Whites Need To Stop Being SWPLs And Become Cultured Thugs Again

Germans are a remarkable people, aren’t they?

Germany was defeated twice in two catastrophic world wars only to rise to the helm of Europe once again- only through patience and economic might this time. Say what you will about the Germans, but everyone acknowledges how socially-responsible, relatively uncorrupt and law-abiding they are. To really change anything in Germany, you would have to change the German people, not even really the system, but the actual stock of the country.

It’s certainly what the Allies set about doing after the war…

Other peoples are simply different from Germans. This is not a bad thing in and of itself, it’s just a function of diversity- real diversity that is. After all, genetic diversity in nature ensures that a sudden virus or new predator doesn’t wipe out an entire species.

People on the Alt-Right sometimes forget how different White peoples really are. And it occurs to me that some groups of Whites seem better suited to face the coming Third World storm.

In this post, I would like to discuss what direction Whites as a peoples have to go in the 21st century.

It’s a discussion that more and more crimethinkers are having. The implications of this question are profound. Will a high-trust race of Golden Retrievers will be able to survive the Jewish virus and the Third World onslaught? Hey, I guess we will all see very soon, won’t we?

Over at the Chateau, there was an open-ended post about a boy scout troop and the decline of old school, high-trust, law-abiding America.

I thought I’d share it in full:

An all-White Boy Scout troop stopped at a quiet intersection and dutifully waited for the crosswalk signal to change, while vibrants dashed across. Now you can call the Boy Scouts goobers, but I thought this is the high trust, high responsibility America that is rapidly vanishing, and may be gone soon. Sad.

If it weren’t socially unacceptable to mourn its passing, we might have the fortitude to ensure its continuance.

That’s all that there was to the post. It was just a little vignette that the author felt like sharing. It was supposed to be a short little ode to better times in all-White Boy Scout America, I suppose.

Many of the commentors weren’t having it though. They began to raise a fuss about whether being a Boy Scout is really the correct course of action given our predicament. They are not the only ones who have come to this realization.

It seems clear to a growing faction of the Alt-Right that we’re going to have to change as a people if we’re to claw our way out of this mess.

Commentor Pale Face:

CH, dont you think that while we should lament its passing, we should also realize that these golden retriever qualities won’t be of any use to us in the brave new brown world?

Think about all the modern suburban hobbits, living happily and blissfully in their shire. And now the orcs are coming and the rangers are gone. The hobbits need to wake up.

Time to stop being soft, oblivious, individualistic, shekel-grabbing and so obedient to the anti-White authority structures…

Commentor Edonist Wackjob:

Swede here. The problem with that pro-civilisational instinct is when it gets taken too far – if we had a little bit more anarchism in our genes, we would not be in the mess we´re in…

Commenter The Question:

Honestly, I think the behavior that needs to change is with Boy Scouts, not the vibrants. The only reason this shoah goes on is because high-trust whites take on the extra burden of following rules no one else does and adhering to standards nobody will.

The moment they start playing by the same rules of engagement is when the current setup starts to crumble. We need Boy Scouts today who will become tomorrow’s ZFG shitlords.

Waiting at a crosswalk signal to change even when there are no cars on the road is what you do in a high-trust society that shows respect to those who do so. If the society doesn’t respect those that adhere to the rules, then the rules don’t deserve to be followed…

Commentor Clydesdale:

“Waiting at a crosswalk signal to change even when there are no cars on the road is what you do in a high-trust society that shows respect to those who do so.”

With all due respect (and an appreciation for what you are saying) my view is that waiting to cross a deserted street simply because some unthinking mechanical device displays one colored light rather than another is symtomatic of what is wrong with us. Civilized grown men of the not-too-distant past knew how to cross streets without endangering themselves or others and didn’t need silly lights to tell them whether it was “safe” or not. They had working eyes, a thinking brain, and a survival instinct that was not kept in check. Conditioning us to blind, unthinking obediance to (literally) mechanical masters is a sign of further emasculization — not civilization.

Men who can think for themselves, even as to something as trivial a crossing a street, pose a danger and threat to those who seek complete control. I suspect that, more than “safety,” is the real reason for the never ending war on personal freedoms.

It’s an admittedly small matter, but the sight of someone who really should know better standing and waiting stupidly at a deserted street corner at 3 am simply because some light says “don’t cross” fills me with despair, not hope.

There still remains an unofficial faction of the Alt-Right that worships all these Huwhyte tendencies like hyper-individualism, blind adherence to the law and effete refinement. They aren’t willing to take a good long hard look at themselves and ask if these qualities will help or hinder us in the brave new brown world.

But we are at a turning point, a moment of profound civilizational crisis that hasn’t been felt since the end of the two Great Brother’s Wars.

As a race, we stand poised at the next leg of our evolutionary life-cycle. The long nap is over, and now many of us are waking up to see the barbarians are not only past the gates but in our communities and in control of all our institutions.

