Millennial Women Are Starting To Hit The Wall

Vice has been reporting on the epidemic of middle-aged women that can’t find a decent hubby or boyfriend:

We all have that friend: the beautiful, intelligent, driven woman who—like Katherine Heigl in every rom-com—can’t find a decent date. Every guy she goes out with is an asshole; she consistently dates “below” her league, and she’s on the verge of giving up on a committed relationship altogether.

Not long after he turned 30, the writer Jon Birger realized he and his wife knew a lot of women like that. The couple didn’t have a lot of single male friends left, but the many single women they knew all seemed to be buyers stuck in a seller’s market. One of those friends, Birger told me, “had been dating a guy for a couple years. It certainly seemed like they were well on their way to getting married. She was in her late 30s, he was in his mid 40s. She really wants to have kids, get married, the whole [thing]. And she’s amazing in every way.”

One day at lunch, Birger casually asked her about her boyfriend. “Her whole expression changed,” Birger recalled. They had just broken up. “They’d been dating for over two years and he said he ‘just wasn’t ready to settle down.'”

This got Birger, a former economics writer for Fortune and Money, thinking: How could a man of that age be so cavalier about casting aside such an amazing woman? And why do we all have similar stories of incredible female friends trapped for years in dating hell? Why are there so many great single women? Where are all the great single men?

Whoo boy. So much to unpack there.

These bitches be complainin’ about some ratio imbalance between women and men.

Some manosphere knowledge for you: women date up and men date down. If a woman is Vice-President of some company, then the only one who she’s got eyes for is the President. Jimmy from accounting isn’t going to cut it. Now, as more and more women graduate universities and get pink collar jobs, their eligible pool of candidates for dating dries up.

Hence the ratio imbalance. That’s why these women complain about “dating down”. There are only so many CEOs and spots in the corporate harem out there. Women’s liberation has led to many of them approaching the wall, with degrees and careers, but no real chance of finding a man on equal or higher footing.

Sucks for them, I suppose. They’re not the only disappointed ones out there though.

There are also a lot of beta men out there that played by the rules, they got their STEM job and thought that once they were financially stable they would have an eligible pool of attractive women to go out with. Unfortunately for them, they found out the promise was just a myth that was peddled by generations that had it better, by managers who wanted them to work harder and if they are honest with themselves, propped up by their own fragile egos as well.

Funny enough, that opens a door for movements like the Alt-Right. You want a revolution? No use in LARPing as a German Workers Party. Factory workers nowadays are actually doing quite well for themselves financially. You get a job at the Honda plant and you’re set for life. Instead, with men, we should tap into that incel rage. With women, it’s worth pointing out the shallow promises of Feminism. Dissatisfaction with the sexual free market is the most powerful societal fault line out there for the Alt-Right to exploit.

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  • Women do not consider men with a STEM degrees as viable partners? WTF is wrong with them? .STEM degrees are more worth than some business school managers. I’ve seen many “managers” come and go where I work. One more incompetent than the next

  • Don’t pay taxes to feed the children of single mothers. No welfare for Chad’s brats. End of story. The rest is sour grapes.

  • I have amassed so many stories of dysfunctional,mentally ill,bipolar,schizophrenic,clinically depressed,fully medicated,fat accepting,aborting,divorcing,single mothered,flat broke,cat collecting,overvalued,narcissistic,entitled monster women in my lifetime….Its scary.

    I mean scary kind of crazy sh$t from women attempting suicide,the fake suicide for attention thing women do,women making false accusations and false rape claims,men I knew who committed suicide after divorce courts and their ex wives actually showing up at the funerals wearing all black???Nutty unbelievable stuff…

    The delusion of women to believe they are good women when absolutley destroying their minds,bodies,spirits and own families through no fault divorce or section 8….

    I had a good laugh the other day thinking of a woman in my youth who was obsessed with serial killers….All she did was read books on serial killers and watch documentaries on them…Of course it never worked out with her,because I actually gave this woman flowers and wrote her poems…

    So my good laugh was seeing my former beta self,and realizing ,”Of course it didnt work out with a woman who worshipped men who hurt women,”so she was probably repulsed by my kind words,free dinners,flowers and poetry…(thank god!)

    In researching the woman through public information, she is now a felon for theft and assault….DUUUUUH….Yet American women hide under some wacky shield of professional victimhood (as super women mind you)that not one of em in the entire United States is actually nuts or a criminal……The idea of the “hot mess,”is the American delusional female concocting her own delusional insanity and believable bullish….

    Sure we all share something in the demise of this country morally,but my god…Women take the cake.They really do,then eat it and celebrate fat acceptance while little kids die in the world of starvation,who then prance around as 400 pound women in stripper yoga pants,with the pants sucked in the back (drum roll) AND THE FRONT…..LOL

    Something is wrong when a countries men look forward to sex dolls or robots and ignore the “real thing,”because the real thing is like a venomous snake covered in fake soft fir,and a fake duck faced,kissy faced returded smile…LOL

    Yup,American women are so obviously nutty now in America,they actually have men world wide running from westernized women and their own strong biological desire for sex.As others have said,women kicked in mens fight or flight mechanism’s…Men are chosing flight.

    Especially from women in America who lead the known world in abortion,obesity,single motherhood,divorce,personal debts and mental illness,who think cooking is slavery while demanding to be wined and dined…..Vagina is not longer worth the hastle,the juice is not worth the squeeze and no I am not oversexualizing women….because men are absolutley tired of women who just bring their as@es to the table and absolutley nothing else….

    I feel bad for millennial women who are paying the price after 100 years of marxist femininsm and its inspired laws which benefit women…going unchallenged in America,creating some of the most spoiled rotten,entitled,overvalued,narcissistic,basic dirty dog,cat and zombie women, the world has ever seen……The only option is not walking away from westernized women,who push us away from them,its to run…

    While our women were so easily brainwashed by femininsm,to “explore their sexuality,” in times of the aids virus and child support….Its like femininsts told women that the feminine was sacred,then told them to give it away for free and being a slut was ok….LOL

    Feminism itself freed American men from having to provide for and protect women….When America’s enemies support femininsm and any demorilizing thing our women do…and women themselves ignore this,America has morally collapsed.I dont think the country is coming back or our women can be saved….MGTOW

  • For masculinity to get to the top, yes, that means white men, you have to become an asshole. By the time you get there, you would most likely not want to dedicate it to one.

