Russia Needs To Finally Become Russian

Russia’s liberal intelligentsia really stands out from the crowd of regular liberals as we understand them in the West. The Russian liberal is defined by a sort of refined self-loathing. He looks at Russia and despairs. It’s too wild, too un-European for him. He wants to bring Russia up to European standards. Only he rarely has any conception of what European standards are, or what it means to be a European.

They are young, predominantly, but there are still old-school liberal intellectual cadres that form the intellectual backbone. They copy Western styles, which means Hipsterdom reigns among the chattering classes of St. Petersburg.

Ah yes, my beloved city. It has unfortunately been infested with Russian liberals since its founding. And now the Hipster plague is ravaging the city’s youth.

Last weekend I went to a birthday party. I was with some trendy bougy middle-class young adults. And we hit up some pretty snazzy places. Everyone looked fantastic. The girls there all had beautiful dresses that clung to their slim figures… and the men were well-put together as well I suppose.

Why do I hang out with these people you might ask? Well, if I’m honest with myself, it’s because I’m a Bobo too.

But at least I am in recovery…

The whole time was spent talking about Western movies, Western bands and they even found time to poke fun at a folk group whose troupe had come by their dacha in the suburbs of the city. They were all aghast that I had passed up on the chance to go see Depeche Mode and London Grammar. (Although our fearless leader, Richard Spencer loves Depeche Mode, I am afraid I never understood the appeal myself.)  And of course, all of them had plans to go to the West.

One chick wanted to go to Germany to study. The birthday girl and her boyfriend wanted to go to Geneva to work as mathematicians. The last chick wanted to go to Australia, just cuz.

Afterward, we went to a trendy club. For the first time in Russia, I saw some nogs that made it past the face control at the front door. Did the Russians in the club like it? No, they were polite but kept their distance for the most part. They didn’t like it. But they tolerated it. After all, that’s what Westerners do, right? For it to be a trendy club, it would need to have a couple of those magic negros that the Westerners seem to love to stuff in their music videos.

Russian trendy types are like children in that sense. They ape the West with no real understanding of why things are done that way there. It’s why you can have green-haired girls here who are raging racists. They don’t understand the cultural baggage that colored hair brings with it in the West. They just mimic it with amusing results.

I wanted to ask my merry company questions that I knew they would have no answers to like:

What more do you need? Why are you like this? Why are you filled with such self-loathing for you and yours?

I didn’t though. I learned a long time ago that they themselves don’t know.

I am not the first to notice this tendency among certain Russian classes to look West, though. Naturally, it took a German to systematize and explain what Russia is and isn’t.

Oswald Spengler, my lord, and Fuehrer, believed that the Russian soul was split into two parts. The European-looking elite and intelligentsia were infected with a Peterine desire to remold Russia into Europe. Tolstoy was a great example of this line of thinking. Having read a lot of Tolstoy, and once being enamored of this world-view I completely understand on an intuitive level what Spengler was getting at:

“The Russian soul is not the same as the Western Faustian, as Spengler called it, the Magian soul of the Arabian civilisation, or the Classical of the Hellenes and Romans. The Western Culture that was imposed on Russia by Peter the Great, what Spengler called Petrinism, is a veneer. The basis of the Russian soul is not infinite space as in the West. It is not Faustian imperative, but is the plain without limit. The Russian soul expresses its own type of infinity, albeit not that of the Western which becomes even enslaved by its own technics at the end of its life-cycle.”

And then there is the other half of Russia. Dostoevsky was the avatar of this second Russia, the harbinger of the awakening Russian soul. Now, I never read Dostoevsky. I always thought it was too dark and complex. But now, as I find myself ruminating on this cleave within the Russian psyche between the Peterites and the genuine Russians, I find myself wanting to give Dostoevsky another shot, despite him hating on my beloved Bobo haven:

St. Petersburg says Dostoyevski, it is the most abstract and artificial city in the world. After this everything that arose around it was felt by the true Russdom as lies and poison. A truly apocalyptic hatred was directed on Europe, and Europe was all that was not Russia. The first condition of emancipation for the Russian soul, wrote Aksakov in 1863 to Dostoyevski, is that it should hate Petersburg with all this might and all its soul. Moscow is holy, Petersburg Satanic.

Alright, but that’s just like your opinion, maaan…

I find the Spengler explanation a better frame of reference to explain Russia’s liberal intelligentsia than any traditional Left/Right explanation that would be more at home in Continental Europe, or Whig/Tory divide that might explain the Anglo-sphere.

These Russian Liberals aren’t really “liberals” in the Western sense of the word. In more ways than one, they are the true elan of Russian society, always have been. They are well-educated, well-mannered and well-meaning. Their liberalism stems from shame for their country and their desire to see Russia be accepted into Europe. They long to show you, the Westerner, how Western they are as well.

And when they try, they can really dazzle you. Take the entire city of St. Petersburg. Built by Italians architects to put anything Europe had at the time to shame. I can honestly say that they succeeded. Versailles is cute and pretty, but Petergof is awe-some and stunning.

See what we Russians can do when we put our minds to it!?”  it screams!

But let’s not forget our group of Russian intellectuals, drinking Whiskey (because Vodka is for the proles) around the table at the restaurant, celebrating and chit-chatting, surrounded by other well-to-do Russians as well. Let’s ask them here and now why they want to be Western so bad:

“We’re for free-speech!” they proclaim!

How adorable.

They don’t know that the West has left that part of its history behind already in favor of speech codes and stifling PC shame culture. Nothing I can say will divorce them from that view, or course. They will have to go there and see for themselves.

“We are for European Civilization!” they exude!

How cute. Not even Europe believes in European civilization anymore. But here in Russia? Everyone reads the European classics, studies the history of Renaissance art, and sighs with longing for Paris, the city of love and culture. Lol.

“We believe gays should be tolerated and not persecuted!” they reason.

How passe. Don’t they know that tolerance was in the 90’s? Now it’s abject worship- and don’t you forget it!

“Please, please don’t lump us in with those rubes that like to swear, drink and brawl that compromise the mass of the Russian lumpenproletariat!” they murmur into their glasses.

Ah! Now we’re getting somewhere.

They don’t want to be considered “Russian” in the way Westerners consider Russians to be. In short, all the values that we think will save Russia in the long-run; its ability to still be brutal, harsh and unwelcoming of the Other…these are the values that Russia’s liberals turn their noses up towards.

“Why can’t our people act civilized?” they moan.

They want to be accepted as Europeans, so no wonder they preach tolerance- not of Hachi’s and other browns, mind you- no, they can’t stand those people either. Rather, they long for Visa-free travel, a strong rouble (to buy Italian goodies) and a cessation of hostilities between Russia and the West.


The thought that the West might have absolutely zero intentions of ever welcoming them into the European family as equals simply does not register in their minds. Nor does the fact that Russia is largely blameless in the post-Cold War world environment register either.

Their entire worldview is premised on the idea that if Putin and Russians, in general, acted with more deference to Europe, surely then they would be accepted as European and not as the great Other.

And of course, many of their sort hold views that would make even the Republicuck party label them as bigots and neo-nazis. But try telling them that. They really think that they are actually progressives.

And of course, they seem unaware that Russians remain the only group of people in the West that it is absolutely OK to hate on with near-genocidal intensity.  Whether it’s Neocons, Cold Warriors, or now Western liberals, the great White threat of Russia is the only safe target for Western scorn and feelings of faux patriotism.

Truly though, the ground is fast-disappearing under the feet of Russian liberals, despite the resurgence of Navalny as the opposition candidate. They are so thoroughly discredited, that they are only trotted out from time to time on Channel 1 so that Soloviev and Zirinovsky can bellow at them about what traitors the Yabloko liberal party of the 90’s was.

I enjoy those moments.

But it seems to me that there is an awakening in Russia. And I am thankful for every glimpse of it that I catch. The awe and respect that the masses used to have for these intellectuals is waning- noticeably so. They are growing independent of the consensus of the liberal elite and finding their own voices.

I notice it when I travel out of St. Petersburg especially. Many common Muscovites don’t give a shit about being more European, they’re quite content to be Russian. You can just feel the difference in the way they talk to you.

