Why I Oppose the RAISE Act

Richard Spencer discusses what’s good about Trump’s immigration reform proposal . . . and why high-skilled, high-IQ immigration is ultimately devastating for the American middle- and professional classes.

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


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  • I support the RAISE act only in that it triggers leftists, and is a good step towards a pre-Hart-Cellar US. That said, I agree with Spencer’s overall points that swapping low IQ Squatamalans with high IQ poo-in-the-loo’s is going to be more detrimental long term. Ultimatly, the H1B program needs to be ended, in all forms.

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  • To go Mainstream or Not…….

    Watching Music for Decades……..

    It’s almost always a Downward Slope……..


    Is Richard Spencer protecting his Creation from the Inevitable Dilution??

    Who knows??

    The Mainstream always beckons at a HUGE COST……..

    Richard seems Hesitant……


    I don’t Blame Him……

  • I was Alt-Right LONG before Richard Spencer even created the term……

    Tens of Millions of Americans were as well…….

    We don’t need the Alt-Right and the Constantly Annoying Contrarian Richard Spencer……..

    With or without the Alt-Right……

    Nothing is going to change in My Life…….

    I’m still a White Man in a Non-White Majority Urban Area……

    Growing more Non-White ever year…….

    And sometimes, I think I’d be better off without the Alt-Right led by the Moronic Richard Spencer……

    …..who thinks he’s some Elitist Upper Class White Goy Jesus of Nazareth……..

    ……who Narcissistically Counter-Signals President Trump ever chance he gets…….

    ……..while Begging for Donations …….


    The Best Thing for Richard Spencer???

    Become Flat Broke and Bankrupt and Fall into the White Working Class…….

    Then, you’ll know what Being a Warrior White Male is really all about……

    And you won’t need Hired Guards to Protect you at Rallies…..

    You’ll be able to do it for YOURSELF……


  • Without the White Working Class…….

    The Alt-Right is NOTHING…….


    We are the Heart and the Soul…….

  • From a non-racialist perspective, it makes sense. From the perspective of an ethnonationalist who happens to be a physician, *my* view is that the importation of non-White professionals will cause a great deal of harm for Whites down the road. Contrary to the cliches and jokes, there are a lot of very intelligent and capable non-Whites of all stripes, and importing foreign doctors, programmers, scientists, etc. will change the makeup of the intellectual/financial ruling classes even more quickly than the current rate of this process. Not only will this shift power to non-Whites, it will also demoralize Whites and hamper their aspirations.

    An underclass is far less threatening than an overclass. Oh, and BTW, the high-IQ ones are the ones with whom White men and women miscegenate.

  • This act kills the Statue of Liberty idea – which is PERFECT – we should cuy up the bitch and send her back…

  • The RAISE ACT is not perfect – but it is a STONING STONE to the pre 1964 act… you cannot turn a aircraft carrier in 1/2 mile… deal with it …

  • Spencer is dead wrong on this and I’ll tell you why in a minute. He’s a young man and he’s making the same mistake I’ve watched “real conservatives” make for decades, so I can’t really hold it against him, but he does need to rethink it.

    So what’s the mistake? Look no further than the success of the left against us over the past 50 or 60 years. The left has been very successful in destroying everything we held dear by accepting small incremental gains and understanding them as “another step” instead of “well here we are, this is it.”

    Conservatives tend to want to solve a problem in one big bite – as most of us probably do in our real lives. We aren’t “nibble around the edges” people and we aren’t satisfied with legislation that addresses part of a problem. MISTAKE. If we learn and emulate anything from the left, let it be the fact that progress is made one step, even one inch, at a time.

    As to the provisions spoken of in the RAISE Act:

    1) Did anyone think we’d be talking about cutting legal immigration by 50% right off the bat? I certainly didn’t and I’m pretty happy about it.

    2) Protecting the lower end of the workforce first is critical at THIS time. This end of the workforce is the part that goes on social services when they lose their jobs. They have no money saved. Best case they have a relative with an extra bedroom. Worst case, they’re on the street living as best they can on the dole. These people have no one – except Leftists who want to sign them up as Government dependents – pleading their cause.

