5 Things I Learned In Kindergarten That I Had To Unlearn Later On In Life

There is a cult of infantilization in the West. You have grown-ass adults talking about how everything they needed to know in life they learned in Kindergarten. These people are delusional and need a wake-up call. Almost everything that they taught you from Kindergarten onwards was both wrong and damaging.

1.Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

Always judge a book by its cover. Humans have developed pattern-recognition software over centuries of evolution that is extremely advanced and designed to keep us safe. Your gut knows when someone or something is off, even if your super-ego tries to suppress that feeling of unease.

Take a quick look at someone and chances are that you can tell quite a bit about them without even thinking about it. That guy who looks like he is slippery and untrustworthy almost certainly is.

Would you trust this man with your personal finances?

And that goes double for stereotypes. Stereotypes come into being for a reason. Without the pattern-recognition software that is in our brains, humans would have died out a long time ago from stepping on the same rake too many times. Trust your instincts about people and about groups of people. Our species has been honing them for millennium to ensure our survival.

Rejecting those instincts will land you in a world of hurt.

2. Everyone is special

Maybe if you’re a hot chick. Otherwise, if you’re a man, it’s what you do in life that makes you special…or not. To quote Tyler Durden, “you’re not a special snowflake.”

To be worthy of being called “special” you need to work at it day in and day out. Becoming special is hard and not everyone can do it. It takes effort, discipline, and inspiration.

In life, there is the chum and then there are the few that dare to stand out.

If you’ve come to the Alt-Right, you’ve already made a stand. You’ve started your journey on the path of hard truths when it would have been so much easier to just go with the flow, to be an indistinguishable, pathetic and deracinated modern nu-male.

But it does not stop there. You have to become truly special to make a difference for your people and for whatever cause you believe in. Life is a struggle, and there is nothing wrong with that. It gives us purpose to struggle and fight. Mind-numbing platitudes take away from the beauty in life because they deny the harsh but natural truths of this world.

3. Never Fight Back

I was always taught never to fight back if confronted physically or verbally by a bully. To my eternal pride, I never listened. But an entire generation of Western youth has been subjected to Pavlovian conditioning when it comes to defending themselves.

They are taught to never stand up for themselves, to ignore the abuse, to complain to the teacher, and if all else fails, to suck up to the bully and try to make friends with him. This never works. But try telling that to the conditioned. This appeasement mentality is seen writ large in society vis a vis the Third World invasion. Everyone notices how the newcomers are taking up space, bullying the locals and flaunting the laws. But everyone is too afraid to stand up against this injustice. They’ve been taught to rely on the authorities and when that fails to suck up to the bully.

In short, starting from Kindergarten they’ve taught an entire generation of White boys to be little bitches. But no one respects a bitch, and as conditions continue to deteriorate, the weak will suffer. It’s time to toughen up.

4. Black History and the Holocau$t

There is no such thing as Black history. Period.

And I know this as someone who has been forced to learn about Martin Luther King, Fredrick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Du Bois, Malcolm X and countless other American Blacks. Every single year had an entire month devoted to studying this propaganda, and then some years were even heavier on the sermonizing.

You are surrounded by pictures of Black Athletes with milk mustaches while being taught about the horrors of slavery as if they happened just yesterday. But the true history of your people is hidden from you. All you are taught is self-hate and ethno-masochism.

Then as you get older, they start taking you on trips to the Holocau$t museum. Luckily for me, once my father found out, I never had to go again. He simply refused to sign the permission slips. Others were not so lucky. Even after their mandatory pilgrimages to the indoctrination facility, they had to sit in class and watch reels of emaciated prisoners shuffling around in pajamas once every two years starting from the 6th grade up.

They make you look at shoes too. How powerful,

The truth of the matter is that force-feeding you propaganda about the Holocau$t is designed to make you feel guilty whenever you criticize the Jews. Everyone knows that noticing their subversive tendencies leads directly to Auschwitz, so better suppress that feeling of doubt that keeps creeping up into your hindbrain, goy.

