White People Must Embrace Their Inner Noble Savage

Ever watch Avatar? What about Dances With Wolves or The Last Samurai?

Let me tell you what those films are really all about: White people running away from Modernism. And no, its not solely a product of Cultural Marxist brainwashing. Europeans have been doing it from the moment that they encountered the non-European world.

This romanticization of the “noble savage” is a theme stemming from the Romantic movement. You see it in James Fenimore Cooper’s books about the American Indians. Ever see the movie, The Last of the Mohicans?

Girls absolutely love it.

And it’s not hard to see why. An adventure in the picturesque wilds filled with old costumes, men competing for their love and an escape from the clutches of stifling society.

They even groove to the same techno beat.

Hawkeye is the main protagonist and he’s a White man from a frontier family who gets raised by noble savages. He is everything that makes women swoon because he is the noble savage that every European girl wants their man to be. Fittingly, at the end of the movie, the stuffy propah gentleman throws himself on the flames to free up the dark-haired beauty’s chances with the wild man.

I knew a girl from a rich Southern family with deep roots in Charleston, South Carolina. Her father was a banker and a very well-paid one at that. She went to one of those small liberal arts colleges in the woods somewhere in the Northeast. She discovered her 1/32 Indian roots there. Soon after, she was volunteering at Navajo reservations and LARPing by her Indian name “Fuck You Daddy”. Last I checked, she was posting on Facebook about how Whites genocided the continent and how they destroyed a culture that loved trees and wore cool feather decorations and had ancient shaman wisdom that the White man destroyed. She went to the Keystone Pipeline protests, natch.

It’s easy to make fun of her and call her a stupid brainwashed lefty because let’s be honest, she is. And let’s hope that she doesn’t end up the same way as these girls who trekked to find a guru in Thailand.

But its also fair to say that White people, more than any other race seem to feel how keenly they have lost something that connects them to the savage world from which their ancestors hailed from. You see this in the hippy phenomenon and in all major subculture fashion trends now. Ever wonder what ear gauges, tribal tattoos, and piercings are really all about? They are tribal markings. Lost White people are adorning themselves with African and Maori tribal decorations to feel part of a tribe again.

And it begs two questions: Why are so many people turned off by the Modern world? And: Why do they choose foreign tribes?

Let’s tackle the second question first because it is the easiest to answer, especially if you have spent some time on the Alt-Right already. There’s a reason that Nordic runes are banned in many countries and that there’s something queasy and quasi-genocidal that White people feel when they take pride in their own ethnic roots. They’ve been taught that Hitler did something similar, so did the Crusaders and the Conquistadors.

So they LARP as Hindus instead. Amazing isn’t it? Yes, the explicitly racial and caste based system of ancient India appeals to Lefties now. This, after being admired by esoteric Right wingers for centuries. How things change.

Of course, they ignore how blood-thirsty and downright disturbing by modern standards the noble savages really were. They prefer the Pocahontas version of running barefoot in the woods, talking to trees and befriending furry critters. They don’t watch movies like Black Robe that depict the customs of the noble savages in a more realistic light.

But there is something more at work here.

There is this association of Whiteness with soulless suburbia, mindless corporatism and existential ennui. The White world’s actions are considered by many as being responsible for bringing about the era of T-shirts, sitcoms and microwaveable meals. They may not be able to articulate this fully, but they associate Whiteness with the destruction of a more ancient and pure way of life, away from the stress of the 8-6 rat race, the Prussian style K-12 school system that they hated growing up and strip malls as far as the eye can see.

Now, they don’t think much about modern medicine or the internet that they use to complain about their ennui, it’s true. But again, nestled somewhere in there, I have to say that I see a point and sympathize…

One of the societies most admired by Right wingers is Japan.

The Last Samurai continues with the same theme as all the other noble savage works. A European comes into contact with a more traditional civilization and finds peace while living amongst them. And there’s a poignant scene where Tom Cruise is asked: “What is it about your own people that you hate so much?”

A lot of non-woke Whites struggle with this question.

In general, Whites have this reverent attitude towards wise men from more savage cultures.

Whether its a witch doctor in the Andes brewing Ahuyesco, a Chinese fortune cookie or a guru sitting cross-legged in Bombay, White people eat it up. And it’s not just Hippies who love this stuff. You don’t have to look much further than Evola to see a Fascist fascinated by the old ways. Or how about Bostoners dressing up as Indians to set off the Revolutionary War? Or how about this Prussian noble in the service of the Russian Tsar?

Take a moment to read about his crazy life. This man was hailed by the Dalai Llama as the next incarnation of the Buddhist god of war.

There are many in the Right that feel this disconnect with the modern world keenly and some take it a step further by becoming neo-pagans or something similar. Others on the Left take the Hippy or Bohemian route.

I went island-hopping once on the British Virgin Islands. There was this little colony set up by the bay on Beef Island. The guy who started it called himself “Aragorn”.

Psh, Aragorn was not a hippy.

And in his little colony were a bunch of White hippies. The girls wore those fat Aladdin-style pants and the guys had those samurai-style man bun haircuts. During my whole trip, I never saw the Black Caribbeaners making handicrafts. And then I found these White people, making art and raising traditional Carribean crops like sugar cane and zucchini. They were trying to preserve the unique culture of the islands. Fascinating isn’t it? Non-Whites don’t do this. They are quite happy hacking away at their own cultures to wear Rolex watches and chase other Western toys. If they weren’t guilt-tripped into hating their own ancestors, imagine what they could be doing back home instead.

There are people on the Alt-Right that don’t understand this deep disenfranchisement that Whites feel with modern culture. They just want to do away with the minorities and Jews and get right back to…what exactly? That 50’s vision of America that so many White people got fed up with? They’re liberals, basically, just stuck in a different era. No, that’s not going to happen. Too many people are disenfranchised with the modern project to just ignore this strain of White sentiment.

White people want to connect to something deeper and more ancient. And we on the Alt-Right have to provide that. It doesn’t have to be neo-paganism, it can be Christianity as well or better yet, a merger of the two.

The Lord of the Rings franchise was perhaps the most successful retelling of European myths all fused into one. Pagan, Christian, and anti-Modern themes were all fused into one to create a deeply moving and implicitly European epic. I remember seeing the Two Towers in theaters, the audience actually yelled out with joy when the Ents destroyed Isengard.

It was fantastically successful. And so is Game of Thrones, the more degenerate and Jewified HBO production that millions of people illegally pirate every Tuesday morning. People LOVE the feudal and ancient world that the show presents.

You want to tap an entirely new market of discontent? Take away the noble savage archetype from the Left. Don’t let the Left bait you into defending trucker hats and oil rigs in national parks. Don’t let them make the Alt-Right about business suits and slaving away at the cubicle. Don’t let them trick you into defending Suburbia or McDonalds.

The Alt-Right must offer a true alternative to the modern world.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • “Ancient men conquered cities & put them to the sword and fire,
    meanwhile you go to WINE BAR with “gf” & enjoy tasteful banter. YOU
    ARE GAY!!”

  • Interesting article. I like the way the author brings up the intoxicating myth of the “Noble Savage” — a myth that has poisoned many weak minds.

    In my opinion, this “Noble Savage Myth” is something that we need to ridicule whenever we get a chance. Why? Because it is nothing but the glorification of everything that is opposed to the Aryan Race Soul.

    The white man sees himself as a unique life form that exists on a higher level than other life forms, which should or should not be allowed to continue to exist — depending on their usefulness to Aryan man. However, the savage sees himself as nothing more than one of many coequal life forms.

    The white man’s way is to conquer nature and to exploit it for his own benefit, but the savage’s way is to “live in harmony” with nature.

    This “Noble Savage” mythology is found in today’s environmental movement, which teaches that man must live “in harmony” with other life forms. How ridiculous! This environmentalist mythology also teaches that the planet is “sacred.” How absurd! In reality, the only reason other life forms have any value at all, is because they can be used by the white man, and the only reason this planet has any value at all is because the white man lives on it.

    Even the ancient Jews were not dimwitted enough to buy into the savage mentality — as evidenced by their recognition, in their ancient books, that God gave man “dominion” over the planet and over all living things. No, even the Jews were nowhere as dimwitted as so-called “Noble Savages.”

    How can one identify these pathetic, brainwashed individuals who need to be reeducated? Look for the more educated ones at meetings held by tree-hugging nature-worshiping green religionists — the Sierra Club, for example. Look for the less educated ones at tattoo parlors, where they seek to identify with non-Aryan culture by getting their lovely white skin desecrated with ridiculous cartoons. Yes, tattooing is a non-Aryan cultural practice that originated among Polynesians (color tattooing) and Negroes (scar tattooing).

  • This right here touches even more deeply the core of the Alt-right. White ethno-nationalism is not its core, although it is very important to the philosophy. The core is the point you raised in this article.

    My own issue stems from my personal hatred towards large mammoth size retail stores with huge eye sore parking lots in front of them – almost looking like some sort of religious experience with the congregation (…of cars) and monument/altar (mammoth retail shop).

  • Probably his best article yet.

    Many of my peers are terrified about entering “the real world.” No, not because we are lazy Millennials, but we truly hate our 9-5 culture. We give up so much time of our lives, and for what? A cookie cutter house? Two kids who will end up probably being degenerate, ungrateful faggots like we used to be? My parents often tell me to “find God” But why? I won’t become a cuck and give all my money to pastors who will waste it on “evangelizing” i.e. throwing the money away by giving it to third world savages.

    If we could become something greater than just an identity-politics group that would make us very important. I hope you were serious about merging traditional Christianity and Paganism. I’d imagine a lot of young men who need something more in their lives would quickly flock to it. We must move beyond politics. Let’s face it with whites dying in America faster than they are being reborn, with the exception of balkanization, we’ll never take control of the political system again.

  • I really hate how I can’t save this to Pinterest. “blocked due to the possibility of sensitive material.” I literally see porn on Pinterest all of the time.

  • Can we be “tribal” without being 3rd world type degenerate? The indians did lose to Whites while battling for land however they were also “birthed” out. Imagine a 14 y/o indian girl that is now on the brink of bearing children. She spots a White man building a home as she sleeps on the ground. She sees women wearing clothes & being protected while she wears God knows what & is always vunerable in the open. Indian women chose White men to have better & that is why we all have a small drop of American indian blood in us here in the U.S.
    So I really have no use to going that far into tribalism. But I really do want Whites to have a deep connection!

