White People Must Embrace Their Inner Noble Savage

Ever watch Avatar? What about Dances With Wolves or The Last Samurai?

Let me tell you what those films are really all about: White people running away from Modernism. And no, its not solely a product of Cultural Marxist brainwashing. Europeans have been doing it from the moment that they encountered the non-European world.

This romanticization of the “noble savage” is a theme stemming from the Romantic movement. You see it in James Fenimore Cooper’s books about the American Indians. Ever see the movie, The Last of the Mohicans?

Girls absolutely love it.

And it’s not hard to see why. An adventure in the picturesque wilds filled with old costumes, men competing for their love and an escape from the clutches of stifling society.

They even groove to the same techno beat.

Hawkeye is the main protagonist and he’s a White man from a frontier family who gets raised by noble savages. He is everything that makes women swoon because he is the noble savage that every European girl wants their man to be. Fittingly, at the end of the movie, the stuffy propah gentleman throws himself on the flames to free up the dark-haired beauty’s chances with the wild man.

I knew a girl from a rich Southern family with deep roots in Charleston, South Carolina. Her father was a banker and a very well-paid one at that. She went to one of those small liberal arts colleges in the woods somewhere in the Northeast. She discovered her 1/32 Indian roots there. Soon after, she was volunteering at Navajo reservations and LARPing by her Indian name “Fuck You Daddy”. Last I checked, she was posting on Facebook about how Whites genocided the continent and how they destroyed a culture that loved trees and wore cool feather decorations and had ancient shaman wisdom that the White man destroyed. She went to the Keystone Pipeline protests, natch.

It’s easy to make fun of her and call her a stupid brainwashed lefty because let’s be honest, she is. And let’s hope that she doesn’t end up the same way as these girls who trekked to find a guru in Thailand.

But its also fair to say that White people, more than any other race seem to feel how keenly they have lost something that connects them to the savage world from which their ancestors hailed from. You see this in the hippy phenomenon and in all major subculture fashion trends now. Ever wonder what ear gauges, tribal tattoos, and piercings are really all about? They are tribal markings. Lost White people are adorning themselves with African and Maori tribal decorations to feel part of a tribe again.

And it begs two questions: Why are so many people turned off by the Modern world? And: Why do they choose foreign tribes?

Let’s tackle the second question first because it is the easiest to answer, especially if you have spent some time on the Alt-Right already. There’s a reason that Nordic runes are banned in many countries and that there’s something queasy and quasi-genocidal that White people feel when they take pride in their own ethnic roots. They’ve been taught that Hitler did something similar, so did the Crusaders and the Conquistadors.

So they LARP as Hindus instead. Amazing isn’t it? Yes, the explicitly racial and caste based system of ancient India appeals to Lefties now. This, after being admired by esoteric Right wingers for centuries. How things change.

Of course, they ignore how blood-thirsty and downright disturbing by modern standards the noble savages really were. They prefer the Pocahontas version of running barefoot in the woods, talking to trees and befriending furry critters. They don’t watch movies like Black Robe that depict the customs of the noble savages in a more realistic light.

But there is something more at work here.

There is this association of Whiteness with soulless suburbia, mindless corporatism and existential ennui. The White world’s actions are considered by many as being responsible for bringing about the era of T-shirts, sitcoms and microwaveable meals. They may not be able to articulate this fully, but they associate Whiteness with the destruction of a more ancient and pure way of life, away from the stress of the 8-6 rat race, the Prussian style K-12 school system that they hated growing up and strip malls as far as the eye can see.

Now, they don’t think much about modern medicine or the internet that they use to complain about their ennui, it’s true. But again, nestled somewhere in there, I have to say that I see a point and sympathize…

One of the societies most admired by Right wingers is Japan.

The Last Samurai continues with the same theme as all the other noble savage works. A European comes into contact with a more traditional civilization and finds peace while living amongst them. And there’s a poignant scene where Tom Cruise is asked: “What is it about your own people that you hate so much?”

A lot of non-woke Whites struggle with this question.

In general, Whites have this reverent attitude towards wise men from more savage cultures.

Whether its a witch doctor in the Andes brewing Ahuyesco, a Chinese fortune cookie or a guru sitting cross-legged in Bombay, White people eat it up. And it’s not just Hippies who love this stuff. You don’t have to look much further than Evola to see a Fascist fascinated by the old ways. Or how about Bostoners dressing up as Indians to set off the Revolutionary War? Or how about this Prussian noble in the service of the Russian Tsar?

Take a moment to read about his crazy life. This man was hailed by the Dalai Llama as the next incarnation of the Buddhist god of war.

There are many in the Right that feel this disconnect with the modern world keenly and some take it a step further by becoming neo-pagans or something similar. Others on the Left take the Hippy or Bohemian route.

I went island-hopping once on the British Virgin Islands. There was this little colony set up by the bay on Beef Island. The guy who started it called himself “Aragorn”.

Psh, Aragorn was not a hippy.

And in his little colony were a bunch of White hippies. The girls wore those fat Aladdin-style pants and the guys had those samurai-style man bun haircuts. During my whole trip, I never saw the Black Caribbeaners making handicrafts. And then I found these White people, making art and raising traditional Carribean crops like sugar cane and zucchini. They were trying to preserve the unique culture of the islands. Fascinating isn’t it? Non-Whites don’t do this. They are quite happy hacking away at their own cultures to wear Rolex watches and chase other Western toys. If they weren’t guilt-tripped into hating their own ancestors, imagine what they could be doing back home instead.

There are people on the Alt-Right that don’t understand this deep disenfranchisement that Whites feel with modern culture. They just want to do away with the minorities and Jews and get right back to…what exactly? That 50’s vision of America that so many White people got fed up with? They’re liberals, basically, just stuck in a different era. No, that’s not going to happen. Too many people are disenfranchised with the modern project to just ignore this strain of White sentiment.

White people want to connect to something deeper and more ancient. And we on the Alt-Right have to provide that. It doesn’t have to be neo-paganism, it can be Christianity as well or better yet, a merger of the two.

The Lord of the Rings franchise was perhaps the most successful retelling of European myths all fused into one. Pagan, Christian, and anti-Modern themes were all fused into one to create a deeply moving and implicitly European epic. I remember seeing the Two Towers in theaters, the audience actually yelled out with joy when the Ents destroyed Isengard.

It was fantastically successful. And so is Game of Thrones, the more degenerate and Jewified HBO production that millions of people illegally pirate every Tuesday morning. People LOVE the feudal and ancient world that the show presents.

You want to tap an entirely new market of discontent? Take away the noble savage archetype from the Left. Don’t let the Left bait you into defending trucker hats and oil rigs in national parks. Don’t let them make the Alt-Right about business suits and slaving away at the cubicle. Don’t let them trick you into defending Suburbia or McDonalds.

The Alt-Right must offer a true alternative to the modern world.

Vincent Law
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