It’s even more pronounced in Siberia. I was lucky to meet some local patriots in the places I visited. They couldn’t care less about impressing me, or showing me how Western they are.

They knew that Europe was killing itself. And they explicitly said so.

“Russia needs to finally be Russian.” – thats what these people told me.

Powerful words. Here are some more prophetic words by Gogol:

˜Wait, the time will come when ye shall learn what the orthodox Russian faith is! Already the people scent it far and near. A Tsar shall arise from Russian soil, and there shall not be a power in the world which shall not submit to him!”– Taras Bulba

Am I being too optimistic when I say that Russia is a nation that is just starting reach an understanding of itself? Maybe, after all, this is only visible on the grassroots level for now.

The liberal classes though are getting jittery. So, the professors try their best to rail against Putin and hope that some Western institution invites them to come over as some Dissident a la Pussy Riot to become a propaganda piece in the West. Meanwhile, the sons and the daughters of the well-to-do plan their trips to Australia and Germany. They think that they will be welcomed with open arms.

Good luck and good riddance to them, I say.



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  • Now Putin cucked and dehosted why should he care what Western backed liberal Russians think, the country is not liberal at all?!

  • “Russia needs to finally be Russian” means something different.
    Please sorry for my very bad English… I’m from Russia and I am surprised how much the western nationalists wrong about Putin and Russia. I will tell you who Putin is. Ethnic Russians lost their country in 1917 after The Great Jewish Revolution. And still nothing changes for us. Our country is in the hands of international mafia. And Putin whom you like is a leader of that mafia now. He destroys the last thing left of ethnic Russia. Do you know we have open borders with Asian ex-USSR countries? We even don’t know how many muslim migrants stay in our country. Them are about 10-20 millions people. Don’t forget about 6 millions people from Caucasus (chechens, dagestans and etc). All of them are mostly muslims and savage bandits. Do you know how many ethnic caucasian and asian gangs we have? In Moscow, in St. Petersburgh, in other cities… They do what they want. And it is Putin who pursues such a policy. He refuses to close the border with wild Asian countries. He refuses to fight against ethnic gangs (they just do not recognize the problem). Almost all russian nationalists are in jail. Many of them was jailed because of an opinion in social media. Just becase of words that our government doesn’t like. Putin’s Russia is authoritarian corrupt country. Do not be deceived about Putin. Yes he try to support some national forces in the western contries but killed such a forces in his one. He do it not because he is “a great white leader” but according to his political games (which are often failured). He’s not a strong russian leader, he is random scoundrel that have a power in a large country. Do you want to look at Putin’s Russia? Here it is…

  • With the Trump election I was quite astonished by the vehemence against Russia by the same liberals who favored detente when Russian was full communist.

  • The Russian emblem is a double headed eagle. one head looks to the west and the other looks towards the east, thus the limitless spirit of the Russian soul! This I was told and explained to me by a German

  • Mr. Law, your smugness is highly repellant.

    I’ll admit I’ve never been to Russia but certainly only a fool could think that everything “Russian” is good or that everything “Western” is bad. Europe is indeed killing itself but no honest person could say that Russia isn’t killing itself. Look at their birthrates, their drug addiction rates, their alcoholism rates, their HIV rates and their treatment of the infection.

    The fact that you think that heavy drinking is a “value” that will “save Russia” shows how foolish your mentality is. I don’t understand why they let you write here.

    • He never said any of those things. You are just ascribing ethical values to his observation because of your defective reasoning. I forget how this tendency is called but it’s common enough to have a name.

    • Birthrates rising, drug addiction drastically reduced, alcoholism drastically reduced, the HIV epidemic is a meme (all the fags and junkies are dying off).

      Jew or Boomer, Mr. Miller?

    • > only a fool could think that everything “Russian” is good or that everything “Western” is bad
      You should uncouple *Soviet* and *Russian*. Like a malignancy that clings onto a vital organ. Or like PC-riddled America from WASP core. Once you succeed you get classic modern Europe as is.

      That is why antagonizing Russian and European makes no sense.

      > Look at their birthrates
      Which are one of the best in Europe.

      > drug addiction rates
      > HIV rates
      If only among homosexuals and lowlives.

      > their alcoholism rates
      Only among 50-year old Soviet degenerates. Young adults barely drink anything stronger than beer except for *very* rare occasions.

      I’d rather say that smoking is the true epidemic among Russians. However, the crackdown on smoking in public places is on and will eventually rid the nation of this disease.

    • supported by the Kremlin. Mostly pensioners and ww2 enthusiasts. Non-organic even if the sentiment is shared by a large segment of society.

  • Once your brain is wired by learning that impossibly inflected language as a child, I don’t see how a person can ever be anything but Russian.

  • I suspect that well-educated Russians simply lack cultural confidence. Historians point out that ideas, whether they be technologies, political philosophies, or cultural movements, have moved across Europe from west to east. This is because travel and commerce was easier along the coast, and people carry ideas with them when they travel. Russia simply needs a conspicuous popular cultural success (The Bolshoi Ballet won’t do. It’s too refined, and appeals only to intellectuals.). A Russian architect has to get a skyscraper built in Chicago to rave reviews. A fashion house in St. Petersburg has to become the next Versace. A Russian has to write the next Harry Potter or Hunger Games. The triumph could even be something like Pokemon. Russians will feel more proud of their culture once the world looks to them for leadership in some popular cultural undertaking.

    • “Russia simply needs a conspicuous popular cultural success ”

      Russia has a “successful” (in Russia), popular culture (e.g. the vast and popular fantasy literature – for example ). Just this culture is unknown in Western Europe/America.

  • Good piece – arguably couldn’t this be said for most of Slavdom? Don’t we see a similar cleavage in Poland as well – different of course, but in the same vein.

  • Realistically, Russia has only two choices: become European or become Asian. There’s no third option, unless they want to become black.

  • I am curious what they would say if you asked them about what is happening in Italy now (letting in a near endless amount of Africans) or with Merkel who invited those third worlders. Do they really not see this is what Europe is now, why would they ever want to emulate these “european values” ?

  • Your description of the situation in Russia is largely valid for my country, Romania, too. Our liberals are almost exactly the same as the Russian liberals described in the article, while the rest of my country has far more in common with Russia than with Western Europe. Romanian liberals feels the same type of disdain toward their own nation and people, the same intention to immitate everything and anything “Western” and the same desperate desire to be accepted as “true Westerners”. I suspect that the same thing is true for most Eastern European nations.

  • Vincent, were those ethnic russians or (((russians)))? There is an, erm, intellectual russian figure by the name of Galkovsky, you should read what he says of those creatures you described. No parentheses despite the -sky, as far as I know, and boy does he name the zhid.

    • It’s a complex issue because ethnic Russians are racially White but their mentality is very different from that of Western Europeans. And not just because of Hollywood’s negative influence on modern Westerners. We’ve noticed the difference between our respective peoples since the 1700s.

      Western Europeans are more ‘mechanistic.’ We like to have theories and principles by which to view the world. Russians are more ‘fatalistic.’ It’s hard to describe the difference. You have to talk with both groups to understand it.

      • Interesting. There is a well-known story named The Fatalist from Lermontov’s novel ‘A Hero of Our Time’

    • Its like a Frenchman hating his French culture and wanting to be thought of as English.

      Yes, there’s a lot of good about English culture, but its cucky behavior to say the least to fetishize the foreign over what is your own.

    • They don’t wanna become European in an ethnically minded sense. They wanna become European in the fag marriage and open borders sense. Tolerant as it were

  • Maybe White Folks should look to German history to forge a New Order.

    Think of Prussia vs Austro-Hungarian Empire.

    The AH Empire was bigger in land size and had 4 times the population of Prussia.

    But Prussia prevailed. Why? AH Empire’s size and diversity were its undoing. Prussia was smaller in population, but it was all German, and as such, tightly bound together.

    In contrast, AH Empire’s size in people and land were huge, but there was little unity. German-Austrians made up only 1/4 of its population. The ruling German-Austrians had difficult time keeping all the subject peoples together. It tried to convince the subject peoples that they were not subjects, but there was a lot of resentment among the non-Austrians.