    One thing that is missed is that women are obviously subjective, which basically means that women evolved to be delusional. They some how think that they’re going to get an ex-mafia member who just magically reinvented the microwave. What results from this delusion? White society is slowed down. Thanks, women, fucking idiots.

  • One of the great achievements of 1930s Germany was loans to take women out of the workforce. It can be done.

  • Its all fun and games until your gross 50something female boss starts stroking you the second she has a drink.

    Get the women out of the workforce. I mean every last one. Boomers can learn to use the Internet for casual sex instead of their employees.

  • White women need to wise up fast
    There’s no time left for living in the past
    Nonwhites have decimated most white culture
    Nothing’s left to even feed a starving vulture
    White birth rates are as low as they can be
    Yet,white women think multiculturalism is the key
    Muslims have ten kids and five wives
    Cause life is cheap for Muslims lives
    Whiteman’s guilt has made Europe die
    Now all their women want to cry
    Pay attention, cause America is next
    Cause white America women still fear sex
    Get with the program if you care
    And note the African’s jealous stare

  • The whole college thing is a joke. All it does if feminize males. If a woman wants a guy who is not bisexual, she has to hook up with a blue collar guy or an outlaw.

  • I would like to add something to this. Many young women are looking for a man that is already perfect at a young age. They don’t understand that men have to live life & learn from mistakes & experience. Being patient with a man through younger years will be very rewarding by the time you’re in your 30s & 40s! By that time you both have proved yourselves to one another & know you deserve the better side of each other. Young women need stop looking for the man that is already a success & find the man that works hard for everything he has! That is the man that will be able to give you all you need & want & you will deserve it because you were patient & loved him through it all!

  • The lesson here is for the middle-of-the-road guys to find younger women who haven’t yet been corrupted by negative influences. Wife them up.

  • I am currently dating a Polish girl and I tell you one thing, they are graceful creatures and make wonderful partners.

  • I’m with others here. Men want women who know how to cook and be a home maker. The problem is that there are too few women who are not willing to work for a shared responsibility in a traditional family. The so called home maker evolves into home wrecker for scheming to upgrade incessantly.

  • Such a negative site this. Never any good news, its all punch right punch right punch right. every time I come here I feel as if Im in a leftist infiltration movie. Something about the Alt Right but specifically Richard Spencer just feels so off. Had a lot of time for Alt right previously but not so sure now. Like I say all i see from alt right is punching right. So, it should come as no surprise that some of us are starting to bevel something is up. Doesnt feel like a movement, it feels like a wrecking ball.

  • A lot of women want to be independent. Then, when they’re pushing thirty, they decide that they want to have their kid. And of lot of them decide that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a man to share the burden. But after a few years, they’re bored and dissatisfied, so, when the kid is in school with taxpayer-provided day care, they dump the husband and the judge gives them half his assets and a good chunk of his future income. He might get to see his child every other weekend and two weeks in the summer. All the while his ex-wife is telling their offspring what a jerk he is. Not surprisingly, a lot of men see this as not in their interest and many are refusing to volunteer for it. Oh, brave new world!

  • Women are like fine cars.

    They lose half their value the moment they’re driven off the lot.

    As for millenial women, there’s been a lot joyrides taken in ’em.

  • Many flat out gotta lot of miles on their orifices, a few std’s from inter racial diddling, rainbow offspring and then there’s the Cats ….

  • I was born in 1979. Millennial women looked good from age : 15-30, then they became beached whale’s with an obsession with electronic gadgets, staring at smart phones, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kanye West & Kim Kardashian, Left Wing Socialist Progressive beliefs, ideology, and doctrines, and “The Vermont Vision”. Most of them refuse to make eye contact, they just play with smart phones, cell phones, and i-phones, and any and all electronic gadget invented by the late great Steve Jobs. Most of the women where I live who were born in the 1970’s looked fugly and they never showed off any skin, didn’t put out, and didn’t wear makeup, or know how to cook. About half of them in the year 2017 have 3 children by 3 different men, different races too! In the 1990’s it was the first decade that it was considered “cool” to “hook up” with black guys, and to give birth to mulatto children. Then they tried either Hispanic men or Asian men. Then they “settled down” with a left wing, pussified, limp wristed, metro-sexual, a-sexual, socialist – progressive Democrat White Beta Male Provider. For financial security and to have a safety net, and because he is not bothered at all by their past sexual interactions, relationships, and mixed race children. They both love watching MSNBC together, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and The Vermont Vision.

    I never paid much attention to women born in the 1960’s except for Pamela Anderson, Kiana Tom, and the women on the Fox News Channel such as Martha MacCallum, and a few others. My baby-sitter was born in August 1966. I saw her naked a handful of times, and she used to wear her bikini in my old hot tub and pool when I was a little kid. I was 4-6 years old at the time. She got married in June of 1991, I attended her wedding and she married a white dude who was 30 at the time, but before they got married she had a 4 day 3 night Bachelorette Party that involved 6 Chippendales Male Strippers in a summer cabin, 3 of whom were black, and 1 was Hispanic, 1 was Native Hawaiian, and 1 was White. She invited 5 of her closest friends to the 4 day “event”. It was their last real chance to be “naughty” before they were supposed to be loyal, faithful, wives and bake cookies and drive mini-vans, and change diapers, and take their kids to countless soccer games.

    I have had the most interaction with women born from : 1974 – 1984. They are offended by everything, and they are just simply “perma-bitches” ( Permanent Bitches ) . When I am referring to “interaction” I am referring to going to K-12 and Community College with them. I am also referring to having them as neighbors, co-workers, and family members.

