Richard Spencer – Ask Me Anything

On July 19th, 2017, our very own Richard Spencer conducted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) in our Discord chat. Check out what he had to say below. Enjoy!

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  • Where did the ‘White Race’ originate from? (watched Roland Martin vs Richard Spencer.. leave it at that)

    Majority of black people if not all have blood type ‘O’. An overwhelming % of black people have the ‘sickle cell disease’. How can the argument be made people with blood type ‘A’ or ‘B’ originated from people with blood type ‘O’? Fact is, blood type ‘A’ came first, all other blood types are a mutated from ‘A’.

    Some argue that the ‘White Race’ originated from the Asians. I find this hard to believe considering all Asians have an adverse reaction in their body when they drink ‘wine’; they stay away from it. Perhaps some of you scholars of all persuasions could share your insight.

    I’ve omitted reference to the Bible (Genesis) as a credible source because in my studies I’ve learned that the biblical stories are nothing more than a ‘blue print’ to democracy. (all three branches) Last mankind originated from Africa? Maybe they built the pyramids in the wrong location? I know the ‘White Race’ is in a transition, wouldn’t surprise me if we left Earth in the foreseeable future using ‘electromagnetic technology’, to hell with 1930 technology.

  • I just want to build on the first question that Richard Spencer addressed and that’s the question regarding what college students can do for the movement. He suggested setting up a club for discussion sessions (a book club of sorts) that could also invite people like Richard Spencer to campus.

    I like this idea but I’d make one suggestion. Use some of the club’s time to give back to the college and surrounding community. You should concentrate on clean up and beautification.

    Look for places in the community to clean up. Clean up litter and junk in alleys, fields, and public spaces. And then look for places to plant trees and white rose bushes. The white rose bush should be the plant/flower of the Alt-Right.

    Your club can meet 4 times a month. For example, the 1st and 3rd weeks are for book discussion and education. The 2nd and 4th weeks would be for clean up and beautification (or visa versa). How ever it works best for you, you’ll figure it out, but the giving back (clean up and beautification) part is important. You don’t have to engage in any on-campus activism; just read books, discuss ideas, clean up rubbish, and plant trees and rose bushes.

    The college may even provide funding for the supplies (but don’t plan on it). Who would oppose people who clean up litter and plant trees? I’m sure SJWs will eventually vandalize and destroy your new plantings but this will show the world how destructive they are and give you a chance for a public statement.

    Give it it try and see what happens.

    • This is a nice idea. It’s a good way to a) build camaraderie, b) get people into the habit of doing rather than just talking, and c) gain support among ordinary White folks.

      And of course be sure to keep it focused in White neighbourhoods.

      • Sometimes non-white spaces provide greater opportunities for improvement. If there’s a non-white community near a campus that has some spaces appropriate for clean up and beautification, then this is an opportunity to improve something and bring some order to chaos. The club will create a nice space and then see if the locals maintain it. On campus, the clubs should create ornate areas of White meaning with rose bushes, oaks, and solar lights. The students can check on the trees they planted when they visit the campus 20 years after the graduate.

        • Well, we all know that certain types of locals won’t maintain it. There is no need to prove that a triangle has three sides! But overall I think it’s a very good idea.

          • But overall I think it’s a very good idea.” (-Kate Hikes)

            Thanks Miss Hikes,

            I think it would be interesting to see how our “tolerant,” “open minded,” “inclusive” society would react to a group of kids who formed an exclusive club that met to

            1) discuss Alt-Right topics.

            2) Clean up rubbish and plant trees and white roses bushes.

            Does Richard Spencer read the comments? Would he mention this on his podcast?

            Would he plant a White rose bush and white solar light during the Unite the Right weekend somewhere in Charlottesville during the unite the right weekend? He and a group of cohorts can plant a rose bush in Charollesville. There should be some sort of benediction and slight veneration to the higher archetypes. Someone like Sam Hyde would be ideal in contributing to the visual aesthetics of the event.

