The Unite The Right Rally Will Finally Put Black-Pillers In Their Place

How did most of us become red-pilled?

Perhaps as the video suggests, some of us got red-pilled by reality.

However, how many of us gravitated to the Alt-Right varies greatly depending on the individual. Some of us were liberal, conservative, libertarian, and maybe even a few Commies converted along the way. All of us found our way to this amazing movement for White brotherhood, of which I am an extremely proud member.

For me, it was from reading men like Hegel, Spengler, Evola, Aristotle, Friberg, the works of Arktos, Hood, Taylor, MacDonald, Bateman, and Joyce; listening to my fellow New Yorkers Mike and Sven; and being in awe of podcasts, videos, and speeches from Red Ice, AmRen, and Radix that were covering subjects that I thought that only I was interested in. I eagerly discovered a whole new world thanks to the aforementioned list, and it brought me closer to thousands of brothers and sisters around the globe. I was overjoyed by the fact that I was no longer the only person in the world who was not spending their waking days embracing Diversity and Cultural Enrichment and was actually proud to be White.

One of the best experiences that I have had since joining the Alt-Right is hearing Richard Spencer give one of the greatest speeches that I have ever had the honor of hearing, which spoke to the very essence of what it means to be a White:

It is different for us. Race is real….but in some sense, whiteness really is a social construct. Think of the concepts that are now designated “problematic” and associated with whiteness: power, strength, beauty, agency, accomplishment. Whites do and other groups don’t. In the banality of normal life and in our most outlandish dreams, in both our Narrative and theirs. To be white is to be a striver, a crusader, an explorer and a conqueror. We build, we produce, we go upward.

And we recognize the central lie of American race relations. We don’t exploit other groups. We don’t gain anything from their presence. They need us, and not the other way around.

Whiteness, or, rather, identity, is being forced on the deracinated, consumerist Last Man that is the European-American. No one is going to be permitted to escape this process. Great historical changes are imminent when people are forced into a binary choice – fight or flee, join or die, resist or cuck.

That is the position of white people right now. Two weeks ago, I might have said the election of Donald Trump would actually lessen the pressure on White Americans. But today it’s clear his election is only intensifying the storm of hatred and hysteria being directed against us.

As Europeans, we are, uniquely, at the center of history. We are, as Hegel recognized, the embodiment of world history, itself. No one will honor us for losing gracefully. No one mourns the great crimes committed against us. For us, it is conquer or die. This is a unique burden for the white man, that our fate is entirely in our hands. And it is appropriate, because within us, within the very blood in our veins as children of the sun lies the potential for greatness.

That is the great struggle we are called to. We were not meant to live in shame and weakness and disgrace. We were not meant to beg for moral validation from some of the most despicable creatures to ever populate the planet. We were meant to overcome; overcome all of it. Because that’s natural for us!

Because for us, as Europeans, it’s only normal again, when we are great again!

I am focused on this subject today because of a recent article written by a man from one of the older Dissident Right websites. It was highly critical of an article I had written called White Flight Nationalism Is A Dead End. The premise of his article is that White Flight Nationalism is a good thing and that all the cool kids like him are doing it. He’s been writing about it incessantly for years in his very low T, Gamma male way; it is basically his Alt-Right raison d’être.

I will not link to the article because I do not want to waste your valuable time. If you search for it, you can easily find it. Besides the article being written in very complicated prose with bad arguments and a terrible conclusion, it espouses the very loser mentality that I railed against in my original piece. My idea was not perfect, so he counter-signaled me with an idea that was even more imperfect. Bravo. But most importantly, he wrote a piece that reeked of insipid weakness.

Now, his idea of running away to find a “safe space” may eventually be what we, White people, have to do one day because of traitor politicians and the Third World horde, but it should never be plan A, especially since we, Whites, have not even begun to fight back yet.

Just entertain the thought of red-pilling millions of White people in this country. We could bring the entire system to its knees.  More-and-more Whites are being red-pilled on a daily basis all across the world at an exponential rate. It is like Moore’s law applied to Alt-Right politics. Less than every 2 years, we are doubling our membership.

All it would take is a Black Swan event. Ever consider what happens if the economy crashes? What is the Coalition of the Ascendant going to do when those EBT cards do not work any longer?  How devastated will they all be when Whitey’s magic plastic cards are declined at the cashier as they purchase their Doritos, Slim Jims, Cherry Coke, and malt liquor at the corner store? Let me tell you, brothers, the fit will hit the shan. You will see the most catastrophic chimpout imaginable. Something none of us have the capacity to even fathom at this point.

We will use the same Rules for Radicals that have devastated our own people in kind. We will “never let a serious crisis go to waste.” We will do to them what they have done to us in a very methodical way. They will call it racism, and we will call it winning.

Many will counter that we will need an overwhelming majority to vanquish our adversaries. Has history borne out that sentiment though?  Consider that a super White majority has almost never been true in White history when we conquered most of the world, and it was certainly never true in the U.S.A. Sure millions of White immigrants came after the settlers, frontiersmen, and colonizers gained control of this once great nation, but that was certainly not true in the beginning.

No, what we had were relatively small groups (when compared to the natives) of determined White men with nothing to lose. They used their ingenuity and organizational skills to surmount onerous odds. They took this vast stretch of land and made it into one of the greatest White countries the world has ever seen.

Therefore, to be considered Alt-Right, many ideals must be fundamental to you. One core belief is that we take up space, and we do not run from a fight unless it is our only viable option. Why else have all these rallies across the country? Good optics? For what purpose? Recruiting more people for our mountain retreats?

No, my brothers and sisters. That is not what we do or who we are. Being Alt-Right is about more than just “Muh Principles.”  It’s about winning. And we must be diligent in our efforts to ignore those who would subvert or demoralize our wildly successful rampage through the media and the public conscience.

Those people who call themselves Alt-Right that focus on black-pilling are toxic to our movement. They have become so used to losing that they cannot even envision what winning might look like. This is pathetic, considering that all they have to do is open their eyes to see the strides that we are making.

They spend their days being overly critical, antithetical and do nothing but counter-signal everything that we are trying to accomplish. Will we make mistakes? Will we have to adjust our strategy as we move forward? Of course, no one is disputing that. But what use is the constant negativity and bitching to our cause?

Dr. Joyce wrote not long ago about taking advantage of vicissitudes for removing bad elements from our ranks, and how we should be defined and characterized:

This is a great opportunity for movement catharsis. Conflict for the right reasons and in the right spirit is healthy, natural, and good. In this movement, there should be no room for Jews, queers, or compromises.

We are no longer just countering our adversaries with memes and rhetoric. We are setting an agenda from here on out. Just think about the strides we have made towards consolidating the opposition. We purged the basic-bitch constitutionalists, the Alt-Lite, and now why not get rid of the toxic Gamma Alt-Rinos as well?

Brothers, I’ll see you August 12th in Charlottesville, where we plan to take up space, make a stand and force everyone in this movement, and in the White World to finally cough up that black pill once and for all.