Natural selection never ends, and as the social environment changes, we should start asking what traits will be beneficial to our people and which will be a hinderance. I would wager to say that this new environment will favor the bold, cunning and tribal peoples over the race of compliant Golden Retrievers. It seems so shockingly clear to me that it continues to amaze me that there are still so many that cling to the old cultural mores when the foundation on which they rested has come undone.

Whites will have to decide where to go from here. Some will continue to take pride in the little displays of implicit Huwhyteness chronicled by the Chateau. Others will start looking forward and not let the nostalgia blind them to the reality at hand.

They will ask the hard questions, overcome their inner effette SWPL, and kick start that tribal instinct they need to make it out of the Multi-Kulti intact.

Ask yourself this: What kind of people has a better chance of surviving when the government and all the structures are profoundly Anti-White? A compliant and law-abiding people or a rebellious people? An individualistic people reliant on the government or a tribalistic people with a parallel society? Nice guys or serious men?

I’m putting my money on the nepotistic, impetuous, family-oriented Italians…

And the corrupt, unruly and tough Russians…

Or the Greeks, who must be part Italian and part Slav…

I am not condemning the Core Europeans, mind you.

Just pointing out that they may want to take a few pointers from their less well-behaved, less well-to-do, less SWPLified White cousins about how to act going forward. Of course, many will not listen. They might think that the traits that helped them in a homogenous traditional White society will somehow still work in a Vibrant society. They will ignore the practices and cultural mores of peoples who had to share borders with the Brown World for thousands of years and refuse to glean insight from it.

Yes, these people exist. But the way I see it, the future of the White World has a lot less khakis and Brooks Brothers in it. For better or worse, there will be a lot more tracksuits and Adidas instead.

Whites that want to make it in the West need to start adapting and adopting cultural mores more suited to peoples who know how to deal with the Enrichment.

It is tribalism, cleverness, and rebelliousness that will save the White race now.


Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • *groans* Burgers have discovered Casual culture? You know what’s going to happen, don’t you? They’ll get the look totally wrong and mispronounce all the brand names…

  • White people in the West act as though they are the minority in their own country. Most of them go out of their way to be liked and accepted by peoples of color. They even go so far as to adopt non-white babies. It’s also very common to see a white woman married to or dating a black man while it is very rare to see a white man with a black woman. Are white woman more weak and gullible than white men? The bottom line is that no matter how many times whites are willing to bend over they will always be hated by people of color. This is the result of social conditioning and jealousy toward the white race. The great tragedy is that the whites of today do not come from the same stock of yesterday. We’ve become fat lazy and stupid. The whites of yesterday lived in a close knit society and had a strong sense of identity. Far too many whites of today have succumbed to the false narrative of political correctness and have adopted the attitude of self hatred and white guilt. I pray that the alt-right will continue to awaken the collective consciousness of a people in deep slumber so that we could once again reassert ourselves in the natural order of things.

    • That’s because we already ARE the minority. The government lies about EVERYTHING, what makes you think the census numbers are true?

  • Jury nullification is the next step. If the laws don’t apply to non-whites (immigration, taxation, sentencing and affirmative action all massively favor law-breaking browns), then they shouldn’t apply to us either.

    We’ve ethnically cleansed by making living more expensive (gentrification, suburbs, etc.) but that technique can’t work forever. It wasn’t that long ago we burned crosses on front lawns until they left. Now grandma and grandpa are raising whole broods of half black kids.

  • Most American whites know the score, and that the mud people are out to get us. Remember, Americans have a lot more experience with multiculturalism than Europeans. That is why, during the Obama years, most whites voted against Obama (even though he wasn’t that bad) and for Republicans (even though they aren’t that good). Whites need pro-white nationalist leaders, but it is very difficult for such leadership to arise. The biggest problem is that white nationalists are shut out of the means of mass communication, the media. White nationalism is censored in every mode of mass communication except for the internet, and even the internet is not entirely free. It is now socially acceptable, even mandatory, to silence the altright. We have to make it socially, politically, and economically impossible to stifle us.

  • We should take over a major city and scare all of the non-whites/ cucks out like they have done to us in most major cities. Screw gentification, let’s just be fucking assholes. We’re coming for you Charlottesville!

  • I’m guessing that Robespierre also felt that sacrificing his principles was a necessary expedient during his time too. Point taken that you can’t play fair against cheaters but it’s a slippery slope that’s leads to a place where we end up being no better than the ones that we despise.

  • Typo:

    Will a high-trust race of Golden Retrievers will be able to survive the Jewish virus and the Third World onslaught?

  • I still think the #1 issue stopping mass white violence is that whites know that for the most part LE is also white and it is again the dilemma of civil war…

  • The worst enemies whites have at present are other whites who have bought into the white genocide movement. Their effect is most destructive because they reveal to others that whites are not monolithic, not united, and can be easily splintered.

    If those are dealt with, you will find that not only is it much easier to unite whites toward a common purpose, but the other groups will begin to fear again.

    Imagine South Africa and how it would exist today, if whites had spoken with a single voice against handing civilization over to savages. The only reason that ended up happening is because white traitors not only weakened the whole from the inside but simultaneously emboldened those on the other side.