    3) Protecting the upper middle, the docs, IT people, etc is important too. We want our people in those positions. But it’s easier to protect them than it is to protect the bottom. It’s easier because foreign countries don’t really want to lose their “best and brightest” and because these people are affluent enough to plead their own cause in the only forum that really matters – campaign donations.

    So think of the RAISE Act as a first step – and a really good one. But where does it go from here? A few suggestions:

    1) Once we have established certain bars to entry it’s easy to raise those bars. Establishing them in the first place is the hard part. Pass the RAISE Act and keep pushing – continuously – for raising the standards. In this way we should be able to take immigration to near zero if we are persistent. Remember, leftists started from near zero immigration and persisted until there were, for practical purposes, no limits. We can do the same in reverse if we don’t quit.

    2) Organize (yeah, I know that’s a leftist idea, but it has worked for them so it can work for us) the lower level who’ve gotten their jobs and their dignity back and bring them into the fold to vote for our candidates, our policies, and to fight our battles if need be.

    3) Use foreign governments as political cover while raising the bars to entry. I suspect a lot of their willingness to send over their smart people is linked to the fact that we also take their worthless excess. If we stop relieving them of their burdens they might be less willing to send their smart ones. Or, we could start a program that demonstrates our great benevolence by allowing their smart ones to come here for education only – and then they go back to improve their own countries.

    There are probably a lot of other ways to play this that I haven’t considered yet but the point here is that the RAISE Act is a great first step and we need to see it as such.

    • Exactly. Once the 500,000 threshold is passed, small administrative parameters here and there will be introduced to further push down the limit. This is how the Japanese are going about it. They bar immigration by using the small print.

  • Why the constant tinkering and anguish over this and that program of immigration? Good grief, can we not just ban ALL immigration for a while?

  • High IQ immigrants are not as immediately disruptive as lower IQ ones, but their transformative effect on the country is ultimately greater. The United States needs an immigration moratorium of about 40 years to sort out the mess that it’s in (tip of the hat to Chateau Heartiste).

    • Despite my comment, I do support the Trump initiative. It cuts the level of immigration about in half, so that’s an improvement. It gets away from family reunification and that’s good. A complete moratorium on immigration is way outside the present Overton Window. An immigration system based on national origins probably wouldn’t survive the judicial review of a Supreme Court that thinks the Constitution mandates homosexual marriage. If Trump had proved willing to defy the judiciary last January, a national origin system might be feasible, but not presently. Let’s go with points and start pushing for a point system that will de facto favor whites, while we agitate for less and less overall immigration.

  • I’m glad he brought up Canada, because the RAISE act is very similar to the current Canadian immigration system. Canada’s got it much worse in many ways: we take in 1% of our population every year (compared to 1/3% in the US), and the high-IQ, ethnocentric gooks and pajeets are highly effective at displacing rootstock Canadians. Emulating Canada is the absolute last thing you burgers want to do.

  • I saw a Chinese real estate ad in a Vancouver airport that read “It’s not immigration, it’s a migration!”
    More like Colonization.

  • Low IQ immigration will get you Detroit but as a Canadian I can tell you that High IQ immigration is a one-way ticket to bugman world.

  • Richard, you benefit from immigrants of all types. We all do. You’ll be “entitled” to a white-mostly America on the day you stop chowing down on your ethnic eats (Nordics aren’t cooking that Thai food you love.), going to the clinic (Good luck finding a whites-only staff in any Virginia clinic.), and using public restrooms (You could pay a white worker double the minimum wage, and they would STILL not clean sinks and toilets in public.).

    • “(You could pay a white worker double the minimum wage, and they would STILL not clean sinks and toilets in public.).”

      This is total bullshit and false. Go to your local community college/government office/school district and you will find plenty of white janitors because the wages tend to be decent working for the government. Whites will clean sinks and toilets in public, but most will not do it for poverty wages in public as Mexican peasants will.

  • This bill is really bad. It takes the high-skill high-paying jobs and gives them to ‘Asians’, but leaves the low-skill low-jobs to the natives. Worse even, it opens the door to massive numbers of immigrants from Asia. Let us look at numbers. If all Mexicans came to the US, we would add 180 million people. If all Indians and Chinese came to the US, we would add 3 billion… That is to say, if only 5% of the Indians and Chinese came here, it would do the same damage as if all Mexicans came to the US.