    So, even though by the numbers, the AH empire seemed far more formidable, the Prussians won the war because they were homogeneous and united and were interested mainly in uniting Germans and leaving non-Germans out.

    From this, white folks can learn a lesson. As non-white numbers swell, it is both a blessing and a curse to the white Liberals. They will become like the Austrian elites trying to hold together a vast diverse population of subject peoples. Blacks, Hispanics, and many immigrant groups are essentially subject peoples of Jewish and White Liberal Globalist elites. As time passes, the Liberal coalition will become majority non-white if it aint already. It will be Jewish/white ruling class over non-whites who remain mired in lower income.

    In contrast, white conservatives can become like Prussia. They may be smaller in number than the Diversity Empire, but they are united by race, identity, history, and destiny. That is the source of strength, a new Prussianism.

    Also, it’s about time we got rid of this notion of ‘America’. It has a divisive effect between Europeans and white ‘Americans’. The idea of ‘Americans’ suggests that white ‘Americans’ have more in common with black ‘Americans’, yellow ‘Americans’, and brown ‘Americans’ than with white Europeans. In fact, white ‘Americans’ have more in common with white Europeans. To accentuate this fact, we should get rid of the term ‘Americans’.

    White ‘Americans’ should refer to themselves as Neo-Europeans. Indeed, white America should be called Neo-Europe. There is Old Europe(or Original Europe) and New Europe(that is America). Or First Europe and Second Europe.

    America was not a new beginning but an extension of European Civilization.

    Indeed, the first settlers of America understood this. They called their settlement ‘New England’. And they called a city ‘New York’. There was a sense of continuity with prota-Europe or First Europe.

    When white ‘Americans’ refer to themselves as Second Europeans or Neo-Europeans, they will closer to prota-Europeans than with Muslim-Americans, Black-Americans, and etc.

    Reject this ridiculous term called ‘America’.

  • For the ‘spooks’, I think it’s like a game. Once you join the intelligence community, it’s like spy vs spy. You get so caught up in the game that you play for pride and prejudice. You don’t even think ideologically. You don’t care who is president AS LONG AS he lets you play the game. The US has been playing this game against Russia for so long that many in the intelligence community is addicted to the anti-Russian game. They see bear-hunting and bear-baiting as a rite of passage, pastime, and ritual. It’s like what became of fox-hunting in Britain, what became of bullfighting in Spain. Too much of the culture.

    Just like your standard journalist in the US was trained to think in terms of re-fighting the Civil Rights Movement — the righteous and noble cause of rooting out ‘racism’ and other evils — , US spies and intelligence operatives were trained to fight the grand foreign enemy, and Russia’s been the ONLY enemy worth setting sight on. There is China, but Chinese dragon hides in the lair and don’t make a good enemy.

    Russians just have this badass image, rather unwarranted, but it goes back to communism and even before that when the British Empire used to be nervous about Russia for this or that reason. Many in US intelligence think in terms of power and prestige of scoring more points. They think US should rule the world, and US is surely most dominant nation. But Russia gets in the way in parts of EU and Middle East, and that means the game must go on until the US totally wins. So, it is US vs Russia. Also, having played this game forever, there is too much pride involved. It’s like players on a sports team. They’ve been in the game for so long that they want to keep playing. Someone on the Dallas Cowboys have no personal animus against people on other teams. But having become associated with the Cowboys, you just wanna keep playing and winning and bashing other teams and making it to the superbowl just one more time. And for many in the US intelligence, they’ve been playing this game with Russia as long as they can remember. Their lives are intertwined with it. Their lives would have no meaning without this hunt for the great bear, their Moby Dick.

    And even though US won the Cold War, Russia sort of rebounded and poses an obstacle to total US dominance. And that is NOT okay for US intelligence. So, when Trump comes along and calls for end to Refreeze War, many is US intelligence is angry as hell. They see the battle as unfinished and unwon. Their entire lives were devoted to fighting Bad Russia, and now Trump wants to call it off? It’s like Michael Corleone telling Pantengeli to go easy on the Rosato Brothers and Roth cuz he has business to do. Pantengeli is pissed. For him, the battle is still on.

    Or it’s like Deniro character in MIDNIGHT RUN. After awhile, it’s not even about the money. He’s got so deeply involved that it’s all about pride. He just wants to prove he can go all the way, finish it, and come out on top. It’s like Ness in UNTOUCHABLES. Ness isn’t even all that concerned about the Prohibition. He would be fine if they legalized alcohol again. But he serves the government, and that means he has to enforce the laws. And since Al Capone is the big bad guy, his pride in wrapped up getting him. He’s become addicted to the game.

    Most US intelligence people are hardcore professionals. They are not really about ideology. Sure, they like to believe that they represent democracy, human rights, and rule of law as opposed to Russia that is ruled by gangsters and oligarchs. (To be sure, the real conflict is between Russian gangsters led by Putin and Jewish gangsters who rule America. But the operatives in the spy game are too caught up in the game to think deep about ideology. They are like members of the US hockey team or basketball team playing the Russkies in the big game. They are addicted to the thrill of the game.) They are like spy-athletes enthralled with the game, and they see Trump’s attempt to end the Refreeze War as ‘stab in the back’. It’s like the coach stopping the game at midpoint and saying, both sides should shake hands and go home. The spy-athletes just can’t stand that. They’ve been playing too hard to just quit without winning and taking home the trophy. They are like dogs who’ve been in the hunt for so long. They think they surrounded the bear to bring it down and tear it to pieces. They smell the blood, and they are so excited. So, when Trump says, ‘no more of that’, let’s go home and let the bear alone, they are like frustrated dogs.

    But, of course, there are those with the grand vision of things.

    For them, ‘Russian’ is codeword for anyone who resists Anglo-Zionist-Globo-Order.

    So, even though the Anglo-Zionist-Globo-Order(or AZGO) is the aggressive and expansive power in the world, we are led to believe that Russia is the aggressor for resisting the ‘inevitable’ End of History.

    So, if voices in the US and EU call for an end of hostilities toward Russia and a peaceful multi-polar world, they are labeled as ‘Russian’ by the globalist media and paid-politicians.

    ‘Russian’ is becoming synonymous with ‘nationalism over globalism’.

    In contrast, ‘American’ has become synonymous with ‘globalism over nationalism’.

    What is the ‘Russian’ way? It means each nation guarding its sovereignty, political independence, sense of history, and sense of identity/culture.

    What is the ‘American’ way? It means all nations must obey the US, copy the US, follow the US, and see the ‘American’ way as the only correct one.

    No wonder Duterte is leaning to Russia. America offers the cash but on condition that Philippines plays the whore, whereas Russia says ‘be yourself and remain politically independent’. Russia wants good relations, not dominance over other nations.

    Russia says Russia should pursue its own path in accordance to its culture, values, and history. And Russia respects the same rights for China, Iran, Syria, Philippines, etc. Russia doesn’t try to force its culture, attitude, and values on other nations. Russia doesn’t believe there is ONE way for all nations.

    In contrast, America, as the ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’ nation, the lone superpower, feels it has the right to invade, intervene, and infect every nation with whatever happens to be fashionable in the Current Year. So, if the neo-religion of the US is homomania, then the entire world must go along because the American Way of the Current Year is the Only Way.

    Inside every ‘gook’ is an American trying to get out.

    Trump has been good to speak of pulling America out of the imperialist game and fixing problems at home. On the other hand, he is foolishly messing things up Asia by toying with the One-China policy. It’d be like China saying Alaska isn’t part of the US.

    While Japan is rich — far richer than Russia — , it is politically poor. Russia controls its own government, military, intelligence institutions, and everything. In contrast, Japan got rich as a whore to Uncle Sam(now Uncle Samstein). So, even though a rich nation, it is just a rich whore… like Taiwan.

    If you’re Iranian, to be ‘Russian’ means to guard and defend your Iranian identity, nationality, territory, and sovereignty. Like Russia does.

    On the other hand, for an Iranian to be ‘American’ means to surrender his identity, territory, and sovereignty to the forces of American celebrity trash culture, open borders, and national autonomy.