            Lets watch this “tolerant” community of SJWs in Charlottesville act like ISIS because some white people wanted to plant a white rose bush near the Monument of Lee. Cities normally like when citizens contribute, there’s no reason the city should oppose this.

            If Richard Spencer doesn’t have time maybe he could delegate the task to someone less busy. Or someone reading this can do it out of their own initiative. Find places around Charolltesville and plant white rose bushes. Even if it’s in the woods somewhere. You, and anyone that takes part in the planting will have a symbolic spot that you collectively share forever. You can go back there in 10 years and check up on the plant. If it died or got ripped out then plant another. If it survived then “praise the gods.”

      • Thank you Jenny,

        I”ve had 2 positive responses to the clean up and beautification project and they’ve both come from women, or people who use female internet profiles. I can see this project appealing to women because women appreciate the romantic more than men. This is why women dream of planning their weddings. They can think about what everything symbolizes. They tend to be more “romantic” in that they appreciate a first kiss under a giant full moon, perhaps next to the white rose bush that she and the man she’s kissing planted earlier that day.

        This brings up the topic of white Sharia. I was waiting for RS to address this issue and his answer was right on. This increased his leadership legitimacy in my opinion. Referring to women in general as “THOTs” (That Hoe Over There) alienates 50% of the white population that are 100% necessary for a fruitful future.

        I appreciate the humor and prose of much of Anglin’s writing but he admits that he hates women. If you truly hate the opposite sex then you probably shouldn’t be the architect of the doctrine regarding relations between the sexes. If you’re a single man and truly believe that White Sharia is the way forward, maybe you should take some time to reflect on why you feel the way you do. I think Jordan Peterson’s advice would apply well to the women hating, bitter types and that’s to “clean your room.” Before you go proposing a drastic social solution you better have your life in order. If you can’t enter into a meaningful relationship with a women, then this is your fault.

        I also appreciate Anglin’s targeting of White single men. This is a demographic with a lot of time and energy. Through much of European history single men could join religious orders and contribute to the community. Perhaps what we need today is an organization for single men to channel their energies into. They could do pro-White activism, lectures at schools, clean ups, tree and rose planning, serve the White poor in squatter camps in S. Africa. Like a White Franciscan order.

        That’s it. My counter meme to “White Sharia” is “White Franciscans.”

        • “White Franciscans.”

          An organizational outlet for lower beta males, omega males, autists, MGTOW, bitterly divorced older men, reformed womanizers, and any other men who can’t handle a monogamous relationship with a woman. This means probably homos as well. The Catholic Church has a higher than average number of homos in their ranks.

          Since these guys are scared of commitment, the vows are just one year at a time.

          They would be a presence on the streets in places like Rotterham England. If a report comes down that thousands of girls are being raped, and “groomed” for prostitution by Muslims in some white working class neighborhood in England, the Brothers Minor of Whiteness will be there to witness, document, and bring aid to the white victims and their families.

        • I think “white Franciscans” is pretty brilliant. We need more people doing positive IRL pro-white things. You are right. One-off weekend actions, shjt-posting and LARPing about abusing women prob won’t do as much as cleaning house and making eugenic lifestyle choices.

          I like Andrew Anglin’s writing but I guarantee if he has a girlfriend he has a very different IRL persona. I think he’s just trying to encourage young men to be less sensitive and develop leadership skills. Maybe I’m wrong.

          • Anglin has grown on me over time. He’s trying to tap into the angry single man demographic. This is a good idea, but I don’t think focusing on hating women is the right direction for them. Some men cannot be in relationships, but this isn’t the fault of women. These men are angry and evolutionary forces are at work contributing to this anger. Humans evolved to want to reproduce, not being able to will make you frustrated.

            These men need to be organized into something focused on street activism. They need to be willing to put themselves in the most dangerous of places because they don’t have families and may have to no prospects for having families. They need to be willing to bleed, get jailed, and die for the survival and amelioration of White humans.

            Thus, my idea of White Franciscans. An order of men dedicated to our struggle FULL TIME, with vows of poverty, celibacy, and obedience. However, if they meet a woman and want to start a family with her they will be released from their vows to do so. In fact, the White Franciscans can be a place for men who need a break from women.

