If You Want Free Speech, Get Rid Of Democracy

Let’s take a step back and look at the big picture here.

Is there an all-powerful state that is watching you from CCTV cameras, monitoring you for hate speech at all times? Maybe if you live in London that is a day to day reality, but for most people, it is peer pressure that keeps a lid on any CrimeThink.

Your friends and co-workers will report you before Big Brother’s spies ever will.

This phenomenon decreases as you go to other countries where there is less pretense to democracy. Authoritarian states tend to be freer in many ways. When the people’s political opinion doesn’t matter, their opinions don’t have to be so closely monitored and controlled. Centuries ago in the West, you got only punished when you spoke against the king or the church, but now everything is self-regulated, every thing we do, say and believe, therefore potentially every word we say can bring social ostracization upon us. Alexis de Tocqueville remarked on this observation way back when:

I know of no country in which there is so little independence of mind and real freedom of discussion as in America. In any constitutional state in Europe every sort of religious and political theory may be freely preached and disseminated; for there is no country in Europe so subdued by any single authority as not to protect the man who raises his voice in the cause of truth from the consequences of his hardihood. If he is unfortunate enough to live under an absolute government, the people are often on his side; if he inhabits a free country, he can, if necessary, find a shelter behind the throne. The aristocratic part of society supports him in some countries, and the democracy in others. But in a nation where democratic institutions exist, organized like those of the United States, there is but one authority, one element of strength and success, with nothing beyond it.

If you didn’t complain too much about the king, you were otherwise left off the hook, not a bad deal by today’s standards, you must admit.

But then the era of mass democracy dawned, and people’s opinions suddenly mattered, therefore they had to be molded.

And now, you have regular shmucks who willingly enforce the ruling dogma of the state by keeping tabs on you, even though ostensibly they are in the same boat as you. The state doesn’t need to denounce you, your own co-workers will and HR will take it from there. The state doesn’t need to send SWAT teams after you, Antifa will do the dirty work for them.

As a result, people have become stunted. Have you noticed how difficult it has become to talk about anything other than Netflix with a regular guy? This is no mistake, the number of safe topics is diminishing every year. Football is politicized, Game of Thrones is politicized, people’s elective identities now revolve around their political identities.

Which is a shame for the little people living little lives throughout the country. There is a certain charm in living abroad in a country where the State is all-powerful. There’s a feeling of solidarity and comradery that comes from having no illusions about your ability to influence the throne. It does wonders for your ability to speak freely in mixed company. Whether its a Liberal or a Nationalist or even a NatsBol, you can find common ground. And why shouldn’t you? These are just hobbies for people in a less than democratic state. No one thinks anything will come of it. So why fight one another over what essentially is abstract theory? Why go out to “Bash the Fash” when the all-powerful State isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Better to pass the drink along, lighten up and have a laugh. You’re all in the same boat, after all.

Vincent Law
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  • A White Ethnostate is the only answer! Democracy is a joke, a lie. I don’t want a nonwhite making my laws for me. I am tired of the jews in control. I want a pro-White White Man in charge.

  • Democracy has always been a cover for oligarchy. Ancient Athens; Republics of Venice, Florence; UK liberalism; US democracy – all oligarchies masquerading as democracies. This is why would-be oppressors and transient grafters like Jews agitate against “authoritarianism,” meaning a government with enough confidence to stop their exploitation. This is why the philosophy that most advances the interest of oligarchs is Libertarianism, for it delegitimizes the only protector the people have. Today we have courts of law, but no courts of equity; the king has been killed and replaced by $$. This is also why Prote$tanti$m is the vehicle through which oligarchy was established.

    • “This is also why Prote$tanti$m is the vehicle through which oligarchy was established.”
      As a Catholic I don’t understand what this means, but I’m curious… Do you mind to explain briefly?

  • I agree. Politically correct policies are “democracy’s” way to silence free speech. Last night I saw a movie called “Nothing left to fear”. it was another horror flick targeting Christianity. the hatred against Christianity in that film reminded me of the hatred shown in the Talmud against Christianity.

    No other faith would put up with this kind of vilification. If a minority makes such a film of Muslim in a Muslim majority nation they usually suffer within 24 to 48 hours after it is released. Same with Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs. Each community will go ballistic within that time.

    Not Christians and not in the Western world. we take massive abuses against our faith and our race while internalizing the pain. So I have decided that the “evil” shown in these movies represent the Jews. The victim are the Christians.

    when I make that switch in my mind then the movie becomes entertaining.
    For example in the “Exorcist” the evil possessing the Christian girl is Jewish That Christian girl is the victim. Do that to other movies and it is easier to watch them. Make sure to give that information in the review section.

  • Most of these alt righters, “populists” and white nationalists just don’t get it. The problem isn’t just the elites, it’s also the HR departments and people you consider to be next door neighbors. And nepotism is pretty rampant.