    They are fugly feminist leftist socialist progressive snot nosed cunts who are permanently stuck on black men, and left wing issues, causes, goals, and beliefs.

    They scowl, snear, roll their eyes, scream, yell, and do not put out under most situations and circumstances. They don’t even have a sense of humor. It is just a myth that women like Romantic Comedy movies, because they don’t. They like Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Kanye West, and countless other Black Male athletes, celebrities, rappers, and actors.

    I am not just referring to White Women, I am also referring to Asian Women, Hispanic Women, Black Women, and exotic, multi-racial, mixed, question mark, hard to classify women. It is the Left Coast!

    The Blue States succumbed and drowned in an ocean of Communism, Cultural Marxism, Left Wing Liberalism, and Seasonal Affective Disorder.

    If you make one negative or derogatory remark about black male culture, music, identity, and behavior, they will forever write you off, and never screw you.

    They don’t even smile, or make eye contact with most men. If you intentionally look at both of their hands, to see if they have an engagement ring, or a wedding ring on their finger, they will be offended, and call you a creep. Also if you “check them out” or stand within 5 feet from them they will let you know loud and clear that you are invading their territorial bubble and safety zone.

    They would argue with you if you told them that the sky is blue! They would argue with you if you told them that Washington D.C. was the nation’s capitol. They would argue with you if you told them that Hillary Clinton’s husband is a man named Bill who was President from 1993-2001.

    They mock, ridicule, poke fun of men, insult men, belittle men, engage in constant finger pointing, and worst of all they don’t even like to hang out with guys.

    They do not like to get compliments from men in general, they will accuse you of sexual harassment, being a creep, and making sexist remarks, and they just simply vote for Democrats under any and all circumstances.

    From 1984-2001 I had daily interactions with them 7 days a week, they never really had anything nice to say to me, they were snarky, gave backhanded compliments, argued with me, rolled their eyes and scowled at me, and truth be told, I never really had anything in common with them. I am sexually attracted to them, I loved Cinemax, Showtime, and from about : 1994-2001 I loved the ESPN2 morning fitness shows.

    I am being brutally honest about my experiences with the opposite sex in my metro area / region.

  • Factory Jobs? 80% of them will soon be gone. I go into factories often. I deliver there, a lowly truck driver. For example, the Eaton factory in Ohio last week. A couple robots doing what 5 workers used to do, and doing it well. No wages, no medical, no union rep, no potential lawsuits, no unemployment insurance, no company pension, no affirmative action………….factory jobs will soon be gone.

  • “No sense LARPing as a German Workers Party.” You are aware that the TWP and Spencer are going to share a stage in Charlottesville, right? Or are you just a dumbass?

  • You know which computer programmers get pretty hot women? Indians — but they’re getting the attractive Indian women, whom they get paired with through Indian fam/tribe/religious networks. Everything else in Indian culture is a total mess, but they seem to get matchmaking and family formation right.

  • Career women are finding out what men have always known; for almost everyone, “It’s just a job!” In the case of a man, the job provided the economic sustenance that enabled him to have the status of the provider of a family. For a single woman in her mid- to late-thirties, who makes this discovery, the consequences can be devastating for the reasons set forth in the article. She wants only to date up, but there aren’t that many men “up” in the first place and most men don’t care very much what a woman’s professional credentials are, they want youth and beauty, which isn’t likely in most women past about thirty. The “inefficiencies” of the present sexual market are something for the Alt-Right to explore, but moving the Overton window on issues such as access to contraceptives and keeping women out of the workforce will require dynamitee.

  • So there are more college educated women who want to marry a college educated man than there are college educated men who want to marry a college educated woman. This means that there will be unmarried college educated women who don’t want to be unmarried. What I find amusing about the Vice article is that it only frames women as victims, no matter how snobbish and obnoxiously unreasonable their positions are. These college educated leftovers are the least appealing of their college educated sisters, which is why the college educated men did not choose them. Unless they want to die alone with cats, they are going to have to get over themselves and hope they can get a man who does something practical and useful for a living (an effect of not going to college).

    • tbh fam a lot of the hotties I’ve known over the years were chicks that married right after graduating high school. They’re not the most knowledgeable people, but college degrees don’t make my dick any harder.

  • You know, it’s really funny. This situation reminds me a bit of when I was reading about the Neolithic farmers that settled Europe from Anatolia. They brought farming, property, and wealth that they could produce themselves off the land and this made the native Hunter-Gatherer women’s paleolithic panties moist.

    So these Neolithic dudes monopolized all of the poon, to the point of creating a massive bottleneck in male Y-DNA diversity. These lads were running harems that would have made Genghis Khan jelly.

    Then along came the Beta Uprising dudes from the Yamnaya culture. They were from the Steppes, a bunch of horse-riding semi-nomadic herdsmen that swept into Europe, bringing with them things like social structures that made things more equitable, as in not letting women decide sexual reproduction and the farmer guys getting all the play while poor H-G guy gets cucked.

    Then, suddenly, there was an explosion of Y-DNA diversity. More Y haplogroups were being spread around in Europe. What does this mean? More guys got play and women weren’t chasing guys that would simply place them in a harem. The social structures were caste systems that appeared in Iranic colonies like Persia and Northern India.

    The moral of the story here, is that you if you want a healthy society, you can’t let women determine sexual selection. If they do, things will end up like this. Pareto Principle. 80/20 rule, etc.

    It’s really for their own good that they not be allowed to ruin society with their vaginal tingles.

    • This suggests that we may need different terms than “alpha” and “beta” to describe this important distinction — the latter sounds disparaging and seems to advise resignation; whereas, our aim needs to be to communicate pride, energy, and a fighting spirit to this group.

      • Many Chads don’t really care about the group because they don’t have to. Their only concern is staying at the top and beating back the would-be challengers. Sometimes they are even paranoid about the fact.

        Just look at the CIA. Full of Chads. Do anyone honestly think these secret society fratboys want what is best for all?

