Drag Queen Story Hour Is A Jewish Invention To Pervert Young Children

Anyone browsing through social media these past few months has likely seen mentions of Drag Queen Story Hour, perhaps even watched videos like the following, where a fat, weak-chinned middle-aged Jewish pervert slathers on some foundation, turquoise eyeshadow and pink lipstick, straps a foam-filled bra around his midsectional flab, throws on a silver-sequined gown and a giant curly clown wig, renames himself Lil Miss Hot Mess, and sashays off on high-heels to a library to teach dozens of small children about the wonders of sexual deviance.

“Drag queens and children don’t usually get together, which I think is a shame and one of the benefits of a program like this,” quote Lil Miss Hot Mess during one of the story hours. “It’s the final frontier for drag queens! Kids don’t have the baggage of gender; they’re full of excitement around play and glamour.”

The events are now held every month at the Brooklyn Public Library, to the undoubted pleasure of the library’s diversity-loving Director of Youth and Family Services, a lady with the nice, inconspicuous name of Judy Zuckerman.

Certainly, after this it can come as no surprise to learn that the creator of Drag Queen Story Hour is a Jewish lesbian former sex-worker-turned-author named Michelle Tea (Tomasik) whose express purpose is to introduce toddlers to the concept of gender fluidity. Since the program’s 2015 inception in San Francisco, it has been spreading to libraries across the United States at a frustratingly fast rate, and has also reached London. Self-proclaimed feminists, alternative families, and gullible single mothers gleefully riding the anti-white progressive tide comprise most of the crowds at the events, and mainstream media are naturally poised and ready to manufacture articles gushing about the “fun” new way to teach children tolerance and love.

“Do you all know what a drag queen is? Drag queens are amazing. They get to do fun things like dance and sing and travel and play dress-up with their drag-queen friends. And they’re all feminists.”

That bit of humor is from Michelle Tea, while personally introducing one of the story hours in New York. Many of the attending parents’ derangement becomes apparent when reading about them dressing their children for the events in small shirts with leftist slogans on them like “The Future is Female”, or listening to stories of their reluctance in allowing their children to exhibit normal male and female behaviors. In the minds of these parents, gender is determined by what one thinks or feels at a particular moment. Human biological realities can change any time with hardly a warning, the only thing that matters is what one “dreams” or “believes”.

Take these two parents. One is a mother who struggles with allowing her six-year-old daughter to watch cartoons designed for girls. Because heaven forbid she may grow up to be a respectable mother and wife instead of the ideal childless, marketing department cubicle shrew…

“She got really into watching ‘Barbie: Life in the Dream House,’ ” Aimee said. “How could I tell her not to watch it? It has a thousand girls and only, like, two boys in it. I would be teaching her that shows about girls are bad.”

Another mother took her autistic nine-year-old son to a story hour in London held during the gay pride festival. A drag queen named Mz. Affra-Tighty read a book titled Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress which is about a boy who dresses in girls clothing, gets bullied by evil cisgendered classmates, but refuses to change his ways. What an empowering classic!

Meet Mz. Affra-Tighty: your child’s new role model.

“I love drag queens. They are talented and unique and do whatever they want and do their dreams,” said nine-year-old Nolan. His mother said being at Pride events helps her son feel more included.

“When he comes to Pride he sees that these drag queens are living life how they want to – colourful. They don’t fit societal norms and he feels like that’s okay because he’s welcome and he’s happy and he gets to be who he needs to be,” said Alicia Hollingsworth.

In order to grasp this program’s true degenerate depths, let’s take a more thorough look at creator Michelle Tea. As mentioned before, she is a 46-year-old Jewish lesbian writer from San Francisco who married a masculine lesbian named Dashiell Lippman in 2013, and had a baby boy in 2014 through artificially inseminating herself with a Jewish gay man’s sperm. Her son, now two, is treated like a social engineering experiment, and even before he was conceived, Michelle described her desire for a gay Jewish baby in a weekly column she wrote for liberal women’s lifestyle website from 2011 to 2015:

“Oh my god oh my god oh my god! I had my donor! A 20-something, adorable, attractive, artistic, intelligent, politically conscious, super funny gay boy! Who is also Jewish — bonus! I don’t know why Jewish should be a bonus actually, but it just feels special, right? Everyone knows Jewish people are special. My gay Jewish baby is going to be totally amazing!”

