Christoffer Dulny – From Sweden Democrat to Alt-Right: The Metapolitical Struggle

Christoffer Dulny is a political activist and the current editor-in-chief of Christoffer holds a bachelor’s degree in law and was formerly the budget chief for the Sweden Democrats.

Christoffer joins us for an interesting discussion on Swedish politics, the Alt-Right, and much more. First, Christoffer tells us about his background, including his time with the Sweden Democrats and how he came to be involved with the Alt-Right. We then discuss, and how a culturally competent Right has caught the Left off guard. Later, Christoffer explains why he supports using globalism against globalism. The first hour concludes with a discussion on the importance of retaining a positive outlook on things.

In the members’ hour, we begin by considering the biggest data leak in Swedish history – a recent event that was entirely avoidable. Next, we mull over the mindset of the average Swedish politician. Christoffer explains that the Swedish government, by not holding politicians liable for their failures, only encourages them to worry about losing reelection. This leads to a broad discussion on the overall state of Swedish politics. The members’ hour covers much more, including the economic burden of multiculturalism, racial differences, and the demographic transformation currently taking place in this once-idyllic nation.

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  • There is nothing to debate with the left,they have shown their true colours over and over again,the left must be evicerated,before they destroy us all.

  • The Jew shall fear the Viking!!!!!
    In all seriousness though, I love to see you guys standing up. Scandinavia, and Sweden in particular, has been a constant black pill for years and to see some push back makes me immensely happy. 1488 from Burgerland

  • I am impressed with the way these fellows speak English. At first I thought they were just a couple of guys from North Dakota or Minnesota. Wow! These two Scandinavians obviously have very high verbal aptitude to be able to frame their ideas so succinctly in a foreign language.

  • Listen up Henrik, Friberg and Dulny. If you want to make a big splash, get Jimmie Åkesson to start talking about the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan. This is very bold as he would certainly be attacked for talking about “conspiracy theories” but it would get the whole country to look it up.

    Dulny has the necessary contacts to make something like this happen, although I doubt Jimmie would ever really consider it. The point is to really hammer this home and red pill the general population about it, it wouldn’t necessarily have to be Jimmie bringing this up. The question is: how could we go about doing this?. If we could only make this headline news somehow. Perhaps some kind of publicity stunt.

    Maybe it’s time to try out some Trump tactics here in Sweden.

  • That’s nice, but most of Sweden is still a CUCKISTAN ahahahahahahahaha. What a country of pussies. They used to be Vikings?? Hahaha yeah right!

    • I find it fascinating that the guys with trolley names like ‘Judah Pepewitz’ are always countersignaling us…

      • They ask Swedes in the street, “Is there a limit to how many immigrants Sweden can take?” Answer: “No, I don’t think so”.

        They are fucked. Totally.

          • Why should I care what “feels” you have? The truth of the matter is, nothing in Sweden will change. Your friends in the photo here dont have any support in the Swedish public. So they have no influence. Sweden is a self-hating country and the people are not waking up.

          • And these good instances don’t change the fact that the country is solidly leftist and will remain that way.

            Good on any Swedish patriot, but his country is still permanently fixed on the wrong way.

          • You know America is 60-40 right now (probably closer to 50-50) right? No European nation is that demographically far gone yet. Argentina and Chile are both Whiter than the US. Trump barely squeezed through with the W. Worry about things on your own front, rather than trying to demoralize Europeans.

          • The projections in the European country don’t bode well for their future. It’s not about demographically gone…everyone here is obsessed with race. Its about having a 10% (almost like France), 15%, 20%, ??? percentage of Muslims. Even with a native majority, when the number of Muslims in the country is that high, it’s done. Ruined.

            It’s not demoralizing them, it’s stating the truth. And yeah, in the end, I don’t care about Europe, I care about the US ultimately, but it doesn’t mean I don’t think what the Europeans are doing is a major mistake.

          • Awww…..

            The Jews and the Muslims…..

            Yes, Schlomo……

            Tell us more about why you Voted for Trump……..


          • You’re a bit Jelo, Schlomo??……

            By Birth……

            You are BARRED from the Alt-Right…….

            How does that make you Feel?


          • Let’s focus our energies productively. Prognoses don’t mean much unless you see what’s riding on the trade and who is taking the other side.

            The situation in Sweden, like the rest of Europe, is grim. But I do think, Pepewitz, you are overstating things a bit. From what I can tell, you (like almost everyone else in the altright, regardless of country), uses a pseudonym. And only 6 months ago, it was not at all clear that America would take a breather from it’s own (still possibly terminal) Leftism. So let’s not be so quick to brag or take too much credit for circumstances that we personally had little to do with.