  • “The great masses, who have never been, in the history of mankind, more subject to hypnotic suggestion than they are right now, have become the puppets of the “public opinion” that is engineered by the newspapers in the service, it need hardly be emphasized, of the reigning powers of finance. What is printed in the morning editions of the big city newspapers is the opinion of nine out of ten readers by nightfall.


    Thus, the United States in 1917 went to war against Germany in sincere indignation because the newspapers had told them that Prussian “militarism” was rioting in devilish atrocities as it attempted to conquer the world. Of course, these transparent lies were published in the daily rags because the ruling lords of Mammon knew that American intervention in Europe would fatten their coffers.

    Thus, whereas the Americans thought that they were fighting for such high-minded slogans as “liberty” and “justice,” they were actually fighting to stuff the money bags of the big bankers. These “free citizens” are, in fact, mere marionettes; their freedom is imaginary, and a brief glance at American work-methods and leisure-time entertainments is enough to prove conclusively that l’homme machine is not merely imminent: it is already the American reality.”

    -Ludwig Klages, Sämtliche Werk

  • The only reason Trump has any ‘victories’ is because he has used his non democratic powers to effect change. In effect he has been a dictator to get change..
    Democracy does not work and never has.
    When idiots are allowed to vote bad things happen.

    • As a woman I will vote until we get an Alt-Right Man in office then I will love to give up my right to vote thereafter. Too many women vote the wrong way.

  • Did i miss something or was that sarcasm? Europe has serious hate speech laws, the US does not, that is just F’N pathetic. I am as pissed as any White Nationalist in America but at least we have free speech and can deny the holocaust without fear of a fine or jail time.

  • In my workplace, most of the white people are pretty cynical about race relations. We can say things to each other like, “Tawanka would not have gotten that job if she were white.” If we’re in the break room when we say something like this, we look around first, to make sure that no blacks or browns are within earshot.

  • Free speech that is constructive and meant to better the society is necessary – how else is a nation going to argue and determine the merits of varying polices – this is a fundamental aspect of Fascism – falsehoods,behavior fake news, negative speech with intent to harm the society should be crushed – i.e transgender-ism, pornography, usury, drugs.

  • This phenomenon decreases as you go to other countries where there is less pretense to democracy. Authoritarian states tend to be freer in many ways.

    Yeah Vinny, authoritarian states are bastions of free speech, lol.

    Look, the right to free speech is reeling all across the west, but it’s still a fact that nowhere else on earth are people as free to express political opinions. Only people who hate democracy so much they can’t see straight could disagree with this.

    • “Look, the right to free speech is really all across the west”

      Is it now, so all those stories about people going to jail for books they write or getting police visits for comments they make online (yes this happens) are false.

    • Do you use “Vinny” to try and disparage me? Honest question. I’ve always liked diminutives and I feel like even though I know I should be peeved, at the same time I’m not, I think its charming.

      • Do you use “Vinny” to try and disparage me?


        I’m glad you’re a good sport about it though. : )

        But hey, I play fair, so if you want to hit back I’m willing to take it.

        When I used to just use “Silver” as my username, the funniest disparagement of it I remember was “Swillver.”

  • It’s completely understandable why Vincent Law is feeling more Inner Tranquility living and writing in St. Petersburg, Russia…..


    …..any Non-White Majority Metro Area in the US……

    Good for you, Vincent…….

    I guess that helps you from becoming a Daily Stormer……..


  • The problem isn’t democracy. The problem is political correctness hasn’t had any competent opposition for decades so it has been able to put an ever tighter stranglehold on public discourse.

    • And MANY White People have Resigned……..

      …….and Internally Conditioned themselves……..

      …… Our Eventual Demise and Replacement…….

      And having made Internal Peace (Self-Oppression) with our Suicide/Genocide……..

      They Recoil in Horror…….

      …..when they see other White People vocally defending their Identity and Group Interests…….

      .,….and Fighting the Great Replacement…….

      It reminds themselves how Pathetic, Weak, Cowardly, and CUCKED they are…..


  • A nation is either based on a proposition or a people. If it is based on a people, it can allow free speech. If it based on a proposition, it cannot allow any serious questioning of that proposition. Therefore, it cannot allow free speech.

    The minute Europe had a significant number of non-whites, hate speech laws were imposed there. Freedom and diversity are incompatible.

  • One will keep hearing about how a place like China is not free, but I would bet that the average citizen in China is less afraid to talk about more thing than we are allowed to talk about. Things like race, gender, even religion, they can probably say more things that we are ever allowed to.

  • But then the era of mass democracy dawned, and people’s opinions suddenly mattered, therefore they had to be molded.

    Molded by whom? It’s odd the way this article refers to the people doing the “molding” so nebulously. It is almost as if the author doesn’t want us to think about that. This reminds me of what Michael A. Hoffman called “twilight language” in “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare.” An example he gives of twilight language is the use of “they” to refer to those in control.

