shout out on the boards over there with the general area you live in and seeing if there’s a ride. Might be worth a shot.

      (Or try the TRS boards if you’re a member.)

  • This what is unsettling to the anti white establishment. Finally, there is someone who will fight them an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The old Religious Right was talked up by the NYT and CNN in the Nineties as if they were some grave threat, as if they hated gays and wanted to return America back to the whites. If only this portrait of them had been accurate, there might not be many of the problems today! The truth is there never was such a thing as the “Religious Right”, they were just a media invention. The so called Religious Right was just a bunch of girly men more interested in loving their enemies and adopting kids from Africa. The SJWs ate their lunch.
    At least the Crusaders understood that we need borders precisely because we live in a broken, fallen world because of the Original Sin. People on the other side of the border might steal, they might rape, they might blame you for their problems. That is why they need to be kept out, even if it means killing them before they kill you.

    • The crusades only happened centuries after Islam, as Whites had been rendered too primitive and divided to effectively fight back as the Roman Empire could have done.

  • Was that tortoise correct tactical form?

    Sorry to be a grognard but I understand they used it when facing sustained missile attacks. Particularly when they were making a breach in a seige.

      • Ridley got it right in Gladiator when Maximus had the “Carthaginian” players form up as a Tortoise while they were peppered with numerous Charioteer arrows.

  • Record all your interactions with the anti-whites. Anti-whites ALWAYS initiate the violence. Make sure you have a recording of those interactions which can be used to discredit them. Their tactic is to start out protesting peacefully then escalate their physical provocations until you begin to defend yourselves. When they distribute it on the media they just show the first and last parts, them peacefully protesting then you defending yourselves but leave out the part where they incited the violence. If you have a separate recording you can not only show how violent the anti-whites are but also show how dishonest the media is.

  • Organized white men terrify our elites for a very good reason: With effective leadership, white men can shake the world.

    By contrast, absolutely no one worries about a POC movement having this kind of power, much less that some POC, male, female or transgender, has the potential to become Literally Hitler. Despite the egalitarian propaganda that anyone can become anything, even the dumbest SJW’s assume implicitly that only an exceptional white man has the goods to pull this off.

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