    Of course, these meanings are dictated by Jewish-controlled media. To be ‘American’ no longer means what it used to mean. America wasn’t always about spreading homomania and fighting Wars for Israel and Jewish-globalist interests. That is the New America under Jewish domination. From the Jewish supremacist-globalist perspective, ‘American’ power means spreading Jewish influence everywhere and weakening all identities and borders(except in Israel) so that Jewish-controlled finance, media, entertainment, and ideology can penetrate and dictate terms & themes in all nations. Like George Soros and Paul Singer have done in nation after nation.

    Jews are now pro-’American’ because the New America as globalist empire is no longer about gentile nation-states. It is about Jewish supremacists using American power to destroy and weaken other nations. Since Russia is the resistant force against this massive globalist agenda, Jews have equated ‘Russia’ with everything evil and unpleasant. We are told Putin is ‘new hitler’. That’s hilarious since Hitler was an aggressive war-monger. If anyone people are like Nazis, it is the current Jews. And if any nation is like Nazi Germany, it is the US that has made wrecks of Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen. US also aided Neo-Nazis to overthrow the democratically elected regime in Ukraine.

    It’s all a mind-trick by the globalists.

    Just think. If to-be-’Russian’ means for each nation to be proud of itself, protect its borders, and secure its sovereignty, then, going ‘Russian’ means national independence. This so-called ‘Russian influence’ is nothing more than ‘nationalism for every country’ and that means liberation from Jewish supremacist globalism. And of course, Jews know this.

    What Jews fear in America is not this ‘Russian influence’ but the rise of American gentile nationalism, esp of the white kind. This nationalism isn’t owned by Russia. It isn’t controlled by Russia. It isn’t directly influenced by Russia. But it is partly *inspired* by Russia. Russia is not inspiring White Americans to obey Russia or bow down to Moscow. Rather, the Russian Example is inspiring Americans to regain their own autonomy, independence, and sovereignty from globalist tyranny(like Russians in WWII inspired the world with their rollback of Nazi Germany; today, Russia seems to be inspiring other nations to roll back the Ashke-Nazi America). After all, even though the US is the center of globalist empire, American people are also cowed subjects of globalist rule controlled by the oligarchs, elites, and their commissars. For too long, the American people went unheard as the globalist oligarchs fleeced the nation financially and flung open the borders for massive foreign invasion, a ploy to reduce white Americans into minority status so that globo-elites could play divide-and-rule among the various warring gentile groups. Also, Jews figure that massive race-mixing will weaken nationalism among the gentiles. (In contrast, Israel enforces the policy of Jews mating with Jews so as to strengthen the sense of Jewish identity and unity. Israel doesn’t encourage Jews to mate with Arabs or Africans.)

    So, to go ‘Russian’ means to regain one’s own national independence and sovereignty from Anglo-Zio-Homo globalism.

    And that is why the globo Media goes rabid with talk of ‘Russian, Russian, Russian’. It is a mind-trick to fool American gentiles(esp whites) that their true-blue nationalism is controlled by Russia, a foreign power.

    But surely, inspiration isn’t same as influence or intervention. Suppose John, Bob, Tyrus, Jack, and Ivan are slaves. Suppose Ivan is the first one to break free. Suppose John looks at what Ivan has done and tries to do the same to free himself. He has made himself free of the master, but then, the master tries to fool him that he is now under the influence of Ivan. But in fact, Ivan was just an inspiration that taught John that he can be free too. John’s following in the footsteps of Ivan to free himself doesn’t make him the puppet of Ivan. What really matters is John is no longer the slave of the master.

    Russia, for all its problems and horrors(there are many), did manage to break free from globo-oligarchic control under Putin. It partly freed itself from the Anglo-Zionist globo-oligarchy, and its example may be inspiring to others. If other nations do as Russia did, they would be following Russia’s lead to regain independence and sovereignty. But the globalists would like for us to believe that breaking out of globalist domination is akin to coming under Russian control.

    Because the US is the center of globo-oligarchic power, Americans were supposed to just shut up, hunker down, and obey the globo-oligarchs with their grand agenda. But enough white Americans rebelled in 2016 and made Trump president. Though Trump is pro-Zionist, his agenda is at odds with Anglo-Zionist globalism. He also fired up nationalist feelings among the hoi polloi. It’s derided as ‘populism’ by the know-it-all elites. Trump is for American nationalism, and he is also for less American imperialist meddling overseas. It means the rise of Americanism and NO to globalism. But globalism is the agenda of the Jewish globalists who hate the idea of nationalism that erects walls against penetration of the tentacles of the Zionist-Globo Octopus.

    So, Jews who control the media tell us night and day that the revival of Americanism is ‘Russian intervention’. But it is really the rise of American independence from Zionist-Globalist Control that is the real alien force in American politics. Jewish-Americans don’t identify with most Americans. After all, the main loyalty of American Jews isn’t to fellow Americans of gentile kind but to fellow Jews around the world. Jewish-Americans feel closer to Jews in Europe and Israel than with ‘all those deplorable subhuman white trash living in trailer parks’. That’s how Jews really see the world. Jews in NY feel closer to Jews in Paris and London than with Evangelicals, working class whites, Texas whites, and etc.

    Does anyone think George Soros and his ilk cares about gentiles? They foment wars all over the Middle East, unleash massive ‘refugee’ crisis, and then pressure Europe to take in all those invaders uprooted by Wars for Israel.

    And consider how so many Jewish Americans serve in Israeli military than in US military. Yet, these very Jews pressure EU to take in more ‘refugees’, all while being totally OK with Israel taking in ONLY Jewish immigrants and keeping Golan Heights stolen from Syria.

  • Jews and homos fear Russian nationalism as a model for other nations. Since US is the world hegemon, if the US goes nationalist, it will be a threat to globalism.

    So, by casting Russia as the Evil Bogeyman, the media seek to undermine any easing of ties between US and Russia.

    If media spreads the hysteria, “Russia is evil, Russia hacked US elections, Russia is a threat”, then any friendly gesture on the part of Trump’s administration toward Russia can be denounced as Treason.

    This hysteria is to sabotage any improvement between the US and Russia. The Jewish-controlled Media are trying to prevent the end of the ‘new cold war’.

    It’s a variation on the trick that the Republicans used to play on Democrats. Even when anti-communist Democrats sought improved ties with the Soviet Union, the Republicans called them ‘traitors’ and communist sympathizers’.

    Today, the ideological war no longer exists… except in hysteria over Russia not allowing massive homo parades. What Jews hate most about Russia is that it has been resistant to Jewish supremacism and its proxy, homomania. It doesn’t matter that Jews are well-off in Russia and that many Jews are fabulously rich. Jews are addicted to supremacism. The fact that Russia prevented Jewish supremacism has made Jews very angry.

    Jews fear the Russian model spreading in the EU and US. If not for the Cold War, Eastern European nations might have good ties with Russia, but memory of Soviet Occupation made liberated Eastern European nations side with the US. Russian model doesn’t mean other nations should be like Russia itself. It means, like Russia, they should guard and promote their own national sovereignty.

    As the US and EU increasingly become globalist and perverse, even Eastern European nations are beginning to have second thoughts. They don’t agree with US-EU policy of open borders and cult of diversity.

    For the time being, Eastern Europeans still hate Russia because of the memory of Soviet Domination. But Russia is no longer its old imperialist self, and if Eastern Europeans were to forgive and forget, Eastern Europe and Russia could have good relations, especially as Russia is far more respectful of national sovereignty of Eastern European nations than the EU is.

  • Putin can only do so much and be around for only so long.

    Russian people must mature and learn to become great on their own.

    Russia has huge advantages. If Germans or Japanese owned all that land and resources, Russia would be the #2 or #3 economy in the world.

    Russia has

    1. Large enough population with decent enough IQ.

    2. Lots of land

    3. Tremendous resources

    4. National pride(something lacking in most white nations)

    5. Moral capital(as victors over Nazis, survivors of communism, and resisters of homo-globalism).

    But its economy is that of Italy and only because of its resources in gas, oil, and minerals. Without those, Russian economy would be that of some third rate Middle Eastern nation.

    Russians need to get their act together, and no leader, however great, is going to do it for them.

    What do Russians need?