    One more thing. This bill seems to be the beginning of a strategy to get at the massive Asian immigration just described. If it passes, all that would be needed to get at the massive numbers would be increasing the 140,000 cap on annual green cards. As it is, the current law is better than the new bill.

    Finally, something to keep in mind: what is the largest English speaking country in the world? It is not Australia or great Britain… So, this bill by no means favors ‘white’ immigration. We were much better off with the seasonal workers coming into the country illegally.

  • I advocate for ZERO immigration for the next one hundred years. Bottom line is this: we, as the most innovative country ever in the history of the world, do not need immigrants of the sort who have been foisted upon us since 1965 or 1964. If some brown or black person invents something incredible, then, they would be welcomed. Otherwise? Stay where you are, and improve your country. The West cannot accommodate all the POC that want to move to our countries and be taken care of.

    Stop having babies, POC. The rest of us don’t want to feed them, or you.

  • Spencer has said in past speeches that whites are perfectly capable of doing menial work. “We can make our own damn beds” etc.

    And now he’s saying that whites should be above menial work? That the country should only import non-whites to make your bed? This is no different than the current establishment which warns of “labor shortages” without immigration. I think that since Christine Fair got him kicked out of the gym his health has suffered.

  • There’s alot of talking past each other going on under this article. I think the basic takeaway is less immigrants good, screwing over middle class bad. We’ll take the first but we’re gonna keeping pushing for something better on the second.

  • Low IQ immigration = Mass reproduction, r selected
    High IQ immigration = low repopulation rates, assimilation, lean towards K selection.

    We want NO immigration, but High IQ is preferable.

  • My tinfoil theory is that now that america has been sufficiently flooded with third world proles, destroying the white working class, they are now going to finish us off for good by wiping out the last bastion of america, the white middle class and upper middle. Of course its just a crackpot theory but if the bill passes with dem support I will think its correct that Trump is just doing (((their))) bidding

    • Realistically, it was never going to be Somalians finishing off the last white holdouts

      It was going to be high IQ, upwardly mobile, white presenting non-whites

  • This is idiotic. Frankly, do you know why the GOP tried to embrace Hispanic immigration? Answer: because without immigration all you have is historic white guilt and black lives matter tearing up the country. Having hispanics…and Hindus…and Chinese around is one way to forestall inevitable demands for reparations and gets you away from having to face black dysfunction as they get increasingly angry.

  • I understand that boy from Arkansas with the long neck, stuck an extra 50,000 Syrian refugees in this Raise Act. It might be a good idea to read the bill.

    • How’s that possible, isn’t he a Protestant who has a personal relationship with G-D? Wha happen?!?!? Muh bible.

        • I didn’t know it was possible to research political science in Pentecostal tongue speaking.

          • Ever heard the story about the Roman Catholic soldier who was mocking a Pentecostal preacher, maybe an hour later that soldier had a white gas type camping lantern blow up in his hands while he was trying to light it, and, he was horribly burnt. I’m not a Pentecostal, but, that’s a true story. I don’t make fun of country preachers.

  • Increasing high-IQ non-white immigration will have a dysgenic effect on the white race, unless you think that it is a good idea for the white race to mix with high-IQ nonwhite races (which I don’t).

    Different people have different sets of natural aptitudes. Someone with natural aptitude for computer programming is likely to have below average athletic aptitude, for instance, and vice versa. This is just how population statistics work. Flooding the job market with nonwhite computer programmers will diminish the prospects for whites with natural programming aptitude. Statistically, this will have to reduce the number of offspring for these whites, and over time the effect is dysgenic.

    It also helps to think in terms of a family. Suppose your brother was gifted in some area. Wouldn’t you want him to be able to pursue this, instead of having to settle for something else?

    • It’s fun to watch blind followers of Richard Spencer now advocate for importing non-whites who will take marginal jobs, get on welfare, form gangs, and ruin the public schools, just so whites don’t face competition that forces them to be their best.

      • I didn’t say that. You are trying to make it all of one and none of the other.

        Your statement about “forcing them to be their best” sounds like something a kool-aid drinking libertarian or cuckservative would say.

      • Forcing people to work for lower wages doesn’t force them to be their best.