When her son begin to display interest in sporty activities and toys, Michelle expressed distinct distaste, as can be seen in this short Buzzfeed video about her. “I’m constantly trying to queer my relationship with him and get him to wear tutus, but he hates it. He’s just like, ‘No.’”

Her column, Getting Pregnant with Michelle Tea, reads like a rejected Amy Schumer monologue and consists of a never-ending stream of talk on drugs, sex, drag queens, potential Jewish sperm donors, astrological signs, anti-depressants and experiences with multiple personal therapists. This is what women’s magazines have devolved into, braindead articles with titles like Trump Winning the Election Has Put a New Strain on My Interracial Relationship. Degeneracy and mental illness have become fully normalized, even expected.

In the end, Drag Queen Story Hour is child abuse, a psychological tactic to cause gender confusion and sexualize children, especially boys, from an early age. Parents who have already bought into the LGBT lobby’s deceptive slogans leave their children vulnerable to trannies and pedophiles, not to mention putting them at risk for a lifetime of depression and mental illness.

The main targets are indisputably white boys. Everywhere in life they will face opposition growing up. Their male role models are being taken from them in all forms of the media and replaced with a multicultural brigade fighting against some symbolic form of white oppression, their father figures are being smeared by bitter women as incompetent, lazy fools, their natural boisterous behavior is being crushed and suppressed with drugs from the start of elementary school. And this isn’t even half of the struggles they will face as they go on to colleges, the workplace, and initiate potential relationships with girls who’ve been similarly fed lies all their lives on the benefits of being unrepentingly loud, argumentative, and fat.

What we are witnessing here with Drag Queen Story Hour is a small, but clear example of a program designed to destroy traditional families, lower the birthrate, and put the dysfunctional drug-addled adult masses of the future at the complete mercy of the state. That’s what Michelle Tea’s invention is about, and this is why I urge the Alt-Right to pay particular attention to young boys and to act as the role models they will desperately crave. Today’s boys will need father figures, leaders, gentlemanly mentors, and heroes. Even if we don’t succeed in having children of our own for whatever reason, we can’t stand by and let the individuals and groups mentioned in this article continue abusing and recruiting innocent white children. Just think, it is our children who will represent the culmination of our beliefs and struggles today. Either they will step bravely forth in our people’s interests, armed with the knowledge of Evola and Faye, or they will weakly parrot the ideas of people like Michelle Tea, who wondered the following out loud:

“Like, why is Old McDonald, like, a guy? Why couldn’t it be a lesbian farmer?”

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.


  • This has nothing to do with Judaism. You must realize that the Jewish people have been at civil war since the early 1700s. Traditional, Torah-Judaism is AGAINST homosexuality and all sexual perversion. There is a group that masquerades as Jews, who promote all this garbage with the goal of destroying all people of faith. Do not be fooled. Torah Jews stand against this filth.

  • More child abuse… and more on the way.

    It’s time for normal people to crack the whip again and send this crowd scurrying back under their rocks.

  • This crap pisses me off. However, they can’t fight nature completely, no matter what they do. Your chromosomes are what they are. I don’t care what is said. XY makes you a male. Period .And, regardless the operations you undergo, the hormones you take, etc. You cannot birth a baby. Therefore, you are still a dude. Albeit,an extremely screwed up looking one.

    So, why are we putting up with this crap? This whole gay, trans stuff is ridiculous! When do we just say: “Oh Hell No!”

  • Drag Queens and Transgenders are offensive but they are completely different. Drag Queens are usually men who dress like women
    Transgenders are people who have had their genitals surgically removed in order to “become” the other gender.

  • Do everything you can to take as much out of the system while contributing as little as possible and do everything you can to weaken the rotten structure The West has become.

