The ‘Unite The Right’ Rally Is Going To Be A Turning Point For White Identity In America

If you haven’t heard yet, let me inform you that the largest ethno-nationalist rally of the 21st century is being planned for August 12th in Charlottesville, Virgina.

Everyone who isn’t hiding out in Nigeria or Eastern Europe is going to be there.

Despite all the internal bickering and squabbling that has characterized the pro-White movement the last couple of decades, everyone has managed to put aside their differences to focus on this rally.

All of you who have asked if the Alt-Right will ever get serious and do something IRL now have an answer.

We are going to rally to defend White heritage in Charlottesville, Virgina. The last time we were there we kept it on a need to know basis and planned internally. We mustered about 250 pre-vetted people.

This time, we are putting out the call for all White advocates to come out.

The Daily Stormer has been promoting the event heavily and it looks like they are going to bring a lot of young new cadres to the rally. Identity Evropa will be there as well as several Southern Nationalist groups. There will be no Alt-Lite co-rally, it will be just us, the proverbial and literal White Guard out there defending the statue of General Lee. This is a good development. They are quickly becoming irrelevant and losing their street presence as we continue to grow and take up space.

No one knows how many of us will show up there just yet. A conservative estimate would put us at about 500, although if the Daily Stormer book clubs, frog twitter, and affiliated groups come through, we can top 1000.

What we do know is that there will be hundreds of Antifa there and they will be looking to start a fight. The city government is hostile to us, and they may order the police to stand down so that Antifa can move in to disrupt our rally. This is what happened at Berkeley, but it didn’t end well for Antifa:

We have taken precautions. There are several self-defense units already organized, and it looks like Azzmador’s people from the Daily Stormer will have shields on them, just like the Traditional Worker’s Party will as well.

We’re ready for a fight if it comes to it. In fact, we welcome Antifa to start it. We will defend ourselves and break that pathetic little trust-fund anti-White faggot organization once and for all.

Imagine a world without Antifa — no more shutting down patriots, no more shutting down free speech, no more shutting down White people.

We need you there. The Alt-Right is growing stronger and stronger. Our ideas dominate the internet, despite all the censorship that we have faced. Now it’s time to dominate the streets. From there, we will begin to dominate politics as well because all political power ultimately flows from the streets.

A fight lies before us…a fight for action…for vigor…for vitality…for manhood.

You might think it’s just a rally, but really, it’s so much more.

We’re making a stand when no one else will. We are telling the anti-White establishment and it’s attack dogs that we are not going to give another inch. And that’s what politics is really, a game of inches. You can’t change everything overnight, but you can start advancing the line, inch by inch.

We are where we are because previous generations forgot how to hold the line. They caved and the enemy advanced inch by inch, yard by yard. And now we have come to the tipping point. Our countries are ruined. Ruined to the point where we can’t even talk about it. You may have asked yourself:

“Where is the resistance? Why isn’t anyone trying to stop it?”

Well, now you have your answer.

At long last, the Lunatic Left has met disciplined and motivated opposition from the Alt-Right. And they don’t like that one bit. They are so scared that they can’t even think straight and can only hit the ‘Panic’ button to try to shut us down. They are afraid because our message is starting to resonate with thousands of young white men and women.

They should be. And after Charlottesville, they will finally understand the depths of their failure. They will know that they have failed to stamp out the White Identity movement in America.

They will try to break us at Charlottesville, and they will fail.

People will talk about Charlottesville as a turning point. There will be a before Charlottesville and an after Charlottesville. Will you stand up for your history, your race and your way of life?

Will you be there?

Vincent Law
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