        It makes them downwardly mobile.

        • I don’t favor mass immigration of anybody. But if it’s a choice between educated Asians or Middle Eastern Muslims and Africans, I’ll take the former.

  • We all know that Richard Spencer would prefer a whites only immigration policy. So would I. But the choice is not between the RAISE Act and Richard Spencer’s immigration policy, it’s between the RAISE Act and our current utterly insane immigration policy, whose only virtue is that it increases the Democrats’ voting base. Eliminating chain immigration, eliminating the diversity lottery, and putting the emphasis on letting in immigrants who are intelligent and can speak English, is at least a big step in the right direction. Stupid people are a burden, smart people are competition. I’ll gladly take the competition over the burden. A school system doesn’t get ruined if it becomes half Chinese, it does get ruined when it’s half Somali.

    • The RAISE Act is not going to pass this congress, so it’s wrong to phrase it as a dichotomy between the current system and the RAISE act.

      If Trump ever gets a congress willing to reduce immigration, then the final bill that they pass may not resemble this bill at all

      And so it would behoove us to think about how the bill could be better and filter those suggestions through to immigrationist restrictionist lobbyists and to the legislators

      • I think this is the best idea. This bill is not that bad imo. I just think it needs outright preference for white Christian Europeans.

  • Gorgar is unconvinced.

    But since this is all part of Richard’s Overton Window shtick, Gorgar is also relaxed about it.

  • Spencer is not wrong that upper class brown immigrants are a net loss for white people, but he is 100% wrong that they are worse than the low class browns we currently get. Ask a middle class or poor white person with children what type of brown kids they want their white children to attend public school with

    A) Brown kids who score higher on the SAT because their parents can afford expensive prep classes, whose parents are Ivy alumni, or

    B) Brown kids who disrupt class with their third world animal antics, tie up limited school resources with their ESL needs, and routinely steal from and beat on the other students.

    For Spencer, who has never attended a public school and who would never send his kids to one because he is rich, the question is moot, so if he is going to denounce any type of immigrant, it would be the ones he thinks he and his family will have compete with socially.

    For the vast majority of American whites, who are not in the 1%, there’s no delusion that they are ever going to compete with the upper classes so why would they be opposed to a few more upper class browns? Their answer to the question is overwhelmingly A, because B is their daily reality.

    • The thing is, we are talking about the urban middle class, not the upper class. Median state income is generally pretty low relative to income in and near cities. Immigrants making over 1.5 times the median state income will drive whites out of urban areas.

      Speaking as a white who lives in an urban area, I don’t want to be driven into the exurbs. I have no idea what I would do for a living there.

      • Personally I’d love to live in the exurbs. It’s very white and what I would consider “normal”. With that said there is no work(especially not in my industry) in the exurbs. So what would I do?

  • It’s not about being pro-immigrant or anti-immigrant. Its about being PRO-WHITE. Who would have a problem with white immigrants from South Africa?

    • Spencer has made this point, that he would not give a shit if we had a bunch of Afrikaner illegal immigrants from South Africa. Mexicans understand this and support their fellow Mexicans who come here illegally.

      • Agreed. Apparently there’s over 50,000 illegal Irish immigrants on the East coast, yeah I don’t really give a sheeeit.

        • I’d prefer those Irish go home and fight for their own country than run away to the US. There are no surplus whites anywhere.

  • Numbers USA supports the RAISE Act. FAIR, CIS, and VDare haven’t said much about it yet. I don’t think the details of the bill have been released to the public yet, and even once they have been released, the true impact of the bill will be difficult to predict, especially if the provisions we like are watered down later. I agree that it is important to speak up for high-IQ whites, but as far as whether the alt-right should support the bill, I think it is best to wait for more details and analysis.

    Perhaps the alt-right should view the RAISE act the same way it viewed the Trump candidacy. Even though it isn’t completely to our liking, it has the potential to shake things up and change things for the better.

  • The Raise Act is not perfect but it is an important first step in shifting the Overton Window. Now it’s being discussed, from the White House no less, that America doesn’t want dumb immigrants who end up on welfare. It’s quite easy for the Alt Right to seize this space and begin the call for total immigration restriction other than areas like academic exchanges (why not hire a Confucian philosophy professor who is Chinese?).