  • And why do these “gender queer” people judge gender identity on clothing? Why is Old MacDonald a “guy” just because he’s wearing men’s clothing? Why can’t a man who identifies as a woman wear men’s clothing? “Cis gendered” women can wear men’s clothing and no one questions their “identity”. These hypocrites still recognize male and female whether they want to admit it to themselves or not. They recognize clothing styles and haircuts as exclusively “male” and “female”, and use those clothing labels to make “gender statements” about themselves. It makes no sense if one is using their logic. Not all straight women wear makeup and dresses and have long hair. So why is it that “transgender” men trying to be women do? It’s as if they think gender is defined by clothing, and if a man puts on a dress and wears makeup, he IS a woman. That’s a powerful insult to actual women. These people are completely insane.

  • Most of the drag queen revues, brothels, sex shops, und so weiter in Weimar Germany were owned by Jews. So history repeats itself…

  • Revenge is a cold dish served in Hell! Everything they have pushed on us they will get paid back and charged with interest. Just wait and see. The future jew will be of eurasian-negroid stock. In features similar to those of the ancient egyptians. And that will only be the beginning. They better start practicing oy vey-kvetching already now.

  • Here’s a great discussion on the homosexual issue:

    Grace & Steel Ep. 87 – The Costs of Homosex

  • Greatly written but because of all the bad news in the article it was hard to read! Ugh! Yes, it’s true, (((they))) want white boys to be faggots. The Alt Right is growing so fast that we cannot begin to count! These young people will have many children in decades to come. The degenerate sickness will be fought.

  • Indeed, homomania is now bigger than Christianity, and it is Christians who seek the blessing of holy homos to faptize their churches with the benediction of teletubby homo colors.

    You have to know the ‘charm’ words and the ‘harm’ words.

    ‘Gay’ is a charm word. ‘White male’ is a harm word.

    So, your personal, political, or material interest must be presented as being aligned with charm words while maligning peoples and ideas associated with harm words.

    So, if mass immigration is good for Jews, homos, and blacks AND bad for white males, then it must be good by rules of current charminology.

    Of course, the biggest charm word is ‘racism’. If you want attention, just associate ‘racism’ with anything. If you’re just an environmentalist, most people will ignore you. But if you say you oppose ‘environmental racism’, then you gain center stage. Salt-and-pepper anything with ‘racism’.
    A new charm word is ‘cultural appropriation’, a kind of ‘racism’. So crusade against taco joints or Hawaiian-themed restaurants and believe yourself to be doing progod’s work.

    And if you’re a neo-imperialist who wants expansion of US power, people will ignore you or even oppose you. But if you say your agenda is pro-Israel and pro-liberal democracy, then you are a saint, a crusader, a hero. It’s like that lowlife toady imperialist Francis Fukuyama always justifies the agenda of his masters by invoking ‘liberal world order’, the charm of faking.

  • Today, Jews think and act not unlike the British Imperialists of old Jews are only a majority in Israel. While Jews want a Jewish state in Israel, their power and influence are precarious in all other nations. Why? Because there are few or no Jews in most gentile nations. Nationalism is a barrier to Jewish penetration and takeover. So, in order for Jews to take over the entire world(by using American neo-imperialism controlled by Jewish elites), Jews must convince the entire world to ‘Americanize’ as America goes from a white nation to a non-white one. So, America is to turn non-white, and Europe is to ‘Americanize’. And then, all other gentile nations must dilute their national identities and formulate a new shared globo-imperial identity based on Americanism that says anyone can become anyone almost overnight based on ‘rule of law’ as devised by Jewish globalist lawyers. And the new shared neo-religion for all peoples must be worship of Homomania since Anno Sodomini.

  • US may be divided but it seems to be uniting under Homomania or Queertianity, the neoligion funded and promoted by Jews.

    Now, even Catholics support ‘gay marriage’ by a super-majority. Yes, even Catholics believe venerable bio-moral institution of marriage should be conflated with homo fecal penetration and tranny genital mutilation.

    Today, the church worships the homo.

    And even Trump justified his ‘Muslim Ban’ on protecting homos in night clubs grinding their asses.

    So, divided as the nation is, most seem united on the Holy Three: Jews, Negroes, and Homos.