    Culture of discipline

    Culture of individuality

    Culture of accountability

    Culture of conscience

    Culture of restraint(especially from vodka)

    Culture of maturity(such as refraining from wrestling with bears, dancing on tables, and catching fish with penis)

    Russia needs a cultural revolution. Orthodox Church needs to develop an activist wing that trains people like Jesuit cadres and spread values of conscience, diligence, responsibility, and patriotism to ALL Russians.

    Russia needs some Protestant-Work-Ethic transformation. Its rich needs to be less lavish and corrupt, and its people need to be more enterprising and less dependent on statism.

    A people can be statist and still productive. Germans were always statist, but they developed fast economically. The state was always a big feature of France under monarchy and republican rule, but France made a lot of strides in many areas.

    In the end, the character of a people will decide things. Putin has been a good leader(given the alternatives), but he can’t do for Russians what Russians need to do for themselves.

    Russians should tell themselves… ‘we can do it’. Russia is one of the few nations that could go it alone if it was forced too. Now, it’s good for Russia to trade with the world, but even if Russia was hit by sanctions by the entire world, it could survive because it has enough land and resources. This is not an option for Japan, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and etc. Germans have human capital but no energy. Saudis have energy but poor human capital.

    Russia has people, land, and resources. It could develop great industries.

    But there’s too much corruption, and so, the most talented Russians prefer to move to other nations.

    Now, we can understand why talented people anywhere would want to move to the US to make a quick buck in Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and etc.

    So, in order for Russians to keep its best talent, it has to ensure that their ideas will be protected and profitable. Also, Russia must appeal to their sense of patriotism, i.e. that, as patriots, they owe something to the motherland. Also, since smart people like creative stuff, Russians must create a counter-creative culture that is different and better than homo-infected creativity of the West that is poisoning the world(but has a lot of people fooled that it’s the ‘most evolved’ in culture).

    Putin was a necessary figure, but the next stage in Russian development must come from the Russian people. They mustn’t see Putin as mother-bird who forever feeds the chicks in the big nest. Russians must go beyond nest-mentality and build Russia into a real aviary.

    All Russians should tell themselves… “If Germans or Japanese had our land, they’d do great things. But why do we suck so bad despite the blessings of so much land and resources?”

    Russians should also ask themselves… “A bunch of Anglos arrived on the east coast of a wilderness called America. After independence, within a century and half, the US became the most powerful and richest nation on Earth. We have even more land and just as much resources, but we made a total mess of things. Why?”

    By asking such questions, Russians can identify and fix the flaws of Russian character.

    Now, for a long time, there was Tsarism and Orthodox culture that crushed individual initiative. Also, Russian elites, so into French and German culture, sought approval from foreign elites while treating their own people like dirt.

    Communism was the great hope of uniting Russian elites and Russian masses, but communism crushed individual initiative and enterprise, and so, communism became like modern tsarism.

    Because Russians lacked individual initiative and enterprising spirit, they were like deer in the headlight when communism ended. Instead of seeing the new order as a great opportunity for new possibilities, most Russians were just dazed and expected more orders and benefits from the state. In this chaos, globalists could easily rob and loot Russia. If Russians after communism had been more like enterprising Chinese, they would have jumped at the chance of new opportunities.

    Putin and gang restored some degree of political, social, and economic order, and that was for the good. But in the end, Putinism can only be a form of transitionalism. It can only provide the necessary order in which Russians can take hold of their own future. But how many Russians have such vision, foresight, and fortitude? As of now, most Russians are faced with two possibilities: The Western Model and the Russian Model. Both are bad.

    The Western Model is good for innovation, creativity(except in PC-taboo areas), and initiative. Most of the innovations is coming out of the West and Westernized parts of the East. But the Western Model is too divorced from cultural roots, identity, and meaning. It cannot be sustained because Homomania, Afromania, and feminism cannot be the basis of any healthy civilization. Homomania leads to decadence with fecal penetration and tranny-dick-cutting as new religions. Feminism turns women into bitches or sluts who won’t have kids.. or become single mothers. Afromania promotes thuggery and megalomania and egotism.

    And yet, the current Russian model is too lethargic, turgid, and static to encourage and invigorate the creative, enterprising, and innovative spirit that is so crucial to competition in the modern world.

    What Russia needs is a kind of Themocracy, or theme-based-democracy. A kind of fascist-democracy. That is what Israel has. Israel has fascism and democracy. Its democracy must serve the higher themes of Israel: Jewish state, Jewish power, Jewish destiny. Israel is not some abstract propositional nation but a democracy locked within a certain key theme. Iran is like that too. Iran is a democracy with elections, but its theme of Islamism cannot be violated. Now, I’m not sure the theme of Iranian democracy is good. I prefer the thematics of Israel: Blood and Soil. Israel is open to religious Jews, secular Jews, any kind of Jews AS LONG AS they defend Jewish ethnicity and territory. So, the Jewish mind is free to pursue anything as long as it serves the Jewish body on Jewish land.

    In contrast, if all Iranians must bow down to Islam, it restrains what can be thought. (One advantage of Islam is that it has been an effective bulwark against the new religion of homomania, which is a kind of theocracy. And to the extent that moral Jews in Israel haven’t been able to prevent decadent Jews from spreading homomania and turning whole parts of Israel into Sodom and Gomorrah does make us wonder about the legitimacy of Israel.)

    Anyway, Russia needs more spirit of freedom and enterprise. More individuality. It needs more democracy. More rule of law. However, these freedoms must be anchored to higher(yet also deeper) themes of blood, soil, and history or identity/inheritance, territory, and narrative. While democracy is good, it must not be the highest theme.

    Any Jew in Israel understands this. If you were to ask a Jew, “Which would you prefer? In scenario A, Israel turns autocratic and gets rid of democracy, but it remains a Jewish state for Jewish people. In scenario B, Israel becomes 75% non-Jewish but remains a democracy.”

    Any Jew will say he will go with A. After all, even if Israel turns autocratic but remains Jewish, it can one day go back to democracy. But if Israel becomes majority non-Jewish, it is no longer and never again be a Jewish state even if it is a democracy.”

    This is the problem of the West. By placing democracy, hedonism, libertarianism, money, and economic growth ABOVE ALL OTHER CONSIDERATIONS, they’ve lost the will and means to preserve blood, soil, and history. By rules of ‘proposition nation’, any transformation is ‘good’, ‘necessary’, and ‘imperative’ IF it leads to higher GDP, more celebration of vanity(esp via homommania, Afromania, or slut culture), more ‘diversity’(a virtual religion in the West), and etc. So, themes of identity, history, and territory take a backseat to themes of atomization, political correctness, and ‘tolerance’ & ‘inclusion’ which comes down to invasion by foreign hordes.

    What Russia must say is, “We want and need more freedom and liberty, BUT the highest themes of Russia are blood, soil, and territory.” After all, even without liberal democracy under the Tsars and Commie-tsars, Russia remained Russia, the homeland of the Russian people.

    The trick is to fuse themes of blood, soil, and history with freedom.

    That was the source of European and American greatness in the past. At one time, more freedom meant more freedom for the ethnos to do great things for the people. But over time, the idea of freedom came to be divorced from ethnos. And then, it came to see ethnos as an enemy of freedom since radical libertarians don’t want to feel restrained/constrained by any obligation to any people, culture, or territory. Libertarians are like bird-folks. They see themselves as having evolved away from land-creatures who are wedded to a territory as their homeland. For globalist bird-people with wings of cosmopolitan-privilege, the notion of walls and borders is antiquated and irrelevant. They wanna fly from globo-city to globo-city. Their worldview is migratory. They see every nation as anachronistic nest that must be abandoned in the globalized world where everyone should have wings to fly around all over. No wonder that the migratory globo-bird-people feel most affinity with mass migrations of peoples. Globo-elites see themselves as birds-of-privilege and they see Third World migrants as birds-of-need. (Also, by sentimentally latching onto the poor migratory masses, the rich migratory elites justify their own winged privilege of flying all over and shi**ing on everyone below.) These globo-elites put their individual privilege at the center of everything. Sure, they act like they’re for ‘social justice’ and ‘progress’, but that’s mostly empty talk by people like Carlos Slim, Bezos, Soros, and the like who live in an Elysium Sky world safe from troubles on the ground.