        Besides, there is more to it than just alpha and beta. There are gammas and omegas too.

          • It comes from the Chad Thundercock meme. He is the quintessential jock and alpha male. His gf is Stacey.

          • If we go by imageboard lingo, Robots would be the betas or gammas. Wizards would be the omegas.

            Of course some Robots would argue that normies or failed normies (Cyborgs) are the betas.

    • This is also why polygamy is a retarded idea. After all, polygamous societies nowadays are also the earth’s sh!tholes: the Muslim world and sub-Saharan Africa.

  • There are a lot of single guys with money and degrees……but they are STEM Betas and thots don’t like us.

    • They’re not Fascinated with you……

      It’s not your Fault…..

      You’re Responsible and Mature………

      Grab a Gun…..

      …..and Start Shooting Shit Up??

      Watch them FLOCK…….



    • There are also guys that are professional students. They earn shit tons of degrees but have no job to speak of, because they are over qualified.

      • I’m talking about the Bachelors and Masters Millennial STEM guy that actually works and makes middle class professional money.

          • That’s also why NYC is filled to the gills with single women letting their ovaries rot.

  • >but the many single women they knew all seemed to be buyers stuck in a seller’s market

    Oh noes it’s almost like being a man. It’s the most atrocious thing ever.

  • This is the truth. I’m a 47 yr old blue collar liberal arts dropout, and I’ve outsourced my wife search to Honduras, where I’ve found a very pleasing and attractive white hispanic 30 yr old female. Men mate down. Women mate up. I’ve actually dated women with superior educations to me. It doesn’t work. In general. Sure there are exceptions. The occasional Chad Thundercock who is a motorcycle repairman will marry a Lean In Cunt. But it’s rare.

    I just tell the bros to go to Latin America. Lots of pussy there, bros.

  • Just another reality check I suppose. A continuation of modernity and this “me-me” culture, as if you somehow deserve everything life has to give. Oh, you deserve everything life has to give, both the positives, AND the negatives. Just because you’re born with a vagina doesn’t mean you’re somehow worthy of bearing children, being a mother, or deserve a relationship. Not without work on your part. Men understand this full well that not all of us can be warriors, geniuses, or leaders no matter how hard we alter our presence to “fake the funk” so to speak. Deep down inside we know what we are and what we are not.

    It seems that Darwin’s Law is rearing its ugly head no matter how much you try to stick your head in the sand and pretend like his analysis wasn’t based in reality. The strong will always survive and thrive while the weak persons gain will be only short-term. The lesson to be learned from all of this is that it only takes ONE generation failing in their duties to destroy civilization. With our modern techniques for recording history hopefully this knowledge will be well preserved for thousands of years to come. Their emptiness will not have been in vein and on the bright side they’re serving a higher purpose than even they know. I’m sure that doesn’t cheer them up much though.

    • We already have the example of Rome, a civilization that collapsed for many of the same reasons ours is collapsing. Unfortunately people don’t learn from history.

  • I love the smug disinclination toward the white working class. Classy and divisive in typical fashion.

  • If I had dictatorial power the first thing I would do is phase women out of the workforce. It would solve problems for both sexes. Women would bitch at first like they do but thank me later.

    • And what’s especially annoying is that these days employers hire women much more quickly than men.

  • Regarding LARPing as a German Worker’s Party, you missed something crucial from the original VICE article:

    Q: “Is there also an issue for American women where the more educated you are, the smaller your dating pool becomes? It feels that the smarter you are as a woman, the smaller your dating pool is, because women seem less likely to date men less intelligent than themselves.”

    A: “It’s not just women, both men and women are unlikely to date and marry across those lines. It just doesn’t matter for the men because the pool of educated women is so vast that their own classism doesn’t really punish them. But being unwilling to consider working-class guys affects women in ways that it doesn’t affect men. It’s totally unfair….”

    Meaning that the most frustrated group are non-college educated males. Don’t underestimate the value of German Worker’s Party LARPing with this crucial demographic!

    • I find it hard to deny that the Swastika and myth of Hitler has more symbolic power than much else on offer.

    • Something else most missed in that ‘A:’ more educated women than men! Ha! More credentialed, maybe. More degrees in useless pseudo-intellectual fields like Man-Hating (sociology), Advanced Man-Hating (women’s studies), and Graduate Man-Hating (Human Resources).

      Intelligent women? 5 in a 100 of those “educated” women, maybe, and you can bet those ones aren’t feminists. Why? Because they have some skills with which to contribute and compete in a man’s world. The rest have no business in the workplace and nothing to offer a man in a home – unless that man is big on ugly deluded shrews twisting his balls into a knot.

    • Notice how, in one paragraph, the pseudo-intellectual interviewer conflates “education,” intelligence and knowledge.

  • Really, the only hope for this society is the immediate imposition of National Andrew Anglin-ism

    • Not “strong, independent career women.”

      I would prefer a wife with who is capable of forming her own beliefs and defending them rather than aping me in everything. And I would prefer her to have career aspirations than to stay at home; failing that, I would like her to at least have intellectual interests she is pursuing.

      Having a woman be at my beck and call is not something that’s ever interested me. That’s not to say I’d ever put up with some femnut virago.

      • Intellectual pursuits are fine. Creative pursuits are fine. Motherhood should be the primary focus of women though. The most important job of all. Women have been tricked into thinking that serving their employer is freedom, and serving her family is slavery. It has led to social decay, and frankly has destroyed the work force.

        • You need to be careful with your terms. How has it “destroyed the workforce”?

          • Have you ever had childless, single woman, over 40 for a boss? Their insane.

          • Moreover, flooding the workforce with women effectively doubled the labour pool, thus reducing basic wages for most jobs. Which is one of the reasons why few men are able to support a family with one income.

          • Oh okay, yeah that makes sense.

            Their entry undoubtedly created certain, let’s say, complexities that a lot of guys would rather do without. It depends on the particular industry, but for the most part I have found female bosses no worse than males. Maybe your experiences differ.

