Why You Shouldn’t Get Tattoos, Especially If You’re A Woman

This video was inspired by the article Thots on Parade: White Women Really Need a Reality Check. Since I am someone with tattoos, and in my early twenties I was engaged in a career as a tattoo artist, I decided to provide a more detailed perspective on the matter and delve into the psychological reasons men and women get tattoos, as well as a little background information about the tattoo industry and what bothered me about it.

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.


  • If you want tattoos, women, then power to you. If you don’t want tattoos, then also power to you. Be yourself.

  • Wow , I love this girl , has tattoos up and down her arm.
    We’re are engage, and she said wants more , I wished she wouldn’t, but love her so much to come out an say no.
    I am lost here I have no tattoos.

  • Except for getting military or biker club tattoos, is getting a tattoo anything more than a subconscious attempt to lose whiteness and become a Negro?

  • Any woman who can make a video admitting she might have been wrong about anything should be courted and then give all your resources.

  • A woman who embraces her femininity likes her own natural White skin. She feels confident about herself and has no desire to tattoo herself like a convict.

  • What Does the Bible Say About Tattoos?

    The Bible’s answer

    The Bible mentions tattoos just once, at Leviticus 19:28, which says: “You must not put tattoo marking upon yourselves.” God gave this command to the nation of Israel, thus setting them apart from the neighboring peoples who marked their skin with the names or symbols of their gods. (Deuteronomy 14:2) While the Law given to Israel is not binding on Christians, the principle underpinning this law is worth serious consideration.

    • Should a Christian get a tattoo or body art?

      The following Bible verses can help you to reason on the matter:

      “Women should adorn themselves with . . . modesty.” (1 Timothy 2:9, New American Bible) That principle applies to both women and men. We should respect the feelings of others and not draw undue attention to ourselves.
      Some want to establish their identity or independence, while others get a tattoo in order to assert ownership of their body. However, the Bible encourages Christians: “Present your bodies a sacrifice living, holy, acceptable to God, a sacred service with your power of reason.” (Romans 12:1) Use your “power of reason” to analyze why you want a tattoo. If it is because you want to follow a fad or to show membership in a certain group, remember that your feelings may prove to be less permanent than the tattoo. Examining your motives can help you to make a wise decision.—Proverbs 4:7.

      “The plans of the diligent one surely make for advantage, but everyone that is hasty surely heads for want.” (Proverbs 21:5) The decision to get a tattoo is often made in haste, yet it can have a long-term impact on relationships and employment. And tattoos can be costly and painful to remove. Research—as well as the booming business of tattoo removal—shows that a large number of those who get tattoos eventually wish that they hadn’t.

      • The fairy tale “Rumpelstiltskin” contains guidance about the Jews. Fairy tales and myths are our own inner wisdom projected outward. Religion, too, is a karmic projection. If all your projections are silly it’s because you’re silly.

        Even the more boring or silly fairy tales, never mind myths, contain greater richness and breadth than a puny atheist mind.

  • Tats can be an expression of stable pride or an expression of provocation from an instable soul hurt by being separated from warming togetherness. Then it says ‘daddy I don’t need your love anyway, I am able to de-value my god given body on my own, I do not need you for this.’

  • I disagree. I see nothing wrong with tattoos. Vikings had tattoos. This is not simply a modern phenomena. I am not saying everyone should have them, but if you do, I see nothing wrong with that.

    And to those on AltRight dot com talking about Abrahamic religions – can someone explain to me how you reconcile A JEWISH God/Messiah – I am seriously interested in understanding this.

  • I don’t normally like tats on a girl but Melissa is cute, so I would make an exception for her!

  • This is completely stupid, I have tons of German Pride tattoos and Christian tattoos, don’t be a pussy. So many guys in the Military too have them, dumb article. Big difference between Men tattoos and Wussy tattoos.

    • You bring up another point. Males getting the graffiti are trying to acquire some kind of male initiation, via pain. Most of these guys would never risk the real pain and risk of, say, standing in a crowd — even of their own people–and calling out “Stop White Genocide!.” The initiation they acquire is not based on real risk or sacrifice. It’s fashionable It’s walking into a shop and paying some goomba to deface him. Sad.

  • The future ethnostate will be built like that ‘Attack on Titan’ country.
    People without tattoos, the Pure-Skins, get to live inside the center wall.
    Inkies have to live inside the outer wall.

  • Personally, I like the a woman’s natural skin. I don’t think tattoos add to a woman’s attractiveness.

