Trump Must Veto The Russia Sanctions Bill

The only thing our Congress can agree upon, apparently, are extremely shitty ideas.  This is manifest in the recent failure to do literally anything to chip away at Obamacare—no proposal was good enough, in any iteration, for our fastidious Republican Senators.  After so much drama, the kill shot was delivered by the bitter old man John McCain.

As for sanctions on Russia, however, we have near unanimity from both parties in Congress, seemingly with no debate or deliberation required.  In the bill to step up sanctions against Russia, Iran, and North Korea, Congress would have 30 days oversight to block the President on any changes.  That last provision is just insulting.

The vote was 98 to 2 in the Senate in favor of the bill, with Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders, to their credit, voting against.  In the House, it passed 419 to 3.  Now the bill goes to President Trump’s desk in the Oval Office, where he must contemplate veto-proof majorities in Congress.

While sanctions on Russian are not a good idea on the face of it, imagine if the motives were even worse: This is not just about neocon aggression or retaliation for supposed “election meddling,” this is about serving US oil interests.  Bet you didn’t read about that in our MSM, did you?  So if you thought that as a follower of the news and one with Alt-Right inclinations you could not get more cynical, prepare to be surprised.

According to Die Welt, the purpose of the sanctions on Russia seems to be to promote the US gas industry “at the expense of European firms.”  German politicians have alleged that the sanctions are meant to give the US more access to European oil markets; namely, by disrupting an oil pipeline project connecting Russian oil to Europe via the Baltic Sea, a joint project of Russian and European companies.

So I guess we’re not so pure and holy over here in the US.

Even aside from these ulterior motives: How dare these swamp creatures impede Trump’s presidential prerogative?  This is also about the paranoid attitude in Congress vis-à-vis Trump’s potentially friendly attitude towards Putin.  It would seem that Trump does indeed want to ease sanctions on Russia with regard to giving them their US diplomatic compounds back, and reversing other petty measures undertaken by the Obama administration.

President Trump, please veto this bill, even if that means your veto will be overridden by Congress.  After all, Congress can’t give you even a modest chipping away of Obamacare, so you’re certainly not obliged to them, nor do you owe them anything.  This is what being a leader is all about—going against groupthink and doing the right thing.

This is not to mention the dubious nature of the purported reasons for the sanctions bill: “election meddling”, Ukraine, Syria, etc.  These are not just causes.  Congress is not on the right side of history. Finally, the symbolism of one man standing against this hypocrisy and corruption in our United States government would be a powerful rallying point indeed.

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  • The DNC, CIA, and The Bilderbergers started the civil wars in Ukraine and Syria, anyone who watched the real story knows Crimea had a lot of native Russians who were going to be targeted by the government that rose in the Ukraine. Russia is the West’s partner, they do act in their self-interest like all the others at times, but they’re going to be our partners when Eurasia rises.

  • This really sucks.

    It’s like Amukun Cuckservatives are stuck in the 1980s watching the worst Rambo movie where Amurikun patriotard Johnny Rambo goes up to the mountains of Afghanistan to join the Afghan Freedom Fighters (Islamic Jihadists savages/Al Qaeda) to fight the evil Russians, (Who have beautiful White European sisters that look like Anna Kournikova!).

    I’ve commissioned the great artist Farstar to make fun of the “We Got To Fight The Russians” meme. Can anyone guess who the idiot custom agent is?

  • Pence has said Trump will sign the bill . The scale of the pro-sanctions vote is a warning to Trump (if he needed one) that he is completely on his own in his desire for peace with Russia.

    The scale of the lies about Russia that are being freely exchanged between the government and the media show that the real rulers of the US have decided that there will be a war. It’s just a question of when and how.

    The destruction of what remains of the Syrian State will be woven in to this mass murder, as will the destruction of Iran’s military bases and government centres. A trigger will be easy to fabricate. Syria or Ukraine are both ideal theatres for staging fictional “Russian Aggression” that will constitute an “Act of War”, then the US will retaliate with full force whether Trump is President or not. He will not be able to halt this. He’s a prisoner of his own Party and the GOP (and the globalists) want him gone and Pence in the Oval Office. GOP leaders will happily do a deal with the Dems to facilitate a speedy impeachment. McCain may even live to see it happen.

