Sympathy For Scaramucci

Richard Spencer
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  • Trump’s election was noted by some bright sparks as the chance to avoid a civil war.

    Perhaps it just delayed it.

    The US will turn into South Africa if the decline of white people does not reverse immediately.

  • You’d be a fool to accept an appointment from Donald Chump. It requires total divestment so you can toe the line trying to keep his ego inflated long enough to accomplish anything, always wondering if you’ll hear the classic “your fired” before you can. I had hopes for Chump, but he can’t get over himself long enough to learn how to govern and steamroll the libshits into the garbage bin of history.

  • I like him, but he’s a fucking idiot. This isn’t a fucking reality TV show. Have some fucking self awareness. Wops have very little of that.

  • I think you have to pay attention to the MSM to even be aware of this guy. I realized my salvation didn’t lie with being MSM, in fact, just the opposite. We really don’t need Jew news to survive and in my world, you don’t have to apologize for Roman saluting

    • I agree with this J_Bonaccorsi_Philadelphia. The scale of the defeat he suffered in the House and Senate over the latest Russian sanctions shows that Trump is finished politically. He was literally forced to sign off this immoral Act, a little like signing his own death warrant, and he meekly did it, with a bit of tut-tutting, knowing full well that ALL the accusations against the Russians are lies.

      He will be impeached for XXXX (fill in any Deep State lies you like here) and the 2/3 majority in the Senate are itching to get it done. It would be much more appropriate for to start publishing articles on “Life under Pence” because that is what is on the horizon. Dmitry Medvedev summarised Trump’s position very well with 2 tweets and Trump is a “dead man walking” and he’ll be lucky to stay out of prison.

      • Trump’s a strange case–unique, in world history. He seems to have come into the presidency with no understanding at all of governance, not merely of American governance but of governance in general, as it has been seen since ancient Mesopotamia. That a person with such a limited grasp of human affairs has had the business success that he’s had is a riddle.

        • I feel this is slightly unfair. I’m not American so Trump probably knows more about US government than me. It could have worked except for one tiny detail. The globalists took one look at his populist/nationalist inclinations and agreed that he would simply have to go, one way or another, and started pulling a few metaphorical leavers.

          Their display of power has been quite remarkable. I don’t believe his IQ, basic English skills or political knowhow would have made much difference. The role of the GOP is the most despicable here, but then, we all knew that. They want to get back to tax breaks for the rich, foreign wars, destroying Russia/Syria/Iran, the “free market” destruction of American workers’ lives and most importantly their replacement with immigrants. He might still get a lucky break somehow but the chances are vanishingly small, and what could it be? Mueller will create something from nothing and the Senate will shake their heads and flush him away. How will Trump defeat an indictment that is based in fiction?

          I find it hard to watch him now. It’s like watching a man on the scaffold, waiting for the trapdoors to spring open. I believe he genuinely wanted to do the right thing, by that I mean the populist/nationalist thing.

          • As odd as it may sound, after what I typed above, I don’t completely disagree with what you say. Yes, you’re right: no matter what had been his traits, Trump couldn’t have made much difference; but when I say he has no grasp of governance, I mean he’s unaware of that very fact, i.e., that he couldn’t have made much of a difference.

            You’re wrong, I think, in believing that Trump knows more about US government than you do. I’ll say again: I think he has no sense of governance at all. I think he has no sense of how a Hammurabi or an Elizabeth I conducted himself or herself. He has no sense that, say, a statute that was enacted under one of the English monarchs of old was numbered something like–and I’m just making this up, since I really don’t know the details–14 Elizabeth I 27, meaning the twenty-seventh statute enacted in the fourteenth year of the reign of Elizabeth I (or whatever are the details of the statutory nomenclature of England). You know as well as I do that a president doesn’t change, say, the U.S. military’s rule re transgender soldiers by tweeting about it. I’ll say that again: You know that. Any halfway intelligent high-school student knows that. Such a high-school student might not have Trump’s remarkable real-estate ability, but the said student knows that, as you and I know it.

            During the presidential campaign, a commenter at another website where I comment, said more than once that Trump is “a savant,” and that seems to me about right.

            Consider Trump’s reaction, during the presidential campaign, to the rush of allegations of sexual assault on his part. His reaction–which, to my mind, was very-little remarked-upon–was to insult the looks of one or two of the women. During at least one of his public rallies, in addition, he called all the women who were making the allegations liars–and I would say that the defamation lawsuit that has been brought by Summer Zervos, one of the women, is as much a threat to his presidency as is anything that his political enemies might be trying to direct against him.

            Can you honestly say that that seems normal to you? Can you think of any leader, anywhere, in all history, who conducted himself in such a way? Do you really think that that’s not an indication that Trump knows far less about the basics of human affairs than you do? I’d be very surprised if you really think that.

            The man is a bizarre phenomenon–unprecedented, I’ll say again. In a way, I share your view that he “genuinely wanted to do the right thing”–but he’s too muddled a personality for that really to count for anything.