  • Meh, I love tatts. If they are classy or artistic, and are on women, I love em. Oh well. Can’t all be in agreement on things all the time.

    • They disgust me on women, and I find them pointless and a waste of money on men, but you are right… We will never all be in agreement.

  • I also think there’s a community aspect to tattoo culture. People like icebreakers – it’s something to talk about with other atomized individuals in this society, sorta like sports teams. Maybe I should get le happy merchant prominently displayed….

    • I have already observed that in employment situations tattooed women buddy up with others having tatts. I have observed that tattooed/pierced female hiring managers tend to prefer hiring other women having tattoos/piercings, until the whole staff is like that. I can see many of these resenting untattooed women — who are more beautiful without these mars and whose bodies end up having a relative luminosity. As the significance of an untattooed and tattooed state starts to clarify in minds (I already view untattooed women as displaying relative incorruptibility, roots orientation, resistance to media) — you are going to see two factions form: Women with tattoos and those without. I can see scenes some day in which tattooed women force unmarked women to get tattoos. Perhaps to get them “off their high horse” etc.

  • No straight women would be tattooed if they realized how many men find it a complete turnoff. Thus, it’s up to us to tell young women how disgusting they are.

  • I knew a young woman who applied for a waitressing job at a very high-priced, exclusive restaurant owned by a Russian in Beverly Hills (typical customers: Oliver Stone, Arnold Schwartzeneger, many movie stars…) At that time the blotches were showing up all over the L.A. area. She stood out as untatooed. She evoked untouched womanhood. Naturalness. Europe. The Old Country. She had zero experience in waitressing or restaurant work. But she was hired. I believe it was because she had no tattoos.

  • I work with an 18 year guy with a slipknot tattoo on his forearm. He’s not going to like slipknot in 10 years, let alone want to have a tattoo of them. So happy I hated tattoos even when blue pilled. They are retarded. Especially when it’s someone else’s intellectual property. A cringe band no less.

    Tattoos are exceptable if you earned it. Like the military or something.

  • It’s not your body shut the fuck up and stop telling people what to do with THEIR bodies. (Yes that includes you idiotic right violating pro lifers)

      • It’s still not your body. Each individual has the right to do whatever the fuck they want with their body as ling as they aren’t harming anyone else or infringing on anyone’s’ rights. Funny thing is, that’s exactly what you’re doing to them.

        • You can say the same shallow “rights” rubbish about heroin addicts damaging their bodies in your town and neighborhood. If what people do to their bodies damages my surrounding culture, or my community’s cohesiveness, or puts my people on a destructive path — all these are a concern for any thinking man.

          • Clean up your mouth.

            Only someone with a lobotomy can say “what my fellows around me do with their bodies is no concern of mine.” It implies a real disconnect, living in your own little world.

            People are banned from clubs even for having the wrong shirt. If your fellows around you put green mud all over themselves, head to foot, with moss-colored bodies up and down the avenue — would you feel your life had been improved or degraded? If they all painted “insane clown” faces on their faces, would not feel that your world had been downgraded or made hellish? My mother cared about how her children looked. Why would not sages and citizens.

            You are an idiot.

          • From a tattoo? Seriously?
            How likely is that?
            Not very if you go to a professional or even semi decent tattooist who uses clean needles everytime.

          • No. You can’t. Because it’s beyond fucking ignorant to claim getting a tattoo and doing heroine is effecting you the same way as well as the community and that’s your excuse to ignore others rights if you don’t where with what they do to their own bodies. It’s a load of horse shoe.

          • Doing a “heroine” ain’t gonna happen for you, buddy. Heroines have too much class to associate with you.

            Now you can do heroin if you like …

        • If you want to look disgusting, do it. I don’t care. I am also able to voice my opinion. I am not going to tell anyone they can’t have tatts, I am just going to laugh at them..

      • Again if you’re a dumbass about it. It’s actually pretty hard to get it from getting a tattoo though

        • See, this is when you stop arguing with someone. TransPride is too stupid to understand basic biology or he/she is arguing a point he/she herself doesn’t really believe. Either way, you may summarily dismiss this person as beneath you.

    • Pro lifers aren’t telling you what to do with your body. They are telling you what to do with the life you created inside of you.

      • Haha.
        There’s something about topics related to personal choices (tattoos, eating habits, dating preferences) that really gets people talking.
        I welcome it all the insightful and crazy comments.

  • A tattoo on a woman is a mark put on her by another man.

    And that’s the thought, when I see them, even if a female did the graffiti.