    For most people, their land really matters to their well-being. It matters economically and psychologically. Since they don’t have much private property, they feel ‘rich’ by knowing they at least have a shared homeland with their own kind. So, when Third World masses pour into their nations, the effect is like attack of winged monkeys in Wizard of Oz. This is why Polish and Hungarian patriots don’t want their nations to be monkey-invaded by Turd World hordes. To patriots, Soros and his ilk are like wicked witch, and the third world masses are like flying monkeys(or sea monkeys as they come by boat to Europe).

    The result is massive chaos, but since the main themes of globalism is individuality, ‘inclusion’, and diversity, the elites don’t care what they are doing to the world. And of course, they got their privileges and goodies and remain above the ground on which all the hell is breaking loose. Also, they rigged the narrative and ideology so as to have the moral highground against patriots. So, if patriots say they want to defend the homeland, the piggish winged elites call them ‘far right’ and ‘neo-nazi’. Elites denounce the patriots for not being ‘inclusive’ while ignoring the fact that the elite world is the most exclusive domain that is reserved only for those who ‘belong’. While the elite world is also ‘diverse’, it is the diversity of the moneyed class. In contrast, diversity for the masses means that white people in the West must be pushed aside by grubby morons from Algeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, China,Guatemala, and worst of all, the ghastly continent of Africa with all those crazy Negroes with muscles and aggression. (Look how Africans act in Australia. Ugabuglobalism is the worst.)

    Russia must lead the way with its brand of Themocracy that is for more freedom and rule of law BUT in service of the ultimate themes of Russian identity, territory, and history. So, freedom must serve something higher. Freedom serving Freedom is like cannibalism. Freedom needs to serve deeper themes, those with lasting value, like blood and soil.

    After all, what is Chinese-ness? Chinese had different religions and cults(Buddhism, Taoism, Maoism), but in the end, what binds all of Chinese history and culture together is a sense of blood ancestry and territory.The deepest themes of Chinese-ness isn’t about political systems, economic ideology, or individualist fashions. After all, China no longer has emperors or the concept of Mandate of Heaven. But it’s still China because it’s the land of Chinese who remember their own history. Now, most people are agreed that capitalism is the most productive system, rule of law & private property are most useful, and republican/democratic system of government tends to be most just. So, it’d be good for all peoples to adopt them BUT with the knowledge that those cannot be the highest or deepest themes, which must be blood, soil, and history. Capitalism, democracy, and rule of law must serve something more lasting and deeper in meaning.

    Indeed, there are two sides to human nature. One side longs for freedom, but another side longs to serve something. It’s like that Bob Dylan song, “Gotta Serve Somebody”. This is why even globalists with privilege come to feel empty and hollow and eventually become neo-religious and search for something to serve. Clever Jews understand this and urge globalized gentiles to serve holy homos, magic negroes, and Israel as the highest goods. Globalists feel this craving to serve something so badly that they go with the officially approved neo-religions that deify Jews, Negroes, and homos.(Why don’t they serve their own race, culture, and history? Because globalism has infected their minds that gentiles, especially white ones, who primarily serve their own people, culture, territory, and narrative are ‘far right’, ‘racist’, and ‘neo-nazi’).

    People need to serve something. This is why even Libertarians get all weepy about MLK. Even Rand Paul go boo hoo and wets his pants over the thug puncher of women. To serve something is part of human nature, no less than the desire to be free. After all, being free just to be free feels good for awhile but gets boring and pointless. It’s like a novelist or film-maker wants the freedom to express himself but also wants to serve a story, idea, message, meaning, or cause. Eisenstein was a great film-maker but he didn’t just make movies to show off his talent. He served the Revolution. SEVEN SAMURAI shows how warriors gain meaning by serving a cause, a noble one of protecting farmers from bandits.

    Jews understood this aspect of human nature and came up with the idea of Covenant. It means Jews must serve God. This was a brilliant move because if Jews didn’t serve God, their human-nature-desire-to-serve-something might have led to serving another tribe or kingdom more powerful than the Jews(as people tend to worship the powerful). By making Jews serve God, they were immune to serving another tribe or people. And to incentivize Jews to serve God, Jews made God the most powerful and only God in the world. After all, if the Jewish God were a weakling god or just one of the many other gods, Jews might feel tempted to worship the gods of a more powerful people. But by making their God the only God, Jews could only serve God. And through the Covenant, Jews were told that they have a duty to serve this God. But more clever yet, the Covenant meant that God, the ultimate power, had a special duty to help the Jews. So, Jews were to serve God who was to ‘serve’ Jews. Very clever arrangement.

    When we compare Jews and East Asians in the West, we see how Jews serve their own identity and power because they have this covenant mindset. In contrast, East Asians outside East Asia easily come to serve OTHER peoples, especially Jews, homos, and Negroes, since they have no such idea as the Covenant. So, their human-nature-need-to-serve-something can easily be directed to serve the ‘new gods’ of Jews, homos, and Negroes.

    Anyway, Russia needs to ditch the notion of Third Rome. It must think in terms of Second Israel or Zion for Russians.

    So-called ‘liberal democracy’ of the West says the white folks of the West must sacrifice everything for the ‘propositions’ of globalism. So, even identity/inheritance, culture, history, and territory must be sacrificed or surrendered IF doing so furthers the proposition of ‘liberal democracy’ that has become all about ‘diversity’, ‘inclusion’, and GDP. This is an inversion of the old principle that all freedoms must ultimately serve the nation, people/ethnos, culture, and history. This principle still exists ONLY IN ISRAEL. Outside Israel, Jewish elites fear and loathe it as promoting solidarity among gentile majorities of nations that can serve as bulwark against Jewish supremacist penetration. So, Jews rigged the globalist narrative so as to make gentiles feel that their serving their own kind is ‘evil’. But Jews love it in Israel because it means consolidation of Jewish power and preservation of Jewish pride of identity.

    What Russia must do is promote an order that is democratic, enterprising, and etc. BUT where the highest themes are nation, culture, and territory. Russian human nature is like that of rest of humanity. One part of Russians want to be free. Another part of Russians want to serve something. The magic formula is for Russians to be free to serve their people, culture, and homeland.

  • I would never say Russia should become like today’s Germany, Japan, or Korea.

    But, there is something good about them that is missing among Russians. It is THAT which the Russians must learn.

    It’s like extracting chemicals from a plant. It might be poisonous to consume the whole plant. But there might be elements in the plant that might be beneficial to health.

    So, it’s a matter of Cultural Extraction. What useful or positive elements can you extract from Germans and Japanese?

    Also, people do change over time. Germans and Japanese were once sane. They had the balance of pride and conscience and work ethic and hedonism and modernity and traditionalism.

    But all that’s left now is hedonism, materialism, and ‘liberalism’. So, they are spiritually empty and dying.

    But there are good things about Germans and Japanese that is sorely lacking among Russians. So, Russians need to extract and adopt those elements while retaining what is great about Russia.

    Finally, who can deny that Russia is truly an underachiever? Germany and Japan are over-stressed because human capital is pretty much all they have. Also, as losers of WWII and as political whores of the US, they have no pride.

    In contrast, Russia has vast territories and lots of resources. Russia has great national pride as victors over Nazi Germany. So, sky is the limit for Russians IF they were to take hold of their destiny. But they just wanna hold onto vodka bottles.

  • Ultimately, Putin is a technocrat and a manager.

    Russia needs a prophet, a visionary. A Russian Moses and David.

    Russia had its share of great leaders, but the main message was OBEY and FOLLOW.

    The whole mentality is that Russians on their own will just be slovenly, lethargic, directionless, confused, and excessive with drink and dancing on tables. Because Russians are such semi-barbaric boors, they need a strong hand and strong state to do anything.

    So, Russia’s great leaders are men like Peter the Great. Even though Ivan the Terrible(though it could be translated as Awesome) wasn’t a nice guy, he was a strong leader too. And of course, the Georgian Stalin. Problem is all these men did some great things through tyranny, ruthlessness, and iron hand. Such cannot be sustained for long. Too violent, too costly, too brutal, and traumatic. But when Russia emerges from such constructive tyranny, Russians just slack off and revert back to vodka and dancing on tables and acting like semi-barbarians.

