There Is No Putting The Lid Back On White Racial Consciousness

It is frustrating to talk to normies. I am not the first to notice how little they seem to care, and I won’t be the last.

It feels like you’re in a superhero movie at times. The villain and the hero are battling it out, while the regular citizens just watch on. Except in the movies, they at least seem to take an interest in the battle between good and evil. In real life, they can’t seem to tear themselves away from Sportsball to even notice the battle that’s going on.

Frustrating frustrating frustrating…

What can you say, they just go with the flow, no matter who’s in charge. And one has the impression that if the freak wearing makeup and holding the country hostage to his demands wins, they will even go along with him as well. And I’m not talking about the trannies in the US Military… although the description certainly applies to them. No, I’m talking about the Joker in Nolan’s the Dark Knight.

Villains have a way of saying the harsh truths about this world that heroes simply don’t. It’s what makes them such fascinating characters. Listen to what Joker has to say from 1.24 to 2.34.

He makes a good point.

In a way, that’s what the normies think of the Alt-Right and the Lunatic Left. They see us both as freaks that seem to transcend the boundaries of acceptable behavior. We want to change the direction of the river, not just go with the flow. And the normie is uneasy about that kind of thinking. They just want to take the path of least resistance.

That’s fine. That’s just the nature of things and the nature of people. No use railing against it really.

However, only a special kind of stupid thinks that Batman and the Joker actually stand for the same thing. But that’s exactly the kind of logic used by the ‘Skeptic’ community. They think that advocating for White Rights in White countries is the same as the Left arguing for Multi-Kulti anti-White policies in formerly White countries.

These ‘radical centrists’ think that they are clever because they believe in something called ‘horseshoe theory’. In short, the ends of the political spectrum start resembling a horseshoe in that the beliefs start to converge and resemble one another.

Can’t argue with that logic.

The truth is that the moderates are scared…by both sides. These ‘Skeptic’ fools want us gone so that they can go back to the way things were. But they don’t want to face the truth. There is no going back. The Alt-Right has changed things, forever.

There is no putting the lid back on White Nationalism anymore than there is a chance of putting the lid back on POC Nationalism. We are living through a racial awakening that is still in its infancy in the West. More and more people are shifting to the fringes and ripping the center apart as they go over to one side or another. All of them want to stand for something other than more of the same.

And as for the centrists and ‘Skeptics’, their days are numbered. One way or another, they will see the rise of POC Nationalism or White Nationalism. To use a Stormer meme, they will either experience Sharia or White Sharia.

All these Alt-Lite or centrist people will simply be phased out over time. They are stepping stones to us, we are not stepping stones to them. And that is an encouraging thought, indeed. Because lets be honest here for a moment. Deep down, we all understand that there is no going back at this point.

There is no more country for centrists anymore.


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  • You have to understand that people are not truly human. They are animal pretenders, rational homunculi.

    This is the secret to politics and understanding the idiocy of the human race. This is a spiritual problem.

  • Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what these spineless faggots who call themselves ‘skeptics’ think. They stand for faggotry, and faggotry cannot succeed by its very nature. Only Masculinity has the qualities necessary to create, overcome, and forge new paths; something this new movement of men have in abundance. The future is bright for Masculine White Men.

  • White boi say, “Well, in my opinion according to latest statistics…blah, blah, blah…
    Colored boi say, “WE GON PHUK DEM WHITE MUVAPHUKAS UP!!!”

  • Alt-Lite, what a silly bunch. They are poseurs. They are like sanitized non-racist “Skinheads,” or sanitized Christian “outlaw bikers,” riding Hondas instead of Harleys. Such poseurs always seem to pop up whenever an edgy movement gets major press as the Alt-Right is doing.

    In my book, anyone who does not put Whiteness before all else, is not my kind. My whole raison d’etre is about Whiteness and the survival and expansion of White people alone. I do not look for and I do not welcome non-Whites as allies. They are not my kind and never can be my kind and their mere presence, even if they don’t consciously or intentionally mean harm to me and my kind, causes harm the way germs need no bad intent but can harm us.

