One Man Stands Alone Against An Army Of Freaks And Their Enablers

Let’s not even bother debating such a ridiculous proposition as to whether we should have transgendered people in the military. Instead, let’s just look on with incredulity at the pushback against this order from President Trump—pushback from seemingly normal people.

Criticizing Trump’s transgendered ban is the new coin of the realm in PC world.  All you have to do is go on TV with a stern expression and say something like, “I honor all who serve for our country, and they all deserve our respect.”  If you yourself are ex-military, why you are now giving moral force to this latest advance of Cultural Marxism.  In other words, you are using your military credentials to whore yourself out for a pat on the head from the MSM.  For shame!

Let’s take a step back: What kind of person is motivated to join the army?  One would expect someone with a kind of macho disposition, a man’s man.  The military sells itself on a whole array of benefits: gaining skills, pride, career, love of country; and for minorities, just straight up gibs.  After all, our Black subculture is not exactly brimming with patriotism.

It’s amazing, then, to witness the high-level brass in the military *resisting* our President’s rather common-sense ban on transgendered people.

And where is General Mattis on this?  I thought our Secretary of Defense was such a tough guy. “Mad Dog Mattis” is yet to give a word of support to President Trump.  Instead, all we hear is how “surprised” he was by Trump’s tweet, and how he was “caught off guard.”  Gee Mattis, is it really that hard to comprehend?  No transgendered soldiers—got it?  How else shall we explain this to you?

If a Fucking White Male is against banning trannies from the military, one may presume he’s either a homosexual or cucking very hard indeed! Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Paul Zukunft is apparently engaging in the latter; he promised not to “break faith” with any of the 13 trannies currently serving in the Coast Guard by implementing Trump’s tranny ban.  And now he’s a hero!

Eternal foe of common sense and by extension the Alt-Right, John McCain, signaled hard against the tranny ban right out of the gate:

 I do not believe that any new policy decision is appropriate until that study is complete and thoroughly reviewed by the Secretary of Defense, our military leadership, and the Congress.

Yes, we must continue to “study” this issue.  How often do such studies ever reach a conclusion that is against the further advance of the Cultural Marxist agenda?  I vividly recall a Marine Corp study which showed that women were a complete drag on combat troops, and yet now we have women cavorting around in the military, instead of just acting as nurses—or prostitutes for amorous soldiers perhaps.

A letter from over 50 retired generals and admirals implored Trump not to make this move:

This proposed ban, if implemented, would cause significant disruptions, deprive the military of mission-critical talent and compromise the integrity of transgender troops who would be forced to live a lie, as well as non-transgender peers who would be forced to choose between reporting their comrades or disobeying policy.

Aside from all of the faux-arguments above, how could one be a general, with the mindset we would traditionally associate with a general, and be an advocate for transgendered people to be in the military?  It is completely dissonant with the hard-ass image one has of a general.   Didn’t drill sergeants used to mock soldiers by calling them “faggots” and “pussies” and so forth?  I mean, how do they even insult each other anymore?

Ultimately, all of these military officials and politicians counter-signaling Trump’s transgender ban are simply reflecting the cultural zeitgeist. They perceive which side the media/Hollywood complex is on, and their morality is informed accordingly.  There’s no critical thinking going on here. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t laugh at these shills as they cuck for such a ridiculous cause.

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  • They’re all faggots these days.

    Or they might be Satanists. That’s the only thing that could explain it in my view. If 30% of politicians in D.C. are paedophiles then there must be at least 50 paedophile generals. So there you have it, they’re probably Satanist paedophiles, nothing else could explain such levels of faggotry.

    We need to purge the entire system.

  • I’m no prophet. I’ve just read the end of the book. This great country of ours, God is giving us all one last chance to save our nation and the world for our children and their children’s children. At the final trump. (Trump!) If we fail to repent as a united country right now… well, it looks like we’re not going to after all. How very sad and terrifying. Especially for our kids. The FEMA camps await us all because the only thing that is required for evil to reign is for good men to do nothing. Did we not learn from the horrors of Nazi Germany, at least enough to not let ourselves repeat this BullS&!t? Nope. Pride comes before a fall. Our country is at war with itself and a house divided shall not stand. Our citizens are not humbling themselves to God and seeking His face. Instead, we are creating warring factions amongst ourselves, just like the countries we went to war for, were doing. We have taken our eyes off of God and now have become just like them. We will not get another chance and it’s gone too far. Our love for each other has grown cold. Amerigeddon is coming. Fast and pray and seek His face while there is yet time.

  • Forget about the trannies — it doesn’t even make sense to have women in the military in anything other than auxiliary roles. Sometime between the 1970s and now all common sense was thrown away in the military.

  • Appealing to trannies and fags is how ZOG is pushing the military left. Also, by paying for trannies surgery, it’s a form of bribery. It’s the biggest “gibs” of all. It’s going to attract people who ae more interested in the surgery than serving our country. It will be the only reason they join — which is what ZOG wants.

  • The US needs to get taken down a few notches once true globalization is achieved. If letting all the freaks in weakens the cabal’s “heavies” the more the better it would seem, but it is all “part of the plan.” Smedley Butler said it best in “War is a Racket”. He admitted in being the heavy or hired gun for international finance his entire career. Once the cabal gains total victory or makes peace with Eurasia, there will be no need of the US military, other than policing America itself. Worse yet, once the parasite sucks the US dry, we as a nation are expendable. We really don’t make anything anymore, and our populace is starting to resemble the one out of “Idiocracy”.

  • If Kay Grigg’s 6+ hour interview about her knowledge of homosexuality in the upper ranks of the army is to be believed, we may have a problem!

  • Transsexuality is a Mental Illness……


    That Navy Seal She-Male is not a Woman…….