    • I agree with the Overton window remark. The debate on immigration is shifting in our favor but we need to keep applying pressure. Now is not the time to let up but to double down and push harder than we have in the past. Only this time more explicitly: no immigration from non white/non Christian nations or people.

    • Trump has also managed, yet again, to shit all over the egalitarianism of the left. His people are explicitly admitting, on national television, that not all potential immigrants are equally capable of being productive members of society. Isn’t admitting this a core tenet of the altright?

      The left relies on upholding the myth of human equality and destroying standards that could conceivably not be met by some groups because they are racist and therefore unnecessary; and the Trump administration has just absolutely abolished that idea. It is up to us to drown the left in this reality: that equality is a myth, and our government knows it.

      And, like you’re saying, if we’re going to counter-signal this move; the only way to do it is by attacking it as an insulting half measure. We know the American people want more severe restrictions on immigration, and it is time for the “globalists” to get out on the right side of history. Quibbling over something like smart vs dumb seems like a huge waste of time.

    • That’s how I am taking it, the bill as a whole is problematic but the fact it is a curtail on immigration based on some factors (Must speak English for example) is a great first step. In it’s current state it’s garbage……..but pushing the Overton window the way it is, now that we can work with.

  • “High IQ Asians” are not strivers. If Asia is such a powerhouse of intellect, why is it utterly dependent on Western technology and innovation? In fact, can anyone name a single Asian scientific breakthrough in the past thousand years? Aside from muh gunpowder?

    I really don’t think these “high IQ” people are going to be much of a threat to us. IQ itself may be a red herring. How many Asians have won Nobel Prizes? How many Asian CEOs are there in the US? The evidence shows that these “asian geniuses” score well on standardized tests but then fade into the corporate morass after college because they simply don’t have the striver mentality.

    The main problem is demographics, not competition. Reducing the flood of mudskins and unskilled third worlders should be the main focus of immigration restriction. Not only does the brown horde vote commit massive amounts of violent crime against Whites and generally make life miserable for us, they take up space that rightfully belongs to us and they overwhelmingly vote left wing.. Stemming this tide is first priority.

    Any way you cut it, the RAISE act is a step in the right direction. It may not be the best kind of reform, but it’s better than nothing.

    • If the “hordes” are less talented and intelligent than Whites are, then who cares if they’re here, competing for your job? Wouldn’t that be golden opportunity to prove that Whites are the “master race”? You make zero sense. Worry less about much demographics and more about your dimwittedness!

      • Because government programs ensure that standards are lowered so they can compete with us via AA and quotas. Not to mention the tons of violence they commit against us.

        • Ah, the old muh system is “rigged”. Well, what about the SATs and the MCATs? Those tests aren’t controlled by some govt. bean counter. When non-white foreigner scores well on those, you can’t blame muh system. And all immigrants, documented and undocumented, commit fewer crimes than native-born Americans. Here are some facts for you. They aren’t “alt”, but they are accurate.

          • The native-born “Americans” that commit massive amounts of crime are blacks and Mestizos. Blacks for example are 13% of the population but commit half the homicides every year. So your DNC talking about muh native violence is misleading.

            70% of National Merit Scholars in America- the top-scoring students- are White, yet Whites are tiny minorities in elite schools due to racial quotas and ethnic nepotism on the part of jews and Asians.

  • I like the RAISE act but I also agree with Richard Spencer. So I suggest a compromise. We should change the RAISE act so that it includes talented and intelligent people who come from nations which compliment the white population and culture in America.

    The white world is enormous. It includes Europe (770 million) Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Greenland, parts of South America (Argentina for example), European Russia to name some.

    we can meet all the requirements of the RAISE act by focusing on the greater white world.

  • Wow this whole conversation is what’s the best way to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic or what song the band should play.

  • Trump probably did better with Hispanics than with Asians, according to exit polls

    And he did best with the (arguably low skill) Filipinos and Vietnamese and very, very poorly with the (dot) Indians, who are are a very high skill and wealthy group in the United States

    High skill immigration may not work out anywhere near the way Trump hopes.

    High skill people tend to assimilate into the dominant, high status, progressive, anti-white culture. Low skill immigrants are not good either, but they often have low rates of political participation.