    He’s claimed her as her turf. (And alter her possibilities in life.) He is like a demi-god to her, altering her very body. He got to do something even her own father was not allowed to do. In a sense he forever belongs to that man, whoever he was. Joe with a bone through his nose or whoever. To make even a little more right she should be obligated to recite the life story of her demigod, Joe, at least annually.

    I think that there is a primal desire in the female to have “a male alter her body” because this is what happens in pregnancy. I believe at the root of the insane body-marking craze lies the fact that few women are getting pregnant nowadays. The tattoo “artist” (body defacer) stands in to fulfill this primal urge of the female. It’s horrible. A tattooed woman brings down my mood; is like visual pollution. Almost ruins my day.

    • And if the tattoo as placed there by another woman, your whole ridiculous signal falls apart.

      • Read the post. As I stated, I have the same reaction to all of them and the majority of body defacers are male. It’s likely most women prefer a male tattoo artist, further supporting the theory. If a woman marked up a woman I wanted, I’d hate her as much as the male who did it, and she’d be just as blemished. Like a peach with bruises or a car with dents.

      • If If If…the poster makes a good point. Another Human got to mark your soulmate.

  • This video is freaking degenerate that thot is a tattoo apologist. “Artists” my freaking arse. Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt were artists, not a gosh darn pot smoker who defiles the skin of another human being, screw that. Go and get an “Artistic creation” by one of those polynesian “artists” who mutilate themselves with tattoos for tribal reasons. Are we retarded, are we in the year 100? or are we men of the west who want to preserve tradition? TATTOOS ARE DEGENERATE. No respectable man of the west tattooed himself until cultural marxism made it mainstream. Do not engage in useless historic revisionism just to justify youth mistakes. If you have them and they cannot be erased, fine no problem. But don’t advocate or become an apologist for degeneracy because of your youthful lack of hindsight. Is the tattoos or the movement can’t embrace both. If not there’s a good place in the Alt-lite for you.

      • So what? Those tribes don’t exist anymore. The only “tribes” who get tattoos to signal tribal affiliations are Samoans and non-white street gangs.

      • Brother it was a little bit different back then If you get my point. They hardly covered their bodies with Yin and Yang signs, Carpe Diem or retarded dragons and rainbow unicorns.

      • I own scores of books on the ancient Germans and Celts, and the evidence that tattooing was widespread among them is nearly non-existent. Tacitus in his Germania presents a detailed account of Germanic customs and dress but does not mention tattooing. Only one group, the Harii, are said to “dye” their skin black, but this appears to be a form of camouflage for night fighting. On the Celtic side the Britons and Picts may have practiced tattooing, but also may have only used war paint. The evidence is fragmentary at best. I’ve come across a number of blogs, etc, that make the claim that the Western barbarians practiced tattooing, but the evidence they present are all from nomadic Skythians from the steppe. These people were Indo-European, but neither Celtic nor Germanic so whatever they were doing is not evidence for the same behavior among the Teutons and Gauls. The ancient Germans seem to be a rather austere race. Even jewelry was limited in use by men, but much more elaborate for women.

      • So White folk are not supposed to make any moral or spiritual progress in all those centuries? Our last 20 grandmothers didn’t tattoo themselves. Were they stupid?

      • Are we in the year 800 you moron? Christianity happened, the Renaissance happened European Nation-States happened the fact we’ve deviated from the right path since the french revolution but specially after WWII doesn’t mean we’re gonna go back to the bronze age what kind of crap is that? Are you butthurt because you were/are a moron who defiled his skin with crap, and risked his life exposing yourself to the likelihood of getting AIDS? Go somewhere else get out of our movement. Or assume your errors move forward and denounce degeneracy.

      • Tattoo as we know it today came from sailors returning from a stint in the South Pacific. It’s quite a recent “tradition”. Frankly it is savagery.

    • Those are some of the nicest tattoos I’ve ever seen on her, there is a legitimate difference in quality (even at that she’d look way better without). If only talented people would find another medium, but we generally no longer support real art these days so I guess they turned to a venue that provides an outlet. In another age they might have been fine artists with a patron.

  • Or like acid on a Michelangelo painting. Or the fingerprints of some walking dick etched in stone on a woman’s skin. Tattoos = selfishness, low impulse control, high-time preference, vanity, attention-seeking.
    I like them because it makes it easier to know who to avoid, whores and posers alike.

  • Unless this twit is a psychiatrist she’s just blowing smoke. Women get tattoos for a thousand different reasons. Some as simple as they find a design they think is pretty. Adornment like makeup or jewelry or clothing. Some to represent a significant event or person. At the age of 65 I got a small tattoo, not readily visible when I am in street clothes, that is significant and personal to me. I think it is not something to be done lightly, but when done is really nobody else’s business.