      • I agree. That is why I said a “drop”. I was referring to when the author was talking about the girl that found the drop of indian in her dna. ?

    • Go Connect with a White Male……..



      And help ReBuild our Tribe……….

    • Giving up Christianity would be a step in the right direction. Start with the Poetic Eddas, or if you are the WN type McNallen’s ‘Asatru’ book is worth a look…a good intro to ‘white’ spirituality if nothing else. If you want more on Tribalism in a modern culture, read Jack Donovan. If that makes sense or speaks to you, I have other book recs.

  • “I knew a girl from a rich Southern family” – No surprise, as trust-fund kids like yourself mingle with their own. Article sounds like a kid who watched Conan or ‘Vikings’ and suddenly feels as if he’s discovered he has a penis.

    When Tacitus wrote ‘Germania’, it wasn’t to elaborately describe the Germanic tribes as ‘noble’ savages as it was to insult the people of Rome for their elitism and claims to ‘civilization’ in the face of other cultures. Modern whites are always trying to reject modernity, but typically in a leftist/rebellious way…through adopting esoteric cultural meanings and foreignisms (ala Hindu, Rasta, etc, as Law describes).

    Part of the tragedy is that in doing so they deny their own rich cultural heritage of Europe; especially the great white North. Celebrating the Norse, Anglo-Saxon, or pan-Germanic cultures has become tantamount to being seen as a Romantic Nazi instead of being mundane pride in one’s ethnic (or racial) identity. For many, this means embracing Forn Sed, the ways of our ancestors, before they were compromised by monks selling immortality and tales of some far-away Semite and his father, the jealous god of the desert.

    Christianity is FOREIGN to Europe, as much as Judaism and Islam are. It always has been. But this recognition has been lost over time, and to challenge the notion raises the ire of many Abrahamics. Why is good to look to our ‘savage roots’? Why is ‘Becoming a Barbarian’ (Donovan) something so frightening to most modernized whites? We look to the past because they had a culture that was superior to ours.

    To put it simply, our ancient northern Euro ancestors were BETTER than us.

  • Turn your weapons to the capitol. Turn them to snow!
    The white Walkers bring the storm because they are the storm. Winter is coming and it’s already come for House Frey, Shoot out the dome

    support the troops@!

  • I haven’t finished reading your post and so far it mirrors my own and is something we all need to be embracing but I’d like to make this observation.

    Language is very important to tribe and culture. I have noticed as the Alt Right grows and more voices are heard that the language and the written word is being reshaped to signal identity. I suspect this has it’s origins in the need to find unique ways of spelling and making a points so that comments, twitters and facebook post are not easily shut down by AI. It is interesting to see this evolution taking place in a group that values intellect, tradition and culture and I am not sure if this is a good thing or not. Is it a way to signal commonality or uniqueness? Does it make it harder for newcomers to enter?
    In the last few years I have read post that are so verbose they are virtually unreadable and others that seem to almost be another language all together. Could our instinctive drive for individuality again finding ways to keep us apart?
    Just muh thoughts.

    • Trump is a doofus, publically attacking aides like Bannon and Sessions. There’s no 4D chess. Trump is just a petulant moron.

      • Sessions failed in his most important duty, without even trying to perform it.

        That’s bad. On the other hand, if Sessions goes, we should be worried about the lack of immigration hardliners in administration.

        It would be nice if Sessions would step his game up and get into the political fight.

        It’s an unpleasant situation, but I’m not going to “take sides” until there is more information.

        It’s weird to see Chuck Schumer, Ann Coulter and Senate Republicans all on the same side on this issue, and makes you wonder about a guy who is so “beloved” by his ANTI-WHITE TRAITOR colleagues.

        • I don’t get it. Is Sessions supposed to step up his game like John Mitchell did for Nixon? And even if Trump has a point, why not just fire Sessions rather than attacking him on Twitter?

          • Sessions should have either not recused himself or set it up so someone good would replace him when he recused himself, to protect Trump on this Russia stuff.

            Sessions let Trump down and now thanks to (((Rod Rosenstein))) we have a special prosecutor with a yuge amount of power and leeway to attack Trump. What can be done now, I don’t know.

            Why he is going the route of public criticism, I don’t know. We’ll find out soon enough.

  • Q: Why are so many people turned off by the Modern world?

    A: Even though the modern world is unnatural and most white people need a break from it every now and then. Most white most people would rather live mostly in the modern world, while recreationally roughing it on the occasional camping trip. I, myself, like to explore the many miles of bike trails in my area. There is nothing like a 20 mile bike to clear the head. It is weird that in a matter of a couple hours I can go from soullessly wage-cucking at my cubicle located in the middle of a foreigner infested metropolis to searching my soul while peddling away on a re-purposed railroad whose participants reflect the demographics of 1950s America. I am not the first to have noticed that appreciation for nature is near exclusively white. Perhaps this is because the collective genius of whites have allowed them to transcend much of hardships of the natural world, enabling them to enjoy more than endure it.

    Q: Why do they choose foreign tribes?

    A: Because many white are unaware of the cultural richness and depth of their own European ancestors and/or have been misled to believe that their own heritage is evil and unworthy of continuing. Also, many of our legends and myths have been appropriated by the entertainment industry. This has turned them into something that was once ours into something that is no longer. Marvel Comics is a huge offender. The European myths appropriated by Marvel bear little resemblance to their origins and to us. But many whites do LARP European myths. The Sword and Sorcery genre is uniquely white and its founders were definitely race realists. Often times, Robert E. Howard is criticized for his views on race and I am like: “That’s one of my most favorite things about him!”

  • Ok
    I liked your last line of the article, so here goes my question! How and what do you propose to give the world an alternative to post modernism? See, this has been my gripe with what has been discussed on this site since I started reading it back in February. You writers/leaders want to reverse things, but you don’t seem to offer a real concrete plan to do so. No manifesto, etc. You seem at times to want to romanticize about the past, that really wasn’t all that or going back to it isn’t realistic at all. The noble savage doesn’t exist, it never did and never will. You want to fight post modernism then you better come up with an alternative socio economic system that is workable. Wanting to recreate The Lord of the Rings is borderline just plain childish.

    • A Manifesto!? Can you imagine the swollen assholz if someone wrote one on here and said we should follow it? There’d be so much countersignaling that cell phone towers would be going down, whales would be beaching themselves!

      • Only way to even have the smallest of hopes to reverse the destructive trends that we bitch about is coming up with a plan. What do we stand for? What are our positions on certain topics? How are we going to reverse said trends and what steps need to be taken? Romanticizing about stuff like Lord of the Rings. Or when
        Spencer wrote about the
        Freikorp around the battles with antifa might be good for rallying the troops for a bit, but this is going to be one helluva endeavor if people are serious about doing something! !!!

        • It would be a waste of time because there is no “we” here – except for, presumably, “we” are white.

          So if “we” want to be a “movement” we need to concentrate on what we have in common – whiteness – and our common enemy should be anti-whiteness.

          There’s nothing else we have in common. Frankly when I read these sites I have to take it on faith that some of these people are even white. When I read people talking about some weird “trad” thing and how we have to “go back to before modernity” or whatever, eh, they can keep it. I don’t see how those sorts of ideas are going to go anywhere useful.

          • I see where you are coming from, but the post modern world is anti white and economics is a key to that. Remember when I talked about public banking? I would love to write about it, but still looking for more sources to be able to write a decent article about it. Create local currencies, restructure trade unions, etc. Why aren’t white kids procreating? The economy sucks and is a post modern financial one that is parasitic in nature. You want to fight for
            Western Civ and European people and culture and take on the elites you better have a competing vision of the future to make it possible.

          • Financial issues are a subset of social issues – they are in fact issues of social coordination.

            The old style capitalism of the past worked really, really well because markets and decentralized money are great ways to have social coordination without a centralized structure.

            Now, we have the internet (in the broad sense) and that is already upending the old style capitalism. It’s a new way to coordinate without a centralized structure – but now we’re no longer constrained by how much heavy metals we can dig out of the ground or even reliant on a central government to stamp a serial number on a piece of paper.

            So, as usual, the problems are social problems and the solutions are social solutions. Everything else is a distraction.

          • What created the social problems though and who was behind it. Can’t blame minorities or immigrants. Minorities were the test rats for liberal social engineering. Immigrants just came here to escape the hellholes that there respective nations were or became. Who let them in and why? Who destroyed the immigrants’ homelands in the first place? Also economics is everything!!!! The root word of economy is econos, which means family in Greek. The family is the basic economic unit of any civilization, thus it(economy) can be seen as a social construct as well.

          • Anti whiteness is ingrained in all major facets of society, so you need to propose alternatives to fight the elites. Blacks,
            Muslims, etc are just useful idiots in the grand scheme of things. Divide and conquer is behind the current dilemma we are facing. Those that rule want a debased humanity that will willingly be slaves for them. And what better way to keep them busy than to keep them at each other’s throats. Its much more effective to treat the disease than just the symptoms.

  • So does this explain the popularity of the Outlander franchise? Today’s white women find today’s white men inadequate, and they fantasize about some unwashed 18th Century Scotsman in a kilt as their soul mate?

    You have to wonder what romance novels will look like in about 300 years, assuming that white women still write them for other white women to read. Will the white women in the 24th Century find the men in their time a disappointment, and will they want to read fantasies about the real men who lived in the rough and primitive world of the early 21st Century?

  • Yeah, I’m a descendant of Jan Sobieski’s III line, so yeah I got the savage gene broight in by LEGAL immigration to the USA. You know the Polish King Jan Sobieski III who lead an army of 85K Polish Husars and allies, soundly defeating the scuzlim ottoman empire in 1683 outside Vienna, and drove them back to present Turkish border. Up until now, the scuzlims never made it back that far north, but Merkelstan spread the legs of Europe for them to come in and rape. I’m ready any time for that adrenaline to kick if/as needed!

  • My favorite movie as a Kid……

    Thanks for another GREAT Article, Vincent…….

    Now, I’m going to catch up on Old Times……

    Thanks for triggering My Memory!


    • Nothing says pro-white like an Aryan teaming up with a nagger and what looks like (or could easily pass for) a yid in order to put a stop to precisely the kind of marauders this article argues white people need to become!

      But anyway, yeah, I loved The Beastmaster as a kid. I wore out the VHS tape rewinding that bit where the chick is getting out of the pool.

  • The noble savage never existed. Rosseau’s romanticism is just that, treacle for the intellectually dishonest. The modern Western world (not our post modern one), had no such malaise, and falling victim to that narrative is to legitimize the fake historicity of the Marxists.