    • South African whites faced a great deal of international pressure. I was a college student when lots of foolish Americans were protesting Apartheid on college campuses, and demanding that universities divest from businesses that operated in South Africa.

      • All this played out in the judenpresse…so that the jews could plunder SA (and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe…by extension ALL of Africa) of its mineral wealth.
        The backwards coloreds were/are just biological weapons controlled by the (((communist))) ANC.
        Pretty clever trick, genocide a whole race out in the open while the rest of the world turns a blind eye.
        In fact, it’s such a clever strategy that it is being employed right here in the good ol’ jusa. This is currently going on (checked B on W violent crime statistics lately?) while “WE,” defenders of the realm, make frog cartoons discuss politics.
        Every breath, every word should be aimed at developing strategies based on quantifiable action.

  • There’s nothing more tribal than the English football fan. I remember travelling to Lichtenstein with England fans a few years back. We took over a pub, as is our want, and started the nationalistic chanting to say this pub was now a ‘corner of a foreign field that is forever England’. Then some young shaven-headed pup orders a pint of Guinness. A Chelsea fan goes over to him and starts accusing him of being a Fenian. Almost came to blows. Quite amusing. I wish there was less white on white tribalism in England and more of that fearlessness I’ve seen at many England football matches on the continent: against Tunisians in France, the Lebanese in Sweden and so on.

    And if you want the cultured thug look, then the football casual is the way to go. Stone Island, Burberry, Aquascutum, short umbrella as cosh and so on. It’s an unofficial uniform of the white thug over here. There’s a good reason you don’t see many coloured faces in British football stadiums despite the diversity of the teams: SJWs don’t like football.

  • Another group of people who are proving pretty good at resistance are the Corsicans. The French government isn’t placing any “migrants” in Corsica because they know what would happen to them. There were fights on Corsican beaches over “burkinis.” The Corsicans won–the Muslims were the ones calling for the police.

  • Don’t forget the Scotts-Irish in the United States. James Webb wrote a book about them that he entitled “Born Fighting.”

  • There are certain parallels between rise of Alt Right and Jewish Emancipation in the 19th century.

    There were lots of talent among Jews, but they were held back by two factors: Jewish dogma & Orthodoxy AND Gentile discrimination. So, even very smart Jews were still reading Torah or Talmud than tackling science, math, and modern ideas. Or, Jews were banned from many institutions unless they converted, but even converts faced subtle obstacles. Emancipation led to Jews breaking out of tradition and passing through gentile barriers. And it led to a kind of Radical Renaissance in philosophy, science, math, medicine, arts, culture, music, etc. It was because so much talent had been bottled up for so long. They all exploded all at once like Big Bang.

    Something similar has been holding back the American Right.

    First, just like Jews were once trapped in weight of tradition and same-old-dogma, much of American Right got caught up in Jesus, Israel, Constitution, and Taxes. Christian Right stifled creativity and thinking. It was for dumb stuff like Prayer in Schools and displaying Ten Commandments in public buildings. Or, it was about battling homomania with a religious argument when a secular biological and moral argument would have been far more compelling. As for Israel, part of it was just Christian messianic silliness and the other was slavishness to donor and media class. As for Constitutionalists, they failed to understand how malleable laws are under the power. One can go on and on about ‘muh constitution’, but the Power will bend rules. Always. And stuff about taxes only interested the rich and failed to unite Americans. It was seeing the world through numbers than hearts and minds. As Conservatism got associated with dumb Christians, ‘greed’ of self-obsessed libertarians, rigid Constitutionalists(who clung to original documents like the Torah), and Zionism(pure toady behavior to the powerful), they lost prestige and credibility. So, even though Conservatives spoke of ‘excellence’ against ‘egalitarianism’, the smartest and most able individuals went with Liberalism. Also, Conservative slavishness to Jews and Israel put them in a moral bind. After all, if most Jews are Liberal and hostile to Conservatives, why are Conservatives most devoted to those who hate them most? It implied moral insecurity and defensiveness, i.e. because the White Right got associated with all the ‘racism’ and other evils, they had to beg forgiveness and get on their knees and grovel. And what better way than by seeking approval from the Holocaust Tribe, the most tragic people on earth. (Maybe one can even argue Hitler was really a ‘leftist’.) But this display was pathetic because their way of making amends was by sucking up to the most powerful and richest group in America. If the Right really wanted to make amends, why not stick up for Palestinians who got it up their a** even though they had NOTHING to do with WWII and Holocaust? It’s one thing to feel sorry for Jews as victims in WWII. But in the case of Israel-Palestine, Jews were clearly the aggressors and oppressors.

    Anyway, Con Inc dogma and Christian Right stifled creativity, true liberty, true individuality, and true expression on the Right. There was lack of originality and integrity. While the Right usually stuck to lamo Conservative Inc shibboleths, the occasional deviation was to adopt the values and positions of the other side as really being ‘conservative’ and misused by the ‘left’. So, MLK is a conservative hero all of a sudden. Or, ‘gay marriage’ is a ‘conservative’ value and Liberals are the true ‘homophobes’ for not opposing Muslims who wanna harm ‘gays’. Or Democrats are the ‘real racists’ because KKK long ago were Democrats or some such crap. National Review became National Repeat. (As for the Other Right, it was usually some 14/88 neo-nazi crap that, as often as not, was government plant.)