    It is essential that we (meaning the alt-right) always keep our eye on who and whom. Who are the elites? Do they identify with us? What is their agenda? Whose interests do they serve? These days, it all leads back to the Jews, in my opinion. The non-Jewish white elite is under the spell of (((them))).

  • I’m sure there is some truth to those observations, but if those authoritarian states had an elite as hostile as our elite, then those people would be really screwed, communism style. And the UK is still more screwed than the US, because it has a similarly hostile elite, but a more all powerful state.

    2017 criticisms of democracy need to take into account the fact that THE MOB elected the white people’s nominally right wing party to control all branches of government, and it simply refused to do anything, and actively worked to prevent it’s president from doing things for his voters.

    And THE MOB voted right wing, even after the hostile elite brought in tens of millions of foreigners to vote against us.

    Both conventional political science theories and crude racist theories about an “occupational government” turned out to be more accurate than NRX’s intelligent sounding but ultimately simplistic critique of democracy.

    Somehow NRX never really took into account the fact that in the United States we didn’t vote for most of this, and voted against much of it, and we’re still voting against it. And without the UNDEMOCRATIC actions of a hostile elite, this country would be far to the right of where it is today.

    It’s more like our democracy (supposedly a Republic but not really) has predictably collapsed into an oligarchy, run by a hostile elite, intent on destroying us for some reason. And the veneer of democracy is more and more a sham, used by sophisticated insiders to run rings around the a mass of people that are ultimately not sophisticated enough to exercise power effectively through these institutions.

    But if it was possible to vote our way out of it, we might actually have partially voted our way out of it, despite the sophisticated way in which the enemy targeted our psychological weaknesses with overwhelming force.

    • Somehow NRX never really took into account the fact that in the United States we didn’t vote for most of this, and voted against much of it, and we’re still voting against it. And without the UNDEMOCRATIC actions of a hostile elite, this country would be far to the right of where it is today.

      The issue with democracy isn’t that our people are suicidal (like some would have us believe), it’s that Democratic politicians can be bought off by powerful lobbies. It’s the traitors within our people, who often end up skyrocketing to the top of the political world, that are the weak link.

      • Unfortunately the logical endpoint of universal suffrage democracy is the ‘special interest’. The idea that disputes between factions can be settled at the ballot box is myopic and assumes a base-level of decorum which the system actively disincentivizes. The system only works when built upon a large amount of social capital accumulated through a preceding political formula which democracy will eventually squander.

        Political blocs are institutions unto themselves and gain power through polarization so actually resolving conflicts is rarely in the interests of any bloc. You need an enemy outgroup to define, rally and recruit for your ingroup.

        Add in the psychological reality of sublimation and we find that healthy, productive members of society make shitty political activists while tiny cohorts of malcontents are driven to seek escape from the perceived conditions of their discomfort and outlets seem destined to have an outmoded influence in any democracy.

    • Yeah, great points.

      But I haven’t read NRx’s critique of democracy. Nor do I espouse support for a managerial elite, aristocratic elite or monarchy.

      Just pointing out that there are other parts of the White world where people don’t tear each other to pieces over their political opinons, and speculating on why that is.

      • Just pointing out that there are other parts of the White world where people don’t tear each other to pieces over their political opinons, and speculating on why that is.

        You mean over their racial opinions.

        Otherwise you’ll find plenty of political bloodsport there too.

    • that’s the catch 22. democracy is obviously going to be corrupted and it makes people THINK they can vote for change. people know what to do when they have a corrupt king

      • The only difference between the US today, and the former Soviet Union, is that the Soviet citizens knew they were not free. The majority of Americans and Western Europeans today still think they’re free, when in fact they’re under as much control as any Soviet citizen ever was.

  • I’ve read that the scientists, philosophers and other intellectuals who dined with Frederick the Great could discuss freely anything they wanted, including religion, as long as they avoided politics.

  • So if the choice is between living in a place where having opinion an doesn’t matter or a place where having an opinion can get you killed, the former sounds better but it will come at a perceived cost because of what we’re used to. Here’s the thing though, in the latter scenario where your opinion makes no difference in a political sense, opinions will matter very much in a cultural sense. Under the rule of a King or Monarchy, certain things are expected of individuals, but as long as those certain things are met, it doesn’t matter what else you do as long as you’re not going around murdering, raping, stealing, and being generally destructive. So for example, forming a community with people based on racial kinship and having traditional gender roles would be so uncontroversial as to be expected. There would be no media or HR department to publicly humiliate you or take away your ability to provide for yourself and your family. Not to mention the people who work live and work alongside you would be more likely to see you as family and would have no reason to want to see your reputation and livelihood destroyed. It is true, we do live in an absurdly oppressive society and only one (((group))) seems to be benefiting from it.

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