    Everyone can see the Obvious……

    But, Zhir…….


  • You have to look at the Unified Theory of Diversity here:

    What do blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, South Asians, feminists, gays and transgenders all have in common? They have the job, literally, of making normal white people’s lives worse.

    Transgenders come in especially handy for that because they creep out normal white people. They make us uncomfortable by gaslighting us – their enforced presence in our lives makes us question our understanding of man’s nature, the evidence of our senses and even our sanity.

    I guess our elites got bored with telling us that 2 + 2 = 5, so now they’ve switched over to ordering us to believe that men can become women.

    • Good point about the Gaslighting. Transgenderism attacks our sanity in a way homosexualism didn’t really do.

    • The best way to stop the gaslight is to see videos that document the procedures on men and women and read a scientific article on the second with pictures I might add!

      I don’t link anything, I don’t hate anyone from here to put him through that.

      For the man to woman it was fairly easy but while I was watching the video I was sitting like a girl with my legs as tight to protect a specific area that started shivering!

      The woman transformation to a man was the more gut-wrenching:

      I ‘ll only say that the made up penis from A SKINNED PART OF THE LEG OR THE ARM!!! still makes me shiver.

      After any of you watches or learns of such procedures lives the shock, the gaslight will be broken, and propagates it to most that is possible most people will be seeing a tranny and know that this people required psychological treatment!

  • We need to allow this house of cards to collapse. The sooner the better. We just need to prepare ourselves and be in a position to seize power when the collapse happens.

  • Ha ha ha ha. Screw you, Idiots , all of you……. dumb ass delusionals. Ha ha ha ha. Bannon is getting tossed and your orange froggie is falling apart. So much for all your brilliant conspiracy drooling and jerking off. Bunch off losers the alt right. Ha ha ha

    • OMG DRUMPF IS FINISHED – increasingly desperate anti Trumper for the five trillionth time this year

      • Don’t waste time giving attention to shitlibs. Let them make their stupid comments and then cry when they realize nobody cares or pays them any attention.

  • The military is running on fumes from the past when it was still a real military. I just wonder how long before the fumes run out. At the rate they’re going, not long.

  • At least 14 (going by first names) and possibly 18 (out of 56) of the retired flag officers signing the letters are female. Almost all (maybe every single one) of those is without doubt a lesbian. One would hope Trump will counter with a much larger list of flag officers who support the ban, but I don’t have a lot of confidence in Trump, and even less in the military, at this point.

  • When the European civil war starts, do you want the American military being a competent killing machine that will annihilate Europeans in defense of jews and Muslims, or do you want it to be as dysfunctional and inept as possible so our people stand a chance against ZOG?

    • This would also be a really good time for European countries to start beefing up their military’s, since Trump said he wanted to see them pay their fair share of NATO, that would give Europe the cover they need to start preparing for the coming HABBENING.

    • As an accelerationist I think that fags, trannies as well as handicaps and retards should all be allowed in the military.

      • Don’t worry they’ll get to retards next. I mean they’ve already let nogs in so it’s not that much of a stretch to have down syndrome kids on the front lines.

    • The ‘worse is better’ doctrine lays in a false premise: “if the situation gets really worse the normies will wake up and start hanging their enemies from the nearest trees” is just wrong and false. Just look at France: are the people there revolting against evil? are the frenchman hanging their opressors for the nearest tree? Of course not, they are being governed by jews, fags, femibitches and receiving the non-white invaders with their arms (and legs in the case of women) open.

      Just talk with your average white European millennial, they simply don’t give a flying fuck about their race, culture and civilization; they are too busy doing drugs, fucking each other, going shopping, taking selfies and updating their Facebook status.

      Every step to reverse or stop (momentarily) the decadence, no matter how little, is just a little of breathing space for us to get out shit together and start working towards the only goal: obtaining political power by whatever means necessary and eliminate the enemies of the race.

      • I completely agree that if things just get worse and we do nothing in the meantime we’ll be screwed but we are doing things and we gotta keep it up. So while the ZOG military machine continues to poz itself, we’ll be getting our ducks in a row.

      • If Europe doesn’t wake up, then it won’t matter who comprises the US military, as it’ll just die a slow, tortuous death on its own.

      • The military is different than the general society though

        A white nationalist president who wasn’t able to actually reverse ongoing trends might actually be quite wise to weaken the military as much as possible and even to start getting rid of the WMDs, to keep them from being used by future anti-white administrations

        This is not politically feasible for Trump, but as of 2017 it is still more likely that the US military will eventually be used against us, rather than on our behalf.

        It’s kind of a difficult question though, so I can’t fault people who want to try and fix it

      • I ‘d add only that the mentality of the phrase breeds inaction and allows us to become passive by allowing us to make ourselves believe that we are doing something! It makes in verbatim only our losses to successes! This phrase should be dropped and instead if one wants to base himself on the normies he needs outreach programs… which even if every normie is with us it won’t matter much they are too fearful to still act.

        I ‘d give my money more on us making counter structures and preparing very slowly for a revolution firtst aimed at the government THEN at the non-white invaders! Women will be the easier to turn around after the “witches” have been removed they ‘d fear us but still they ‘d procreate with us… ain’t that happening with many of them and the invaders!

        If one is to give any consideration for a generation that is Zers from reports they tend to become more conservative than their parents what does this means though is a different thing in its entirety.

        Millennials are broken to the highest degree! I am a millennial and so I can attest this in Greece the millennial generation was the first that might make Greece into an atheistic and liberal country while it used to be of the most religious and conservative just even 10 years ago! Plus for some reason they god gay voices

    • No, I pray that won’t happen. By that point they’ll be too red pilled to ever support such a war.

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