    • Exactly!!!! Rousseau could be almost seen as the forefather of multiculturalism. Vikings weren’t noble, they might have had a code akin to the mob, but they were just bandits of the sea. They did have a culture, but it was far from being romantic.

          • Since you asked nicely, sure. You said the Vikings weren’t noble and were just bandits. That’s your subjective opinion. For example I find them quite noble, so obviously our opinions on what’s noble are quite different. That’s all I meant.

          • Do you think the families that were destroyed or sold into slavery to the
            Muslims would think they were noble? There are absolute truths out there. I have Viking blood in me and I do find them fascinating and indeed heroic, but since they made their living via murder and plunder, I think noble isn’t a proper adjective to really describe them.

          • Who were they selling to muslims? You don’t have to capitalize it, they’re animals.

          • Vikings sold whites into captivity to the Muslims all the time. It was a staple of their trade with them.

          • Vikings were farmers and raiders, but their brutality earned them their bad rep. After awhile they adopted Christianity and became noblemen and royalty like my ancestors, who hailed from
            Norway before settling in Normandy, before settling in Scotland. Vikings had some good qualities, others not so good, and the bad outweighed the good for awhile there.

          • Nordic tribes traded with anyone that had the means, regardless of race or ethnicity. They had limited contact with Muslims, unless you are referring to contact in what is now ‘Russia’ or along the Spanish coast with the Moors. Even then, the trade was infrequent. They traded mostly with other tribes and the xtians of modern England, France, and the Baltic States. Again, read a book instead of relying on TV for a history lesson.

          • The Rus were vikings of course and they traded with the Byzantines and
            Muslims extensively. A few years back archaeologists unearthed a large cache of gold coins with Arabic inscriptions anthem not too far from Stockholm. The Muslim slave trade was rather extensive and the Rus and other Viking bands took part with selling off captives. That is real history.

          • I think noble isn’t a proper adjective to really describe them.

            The picaresque figure is also a Romantic one, and the Vikings certainly cleave closer to that archetype.

          • Under some conceptions of nobility, capturing your rivals and enslaving them would be a manifestation of nobility or superiority. Their feelings on the matter would not be relevant.

            Here’s an example of a classic “noble” savage society based on slavery

            stolen from:

            S. R. Ramsey, 1987 The Languages of China:

            One of the most distinctive peoples in all of China, the Yi first caught the
            imagination of the West when reports of their existence filtered out of
            China around the turn of the century. **In the almost inaccessible wilds
            of southwestern China, some said, a “blood-proud caste” of tall and
            noble warriors “fought, rode, herded horses, and ruled … a stratum of
            underlings and slaves.”** Exaggerated descriptions of their “Caucasoid
            features” and stories of sacred books, written in a strange pictographic
            script and reportedly containing the arcane secrets of the ruling
            caste, added to the mystique. In Europe, preparations were made to
            investigate and expeditions were organized.Unfortunately for such
            Western ambitions, however, the region was almost impossible to
            penetrate from the outside since the Yi still had not been pacified by
            the Chinese. No one—and especially not the Chinese government toward
            which the Yi were extremely hostile—could guarantee safe passage through
            the areas controlled by Yi clans. Yet, in spite of the obvious dangers,
            Western explorers continued to be fascinated by southwestern China. One
            of these explorers, a British adventurer named Donald Brooke, set out
            in 1909 to explore the Cool Mountain area of Southern Sichuan, the
            stronghold of the Independent Yi. No sooner had he and his entourage of a
            dozen or so crossed into Yi territory than they were attacked. In the
            battle that ensued, Brooke himself was killed and all of his followers
            were captured and made into slaves.

            worth reading the whole thing, about how they resisted Chinese domination for two thousand years and conducted slave raids against the han into the 1930s and 1940s, and their caste based society which strictly forbid marriage between the master and slave castes

          • I can think of better examples than non-white ones.

            I agree, taking the vanquished enemy as slaves, whether they be defeated warriors, widows and children of the warriors, or the tribe elders, was a sign of respect and practiced by many Nordic and pan-Germanic tribes. The purpose was to assimilate them and make them useful to the collective. They acculturated their captives to their ways, fed and sheltered them, and provided a life, rather than death. It’s not all whips and chains, which is what most minds seem to conjure when ‘slavery’ is mentioned.

          • You clearly haven’t studied their culture that much. The primary task of Nordic and northern European peoples was farming, hunting, gathering furs, etc. They were master sailors and fisherman. The home (hof) was a sacred place for the family, a place in which the woman ran things, from child-bearing to mending and making clothing, preparing meals and raising children, taking care of the livestock (which often lived in the hof with the family). Your knowledge about the Viking age is reflected by HIstory channel action flicks, not actually history. Raiding is something they did rarely. Only in the summers if the fjords had melted, and only if they had enough men, boats, etc. Getting your education on TV only makes you look foolish.

          • Dave, the word is noble. Look it up. Yeah, they farmed, had families, etc. Still, they are known for daring raids all over

      • Anyon’e culture can be romanticized. What is your beef with Vikings? Btw, Viking is a profession, the act of raiding, it is not a descriptor of a culture or a civilization. Pre-xtian Nordic culture was far more earthly. They didn’t kill others just for believing in other things, and they didn’t convert people to their gods. They had a legal system that was in many ways superior to our own. The valued kin and established strong boundaries of kinship. They had strong mores about hospitality and being a guest to others. They would rarely turn away a traveler or a homeless person. They lived in harsh conditions and survived what most modern folk could never fathom, etc, etc…It’s not romanticizing, it’s being realistic based upon the historical and anthropological evidence.

        • The word noble is the main source of contention. Noble has a connotation of being altruistic. Vikings were highly resourceful, heroic, and lived on the edge. They were very brave and fierce warriors, but
          I don’t think being noble is a word to describe them. I have Viking in me from both sides of my family and find them to be fascinating. Romanticizing brutality and living in brutal conditions is easy for folks who live in relative comfort.

          • Unless you reject modernity and attempt to live dangerously, as many of us have. Google ‘Wolves of Vinland’.

  • The Lord of the Rings franchise was perhaps the most successful retelling of European myths all fused into one. Pagan, Christian, and anti-Modern themes were all fused into one to create a deeply moving and implicitly European epic.

    I wonder if that’s really true. I think it only seems so because the actors are mostly European and it’s set in a ‘northern European’ landscape. Imagine if the actors were all Asians and it was set in southern India, say, but everything else about the story remained the same. Would you still recognize it as essentially European?

  • And it begs two questions: Why are so many people turned off by the Modern world? And: Why do they choose foreign tribes?

    It’s nothing new. Europeans have been romanticizing third world shitbirds ever since first coming into contact with them. The ‘noble savage’ has been a western cultural trope for centuries. Humans have probably always fantasized about some ‘better place’ and oftentimes tricked themselves into believing it really exists – a tendency towards dissatisfaction nicely captured by the English proverb “the grass is always greener on the other side.”

    Don’t let them make the Alt-Right about business suits and slaving away at the cubicle. Don’t let them trick you into defending Suburbia or McDonalds.

    Screw you, pal, I love my cubicle. I wouldn’t dream of trading in my cubicle for working in the ‘great outdoors’ (with the wind blasting in my face, the rain pelting down or the sun glaring at me). There’s nothing slavish or soulless about it. I’ve always had a great time with people in the office. Naturally, there are some people I don’t like, but I just ignore them and focus on the ones I do. After a tough day at the office, it’s nice to get away from the din and buzz of the city to quiet, relaxing suburbia. I don’t see a problem here. Of course, this life may not suit everyone, so if you want to be a forest ranger and rescue stricken otters or whatever, go for it – but remember, it’s the modern economy that gives you that choice.

    Oh, and I don’t eat McDonalds, but when I visit a non-western country, I make straight for the nearest western fastfood chain. I’m not interested in experiencing the wonders of the local cuisine (which I’ve disliked almost every time I’ve tried it); I prefer to know what I’m going to get and for a reasonably cheap price.

      • Why is it so horrible if I like my working conditions? People in the feudal ages (that this article idealizes) would have killed to enjoy these conditions. It’s quiet and clean, the people are generally educated and well-mannered, the hours are agreeable, it’s warm in winter, cool in summer; what’s not to like? I’d infinitely rather be here than mixing it outdoors with some scummy tradies. (I’ve met some intelligent electricians, but I think extended exposure to the working class has damaged their brains.)

  • I don’t usually like your articles, Vincent, nor do I care for your heretofore accustomed style; but this article is better. Write more like this.

    The message you are reading gives constructive criticism rather than a general comment. Once you have read the message, feel free to delete it. (In fact, maybe you’d better delete it, or the comment thread is likely to descend into a stupidly typical Alt Right signaling spiral — which is the problem with the Alt Right, isn’t it, as I’ve told you before.)

  • Great article, and I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment. Physically removing non-whites and breaking Jewish power structures is all well and good, but modern whites need a deeper sense of meaning in life, which is wholly lacking from modern athestic, consumerist, capitalist society. We need a cultural and spiritual rebirth. I get that the Alt-Right is a racial movement, not a spiritual one, but I feel our demographic decline coincides with our spiritual decline. People aren’t going to fight to save a genome, or suburbia. They will fight for something greater than themselves, and that gives their lives meaning.

    • My life doesn’t lack for meaning.

      We need a cultural and spiritual rebirth.

      Well, maybe you do, but wouldn’t it be worth checking whether everyone else feels the same way in case you go barking up the wrong tree?

      • Judging by other comments here, yes, people do. Judging by whites idealizing foreign cultures over their own, yes, they do.

        Your comment about liking your cubicle job and suburban existence, is one of the most depressing comments I’ve ever seen posted here. Stop boomer posting.

        • Judging by other comments here, yes, people do. Judging by whites idealizing foreign cultures over their own, yes, they do.

          How many people are we talking about? I would say of most real life whites I know that they’re either indifferent to other cultures or disdain them. Whether they’re afflicted with a sense of existential ennui is more difficult to judge (it’s not the sort of thing people announce), but to the extent that they are, I’m not so sure they’d be wildly enthusiastic about a complete “rebirth” as the only solution to it.

          Your comment about liking your cubicle job and suburban existence, is one of the most depressing comments I’ve ever seen posted here.