    • “Some as simple as they find a design they think is pretty.”

      Their grandmothers thought a great many things were pretty. But they didn’t mark or mar their bodies. It was a line that wasn’t crossed. Something is very different about women who cross that line, both in the short or the long view. And it’s not they uniquely once saw something pretty.

  • Just never like them, but whatevs, to each their own.. good luck talking people out of them…. good video.

  • Ah, much better. Some tats are unavoidable of course. For example when you stab yourself accidentally with a pen or pencil.

  • Melissa
    Does a tattoo cover up any early signs the skin shows of health problems?
    Usually early signs of skin Cancer begin with some discoloration. We can catch Skin Cancer early if we keep watch of these signs on the skin and if they change. But if Tattoos drastically change the our skin how can we know if we have skin cancer? (outside of going to the Doctor)
    How about other diseases that the skin usually gives signals? wouldn’t the natural process of skin to let us know be altered by tattoos?

    PS: I have avoided tattoos mainly for this reason. I believe the skin which is the largest organ of our body does so many things including signals of health and illness.

    • Skin Cancer causes a raised bump with purple-red coloring, often bleeding. Tattoos don’t hide Melanoma. That is silly. I’d personally tattoo a dick on your forehead if I had the chance.

      • Too bad being a complete fucking idiot wasn’t a paying job because you would one of the richest men in the world by far if so, Dave. You’re such a worthless clown. I’m really jealous of people that don’t know you.

      • Only in the later stages. Early signs of skin cancer appear as a painless blotch.
        I had a friend who traveled a lot. He got a tiny blotch on his ear and dismissed it. Not long after that he had skin cancer which metastasized and spread into his body. He died from that.

    • Your comment broaches the fact that the mind recognizes a pattern language. Blotches, marks, discolorations of the skin — all speak to the brain of disease, wounds, something amiss. Sometimes walking down the street I might see a woman with a random blotch on her arm and my mind thinks “My Lord, what happened to her?” My mind thinks at first that it’s a big bruise. Or you have these women who tattoo their necks (creeping now onto the face as was predictable), and they appear to be missing necks. Or missing part of their arm. Then you get closer and realize what the problem is. Tattoo artists are a kind of criminal, really, for what they do to these gullible women.

  • This woman is condescending, not enlightening. She is no psychologist or academic, despite the books adorning the shelf behind her. She gives unsolicited advise, which isn’t as informed as she thinks. Tattoos are, according to research, more likely to be correlated with anxiety and neurosis; not the psychobabble she expresses. Her hypocrisy is stunning.

    Get a tattoo to celebrate your heritage, not some stupid skull, heart, name in cursive; or as mentioned elsewhere Samoan (non-white) tribal tattoos or mysterious Chinese characters (which may mean ‘Sweet and Sour Chicken’. If your Asian, get cool ancient Asian symbols. I’ve seen some black men with scarification reminiscent of their African anscestors (which is illegal in the US, btw).

    Northern European pre-Christian men did get tattoos to mark themselves after battle, to identify with their kin, tell stories of their exploits, status as a warrior or hero, or for symbols they thought brought them good luck in battle or barter. There is no shame in following this tradition, only prudish nonsense that reeks of Abrahamic divine command (yes, tattooing is forbidden in the Old Testament and the Koran).

    This bitch telling people to go to church or confession instead of getting inked is ridiculous, but I’m not surprised it’s posted here. This nonsense about not wanting to put ink on your skin is entirely a modernist view and has nothing to do with a pro-white cause.

    • Tattoos that were wholesome in one cultural context could be degenerate in another cultural context.

      Just because I happen to descend from the Picts doesn’t mean it’s particularly wholesome for me to tattoo half my face blue in 2017 America. (I’m aware the history of that particularly group may be somewhat exaggerated, but don’t fight the hypothetical)

      Outside of some fraternal context like a military unit, they just seem like a mildly degenerate form of consumerism / snowflake-ism / body modification, and this could still apply to tattoos from Europe’s past which no longer have the supporting cultural context.

      That said, it’s not really a big deal, although it’s kind of warning sign that causes a bad first impression.

      • Of course not, a facial or neck tattoo typically = no job. Northern Euro culture is rich with symbols worth placing on one’s body, to tell a story of deeds, etc. I’m not advocating someone getting skills and hearts all over their body with full arm sleeves; that is excessive. But certain well-placed cultural symbols can empower. Who cares about other people’s aesthetics or what they think.