  • The phrase that will cement the avg white guy over time is – diversity future . You can use it as a question, as a fact, as “math” – as in numbers of people vs your people… how ever you use it the left and the pro left Right CANNOT say that it is not true … go ahead try these words the next time you get in a “talk” with a left or GOP right friend of yours – watch them come up with NO answers to their point of view… So how is your DIVERSITY FUTURE?

  • Fortunately we have a generational turnover working in our favor. White people born since the 1970’s experience blacks not as a people oppressed by Southern rednecks with guns and attack dogs, but as urban chimps with civil rights who have trashed formerly functional white cities.

    Most black men, especially, fail at the basic task of adult life in our kind of society, namely, becoming productive and self-reliant. They might do better in other societies, but they have nothing to look forward to in ours except ongoing failure, one generation after the next. And no amount of black uplift – coerced wealth redistribution from competent white society – can change this fact.

    • White people born since the 1970’s also are more likely to have personal experience with diversity. Previous generations of American whites often learned about diversity from Hollywood, where the black guy is the smartest one in the room, or the black guy saves the white hero when the hero is beset by an interracial gang of criminals. Personal experience with multiculturalism does not convince whites that we are all the same under the skin. It teaches whites that blacks and browns are dangerous, and to be avoided.

  • The “skeptics” aren’t really skeptical of anything important. It’s just another e-begging group composed of dumb normies, non-Whites, and degenerates. How can you claim to be a “skeptic” when your political beliefs align with those of John McCain?

    Skeptic logic:

    SJWs have strong beliefs.

    Alt righters have strong beliefs.

    Therefore, they are both the same.

  • >fascists are socialsts
    >sjws are socialists
    >X are commies

    Translation: I’m so fucking scared of any political issue more controversial than tax rates that I’m going to pretend that no other political issues exist and frame all of existence in terms of economic methodology.

  • It took me a couple of minutes of research to find out that POC means “person of color”. Wikipedia says it is used primarily in the US, so I as a European don’t feel ashamed I didn’t know it… 🙂 Great article otherwise! I’m new to the Altright movement, although I’ve been critisizing mass immigration, multiculturalism and so on for some years now.

  • There are no hopeless situations, only hopeless people. Whites are getting their hope back through the alt-right in the US and here in Europe.

  • Cecile Day Lewis wrote a poem in the 1920s that might apply to normies today. The “Dreamhouse” refers to the cinema of the time.

    Newsreel by Cecil Day Lewis

    Enter the dream-house, brothers and sisters, leaving
    Your debts asleep, your history at the door:
    This is the home for heroes, and this loving
    Darkness a fur you can afford.

    Fish in their tank electrically heated
    Nose without envy the glass wall: for them
    Clerk, spy, nurse, killer, prince, the great and the defeated,
    Move in a mute day-dream.

    Bathed in this common source, you gape incurious
    At what your active hours have willed –
    Sleep-walking on that silver wall, the furious
    Sick shapes and pregnant fancies of your world.

    There is the mayor opening the oyster season:
    A society wedding: the autumn hats look swell:
    An old crocks’ race, and a politician
    In fishing-waders to prove that all is well.

    Oh, look at the warplanes! Screaming hysteric treble
    In the low power-dive, like gannets they fall steep.
    But what are they to trouble –
    These silver shadows – to trouble your watery, womb-deep sleep?

    See the big guns, rising, groping, erected
    To plant death in your world’s soft womb.
    Fire-bud, smoke-blossom, iron seed projected –
    Are these exotics? They will grow nearer home!

    Grow nearer home – and out of the dream-house stumbling
    One night into a strangling air and the flung
    Rags of children and thunder of stone niagaras tumbling,
    You’ll know you slept too long.

  • Yeah, “skeptics” don’t believe in god, but they believe in “transgenders” and that men can turn into women.

  • One of the biggest illusions is the whole concept of a universal moral code. All political discussion by the normies and alt-lite is just an implicit appeal to this moral code. Who exactly decides what is in this moral code? Pope Francis? Colin Kaepernick? What happens when one side follows the code and the other cheats? Who is supposed to be the referee? Besides, isn’t all debate more about shifting goal posts than facts and logic? This moral code stuff just doesn’t work and is why the alt-lite is doomed.
    The churches are the worst at this. When Christians start saying that defending borders is satanic then people will turn to satanists to do the job Christians will not do. If being a “good person” means supporting trans racial adoption and turning the other cheek to migrant crime then maybe people will want no part of being a “good person”, and be psychopaths instead.
    The universal moral code is just an illusion where people use intellectual arguments to cover up true intentions and it might be better to just be honest about these intentions.