          It sucks when people reject your values, doesn’t it. Alas, that’s the world we live in. Well, you always have the option of being grateful there are people like me, willing to do jobs you wouldn’t dream of. I know I am. I can’t stand being around sick people or having to help stricken strangers – but it’s sure nice to know that some people apparently get off on doing exactly that (doctors, nurses, volunteers etc).

          Btw, I’m not a boomer, I’m quintessential Gen X. I was the biggest escapist ever as a kid. I kinda rue all the time I whimsically whiled away in fantasies. I would have been so much further ahead today had I embraced plain old, common garden reality at a younger age.

          • Great. So what are you actually doing (besides posting on the internet) in light of this credo you’ve adopted?

          • I work in a factory. I used to have a cubicle job but couldn’t stand working with women and affirmative action hires.

          • “I used to have a cubicle job but couldn’t stand working with women…”

            I totally get that. I’m still a university student, and I can’t stand it when the majority of my classmates are females. I cherish my classes that have male lecturers and majority-male students.

          • Yeah, the corporate and public sector is increasingly becoming female dominated, with more and more men going into the trades. I like women fine in certain contexts, but listening to them natter about inane things for 8 hours a day is tedious.

          • The young dudes with no wife, no kids, no community, no culture, and no prospects just can’t understand why men who do have those things are often happy.

            I’m pro-white because I want to preserve those things.

            It’s ironic that every time a young woman says something, you have these young men saying “shut up and get married and have a kid.” If only someone were saying that to the younger guys with nothing. Work on yourself first, get married, have a family, get a real job, then maybe you’ll have the wisdom to tell other people what to do.

          • Alternatively, young men are more radical, higher T, less beaten down by life, and less willing to accept an extremely limited comfort-based bourgeois existence

          • That’s not “alternatively” – everyone knows that. That’s why old men send young men out to die. That wasn’t a counter-point, that was a non-sequitur.

            Young men fight for what old men tell them is important.

            Face it – these writers don’t even know what they *mean* by “modernity.” They confuse it with “the Enlightenment” (eyeroll) but they can’t even get that right:

            “Modernism also rejected the certainty of Enlightenment thinking”


            So really it’s just even more rehashed religious sectarianism – but “revolting against modernity” isn’t as blatantly retarded as “Fighting Against Heretics!”


            Just like the idiot “muh Constitution” libertarians, they think they can keep modern medicine and the internet while making social and economic institutions more simple.

            It’s just a typical human failure mode, complexity is hard. So “tear down the modern world and return to a simpler time.” FFS, the ancients wrote the same tired shit over and over again.

            Get these young men a wife and children and they will KNOW what they are fighting against – and no, it ain’t “Modernity.”

            It’s against anti-whiteness. This is a biological thing.

          • Obviously we’re fighting against anti-whiteness and Jewish rule over white people.

            However, a secondary issue that is worth shitposting about is the extent to which the current “shop work and watch TV” paradigm for white society is desirable, even assuming the absence of non-whites.

          • That isn’t obvious, especially when you have people saying “the problem isn’t the non-whites, it’s ‘modernity'” – the same people saying, “we can’t just go back to a time before the non-whites showed up, we have to ‘go back’ even further, before (add in your particular historical fetish here)”

            Fighting against “modernity” is just yet another way to distract people from the RACE issue.

            “Shop work and watch TV” – ok, should we “go back” to “work 6.5 days a week on a dirt farm and get half a day for church once a week?” Maybe we should “go back” to “toiling six days a week in a dirty factory and listening to the radio?”

            Maybe “go back” to the ancient world where we can hack each other up with machetes because – hey, at least it’s manly!”

            Ironically, the author was right that we shouldn’t idolize trucker hats and oil rigs. He’s repeating Counter Current’s James O’Meara there, counter-signaling against “miserablism.” “Back in my day we walked barefoot in the snow and we liked it!”

            But “fighting modernity” is just a slightly more romantic hippie notion that we can “go back” to some idealized past.

            It’s escapism. Dungeons and Dragons is a fun fantasy – fighting anti-white propaganda is hard.

            No one said saying the white race would be easy.

          • >””Shop work and watch TV” – ok, should we “go back” to “work 6.5 days a
            week on a dirt farm and get half a day for church once a week?” Maybe we
            should “go back” to “toiling six days a week in a dirty factory and
            listening to the radio?”

            A lot of trads are anti-whites and/or crypto-Jews, and I’ll be the first to criticize them, but they do kind of have a point when they talk about how the medieval peasant actually believed in something.

            Namely, religion. And that religious ritual would have been a major part of his life and the life his community, during the many, many holidays they celebrated. (far more than what we get, scholars claim)

            And it’s possible that people who believed in something would be more willing to defend it and fight for it, and that believing in something would help to find make their drudgery more tolerable as well, since it was “for a greater purpose”.

            Aside from those who true believers in anti-whiteness, Modern Europeans don’t seem to believe in much of anything, except good feels, and so it’s hardly surprising they won’t fight to defend their society. Because fighting would cause bad feels.

            Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a religious guy, more of nazi.

            But I’m just not sure people are going to find the idea of fighting for their starbucks and a future data-entry cubicle job in HR to be particularly compelling, except when they are directly and personally threatened.

          • “Shop work and watch TV” – ok, should we “go back” to “work 6.5 days a week on a dirt farm and get half a day for church once a week?” Maybe we should “go back” to “toiling six days a week in a dirty factory and listening to the radio?”

            The working class are already doing that in modernity my man, and more people are going to be doing it all the time.

          • No, sorry, you are simply wrong.

            “Farm and ranch families comprise just 2 percent of the U.S. population.”


            As for “dirty factories” – manufacturing work in America is clearer and safer than ever, and from how I read this chart it’s around 10%:


            It’s amazing just how often the “right wing” and reactionaries and “traditionalists” constantly repeat falsehoods.

          • Are you literally autistic? Just answer the question honestly because you honestly sound like “Dave from NY” from Chris Cantwell’s show. So your comment above was about the location of the work and the microscopically specific conditions and not the fact of working 6.5 days a week doing dirty shit, exhausting shit?

          • When the OT is available I work 7 days a week tbh. A lot of people do.

            These older posters got their cushy jobs before the POZ had hit as severe as it is now. If you get one of those jobs your going to be systemically kept at the bottom and watch negress after negress advance ahead of you when you know their sh*ttier workers. Or you can do blue collar work and advance based on merit and hardwork. I make more now, than I did working in a cubicle that I couldn’t stand. Shame I wasted all those years on school.

          • Then how do you have time to post so much if you work 7 days/week?

            Sounds like you had one bad experience with a boring office job and were outperformed by a negress, lol.

            Many white collar jobs are based on merit. Manual labor is respectable, but I can do that in my garage on the weekends. People get an education partly so they can work with their heads, not their hands. They let rubes like you do all the sweat work, then they take credit for it. Besides lesser minds are more fit to menial jobs or those requiring repetitious manual work. Intellectuals and high IQ types waste potential in such careers as evidenced by burn-out.

          • 8 hour shift leaves 16 hours a day to shit post. And I don’t do 7 day weeks, every week. It’s not uncommon though.

            No I had 5 bad experiences in office jobs in the three years after I finished school (with long periods of unemployment in between jobs) and at this time I’m done with it. I wasn’t getting anywhere and barely breaking even anyways.

            If your starting out and building up your experience, it’s the worst possible time to do so if your white and male. White males can eat and house themselves on their privilege forever though. Laquana and Abdul who moved here last week are first in line due to the historical injustices commited against them before your grandparents moved here.

          • a secondary issue that is worth shitposting about is the extent to which the current “shop work and watch TV” paradigm for white society is desirable,

            Okay, how about work, shop, watch TV, and every so often or when the mood strikes, do something racially and culturally self-affirming?

            Isn’t that pretty much what people were doing even in 1930’s Germany (according to some, the most pro-white society yet seen)?

          • Well, I’m willing to give 1930s Germany another shot.

            But I’m not sure it’s really correct to frame it as “just a slightly different variation of a liberal society fundamentally based on hedonism”

          • Try to put aside labels and characterizations for a second, and just think about what people were actually doing. Is it really so outlandish that some people might have enjoyed their jobs, looked forward to moving into a bigger or better apartment, taken pleasure in watching the local soccer team, felt gratified that their bank accounts were growing fatter, and so on, or did they spend every minute of every day living and breathing race, race, race?

          • Sure, that’s true.

            But let’s say you’re a janitor. Low status, shitty job, no prospect of advancement.

            If you’re a true believing medieval Catholic janitor, there is a certain sense of dignity and meaning in janitor-ing for the greater cause of medieval Catholicism. (For the sake of discussion, let’s pretend Catholicism wasn’t so bad back then, or we can pick another example if you insist)

            If you’re a 2017 American janitor, living in order to accumulate precious good-feels, you should probably just find a way to go on disability so you can play more vidya, scam more oxycontin or whatever poors do to rapidly accumulate good feels nowadays. Because all that time you spend janitoring is just an inefficient means of accumulating money to buy good feels, nothing more.

            IMHO the medieval Catholic janitor is probably more psychologically healthy due to his sense of MEANING despite the fact that, objectively speaking, he accumulates fewer pleasure units.

          • Living in a culture that you perceive as valuing your existence would surely be more meaningful and uplifting, you’ll get no argument from me there. I just don’t think that needs to dominate every moment of your life for you to enjoy the benefits of it.

          • Who was making the argument that it needs to dominate every moment of your life? It certainly wasn’t Vinny. We seem to be always talking past each other in these comments.

          • When people assail ‘modernity’ as viciously as Vinny and his minions, it’s hard to escape the impression that they want to replace it with something that will dominate our lives.

          • It didn’t strike me as vicious but we seem to misunderstand each other alot as well which isn’t surprising since so much of communication is non-verbal and we obviously don’t get that in a comments section.

          • The hostility comes from a low trust environment, which is what faux-anonymous internet culture is – very, very low trust.

            I freely admit I get ultra-triggered – more than an SJW – when I read ostensibly “pro-white” people returning to the same vomit over and over again – “we must move to the woods and be farmers and then fight a guerrilla war against the government!” “We must embrace Hitler and the Nazis!” “We must stand on the street corner and yell at people about feminism!”

            It’s impossible to tell the difference between a literal “disinformation shill” and just a moron who likes to LARP online. When I read some of these things online, I don’t even recognize these people as normal White men – certainly their experiences seem to have absolutely nothing in common with mine, and I’m a run-of-the-mill middle class American White guy from the suburbs.