        And fuck ‘wholesome’. Since when is the AR a Lifetime special? The obsession with ‘degeneracy’ among the AR is laughable. Most people on the alt-right ARE degenerates in the mainstream’s eyes, but refuse to believe so. To act like tattooing is something ‘gross’ or gives one the cooties is immature and a bitch to rigid ingroup norms.

  • There are going to be many White Men & Women that have tattoos that will soon be redpilled & coming home to their people. We have to accept them & not turn them away. I seriously doubt the people that go tattoo crazy & try to look like demons will ever go far right. We will see the people with tattoos like this woman or the kind of tattoos that were “cool” in the 2000s & before. I have also seen Nat Soc tats on guys. I don’t see a point in turning these people away because, after all, they can have white babies & they can help fight the jew control of the world. The good news is that with the Alt Right this fad will die.

    • No one is turning the Inkies away.
      Just when we get the ethnostate up and running they have to live out on the perimeter and not center city.

  • My daughter loves tatoos but question. Is the tattoo issue going to help solve the JQ? It’s obviously a personal choice issue and no one else’s business cept your owners

    • You have the worst website on the Internet by the way, and you write like a creepy pedophile. We get it, you love Hitler. You are so hardcore. Why don’t you try actually reading something rather than listening to MK audiobook all day long, you fucking wack job?

      • ok, tell me how I write like a pedophile. That’s a charge I would expect from a Jew or an accomplace. You got a problem with Hitler?

        • I am not a “Jew or an accomplice” as you have written in almost every post of yours that I have ever seen. I just have a problem with stupid people who LARP. The Alt-Right is a movement for all White people and does not tolerate Jews or queers within our membership.

          My “problem” with Hitler is that he mainly only appeals to Germanics but not to a majority of White people for various reasons. I’m pretty sure that you have an issue with Slavs, Southern Europeans, and other Whites that you do not consider “pure.” The Alt-Right is not fixated on the unhinged “White enough” argument. We do have a line for what is White, but it is not at 100% German Aryan DNA.

          • You called me a pedophile, I said Jews and their servants typically hurl that charge at me when I am in the process of exposing them.

            If you call outing ops pretending to be resistance larping, more power to you but I don’ think you really get the depth of the problem.

            You act like I insulted you with a Jew insinuation when you called me a pedophile,. You implied that admiration for the only white man to make a real effort to save the white race from the Jew was somehow a negative. The only reason that could be is you are addicted to humoring Jews and their lies. You kiss their ass so they will let you play

            Let me tell you something that none of you get. Without exposing the Jews and all their lies you end up lying for them at that’s an auto loss. The problem is except for Hitler’s 1930’s masterpiece in Germany, the goy have been losing to Jews for 500 years with that strategy.

            My effort is to tell you to quit moving deck chairs in place of finding the leak

            You are braced up by all your brothers living out some fantasy that supporting Jew loving Trump will lead to good things for your race. All your leadership was part of that psyop, WNs across the board.

            Talk about 1984 Newspeak!

            In effect, you are a mason, you agree to lie for Jews to enter the room
            So no, you insulted me and I insulted you back. I don’ start bad behavior but am capable of finishing it

    • I will include a section in every video and every article I do from now on about Jews.
      Just for you.

  • Not a fan of tattoos, mainly because the idea of seeing an armsleeve one on an elderly man or woman is just… blegh. Why would anyone want that? Think ahead!

  • Isn’t ‘bodyart’ and various tribal markings a big part of ancient European cultures? You’d think the AltRight would be in favour of it.

    • Its a ‘phase’ young people seem to go thru.. culture drives this… nothing else.. and peer pressure.

      • It’s more than a modern cultural trend.
        But liberalism certainly allowed tattooing to become mainstream and accepted, even “trendy” in some circles.

    • It is Jarod. Our Nordic and Germanic ancestors used tattooing to distinguish the great warriors and those who had great deeds. But the AR in this section of cyber space are terribly prudish and conservative about aesthetics.

      • Our Nordic and Germanic ancestors sacrificed people in Uppsala Sweden. Just because they did something doesn’t mean we should do it.

        Whites who tattoo themselves today are not doing so to signal tribal affiliation. They are signalling the ephemeral significance of their life.

  • Honestly……

    This Alt-Right Chicks Tatts aren’t that Bad……..Overall…….

    The Coloring is Interesting……

    And she seems to have a Nice Balanced Personality which overwhelms the Chaotic Asymmetry of her Tattoos…..