    The Right was also stifled by PC dominated by colleges, law firms, the state, media, entertainment. This was esp true prior to the internet when Globalist-Liberals controlled most channels of discourse and forums of respectable opinions. There was Talk Radio, but it was just boorish talk on timid subjects. There was PC as law of the land, and there was no need for any discussion.

    So, if anyone was on the Right, the only option was dogma of ‘muh constitution, low taxes, Jesus loves me, and Israel!’. Any rightist who deviated from the Cantillation was attacked by both Liberal PC and by Conservative Inc. Look at the fate of Joe Sobran, a famous example.

    So, there was a lot of bottled up energies, excitement, as well as anger. It wanted to break through the tiresome dogma and it wanted to speak truth to PC power. It had enough of Con Inc, especially after Neocons turned it totally into Wars for Israel club and Wall Street club. And it didn’t want to join some icky neo-nazi crap, which has its own PC of ‘muh fuhrer’.

    And then Alt Right happened, and it was an Alt not only to Con Inc but to 14/88 garbage. (This is why Alt Right must be careful when dealing with trash like Anglin and psychos like Greg Johnson and Kurtagic.) Alt Right gave free voice to individuals with new, idiosyncratic, and dissident ideas.
    And because the true honest Right had been suppressed for so long, the explosion was volcanic, a eureka moment. It’s like the British Invasion or French New Wave. But just like those movements, Alt Right can peter out if its energies are mishandled or wasted on indulgence. Lennon and Godard sure got lost very fast. Godard never recovered from his Maoist lunacy of late 60s. Currently, the personality pissing contest among Alt Right figures is turning stupid.

    To be sure, Alt Right has nothing like the talent and energy of the Jewish Emancipation that opened the way for Mahler, Kafka, Schoenberg, Einstein, Freud, Vienna cafe society, etc. that radically and fundamentally changed society. There are no geniuses in the Alt Right though some are reasonably bright.
    But what matters is this shift in the Overton Window has finally allowed the True Right the freedom and energy to express itself without shame, restraint, or apology.

    Most of the very smart people are Libs, but they are so caught up in PC lies and corruption of privilege that, now, their talents are being wasted and misused in culture. Or, the sheer trivilization of culture in its decadence & degeneracy has turned many smart Libs into emotional idiots whose idea of ‘truth’ is green hair and 50 genders. Hillary Clinton represented how Liberalism also become like Con Inc. It lost its secular love of reason, liberty, and skepticism and turned into a neo-dogma of ‘muh gay marriage’, ‘muh search for new hitler’, and ‘muh magic negro’ that was discredited by BLM ugliness.
    And of ‘muh hypocrisy’ is hardly compelling as a theme. For example, how long are Jewish Libs going to claim social justice while pushing for criminalization of BDS?

    Anyway, Alt Right has a great opportunity. It is willing to speak more truth(if not all the truth) in a world of dogma, lies, fantasy, and hypocrisy. Also, much of Lib Inc has gone infantile, with teletubby rainbow goo-goo color revolution of homomania.

    Right now, Alt Right is on the side of Race Factism while most of society — Lib Inc and Con Inc and Antifa and rest of them — are Anti-Race-Factist or just plain Anti-Factist.

    Alt Right should make most of this Emancipation Moment.

  • There needs to be a context for this to happen. Feminism has destroyed the context by turning women into used-up sluts.

    The feminization of men is an outcome of many things, chief among them the de-feminization of women. Child-bearing aged are no longer feminine; most of them (in the Anglosphere at least) are tattooed, promiscuous, overweight whores, so men have no incentive to take risks for them.

    Men need an incentive to take greater risks. If most men cannot get married and have families, then what is their incentive to become the new (Slavic culture-appropriating) barbarians?

  • Start by buying an Adidas tracksuit? I hope you are joking!!!!!!! Yuppies wore those in the 80’s. Only time I ever wore a track suit was when I ran track in HS back in the late 80’s. Cultured thugs? More new oxymoronic lingo huh? Good article, just the title floored me. Yuppies and geeks wore track suits, and I wore mine only at a few meets earlier in the track season.

    • The tracksuits are popular among Russians, who will not hesitate to knock some sense into misbehaving Muslims.

      • Yeah,
        I figured out what he was alluding to, but as an
        Xer, I remember those back in the 80’s. They were big with yuppies. I had one, but
        I actually was running track. I only wore it when it was early in the track season .

  • I find it interesting that non-Whites feel comfortable in White countries. I have spent time in non-White countries, and, I have never felt comfortable. I felt different and alien and not wanted. Initially, it was exhilarating, then, it became oppressive. I had thought that non-Whites lived in White countries for economic benefits. Now, I believe that non-Whites actually like to live with Whites. Seriously, they actually revel in living with Whites. I don’t get it. We are all tribal. Why on earth would you want to live with a majority of people who are completely different from you?