    • Right. We Whites must focus on a particular moral code and it is summed up this way: Ask of everything: Is this good for Whites.

    • Universalism is a distinctly white urge.

      A lot of our problems with our identity stem from throwing away valid ideas because they dont conform to the black or brown biological condition.

  • An Interesting Twist on Things…….

    Every time you feel under attack as a White Male from the Outside World…….

    Do 50 Push-Ups…….

    Since my Job is like going to the Gym for 9-11 Straight Hours……

    I usually only Work Out on the Weekends……

    But, when I was Younger I used to Practice This……

    Transform the Energy……

    Yeah, the Anti-White Bigotry and Hate SUCKS……..

    So take it and FLIP it……..

    Or FLIP out and go to Prison for Life…….

    Your Call…..


  • Outside of a few dozen websites with small readerships and a handful of very small gatherings and demonstrations, I find no evidence the alt-right is making any difference outside of its own ecosystem.

      • Most of those sheeple are being led by the nose by the Establishment. They think they are so smart because they can see how stupid the “left” is, but have complete blinders when it comes to their guy.

        Check out Breitbart comments for how clueless and cucked most of the deplorables are.

      • The alt right supported Trump but were only a tiny fraction of his voters. They were, of course, the supporters the media focused on but that was so they could do the point and sputter thing, “Look at those horrible people who support Trump!”

    • Last year it was: Outside of internet trolling , I find no evidence the alt-right is making any difference outside of its own ecosystem. No public gatherings at all.

      Rome was not built in a day. Clearly, the Alt Right has made amazing progress in the last couple years. But we need to keep growing. 600 or 700 people at Unite the Right next weekend. A couple thousand the next year, 10,000 at the Washington Monument the year after that

  • BTW, Mike Enoch on TDS made me laugh when he pointed out Anne Frank’s Jewish mediocrity. She had nothing special going for her other than the propaganda value of her alleged diary and death. And in an alternate universe where she survived, she probably would have aged into a bitter, fault-finding yenta, like so many other Jewish women.

    The Anne Frank cult makes sense in another way, however, because we live in a feminized culture which as sacralized the most ridiculous form of human life, namely, the teenage girl. We shouldn’t take girls too seriously until they mature into marriageable and breedable young women.

    • I remember going to the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam when I was 19 (and still a believer), even then, the experience seemed somehow forced.

        • I refused to go when I was in Amsterdam, and got my group of fellow college kids to abandon trying to go when I said there would be huge crowds and a long wait in line to essentially see a stupid little attic.

    • German girls were burned to death in Dresden and gangraped by drunken bolsheviks but we’re supposed to care about some jew girl who died in a hospital bed, being cared for by German doctors.

    • The Anne Frank diary is real and was written with only one ballpoint pen in that tiny Huis. It was a miracle from G-d!

  • SJW’s simply do not believe in their own ideology of equality and how anyone can become anything.

    Just ask them: Why does absolutely no one worry that some POC, male, female or transgender, could become Literally Hitler?

    Because we all just assume POC’s inferiority relative to white men. Only an exceptional white man could have the goods to pull this off.

    I mean, if you made a movie about some Latina girl like one from a Superbowl commercial who became an efficient dictator and terrorized the world, no one would buy the movie’s premise. Yet logically this could happen according to the explicit claims of the social-justice world view, again, where anyone can become anything.

    • My impression is that their unspoken assumption is that non-Whites are morally superior. Non-Whites can commit horrible crimes, but only Whites have the capacity to be truly “evil”.

      • But even then, consider the implication: White men may be a race of super-villains, but at least we’re super!

  • Meanwhile, Boomer Conservatism considers amnestying the illegals, minor adjustments on capital gains tax, and war with Russia. Oh and proving to the left that they’re not racist, and it’s the Democrats who are the REAL racists.

  • Some seemingly well meaning Whites here and elsewhere mistakenly argue that White identity is a loser and that we should focus on secondary things such as culture or nationhood, or the Constitution or whatever, but anything but race because so many Whites seem adverse to White identity and call it racism, etc.