            Rather than casting aspersions and going into virtue spirals, why not be constructive?

          • I’m the one who supports Trump, seems like these Alt Right people hate him.

            I THINK that the United States, thankfully, won’t go the way Europe did.

          • I support President Trump……

            But, it has NOTHING to do with Israel, Schlomo…….

            Get LOST, Flea…….

          • Look at Pepewitz’s comment history. He brags openly about being a Jew and people just think he’s LARPing because of his stupid name. He’s not. This is how these people work:

            1. Create a farcical face of ‘anti-Semitism’ (they’re narcissists and love the attention).
            2. Claim to be one of ‘us’ while countersignaling us.

          • 1. When did I do that?
            2. When did I claim to be one of “you”?

            You claim I harp on anti-Semitism? I haven’t. You guys are the ones going on about MUH WHITE GENOCIDE and acting like SJW’s who blame other groups for their problems. Am I a troll? Yeah I guess. It’s funny and I troll lots of pages on Disqus. Both white nationalists and far left SJW pages. They both think and act the same, and the reactions are funny 😀

          • I’m so flattered you are using your high tech skills to expose me. Well done, friend 😀

          • Whites disappear, no matter what articles get written. Hows that feel 😀

          • You’re not Trolling anyone, Sociopath……..

            You’re Boring…..


          • The truth of the matter is, nothing in Sweden will change.

            You keep repeating that claim, even though you are commenting underneath an article that discusses exactly why and how things are changing in Sweden.

            It’s pretty damn obvious what you’re doing.

          • I know, what I am (((doing))). lol.

            Just be realistic. This is one news story. Cool, the guy is going the right direction. But it doesn’t mean there is hope that Swedes will change their insufferably leftist outlook overnight.

          • Just be realistic. This is one news story. Cool, the guy is going the right direction. But it doesn’t mean there is hope that Swedes will change their insufferably leftist outlook overnight.

            Have I ever claimed that things will change over night? Of course not. It’s going to take a lot of work to fix Sweden, but it’s going to happen. Jews have to learn that Nationalism is inevitable and healthy.

            Just be realistic, mate.

          • When I see demonstrations in the thousands against the flood of immigration in the streets of
            Stockholm I will start believing that this whole thing is for real and not just a political cul de sac. Also, what the hell is a meta political movement?

  • Good to see that increasing numbers of Swedish Men are fighting for the Survival of their Country…….

    The Rise Of The Nords…….


    • The whole country is going to become a frozen Kebabistan. lol there is now way to stop it now. These idiots have erased themselves from history.

      • Sorry to disappoint mate, but they’re not gone yet. There’s millions of White Swedes left and the party is just getting started up there.

        • At some point you have to stop sympathizing with people who are too mentally retarded to help themselves. Sweden is going full retard SJW at 100 mph. Their problem, not mine.

          I’m just concerned that the USA might not learn and do the same thing. But thankfully, I think Trump is not about that BS.

          • So you:

            1. Attack the Swedes and mock their pain.
            2. Encourage us to show no sympathy for our White brethren.
            3. Promote the idiocy which is Trumpism.

            My god, you people are starting to lose your touch. It’s painful to watch really.

          • 1. They bring it on themselves and are too stupid to realize. They keep voting for bullshit.
            2. Sounding like a ethno-obsessed SJW, I guess that’s what Alt-Right is.
            3. Trump was the better choice…did you want Hillary? And actually, are you even American? Your last name is Swedish, correct?

          • Okay, Rabbi, we get it. Now shouldn’t you be off somewhere giving an newborn a blow job?

          • I’d rather have a boatload of Somalis c** inside your daughter and wipe away your precious genepool 😀

          • Hey Dick, go join some other “patriotic” movement. This way you can find someone to shout: “USA, USA, USA…” with, while pointing out that the only colors you care about are “the red, white and blue”. LOL. You´re embarrasing yourself, and you’re unlawfully pathetic.

          • Why are you taking out your psychological complex of belonging to a cuck country on me? lol.

            I’m not here to play pussy Sweden soft leftist with you. I would say that maybe some harsh language would wake up the Swedes into realizing their idiocy, but its too late. Way too late.

          • You think you will get away with this? The race will overcome and you will pay the ultimate price for your insolence. Don’t think we won’t find every last one of you people.

          • Yea yea, you’re strapping on your jackboots now and doing the sieg heil thing. Yeah yeah, heard it already.

          • Beware, my troll army has been alerted.

            You will be found, you will be hacked, you will be punished.

          • 1. They bring it on themselves and are too stupid to realize. They keep voting for bullshit.