            This crap about “rejecting modernity” – wtf does it even *mean*? 99% of the time it’s some stupid religious bullshit.

          • “When I read some of these things online, I don’t even recognize these people as normal White men”

            Because they aren’t. You can’t seriously trust someone that has a stupid user sig and a fake picture, can you? The best you can do is exchange ideas, argue superficial points, and see the whole interaction as a caricature of a caricature.

            So until people overcome this drive for anonymity in online political discourse (what are they truly afraid of, anyway?), I will continue to troll most of the time and not take it seriously. And neither will others. So until then, I’ll call Hunter Wallace Brad Griffin. Vox Day will be addressed as Theodor Beale, and Baked Alaska will be referred to as Timothy Gionet.

          • Having a family isn’t usually considered “hedonism.” Guys don’t work all day in a cubicle primary for a nicer house – guys don’t even need nice houses. They want a bigger house for their wife and children.

            Once you look into your biological baby’s eyes, you really don’t need some sort of superstitious medieval peasant religion to give your life meaning. All of a sudden abstractions like “race” have a concrete reality to them. And men with families don’t have the self-pitying ennui of single, childless, rootless cosmopolitians anymore. They become “based” as it were. I’ve read the effect is even more so when you have grandchildren.

            To paraphrase Hanns Johst, “when I hear the word religion, that’s when I reach for my revolver.”


            A medieval Catholic janitor with a family and a place in society – even if that station is humble – is “based” too. But frankly we should really worry when a social system is trying to make reproduction for one class only, which is exactly what some religions have done. That leads to the life of ants, bees, and naked mole rats. Not a way anyone wants to live:


          • Having a family isn’t usually considered “hedonism.”

            Which is a big reason why people aren’t having them.

            men with families don’t have the self-pitying ennui of single, childless, rootless cosmopolitians anymore

            Except for the ones that are, which is probably most of them. Most fathers are not “racially aware” and tons of them are total cucks.

          • You’re probably wrong on both counts. Smaller families come with economic development and better sanitary conditions – nothing to do with hedonism at all.

            White fathers have always been “racially aware” – and 95% of White fathers today, even after 50 years of anti-white brainwashing, clearly don’t want their daughters marrying blacks.

            The cleric profession has gone the way of buggy whip manufacturer and it isn’t coming back. But hey, if you can make them relevant again, good luck. Let me know.

          • 95% of White fathers today, even after 50 years of anti-white brainwashing, clearly don’t want their daughter’s marrying blacks.

            Not clear at all based on the polling.

            Smaller families come with economic development and better sanitary conditions – nothing to do with hedonism at all.

            Yes, when children are more likely to survive to adulthood and mothers are less likely to die in childbirth and everyone has more wealth people have fewer children, and this has nothing to do with lifestyle choice. Makes perfect sense.

            The clerical profession has gone the way of buggy whip manufacturer and it isn’t coming back. But hey, if you can make them relevant again, good luck. Let me know.

            The clerics are the middle management of every corporation who give their lives to see to the mandates of the senior management and believe in the institution they work for as an abstract entity. Likewise the managerial class which staffs the government bureaucracies have “the law” written on their hearts which is ephemeral and supersedes temporal authority and what they do is a “calling” not a job.

            The “clerics” didn’t go anywhere, they just serve a new God.

          • when children are more likely to survive to adulthood and mothers are less likely to die in childbirth and everyone has more wealth people have fewer children… Makes perfect sense.

            Um, yes? Were you trying to be sarcastic here? You seemed to have missed the point entirely.

          • You didn’t make a point. You simply pointed to a correlation to disprove my proposed causation which only accentuated it and didn’t offer any counter.

            Why do people have drastically fewer children when having children becomes easier? That is the point and you didn’t address it.

            Living standards go up, fertility goes down. You stated it, I didn’t disagree. The unfortunate reality is the cause of constantly increasing living standards is a bottomless appetite for pleasure and avoidance of pain being the prime movers of all social values in liberal societies. They become incredibly wealthy but are fitness-negative in spite of this because the ability to sacrifice is eventually hollowed out. From the perspective of a person whose desire is an endless pursuit of personal pleasure or a vague sense of ‘accomplishment’ in the form of more stuff children are a negative, and such a person would be properly self-assessing as an unfit parent.

          • Is it really so outlandish that some people might have enjoyed their jobs, looked forward to moving into a bigger or better apartment, taken pleasure in watching the local soccer team, felt gratified that their bank accounts were growing fatter, and so on

            You do realize that necessarily this has an end right? You do realize that what we are experiencing right now is actually the result of this way of thinking?

            If this is the baseline expectation of what the average person is supposed to be pursuing if would be easier to achieve a sense of upward mobility among the ruled by eliminating the 1st world. Setting the cycle back at an earlier point with a population which won’t cause it to go off the rails and whose perceptions of ‘success’ are more easily managed.

          • You do realize that necessarily this has an end right?

            No, I’m not so sure that’s true. And I’m virtually certain economic growth isn’t going to come to an end within any of our lifetimes (nor even our grandchildren’s grandchildren’s lifetimes). Why must it?

          • It’s against anti-whiteness.

            Unfortunately whites are a fully economically tapped demographic. Little growth potential and without economic growth there is no modernity. Whites must necessarily be displaced to open up 3rd world markets to “western” capital in order to maintain the status quo.

            The only growth potential among whites is a market fragmentation to create demand for niche products. Like HRT for example.

          • A common misunderstanding caused by confusing finance with the physical economy.

            In the real economy of goods and services – White people in North America have a thousand years of a Golden Age on the way. Plenty of energy, plenty of agricultural capacity, the highest technology. We are on the cusp of something close to economic paradise on earth – longer, healthier lives even. We’ve already eradicated the worst diseases of the past.

            Finance? Finance capital is a social construct. So, you just keep adding numbers. Eventually, when the dollar loses it’s reserve currency status, imports will be much more expensive.

            So, we’ll just manufacture more domestically, and we already have the robots making what the Chinese have made for us in the last generation.

            Economically we’re fine. The problem is the financial system, as it exists, is no longer relevant to the physical economy of goods and services.

            That will change. People will choose food over bankers.

          • People will choose

            They won’t because they don’t have any power, and so long as they trade in the bankers currency they will continue working for them.

            What you are talking about is essentially an end to modernity and the phasing out of the vast majority of those cushy cubicle jobs which are fostered by financial instrumentation anyway, so I have no idea what you are actually griping about ITT.

          • People can move out of cushy cubicle jobs into even more cushy “jobs.” When you are no longer pushing internet points about (i.e., electronic money) you have the time for self-actualizing work.

            If you want to call that an “end to modernity” – ok. Call it post-post-modernsim. Either way, the future is looking up for White people in North America. We’ve never had it so good and thanks to modern technology like the internet, we’re on the verge of destroying the anti-white coalition once and for all!

          • Brilliant. One of the few wise posts I’ve seen here. HR is an adult among children. Speaking of children, I often wonder if any of these ppl complaining about white genocide have started procreating yet. Do any of the AR main figures or leaders even have children?

            One of the standards a former kindred of mine had was that you “have to make white babies”!. People with no children were seen as either faggots, weak courting skills, or irresponsible. Or just young, as HR points out.

          • This occurs because young women are the limiting factor in marriage and reproduction. Most young men would gladly marry, but it’s the women that insist upon pursuing a career and ruthlessly practicing promiscuous hypergamy throughout their youth.

          • Further ahead economically. You know, bigger house, nicer car, better part of town, more money in the bank, things like that. I told myself for way too long I still had time for all that; in the mean time, I had more important things to do. I was a fool.

          • I’m sure that when I’m on my deathbed I’ll look back at my time on earth and say “I sure wish I had focused on making more money so that I could get a better car “

          • You can you use that excuse for anything. And anyway, a person on his deathbed is probably not going to be in the mood for self-honesty; he’d probably grasp at any reason he can think of to tell himself he lived a worthwhile life, even if, objectively, there were numerous things he could have done that would have enhanced his life if only he’d had the gumption.

          • “I can’t stand being around sick people or having to help stricken strangers – but it’s sure nice to know that some people apparently get off on doing exactly that.”

            Yes, we typically call that ‘narcissism’. You probably mistake it as ‘pathological altruism’ or some pseudo-intellectual nonsense, right?

          • You can call it whatever you like. I never claimed to be perfect.

      • >Well, maybe you do, but wouldn’t it be worth checking whether everyone
        else feels the same way in case you go barking up the wrong tree?

        Based on their actions, a whole lot of Western European people seem to have decided that Western Europe is not worth defending

  • Modernity is poison. I’ll keep the anti-biotics, but I can do without everything else. We need real organic communities based on a shared ethnic/racial identity, a shared spiritual identity, and a common way of life e.g. farming/hunting/fishing/blacksmithing. Without these kinds of communities we will never feel a true sense of belonging or fulfillment in our lives. In the meantime, all that modernity has to offer our people is a soul crushing job in a factory or cubicle, debt fueled materialism, and a liberal order hell bent on replacing us with Africans, Arabs, Indians, and Mestizos. For what? Flat screen TVs, cars, and Disney Land? It’s just not worth it!

    • We need real organic communities based on a shared ethnic/racial identity, a shared spiritual identity, and a common way of life e.g. farming/hunting/fishing/blacksmithing.

      And eating bland, stale bread, and drinking dirty water, and watching half our children die by age ten, etc.

      I’ll keep the anti-biotics, but I can do without everything else.

      Right, we’ll just go back to ‘traditional’ ways of researching, manufacturing and distributing them!

      (PS – you get max larper points for mentioning blacksmithing, lol)

      • You sound like a god damn faggot. Modernity isn’t even a blip on the map (50 to 100 years at most) and it is all going to come crashing down very soon. If you’re afraid to live the way 99.99999999% of your ancestors lived, I’ll be delighted to watch you and your kind perish.

        • ” it is all going to come crashing down very soon.”

          They have been predicting the Great Collapse for my entire life. “Modernity” can stick around longer than you can draw breath.

          There isn’t going to be any “Great Collapse” just like there isn’t going to be a Rapture.

        • There’s no good reason to assume it’s all going to come crashing down.

          99.99% of your ancestors were hunter-gatherers. By your own logic, you should abandon agriculture and blacksmithing (noooo!); is that something you want to do?

          • Shitlib: “Muh diversity cuz ethnic takeout”

            You: “Muh modernity cuz no stale bread”

            I need not say any more.

          • What, the two are on par with each other?