    • This point is clearly made by looking at who heads Hispanic organizations in academia, very white looking with a brown chip on their shoulder against Anglo-America.

    • I recall reading on Amren that Filipinos have one of the lowest welfare rates of any immigrant group. Probably due to their strong family structure.

      • Filipinos, Vietnamese, Laos, Cambodians etc. are hard workers and yes, have strong family units. Good people tbph. I’d still prefer if they stayed in their own countries though. It’s nothing personal.

        • If they are good, hard working people, why are their countries so shit?

          Good, hard working people create good countries, no?

          • I honestly don’t know enough about the internal politics or history of Asian countries to answer that question. Filipinos are by no means high IQ, but they do work hard, they aren’t really associated with a lot of crime and they have strong, healthy, family units. Thats not to say we should import millions of them, or that I want to immerse myself in Filipino culture. But I definitely prefer them to the Arabs. Could be a religious thing, as Filipinos are overwhelmingly Catholic. I don’t know.

          • I understand that comparitively Asians are better than Arabs. Blacks etc., but this whole “hard working, strong family units” is an old cuckservative talking point (not accusing you of being one though).

            The fact is, they have a radically different and totally alient mindset that is corriupting our culture. One example of this is their complete indifference to truth. I think it is a decline in understanding of just what makes the West unique (apart from just being a nice place to live) that has allowed this “they’re hardworking” mindset to creep in.

          • Yeah for sure. Their not us and we’re not them. I wasn’t trying to imply that their “the ideal immigrants” or anything. Part of me has respect for them though, even though their incompatible with our culture. The same can’t be said of blacks or arabs.

      • They’ve got strong traditional Catholic family values, and as such they don’t mind to live as large families in one house if need be. Helps that Filipinas don’t hate men and like community. To be honest I don’t think Filipinas have the IQ to contemplate feminist patriarchy conspiracies, and they have little to gain from virtue-signalling to whites so it doesn’t affect them as much.
        Also I love Duterte.

          • LOL. I’ve heard the same Episocopal/Unitarian/Presbyterian/Methodist baloney about Sub Saharan Africans. Listen Sperg, no one wants to live around Filipinos. We’re just noticing ethnic patterns and phenotypes, but you had to go the same well you always drink from.

      • The average doesn’t tell the full story with regard to India, they have a huge dysgenic underclass, but a smart elite that has done very well for themselves in the United States

        List of ethnic groups in the United States by household income
        By ancestry

        1) Indian American : $100,547[2]
        2) Jewish American : $97,500[3]

        Unfortunately, their high IQs don’t make them good people, 84% supported Clinton

    • It was approx a push between Hispanics and Asians. About 30% according to nbclive. Trump got a majority of Cubans. Not sure how he did with other Hispanic groups. I am not surprised to hear about Vietnamese. A lot of them are holdovers from Reagan who associate the Republican Party with being against/fighting communism. Cubans are in this bucket as well.

    • the dots are cheap merchants who start our with both husband and wife working cushy government jobs. then their kids are handed a fancy degree but they are just overpaid nurses and engineers that cant even install a toilet

  • The Trump Administration agrees with anti-whites that anyone can be an American, that America is a nation based on a proposition, not a people.

    America was founded for “ourselves and our posterity”, first immigration act of 1790 was whites only. America was founded as a nation for white people. It was never Emma Lazarus’s to give away. The founders were white nationalists.

    A nation based on a proposition cannot allow any serious questioning of that proposition. It cannot allow liberty. If the inscription on the Statue of Liberty is interpreted as the notion that America is a proposition nation and anyone can be an American, that is at odds with the principal of liberty the statue is supposed to embody. As soon as Europe had a significant number of non-whites, hate speech laws were imposed there. Diversity and liberty are incompatible.

    What’s fair about everyone getting homelands but white people?

    Is it immoral to deprive struggling economies of their best and brightest?

    Emma Lazarus was a rabid Zionist. What if I said the third world should pour into her beloved Zion?

    Every nation was founded by people who came from somewhere else (they’re “nations of immigrants”). Nothing special about America in that regard. Every people bequeaths what it has built to its decedents except white traitors in white countries over the last few generations who are giving away their children’s birthright to third world hordes.