    I’ve seen a LOT worse……

  • I’d watch the video, but the woman has tattoos. LOLOLOLZ! On the bright side, this is what turned me off porn. The women are unwatchable because of this. I don’t see it as ornamentation. I see it as a way to say “eff you” to men by purposely marring the female form. It’s a real problem when men have to tune into reruns of “Love Boat” and other oldies TV shows because women today are so repulsive.

  • Never been a fan of tatts. Don’t have one, never will. Can’t be bothered watching the youtube.

    Does she mention the number one reason not to get tatts if you’re a female: that guys will think you’re a slut?

  • Instead of getting tattoos, why don’t people just get a bullhorn and scream “Look at me… look at me…”

      • How did you come to the conclusion I don’t like people looking at me from my post?!?

        Is English not your first language?

          • Where are the mods? This guy is a complete tard, making irrelevant and ungrammatical comments.

          • “Instead of getting tattoos, why don’t people just get a bullhorn and scream “Look at me… look at me…””


            ….and Ungrammatical……

            Where’s the Question Mark, Tard??……


          • Lol. You should get your gaydar checked. You’re obviously triggered. Must be that tattoo you got on your ass of a beagle chasing a rabbit down a hole.

  • If you ask people why they got their tattoos, they almost always say they got them to symbolize some important event in their lives.

    This tells me that tattoos are not just a fad, but a philosophical statement. What they’re really saying is that they don’t believe in God and an afterlife.

    The body withers and dies, and so will the tattoos. They’re saying that the events the tattoos symbolize don’t have a permanent significance.

    The tattoo fad could only happen in a society that doesn’t believe in God.

    • If you ask people why they got their tattoos, they almost always say they got them to symbolize some important event in their lives.

      I can only lol at these ditzes trying to explain why such and such tattoo is so “meaningful” to them. Yeah wow, I’m so impressed. Get a life, ya dumb bitch.

      • A couple of weeks ago, I was in a restaurant seated near the bar, close enough to be unable to ignore the young bartender telling the aging no-longer-MILF barfly the personal significance of his still-in-work tattoo. I felt like telling the guy “Do you know how stupid you sound? Nobody gives a f**k about your idiotic artificial blemish.”

        • Trying to be conversational, I’ve made the mistake of asking people about their tattoos before and immediately felt like a fool – as if I could possibly give a fuck about their answer.

      • Saying “Ha!!” in every comment (not to mention the extra punctuation marks and all cap letters) makes you look like a retard.

    • What empirical scientific evidence is there for a Deity?


      As Science explains more and more your Deity grows smaller and smaller and more Cartoonish…..

      Either Absolute Reality is Infinite or you can violate Occams Razor by anthropomorphisizing this Reality to calm your fears and bring you inner peace and strength…

      ….while simultaneously creating countless logical fallacies and inherent contradictions….

      …that someone will then critique you on thereby spoiling your Pseudo Inner Tranquility…..

      Or you could just avoid creating Fairy Tales to deal with the Perplexing, Vexing, Painful, and Confoundingly Insane Confusion of Human Existence…..

      • I’m happy for people to believe whatever fairytales they want.

        This universe popped out of nowhere, with beautifully framed physical laws that are balanced in such a mathematically unlikely way. The simple fact that matter was able to form is incredible. And that matter somehow started reproducing itself and became life. Even Richard Dawkins admits it looks as if it was designed. And something as astonishingly complex as the human brain arose by pure random interactions, giving the impression of design. And then consciousness came along – completely superfluous to evolutionary requirements. All by chance. And then concepts such as beauty, love, kindness and evil. All from nothing – all unguided.

        If people want to believe that fairytale then I admire them. I always admire people of faith.

        • As if there is any other Universe you know of to compare it to…

          Beautiful and finely tuned are anthropomorphic projections onto Reality once again…..

          Fairy Tale?

          Whose Description of Reality is Waxing and Waning??

          Yours is definitely NOT the Former…..

          And why are you in the Alt-Right if everything about Reality is so Beautiful and Finely Tuned by some Loving and Kind Deity??


          • That’s right. Chuck in multiple universes to get past the outrageous improbability of this one. No proof = another act of faith. You do love your fairytales, don’t you?

        • “This universe popped out of nowhere”…..


          Not according to the Ekpyrotic Model……….

          “with beautifully framed physical laws”

          What does that even mean in Reality??


          The Mathematics are what they are…….

          Humans tend to be Quite Narcissistic………

          The Anthropic Principle also apples to Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, and Mosquitoes….


