The Unite The Right Rally Will Finally Put Black-Pillers In Their Place

How did most of us become red-pilled?

Perhaps as the video suggests, some of us got red-pilled by reality.

However, how many of us gravitated to the Alt-Right varies greatly depending on the individual. Some of us were liberal, conservative, libertarian, and maybe even a few Commies converted along the way. All of us found our way to this amazing movement for White brotherhood, of which I am an extremely proud member.

For me, it was from reading men like Hegel, Spengler, Evola, Aristotle, Friberg, the works of Arktos, Hood, Taylor, MacDonald, Bateman, and Joyce; listening to my fellow New Yorkers Mike and Sven; and being in awe of podcasts, videos, and speeches from Red Ice, AmRen, and Radix that were covering subjects that I thought that only I was interested in. I eagerly discovered a whole new world thanks to the aforementioned list, and it brought me closer to thousands of brothers and sisters around the globe. I was overjoyed by the fact that I was no longer the only person in the world who was not spending their waking days embracing Diversity and Cultural Enrichment and was actually proud to be White.

One of the best experiences that I have had since joining the Alt-Right is hearing Richard Spencer give one of the greatest speeches that I have ever had the honor of hearing, which spoke to the very essence of what it means to be a White:

It is different for us. Race is real….but in some sense, whiteness really is a social construct. Think of the concepts that are now designated “problematic” and associated with whiteness: power, strength, beauty, agency, accomplishment. Whites do and other groups don’t. In the banality of normal life and in our most outlandish dreams, in both our Narrative and theirs. To be white is to be a striver, a crusader, an explorer and a conqueror. We build, we produce, we go upward.

And we recognize the central lie of American race relations. We don’t exploit other groups. We don’t gain anything from their presence. They need us, and not the other way around.

Whiteness, or, rather, identity, is being forced on the deracinated, consumerist Last Man that is the European-American. No one is going to be permitted to escape this process. Great historical changes are imminent when people are forced into a binary choice – fight or flee, join or die, resist or cuck.

That is the position of white people right now. Two weeks ago, I might have said the election of Donald Trump would actually lessen the pressure on White Americans. But today it’s clear his election is only intensifying the storm of hatred and hysteria being directed against us.

As Europeans, we are, uniquely, at the center of history. We are, as Hegel recognized, the embodiment of world history, itself. No one will honor us for losing gracefully. No one mourns the great crimes committed against us. For us, it is conquer or die. This is a unique burden for the white man, that our fate is entirely in our hands. And it is appropriate, because within us, within the very blood in our veins as children of the sun lies the potential for greatness.

That is the great struggle we are called to. We were not meant to live in shame and weakness and disgrace. We were not meant to beg for moral validation from some of the most despicable creatures to ever populate the planet. We were meant to overcome; overcome all of it. Because that’s natural for us!

Because for us, as Europeans, it’s only normal again, when we are great again!

I am focused on this subject today because of a recent article written by a man from one of the older Dissident Right websites. It was highly critical of an article I had written called White Flight Nationalism Is A Dead End. The premise of his article is that White Flight Nationalism is a good thing and that all the cool kids like him are doing it. He’s been writing about it incessantly for years in his very low T, Gamma male way; it is basically his Alt-Right raison d’être.

I will not link to the article because I do not want to waste your valuable time. If you search for it, you can easily find it. Besides the article being written in very complicated prose with bad arguments and a terrible conclusion, it espouses the very loser mentality that I railed against in my original piece. My idea was not perfect, so he counter-signaled me with an idea that was even more imperfect. Bravo. But most importantly, he wrote a piece that reeked of insipid weakness.

Now, his idea of running away to find a “safe space” may eventually be what we, White people, have to do one day because of traitor politicians and the Third World horde, but it should never be plan A, especially since we, Whites, have not even begun to fight back yet.

Just entertain the thought of red-pilling millions of White people in this country. We could bring the entire system to its knees.  More-and-more Whites are being red-pilled on a daily basis all across the world at an exponential rate. It is like Moore’s law applied to Alt-Right politics. Less than every 2 years, we are doubling our membership.

All it would take is a Black Swan event. Ever consider what happens if the economy crashes? What is the Coalition of the Ascendant going to do when those EBT cards do not work any longer?  How devastated will they all be when Whitey’s magic plastic cards are declined at the cashier as they purchase their Doritos, Slim Jims, Cherry Coke, and malt liquor at the corner store? Let me tell you, brothers, the fit will hit the shan. You will see the most catastrophic chimpout imaginable. Something none of us have the capacity to even fathom at this point.

We will use the same Rules for Radicals that have devastated our own people in kind. We will “never let a serious crisis go to waste.” We will do to them what they have done to us in a very methodical way. They will call it racism, and we will call it winning.

Many will counter that we will need an overwhelming majority to vanquish our adversaries. Has history borne out that sentiment though?  Consider that a super White majority has almost never been true in White history when we conquered most of the world, and it was certainly never true in the U.S.A. Sure millions of White immigrants came after the settlers, frontiersmen, and colonizers gained control of this once great nation, but that was certainly not true in the beginning.