    Every nation was built on conquest. Whites have as much right to land they conquered as every other race. Should Turks give Constantinople back to the white people they “stole” it from?

    Blacks built America? How did they manage to build a first world country in America but none in Africa?

    The IQ of the immigrants is practically irrelevant compared to their race. Only white people have white consciousness. The non-whites will breed to their mean IQ over time.

    Trump is not our savior. Pro-whites have to win the propaganda war and take power.

  • As an American middle class worker desperately clinging to a decent job… why would I want to let 7.442 billion people, including 1.379 billion Chinese compete for that job?

    There is probably someone out there who can do the same job for cheaper… or do it almost as good for much cheaper.

    (disclaimer: I’m not an American middle class worker desperately clinging to a decent job… but some people I know are)

  • My gastrointestinal specialist in Prescott came from the Czech Republic, my cardiologist came from Romania, and I know a white South African in Prescott who practices psychotherapy; and they all seem competent, as far as I can judge. We need a judicious selection of higher-IQ white immigrants like those examples.

    • Trump must know that the GOP congress will never pass immigration restriction though

      So it’s wrong to say he’s putting all his political capital into this.

      He’s probably just throwing a plan that is hard to argue against out there, and then letting the GOP congress discredit themselves by refusing to act on it

  • You say that immigration is purely about numbers, and then oppose a bill that cuts it in half. You then use the middle class as a prop, not taking into account that the H-1B and other programs are currently hurting the middle class with high skilled foreign workers. The current system is untenable, but you want to keep it simply because you think unlimited immigration benefits the Alt-Right.

          • The video isn’t logically consistent. Politics is the art of the possible, not the art of everything I want, right now.

          • This is just the cult of Richard Spencer. For years, I’ve been reading Alt-Right articles and listening to speeches about immigration restriction and as soon someone takes a step in the right direction, you oppose it because he said some words.

          • there is no cult of richard spencer, everyone has many criticisms of richard spencer, but sometimes he says stuff that makes sense

          • Yes, it is. Trump is basically proposing the Canadian immigration model pre-Trudeau II. If your in your 20’s, just finished school and are trying to getyour career started, this is not in your interest, at all.

          • So open borders chaos is better? Of course zero immigration would be best, but that’s not happening right now.

          • The few millions that come in before the gates are closed completely in a few years can swiftly and smoothly be repatriated with a goody bag and thank you note.

          • See crud bonemeals post above. Lower tier immigrants participate in politics a lot less than the high iq immigrants do.

          • Depends on if your blue collar or white collar. This will push would be white collar workers into the blue collar realm. It will destroy the white middle class. The people who are increasingly going to be in positions that matter will be Chinese and Indian.

          • People in positions of power and influence are a lot harder to send away with a goody bag.

          • The white middle class is already being destroyed by the sheer number of immigrants. Do you think all legal immigration is low skilled? It’s not.

    • You have no conception of the alt-right if you think that we believe unlimited immigration benefits us. Spencer was making a hyperbolic point: that if we had to choose, we’d be better off with low skill migrants because they don’t displace middle and upper class Americans nearly as quickly as high skill migrants would.

      • So instead of supporting a bill that cuts legal immigration in half that could pass, we should do nothing unless it’s full 1924 restriction that can’t pass. That’s not sound logic.

        • If this will do more damage, then yes it’s perfectly sound logic.

          Oh and you will be the arbiter on what can pass through the GOP? I guess we should appoint you The Cuck Whisperer.

          • Ha! “Cuck Whisperer”. We need lots of those so they can help fix the GOP’s destructive behavior.

        • It can’t pass until we vote out many current congressmen.

          And we don’t control whether or not it passes anyway.

          So why not talk about how the final bill could be better.

          We need an immigration moratorium, not a plan where American whites have to compete with 7.4 billion people and 1.3 billion Chinese to hold onto their jobs

          • It does, but the GOP congress will not support it

            This bill can’t pass the current congress, it could be useful for getting the current congress out

          • I like this thinking! Since the GOP has become effectively the “white peoples party”. Imagine if they started acting like it.