          • I think it depends on how dominant women are in the office in general. If it’s still male dominated, the woman is forced to conform to the work place culture. If it’s female dominated they have free reign to get as crazy as they want. No man should have to conform to such a horror show lol.

          • Even a lot of women will admit that they don’t like to work in an all female environment. For women, everything is personal. They have a harder time with the concept “nothing personal, just business”.

          • Contemptuous bastard that I am, I’ve had a jolly good laugh reading about the infighting that takes place in all-female work environments (especially all-female femmpower companies).

      • “I would prefer a wife with who is capable of forming her own beliefs and defending them rather than aping me in everything.”

        So, you find having a nagging, argumentative wife appealing.

        Well, there are weirdoes like John Scalzi in the world…

      • Fair enough. Far too many females (nearly all) have the attitude of entitlement you described towards men. Hence why a lot of men stay single.

      • If you want a woman to be your friend, you are probably gay. A wife is for breeding and domestic duties. You have male friends if you want conversation.

      • no doubt. Feminism will end with women reassuming their former position as thankful recipients of men’s benevolence. This will be reflected in a reinstallation of most traditional marriage mores and the laws to go with it.

      • LOL Men want women who are attractive and know how to cook. They don’t want women who are unattractive and don’t know how to cook. I don’t really see the point your trying to make. The girl in the top photo doesn’t even look that bad. The girl in the bottom one, I assume, is useless for anything but sex. Who knows though. Their both just photos. It depends.

        • Yeah right. If it was a choice between young Sophia Loren and an ugly woman gourmet chef you’d learn how to make your own fucking food m8

          • I can make my own food. Most millenial women can’t cook for shit.

            The reality is most men aren’t going to attract Sophia Loren tier women, and if your settling for a 6 or less then she better have some sort of skills beyond ability to produce children.

      • Lol you’re absolutely right. Men are liars. They only want women who are sexy and good looking. Period. They don’t give a shit if a 9 can cook, clean or “treat them right.” The only thing they care about is if she gives them a crooked boner. They’re just as deluded as fat, ugly career women who think they are entitled to men like Jared Leto.

        You thirsty beta incels and ugly feminists deserve each other. Stay sterile and damaged. Deus Vult.

      • Sort of a false dilemma. Good looking girls tend to be less whore-ish on average because they can lock down Chad or a series of Chads in long term relationships. The biggest sluts are fat girls and uggos. You are actually likely to find that the good looking girl is the more trad rather than the butterface with low self esteem.

        • good looking girls are still sluts, just for the right guy. Everyone has their price. Also trad doesn’t mean just having a low kill count

  • A highly successful woman who cannot find the right man using the traditional method should try advertising for one.

    • She can’t get a guy because she has to marry up and she’s too old to get the guy above her who’s getting the young girl. She simply out of the market

    • Loot at how many tech companies pay for egg freezing so their women employees don’t have to pause their careers for something as silly as giving birth to healthy children during their fertile years.

      • The assisted fertility industry is truly a house of horrors. The physical pain and hardship on the woman’s body is combined with macabre decisions about the viability of dozens of artificially created embryos. If we lived in a society that wasn’t insane, this would be taught as part of health education to young women.

        • yeah how many babies have been born from Frozen eggs and how many women have had eggs frozen, it has got to be like a 1:50,000 ratio

          • Egg freezing is a money making scam that women fall into because they believe the hype instead of actually being smart and doing the research.

  • Recent studies show that college educated white women have BETTER chances of getting married than non-college educated white women.
    This matches up with what I have observed as a married white male with lots of married white male friends with white wives of various levels of education and “career success.” It’s because men have become just as money-grubbing as women. That 30-year-old with a middle management job, who’s getting crows feet and a few stray gray hairs is a better prospect than a 20-year-old waitress who went straight to the minimum wage workforce right out of high school. Men not only want houses and cars but also Instagram-worthy vacations, expensive clothes and shoes, funding for inane hobbies, etc.

    And if for some reason a man goes for that 20-year-old waitress, he’s going to pressure her to go to college and make her wait to have kids until they are “financially stable,” at which point she will probably be 30. Ha!

    • Let’s not forget the impact of divorce laws – the waitress will get a huge alimony settlement whereas an equal-earning professional likely won’t.

    • Something you missed is the risk of being a single income household. Especially with home values and how drastically they have appreciated, you pretty much need to make sure you are employed at all times so you don’t default on your mortgage. This poses a risk to some (including myself) that I don’t know that I necessarily want to deal with. With that said, if you can find a girl who can get work in a field where she can work from home ie: graphic design and can take projects as time permits that can mitigate some risk.

    • It might be the prettier girls tend to go to college and hence get married because prettier girls get married at a higher rate than ugly girls

    • “That 30-year-old with a middle management job, who’s getting crows feet and a few stray gray hairs is a better prospect than a 20-year-old waitress who went straight to the minimum wage workforce right out of high school.”

      No, I suspect it’s more due to because the 30 y.o. woman is much, much easier than the 20 y.o., and the man’s virility is flagging. Most men are go-along-to-get-along anyway.

      “Men not only want houses and cars but also Instagram-worthy vacations, expensive clothes and shoes, funding for inane hobbies, etc.”

      I’m aware that many blue-city men are quasi-faggots, but they’re very much an exception.

  • The word “amazing” is used twice in this article. This comes off like the hard-sell lingo you hear from used car salesmen. Just as the car he’s trying to sell isn’t at all “like new,” I get the feeling none of these women are “amazing.” And probably for the same reason: Both have too much mileage. If the woman were really “amazing,” someone would have wifed her up at age 21-22. Since she either didn’t get that or didn’t want it, she’s not in the “amazing” category in any respect.

  • What planet is this on? I live in the Midwest and everything I see in day to day life is the exact opposite as what’s described here.

    I know many single men over 40, but very few single women. Men here usually Date down, and the women up. Not financially speaking, but physically. The men are usually in shape, and the women… not so much.