    • Too black pill. We are winning because we are smarter than our oligarchs (and because of a little divine providence).

      If we keep the loyalty of the military and the police, what force do they have to use against us?

      • You can never be “too black pill”. Your use of “we” is not appropriate with the Trump presidency because they are not politically allied to the Alt-Right. They will, and have, disavowed the Alt-Right. They may have a few decent, common-sense, pro-white ideas but these will be blocked by the globalists with relative ease. Where’s the Wall? More importantly where’s the political counter offensive?

        The “Resistance” will never have to employ or confront the police/military because there are other ways Goy! Other means Goy! Trump’s accidental victory has caused the globalists to show their power and the dominance of the world-view they promote. It is colossal, but we (the Alt-Right) knew this. We knew this so we can’t get “too black pill” when Trump is impeached (he’ll be lucky to stay out of prison) and Pence is installed.

        Mueller’s job is to create some sh*t which is more convincing than the Pussygate sh*t. He has a large team and a massive budget and he WILL do it. Trump might as well fire him now and take the consequences. If he waits it can only get worse as Mueller constructs more and more narrative. The Alt-Right needs to concentrate on creating supporters and not get emotionally invested in the Trump presidency. It will end in tears.

  • Russia needs to STOP antagonizing its Scandinavian and Eastern European Neighbors…….

    Russia doesn’t give a F about President Trump…….

    It looks now like Russia actually might have preferred Hillary Clinton……..

    Russia wants to see America Weakened…….


    They have their Own Interests……

    We have Ours…….

    • Wake up, “Eastern European Neighbors” of Russia exist and are supported by neocohens precisely because they antagonize Russia all the time, not the other way around.

      • Huh??

        Eastern European Neighbors of Russia EXIST……

        …..PRECISELY because of Neocohen Anti-Russian Support??

        So, if the Neocohens didn’t EXIST……

        These Nations would rather Dissolve back under Russian Hegemonic Rule??

        Doubt it……

        • Histroy doesn`t care about your doubts. In absence of neocohen funny money they would be an object of buffer zoning agreement between Germany and Russia, like they always were. You don`t bite the hand that feeds, it`s as simple as that.

          • ‘Histroy’???


            So, you’re NOT a White Nationalist………

            Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania……..

            They don’t have the Sovereign Right to Exist as Separate Nations??

            And Germany??


            You Side with Suicidal Germany over Eastern European Nations??


  • Trump should sign the bill, but use his office to limit the effect in sneaky ways, like democrat would do.

    He probably can’t veto it without veto being overriden, and there is no point to an empty gesture with costs associated

  • Trump doesn’t have the brains or balls to beat the Deep State. If he tries he will die. The only way to beat the Deep State is insurrection.

  • There are only two things our politicians can agree on:
    1. We must only have the worst possible relations with Russia.
    2. The one time Trump acted like a Real President was when he bombed the Syrian air force without a declaration of war from congress.

  • I’m as russophile as they come but it would have been a strategic mistake for Trump to veto this. 5 seconds of pleasure, a year of pain as his veto gets immediately overriden, sanctions go into effect anyway, Trump looks like a loser.

    • Who cares if Trump comes off as a loser. A new detente is out the window. Also the
      Europeans will be more ready to dump the US because of the increased blackmail, forcing the to buy more expensive
      US oil.

  • From what I have read Trump is going along with the sanctions. Face it folks, the guy is just another unprincipled politician, who probably realizes he is in over his head. I just hope Hillary doesn’t win the nomination in 2020.

  • Well come on Amurikun Patriotards – go watch that Rambo III movie about 6 MILLION TIMES, the one where American patriotard Johnny Rambo goes off to Afghanistan to join the Afghan Freedom Fighters (Al Qaeda terrorists) to fight the evil empire Russians. I think maybe some evil Russian KGB agents are in this movie – KGB agents like Anna Kournikova who try to use sex as a weapon to get American guys not to fight for Afghan/Paki Jihadists. Johnny Rambo agrees to resist KGB agent Anna Kournikova and instead agrees to become a homosexual punk for sexually frustrated Afghan Islamist Jihadist goat herders.