    Everyone is for Israel, which should be called Sodomia as it is big on homo degeneracy.
    Everyone is for Magic Negroes. Everyone worships MLK and lionizes black athletes and rappers. And one thing Dems and Repubs are agreed on is that ‘racism’ is the worst thing, and of course ‘racism’ only has meaning in relation to blacks. After all, Trump could get away with bashing Mexicans, Muslims, Iranians, and Chinese.
    And now, everyone is for the holy homo. Where is the opposition to homos? GOP knows that Jews are behind homos, and since GOP worships Jews, it cannot effectively oppose the homo agenda.

    Now, US-UK-France-Germany-Ireland-etc have ‘gay marriage’. Even conservatives rarely denounce this rot. Indeed, the opposition was totally silent as the cancer of homo agenda spread through the US.

    And where was the resistance to tearing down Confederate monuments? Trump said nothing. GOP did nothing. History was erased while this nation elevates gangster rappers, globalist imperialists, and homo degenerates.

    (Given many northern generals were involved in ‘genocide’ of Indians, I suppose their monuments should come down too.)

    There is no real divide in the US. Indeed, Trump won whereas Buchanan’s presidential run went nowhere because, whereas Buchanan stood for real moral principles, Trump was all about bluster and style. He wasn’t really for any moral position. And that’s why he was appealing to many Americans who are immoral or amoral. Even many Trump voters are into ‘gay marriage’ and that nonsense.

    This is a degenerate nation.

    Anyway, the reason why the nation seems divided is because Jews control the media. And they hate Trump and what he stands for: a nascent awakening of gentile majority consciousness.
    So, they’ve been hyping all this craziness.
    If not for Jewish control of media and its endless hysteria about Trumpenfuhrer, most of the furor would have died down by now.

  • Queertianity is essentially ‘Jewish Christianity’.

    Just like Jews replaced European elites with Jewish elites and now seek to replace European masses with Third World ‘New Europeans’, their spiritual aim is to replace Christianity(the spiritual source of European power) with Queertianity that mocks, apes, and replaces Christianity.

    So, Jesus might as well be a woman, and a Mary might as well be a man.

    Get a load of this:

    A homo fecal penetrator into ‘gay’ poo-ride talks about punishing the ‘wicked’. He uses religious lingo. So, what is ‘wicked’? Defense of true marriage rooted in biology and morality.
    What is holy? Celebration of homo men who do fecal penetration and trannies who hire doctors to carry out frankenstein medicine of genital mutilation far uglier than female clitoris removal in African nations. American religiosity has gone from Sermon on the Mount to Sodom on the Mount. Sexual deviants and perverts are preaching to normal decent people not only about morality(which would be funny enough) but about spirituality. Oh yes, the ‘wicked’.

    It goes to show how useless secular culture has become in the West. It is neo-religious with new angels and new devils, new sacraments and new taboos. If you don’t support ‘gay marriage’ or ‘same-sex marriage’, you are ‘wicked’ and must be hunted down. Now, Conservatives have been supporting Big Business and Big Money all these yrs, but it is Big Bucks that are behind the Buttfu**s.

    Homomania or Queertianity is the new religion of the West. It is what most ‘secular’ people go gaga over. Dawkins and Maher mock religious people(and yes, some religious people are truly wacky), but the secularist worship of the golden calf of sodom and mammon is even more ridiculous since it is worship of decadent vanity of homos and trannies. People get so passionate, weepy-eyed, and worked up over the Cult of the Holy Homo.

    The West went from Gay Rights to Gay Rites. The new homily is the homoly. To be ‘saved’(and maybe shaved), you need Gay on your side. Even the word ‘pride’ has been made synonymous with homosexuality. It used to be ‘gay pride’, a ridiculous enough idea as who wants to associate pride with fecal penetration and genital mutilation? But now, just say ‘pride’, and it’s the domain of homos.