    • They’re comfortable living with us because we’re cowards who will jump on command for them and give them everything they want.

    • I don’t think that non-whites like us. They hate us. Even African Americans hate whites. They just see us as meal tickets, and they have grasped the demographic realities. Non-whites are looking forward to being the majority, and having a whip hand over us.

    • It is entirely driven by envy. All mud races are too stupid to understand WHY White societies are better and all our stuff is just better. They think we are somehow cheating because that’s all their little peanut brains can comprehend. So if (((someone))) tells them that yes, we are somehow cheating and only succeed by “oppressing” them, they instantly believe it. Everything we have was stolen from them somehow, and we OWE it to them.

  • So, I had to look up “HuWhyte” and discovered it was “white” as Professor Farnsworth would say it. Nice.

  • Well said. I think the White man of today and, God willing, tomorrow, needs to be adaptable and versatile. If the “traditional” behaviors suit the situation, then by all means, go for it (this would always be in exclusively White company, methinks).
    Otherwise, let loose the barbarian within– and for God’s sake, if there isn’t one, cultivate one.

  • I am a Southern European living in a north European country and I can only agree. North europeans are too civilised for their own good. And not only that, you pride on not showing emotion and even scorn at the working class for displaying emotion… this is not a good trait. Emotion is good for the right cause and this cause can’t be more appropriate. GET MAD. RAGE.

    • I think it was Vincent Law who described Germans to a T. The high brow Germans want to be thought of as refined and cosmopolitan, and take this notion to absurd extremes. For example, I had a German professor tell me that I should write German in an inscrutable and convoluted manner because to do so was the “pretty German way of writing.” WTF!

      • Yeah, that is very continental. When I learnt “brevity the soul of wit” my mind flipped and I haven’t looked back.

    • Southern Europeans haven’t been jewed as hard as the north because Northerners are the real target. Germany, France, and England have always been the center of power and wealth in the West after the fall of Rome.

      • Yes. But let me tell you, if Germany is close to the end, there is at least on southern European that will come to fight by your side. And I am sure I won’t be the only one.

  • No, what weill determine whether we survive or not is if we put a stop to this nonsense before it’s to late.
    If we allow this to continue the white race will not survive, they’ve no intention of allowing that. Why would we stand idly by and watch our world be taken from us THEN decide that we should develope survival tactics? It seems logical to me to stand up NOW and wipe the elite globalist trying to enslave mankind out NOW, rather than later. If we’re to survive as a species it will be this way. Unfortunately I see no signs of the white race waking up anytime soon. We’ve went from world conquerors to pantywaist pussies.
    THAT’S the truth.

    • What do you think G.L. Rockwell, William Pierce and others tried to do for fifty years? VL’s characterization of NiceWhites as High Trust Golden Retrievers is both cutting and accurate. If you have figured out the magic that will cause white people to DO SOMETHING in their own interests/defense, you get to be The Maximum Leader.

    • This is all played out in the media and if you look at what the parasites were doing in Germany during the Weimar Republic it is eerily familiar with the jusa today.
      Hitler and the NSDAP faced incredibly odds and although were tragically defeated in the end, at least they (of the Aryan soul) were able to muster significant resistance.
      I know this ain’t 1930 and Der Fuhrer isn’t re-manifesting on earth in His Golden Flying Saucer BUT…if one man can do it “WE” can do it.
      Only this time “WE” rise up and slay the Dragon in its lair. It is literally do or die time. “WE” don’t have a generations to figure this shit out. “WE” just need to muster the courage to RISE UP!

  • I always enjoy your articles and almost always agree, I think I can safely say that you’re my favorite writer on this site. I definitely agree with your conclusions here. As someone who had something of an ill-spent youth it’s clear to me that most Whites are pussies. They’ve never been in a real fight in their lives and they sure as fuck haven’t engaged in violent criminal behaviour like jacking people or fucking up a security guard that tried to stop you from stealing shit.

    Talking about an ethnostate is all good and well but what the fuck are we going to do about it? These non-whites aren’t going to fight themselves and there isn’t enough people well-versed in violence like me to do all the fighting. These SWPL faggots are going to have to harden the fuck up if we expect to have a realistic chance at winning the coming war. We need Pitbulls, not Golden Retrievers.

    • Most whites are addicted to something. Either, drugs, booze, video games, etc. They aren’t going to fight.

      • I think they will when the economy collapses. The only reason it hasn’t already is because the kikes are shoveling money into the Ponzi scheme to keep it afloat. They know damn well that it would give Trump enormous power and popular support if the bubble popped while he was in office and he rightfully blamed (((bankers))) and (((globalists))).

        People won’t do shit as long as they’re comfortable, you have to force them into action by making their lives suck.

        • As long as the porn and videogames flow, White men will have a safety valve and not reach critical boiling point.