No, what we had were relatively small groups (when compared to the natives) of determined White men with nothing to lose. They used their ingenuity and organizational skills to surmount onerous odds. They took this vast stretch of land and made it into one of the greatest White countries the world has ever seen.

Therefore, to be considered Alt-Right, many ideals must be fundamental to you. One core belief is that we take up space, and we do not run from a fight unless it is our only viable option. Why else have all these rallies across the country? Good optics? For what purpose? Recruiting more people for our mountain retreats?

No, my brothers and sisters. That is not what we do or who we are. Being Alt-Right is about more than just “Muh Principles.”  It’s about winning. And we must be diligent in our efforts to ignore those who would subvert or demoralize our wildly successful rampage through the media and the public conscience.

Those people who call themselves Alt-Right that focus on black-pilling are toxic to our movement. They have become so used to losing that they cannot even envision what winning might look like. This is pathetic, considering that all they have to do is open their eyes to see the strides that we are making.

They spend their days being overly critical, antithetical and do nothing but counter-signal everything that we are trying to accomplish. Will we make mistakes? Will we have to adjust our strategy as we move forward? Of course, no one is disputing that. But what use is the constant negativity and bitching to our cause?

Dr. Joyce wrote not long ago about taking advantage of vicissitudes for removing bad elements from our ranks, and how we should be defined and characterized:

This is a great opportunity for movement catharsis. Conflict for the right reasons and in the right spirit is healthy, natural, and good. In this movement, there should be no room for Jews, queers, or compromises.

We are no longer just countering our adversaries with memes and rhetoric. We are setting an agenda from here on out. Just think about the strides we have made towards consolidating the opposition. We purged the basic-bitch constitutionalists, the Alt-Lite, and now why not get rid of the toxic Gamma Alt-Rinos as well?

Brothers, I’ll see you August 12th in Charlottesville, where we plan to take up space, make a stand and force everyone in this movement, and in the White World to finally cough up that black pill once and for all.


  • I’m hoping the Unite the Right rally is a smashing success. But I’m not declaring victory until it’s over. We know the left will bus in every antifa, BLM, and BAMN person it can to disrupt it, and that the government will more than likely tell the cops to stand down when the left starts the fights.

  • Coming from the left side myself, I can assure you that the left hasn’t had anything remotely sane or sensible at least since the 60’s or at very least the 70’s. I stayed with it for so long for several reasons. It was a comfort zone. Immigration had just got started and was not yet a big problem. There was not any internet. Just the ordinary (((media))). Today everything that comes from a leftist mouth is utterly claptrap 100%. It’s only the right that wants to preserve our race, culture and nations.

    • Only the alt right wants to preserve our race, culture, and nations. The mainstream standard Republican right is every bit as useless as the left.

  • Greeks had good sense. I mean it was their games. Why invite a bunch of Persians and barbarian peoples to take part in the games and beat Greeks? The Olympics were not about the BEST in the world but best among Greeks. To glorify Greek power, it had to be kept to Greeks.

    It’s like humans exclude other animals in sports. Surely, most animals can outrun humans. And lots of animals can outjump humans. And many animals can beat up humans. So, sports are only for humans. And even among humans, some races are stronger, so you gotta keep some out if YOUR people are to be glorified. If you INCLUDE outsiders, their dominance may lead to the EXCLUSION of your own kind. Blacks were included in US sports, and it led to the exclusion of whites from many sports as whites cannot compete with blacks.

    So, ball games must take color into account. There are white balls and black balls. Let whites play for white balls, and let blacks play with black balls. If whites are allowed to play black balls, it will still remain black balls because blacks will beat whites. But if blacks are allowed to play white balls, it will soon become black balls because, again, blacks will beat whites. So, white balls need safe space from black balls. We need to understand the Law of Ballitics. Nature is race-ist in having created different races with different abilities.

    Let’s say there’s a sport that allows blacks to play but bans Mexicans. So, we might argue that Mexicans aren’t in the game because of discrimination. But even if the discrimination were lifted, the game will be all black because blacks are better than Mexicans in sports.

    Now, let’s say there’s a sport that allows Mexicans to play but bans blacks. So, we might argue that blacks aren’t in the game because of discrimination. When discrimination is lifted, however, blacks will totally dominate and Mexicans will be excluded by biological or natural discrimination.

    So, if browns wanna play, they must have Brown Balls that keep safe space from Black Balls.

    Anyway, on the issue of race and politics, we need to take a longer perspective.

    We have to cut Franz Boas and others of his kind some slack given the context of the times.

    After all, even if many of their ideas turned out to be crackpot, there were many crackpot racial theories in the 19th and early 20th century. Worse, these ideas did play a role in justifying some of the nastier aspects of imperialism and were the ideological underpinning of Nazism that really did horrible things.
    Sure, one could say radical egalitarianism of communism also piled up stacks of bodies a mile high with Stalin, Mao, and etc. But then, two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Even so, it was understandable why many saw radical anti-racism or radical egalitarianism as a lesser evil than radical racism. While the Soviets could be murderous and ruthless, they still regarded other peoples as peoples. So, ultra-violence was a means to an end whereupon everyone would get along with equal dignity and peace. In contrast, ultra-violence was the very end of radical racists who, at their most extreme, called for mass extermination or permanent enslavement of certain peoples.