            Actually Jews like Barbara Spectre (who moved to Sweden to promote degeneracy there) are the ones causing this. Sweden had healthier racial values than America in the 70s. Things started to fall apart in the 80s and 90s.

            Your last name is Swedish, correct?

            I’m a Brit, mate.

          • Right…You blame Jews for making Swedes decide to vote stupidly? lol so the Jews are all powerful sorcerers that influenced whole voting populations to throw their entire lives away ? Come on. It’s not healthy to seek blame in others. The Swedes and other Europeans have to look at their own failures. No one can make other people think a certain way.

          • lol so the Jews are all powerful sorcerers that influenced whole populations to throw their entire lives away ?

            If Brits bought off Swedish politicians, funneled money into supporting hard-core Swedish leftists, and then moved to Sweden to promote anti-Swedish behavior – wouldn’t it be fair to say that Brits were the problem?

            No one can make other people think a certain way.

            Actually you can. It’s called Hollywood and it has destroyed what was left of America & Western Europe’s traditional values.

          • You’re blaming other people for the weakness of your own. That’s what it looks like. It looks a lot like a Black Lives Matter SJW who complains about race. Whoever actually listens to any media like hollywood is weak. If the Jews had control of Sweden, why wouldn’t Sweden be pro-Israel for instance, instead of being of the biggest Muslim Palestinian supporters?

          • Nope, I’m pointing out that a group of hostile racial aliens: 1) Lied to us and asked to peacefully enter our nations under false pretenses 2) Took advantage of our kindness and subverted our institutions 3) Waged a psychological war against our children.

            If a foreign nation launches an unprovoked attack on your people, you don’t blame the people who were caught defenseless. You rally them and kick out the intruder.

          • Believe what you want but change doesn’t come until you do introspection. I guarantee you if all the Jews disappeared from Sweden, nothing would change. I’d still be giving you the same comments on a news story decades from now.

          • ‘This patient is dying of cancer but nothing will change if you cut out the tumors which are making him sick.’

            That’s basically what you’re saying.

            Believe what you want but change doesn’t come until you do introspection.

            We’ve already done enough introspection to know what the problem is: giving Jews equal rights and allowing them to live in our countries. We made the mistake of assuming they were ‘huWhite people’ like us who could be reasoned with. The reasons we made this foolish error were:

            1. The Enlightenment eliminated old anti-Jewish stereotypes and lead to the development of democratic states (which are easy to undermine).
            2. The development of Hollywood (which was Jewish from the start) gave Jews a temporary advantage over us.
            3. America has always had ‘cultural glitches’ due to its Colonial nature.

          • When scores of white men march with the leftists in gay dances with pink mohawks and skirts, no Jews, leprechauns, or whatever can be blamed for that. You guys should check yourselves out. You keep blaming others, but the ultimate decision makers are yourselves. You claim it is your countries right? So the ultimate decision maker is you.

  • just to be frank, I think the members only thing is going to hurt ratings. wage cuck people including myself need to start contributing more but this kind of makes me feel alienated over shekels. don’t make me form the alt-ra and get all gorilla on people. just shame people about drinking/smoking/eating out and not giving to the cause

    • Too many people asking for Money……

      But, we NEED the Content, Online Sanctuaries and Alternative Platforms…..

      …….to Spread VITAL Ideas………

      I contribute to……….

      Red Ice has produced a LOT of Good…….

      I haven’t contributed to them although hopefully others do……..

      I don’t like to be Preached to either…….

      But, there are Lifestyle and Mindset Improvements that can help us……..

      Honestly…………I’m just so Tired after Work…….

      ……that a Couple of Shots of Vodka and a Chipotles Burrito…….

      ……fills the Stomach and and helps put me to Sleep……

      So, I can do it all over again the Next Day……


      • i wish I didn’t know what you mean but eventually we aren’t even going to have that and the next generation is going to have it even worse

    • I’ve been a paid up Red Ice member for about a year now. Never once regretted it. They put out a lot of good content and the fees are reasonable.

      • they definitely deserve it but cutting people out that haven’t financially ponied up isn’t helping anything. we need to spread their hard efforts and far as we can. again myself included we need to be Spartan like responsible and start getting these guys what they need. we may be ahead or up to our necks but playtime is definitely over

        • I became a member about a year after stumbling upon their youtube channel. Eventually people will want to hear that second hour and will pay up. They cover a lot of edgy subjects so aren’t going to get sponsorship from anybody. The money has to come from somewhere.

          “we need to be Spartan like responsible and start getting these guys what they need.”

          Couldn’t agree more. Well said.

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