  • The clothes make the man … never trust a suit … dressed for success … dressed up .. dressed down… “all day I dream about sex” ADIDAS .. the emperor has no clothes … semi-casual dress shirt and slacks .. black tie dinner … casual fridays … preppies in khakis .. rednecks in camo .. naked as a jaybird .. forever in blue jeans … {{ levi strauss }} .. take it off .. take it all off … let me see you in your birthday suit … double breasted tailored suit fine linen blend … style icons .. slobbing in sweats .. well heeled .. deep pockets

    • I’m Italian and needs a better term for this because it sounds ridiculous. Never in my life had I the slightest clue that I wasn’t “core European” until I read some of these articles.

      • Or me! I am Greek and considered myself white all my life but then I came here and some were saying otherwise, and while there are some araboid Greeks I look nothing like them…. besides the fact that I am brunette!

        • Hey, I’m pure Aryan (father German Austrian and mother from Hamburg, both dating back generations) and I most certainly consider italians, Greeks and Slavs to be white.
          Though recently I referred to a guy as white and he got all butt hurt and said, “I’m not white, I’m Italian!” So there you have it.

          • … People like this guy also exist here but you know imedieately what they vote for and all their resume. Spoiler alert: they vote for Antarsia (anarchists-antifa-humanitarians, the last are referred negatively as allilegkioi = solidariters) and he worked either in an NGO or as the photocopy guy in public services and his main occupation is smoking weed while he published in fora on the internet brochures for the next lefty festival in which they ‘ll eat street food from Africa, Latin America and listen to world music!

            Now if he was on alt-right forums and blogs… what can be said? We are all whites and need first and foremost to push for the 14 + 9 words!

            Funny thing many guys here when they see me think me for an Austrian! I consider it a compliment!

    • The core-periphery “World Systems theory” is as outdated as shag carpet, both date from the mid 70s.

      • We might bicker about who is more European but shit hits the fun (and that’s where we are right now) Europe is Europe

    • Core just refers to the NW part which is insulated from non-White nations.

      Fringe refers to European nations on the borders with the non-European world.

      Its not a disparaging term.

  • I mean that’s cool and all but during the 50’s the working class was doing a lot better and they totally rioted against immigration and beat people up and all that. Didn’t work.

  • At least the Scots-Irish in America have a tradition of insubordination and brawling when other whites try to push them around. That probably explains why our elites want to drug as many of them as possible with opioids. We should cultivate the Scots-Irish as a resource in the coming struggle to restore a pro-white America.

    • Precisely what I was thinking. I’ve been re-reading Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Kidnapped” and “Catriona”, wherein the Scottish Highlander’s natural intransigence play a main role.
      Unfortunately, much of this bloodline lies in the South, where we have been tamed into bland Protestants who mouth the platitudes of the Left all-unknowing, or in Appalachia, where as you said the opioid epidemic is in full swing and has been for generations.

  • The Jewish effort to destroy the white race will only harden, sharpen, and refine it. We will rise from the ashes stronger than ever.

  • This is a lot of mental acrobatics to deal with one problem: Jews. the fact that they can create this much havoc with their minuscule numbers teaches us one key thing: We don’t need to fight in the streets with third worlders, we need to duplicate Jewish tactics and take over control centers. A small number of us can easily do this, if our brainpower and will is channeled correctly. They have already proven this. We just need to use their model.

    Tony Robins agrees.

    Secret #1: The surest way to achieve success is to model someone who is already successful. If you don’t have good models, find someone who is the best in your chosen field and emulate them. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel – simply learn from the best.

    Skip secret #2, we can’t ask them…

    Secret #3: Success leaves clues. People who succeed consistently are not lucky; they’re doing something different than anyone else. They have a strategy that works, and if you follow their strategy and you sow the same seeds, then you’ll reap the same rewards.

    • They are only successful because they see us as animals. To adopt their strategy is to shit on your own people.

    • The Jewish evolutionary strategy is indirect control through deception. Direct physical dominance is what comes naturally to Whites. This is why our people always think that war is the solution to our problems. That is what we are good at. The Jewish strategy is obviously succeeding at this point in time, but I don’t know that White men are suited to the levels of dishonesty that are required to carry it out.

      • So I guess war is the only solution, since that is what we are best at. We just have to make war on the right enemy this time.

      • Evolution is adaptation. We do not have to use all aspects of their strategy, but we do have to incorporate the aspects that allow us to win. A good example of our ability to do this is the incorporation trolling. Our instinctive method of persuasion is frank, honest discussion, but we have learned to mimic the Jew, treating argumentation as psychological warfare. There are many areas where we can and must make use of their tactics, because nothing else works against them.

        • Does a lion mimic the jackal in order to defeat him? No, of course not. The lion depends upon the weapons nature endowed it with and faces the jackal for what he is.
          Now, it might happen that a pack of jackals MAY overcome a wounded lion due to numbers and strategy. So, in this case does the lion fret about becoming a jackal in order to survive?
          No! Of course not. Life or death the lion faces the jackle(s) head to head and fights as a LION.
          Not only are “WE” endowed with the heart of a lion, “WE” also have a vast numerical advantage.
          The ONLY option is to ruthlessly crush and tear the jackals limb from limb.
          I say, if “WE” gotta become jew like in order to defeat to parasite, well…what have “WE” gained? The ultimate defeat would be to become jewified at the expense of the jews.