    Yep, we all have to be on guard against those sexy Russian KGB tennis players. We did a Farstar cartoon on this subject.

  • “The only thing our Congress can agree upon, apparently, are extremely shitty ideas.”

    No more truthful observation was ever made. As Mark Twain put it, “There is no distinctly native American criminal class save Congress.”

  • Hey, wait we shouldn’t be nice to Russia, remember how they attacked the US Liberty and killed a whole bunch of Americans? Oh…that was Israel that attacked the Liberty? Well, we must send more money to Israel.

    Our foreign policy is nuts and shows who rules America. Very sad.

  • The US congress is totally in hands of Soros-likes and entirely against the will of the US people. McCain has proved, yet again, that he is a traitor. The whole system needs a revolutionary overhaul. Apparently, having a people friendly president is not enough in this rotten system.

    • The US constitution has protected the americans alot better than any other system. Empires rot, no matter what systems they have. And ini the US an armed and independent minded population at least have a fighting chance.

  • The great masses, who have never been, in the history of mankind, more subject to hypnotic suggestion than they are right now, have become the puppets of the “public opinion” that is engineered by the newspapers in the service, it need hardly be emphasized, of the reigning powers of finance. What is printed in the morning editions of the big city newspapers is the opinion of nine out of ten readers by nightfall.

    Thus, the United States in 1917 went to war against Germany in sincere indignation because the newspapers had told them that Prussian “militarism” was rioting in devilish atrocities as it attempted to conquer the world. Of course, these transparent lies were published in the daily rags because the ruling lords of Mammon knew that American intervention in Europe would fatten their coffers.

    Thus, whereas the Americans thought that they were fighting for such high-minded slogans as “liberty” and “justice,” they were actually fighting to stuff the money bags of the big bankers. These “free citizens” are, in fact, mere marionettes; their freedom is imaginary, and a brief glance at American work-methods and leisure-time entertainments is enough to prove conclusively that l’homme machine is not merely imminent: it is already the American reality.

    -Ludwig Klages, “Sämtliche Werk”

  • Trump should veto the bill and then announce he will exercise enforcement discretion a la the Obama Administration to limit its application.

    The one good thing about the sanctions bill is that the Europeans are hopping mad. This could be the end of NATO. Congress may finally have overplayed its hand.

    • Actually this is a Democrats polly to wreck the US economy because these sanctions will backfire this time in the US’s face. (The EU will retaliate against these sanctions). In next year’s elections the Democrats will stand a chance for claiming that Trump wrecked the economy!

  • Agree w Klaus. For what it’s worth, available sources indicate the EU is crying. A LOT.

    Russia’s response is ‘meh’ (w obligatory but low level counter signaling) & they counter by ridding themselves of a majority of U.S. spooks and lobbyfriends. Saves us tax money. Weakens our – and POTUS’ – domestic enemies.

    Congress Cucks and Commies knee jerk vote for ‘patriot’ points and, probably, some shekel kickbacks while their handlers and they lose a big chunk of Russian meddling power.

    Too lazy to look up specifics of this and past sanctions ZOG and traitors slapped on Evil Doer States. Whatever their scope, the latter seem to be thriving or unaffected (NORK) rather than shriveling under them.

    IMHO no sanctions would’ve passed if they weren’t ultimately benefitting wealthy and powers on both sides.

    This time good Whites are getting some benefits. Our enemies were hurt & bamboozled. Every wound counts.

  • Great Plan: just when the Russian-Collusion hoax has almost burned itself out, dump some gasoline on it by vetoing the sanctions bill.

    Think white and get serious.

  • Anything that puts a wedge between the US and Europe is a good thing. And thats exactly what these sanctions will do, no matter if the US can bully and corrupt the establishement in Europe to do some sanctions of their own.
    The globalists dominate the world through their base in the US. However this domination requires the US to dominate Europe. Way to go Senate! Way to go Congress! Doing the right thing for all the wrong reasons still ends up being a good thing.

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