It is time to cast off those mental shackles.

5. Treat Others How You Would Like to Be Treated

This one is known as the Golden Rule. And on the face of it, it’s not bad. The problem with the logic behind this rule is that it should only apply to people in your tribe. If you apply reckless niceness and turn the other cheek to people who are not part of your community, you will be steamrolled. This rule exists to minimize conflict and maximize cooperation among a community and to cut down on in-fighting. Of course, nowadays this good idea has been turned on its head and used as justification to teach acceptance and altruism to groups that are NOT part of the community.

You must treat the Other differently than you treat your own. If you do not, they will do you and yours harm. If you allow harm to befall your own people through naivite, you are a traitor and a fool- both words and concepts you are never taught in school either. But you must never allow a wolf into the midst of your flock. This is so basic, but it must also be retaught to the youth in the West. Furthermore, always being nice is not a virtue. It is a grave sin.


K-12 is mostly taught by frumpy cat ladies and other silly women throughout most of America. These delusional harpies preach Hallmark card platitudes as if they are the bible and impregnate our youth with delusions about the world. The sooner we start forgetting what we learned in Kindergarten classrooms and remembering what we learned in the school cafeteria, the better our people will be for it.

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  • Every single article Vincent Law has ever written has made my stomach turn. I hope he knows that I read the first few pages of his “book” and laughed out loud at the poor writing and weak characters. Good thing it’s free because it would be criminal if people were expected to pay for it.

  • dam pierce is a f&king legend and idk bro, treating others how you wanted to be treated, provided they aren’t a threat, is kind of cool

  • It’s truly disturbing how White American children of my generation were essentially molded and shaped into am extreme beta male role, with Jeb Bush as, essentially the image of the perfect man.

    I’m not even talking politically, just the sickening obsession with “being nice”.

    We need to do more to counteract this.

  • I’ve never had any problem integrating the golden rule with racialism. Those people have a right to their own countries too

  • Pretty much white nationalism is sane and balanced. Supremacism isn’t. In practice, the believing you are better doesn’t really matter. Looking out for your kind (DNA imperative) is as rational as life gets.

    • The Nez Perces call themselves Nimíipu, meaning … “the real people.” If you read anthropology you get the impression that many or most groups thought of themselves in this way. China another good example.

      It’s called ethnocentrism and it involves putting your group at the center. This implies that other groups are… not at the center.

      Detached intellectuals may draw a distinction between nationalism and supremacism, but in reality there is liable to be some sense of superiority in any healthy and self confident culture.

  • The way Christianity is practiced now is so degenerate that it might as well not enter into a political discussion. If you are a professed religious, a monk in a monastery, then you may live out the entirety of the Christian life…neglecting yourself for the sake of others while at the same time living a life of personal holiness (so that your actions and your preaching of the gospel are logically united). If you live as a lay person then you still have all of your civic duties and responsibilities, and pretending that you don’t, saying you “Don’t want to live by the sword” is cuckoldry.

    Catholic Europe did just fine expelling the Jews and the Muslims because they weren’t all larping as saints in front of cameras…some actually did it for real, the rest got to work in more practical ways.

  • There are always exceptions to every rule, and knowing when to either follow them or break them is a matter of judgment.

  • All White children should be pulled from school then collectively home schooled by White parents. Though I am curious if home schooling will be made illegal if White children numbers decrease. If this happens their will be a shortage of teachers because how many teachers want to teach 3rd world-minded non-white kids? Very few!

    • I am astounded at the crazies who are still calling for desegregation of public schools. Evidently, they don’t understand that white children are now less than 50% of the public school population. The crackpots who run the teachers’ colleges in this country used to think that if only they could submerge all the black and brown kids in majority white classrooms, the blacks and browns might actually be able to learn. Now, it is not even possible for each black and brown kid to have a white child sit next to him!