        • Absolutely. But I think the most useful strategy we can learn from them is the strength of their identity. While we killed ourselves in stupid wars, they survived without divisions for 1500 years. We need that. Hashtag no more white wars.

      • “but I don’t know that White men are suited to the levels of dishonesty that are required to carry it out.”

        Average Whites. The traitors in nice suites are fully qualified, it is the thing they are actually competent at.
        Also, Stalin managed to outsmart and outmaneuver his (((enemies))) again and again.

        • There’s a reason why Jews never built an empire and why their societies continuously collapsed in the Old Testament. They are incapable to build and only capable to destroy. As soon as the Soviet revolution was successful and came a time to build a society the party had no time for sexual equality or useless intellectualism so the traditional family was reinstated and Stalin kicked Jews out of the party. That is why our marxist teachers have told us a million times Stalin was a demon and that is why they love him now in Russia. Because he kicked them out.
          The problem of the Jews is that their victories will always be temporary because their societies are built on empty words. You can even see it now, they reign in the west and they are collapsing the economy, bringin the worst enemy and alienating their only possible ally. Even know their victory will be temporary.

      • No! We counter jewish deceptiveness with direct brutal assault. That is what the jew fears most, that is why the parasites pushed pacifism in Germania and why the Marxist scum wants to feminize “OUR” males.
        They know, when the Aryan gets pissed, all hell breaks loose.
        Don’t Make the White Kids Angry!
        In keeping with the article what “WE” need is to channel “OUR” inner Aryan (yes, and Slavic) thug.
        The “Final Solution” is simple (as it is inevitable) now “WE” just need to get up for the game.

      • Traitors are healthy cells weaponized against the system. Part of how the virus functions. But the virus must be the focus.

      • They are a lunar race, a feminine force. That is why women are their big allies and that is why equality dissolves our civilization. Men and women in traditional roles and awaken whites are the key to victory.

    • Correct! That is it! Cut thru all the horseshit! IT’S THE JEWS! It is, and always has been THE JEWS!
      What “WE” have is THE NUMBERS. It’s simply a matter of arithmetic from there. How many would it take to completely eradicate (((the problem))) in a low-teck, guerilla tactic sort of way? Oh, and did I mention the $500 trillion booty?

    • In my experience the success of Jews is not explained by their cunning but by our trust. We tend to project our temperament on others and think that Jews are rowing for our team. As soon as the white masses see them for what they are, what are they going to do? Fight? Argue? Complain? They know their only advantage is passing for whites. That is why they are doing everything they can to shut it all down, they know that as soon as we are fully awake, they are done for.

  • Here’s now is has to be for us Whites. Old joke and you may have heard it, but except for the actual details, this is how Whites must act:

    An Irish cop comes upon an auto accident where a Catholic Priest has rear ended a Jewish Rabbi. The cop goes to the Catholic Priest and says: “Now, Father, how fast was the Rabbi going when he backed into you?”

    Change the above joke a little to a White cop comes upon an auto accident where a pro-White White has rear ended a non-White and the White cop goes to the pro-White White and says: “Now, brother, tell me how fast was that non-White going when he backed into you?”

    In other words, we Whites must look out for our fellow Whites.

  • “I’m putting my money on the nepotistic, impetuous, family-oriented Italians…”

    Money well placed—particularly as the Italians refuse the punctilious observance of the law, simply because it is the law.

  • The need to be a “cultured thug” is very true. I prefer to think of myself as an “enlightened redneck”. Admittedly, I choose camouflage to Adidas track suits!

    • Anglo-American version of the same concept. Not a whole lot of diversity moves to Appalachia. Now Appalachia just needs to become more self aware or “enlightened rednecks”. Good term

  • Never ask: “Is this good for humanity?” Never ask: “Is this good for Blacks or Browns or Yellows or Reds or Jews?” Never ask: “Is this good for the planet?”

    ALWAYS ASK: “Is this good for Whites?”

    • As I keep saying, the Alt Right promotes a pro-white humanism: We have a vision of human flourishing and the good life in line with the humanist tradition, but focused on the good for white people. We can’t solve everyone else’s problems in the world, and especially not the blacks’ ridiculous fuckups.

      • The good of whites is the good of humanity!

        Watch the other races what they do with their countries and you’ll notice that they mostly make hellholes or semi-hellholes so only whites care for humans so only whites should be cared for!

      • It’s not even necessary to say that one doesn’t hate other races. It is enough to say that we are indifferent to other races and do not interfere in their fates or destinies and that they must live or die on their own with no interference by Whites

  • Never put your faith in a mixed race government. Put your faith in our White Tribe. We are sovereign and holy people different from all other races and we must remain different and increase the differences. We must diverge ever more and become a new species incapable of bearing viable children with all non-White races. It is our highest destiny, but we must make it happen. There are no free rides.

  • I agree 100% with the sentiments of this article. White people need to toughen up. Non-Whites should be AFRAID of moving to our neighborhoods. Right now they aren’t. That’s a problem.

    • And, Whites need to stop snitching on other Whites if they are involved in actions involving non-Whites.