          “are balanced in such a mathematically unlikely way.”

          What Universe are you Contrasting this with??

          And what the F are you even talking about in the First Place??

          How was that Beautiful Mathematical Physical Theorem set into Motion over Nagasaki and Hiroshima??……



  • I’m just really disappointed she has tats. I liked this chick. She was cuter before she got skinny

  • Yep, Breitbart and InfoWars had articles on the lowering of men’s sperm counts. I’m old school, so tatts and pusssy hatters are a big contributor to that, not to mention chemicals, lousy foods, some unknown experimentation, and other anti-men things going on…

  • Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan coined the term “Defining Deviancy Downward.”

    Attitudes and behavior that were unacceptable even 50 years ago become acceptable.

    Attitudes and behavior that were unknown 50 years ago grow in number.

    A friend of mine in her 70s said that when she was a girl (1950s), a girl wouldn’t date a man with a tattoo.

    Tattoos are disgusting. If she wants a pretty design (to her) on her arms, go to a tshirt shop and commission the creation of a long-sleeved shirt with pretty designs on the arms.

  • Tattoos are stupid. Nothing worse than some bro in a lifted truck with a Tapout shirt and Samoan tribal tattoos.

    • I’m so happy that those stupid “tribal” tattoos seem to have gone out of fashion. I can’t wait until these ridiculous “sleeves” – which are much harder to hide – go out of fashion too.

        • Well of course you’re going to see them, since tatts can’t easily be scrubbed. But I can’t recall anyone showing me a new tatt they got (or that they wanna get) that’s been a tribal for years now.

      • What about those stupid sayings? The lettering that women get under their arms on the side of their chests.

        • I’ve overheard guys ask some of them what their tattoos said. I’ve heard them read out the most inane things! It just makes an already dumb idea even dumber.

    • On the contrary, tattoos that celebrate your culture can be tasteful. I’m 85% Scandi and Runes and bindrunes are on my body.

    • I said the same thing to someone and they thought I was insane. But I contend that the media (specifically MTV) pushed tattoos to 1). Purposely get white people to ruin their skin, which is envied worldwide and 2). As a feminist “eff you” to men, since THE great joy is the unadorned female form, which we don’t get to see anymore.

      • “…since THE great joy is the unadorned female form, which we don’t get to see anymore.”


        You want to see unadorned females 24/7??

        Go to Africa, South American Rain Forest Regions, or Polynesia……

        You’ll also find females who’ve never worn Bras their entire lives……

        There is No Great Joy in seeing that……


          • Uhm, though it is true that wearing a bra diminishes the elasticity of the breasts.

            Hence why my consorts are always forbidden to wear bras.

      • No God doesn’t. But he allows it. God’s game, God’s rules. Take it up with him when you meet him. See how far that line of questioning gets you. The conversation won’t be about what God has done, it will be about what you have done.

        • Ha!!

          Don’t ever talk about IQ levels again….

          Maybe Anti-Psychotic Meds might help you stop thinking that Voices in your Tiny Hominid Skull are those of some Unknown Infinite Deity….

          • Interesting. You do realise that those of Christian faith are much less likely to have mental health issues with lower usage of antidepressants, than those cranky old atheists.

            I’m unsure why you are so aggressively atheist. Maybe daddy issues morphing into heavenly father issues?


      “In a short time I was made more thoughtful than ever by my slowly rising insight into the type of activity carried on by the Jews in certain fields. Was there any form of filth or profligacy, particularly in cultural life, without at least one Jew involved in it?”

      “What had to be reckoned heavily against the Jews in my eyes was when I became acquainted with their activity in the press, art, literature, and the theater. All the unctuous reassurances helped little or nothing It sufficed to look at a billboard, to study the names of the men behind the horrible trash they advertised, to make you hard for a long time to come. This was pestilence, spiritual pestilence, worse than the Black Death of olden times, and the people was being infected with it!”

      Mein Kampf
      Volume 1 Chapter 2

      The Prophet really had these people pegged. No wonder the Jews flip their yids over Hitler.

        • porsche, the name given to the german car brand developed by the Frankfurt school think tank for the elite goyim, shylock’s daughter in Shakespeare’s merchant of Venice

          • Yes brother, and Christianity (Traditional that is) is the only system that encourages and inspires white people to live with dignity and worthiness. We should listen to the old words of wisdom. No matter how many non-whites we will be able to deport in the future, if we do not have dignity, decency and honor then we will go down anyway.

          • Wow, what a deep argument. We should all be like Varg. Running around in the forest in sweatpants and be angry.