    Soviets defeated Germans but still regarded Germans as fellow comrades. Soviet antipathy toward Germans was ideological. Soviets didn’t regard Germans as subhuman. If Germans were to change their ways, they were comrades too.
    In contrast, it didn’t matter what the Russians believed. Even if they renounced communism, they were little more than cattle to the Nazis.
    Soviets were like Christians in the Middle Ages. They were hellbent on burning heretics, but there was chance of life IF one converted. But there wasn’t even that outlet offered by the Nazis. You could agree with the Nazis 100% but if they wanted you dead, you were dead.

    And that was the dark side of radical racism.
    Even so, we may now be entering into an era when radical anti-racism may prove to be far more dangerous than radical racism. Why? Because of the African invasion of Europe.

    The fact was Germans and Russians were very similar people. The Russians might be bit more Asiatic or Turkic, but they were mostly European. So, Nazi racial theories about ‘Aryans’ vs Slavs was over-the-top ludicrous. The difference between Germs and Slavs are like between Chinese and Japanese.
    So, contrary to German fears, the victory of Russian Slavs didn’t mean the end of civilization. Russians may drink too much and act boorish, but they can maintain civilization. And they get along with others. Their domination over Eastern Europe held it back economically, but there was stable civilization in all those nations. And there were also some achievements in commie nations in the post-war era.
    So, dropping radical racism between Germs and Slavs made good sense.

    But if the racial differences between Germans and Russians were largely illusory, the differences between Europeans and Africans are all too real. Paradoxically, the radical anti-racism does great harm by allowing natural racism to run its course. Under the cover of radical anti-racism, natural racism is allowed to run riot and destroy everything.

    A Germany occupied by Russians is still a civilization because Russians know civilization. But Europe overrun by Africans is a rape gangsta paradise.

    On the matter of ‘which race is superior, black or white?’, it depends on the criteria. When it comes to intelligence, diligence, patience, reason, logic, introspection, and overall sanity, whites are superior to blacks. Whites are superior for civilizational purposes. If whites and blacks had to compete on the basis of civilizational needs, whites would win.

    But when it comes to muscle power, sexual drives, funk, loudness, hollering and walloping, ‘twerking’, spear-tossing, running, jumping, punching, yapping, and acting thug or whore, blacks are superior to whites. Blacks are superior for natural-savage purposes. If whites and blacks had to compete on the basis of natural-savage needs, blacks would win.
    Suppose we take a 1000 Frenchmen/women and a 1000 Nigerian men/women. Suppose we strip all of them naked and put them on a island. Suppose they have no high technology and must rely on simple tools. Blacks would win. Black guys would beat white guys. Blacks would be hollering louder, pushing white guys around. White women would notice their men getting beaten and also notice black men got more muscle and bigger genitals So, It’d be like putting a bunch of pitbulls and beagles together. Pitbull males will hump the beagle females while beagle males will be cucked.

    Because of Afro-Americanization of Europe, there is the ever decreasing levels of civilizational modes. Churches are empty. There is no more culture of restraint or sobriety. European women are a bunch of whores. Even in Catholic Poland, a whole bunch of women got HIV from Simon Mol the Horny of Africa. In France, the white women are a bunch of sluts. They all be into partying and whoring around. So, even though the West is most advanced technologically and most rich, their culture and behavior have become ‘liberated’ by Afromania. So, white girls are encouraged to listen and watch Ariana Grande’s interracist fantasies. So, neo-savagery is the culture of the New West. And in this struggle along natural drives, black race is superior to the white race. When it comes to ‘muh brawn’ as opposed to ‘muh brains’, blacks win.

    So, why isn’t this problem being addressed? Because radical anti-racism forces people to believe that all races are the same. Also, anti-racism attacks the notion of white supremacism. It assumes that issues of racial differences are always about white arrogance and chauvinism. It fails to address the fact that the new race-ism is morally justified on the basis of white inferioritism against thuggish black supremacism. Because whites are inferior to blacks in natural-savage competition, whites need safe spaces from the more muscular Negroes who be coming to colonize white wombs and beat up white boys.