      • My daughter’s hs was 98% white until 2 years ago when they began bussing in blacks & mexicans from a neighboring city. She wanted to learn a European foreign language now her hs only offers spanish. She says the blacks are very loud & all of the mexicans pretend to not understand the teachers. This holds back learning for the rest of the children.

        • I went to majority black middle and high schools, so I know what it’s like. Black kids can’t sit down, shut up, or pay attention. In gym class, we were lucky to have a choice in activities. All the girls (black and white) and white boys played one activity, black boys another. White boys did not want to get beaten up, girls did not want to get sexually harassed.

  • You are brainwashed to share in Kindergarten. Roland Martin screamed at Dick Spencer that white people have to share America with minorities. Spencer just replied back that sharing is for losers.

    • When blacks and browns are the majority, they are not going to share anything. They are going to take everything they can get their hands on.

      • Mexican and Negro concept of sharing means taking white’s hard earned work and possessions for themselves.

    • Self restraint and consideration for others needs to be taught to children, but throwing our children to the neuroticsm of female daycare was a bad idea. If children can’t be around their father much, because he is working, they shouldn’t spend all that time out in the world picking up bad habits and ideas. A bit of insular protection from the mother, until he can come around and mentor (and this should not be infrequent if you give a shit about your children) is better than throwing them to feminist indoctrination.

      Hope that wasn’t to rambling.

    • Sharing is taught as some kind of compulsive obligation: Tyrone purposefully broke all his pencils, Teacher says you must give him some of yours; Shaniqua wants to play with your toy and will scream if you don’t give it to her, Teacher says you must share; Jose’s parents are too lazy to pack him lunch, Teacher says you must give him part of yours.

  • It’s getting as bad as it used to be on the other side of the Iron Curtain. I’m a white legal immigrant from Poland, naturalized US Citizen. In the 1970’s the communist ran schools were about the same as the indoctrination camps that my kids are going through here now. We had to sing about the Soviet “heroes” and myself and fellow students said hell no. Time of the play came and while we practiced, we were completely silent and let the music play. The teachers and schools admin had a meltdown while the surprised parents hooted, hollered and clapped. It’s almost getting to this point here with the GloBULL warming dogma being taught and also how “evil” the US used to be at the founding. Yep, this year we are moving the kids to a private charter and slanted quite right as well as very Christian. Wallet’s taking the hit, but it’ll be worth it!

  • Trust your instincts but not too much. Instincts are not infallible. In most cases I just side with caution. For instance if I’m stranded on the road and two strangers offer me a ride. One looks really creepy and the other looks like a nice gentlemen. Who do I trust? Neither. There is no reason to take the risk. I’ll just call someone I know to help me. Of course if I had to choose I would choose the guy who my instincts tell me is more trustworthy but I only rely on my instincts to the point where I have to.

  • it’s Monday and we get one story? the alt right is an exclusive new political movement… but nobody quit their day jobs yet!

  • Teach your kids the truth about jews and blacks. I always have. I wouldn’t be doing my job as a dad if I didn’t.

  • Especially in regard to #3 and not fighting back. One of the passtimes of the Right, of all stripes, is pointing out the high levels of violence engaged in by NAMs, Blacks especially. The implication is that Whitey, being so peaceful and law-abiding, is superior. Well, in this particular case, this needs re-thinking. So many many things have been happening in White countries that cry out for violent responses, mob retaliation, disproportionate reactions, etc. And what has happened instead? Aside from a few crazed young gunmen with really badly chosen targets, nothing. Our lack of a White criminal class (outside of Congress) and our addition to law-abiding is not now a virtue, but a sign of our weakness. Our enemies do not fear us. How can that be a good thing?

    • Yeah the alt-right is weird about that. Would the media be pushing any anti-white narrative if they knew the alt-right would go Charlie Hebdo on them instead of writing shitty blog posts?