      Too many Whites think the government is on their side, when it isn’t.

      Always do what is right for Whites, not what is right for a racially mixed government.

      • It’s only “our” government, when it looks out for our interests. Right now it isn’t doing that at all.

        • One of the oldest criteria to determine if a government is legitimate is if it protects its people. According to this all the governments in majority white countries are not legitimate, because they are actively working in destroying its people.

      • The police worship has always bothered me for some reason. You conservatives do realize that the police will enforce any anti-racist ant-hate speech laws right? They aren’t on our side, only oftentimes coincidentally because dindus are such savages.

        • It’s wrong to generalize the police as against us, many police officers do hold sympathy for our views as many of them are on the front line on pushing law and order in non-white neighborhoods that severely lack it. And many rural police departments hold sympathy for our views because they come from rural areas which are generally more right wing.

          • The problems with police are the law and the media.

            While the vast amount of the law is pro-white, the media make sure that enforcing it in its entirety won’t happen. Instead they make sure that the few but highly toxic and cruel are made sure to be enforced. The police is allowed to do its job to the point that it won’t end up hurting non-whites and would make sure to hurt whites.

            If the media and all the bleeding hearts were persecuted and locked the police’s pro-law usage would become immensely to our benefit! Even if the anti-racist laws continue to be, non-whites will have it worse… except the work-place due to affirmative action laws but PC laws would not be enough to protect them. As crime would be hunt down and the borders would be mainly closed and illegals hunted down and thrown, many times they’ll be separated from their families but whomever cares is a moron that loves criminals,

            Then if AF and PC laws were removed and without anything else happening would slowly help fix our countries. If anti-non-white laws would be written by a pro-white lawmaking unit that of course would have hunt and punished severely pro-non-white-whites would fix the whole situation in just the spawn of a decade.

            So the police is not at fault, ‘xcept when it is corrupt or under the helm of liberals, but the lawmaking unit and the media are. Fitght these two and the rottweillers of the state will be in one night on our side no matter were their hearts may be!

          • Remove the ‘Z’ from ZOG then all the anti-white laws and BS go up in smoke…like a burning bush….

        • Whatever the views of individual officers, the police are an instrument of institutional repression. We see it here with our small, orderly demonstrations, and it is particularly obvious in Europe.

        • Having been a civilian consultant to several police agencies I am here to tell you that the vast majority of police officers are simply civil servants waiting on a pension. Some officers are better than others, but if you think that we can rely on the military or on the police to back up Americans you’re kidding yourself.
          They will do what they’re told to do, And they will do it to whoever the Authorities tell them to.
          The police are nothing more than fangs of the government.

      • Many have observed that whites will turn on their own folk in a heartbeat for a medal or a pat on the head from the State.

        • It’s in the white mans subconscious to commit racial suicide. These traitors must be weeded out. The only thing holding whites back are other white people. These things flooding into our nations are being perpetrated by so called fellow brothers.

          • We have many weak minded and defective Whites among us and we also have many who are simply brainwashed to not understand.

            One of the jobs of those of us who are loving and compassionate towards our kind is to try to gently educate Whites and save them from genociding their families via miscegenation or by not having pure White children in enough numbers so that there is a high probability that at least some of their pure White children will make it to mating age and make more like themselves.

    • The first whiff of meaningful white rebellion that crosses ZOG’s massive nose will result in drone strikes and tanks flattening suburbs. And the entire world will cheer, not express outrage. I don’t say this to discourage but we have to be ready to face what is essentially an impervious, omnipresent mechanical god that has been erected on this planet to suppress us.

      • ZOG cannot separate White racists from White cucks. If they start to kill all White people indiscriminately, they will create White unity, and this will be their end.

      • Ruby Ridge, Wako and more recently the murder of LaVoy Finicum, by zogbot thugs, has enlisted 10,000 on “OUR” side for every victim murdered by ZOG.
        It ain’t 1930 I know, but everyone in The Movement should read Mein Kampf RELIGIOUSLY.
        Already read it? Good, turn it over and read it again.

    • the police will do a lot more harm to the white person defending their territory than the white would do to the invader unless he goes to war right there and then

  • Pro-whites have to win the propaganda war and take power. Power goes to the group that controls public opinion.

    • And, to win the PR war (nicer sounding than propaganda war) Whites need to be seen as taking the moral, ethical and high road. Most of us already know that’s what we are taking, but we need to let many more know that’s what we’re about.

      The (((haters))) of Whites want everyone to think we are evil. The reality is that they are evil and we are good, decent people who believe we have a right to continue to exist and who are, sometimes in small ways, are trying to ensure our existence.

    • All we have to do is lay an organized foundation and get some sort of manifesto or political framework created, so when the SHTF, we will be ready to leap on the tired tiger. The movement will not really grow until things get really bad.

    • So whomever owns the media basically controls everything? Hmmmm. Who owns the media?

      Democracy. Ain’t it great?

      • We own the internet. The fact that the group that controls public opinion is in power is true regardless of what form of government the ruling oligarchy chooses to call itself.

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