    But then, the white right is to blame too. By focusing so much on the issue of IQ where whites are indeed superior, they only perpetuate the narrative that discussion of race differences is about white racial supremacism. If white race-ists were to discuss white inferioritism, things might be different. After all, the inferior need protection or defenses against the superior. Take leopards and chimps. Leopards are the superior predator and killer. A chimp has no chance against a leopard. Because chimps cannot win one-on-one against the superior leopard, they bunch together and work as a team. When a leopard comes near, chimps gather together and holler in unison, ‘there goes the neighborhood, there goes the neighborhood! keep the leopard out, keep the leopard out’

    Organisms are organized around overcoming inferiority. Take lions. A single lion is inferior in strength to a cape buffalo. That is why lions must work as a team to bring down buffaloes. It’s like a wolf is inferior to a bear or moose. A single wolf cannot beat a bear or moose who can easily kill wolf if confronted one on one. So, wolves work as a team to overcome their inferiority. All organisms are inferior in some way and have mechanisms to overcome it. Turtles are slow, so they need a shell. Skunks are small and weak, so they got the musky spray. Porcupines are clumsy and awkward, so they got all those quills. Prairie dogs are wimpy, so they hide in the ground when eagles come flying. Snakes got no limbs so they have fangs and venom.
    Because whites are inferior to blacks on a one-on-one basis in the realm of natural-savage competition, whites must use other attributes to overcome the negro threat. Since the Negro is superior in brawn, the whites must use his superiority in brain to push back against the savage Jungle warrior. And in the past, this was the path to white greatness. Sure, Asians had more in numbers and obedience. And Africans had more muscle. But white man used superior organizational and innovative skills to make ships and guns and gain domination over others. But now, we see the crazy business of white superiority in brains aiding black superiority in brawn to attack white inferiority in brawn. White superiority in brains is supposed to aid white inferiority in brawn against black superiority in brawn. Without the edge in brain power, whites would be defenseless against blacks. Imagine a community where blacks and whites have same IQ. Blacks would totally dominate since they got more muscle. But because whites have more brains, they can study more and make more money and move to other communities or organize and form militias to have vigilance against black virulence. But now, white brains in media and academia are favoring black brawn superiority over white brawn inferiority. White brains in media and academia are filling white minds with the ideal of Magic Negro and Mandingo.

    Imagine two sides. Each side has a bodyguard. Side A has a body guard who isn’t big but has a big sword. Side B has a body guard who is big but has just a knife. So, bodyguard of side A is inferior in physique but superior in weapon. In contrast, bodyguard of side B is superior in physique but inferior in weapon. That balances things out.
    Anyway, if you are part of A, you should be glad that your bodyguard has a big sword to compensate for his inferior physique. But… suppose it’s decided that it’s not fair that your bodyguard should have the bigger sword. So, the bigger sword is given to the bigger bodyguard of B while smaller bodyguard of A is given the knife. What will happen? Side A is in big trouble.

    Because whites are inferior to black in natural-savage-competition, they must compensate with their superiority in civilizational competition. But the globalists have reprogrammed white elite civilization to stop using white civilizational superiority to compensate for white natural-savage inferiority. So, the result is white brains aiding and abetting black brawn to beat white boys and conquer white wombs.

    It’s the stupidest arrangement ever. After all, Jews have long used their superiority in wit/brain to compensate for their inferiority in demographics/numbers and brawn. There were many more ‘dumb poles’ who were bigger and stronger from eating all those kielbasas while Jews ate bagels and cream cheese. So, Jews had to rely on their superior wit to run circles around the Poles.

    Every organism is inferior in some ways and seeks means of overcoming this inferiority. That is the very trick of life. Paradoxically, to gain superiority in one way, one must assess one’s inferiority in other ways. It’s the same thing in military. Every side must assess its weaknesses and vulnerabilities in order to formulate a strategy that overcomes those inferiorities, thereby making it possible to perhaps gain superiority over the other. Germans understood this in WWII. They knew Russia was vast and gigantic and had huge industry. So, Germany had to overcome this problem with a surprise attack. In the end, it didn’t succeed, but the ONLY chance it might have worked was with an ambush. As for Russians, they knew that Wehrmacht was a more powerful and disciplined fighting machine than the Soviet military. A German soldier was better than a Russian soldier on a one-on-one basis. So, Russia had to rely on its vast territory and transport industries to the east. And it had to rely on superior numbers.
    All organisms and systems must ask, “In what ways are we inferior compared to the other side? And in what ways do we have an advantage that can overcome our inferiority?”
    It’s like in basketball, a shorter player is inferior in reach, but he has advantage in speed.

    When dealing with races, it’s not a simple case of one race is totally SUPERIOR to another. Rather, it is superior in some areas, inferior in others. It’s like comparing nations. Which nation is superior? Italy or Saudi Arabia? When it comes to growing grapes, Italy is superior. When it comes to drilling for oil, Saudis are superior.
    Which nation is superior? China or Russia? In numbers and work ethic, Chinese are superior. In natural resources and industrial-tech tradition, Russia is superior. Anyway, just as a nation that is inferior in one area must compensate with superiority in another area, a race that is inferior in one area must compensate with superiority in another area. When Japan invaded China, Japan had superiority in technology and organization. So, Chinese could not compete in that area. But China was so much bigger and had so many more people, and this meant Japanese quality would become bogged down in Chinese quantity.