    So, Russians need to develop a sense of order, balance, and discipline that emanates from their inner souls than is imposed on their butts from the outside. Russians have needed a big hand to spank their ass, but this is not a viable long-term way of development.

    Another problem with Russia is its moral and spiritual leaders tend to come in two extremes.

    The Russian Church has a rich and deep history, but it was too conservative, rigid, and dense. It was about carrying the weight of tradition as crucifix. It was funereal and failed to develop a mindset of the individual’s relation to God. (On the plus side, such conservatism made it less prone to fashions of the time. When we see how mainline churches have gone homo-degenerate, we can certainly see the advantages of Orthodox Church.) Russians have a right to be appreciative of their church and its core should not be altered. But I think the church can develop more of an activist wing based on Jesuits and Protestant churches. And these young idealistic church-members can actively do good work to promote values and virtues and correct habits among Russians. Mormons have done this. Mormon church requires its members to do service, and it disciplines and reinvigorates them. The Russian church shouldn’t change its core institution/tradition but it could play a more creative/active role in society by creating spirited auxiliary organizations.

    Apart from religion and spirituality, Russian philosophy comes in two forms: beards and clean-shavens. Beards are like Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn. And in cinema there is Tarkovsky. These were great men of letters or cinema, and they need to be appreciated for their works and views. But there is something heavy, turgid, static, and mulish about all of them. In the end, they say No to liberation, freedom, and individuality and just revert to roots, tradition, old time religion, hermetic cave, and etc.

    Now, I’m all for roots and tradition, but there needs to be something MORE in the modern world. More energy, more drive and initiative. There is too much of a sense of NO to the New among these men. So, even though these men were curious and read far-and-wide, their conclusion is reversion to simple morality, old truths, and tradition. There is meaning in that but not much in the way of progress.

    Apart from the beards, you got the clean-shavens. These Russians are so self-loathing of Russian ‘backwardness’ that they are convinced the solution is to imitate anything ‘western’ and beg for western approval. To them, Russia is just total barbarism, and Russians must aspire to be like French or Germans or English. Such attitude wasn’t all bad in the past when France, UK, and Germany were indeed sane progressive and productive nations. But one has to be crazy to emulate the decadent and degenerate West of today with Homomania, Afromania, and globalism as religions.

    In a way, the extremes of beardism and clean-shaven-ism feed on one another. Beardism makes many Russians impatient and exasperated. They see Russia dragging along because of the weight of tradition. They want to dump it and just move fast imitating the West. But then, Clean-Shavenism makes many Russians feel like their culture and identity are being eroded by a mindless and shallow infatuation with everything ‘western’. Why replace rich deep tradition with a series of fashions that may be flashy but often have no substance? Besides, what happened in the 90s as the result of globalism?

    What Russia needs is a new school of thought that can synthesize rich deep tradition & culture with the modern spirit. And Russians should look to certain kinds of Jews and Japanese of Meiji Reform Era and Germans of 19th century. While some Jews have lost it and gone nuts, there are some Jews who’ve found a way to balance Jewish identity/tradition with modernity. And Japanese Reformers found a way to modernize Japan along Western lines but to make Japan stronger. And Germans did it best in the 19th century, emphasizing modernization, nationalism, and liberalism all at once.

    Also, habits and attitudes are crucial. Two people can have the same ideas and tasks, but one people may do so much more due to habits and attitudes. Russians need to develop the right kind of habits and attitudes. They say fish rots from the head. Likewise, fish revives from the head.

    And to appreciate this, Russia need to look to Prussia. Russia is so big whereas Prussia was so small. But Prussia did so much more in a short time than Russia the giant. Prussia had great leadership. And its elites were clean, conscientious, and sober. And their habits and attitudes came to define the whole nation and served as template for culture at large. In contrast, Russian elites have acted like a bunch of self-indulgent rakes. It’s no wonder so much of the modernization of Russia in the 19th century was outsourced to Germans who knew how to run things and serve with accountability.

    Russia needs someone to ask the people a series of Questions. And one should be why Russia cannot be like a Big Prussia. And the fault must be found among elites and the masses.

    And then the National Question can grapple with what Russians can do, as elites and masses, to change things from top to bottom, in hearts and hands, to make Russia finally live up to its true potential.

  • Chinese had a huge nation-empire and were satisfied with it.

    Russians too were content with land empire, which is why they didn’t seek overseas empires much. They even sold Alaska.

    But the only way smaller nations like Britain, Spain, and France could be Great Powers was by conquering more land. And New World offered them this opportunity. Spanish/Portuguese took the southern parts, Anglos took the middle part, and French took the northern part(and claimed Louisiana territory). But Anglos eventually took the northern part too when English beat the French in Canada. And then Napoleon sold Louisiana territories to the US.

    Anyway, smaller nations need empires to be great. UK alone could not be a great power. Same with France. This is why Japanese were especially aggressive. They needed to secure more land to be a great power.

    In contrast, China was a world unto itself. At one time, even Mongolia was part of China. But then, it was under Manchu rule when the Brits came… just like India was under Moghul rule when the Brits arrived. In that case, the Brits did shake things to lead to national awakening in both parts of the world.

    Anyway, when we look at today’s world, it’s easy to understand why Jews are so restless and aggressive. Jews have no great land mass for themselves. Chinese got China, Russians got Russia. Indians got India. Iranians got Iran, which is pretty big.

    Now, Jews have control over US and EU, and they are the best regions to have, but Jewish control is precarious because Jews are the ruling minority elites. Without Jewish control of elite institutions and the Narrative, they can lose supremacist grip, as happened in Russia under Putin. Jews got lots of privilege in Russia but not supremacist power. Jews have it in the US, but it can be lost. And Jews can lose it in EU too. This is why Jews are so restless in their effort to increase diversity and white self-loathing and cuckery. And homomania. Via decadence and diversity, Jews are trying to globalize US and EU. That way, nationalism won’t be able to reassert itself.

    If Jews had a giant nation like Russia or China to themselves, they might be less hyper. But they don’t. Jewish power is immense but it’s like walking a tightrope. Jews need to maintain The Position to have the power. In contrast, China could collapse economically, as under Mao, and still belong to Chinese. And Russia could collapse as in the 90s and still revert to Russian control. But if Jews lose top position in the West, they could lose it forever since they don’t have the power of numbers/demography.

    This is why Jews are most restless.

    And as whites have been indoctrinated to fear their own racial and national pride, their repressed will-to-power is channeled toward globalist ventures. We see this is John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Total cuck dogs of Zionists, they can only act tough and muscular by barking at Iran, Russia, and China. They are loathe to talk about saving and preserving white nations(as it’d be ‘racist’).

    As white power dwindles in white nations, white elites can only exert their power dynamics on the global stage, especially at the behest of their Jewish masters.

    Now, the best thing would be universal nationalism. Nationalism would mean that each people would be content with their own land, culture, and identity. Sure, they would try to get along with others and do trade and exchange ideas. But their main focus would be national identity and interests. And if they all respected one another’s national sovereignty, they could all get along together.

    So, what is wrong with this? Some white Europeans still have imperialist mindset. If they can’t have the old empire back, they wanna turn their own nations into miniatures of Old Empire. So, UK and France look more like Africa everyday.

    Another reason is nationalism in all nations except Israel means less power for Jews. Nationalism means the people of the nation should put their own identity and interests first. It means Jews must be seen as a minority, not the master elites.

    It is globalism that urges all nations to worship homos(minority elites), Jews(minority elites), and Negroes(minority celebs) above their own kind. So, the Irish should put interests of Jews, Homos, and Negroes above those of the Irish. This gives the likes of Soros an opening for infiltration and takeover.

    Same with Sweden. A nationalist Sweden would be Sweden for Swedes. Sure, it could be nice to minorities and get along & trade with other nations. But its main theme would be Sweden should do things to favor Swedes above all else in Sweden. This means Jewish interests must take a backseat. Now, there is nothing wrong with this since minorities in any nation should be of secondary interest. For instance, Russian minorities in China are secondary to Chinese in China, and Chinese minorities in Russia are secondary to Russians in Russia. Okay, fine.