    • NYC is full of stupid women who moved there to snag a banker. Young men avoid NYC because it’s too damn expensive and it’s hard to get a job there, especially if you’re a white male without (((connections))). NYC is where women’s ovaries go to die.

      And since the newsmedia is just a bit tilted toward NYC, you hear about a woman surplus. In small-town America, a 40 y.o. man generally has only divorcees and single moms to choose from.

  • This site should post an article honestly discussing the interplay between race-mixing and gender in America. Namely that:

    – Men & women are race-mixing for different reasons.
    – The rates at which they engage in that behavior are not accurately reflected by marriage statistics (because most Blacks never marry the White woman they knock up).
    – As this behavior becomes more socially acceptable it is shifting from something that only trashy White women did to something that pretty, high-value women also engage in.
    – The negative impact of an utterly Negrified culture (hip-hop music, rap music, television shows, etc.) on female psychology.

    It needs to be talked about.

    • It will be talked about. By the minority kids who grow up to resent their white mothers. They rightly assume the women did this for a reason: A “Mommie Dearest”-type power play so they could cackle “I’ll always be better than you! Better and whiter!! Heheheh!”

    • Most White women are still rather racist when it comes to who they sleep with. There’s a reason why the “Chad Thundercock” meme is so popular. No, the problem is the amount of men that these women screw. Their behavior is comparable to that of a feral animal.

    • A very common saying was’Once you’ve had black,there is no going back’ in other words the route was down to hell and damnation. Never back to the white man’s world.I have never been attracted to any man other than one of my own race,but that little saying was like a red pill with steroid,perfectly encapsulating the danger of race mixing.

  • A woman was once extolling what she thought were the positive attributes of a woman whom I will call Barbara. “Barbara is an amazing and talented woman. She has two masters’ degrees.” I said that men don’t care about a master’s degree. Barbara needs to lose weight. She needs to seek out men ten years older than herself, etc., etc. Women project onto men what they want for themselves.

    • 30 year old men with good jobs will marry 18 year old waitresses and shop clerks, if they think these women would make good wives and mothers. My father, a pharmacist, met my mother that way when she got a job as a clerk at the drugstore he worked for.

      • Even in the 1960s, the typical single man wasn’t looking for a co-breadwinner: he was looking for a good wife and future mother of his children. Men were willing to marry “down.”
        Parents told their daughters: If you want to marry a doctor, become a nurse; if you want to marry a lawyer or businessman, become a secretary.

        That’s less true nowadays: The doctor is more likely to marry the doctor, not the nurse. The lawyer will marry a lawyer, not a secretary. Thanks to feminism, there is less cutting across class lines.

        As it is, men are still more likely to marry “down” than a woman and the marriage will be successful. If a woman marries “down,” they are likely to divorce.

        • Well, that change is directly to do with the growth of the administrative managerial state destroying the ability of a single income family to live a middle class life – that state was brought about by female suffrage.

  • “Women’s liberation has led to many of them approaching the wall, with degrees and careers, but no real chance of finding a man on equal or higher footing.”
    You’re right, feminism is the worst thing that plagued the west.

  • You underestimate the sexual power of women even “post wall”. Many desperate ugly spergs (ie 88% of males according to girls) would push their best friend onto a busy freeway for 1% chance of getting laid. True story bro

    • A healthy, white patriarchal society doesn’t necessarily have to conscript our women into doing the right thing. We just have to keep creating escape routes for them that they can use to evade their responsibility.

      If young women couldn’t go to college to get useless degrees in the liberal arts and the social sciences, for example, then they would have to stay in their communities and find employed white men of good character so that they could form families with them.

      • I’m convinced at this point that they need to be stripped of their civil rights. Our women have proven that they will always make the worst decisions possible. Everyone is honestly better off if they are reduced to property.

      • isn’t that a bit dysgenic goy? Forcing women to marry beta losers (and get impregnated by their inferior DANA) just so they don’t starve on the street? Sounds like sex slavery to me – and producing more and more manlet mouth breathers as well

        • That’s true. Perhaps a beta cleanse is nature’s way of flushing out their mouth-breathing genes.

          If we had closed borders, it wouldn’t be so bad.

    • A true sperg would never dispose of his best friend for such a miniscule probability, your shit`s all retarded.

    • Getting laid, yes. Going on a second date, no — and that’s where these women need these guys. 99 percent of women can “get laid.” Far fewer can get the guy to stay more than one night. We know this. They know it. But the knowledge is way more painful for them.

    • It’s really quite disgusting. If we men collectively quit acting so thirsty, the sexual imbalance could be partially rectified.

      • Yeah, you going to convince every shitskin to stop salivating over every fat white woman like they have been in a desert for a month.

    • Many of the dysfunctions of modernity didn’t happen at the same time because of some mysterious accident or coincidence. The dispossession of white people through diversity and the mass immigration of the world’s lowest-quality POC’s works synergistically with the alienation of white men from white women through the effort to indoctrinate the latter with feminism and sexual degeneracy.

      • not really. Religion used to keep them in line. People gave up religion and women boarded the cock carousel.

        • Fuck religion. Keeping us “in line”?you mean abused and treated like crap and nothing more than baby making husband pleasing machines that shouldn’t have and orgasms? No, fuck that patriarch bullshit.

          • Karen, I am convinced women like you don’t know what you want. You say you want freedom, yet European women majority vote for Arab/African Muslims to pour over their borders.

          • That is certainly not how my mother saw marriage, nor either of my grandmothers. If you wish to dwell in Leftist delusion about the world, it’s up to you, but you’ll never make things better by living in fantasy land.

          • I am almost 50. I don’t believe a man should be the sole breadwinner in the home. I never once stated that being home with kids is hard. I was a single mother with 2 sons that had NO support from the dad. And my kids and I are doing fine. I DON’T WANT ANY Muslims in the country if they think they are going to replace American laws with sharia or tell people where they can go, what they can do, how they can dress or what they can say. ANYONE who would allow people like that to come over here is unamerican and needs to leave. I love my job, I love my kids, I love my freedom, and I love that we have a right to free speech, even if it is from jackasses who can’t pull their heads out of their asses enough to understand that something as simple as women and men should both be allowed to work, raise children or not, and have a good life.