    So, if white race wants to survive, it must first ask, “where are we inferior vis-a-vis the Negro?” And it is in muscle. The Negro can beat up white boys. And by the rules of natural-savagery, women go for men with more funk and larger privates. For that reason, black men are a threat in those departments.
    So, how does the white man save his manhood and his own race? After assessing his weakness vis-a-vis the Negro in natural-savage competition, he realizes he has the advantage over the negro in brains and organizational skills and overall sanity(as Negros be junglopathic in many cases). So, white men use brains and superior organization to fight the Negro… like in Zulu. Those black warriors could beat any white guy in one-on-one fight. And they are tough and hollering and walloping with spears. But the Brits got organization, discipline, and superior weapons created by superior white intelligence. Now, imagine a white guy in the movie deciding to offer his white intelligence to aid the muscled Negroes against physically weaker whites. That would mean disaster… but that is the current state of the West. The best white minds, infected with PC, are going out of their way to cuck out and aid the Negro brawn to beat whitey and colonize white wombs.
    White intelligence, which is supposed to compensate for white inferiority in physique vis-a-vis blacks, is going out of its way to aid black fist against white folks.

    Anyway, returning to Boas…

    Maybe he was a charlatan and etc, but the fact is there were too many crackpot radical racist thinkers in the past, and their ideas did do great harm, especially with rise of Nazism and WWII. Those ideas did shape the minds of men like Hitler, and their crimes were on a unprecedented scale. If WWII had never happened, maybe it’d be fair to just dump on Boas as a fraud, but in light of historical events, we have to admit that that anti-racists, even if wrong on many counts, were right to oppose some of ludicrous claims of the radical racists who were pseudo-scientific in their own ways.
    Now, there were decent scientific race-ists, and they existed on the left as well as on the right. Indeed, it’s been said that the most educated and liberal elites in the 19th century all believed in races and racial differences. But at some point, this scientific inquiry became intertwined with radical politics or with imperialism in search for justification for white rule around the world. White superiority came in two forms: domineering and generous. Domineering types believed whites had a right to lord over non-whites who were inferior and should be treated like chattel. Generous types believed that, because whites are superior, it is the white man’s burden to lift up the rest of the benighted races and bring them to light of reason and knowledge. In many cases, the domineering and generous strains of white superiority-ism were intertwined… like in the American South where blacks were used as slaves and sometimes treated badly… but also seen as making progress under white guidance cuz, otherwise, they’d be in Africa just beating bongo drums and hurling spears at rhinos that want to stomp Negroes to death.

    Anyway, all ideas must be seen in social and historical context. And given the political and cultural climate of the first half of the 20th century when radical racist ideas led to horrible things, I’d be a bit more understanding of Boas and the Frankfurt School.
    But things are different today, and the ongoing PC of Anthropology departments is just a lot of tiresome hokum that prefers dogma over science. That being the case, Anthropology should remove itself from academia and declare itself a New Age theology. True academia must be open to all inquiries, all ideas, all facts.

    Anyway, it’s understandable why Jews fixated on blacks. For one thing, there was the history of slavery and mistreatment of blacks by whites. That was a historical certainty. So, the black issue morally undermined white prestige and power. For Jews who heard from Christians, ‘You Jews killed Christ’ for over 1000 yrs, it must have felt good to accuse whites with, ‘You enslaved noble blacks’.

    But it was also because black brawn could be used as bodyguard to the Jew.
    In an ‘Aryan’ vs Semite struggle, the Semite has superior brains but inferior brawn, at least in relation to Germanics and certain Slavs. While Latins and Greeks are physically more or less like Jews, some Germanics and Slavs are bigger and brawnier than the Semites. And they also had advantage in numbers, like in pogroms. So, what was the Jew to do against the ‘big dumb polack’ or ‘big brutish kraut’? Get a Negro as muscle. It’s like how the kid in MY BODYGUARD gets himself protection.

    In the US, Jews competed with snobby Wasps. In Germany, things got more heated with rise of National Socialism.
    Now, Wasps in the US, like Anglos in UK, were more subtle in their anti-Jewishness. They let Jews get rich but it was ‘no Jews in country clubs and no Jews marrying my daughter’. Things got much more dire in Germany. It wasn’t a matter of country club exclusions but concentration camp coercion.

    So, Jews needed some kind of symbolism to break white pride. And what is more symbolic of power and prowess and glory in modern era than sports and music?

    Jews couldn’t beat the ‘Aryans’ in fighting and running. While Max Baer was a good boxer and beat some top Germans, he wasn’t really Jewish-Jewish.
    But the Negro could outrun and outfight the whites.
    So, Joe Louis and Jesse Owens became the icons of anti-racism. But it was paradoxical because what they demonstrated was racial superiority. If Owens had tied with German runners and if Joe Louis had fought to a draw against Max Schmeling, the results would have suggested racial equality. But blacks beat whites badly. Schmeliing eked out a win against Louis in the first fight, but Louis totally flattened him in the first round of the second fight. And three negroes outran German runners by a mile in the 100 and 200 sprint. So, what was established was the racial superiority of blacks in sports. But the Narrative spun it as ‘Louis and Owens demolished the myth of Aryan supremacy’. But what about how their feats established the fact of black racial superiority in running and fighting? It goes to show the power of the Narrative. The Narrative shapes reality to favor certain views over others.