    What these well meaning Whites seem to not understand is that the masses, and in this case the White masses, are easily manipulated by what in sociology is known as Stateways.

    Look at photos of all the Whites who opposed integration in the ’50’s and ’60’s. Millions of Whites were rightfully opposed to it. Now, many of them seem either not opposed to it or are at least silent. What happened? Stateways happened. It overcame Folkways. In simple terms, laws were enacted by the State and the State used its power to force a change in opinion via the media, etc. The Folkways of the Whites correctly said that integration was bad and the government then forced them to change their opinions for fear of losing their jobs or being charged with crimes or of being shunned by others.

    Whites need to throw off the present Stateways and return to their correct Folkways–but, perversely, it may require that Stateways be changed first. This means we need to elect the right people and we need to push for everything that is pro-White to create the right conditions.

    • There are no ‘Folkways’ left. My entire life in the States I spent living in the suburbs or an apartment where I didn’t know any of my neighbors. I’m not the only one. You’re expected to move for college and work anyways so how can any organic folk community form? Only internet communities and communities centered around recreational hobbies can form in that environment.

      • Awakened Whites (for lack of a better and similarly general term) need to start consciously seeing ourselves as part of a sub-culture that believes in Whiteness before all else and with our own mores, taboos and ways.

        I would suggest that to “join” this Awakened White sub-culture, one need only be White, be against miscegenation, be against mixing with non-Whites, be for the survival of Whites, and always put Whiteness first.

        That pretty much, I think, sums up what the Alt-Right, and various other pro-White “groups,” Websites, organizations and individuals (no matter what they call themselves) stand for, except most of the aforementioned are more politically oriented than sub-culture oriented, and this needs to change so that Whiteness beliefs are internalized and become the raison d’etre of each individual and group.

        As a conscious sub-group, it must be named (think Hippies, Beatniks, Outlaw motorcycle clubs, et al.), and have recognizable physical characteristics including, but not limited to things such as clothing styles, etc. in order for it to coalesce and be an actual “thing.”

        Then, it can grow and expand and change society for the better for Whites and if very successful it can replace the larger society and be not a sub-culture, but THE culture.

      • See if you can find a local culture club. If it is only old people work to get other young interested. Those old folks have a thing or two they can teach us about our people.

    • White culture activities are super important and should be considered an avenue to red pilling or overcoming a feeling of why bother anymore. If you can join a culture based club. There are many Irish, Scottish, German etc.. clubs waiting for us. It is important to be familiar with your culture. It gives you a reason to press forward in the face of b.s..

  • The horseshoe theory amounts to misdirection. For most normie white conservatives, antipathy towards SJWs is motivated by sub-conscious white racial loyalty. Conservative pundits trick these whites by getting them fixated on SJWs while putting explicit white loyalty off-limits. Once one breaks through this barrier, one sees that the difference in who and whom between the alt-right and SJWs is essential.

    • Once you actually look at each side for yourself and not have your views mediated through some youtube “skeptic” or conservative pundit you can see one of these groups aspires to and wants to preserve Western civilization and the other literally wants to tear it down and twerk on the ruins.

  • People like Sargon are not nationalists. They are, generally, committed to a type of meritocratic race-blindness. For them, an educated, productive, rich black is always a better option than a lower class White. These people don’t want an ethnostate, they want a worldwide “western” culture, since they’re not loyal to a distinct people, but to a set of ideas, many of which are incompatible with our goals.

    • But they only want to create their post-modern multi-cultural state in prosperous white-Western countries…
      Turning Africa or China into wealthy multicultural territories would just be like way too much work, you know?

      • Exactly why they are wrong and doomed to fail. That prosperity can not be maintained in a multi-ethnic state.

    • Not a bad idea if all people were equally amenable to Western culture. But only (with very few exceptions) whites get it, and apparently even many of them do not.

    • Sargon is committed to his Youtube/Patreon bux and nothing more. To the recent arrival it may appear he has moved rightwards. Two years ago he was saying that The EDL and BNP were worse than paki rape gangs and made the claim that White Britons would rape 1,400 girls in Rotherham if the police allowed them to. A year ago he endorsed Bernie Sanders as the best choice for America, and today he’s using helicopter memes.