    • So who are you with The Winter Hill gang or the Westies? What’s your specialty blue collar street crime or are you infiltrating the unions? How many points are you charging nowadays?

        • You said we lack a white criminal class so I was assuming you were a criminal and asked what type of crime you’re involved in.

          • Ah. Far from it, alas. A criminal class is seen to be a negative, for good reason, to be sure. But I suspect that the feminization of White males across the board is why we don’t have one AND why we are so passive in the face of our rivals and enemies. They are, like or not, linked. Men, and women, admire outlaws. Our history is full of them. But who do our White kids admire now for their outlawry? Ebonic hiphop thugs; we have outsourced our raw masculinity to them. I just don’t think it’s as simple as people normally assume: In this world, a lot of time, in order to have what you need to survive, you often have to tolerate what you’d rather not. (I’m not a Boston Celt, so I had to look up the gangs you mentioned.)

    • We need to fight back to defend ourselves and our civilization. We don’t need to hit people over the head to steal their wallets and cell phones.

  • Schools are just indoctrination centres and it doesn’t stop at Kindergarten. People would do good to unlearn a good number of things they were taught up to the university level. (Especially as Universities are starting to resemble kindergarten classrooms more and more.)

  • Re: The picture in Point #1

    If he were near by, I would be more concerned for any children around than finances. Just sayin…

  • #5 is usually written “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    You can still have two different standards of behavior towards your in-group and out-groups without violating this rule. If you have a sense of solidarity towards your in-group but not towards out-groups, this does not violate the rule, unless you expect people from out-groups to act as you were part of their in-group. This is the essence of Jewish hypocrisy. They expect host societies to let them into everything while they maintain their own separate Jewish identity.

    • You are mistaken.

      This saying, known since the eighteenth century as the “Golden Rule,” is found in both positive and negative form in pagan and Jewish sources, both earlier and later than its gospel citations in Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31.

      The word “others” is inclusive, just like the term “neighbor” in the New Testament. The whole purpose of the parable of “The Good Samaritan,” for example, is to make clear that Christians must consider groups that are commonly hated – like the Samaritans were – to be their neighbors and therefore they must love them.

      So you can be a hater all day long, but when you do that you clearly violate this moral guideline..

      • Ok you win, if it means being nice to those who don’t reciprocate and want to destroy us, we’ll just violate it, happily.

      • I am not sure where you are coming from. There are ethnocentric versions of Christianity that allow different standards towards in-group and out-group. I was not writing from the perspective of a Christian scholar but rather from the perspective of someone taking the most commonly known form of the rule and interpreting it literally.

      • Wrong. What we learn from the parable of the Good Samaritan is that some people are your “neighbor” and some people aren’t. The parable demonstrates very clearly that “neighbor” is not an inclusive term – not at all.

      • The implication of there being a “Good Samaritan” is that Samaritans are generally bad otherwise there would be no point in noting an exception.

        Regardless, the above logic still bears out. The Golden Rule is about an expectation of reciprocity otherwise any and all negative treatment of the holders of that standard would be perceived as justified by them. Pursuit of recompense on behalf of the victim would be immoral. Which means Christianity and justice are mutually exclusive.

        The whole concept Christian mercy is that sinners be given forgiveness if and when they seek it, not preemptively giving reprobates carte blanche to victimize people. Obviously if someone is seeking redemption through Christ they are operating within the same moral paradigm and are part of the ingroup. Christian morality applies only to Christians, and the nations are teleologically separate beyond that. The prescription which states those who seek redemption must be forgiven is syllogistic. Those who do not seek redemption must not and may not be forgiven.

        The moral of the story of the Good Samaritan is that Jews don’t have an exclusive claim on God. It was specifically rebutting Jewish morality and the entire NT is basically just shitting on Pharisees. Jesus was teaching Jews that their exclusive group was invalid, not that exclusivity itself is invalid, which if the latter were true would also invalidate Christianity. Every message in the Bible which can be reduced to basically “Jews are immoral and should be excluded” is of course interpreted by modern “Christians” to mean “Jews must be included and all exclusive groups, especially Christians are immoral” but magically almost no Christians believed this until after WWII.