      • It’s amazing how fools like you think that the end of modernity will be a choice. The longer it lasts, the softer and weaker we become, which will only make the adjustment back to traditional life more difficult.

          • Management of the population by channeling their drives into greed and everything that comes along with this prescription.

  • White birth rates have always been lower that non-white birth rates. Whites have always relied on technology to survive whether it’s clothing, metallurgy, shipbuilding and navigation or the internet we’re using today.

    When you tell a race they are uniquely evil for 70 years and people are too dumb, lazy or scared to refute that claim, all sorts of weird things happen.

    • White birth rates have always been lower that non-white birth rates.

      Umm, no.

      • True, but White birthrates soared in the 19th century when White societies managed to get out of the Malthusian trap and other societies hadn’t (yet). Our breeding patterns will probably always disadvantage us numerically all other factors being equal.

  • One major new problem is Transgenders and the culture that supports them. There is a new article today titled “Should doctors perform surgery on intersex children?”
    Yes they are going after our children to cut off their healthy genitals and reproductive organs and change their genders.

    Most react with shock and dismiss this as too repugnant. Others dismiss this because they do not understand. This is getting worse. Transgenders demand new laws, equal rights and full coverage of medical procedures.

    Outside of the most basic damage to a people is that laws,including education of kids, and insurance costs will effect all of us. If we do not face this Trangenders will be forced on us.

    • One major new problem is Transgenders

      If shilling for them pans out they will be an extremely lucrative demographic which will give the bourgeoisie many cubicle jobs in servicing their unique demands on society.

  • The very timely article. We have become slaves to Modern Degeneracy. The ideology totally foreign to our ancestors a few generations ago. The other races are totally taking advantage of us becoming too Social and too Human, while they remain animalistic.

    If only we, the White people, would remain loyal to our instincts and traditions of our our ancestors, the situation would have been totally different. The Islamic and African worlds would have much greater respect for us. The more we degenerate, the more we become subject to attacks from those that have kept their traditions and instincts. I remember the movie “Brat II”, which had a line on this subject.

  • “Weaponizing Anthropology” reaches the Alt Right:

    Weaponizing Anthropology documents how anthropological knowledge and ethnographic methods are harnessed by military and intelligence agencies in post-9/11 America to placate hostile foreign populations. … Price’s inquiry into past relationships between anthropologists and the CIA, FBI, and Pentagon provides the historical base for this expose of the current abuses of anthropology by military and intelligence agencies. … Price examines the specific uses of anthropological knowledge in military doctrine that have appeared in a new generation of counterinsurgency manuals and paramilitary social science units like the Human Terrain Teams.

    For all the talk of “rejecting modernity” no one is rushing to get rid of indoor plumbing and dressing up in costumes is something chicks like to do, so what exactly is the substance of this “tribalism?” Of course it’s “community” that people want, not to reject “modernity.”

    The best way to derail a social movement is to weaponize anthropology against it and get people to “go back” to an idealized past. It’s called “escapism.”

    In the 1950s USA looked at the tactics of the USSR in dealing with “inferior tribes.” The
    USSR encouraged various non-Russian tribes/ethnos in the Empire to embrace earlier folk customs.
    The Russians took a “spectator” role and the inferior tribe took a “performance” role.

    Instead of integration into the Russian tribe, or technological and social advancement leading to competition with the Russians, the “inferior tribe” was to look to an idealized past. They would embrace archaic styles of clothing that would set them apart from the Russian tribe. The tribe was to embrace a simple and rural life largely separate from the Russians. The Russians, in turn, would support their folk arts and festivals.

    Then the US had the 1960s, in which a brand new kind of popular culture was distributed over the newest mass media technology, television. All of a sudden you had “hippies” dressing like cowboys and
    Indians, talking about “getting back to the land” and even an early form of “survivalism.”

    For Blacks, there was “Afro-centrism” where older African tradition was to be reborn or re-imagined. Africans would not integrate, but set themselves apart with unusual African names, archaic styles of dress, and an embrace of “African tradition.” They would “perform” their culture for the Whites, and the Whites would be their appreciative “spectators.”

    This had the effect of easing these people out of mainstream society and having them regress, not progress, in terms of technology and socially. Hippies were certainly not going to stage a coup, disrupt a
    market, or run for political office.

    • In the UK, the Jewish and Muslim communities are allowed to have “sharia courts” and “kosher courts” to deal with family and community issues. This is “weaponized anthropology in action.” It prevents the religious Muslims (and Jews) from joining the larger society (which is better than having them dilute the gene pool.) Of course, the “solution” is NOT to have the Jews and Muslims “assimilate” into English society, nor to have English people also form “radical subcultures” like the Jews and Muslims – the best solution is to “remove kebab and bagel” – but barring that, keeping them contained is the second best solution. Look what happened when Jews did assimilate into the English aristocracy.

      Stalin did the same thing to the Jews – he gave them they own Jew nation, the Autonomous Oblast, and tried to get them to go be Jews there, far away from the Russia society at large. Putin does the same thing, he warmly embraces orthodox Jewish communities – that self-segregate and leave the Russian people alone – while ruthlessly purging the International Jew Oligarch that are trying to attack Russian society at large.

      On the Christian manosphere site, Dalrock, a Democratic party activists came and suggested the same deal, telling the Christians it was fine if they wanted to be like the Amish, and make little inbred communities where they could have their no-divorce marriage with traditional sex roles, as long as they left the larger society along which was going to have feminism and gay marriage.

      The question is do we want white people to go the way of the Indians, or do we want a mainstream White culture? Who is going to be sidelined in the new America, the non-whites, or the whites?

      We should be telling the blacks and the brown to “go back” to their tribalism, and their folkways, and segregate themselves from the wider society. Whites should be the mainstream, not the fringe.

      • “Mainstream” white culture seems to be heavily influenced / weaponized by Jews.

        There is certainly something profoundly alienating about the current McWorld, and while having various archaic hominids running around makes it worse, I can say with confidence that the all white areas of the McWorld are by not particularly inspiring, not something most people would want to fight for, nor is it actually making people happy, according to the statistics.

        I am by no means arguing that whites “dindu nuffin”, but the existing situation of white culture as weaponized by Jews is really not particularly admirable.

        Are you defending the current culture, Jewish influence and all? Or do you somehow envision a mainstream culture free of Jewish influence… that also doesn’t look to the past of white people?

        • I think that a lot of the confusion here comes from people having different goals:

          – Hipster replied to one of my comments yesterday and explained that he believes America’s future will be similar to Brazil and he wants Whites to have the same rights they do in Brazil (build White gated communities, be on top of the caste ladder).

          – Most on the Alt-Right want to live in an ethno-state similar to NS Germany, Victorian Britain, etc.

          Personally, I am going to fight with everything I have for Europe to once again belong to our people. That’s my goal. I basically think that NS Germany got it right: modern technology with traditional values. But at the same time, my best friend has spent time in Mexico and he insists that America is already more than halfway there.

          It’s all about what you realistically think you can build. If you think you can’t build an ethno-state, then Hipster’s goal makes sense. But it is certainly a depressing future if you’ve ever known anything better.

          • I’m pro-White ethno statue. I’m a White Nationalist. I want an ethno-state that is all White.

            The first step to a White ethno-state is having little mini-ethno-states like white neighborhoods and white communities and white organizations.

            Once we have those, we can start worrying about geography.

            “modern technology with traditional values.”

            I agree with this mostly. What I’m against is picking up the trappings of the good past traditions without the substance of the past traditions.

          • Yeah, as a “Social Nationalist” (hah), I felt like I immediately “got” what Vincent was going for, and I didn’t think of the Amish at all.

            Somewhere along the line, Whites took a wrong turn, with the help of their greatest ally, and created a society, 2017 America’s society, that really isn’t worth defending.

            Or maybe it’s more accurate to say that we’re lucky that there is such a need to defend our people, otherwise there really would be no purpose or meaning to this society, besides consuming, which I personally am just not inclined to care about.

            But ultimately this movement should not be about defending 2017 America minus the niggers and Jews, but also about figuring out where we things went wrong in the run up to the current year, and trying something different.

          • Anyone who thinks the US is headed for Brazil is deluding themselves. It’s headed for something closer to South Africa, and so is Europe. White people are not hated in central and south America in general, and if the white-hating non-white culture of North America doesn’t invade there LatAm will likely be a better place to be for white people, sadly.

          • Anyone who thinks the US is headed for South Africa is deluding themselves, as are the people who think Whites would be better off in Latin America.

            Some people are hysterics who love predicting the end of the world – it’s typically a displaced fear of dying – happens to old guys all the time.

          • So in the event that whites become an absolute minority in the US the Jews will stop demonizing whites among ‘the ascendant’ and instead start preaching a LatAm social norm? The “brown pride” Aztec-LARPing Chicanos will become like the lackadaisical Brazillian sambo? Not likely. In the event of our loss we will be blamed for every hardship that a non-white experiences and be met with real world consequences for this perception.

            Sorry, but the goal isn’t “Brazilification”, it’s extermination. An outcome where whites are allowed to economically and socially dominate brown people as an endogamous group will not be permitted. That outcome is literally the opposite of the stated goal of “decolonization” of North America.

        • “Mainstream” white culture seems to be heavily influenced / weaponized by Jews.”

          What is “mainstream” now is not what was mainstream in the past and what will be mainstream in the future. Wallace did great work showing how “mainstream conservatism” is simply a byproduct of the mass media businesses of the last 50 years. Before that “mainstream” conservatism was something else entirely.

          “There is certainly something profoundly alienating about the current McWorld,”

          Of course this has nothing to do with “modernity” but has to do with urbanism. You can go back to the classical world and read people decrying urbanism and idealizing pastoral life. It’s something in European blood, no doubt.

          Yet urban ethnic neighborhoods functioned just fine, because they had a community – their own social status system, their own organization.

          The problem with McWorld is not that it’s high tech, and fundamentally not even that it’s urban. It’s that it’s a false community, it’s anti-community.

          “that also doesn’t look to the past of white people?”

          There is all the difference in the world between embracing traditions that worked – like marriage – and LARPing as “noble savages” or “going back” to some idealized past.

          We don’t need “tribalism” – which of course harkens back to a myth of the idealized past, before civilization. We need community.

          I think everyone is just afraid of the term “community” because it doesn’t sound as bad ass as “tribal” or whatever.