      But before any of this, before the Rotherham story broke, he was on a conference call with some other Gamergage minor e-celebs, and he said, directly and with no qualifications, that Enoch Powell was right.

      He is simply a shekel-grubber with his finger in the air, interested only in saying what will give him approval and therefore d’nations. A soulless lip-flapper intent on never having to hold a real job, so he reflects what he thinks will give him the best profit.

  • Ask of everything: IS THIS GOOD FOR WHITE PEOPLE?

    Never interfere in the luck, the lives, the business, the destinies of non-Whites. Be indifferent to them. If they die, they die. If they live, they live. Never intercede. Care only about Whites. Support Whites. Patronize White businesses. Avoid movies and businesses that promote diversity.

    • To avoid diversity in movies/series, one is left with very little choice
      of things to watch. That’s why I now read far more (and invariably
      nonfiction, often racialist) books and watch only period dramas. But
      one now even needs to be mindful when watching period dramas, even in
      Poldark (set in 18th century England), I noticed at least one black

      • You’re absolutely right, of course. What I try to do is avoid movies with non-White lead characters and I have to put up with minor non-White characters who are now put in just about every movie even when historically they weren’t even in the lands and events portrayed.

      • That is why my family spends a ton of time outdoors. Who wants to watch some stupid movies when you can dance, hike, swim, float, camp and travel even if its fairly close to home!

      • If people ask me if I am pro-life, and if I am inclined to answer, I usually tell them that I am pro-White life and anything that limits the amount of White life on the planet is an evil thing. Then, I tell them that I am not against other peoples having abortions, birth control, celibacy and whatever they want to do with and to themselves. They are not my kind and they have a right to do what they want to and with themselves.

        I always try to never, never, never interfere in the fates and destinies of non-Whites. I see a hand of the unknown forces of existence in what happens to people and who am I to intervene?

  • Alt right
    -Believes in closed borders and limiting immigration from non-white countries
    -Believes that blacks commit more crimes than whites largely due to racial/genetic differences
    -Takes pride in their ancestors real accomplishments
    -Believes it’s bad whites are becoming minorities in their own countries
    -hates liberals

    -Believes in open borders and unlimited non-white immigration into white countries
    -Believes blacks are arrested for crimes more than whites due to systematic racism and white supremacy
    -Reinvents history for blacks
    -Celebrates whites becoming minorities
    -are liberals

    A few other things to note. Claiming “sexual freedom is causing the downfall of society” and that “pornography is objectifying and degrading to women” are not the same things at all. I know this the purpose of this graph is to make the alt right and SJWs seem similar and I suppose on the surface it does that, but when you really think about it these two statements are very different.

    Lastly name-calling is common among any political group. The fact that we call people “cucks” is no different than radical centrists calling people “Nazis” or “SJWs.” In case they forget the term “social justice warrior” is not a term the left gave to itself, it’s one that the radical centrists gave to them as an insult.

  • As much as I hate Sargon he’s not entirely wrong. Plenty of pro-white people do act like SJW’s. They engage in victim based slave morality, blame all their problems on kikey and look to massa to fix their problems. The Alt-Right should be promoting empowerment of white communities. Otherwise we end up like Black Lives Matter for white people.

    • The goal needs to be getting rid of the existing order. Hacking at only one branch of the tree of evil isn’t going to achieve this.

    • That is true, and it is depressing, but for so-called rationalists to end the comparison there is horribly disingenuous (or maybe they’re just shallow idiots). Whatever surface similarities we have with BLM and all the other minority interest groups, we want completely different things. We want our own ethnostate, and they just want more goodies from Uncle Sam.

      • I don’t disagree. But wanting is one thing. Willingness to do what needs to be done to obtain something is a completely different matter. ZOG isn’t going to give us an ethno-state because we ask nicely.

        • We just have to make the JQ part of the public discourse to kill ZOG. After all blacks, Mexicans and whites don’t like the idea of ZOG. The problem is that only some whites know about ZOG! I can’t imagine the Nation of Islam being supportive of it. The reason ZOG exists is that they camouflage themselves as good samaritans that fight for progress and social justice. If they get uncovered… everyone will turn against them.