    Many people wanted to be nice to homos and offer them tolerance. But they failed to realize the homo nature. Homos are vain, narcissistic, hissy, and bitchy. They are very jealous and demanding. They prefer fantasy over reality, artifice over nature. So, if a some tranny says he is a ‘woman’, not only does he fool himself that he is a diva but he demands that we better agree too. And homos feel as members of some elite society of natural aristocrats with style and flair deserving of praise and admiration from straight serfs and peons.
    It is no wonder that Jews have forged the closest alliance with homos since Jews have similar personality traits: chutzpah, cult of specialness, self-righteousness, supremacism, and holy victim mentality. And what better way to destroy deep-rooted gentile spiritual systems like Christianity and Islam with the neo-religion of Queertianity and Homoslam?
    Also, Jews and homos are both for the normalization of minority-elite-supremacism. And Jewish Power and Homo Power are both diaspora power. Jews have settled all over the world, and homos sprout in all parts of the world. Except for Israel, there is no Jewish nation. And there is no homo nation. So, Jewish power and Homo power is about gaining minority supremacist privileges over what are mostly gentile/straight nations.

    So, in social politics, always know the nature of the people you’re dealing with. If homos had a saner personality, they would have stopped at Tolerance, the acceptance by straight society that homos are born that way and should be allowed to be free in their deviancy.
    But homos have a vain, narcissistic, queenie-meanie, and neo-aristocratic personality, and once they got some power, they began to demand more and more and more. And homos were bound to become fabulously rich since they are so predominant in vanity and vice industries of pop culture and fashion. They are rolling in ill-gotten profits from peddling opium to the masses. And they got the backing of Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Silicon Valley that are dominated by Jewish oligarchs.

    But in the end, Homomania will fail for the same reason the Golden Calf did. If we look past the fanfare, festivity, fake colors, and fandom, there is nothing there there. There is nothing holy about narcissistic homos and vain trannies. There is nothing moral about ‘gay marriage’ that equates a homo man’s anus with a woman’s vagina. There is nothing sane about pretending that a man’s penis and balls have been magically transformed into a ‘vagina’. And preferring escapist fantasy over sober reality cannot be the basis of real culture and values.

    Stupid Conservatives talk about the need to protect homos from Sharia, but what we really need is to protect sane decent people from Homomaniacs and Poo-Ride supremacists. From Gayria.

  • If ‘red-pilled’ means to be shaken awoke by confrontation with reality, it is only the first step.

    The next step must be to detox and deprogram the Pan-European Mind of the Glob Virus.

    The Mind must be red-queened.

  • I’m guessing that whoever took this program to London libraries is REALLY careful about which neighborhoods the libraries are in. There aren’t that many places left in London where this sort of presentation will not get them in serious hot water with the vibrant natives.

  • From the NYer article:
    Many of the kids, who ranged in age from newborn to five years old, wore tiny T-shirts showcasing their parents’ favorite bands (Nirvana, David Bowie) or political views (one read, “The Future Is Female”).

    This really highlights that these events are more about entertaining parents of tots rather than the tots dragged along. Toddlers are more intuitive than people realize and they all must know on some level this is weird, and I’m sure most are visibly creeped out and not fit to photograph. One of mine used to get creeped out by normal people in wheelchairs, probably would have burst into a tantrum if a freak in garish makeup started reading Dr. Seuss.

    All of these blue-hair freaks thinking they can re-program their kids by exposing them to the weird tastes they acquired as adults are fooling themselves. The teenage rebellion phase is going to cataclysmic for these folks. A 3-year-old biological female who’s been raised as a genderfree is going to declare that she wants to be a housewife, giving all three of her dadmoms heart attacks.

  • Does anybody here have the guts to do some real activism? Make some posters, find these libraries and the days set for this shot, and cover every square inch of these libraries with posters concerning the FACTS about tyrannies and how what these subhuman are doing to their children is child abuse.

  • LOL that photo, one could almost say dragging your tot to a drag queen reading is the last stand of implicit whiteness. One could troll them into shutting down by pointing out the lack of diversity in the crowd. Make them bus in some blacks, squatemalans, and muzzies and insist that the stories be read in other languages like Spanish and Arabic.

    • No. What he was saying is; lets tackle things in an order that will bring us to the best outcome for our people. Everyone was wanting Trump to overturn gay marriage. We wanted him to stop immigration, wars in the middle east, anti-white movements, etc. When we get all of those things under control the rest will be easy! Like over turning gay marriage.

