AmRen 2017—A Report

  • mike5586

    Sad I couldn’t attend. Looks like I won’t be able to make it to one while I can say I’m still in my twenties.. unless they have it before next July.

    I am curious as to the composition of the opposition crowd though. While low energy mirrors the other descriptions, I believe someone from counter-currents said the local “NAACP” protest consisted of half a dozen old white women and one old black woman.

    It must have been amusing to witness.

    • Ken31

      You couldn’t pay me to attend an event sponsored by that Hasbara riddled website.

      • Looks like they did a great job without you, so just keep doing what you’re doing.

    • Marcus

      I too wanted to go this year whilst still in my twenties. But alas, I couldn’t face going by myself.

  • Ken31

    Plenty of huWhites there?

  • Simon Roche

    As an outsider (South African) I am thrilled to reflect on two terrific aspects of Amren that I experienced. Firstly, the buoyant mood and optimism of the audience; secondly, the very quality of the people. It was an eye-opener and a great privilege indeed.

  • Culturist John

    My review of the conference features a nifty photo of Richard Spencer and myself. Please read it here:

  • Krafty Wurker

    I liked it when you could watch Taylor’s AMREN conferences on CSPAN.

    I spent years on the rubber chicken circuit listening to politicians say inane things like, “I’m going to”, fill in the name of a state capital, or Washington DC, “and shed blood for you”.