          • I believe men should be the primary breadwinners. That way loudmouth, entitled cunts like yourself can keep their mouths shut and quit denigrating women like me who still cherish men who want to take care of their wives and children the way men desire to and should.

            The fact that you ditched by a loser who wasn’t even rich enough to support you doesn’t negate nature–men should support their women, not the other way around. Any man living off a woman in any capacity isn’t a man.

          • Lol I didn’t get ditched by anyone. I REFUSE to be with any man who doesn’t believe in working. And when you talk about a self entitled cunt, make sure you look in the mirror while you are sitting home on your ass not doing a damned thing to help pay bills, while your husband breaks his back to pay for your online shopping sprees.

          • Who said I sit on my ass? I spend all my time working on my fitness, looking my best and giving my husband blowjobs. Been doing it for almost 18 years. I do my part and my husband is a very happy man.

            You, on the other hand, are a 50 year old, post-wall single mom that no man on the face of the entire planet wants. And it’s easy to see why. Sucks to be you doesn’t it?

          • It would suck more to be you. Lol I am very happy with how my life is, and I have no shortage of sexual partners. And I look damned good for 50. So keep working out and keeping your man happy, and I will continue to be very happy in my life because I don’t need someone working their ass off to take care of me like some prostitute pretty woman.

          • “I don’t need someone to work their ass off to take care of me”

            Um, you can’t get any man at all, much less any man who could take care of you. Ugly hags like you have to work, you don’t have a choice.

            “I still look damn good”

            It’s pretty hysterical when 50 year old hags think they’re still hot. If that was really true, you wouldn’t be single. LOL!

          • Lol just showed your true colors. You can’t come up with a comprehensive argument, so you go straight for high school tactics of trying to make yourself feel better by attempting to put me down. All I can do is laugh and tell you to grow up and learn that adults don’t give a flying fuck about what you think about their looks. And with that, I do hope you will, because it would seriously suck to have that kind of mentality the rest of your life. Now, I’m going to go play some grown up games that my men don’t have to pay for.

          • While I don’t agree with some of the sexist “talk down the nose” things said to you…..

            Its true that while maybe YOU are happy – and it’s weird how EVERY woman claims she’s happy, it’s just OTHER women that are not … – there are a ton of lonely, bitter, and very disillusioned women who are likely to die alone.

            There are PLENTY of men out there – but the problem is two-fold:

            1) Women consider themselves an 8 when they are a 5. You can’t use YOUR metrics, you have to use the metrics of those you want to attract.
            No, you can’t nag them into wanting you.
            No you can’t shame them into wanting you.
            No you can’t argue them into wanting you.

            You have to swallow your pride and give men a woman we find DESIRABLE (and the myriad things that means) – or – you can die alone.

            That’s brutal, but there it is. Pride or companionship. Either / or.

            2) Traits most of you have that you deny: Double speak, double standards, manipulation, chip-on-shoulder, vicious tongue, and the inability to hear any form of criticism.

            – Get rid of them. If you’re not treating him at least as well as you treat your friends – it’ll fail.
            – Sex – we like it, and we need it. It’s not a negotiating tool, not a behavioral modification tool, and it’s not a “treat” Either provide it or be alone.
            – Sex again – if you did it in your wild days of college but think that “white picket fence vanilla sex” is “good for a relationship” – realize that men 35 and above know you’re playing us for suckers. They’ll use you and then ditch you. Fair warning.
            – BE NURTURING. Don’t tell us you are – do it.

            One last thing – there is one thing you may not ever ask us:

            “What do you mean by that.” – we’re men. We don’t do subtext. We’re not women.

            If any of what I wrote offends you – fine – we’ll be dating someone else while you type your bitter angry response.

          • You honestly didn’t offend me. But I will say, a man who is a clear 4 shouldn’t even attempt to get with an 8. And I have no worries about dying alone. But I choose who I am going to settle down with and I don’t go,along with that whole ” I need a man to be happy” thing. Because is you NEED someone to make you happy, then you don’t know what happy is and went make a good partner for anyone.

          • Looks like we got ourselves a catfight here…
            Don’t mind me ladies, carry on…

          • You’ve not mentioned the (White) kids you are bearing and raising. Or is it all about the gym??

          • Simple question do you view men as being equal to females. Do you think that men should have equal say and be equal partners to females.

          • I think equal partnership is something to strive for, I believe in equality. If I do a crime, I expect to get the same punishment a man would get, if I work, I expect the same pay a man would get doing the same job. An unequal relationship is a hardship. Both parties should contribute their share.

          • I bet that when you’re not busy condemning patriarchal region that you’re urging that more Muslim rapists and clit-snippers be let loose in White countries.

          • So, your “husband” is supposed to go to work, 9-5, every day to some stupid job he may very well hate so that you can stay home, sit on your ass and watch soaps all day and you think YOU’RE the one who has it hard in this situation? You actually think that staying home, working for your FAMILY instead of some a-hole boss, and having the luxury of spending all of that time with your beautiful children is HARDER than than what your husband is doing? You’re nothing but a spoiled brat. You’re pathetic!

          • You mean your point of believing the traditional female role in marriage to be akin to slavery? Excuse me, but in the traditional scenario it’s the man who is slaving away for some boss he may very well hate so that you can have the “awful” privilege of spending all day with your family. You mean your point of believing that women are “abused” by this situation? Do you really think that all these men that you whore around with now have more respect for you than one who would voluntarily enter into marriage and work his ass off all week in order to make enough money to take care of you and his children? These men you claim to be having sex with think of you as a slutty fuck hole you stupid bitch! They don’t have to do ANYTHING, and you’re spreading your legs for them! You’re incredibly stupid!