  • On the subject of trannies, Megyn Kelly might be one. Think of it this way: If a mainstream network thought it could get away with presenting a tranny as a woman, don’t you think it would? It is not a question of whether. It is a question of when and how many. Megyn Kelly is the only news person I can think of who seems like a possible tranny. Given the proclivities of the (((people))) in charge of the networks, isn’t it likely that she is one?

      • If you think that anyone with an adam’s apple must be a man, then you have to suspect Ann Coulter. I am not sure that only men can have an adam’s apple, however. With Megyn Kelly, it is a combination of things, including small breasts, a masculine face, and her mannerisms. When I first saw her on TV, her mannerisms reminded me of Shepard Smith.

        • Some women have issues with their thyroid. It swells & resembles an Adams apple. But still look! The thyroid is thicker & more rounded.

        • “When I first saw her on TV, her mannerisms reminded me of Shepard Smith.”

          Perhaps that’s because you have exceedingly poor powers of observation. They are nothing at all alike.

          • It was something subtle about the way they both look into the camera.

            Now get lost, troll.

          • A subtlety that I’m sure only you can detect.

            You don’t seem to know what a troll is either. You fit that bill better than I do, clown.

      • Most of these idle speculations about this or that woman being a tranny can be quashed by simply googling up their high-school pictures. Ann Coulter is clearly a woman and always has been. Megyn Kelly also. Michelle Obama too.

        • If you look up Michelle Obama’s high school pictures you will see that she’s always been a gorilla.

    • You are “supposedly” named Ed. And ostensibly a person. But I don’t believe it.

      Can you prove you exist?

    • Megyn Kelly sucked a lot of cock to get to where she is today. I bet she’s chugalugged about a gallon of other men’s spunk over the years.

  • If jews want to turn their children into sexually-mutilated freaks, that’s fine, but they don’t get to do it to ours.

  • lol the way shit’s going, future people will look back at the 90’s the same way we look back at the 50’s.

    • The 90s were weird but I already feel nostalgia. The reality hadn’t matched the filth being spewed on MTV and film yet.

      • Men dressing up as women or having sex with each other we’re still seen as punchlines. It does make me doubt the sincerity of people who’ve embraced this degeneracy. They’re the same people who insist the south is just as racist 60 years after the civil rights movement.

  • Why are we even using this “sex worker” bullshit. A whore is a whore, end of story.
    Stop letting leftoids program you through language, it`s literally their most potent tool.

    • Whore is too vague a description to fit..
      She was involved with weird performing arts groups that tour the United States and do sex acts on stage.

      • See, that`s one step away from NAXALTing. Just call her an exhibitionist whore if you really want to specify and move on.

    • Lol when I hear “sex worker” the lowest of the low comes to my mind! For whatever reason “whore” has been glamorized by the left. Especially by these gross trannies!

  • When society becomes this immoral, decadent and degenerate, the only thing to do is burn society down and build something new, that isn’t complete shit, above the ashes.

    Meanwhile in Canada…

    • I talked with a (white) canuck the other day, male, late 20’s, college educated. For some reason the conversation touched the gay marriage matter, and I couldn’t refrain myself (I usually avoid political discussion with normies) and said that I don’t support fags marrying and adopting children. This canuck started (literally) to preach (no kidding) that the traditional family was responsible for racism, sexism and antisemitism.

      I don’t know what’s in the water there, but certainly its turning canucks into PCzombies.

      • No kidding, especially since this guy apparently thinks that racism, sexism, and antisemitism are bad things.

        • The amazing aspect of that is that even some average joe is pathologizing the traditional family, and that comes from the Frankfurt School. The brainwash is so deep that your average joe is educated in the axioms of the FS.

          • Yes and unfortunately there are some who are terminal and we have to write them off. This guy you mentioned seems like such a case.

      • Yeah, the POZ is severe in Toronto especially. There is still hope for other parts of the country, but if someone contaminated the Toronto water supply I honestly wouldn’t care… Just give me the heads up lol.

      • I’d have replied, “What you call racism, sexism, and antisemitism was a lot healthier for individuals and society than what you’re promoting now.”

        • In fact, the first thing in my mind after he said that was stabbing his jugular with my little but sharp knife….but there was witnesses around.

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