          • Propogating our message is probably the thing that the Alt-Right does best, so just keep telling the people. Someday it will be mainstream, common knowledge, like it always used to be.

          • NOI has ZOG dead in their sights. See 15th anniversary of 911 video. NOI knows and ZOG knows they know.

      • The way I see it black identity is an ally of white identity. The more they want to split America the more allies we get to split America. I think we should tone down the IQ differences in public discourse and push the idea that we should split in amicable terms: “we don’t hate you but we don’t like you and you don’t like us, it’s time to part ways”.

    • Not so. Most people don’t even see the power or notice the contours of the Saturday People. Black resentment of Europeans is much more visible. The major difference is that you can make a career out of bashing whites, but you end your career by bringing up the JQ.

      • The only power they have is public consensus. Skeptics are the center TODAY but they were the far right yesterday and the alt-right did this despite (((them))). The alt right has to keep pushing to make the JQ an white identity part of the public conversation, once that happens, the battle is over for them.

      • Blacks get away with bashing whites because whites have become spineless cowards who allow it. Jews found a weakness in our character and exploited it to their own advantage. The solution to this is for whites to stop being degenerate, self hating cowards, fix their internal malfunctions and act like they want to thrive and prosper again.

        Whites in their current form are not capable of attaining an ethno-state. They once were great. Their not now.

        • You said yourself that Jews gain power from exploiting weaknesses. I
          don’t think you have correctly identified those, you are confusing the
          symptoms with the disease.

          War can not be avoided. But, it’s everyone’s duty to stop being degenerate. That is a bulwark, but it is not a defense or offense. War can not be avoided.

          • Even if Jews were totally innocent, which I’m not saying they are, I would still want them out of our countries on account of their being disgusting, immoral people. Still, they only obtained power because whites gave it to them. They don’t try to push their degenerate shit on any one else, because no one else would buy what their selling. It’s a weakness in the character of white people that allows them to get away with what they do. Fix that weakness, and they have nothing left to exploit.

        • ‘They’


          “(They’re) not now”……

          I don’t want a White Ethnostate, Laughschist…….

          White People like you annoy the Hell out of Me…….

        • “They engage in victim based slave morality, blame all their problems on kikey”…..

          “Jews found a weakness in our character and exploited it to their own advantage.”

          “They once were great.”……

          I forgot, Laughschist…….

          You’re Italian…….


          That some GOOD Weed, Dude…….

        • Most young men today are the results of the pot smoking guitar playing faggots of the 1970’s. This was a perfect recipe for invasion.

    • Of course, but that’s the point. Identity is a fact of life and white identity is my identity and this my land, period. Centrism is a fantasy that took place in white countries at a particular time. That time is over. In the coming future there won’t be a place for centrism, muslims don’t believe in it, white identitarians don’t believe in it, Jews don’t believe in it and blacks don’t believe in it. After all, what is centrism? Whites ruling over a bunch of dispersed minoroties? We know that is unsustainable and unjust for all. This centrism is a conservative idea that (like all conservative ideas) will get eaten by time and demographics.
      No space for centrism at the end of liberalism, only factions fighting for the corpse of the west. Europa is my side and that’s that, what’s yours?

    • Ha!!

      Look in the Mirror, DOOSH…….

      You don’t even know what you’re talking about…….

      Big Fascist Mouse……


      You ain’t gonna do NADA……

      When the Revolution Comes…….

      You’ll deny you’re White……


      • True. But playing the victim card and appealing to sympathy (what SJWs do) will only work with white people. It doesn’t go both ways. Everyone celebrates our decline.This is why I question the effectiveness of the white genocide meme. It’s useful for waking some white people up about demographic decline, but it promotes a victim based mentalitity that I don’t think is healthy and won’t lead us to victory.

        • Well we only need white people onboard. Who else would we need? You are never going to convince non-White people that our interests are legitimate. Also, inculcating a victim mentality might not be such a bad thing if you think about it. If White people begin to see all non-Whites as their victimizers, what will they want to do? Remove them.

          • I wasn’t saying we need to recruit non-whites. I was saying that victimization works for blacks because whites feel sorry for them. Whining about how we are being oppressed by the Jews and other anti-whites isn’t a winning strategy for white people.