    Because of the power of the Narrative, a fact of racial superiority has long been sold as a case of racial justice and equality. When Jack Johnson beat all those white guys and humped all those white women, it was a case of black superiority in the natural-savage competition. But CucKen Burns made the docu Unforgivable Blackness where the story is spun as ‘black man fights for racial justice’. And even though the story of Ali is about black superiority in beating and humiliating white male pride, it’s spun as ‘black pride’ in the age of Civil Rights Era. This is nothing new. It’s like how the South spun a romantic narrative about Jesse James who was really a killer and psycho. But given the context of Southern defeat and hurt pride, James’ criminality was romanticized in terms of revenge and robin-hoodery. And Bonnie and Clyde were similarly romanticized as proto-revolutionaries by 60s radicals.
    And according to a book TOUGH JEWS, Jewish gangsters were inspiring despite their thuggery and criminality because they were counter-stereotypes against the nebbish cowardly Jew.

    But the black problem can’t be blamed only on Jews. Much of the blame must go to vain white male pride that failed to speak the truth about racial differences when there was NO PC to stop them. PC has a stifling effect on today’s discourse, but one could say the most un-PC things 100 yrs ago and be part of the Power and respectable society. Back then, you fell out of respectable society if you said, “My daughter can marry a Negro, and my wife can go with one too.”

    Just think. When Jack Johnson was beating whites, white males could have been honest and say, “Those Negroes are awful strong and beat us up and make white manhood impossible around them. If we live with blacks, they will beat up our sons, impregnate our daughters, and turn streets into jungles.”

    This is why Honest Abe wanted to free the slaves and send them to Africa. He saw how slavery was unjust, but he understood that racial integration would also be unjust because the Negro would beat whites. As a young man chopping down trees, it’s possible he met some Negroes. So, while he chopped down one tree, some big Negro was chopping down three. It’s like Woody Allen is no match to a Negro when it comes to breaking rocks.

    Now, one may ask, why would Jews side with Negroes when Negroes can beat Jews too? Well, with higher IQ and teamwork, Jews can move to safe areas away from dangerous blacks. Very few Jews are low IQ. Most are smart enough to do well in school and get good jobs and live in safe areas. So, they don’t have to worry about Negroes kicking their behind. Also, Jews own much of media and sports teams, and they rake in billions from Negro sports. So, it’s very lucrative for Jews to manage black athletes and rappers.

    Anyway, only the truth shall set people free.
    And every side tells some truth but ignores others.

    White folks must address their inferiority vis-a-vis other races and then guard and use their superiority to compensate for their inferiority.

    For whites to use white superior intelligence against blacks, they must first address black superior brawn against whites.

    Only in that way is white intelligence morally justified as counter-weapon against thuggish black brawn.

  • “Those people who call themselves Alt-Right that focus on black-pilling are toxic to our movement. They have become so used losing that they cannot even envision what winning might look like.”

    I WIN……

    Through My ACTUAL Blood, Sweat, Scars, and Tears…….

    MASSIVE Physical Pain in my Body from being Working Class……..

    RELENTLESS Psychic Torture from waking up EVERY Day and knowing that all that awaits me is PAIN……

    And I NEVER Give Up…….

    And EVERY Year…..

    ….I Rise More…….

    And the Mind becomes Hardened…….

    And the Will becomes Hardened…….

    And the Body becomes a Machine………

    You Alt-Right Writers have ZERO Clue about this World…..

    So, be Thankful and Enjoy the Small Contributions we Send You……..

    If we’re so Justifiably Black-Pilled…..

    Then, send us some White Pills…..

    Or why the F am I contributing to in the First Place??

    • The buddy system should be used at all times if attending these gatherings. Ideally, people should always be in groups of at least three, and one of the three should always have their phone ready to record. A shame what happened to this guy.

    It has been the White Race who has been the world builder, the makers of cities and commerce and continents. It is the White Man who is the sole builder of civilizations. It was he who built the Egyptian civilization, the great unsurpassed Roman civilization, the Greek civilization of beauty and culture, and who, after having been dealt a serious blow by a new Semitic religion, wallowed through the Dark Ages, finally extricated himself, and then built the great European civilization.

    These European White Men, then, with civilization in their blood and in their destiny, crossed the Atlantic and set up a new civilization on a bleak and rock bound coast. It was the White Men who drove north to Alaska and west to California; the men who opened up the tropics and subdued the Arctics; the men who mastered the African Veldts; the men who peopled Australia and seized the gates of the world at Suez, Gibraltar and Panama.