      • The reason why so many young White men in America want to ‘become barbarians’ is because the culture around them is very emasculating. Just go to any mall in America and look at how many (often pretty) White women you will see with nonwhites. I’m currently in the upper Midwest and even in rural towns in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Fargo you will constantly see White women towing around Mulatto babies. That is very emasculating for a White man to see.

        Even just two years ago, when I moved here, this was far less common.

        • I’m all for the “manosphere” ideas – young white men should act masculine, manly, a tad bit arrogant, and yeah, sometimes you got to smash a nigger’s head through a plate glass window.

          Of course the faux-masculinity of sticking metal in your face, getting tattoos, and aping Negro culture is a bad way to go about it.

          Faux-tribalism – like dressing a certain non-mainstream way, or getting into some obscure LARPy kind of tribalism, that just leads to subculturalism, like punk rock. That kind of faux-triablism is perfectly compatible with consumerism – the corporations will be happy to sell you the ink and piercings and shitty music.

          What do white men who are stuck in cubicles all day long do when they need to reject that sort of emasculation? They play football on the weekends with their boys, of course.

          The anti-white culture for 30 years has idealized punk rockers and wiggers while it does nothing but attack “yuppie frat boys.”

        • Even just two years ago, when I moved here, this was far less common.

          Lol, sure. You don’t think it’s a teeny weeny bit more likely that you just started noticing it than that it just shot up?

          • ‘Lol, sure’ great way to ignore my argument.

            And I’ve been racially aware for years so that’s not it. I just pay attention to what I see around me and it’s obvious that inter-racial relationships have become way more socially acceptable over the last couple years (at least in this part of the U.S.). There are tons of Mulatto babies / tots but very few in their teens. Why is that?

          • most areas are gradually getting less white and the areas that are white are being encroached upon and surrounded by enriched areas

            It’s an observable phenomenon and if you do enough observation you can probably notice it in a relatively short time scale

            5 years ago the next town over was a lot whiter than it is today

          • Yes, demographic change can overwhelm a neighborhood frighteningly quickly, so it’s not impossible that he did indeed notice a marked uptick in interracial couplings over a two-year span. I just think it’s doubtful.

    • You have a poor understanding of Tribalism. You are ignorant and should learn more.

      |”It’s called “escapism.”

      That refers to people that LARP, cosplay, or haven’t fully understood or accepted certain spiritual principles. Getting high or drunk is escapism. Taking on a phony name and a stupid avatar pic online and ranting about what you think are grand ideas is ‘escapism’. Hiding behind a hoodie or an anonymous moniker is escapism. Trying to practice the sacred cultural practices of another race or tribe (ala sweat lodging, non-white tribal tattoos, yoga, Zen meditation) is LARPing, a form of escapism.

      Reaching deep within yourself, giving to your tribe, being transparent with yourself and others (even online), celebrating life through interaction with the natural, feeling the warm blood of a departing life on your skin, rejecting materialism and Netflix addiction, making your own food, homesteading, chanting Galdrlag with a drum made from skin of an animal you hunted yourself. visceral screams in front of a fire with your bretheren and Tribe, celebrating the archetypes of your ancestors, whether it be the wolf cult or the Odinic wanderer…is part of the spiritual core of the new Tribalism.

      Most of you are too comfortable in your homes to ever venture into dark caves or into the woods to discover yourselves.

  • “There are people on the Alt-Right that don’t understand this deep disenfranchisement that Whites feel with modern culture. They just want to do away with the minorities and Jews and get right back to…what exactly?”

    I think this is key, and I would extend that to Europe as well. While European nationalists are in a different position than American Whites, we too have to answer our own “back to what?”.
    I’m wondering whether Whites are the only race on the planet that have in a sense “outgrown” their own cultures like a pair of clothes, and yearn for the days when they were comfortable in them instead of just standing around naked now, while knowing that they don’t fit any more either.
    Maybe we’ve reached some new psycho-cultural level of evolution or something and our future culture will be much more conscious and intentional or something.
    Perhaps it’s that often mentioned Fustian spirit which yearns for the infinite and demands to be satisfied. If so, it will need structure so that it doesn’t waste itself and just dissipate.

    • The opposite is true, there are people on the Alt Right that don’t understand that white people are fine with “modernity” – it’s the non-whites that are the problem.

      So they go out of their way to distract people from the actual problem – race – and try to get them to LARP Against the Modern World.

      Right wing hipsters, in other words. Ironic.

      • the modern society wasn’t shaped by us in a lot of way so if race is what matters it has everything to do with rejection of modernity. no1 is saying we should give up engines and electricity

        • Yeah a lot of people don’t get that Traditionalism is not Anarcho-Primitivism. We’re not opposed to technology. We’re opposed to the empty nihilistic, materialistic culture that modernity has created, that has dispossessed whites, and that makes most sane people miserable.

      • First off, I haven’t read the article, nor do I plan to. I cannot take the author seriously enough to bother reading him when he writes Buzzfeed-tier listicles about Kim Kardashian. I am only responding to what you said.

        As I understand it, traditionalism/anti-modernism is not about LARPing as a viking, but rather is the idea that throughout European, or even Indo-European, history there have been social structures and practices that are naturally suited and historically proven to work for our people. As an example of such a practice, consider the aristocratic-republican model of government (Samuel Francis talks about this in ‘The History of the White Man’) found in Indo-European societies. Traditionalist/anti-modernists generally hold that these practices have been degraded and lost over time. Romanisation and Christianity were the beginnings of this decay. Seeing to secure their power, Roman Emperors looked to the despotism of Egypt for inspiration on how to run the Empire. Christianity later damaged the traditional Indo-European religious institutions. Prehaps the most important event in the decay was the French Revolution. From it sprang all manner of modern ills, including modern racial egalitarianism. Most would hold that the countercultural revolution of the 1960s was the final straw.

        Once again, this is just my understanding, but the idea is not that we all need to go back to the farms and whatnot, but rather that we need to rediscover our traditional Indo-European methods of organising things. The idea is that modern racial egalitarianism has sprouted from the modernist root, and that if we do not tear it out roots and all it will just grow back.

      • Considering I’ve written about this topic for years, your suggestions – which are not unique to you, but have been proposed, tried, and failed for 50 years, it’s not “counter-signaling” to “disagree” with you, personally, Vincent Law.

        If your ideas have merit, they can withstand some criticism.

        • You reply so quickly. Just itching to disagree aren’t we?

          I was a Dugin shill one day, an NRx shill the next, and am I part of a CIA project to turn White people into the Amish today?

          • Considering I just wrote on this topic two weeks ago, it’s was a convenient chance to show why those particular ideas are a failure. It is, as a matter of fact, a rather NRx-y idea, all this rather silly counter-signaling against “modernity.”

            No, of course YOU aren’t CIA, lol. The CIA hires highly intelligent elites. You’re just repeating the talking points without understanding them, because you’ve never actually done the research into social engineering, anthropology etc.

            Even E. Michael Jones has written about these tactics, Jones being a conservative Catholic.

            You need to learn to not take criticisms of your ideas so personally – especially since they aren’t even original to you.

          • Your attacks have gotten personal. You accuse me of having experienced high school trauma, of being part of secret clubs that I am not.

            Let me return the favor.

            You are clearly autistic and a faggot.. This article does not advocate ceding political control and retreating to Cascadia. Your whole reply is non sequitor.

            The article is about disassociating the bad side of modernity with White civilization.

          • I just posted an article that had nothing to do with you personally, and you resort to childish name calling. You aren’t a “shill” for anything, you’re just repeating ideas from other people that have proven to be a failure. That’s not “shilling” it’s just spreading bad ideas.

            There’s nothing personal about it.

          • Nothing childish in calling out faggotry when you see it.

            Feel free to comment on the content of the article and not just shill for your blog about CIA mindwarfare anytime, HR. I’ll meet you halfway.

          • I did comment on the substance of the article. When you, or any other author, posts good ideas, I upvote and agree. When you, or any other authors, post bad ideas – like the “noble savage” gimmick, which is a rehash of a rehash of a rehash, I’ll disagree.

            My ideas aren’t even original to me, I’m just of middling intelligence at best. I just promote good ideas from people smarter than me.

            The substance of this particular article is bad, it’s full of bad, half baked ideas and a misunderstanding of how anti-whitness works. I’ll be cheering you on when you post better ideas next time.

          • The noble savage gimmick fails because it is human to need to connect to the earth. It is essential to neurological development and personal growth. It effects the way you think and how you solve problems and interpret all other interactions.

            People just need to go outdoors more.

            Once you identify the dynamic (or problem in Hegellian frames), you can affirm that appealing to other cultures was just a failure to articulate the need.

          • Then why don’t you start you own site or blog and stop trolling here? Seriously HR, I can’t tell if you want a job here or if you have a thing for Law.

          • The noble savage is hard. The majority of White America is soft. I dont think tech made us soft, retreat cuck mentality did. If we act hard, people will follow. Its why young white boys started liking rap in the 90s. Rock went 100% fag, while rap went for hard. Now rap is fag, there is an opening.

          • Most whites can’t stomach ‘hard’. Most white men are ‘bitches’, not wolves. They want the soft, materialistic life. The comfort of the chair behind a computer.

          • Same applies to all races anymore. Younger blacks are addicted to the net, social media, etc, just as bad as their white contemporaries. I see it every day at work.

          • What opening are you talking about? How would music make one a hardened person? Pop culture music wise is basically reduced to rap or country. Both genres play to the lowest common denominator. There is nothing of beauty or inspirational about them.

          • you write a lot of great articles but I feel like you defending them in comments takes away more than helps. especially arguing with this guy. I like him but something just seems out of place. idk if he is a con, a prick, autistic or just unique but he is pretty sharp and entertaining

          • Any good points he sometimes makes are overshadowed by his tendency to act like an insufferable cunt. Vincent is correct to treat him as such.

          • that’s not VL’s job though. overextending can make even the greatest people’s effort counterproductive

          • He’s the moderator.

            Realistically HR spends all of his time here punching right. When it’s not figures in the Far Right, WN scene, it’s other commenters. And more times than not he finds a way to take a swing at both in the same post. Disagreement is one thing. Stating an unpopular opinion is one thing. HR consistently steps over that line and devolves the discussion into name calling and baseless accusations.

            Is he actually banned?

          • I wouldn’t ban HR but it would be nice if they could limit his posts per day

          • Maybe ban the word “LARP.” HR overuses it to the point that I never want to hear it again.

          • The author arguing in the comments section is typically a sign of poor self-esteem about what they wrote.