  • Let’s boil down Vince’s brilliant apothegms:

    1. It’s cool to hate large groups of people.
    2. Haters are supermen; everyone else is a loser.
    3. Somehow, the people we hate are “bullies,” so let’s beat them up!
    4. Especially hate-worthy: blacks and Jews!
    5. Logically, you HAVE to hate anybody you don’t identify with..

    But, when it comes to logic, it’s just dishonest as heck to use a meme-quote from a great Christian saint like John Chrysostom to justify this totally pagan creed of hatred.

    Here are three quotes that show John’s true Gospel-based ethics:

    “When we teach our children to be good, to be gentle, to be forgiving (all these are attributes of God), to be generous, to love their follow men…we instill virtue in their souls, and reveal the image of God within them.”

    “Be merciful, humble, kind, calm, patient, sympathetic, forgiving….”

    “Better to err by excess of mercy than by excess of severity. . .Be severe to yourself but kind to others.”

      • I was just responding to Vincent Law, who apparently cares enough about “christcuckoldry” to quote a Christian archbishop in support of his argument.

        I simply pointed out that that – in terms of logic – that’s an epic fail.

        Is logic a retard thing?

        • You didn’t employ any logical argument, retard. You created a straw man and provided three out of context quotes.

          And there is nothing dishonest about his using Chrysostom. Have you read his writings? Chrysostom quite literally teaches his flock to hate Jews. Hatred plays a very large part in (traditional) Orthodox Christianity.

    • Cool story brah! You’ve convinced us. We’ll send the brown hordes to your house. Then we’ll see how nice works. Btw, hate is a natural human emotion that’s been pathologized. Human emotions are defined by their opposites. You can’t have love without hate. You can’t have bravery without cowardice. When a little girl is raped by a third world savage in broad daylight in a park in Germany, I hate the person who did it and I hate the people who let this savage in and I’m morally justified in that hatred.

      • Btw, hate is a natural human emotion that’s been pathologized.

        Excellent point. People have forgotten that there is a time for ‘righteous hatred.’

        • Yes. There are some things and circumstances where hatred is the only rational response.

          Notice too – that those who lecture us so much about the evils of being a hater – typically hate our guts.

    • You forgot to write down what John Chrysostom told about sodomy, and how he would deal with all this lgbt thing.

    • Turning the other cheek in a multiracial society is a good way to get your white posterior beaten.

  • Jews in the business of subverting our culture have worked at cross purposes. After they’ve spent decades spreading nihilism, cynicism, irreverence, anomie and despair in the white population, they realize now that they have made us indifferent to their propaganda which sacralizes their grievances. If nothing in life matters, then the Holocaust doesn’t matter.

  • Some day, white school children will go to white ethnocide museums to learn how their ancestors awakened to the danger they faced and took direct action to protect their race and create a future for white children.

      • Look at your history. This has played out a hundred times already and it will play out that way this time. We are more creative, and at least average in every other area needed to survive.

        • “This has played out a hundred times already and it will play out that way this time”. It has played out many times: from ancient Egypt to Greece to Rome, immigration and miscegination resulted in their downfall. Italy (the northern part) was ‘saved’ because of the Lombardic invasions.

    • I think most whites are going to realize the necessity for white nationalism, but I worry that they will not achieve this realization in time. I do think there is cause for optimism, though. I think we are soon going to experience a political sea change that will shock many liberal and non-race conscious whites. There is a very good chance that the U.S. has seen the last white Democratic nominee for president. At this point, my money is on Corey Booker winning the Democratic nomination in 2020. If the Democrats nominate another black man for president, I think even politically correct whites will begin to realize that America’s demographic changes are not going to be in their long term interests.

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