            I should be clear that I do support the idea of patriarchy. As has been said “nature abhors a patriarchy vacuum (see Western Europe). But I can’t support “White Sharia” if that means making women be escorted in public at all times by men, forcing women to wear body sized bags with slits for the eyes, beating women, and throwing homos off buildings.

  • 10:00
    “I’ve always looked extremely sceptical at people who just LARP like we’re living in the 1920’s or 30’s and want to dress up in brown shirts or black shirts or what have you.”
    … 1 minute later…
    “To a degree, we are living in a very similar problem to the 1930’s.”

    You’re living in fucking Weimerica and pouting about the prospect of Weimerican solutions to Weimerican problems. I’m so sick of this bullshit, these back-handed limp-wristed fags and Jew-coddlers shitting on ideological foundations that we are going to have to rely upon if there’s to be any hope of recovery from the abyss we’re gradually sinking into while at the same time aping them as hard as they fucking can in an attempt to be relevant in the maelstrom of junk data we’re bombarded with on a daily basis.

    Protip: If you can’t take back Hitler from the kikelites, you’ll never take back Europe/the US from their grasp.

    • And here’s a protip for you: As Jonathan Bowden famously pointed out, the Left advanced by “stepping around” Stalin, and the Alt-Right can do the same by “stepping around” Hitler. Sometimes it makes more sense to take a detour around an obstacle than to attempt to travel in a straight line.

      Once the Alt-Right has achieved cultural hegemony, then the historians can debate Hitler all they want.

    • How clueless are the people pushing this? Before I started the video I looked at the still photo of the two little kids and immediately saw that the kid on the right was a little boy LARPing as a girl. I would bet that at least 90% of the people looking at the photo would have done the same thing.
      How oblivious does anyone have to be to still think sex isn’t real, when you can look at three year old, barely formed humans, dressed and groomed the same way, and immediately pick out what sex they are?
      I have been an adult since the 60’s and one thing I have noticed is the slow but steady decline in the raw cognitive abilities of people on the left. I remember when there were still smart leftists.

      • Leftist do not have the evolutionary pressure of the cultural hegemony to keep them on their sherpest. Seems a selfgratifying intellectual laziness has set in, and attracted the gulpable herd-humans, who want to feel part as the mainstream, rather than the true radicals they ones needed to be. But I think most people watching this, no matter how indoctrinated, will have their disgust reaction triggered when the “parent” opens the door. That person is not only scary looking but truly mentally ill. Not fit for children.

  • Why do I keep coming back to read this website when most of the articles read like high school personal diaries? And for that matter why all the immature articles about tweenie millenials, tattoos, internet feuds between bloggers no one has heard of (nor cares about) and personal twaffle?

    • I only come here because the amount of content of even-vaguely-acceptable quality is so incredibly limited. The articles are invariably meh, as is most of the media – but, hey, its sort of kind of better than the pure degeneracy one encounters almost-everywhere.

      I mean, if you have to choose between the winner of the Special Olympics and the runner up, probably going to lean toward the runner-up – even if he’s also retarded, at least he’s slightly less retarded.
      Don’t forget to donate and support our FUCKING BASED Nationalist Jew allies-to-be (who suffered so much in the HALL O’ COSTS).

    • Because it’s too late to do anything about, the finance industry has the system rigged so that women have to work otherwise no one can afford housing or breeding. No one except the rich can afford to have stay at home wives anymore = meaning only men with an income of $150,000+ per year will ever get laid without feminism.

    • I dunno about other places, but as for this site, why don’t they attack feminism?

      Because 1) they still think they can appeal to the twats who find it appealing, and 2) because attacking feminism has been done to death at this point and only attracts the worst sort of migtau evolutionary dead-ends; would be my guess.

    • Why do some commenters make bogus criticisms of that reveal their total unfamiliarity with the site?

  • I got banned from the discord channel for calling someone a retard. That’s rich coming from mods who wasted everyone’s time asking Richard if he wanted to fuck Hitler or Alex Jones…


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