    But Jews can’t stand this since they want the dominant position in gentile nations. Even if Chinese minority got little in Russia, Chinese got big China. Even if Russian minority got little in China, Russians got Big Russia. Russian mind has a Russian body. Chinese mind got a Chinese body.

    In contrast, Jewish mind has no body. It has to control the bodies of others. Problem is that the body tends to reject the mind of another. It’s like organ transplant. The new organ is rejected by the host body, and so the body has to be dosed with drugs and chemicals to lower the resistance.

    Now, there are plenty of minorities without big nations of their own who just get along in their host nations. So, why are Jews so restless? Consider Palestinians. They lost their own nation, and the Palestinian diaspora is content with being humdrum minorities in other nations. Why can’t Jews be like Palestinians?

    Jews got too much pride, too much ability, too much arrogance. The combination of high IQ, pushy personality, historical/cultural pride, and culture of resentment makes Jews dogged and unrelenting in their drive for domination as rightful masters and avengers.

    PS. the notion that the West advanced ahead of other parts of the world because of competition over arms isn’t convincing. After all, American Indians were always bashing one another. But they remained savages.

    And the Near East too was a hot zone of competing empires and powers. But it fell behind. Using the author’s logic, the constant wars among Turks, Greeks, Persians, Arabs, and etc should have led to great advancement.

  • True nationalism means a deep sense of shared blood and narrative, preferably over territory called ‘homeland’, with others of your kind. This sense of togetherness is real on the genetic, historic, and territorial level. (Even if others of your kind are away from the homeland, they look back to homeland as the true their true home and feel an affinity with others of their own kind.)

    After all, a Hungarian in America looks back to Hungary as his ancestral homeland. He doesn’t look to any other nation as his true homeland. It’s a sense of roots and origins. And when black Americans look to origins, it is Black Africa, mostly West Africa.

    And it is because of this shared sense of blood, history, and territory that a people can survive great tragedies. If one’s sole identity is ‘myself’ or ‘my family’, then it’s all over if you or your family is wiped out. Suppose some Jew is in a Nazi camp and sees himself ONLY as a libertarian individual. If the Nazis kill him, he is over and that’s that. The Nazis defeated him totally. Or, suppose a Jew’s only identity is closest kin. If the Nazis wipe out the entire family, it is totally lost and gone forever. But if a Jew has a shared identity with other Jews, he cannot be totally beaten even if he is killed. Even if his entire family is killed. As long as Jews as a people survive, they can carry on and even triumph.

    It’s like the military. If you identify with your fellow Marines, it’s not total loss even if you are killed because you share a sense of brotherhood and common purpose with other Marines. So, as long as they keep fighting, your spirit is alive with them even if you’re dead. A Jew who only thinks of the individual is finished if he dies. A Jew who only cares about family and close ones is finished if the family is wiped out. But a Jew who feels a sense of Jewish Nationalism is spiritually alive even if he and his family is killed since he shares common identity and destiny with other Jews. So, as long as other Jews live, the Jewish Nation lives on, and his spirit is alive through them.

    It’s like Russians lost 20 million people in WWII. All those men lost their lives as individuals but they didn’t lose as a nation since surviving Russians preserved the identity and culture. As long as surviving Russians carry the torch, even the dead Russians are alive in spirit through that fire. That is nationalism. Indeed, as long as people survive as a nation, even huge losses don’t matter much. If Japan were to lose 50% of its people in an asteroid attack or horrible war, Japan will still be a whole nation. Even though it lost 50% of its people, the remaining 50% carry on with the identity, history, and territory that represents the 50% that was lost. And from the remaining 50% can come more people to fill up the island again. It’s like the Holocaust may have killed 70% of European Jewry, but that it didn’t mean Jews were 30% of what they were. They were still 100% whole since identity, history, and territory are not about numbers but an organic sense of community where the living carry on with the spirit of the dead of the past and of tragedies.

    Every individual is unique and every family is unique. So, every Jew is different from all other Jews, and every Russian is different from all other Russians. Still, there is a sense of blood, history, and territory that binds an individual with others of his kind. So, even if a Jew dies, he can rest assured that others of his kind in blood, memory, and loyalty will carry on. The national community of which he is a part will not perish even if he perishes. And that is a good feeling.

    Now, if he is the ONLY Jew left in the world, his death will be the end of it all. Then, non-Jews may remember Jewishness as a museum piece — like we remember Hittites and others of extinct cultures — but Jewish Nation will be gone for good.

    Nationalism is knowing that there are others of your kind in blood, memory, and claim to territory(or longing for lost land). It is knowing that even if you die, others like you will carry the torch and keep the community alive through genetics, space, and memory. And that is a good feeling.. that your identity and being will go on through others like you and their children, that is if they keep lit the torch and pass it down.

    But globalism seeks to weaken all national identities. Without a sense of organic community, there is only fad and fashion defined by pop culture degeneracy and politically correct dogma that would have you believe that one’s true identity should be based on escapist fantasy(of 50 genders and tattoos and worshiping celebrities) than rooted & based reality.

  • America revolves around the axis of Jewish Neurosis. Because of Jewish-Globalist control of media and academia, much of what is called ‘American’ is Judeo-centric. If not for Jewish Power, most Americans would not be obsessed about Iranian nukes, Putin-is-Hitler, Russia-is-threat, White-pride-is-evil, Diversity-is-great, Homos-are-angelic, and Trump-is-Siberian-candidate.

    Because Jews control media and academia, their interests-agenda-biases-hatreds-ambitions-greed take center stage and enter the minds of countless Americans.

    Imagine if Hindus or Chinese had the kind of media-academia power that Jews have in America. Their uniquely biased idea and vision of ‘America’ would come to occupy the minds of Americans hooked to mass media.

    So, what is ‘American’? Much of it is constructed by the Power that has near-monopoly of image, sounds, and words.

    And there is control of finance, which means most US politicians are whores of Zion. Why else the new sanctions against Russian and Iran while trying to criminalize BDS against Israeli apartheid in West Bank?

  • Russia had serfs.

    China had slaves.

    So, why don’t they have race problems like the US?

    Because Russian serfs were Russian and Chinese slaves were Chinese. So, when the system was eradicated, the once-serfs or once-slaves could be like everyone else.

    In contrast, the slaves were black in America. So, when black slaves were freed, they were no longer slaves but still black, and THAT was the problem. Slavery or no slavery, blacks remained stronger, more muscular, more aggressive, more psychopathic, louder, booty-shaking, and bigger-donged.

    In a way, end of slavery caused more problems for whites since stronger and more aggressive blacks could now run free and kick the white boy’s ass and get white girls.

    Blackness, not slavery, was the main problem. We see this in EU and Australia today. These blacks come as free men but they act much like crazy American blacks. Why? They are black.

    Mol tried to turn Poland into Moland by sticking his dong into jungle-feverized Polish womenfolk. Polish women are known to be skanks.

    Suppose whites had enslaved other whites in America. Or the Chinese. Once freed, white ex-slaves would have melded in with other whites. Once freed, ex-slave Chinese would have looked up to bigger stronger whites and tried to fit in, like Mexican peasants used to saying ‘si, senor’.

    Even if 400,000 blacks had been brought over as free people, they would have caused the same problems in the US.

    Because blacks were slaves in the US, we have this fallacy that slavery caused all the problem. But if we hypothetically change the race of the slaves, and we see it isn’t so.

    No, the real problem was whites brought stronger, meaner, and more psychopathic black savages to the New World.

  • We are in the Third Jewish War on Russia.

    First Jewish War on Russia was Bolshevism.

    Second Jewish War on Russia was Privatization, which really should be called Pirate-ization.

    Third Jewish War on Russia is Strangulation. How dare Russia restore national sovereignty and defy the new globo-religion of Homomania?

    Trump should be a bit more understanding of Palestinians.

    Though Palestinians are the underdogs, the media favors Israelis against Palestinians by 9 to 1 margin.

    It’s like what the media did in 2016 election. They favored Hillary over Trump by 9 to 1 margin.

    So, using Palestinians-as-a-metaphor, Trump is like a Palestinian in intifada against an Israeli tank.

    Yet, Trump is just another whore of Zion.

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