        • Hmmm…disagree with that based on my own experience. Post woke I learned about WG, I immediately went from pissed off white guy to FIGHTING MAD ARYAN.
          WG is a legit issue that EVERY white person on the face of the earth should be made aware of.

  • “Skeptics” use the word sjw in the same way the left/Jews use the word nazi, antisemitic and racist. It’s the retarded little brother of Dems are the real racists (DR3). They’re rendering the word SJW absolutely meaningless. Calling themselves skeptics is just a pathetic attempt at a rebrand. They know their time is up and they have nothing of real substance to offer their audience.

  • Get real!!! Who is delusional? The whole movement is moot if millenials don’t procreate. When the next crash comes and digital money is the only thing in existence game over. You go against the grain and wham, you can’t get to your money.

    • Milennials are a lost cause at this point. If they can be converted, fine, but that isn’t the way they are going. Generation zyklon is our future. These people know the JQ and know race realism. Even if we all get completely deplatformed and disappear, they will not forget the truth, and once they are in charge of the system, they can attack it from the inside.

      • Truth. Those who are going to wake up from the Millenial generation already have. Most have been thouroughly indoctrinated. Once people are over 30 it becomes too hard to teach them anything new. Their stuck in their ways already.

          • No. By your mid-30’s your fully indoctrinated and have a stake in the status quo. The young can be molded still.

          • 33 is wake up year. You’ve just had enough experience to know Tribal nepotism and enough time to experience negritude up close.

          • In some cases that might be true, but generally most people over 30 who are in the Alt-Right, adopted their views well before 33.

      • Millenials have enough problems trying to heal from the damage done by their degenerate boomer parents. I think they mostly produced better kids than they were. Zyklon seems to be the most grounded, aside from the fringe representatives displayed by the media.

      • That is why the true goal should be to take down the existing order. This race stuff is just a side show. Those in power are anti
        European and need to be defeated.

        • To get into power you need to have a platform, no? The Alt-Right’s platform is based on White Identity. If it was based on cutting taxes for millionaires, perhaps we would have more success, but the markets already cornered on that.

          • White identity on its own merits is a loser. All the opposition has to do is show the heilgate video over and over along with other stuff and the movement will stagnate and die. Economics and jobs are the number one worry for folks. Tie in immigration with that and you will get somewhere. The system is totally corrupt. Change that and you will achieve all that you want. Race as an issue time after time is low on voters’ priorities.

          • White identity is not a loser on its own or other merits. If we do not survive as Whites what does it matter if there are jobs?

            Always put Whiteness before all else. If present day “society” doesn’t like it. Tough.

          • 90% of present day society lives paycheck to paycheck. It is tougher for families. You married with kids? It is easy to be idealistic when you are single and no kids. Almost a third of millenials live with their parents. Economics trumps all.

          • That’s a fair point. America is limping along on high property values and IT jobs. Most young people that arent tech auteests are struggling. Job stability is gone.

            I agree, we need an economic platform.

          • Well time to get busy. Economics is the one thing that everyone puts at the top of the list of priorities.

          • There will be no revolution until what is the current upper middle class starts to get hungry and desperate.

          • You have to have it get really hard for people to wake up. Once that happens they have nothing to lose.

          • Yes, I have kids. Either have pure White kids or go extinct. Nature doesn’t care. You have to care.

      • True but we’ve all learnt to lie and camouflage and we do it pretty well. I think we are getting so good at it that we can rival the Saturday people! After all, they hardly need to lie nowadays… but us? We live as double agents!

    • True but only for know. They way I see it normies can ignore reality for now, when they’ll begin getting ousted out of their bubbles in 30 years, they’ll all be forced to choose sides and we’ll have a solid identity to offer. And then, probably, those normies and the heirs of today’s alt-right will have to fight for real.

      • I agree with that. Things are still comfortable even though it is getting tougher. The illusions via cellphones, and other electronica can only distract so much. The next crash will make the 1930’s look like a nice walk in the park, and that is why the Deep State wants a god damn war so bad.

    • I don’t even need to read that article… take a look around today … cell phones glued to people’s faces in the zombie apocalypse.

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