          • Do you even know of what I speak?

            Varg is hardly a mystic. He talks about gods but doesn’t truly believe in them. He’s closer to an atheist than anything else as far as I know, I don’t follow that man.

            The problem with the religious people in the alt-right is that they mostly seem to look at Christianity or religion from a cultural perspective. Accuracy – actual truth – doesn’t even come into it.

            Occult science is scientific, based on personal experience and exploration. Exoteric religion is inconsistent ridiculous superstition and blind belief only fit for mentally retarded people.

            Furthermore, Christianity is semitic poison to our people.

          • You yourself haven’t offered anything of substance at all.

            I on the other hand have. A scientific mindset and approach beats blind belief, which is what you believe in. In other words: foolish superstition.

            So continue with your useless one liners if you want to but it only exposes the intellectual poverty of your position. It’s not like Christianity ever had a consistent set of beliefs.

      • Given the above it is a bit disconcerting that the pornography industry in America is orchestrated, promoted and its massively obscene profits enjoyed almost exclusively by Jews.

    • I don’t think they look any better on guys. Even when I seem some tatts that I think look ‘okay,’ I always think the person would look better without them.

      • They do look bad on everyone. They look really bad on black people because you can’t tell what the images are supposed to be.

        • Sadly, yes. Tatts on black skin look like road rash from asphalt, or dirt rubbed in. Really, not worth the bother.

          Healthy unmarked skin on a black is just as sexy as on any other skin tone.

    • Really bad analogy. Any Porsche worth driving will likely have stickers, those of tracks, circuits, events, clubs, etc. It is the sticker-less Porsches and Ferraris that tend to be owned by people who buy them for looks and status rather than driving. Of this I know.

    • Tattoos are a natural result of the rootless consumer culture. Since they aren’t grounded in any true ethnic, religious, family identity, they opt to buy an “identity” and practice conspicuous consumption. Meaningless tattoos are a big part of that.

      • *Not* true. Tatoos go back many thousands of years. Some were to mark acupuncture sites for repeated use (see Otzi for examples). Some were to mark an initiatory experience. I suspect that many were for this purpose, especially the ones that are noted by Ibn Fadlan in his book about the Nordic/Russian traders he came into contact with. Both men and women have had tattoos for thousands of years. There are burials of women who were thought to be either aristocrats or “shamans” with pretty elaborate tattoos that may have been documentation of an other worldly/initiatory experience. You can look those up too.

        That being said today’s tattoos generally don’t mark anything of the sort and most are just ugly.

  • I have never liked tattoos. Never thought them neither pretty or cool. On the contrary I think they are very ugly. And the more, the uglier. There is also another reason for never getting a tattoo, not even the smallest butterfly. All us here are more or less enemies of the state, no matter which state it happens to be. Because they are all controlled by chosenites. Personally I prefer to call myself enema of the state though. Always remember that a tattoo will always make it easier for shomrim to identify you, should you have the misfortune to be wanted by state, for whatever real or imagined crime. For hate speech, anti-semitism, racism, islamophobia or whatever. When they come for me, it’s not a question if, more when, I will at least revel in the fact that I haven’t been branded like cattle.

  • I know quite a few girls with Tatts(my own sister included)…also plenty of SE Asian girls get them too…doesn’t seem too bad to me.

    • My goal is to open a reasoned discussion on this.
      I don’t consider them horrible, either. But I acknowledge that people get them for oftentimes troubled reasons.
      Also, the comment section of my Youtube video is pretty funny. Somehow, a bunch of tatted normies found it and got totally triggered by comments from alt-right viewers. Now they’re arguing like mad. Brilliant.

        • Why are you guys obsessed with talking about the JQ?
          I avoid Discord chat for this reason. Nothing but hours upon hours of repetitive arguing about that topic.

          • You’ve now just outed yourself as irrelevant to 90% of the boys here! That’s ok, I still respect you. Even if you come across as a hypocrite.

      • Do you get guys coming up to you asking to see your tattoos? I’ve pretended to be interested in a girl’s tattoos a few times, but the truth is I’m just trying to get down her pants. (I wonder if girls can see through this.) I think tattoos look disgusting and I feel filthy for even pretending to like them.

    • I know quite a few girls with Tatts(my own sister included)..

      It’s a bit like race-mixing, isn’t it. Once someone you love does it, you feel a lot of pressure to justify it or pretend it’s no biggie, even when deep down you know better.

      • Well….one or two little tatts is no biggie is it?…also I’m quite happy to shag whoever I like regardless of their ‘colour’.

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