NAACP Struggles for Relevance in the Post-Civil-Rights Era

Put in the shade by #BLM, the NAACP plans a comeback.

If the NAACP means anything it means “high yella” mulatto front men behind a donor base dominated by Liberal Jews pulling the strings from the shadows.

This was the magic formula in the old days when campaigners wanted a more sympathetic subject than “oppressed” Jewish financiers and “downtrodden” Semitic millionaires in the push for “civil rights” and an America separated from its original White and Christian identity. It worked a treat.

But like a lot of organizations that enjoyed their peak during the Cold War period—the ADL, SPLC, NATO, etc.—the NAACP is having a little trouble finding an authentic role for itself in a world that no longer needs it by its own criteria—a victim of its own success.

In recent years the group has been drifting aimlessly, becoming venerable, dull, and respectable in a stultifying way. Meanwhile, the Black activist energy has shifted into the SJW-hysteria-inspired model of #BlackLivesMatter.

If you want to reflect on how out of the loop the NAACP is now, just consider the fact that its acronym isn’t written with a hashtag and the C in its name stands for “Colored,” a veritable Uncle Tom of a word. No wonder #BLM is making all the running!

There is a general feeling in the movement moribund organization that things have to be shaken up, hence the decision at the 108th national convention just held in Baltimore to appoint Derrick Johnson, a Black man who actually looks like a Black man, to serve as interim president and chief executive officer.

Brooks: What Liberals think Black activists want…

Compared to previous President, Cornell William Brooks, who was voted out in May after only three years in the job, Johnson has much less of a refined, racially ambiguous, “House Negro” look, and can be seen as an attempt by the movement to “reconnect” with ordinary Black folks who have been lured away by the more emotionally compelling narrative concocted by #BLM.

Brooks was generally regarded as a failure, but the fault may simply have been in the NAACP’s understandable loss of relevance in a society where Blacks—or “Coloreds,” if you prefer—have literally stopped advancing due not to a lack of civil rights, freedoms, and welfare, but an excess of the same things. History shows that the greatest Black social progress occurred during the period when Blacks were partially segregated from Whites, lived in their own communities with their own elites, and had to get by through hard work rather than through handouts and guilting Whitey.

The present predicament of the NAACP was underlined at the Baltimore conference, where, along with Johnson’s appointment, a nationwide “listening tour” was also announced. This will see NAACP leaders touring the country, looking for clues on how to make the organization “relevant” again.

Watch out #BLM they might be about to steal some of your ideas in order to steal some of your donors.

What Black activists really want.
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Negroes are an earlier form of human and should be let to go extinct as nature dictates.

Billy Brown

or are they de evolution. natures way of turning an all consuming super predators, humans not nags, back to a primal state. they have the instincts of prey, run as soon as the bluff doesn’t work


I wish that the Alt Right would SUPPORT the full ‘equality’ of the the races in the US – Then state that we are all equal and that NO ONE should get any type of State aid… once you take away the aid – you jack up the laws to greatly expand the death penalty – and just sit back and let the “legal and lawful” ax do its job… In the name of the Law.


supporting “full equality” doesn’t mean anything but blacks somehow magically being equal to whites in everything. that means, unlimited gibs for black schoolkids to make them “equal” (which will never happen, but the money wont stop), affirmative action hires everywhere… basically “full equality” today doesn’t mean no one gets aid. it means all non-whites get more and more gibs. eventually, it will be south africa 2.0 here. which is where we are heading right now.


No. We do not agree to the ‘equality’ till we get no more $$ to anyone. Because they cannot hang with others 95% of the time to whole group will crash to the bottom have no place to turn short of crime and you let the law deal with them… its a trap…. and one that the everyday GOP shithead can get behind cuz its plays to the drum beat of ‘equality’… Swim with the tide, not against it .


NO whites should claim Civil Rights – they are the “rights’ of the 14th Amendment US Citizen slaves …


Yeah, media and negro shake-down scammers are really at a loss right now as the memories of the civil rights era fade and die off.

Young people today just see a bunch of monkeys wreaking havoc in urban areas.

Albionic American

Jews have the same problem with the Holocaust propaganda. You can’t sacralize anything in a culture where Jews have gone out of the way to promote nihilism, cynicism, despair, irreverence, anomie and a sense of having no future in the white population. If nothing in life matters, then the Holocaust doesn’t matter.

Albionic American

Civil rights simply can’t solve blacks’ real problem, namely, their biological inadequacy to live competently in white societies. And education simply can’t turn dumb kids into smart kids. If we stopped trying to school most of the blacks in this country, they would have about the same outcomes in life.


Piece of shit.