          • You seem to have a severe cognitive dysfunction as well as a knack for putting words in peoples mouths, as well as being a horrible judge of charecter, as well as being an unmitigated prick. Please don’t breed.

          • You seem to be a stupid liberal bitch who despises your own people and culture. So much so that you’re willing to contribute to bullshit propaganda who’s agenda is to smear and rip apart the healthy, nuclear family and to paint all that is good into something evil and hateful. Go ahead and feed into as many young, female minds that being a woman makes them inferior. That their traditional roles of child bearing, home making and caring for the family are inferior to the male role of providing for the subsistence of the family, and that they should desire the male role instead because it’s better. Keep feeding them that total utter BS so that traditional families will become dysfunctional and eventually cease to exist. And by all means, keep giving free sex to multiple men. Keep it slutty!

          • you stupid thot, if you do not like patriarchy (probably because under “white sharia” you and other sluts can not spread your legs with anyone), then what are you doing on this site?! Get the fuck out of here!

        • Josh,
          I don’t want to argue with you, but it was the Zionist Controlled Main Stream Media, Left Wing Politics in general, White Fathers who drank beer while watching Saturday Football, Sunday Football, Monday Night Football, and countless never ending rap & hip hop music videos which portrayed black males as the superior male. They (young women) radically changed, because America radically changed.

          At least half of the men who live in my region are bleeding heart left wing libtard socialist progressive Vermont Visionaries who want Muslim Refugees to be allowed into this region, with no background checks, they want MS-13 and El Salvadorian Refugees to be allowed into this region, with no background checks, they (Democraps) have no idea that they are both responsible and therefore to be blamed for The Left Coast being turned into a Cultural Marxist Leftist Utopia. I get sick and tired of Leftist White Males (Democraps) not facing the wrath and the flames! They (Left Wing White Men) sealed our nation’s fate.

          I have never lived in the south, the mid-west, or the North-East, but the Left Wing White Men in my region are into Noam Chomsky, Tim Wise, Karl Marx, Michael Moore, any and all Politician to ever even spend one minute in Vermont, Black Lives Matter, LGBT issues and causes, Occupy Wall Street, Slavery Reparations, Native American Reparations, Berkeley, Evergreen, Portland, Capitol Hill, SJW’s, Australian Aboriginal Rights & Sorry Day, even though they are not even Australian, and have never even been to Australia. Women’s suffrage, etc.

          When young women, regardless of their race live in a Left Wing Commie State how do you expect them to grow up well ? The men they live around want ISIS/ISIL affiliated Muslim “refugees” to be granted automatic citizenship, with no background checks at all, and they want to turn entire region’s into at first : Sanctuary Cities, then after that is accomplished, move forward to creating Sanctuary Counties, then after that is accomplished, move forward to creating Sanctuary States, then after that is accomplished go on a vacation holiday trip to the almighty : Vermont!
          Leftists are the lowest form of scum!
          In the year 2017 this is what we are surrounded by. It is what it is.

          And, yes, the picture of Sophia Loren is an awesome and amazing pic of the ideal wife! But that was probably the 1950’s and the men and the women and most of all the Politics that surrounded America were much different. Religion is not the root cause of the problem, it is a symptom of the problem. Left Wing Communist Politics are the root cause of the creation of the modern day problems facing The Left Coast.

          Leftists have strength in numbers, everyone else is busy working. In the area I live in, you can get fired for not hiring undocumented workers from very dangerous, unstable, regions in the world, that not only do not have America’s best interests at heart, or Western Civilization’s best interests at heart. The G.O.P. was supposed to stop “all of this” from happening, and they failed, time and time again to do so!

    • About two years ago i used to frequent RoK and the daily stormer crowd would trollstorm us and drop lots of comedic, edgy yet profound red pills, thats how i found the alt right 🙂

      • This is interesting. I remember RoK changing and moving towards white nationalism. Obviously I am one of the successful converts. I think we need to look to other websites to spread the red pill too. One website I frequent a lot is infowars. I believe a lot of the posters their are very susceptible to our narrative. Also, I think we need to appeal more to law enforcement people. I believe the Golden Dawn in Greece is made up of mostly LE. I think they would be susceptible to race realism and from their we can talk about anti feminism because I believe a lot of cops get divorced.

    • Exactly.

      Sites like Return of Kings and Chateau Heartiste are redpilling more young white men than or Counter Currents. They are the real gateway to the AltRight.

          • the reason why he made these speeches was because the Nazis had countless gays in their ranks.

          • Yeah, and because of that, he literally had to command his officers to put them in camps and execute them. Allowing even a single homosexual into any pro-white movement is a disaster just waiting to happen.

          • So edgy bro. Fill me with your hot fascist seed. My hole quivers for your throbbing Aryan rod.

          • Not sure what you’re even suggesting. One thing is for certain, if you support Greg Johnson or his band of faggots, you condone homosexual child predators joining the Alt-Right/White nationalist movements.

        • As much as we all can hate or dislike Johnson, CC is doing a valuable work bringing in certain kind of people and spreading certain kind of message.

          Johnson as a person is, like all fags, a seriously disturbed individual (he banned me for commenting even when I’m a published author there, lol) but in CC you can find top notch content; just check Collin Cleary, Bowden or Venner.

          The downside of CC is its fag apology and freak contributors like James OMeara.

          • A sensible comment. I simply ignore all the drama and enjoy the mostly excellent pieces there.

    • Race realism and sex realism leave one so far out of the mainstream consensus that there’s no where else to go.

      • Interesting. I hadn’t really thought of the Alt-Right as the place of last resort, but that’s exactly what it is.

    • And in the process, the Alt Right has co-opted useful data and memes from the manosphere and other movements, and taken many foot soldiers from the various smaller movements that preceded the Alt Right and have now faded in to insignificance; alt-lite cucks beware, they will be next to fade in to insignificance.

    • Most folks here we actually come from ROK. Our current situation boils down to the recent feminization of the West. That explains 90% of everything.

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