          • I object to the Jewish or Democrat shrinks who have psychoanalysed him via video and pontificated that officially “He’s nuts.” However I do think he has a genuine difficulty with Language & Communication which goes beyond educational failings. Such conditions are multifaceted and impinge on performance in complicated ways including social behaviour. But so what. The champions of inclusion should be thrilled to have a President with a minor speech and language difficulty. It proves the US does not discriminate against such individuals. Doesn’t it?
            The decision of the Senate to stay in session “pro-forma” to prevent Trump appointing people who are loyal to him is the second BIG SIGN that the GOP Senators are happy to vote to impeach him. The first BIG SIGN was the huge Russia sanctions vote. I am expecting more BIG SIGNS in coming weeks. Apart from J Flake and L Graham the GOP Senators are concealing their absolute hatred for Trump and make conciliatory noises on camera. As we know, they are a bunch of slimy cowards. They rationalise their loathsome behaviour as being “For the Good of the Party” no doubt.
            I can see no reason at all for Trump not to sack Mueller, things could not get worse. It may wrong foot the globalists and create some new opportunities to attack them. I’m sure Congress would then seriously start the impeachment process but so what, they are going to do that anyway. I suspect Trump is a naïve man and may even believe that Mueller will be “honest”. Not a hope.

          • Well–I’m glad Hillary Clinton isn’t president. Let’s make sure that much is clear.

            I agree with you that Trump’s peculiarities go beyond educational failings; and in fact, I’d say his apparent educational defects are a result, not a cause, of his peculiarities. He either came into the world with or somehow acquired very early a unique cast of mind, which lies behind his business successes and his political inadequacy both.

            You’ll probably be disappointed when I say, as I’ve said at other websites, that I think Trump should be impeached. He deliberately took Comey aside, out of the hearing of others, and insinuated that he, Comey, should drop the Flynn investigation. That’s corruption. When Comey publicly said what Trump had said to him in the tête-à-tête, he, Trump, denied it. That’s being a bum–and you would certainly regard as a bum anyone who would take you aside in that way, suggest something illicit, and then to try to paint you as a liar if you were to call him on it. There’s no defending that.

            Since I don’t really follow–and have no understanding of–Washington politics, I can’t agree or disagree with your assessment of the actions of the GOP figures. Regardless, Trump’s political troubles are his own doing. Had he simply ignored the so-called Russia probe, nothing would have come of it. His having taken Comey aside to speak illicitly about it was a grave wrong; and even by Machiavellian standards, his tweet about supposed “tapes” of conversations between Comey and him was an error. Just as his calling the women who’d accused him of sexual assault liars opened the way for the Zervos defamation lawsuit, that tweet handed Comey an all-but-immediate opportunity to make public what had happened when Trump took him aside. He, Trump, is no chess master. (In fact, the inane tweet double-backfired on Trump because it inadvertently bolstered Comey’s credibility. That fact was apparently lost on Trump when, after Comey’s testimony, he, Trump, said the tweet had “kept [Comey] honest.” Eventually, the flailing Trump would tell the New York Times, to the contrary, that Comey’s testimony was “loaded up with lies.” It’s pathetic.)

            Since I know virtually nothing of Mueller, I don’t share your view that he will act in bad faith; but with respect to political trouble for Trump, that, as I’ve just said, is irrelevant. Trump has made one unbelievably foolish mistake after another, and since he’s not accomplishing anything for the white race anyway, the alt-right should stop talking about him and stop thinking about him, as I said in my original comment.

          • “You’ll probably be disappointed…” Hahaha. Very funny. Disgusted is the word. Over and out.

          • Brother, for you not being American you sure have a firm grasp of everything going on here.

          • I am still hopeful.If he is not on our side then why is the GOP and the Neo Cons trying their best to get rid of him?
            I am not an American,but remain hopeful of the AltRight.Race is all,we must continue with our struggle regardless of those who have the reins.The House of Cards is crumbling,the enemy is identified, we must preserve our culture,our people at all costs.

    • It’s ridiculous. The fact is Trump did more to remove Zionists from scrutiny than anything since the 911 psyop on the unwashed masses occurred

      • I think they are pretending Trump was ever sympathetic to racialists ideas. He wasn’t. He threw them a couple bones to get their votes
        Of course, the fact he’s talking about it seems to imply they are waiting for more bones to be thrown, anything to make racialists feel loved in the JWO.
        Keep dreaming or psyoping or whatever this is

  • cernovich was saying that no one will want to work for him for fear of being fired. who cares about jobs this is war. we stand or fall together. muh family wont protect you and you cant protect them

  • he said and did good things but it would have come with baggage. the deed is done and everyone can move on 🙂

  • Scaramucci has the personality we need in the AG position. Not that he’d have a chance getting approved by this RINO Congress.

  • Good take.

    Scaramucci seemed to raise the possibility of a shakeup and a change in tactics, while Kelly seems like a more pro-establishment, status quo choice.

    And the description of Trump as isolated but not independent seems correct.

    Trump hasn’t really fully betrayed us on any issue, but he seems to be in a very weak position, unable to accomplish much and surrounded by enemies, who are constantly urging him to betray his base, so he will have no support and can be destroyed.

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