        • What is more dangerous to your society? 50 well-paid, dedicated anti-white, motivated D voting pajeets who displace the white middle class or 100 dindus. Its really hard to say, you can make arguments for both. Don’t pretend like Spencer’s argument isn’t sound, it very much is. Ultimately I do support Trump’s bill but only extremely reluctantly

          • Is support it if there was specific preference given to white christians of Europeans ancestry.

  • Of course there’s only one white woman in the picture and she’s standing in the back out of focus. Why am I not surprised. I wonder who will be given preference? Europeans? NOOOOOOOO!

  • Spencer is on point in opposing this. High IQ immigration is why I am an over educated factory worker. It’s probably a bigger threat to whites than low IQ immigrants who “do the work that white workers won’t!”

      • Yeah. These high IQ immigrants don’t move into ethnic enclaves either. They move right next door to you, they make the neighborhoods you grew up in unaffordable and they marry your daughters. Yeah, they don’t commit crimes in the same way as the low IQ immigrants, but the damage they do to the traditional identity of the country is just as bad.

          • True, but Boomers and Gen X’ers who already have secure jobs aren’t going to be threatened. It’s going to be Millenials and Gen Zyklon who get shafted.

            Still it will probably red pill educated young whites, who would otherwise get good jobs and become absorbed by the system. That’s how it worked for me anyways.

          • I’m Canadian. I’m not reading that! Spencers word is law to me on this issue. The bill stinks!

          • Hey dumb ass, I’m not disagreeing with Spencer’s take on the Raise Act, but, there’s a lot of stuff in it that is pretty dense & ambiguous, plus a lot will be added by both the House & Senate before it’s over.

            I would like to ban Canadians from taking part or holding office in any American political organization that lobbies or donates money to Federal, State or Local political campaigns.

        • right so a high iq nonwhite marrying your daughter or son is worse then them being brutalized and raped by a thug raised in a fatherless environment.

          and what of the mongrelization of whites when say a polish marries and irish or Spaniard and so on and those unique cultures become diluted which has already happen into the once ‘anglo’ america yet theres is no distress over that.

          • Both are bad for different reasons. Importing hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Indians every year will push whites out of the white collar labour market and into lower paying, manual labour jobs, which is a waste of our homegrown talent. Low skill immigrants come with their own set of problems, not the least among them, the crime that is associated with them. Ultimately I want no new immigration. This isn’t a step in the right direction, it’s broadening white displacement, not minimizing it.

            I’m one of the few people on this site who does speak of ethnic differences between whites, and have been called anti-white for doing so, so your barking up the wrong tree on the second part of your post. There used to be plenty of distress over it, until more actual non-whites entered the equation. Italians for example didn’t seem so foreign to WASP’s anymore in the context of a multicultural, multiracial America. If non-whites are removed from the equation I assume, we’ll go right back to being the “niggers of Europe” again. Thats why I don’t call myself a white nationalist.

          • You might wanna rephrase that…are you listening to yourself…you just equated the two.unless you really mean it.. please don’t have children if you think the sight of your own bleeding violated offspring is equal to them marrying a well off ‘non white’ .

            Even if all immigration stopped that still doesnt solve your issue there still are 30 million African Americans 60 million and growing legal latino Americans.

            and it goes both have black nationalist like Muhammed ali who hated whites and hated intermarriage between them..yet ended up with fairskinned curly haired mullato grandchildren ,

          • I said their both bad for different reasons. You can avoid the bad immigrants by not going to the ethnic enclaves they tend to live in. High IQ, skilled immigrants move right next door. You can’t get away from them. And they turn your neighborhood, into their neighborhood. Any neighborhood with a substantial Chinese population becomes a China town.

            Short of balkanization, I would give Blacks and Mexicans, semi-autonomous ethnically based city states. Give non-whites self rule of their own cities (schools, police etc) and whites self rule over theirs. I’m pretty sure this is what these groups want anyways, and diversity only really becomes a problem when you force all of the different groups to live side by side with one another. To think they will live in harmony just because their higher IQ is naive.

      • Yeah. That’s why I put it in quotation marks. It’s a common talking point of pro-immigration types. Many of these jobs could really be automated, and probably will be in the coming years. Declining white birth rates wouldn’t even be a bad thing if we weren’t being flooded with foreigners because of it. The switch to high IQ immigrants just confirms it was never really about labour supply in the first place.

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