    It was the White Race who produced men like Columbus who crossed the unknown Atlantic; men like Magellan who first circumnavigated the globe; men like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Velazquez, Bernini, Rubens, Raphael and thousands of other geniuses who created beautiful and exquisite productions in the fields of sculpture and painting; geniuses like Beethoven, Bach, Wagner and Verdi who created beautiful music; men like James Watt who invented the steam engine; men like Daimler who invented and built the reciprocating internal combustion engine; production geniuses like Henry Ford, inventors like Thomas Edison; such a prodigal genius as Nikola Tesla in the field of physics and electricity; literary geniuses like Shakespeare, Goethe and thousands of others, untold geniuses in the fields of mathematics, in the fields of chemistry and physics.

    It was the White Man who spanned the continents of the world with railroads and super highways and electrical power lines. It was the White Man who created the miraculous world of electronics, ushering in the telephone, the radio and television. It was the White Race, who in a combined burst of energy and genius sent rockets to the moon and planted the feet of the White Man on extra-terrestrial territory in the last decade. [Note: The 1960’s.]

    The brilliant accomplishments of the White Race are endless and rapidly expanding even as this is being written. All one has to do is leaf through the pages of an encyclopedia to appreciate the magnificent legacy of achievements wrought by the White Race through the centuries.

    What other race can even come close to this remarkable record of creativity, achievement and productivity? The answer is none. None whatsoever. None can even come close. In contrast, the black man of Africa never so much as even invented the wheel.

  • Another good article by Trey. Still far more optimistic than me, but you do make a great point.

    Retreat should never, ever be the ‘Plan A.’

    I support the idea of a white ethnostate and have zero problem with people working in advance to establish one (I myself plan to move to a nicer, whiter area – though heat is my main concern, I cant stand the triple digits and humidity here in Texas), but if we can indeed take back the entirety of the nation – why shouldn’t we?

    At the same time if we do have to fallback as so many pessimists think we will (and though I don’t consider myself one, a strategic retreat MAY be necessary at some point), a pre-arranged racially exclusive enclave already setup and running would be a nice thing to have.

  • A year ago, I was complaining that the movement only exists online. There have been a few promising rallies this year and it is starting to move out of the internet which is a promising development.

    A squadron of angry French Canadians will be making the journey to show their support. (Starts talking about Charlottesville in first 5 minutes.)

    • Hey, Johnny Fascismo……

      What have you EVER done……..


      In your Entire Life???

      Let all of us know……

      Then, I’ll tell you a REAL True Story about the Fascist Streets I’ve experienced for DECADES…….

      In the meantime……


      • Zeiger is a writer for Dailystormer and Ropeculture and a frequent co-host on Mysterium Fasces. I assume he’s involved in the Montreal Stormer Book Club.

        I recently found out about a group from Quebec called Atalante Quebec who are directly inspired by European groups like Casapound, Hogar Social Madrid and Bastion Social Paris etc. They seem to be doing a lot of good out there, but their seperatists and all the information I can find about them is in French.

        There seems to be a lot more happening in Quebec than in Toronto, as far as Right Wing activism goes, I’m sad to say.

  • Awesome article. I was introduced to the movement by a 2016 Peggy Noonan article in the WSJ that mentioned “Congressional staffers aren’t reading NRO – they’re reading VDare and Radix Journal…” Wew lad. It’s been a wild ride ever since.

  • While it may be a necessary transitional phase, racial awareness without awareness of the JQ could lead to bad things happening.

    Like, we all recognize the danger presented by the Breitbart people, who hate Muslims and love Jews

    But some Alt-Right elements who are racially aware but not JQ wise could present a similar danger

    Pax Dickinson, Redneck Zionist seems like an odd fit

  • Ah yes, I recall reading the article Trey is referring to. I didn’t like it either but if you wanna be triggered read the “culturalist” articles by John Press. I’m getting angry already.

        • Jesus that’s terrible. Just replace pragmatic culturalism with ‘defeatism’ and you get the same results.

          • To be fair to Press, his ideas would be good stepping stones but that’s all. The problem is nobody in power is going to listen to reason which is why things are going to get worse before they get better and the window on half measures like the idea of culturalism is fast closing.

      • Just a guess, but I think the author here is referring to this article.

        Personally, I thought its argument was pretty convincing overall, and also very high-T. The central point (which this article never addresses) is this: In the past, people largely inherited their identities, but now, more and more, we choose our identities. We choose our identities more and more for the simple fact that now we can. This is a deeply structural trend—the inevitable result of the always increasing ease of travel and communication.

        Any identitarian who ignores this, or thinks he can put the-genie-back-in-the-bottle, is just ramming his head up against the wall. He is making the classic reactionary mistake of trying to put back together something already broken beyond repair.

        • Everyone in the Alt-Right would completely disagree with your statement. If you write for the website that you linked, are a Gamma male, and have an Asian girlfriend, I could see why you would agree with the other writer. His piece presented some pathetically bad arguments with very sloppy reasoning and over-the-top histrionics. Plus, it’s just not Alt-Right logic or thinking. I am sure that when the writer of that nonsense is dressing in drag, putting on his makeup, and shopping for purses online that he realizes that he is really just not a positive part of our movement and should not consider himself Alt-Right.

          • I suppose you think I would be a more positive presence, more of an alpha, if I dispensed with argument altogether, and just wrote syrupy pep talks, like you. You would turn the Alt Right into a cheap self-help movement. (And this is not to mention your cringy boot-licking. If you really consider Friberg to on-par with Aristotle, that’s your affair, but at least have the good sense not to say it here of all places.)

            But let’s be serious. What is alt right thinking? I think to you, and to be fair, many others too, it simply means far-right and pro-white, and never backing down on these points—’we’re here to take up space.” And that’s fine as far as it goes, but how would that really distinguish us from so many other failed far-right movements? Fundamentally, what you’re offering is a conservatism, and conservatism doesn’t work because conservatism is impossible. The world is always change, and the only credible response to change is more change.

            If the Alt Right is to be any more than a rebranding, it has to get back to its roots (don’t bother, I’m aware of the irony). The original insight of the Alt Right is that “there is nothing left to conserve.” All alt right thinking should start from that point. We call ourselves “right,” not because we are trying to conserve something, but only because we are for the particular and against the universal. The particular over the universal, our focus should be on that principle and how it can be applied to the needs of the world today. And leave the conservative baggage behind.

          • Everything that you write just screams closeted homosexual and total pussy. Even how you initially commented here :
            “Just a guess, but I think the author here is referring to this article.”

            You definitely need some hormone therapy because you are so effeminate.

            Why not just be a man and announce who you are instead of being a total spergy queer? What a bitch move that was trying to pull off some ninja-style comment when responding to the Managing Editor of as if we do not know it’s you. Nice try, Tinker Bell!

            Remember, you could never be me because you have no balls.

          • You really are a delicate, insecure little thing, aren’t you?

            I had the balls to link to your article, you didn’t have the balls to link to mine. I’m perfectly content to let others judge our arguments side-by-side, whereas you would avoid a direct comparison. The reason for this is perfectly clear to anyone with an IQ above room temperature: you don’t have an argument. So you chimp-out, and throw around a bunch of childish insults, because at the end of the day, you know that your articles are just filler.

            You think that refusing to formulate an intellectual basis for your beliefs makes you more of a man, but really it makes you a child.

          • You are such a sad triggered sniveling pathetic little bitch boy. All you do is incessantly write about everyone else”not having an argument.” You’ve literally done it thousands of times. You are unhinged and obsessed. Would you stop regurgitating your pathetic version of Moly and actually write something that someone cares to read? Everything that you have written is such a low T snoozefest. I would never link to that drivel because nobody can ever understand what the fuck you are ever getting at, and it is always completely forgettable. You just drone on and on in the most bromidic way- it’s truly intolerable. Plus, all you do is counter-signal much better men. Before me, it was Anglin. You are just a total fairy.

          • My arguement for Ryanne Andrews:
            You’re a weak, Gamma pleb, who is irrelevant, and probably a fag. I don’t respect you or any of the complete garbage that you have written nor does almost anyone except for the other queers at your shitty website that is on the precipice of obsolescence.

    • I assume you loled at Daniel? How do you know how he will be viewed 100-150 years from now? If the jews win, he will go to the memoryhole together with the other guys you mentioned. On the other hand if the jews loose. He will then be mentioned with the other guys and your great-great grandchildren will not lol. I can guarantee you that much.

  • This article is high energy and motivational. There are several references to “black pillers” and the danger they pose to Identitarians. This term is not clearly defined in the article. What does the author actually mean by a “black piller”? Has anyone got a clear idea of the group that the article warns about?

    The idea of moving to the white ethnostate is a survival strategy. It might be necessary at some point in the distant future, it might not. It all depends. Europeans had white ethnostates for decades. They were called, …well Europe. They seemed to work just fine although they are currently self-destructing.

    Since we all believe in free speech I can’t see the point in trying to suppress this kind of “ethnostate” speculation or labelling people who indulge in it as being ideologically undesirable. It’s not like they try to prevent other actions, indeed they support them. Don’t they?

  • Black pillers from the far-rightists just call people who are EXPLICITLY White.. jewish.

    Honestly I can’t see how someone who constantly names jews, always talk about the pros about being White and having an emphasis on implementing a White ethnostate. Lots of blackpillers are just nutballs to me and I’m glad the Alt-Right exists.

    • The “everyone’s a Jew” crowd is pretty cringy. I guess learning about the JQ makes some people overly paranoid.

  • Ask of everything: Is this good for Whites? If it is good for Whites, it is good. If it is not good for Whites, it is bad.

    Always put Whiteness first, always, always, always, always.

    Be indifferent to non-Whites. Do not help them. Do not support them. They are not our White responsibility. We are not their parents. We are not their teachers. We are not on this planet to sacrifice ourselves and our interests to those who are simply by being here a danger to our kind and this is because they can mate with us and contaminate and destroy our White genome.

    • That is the message of this 88 words passage from Volume 1, Chapter 8 of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf:

      What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfillment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe. Every thought and every idea, every doctrine and all knowledge, must serve this purpose. And everything must be examined from this point of view and used or rejected according to its utility.

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