          • I have to agree with HR here. There are entire books and considerable essays on this topic, the article doesn’t seem informed by any of them, nor does it offer any original thought.

        • Thank you.

          Go easy on Vinnie, though. He’s only in his 20’s. I’d bet good money that in ten years he’ll be looking back scratching his head and/or cringing that he ever felt such an earnest need to “revolt” against “modernity.”

          • One word: Heidegger.

            If you believe that revolting against modernity is doomed to failure, or whatever, then fine. But you can’t just pass it off as the idealistic fantasies of youth because there are very serious names that took the anti-modernity stance. Heidegger apparently seemed to believe that modernity was actually (((modern))) to its core.

          • I can respect a philosophical or intellectualized kind of anti-modernity, even if I don’t agree with it. What I mostly see, though, is a youthful angst attempting to mollify itself by shitting on every advance since 3000 BC.

          • Ok, that’s fair. You have to realize though that, for better or worse, is not exactly an ideal platform for highly philosophical or technical essays. Vince himself said so when he explained why he was writing listicles. I suspect the majority of readers here are somewhat new to “alternative” thought and that this is their first exposure to different ideas, attitudes and so on. The writers here have to pander to that low-brow chunk whether they like it or not. I’d be seriously surprised if any article written on this site by any author was actually supposed to be the pinnacle of their thinking.

          • It is a platform that appeals to young men, as the site so self-consciously identifies, and their newly found beliefs after being ‘red-pilled’ (lol). In other words, it is like an incubator for young men, nurturing their brains for the future.

          • Anti-Modernity in the Evola sense is more concerned with Spirituality than Ludditism. It’s not about “going back” to a simpler time, or preserving another era like the Amish. The modern world is defined by liberalism, democracy, egalitarianism, materialism etc. When we say “Revolt Against the Modern World,” a reference to the Evola book, we’re talking about abandoning these features of Modernity, which Evola would argue are inherently Jewish characteristics that plauge modernity and make everything shitty. We should return to a world based on hierarchy and spiritual transcendence. The Peasantry of the ancient world, according to Evola, had a superior sense of spirtual purpose and belonging, whereas modernity has created unhappy, atomized individuals, with no roots, meaning to their life or purpose in the greater scheme of things.

            Many WN types are very narrow minded and think only in terms of saving the white race. To me saving the white race and keeping the degenerate culture, is just as pointless as preserving muh “Western” values and letting the White race get bred out.

          • we’re talking about abandoning these features of Modernity, which Evola would argue are inherently Jewish characteristics that plauge modernity and make everything shitty.

            In your opinion. Much of what you consider shitty, however, I don’t find objectionable at all.

            We should return to a world based on hierarchy and spiritual transcendence.

            See, I have no interest at all in the former and I retain some grave doubts about the wisdom of the latter, although I could perhaps change my mind.

            The Peasantry of the ancient world, according to Evola, had a superior sense of spirtual purpose and belonging, whereas modernity has created unhappy, atomized individuals, with no roots, meaning to their life or purpose in the greater scheme of things.

            (((Alain de Botton))) made a similar point in his book Status Anxiety. I think there’s definitely something to this theory. But people who attempt to prescribe solutions to it turn me off completely when I consider everything they want proscribe and when I ponder the attitude that leads them towards those conclusions. What a dour, humorless world they seem to aspire towards!

            Many WN types are very narrow minded and think only in terms of saving the white race. To me saving the white race and keeping the degenerate culture, is just as pointless as preserving muh “Western” values and letting the White race get bred out.

            I have a confession: I once used to think the same way. Hell, a decade ago almost to the day I was driving around one night and everything I’d been studying the last few years about race, IQ, JQ, “poz” etc began to make me feel really gloomy. I’d always had a wistful temperament and when these realizations were added to it I couldn’t shake the feeling that everything had gone to complete shit and there was no obvious or easy way out. The depressive feeling progressively grew over the next year or two to the point that I was convinced that, without some overarching meaning-generating structure, life was utterly pointless.

            Emotionally, the most difficult step was conceding that “the Nazis were right” (not necessarily in everything they said or did, but in principle). Others usually come to that conclusion more quickly, but I’m a mostly Serbian-Greek mix, and both those nationalities found themselves on the receiving end of fascism, and so growing up as something of a WWII buff (among kids anyway), it was without exaggeration psychologically torturous to come to these views. Nonetheless, come to them I did, and I was eager to spread the word.

            My Italian friends – solid ‘racists’ to a man – were the most receptive to my message. Even so, it bothered me that as much as they agreed with basic points, they never really seemed to grasp (if I can be grandiose for a moment) the ‘inner greatness’ of the vision I was offering. If I was talking about naggers, they’d frustrate with me imbecilic questions like, “But isn’t there one you like?” – as though it were at all a question of individuals. I’d remind myself I’m dealing with some rather dense, unschooled, working class types, so I learned to make provision for their lack of discernment and I soldiered on.

            After some time, it began to dawn on me (painfully slowly!) that people simply weren’t interested in my ministrations. They didn’t want or need what I was selling. You can imagine how deflating that was. I’m presenting them with the gift, the hope, the dream – a better future than they’d have ever dared imagine possible – and all they do is stare at me blankly or change the subject on me mid-sentence. Like God knows how many others before me, I withdrew into myself. If this this world is determined to burn, then fuck this world, let it burn! I’d console myself that at least I and a few other good men like me had seen through the lies, and if all we could do was to be keepers of the flame, then that would have to suffice.

            Finally, I came full circle. I came to see that there’s nothing really all that horrible about ‘the modern world’ – and a good deal that is vastly superior to what came before, that deserves to be cherished and nourished. The problem wasn’t ‘the world’; the problem was me – my mentality, my attitude, my beliefs, my values. The more that these improved, the more I appreciated and enjoyed life. If I’m sometimes acerbic and dismissive towards ‘traditional’ ideas it’s because I regret the years I devoted to that futile cause.

          • Well I can appreciate where your coming from, but one thing I cannot relate to at all is being satisfied with the state of things as they are. Acceptance is just another way of saying surrender. I can’t do it.

            To be honest Evola’s book “Ride the Tiger: Survival Manual for the Aristocrats of the Soul” changed my perspective on a lot of things, I think for the better. It’s one of his later works, when he had accepted that the reactionary revolt against modernity wasn’t going to happen in his life time, and it’s all about how to live above the mundanity of modern existence and attempt to live a fulfilling and rewarding life. That book more than any other finally cured me of my Libertarianism and misanthropy and sent me down the path I’m on now.

          • Rod Dreher and his Benedict Option is along the same lines as Evola. Just try to make local communities and hunker down till the storm passes. All the while striving to live a meaningful life like you said. It is directed at
            Christians, but it is a similar concept.

          • I wouldn’t say I’m “satisfied.” If I could wave my magic wand, there’s quite a few things I’d do away with, and other things I’d introduce. I would say I’ve “accepted” that things are the way are.
            That doesn’t imply liking them or not trying to change them – you know, the way how someone who might have been living in denial finally accepts he’s a fat shit and sets about trying to change it. I’ve just lost that sense of despair that things aren’t right and may never be right and ah fuck what’s the point of even living etc (pretty dark stuff, no shit).

            If Evola works for you, I can’t hold it against you. Remember me if the revolution ever comes, will you? And go easy on me, please – “Ah Silv, he ain’t one of us, but he tried to help.” : )

          • Hey, thanks bro. That’s the great thing about racial comity: you can hate someone so much you wanna skin him alive, but then you tell yourself, well, for all his faults, he’s still one of mine. Doesn’t work every time, but if you were a nagger it wouldn’t occur to me at all.

        • Failed? No way. Far more people show up to folkish Heathen events and take that seriously than they do ‘Free Speech Rallies’ or one of Spencer’s speeches. You could fit everyone that showed up to the DC rally in a mid-sized school bus.

      • I’ve blocked HR because I feel like arguing with him is a waste of time. It’s one thing to have a real argument over differences, and quite another to blow up the conversation with baseless accusations, insults, projection and feigning constant confusion. I just don’t have the patience for that shit, and it’s not why I’m here.

    • I’m wondering whether Whites are the only race on the planet that have in a sense “outgrown” their own cultures like a pair of clothes, and yearn for the days when they were comfortable in them instead of just standing around naked now, while knowing that they don’t fit any more either.
      Maybe we’ve reached some new psycho-cultural level of evolution or something and our future culture will be much more conscious and intentional or something.

      Perfectly said, mate.

      I think that part of the reason why the elites of the 1930s were so horrified by German National-Socialism is that the NS party’s goal wasn’t to go back to the past. They didn’t want to just kick out the Jews – they wanted to ‘reincarnate’ Germany into something grander. It’s hard to describe, but when you study the culture from that era you notice there was a very strong quasi-religious strain to the entire NS movement.

      The theme of national rebirth is often ignored by Western historians, but it was a core aspect of NS philosophy.

      • I think it’s worth noting that though NS did seek a sort of rebirth, there have been criticisms by those that thought it failed to do it. Heidegger comes to mind, in particular. He initially had hopes that NS really would be a sort of new beginning, so to speak, but he eventually came to the conclusion that it failed to achieve what he thought it was supposed to. He claimed something along the lines of the NS’s not even being aware of the significance of what their movement was purportedly supposed to achieve. Another criticism I have heard, one that pops up into my mind every now and then was the claim made by Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, who said that NS was just like Communism or what we today call Liberalism, in that it too was trying to achieve the same sort of materially comfortable and egalitarian American-esque utopia, even if only for ‘Aryans’. He spoke about the standardization and mass production of VW Beetles for example and the autobahn, as being very typical of this sort of modernity which he despised; where everything is enormous, standardized, mass-produced and comfortable. Now, I really don’t like Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn because he is way too Christian and liberal (in the classical sense) for me and seems to have an obsession with Mitteleuropa, though he does make some criticisms which reminded me of some of the things Heidegger apparently also didn’t like about NS.

        Also, though NS has a lot that can be learned from it, its celebration or revival is something that doesn’t sit well with the overwhelming majority of Slavs, for reasons I hope don’t need to be explained.

        • Legit points and I agree that it doesn’t make sense for Slavs to celebrate a revival of NS (I’ve always thought it a bit odd that there are self proclaimed ‘Nazis’ in places like Russia). It’s also a bit odd for Brits to celebrate NS due to the Blitz.

          I do wonder where this leaves the Germans though. Hitler is the ultimate symbol of racialism, nationalism, and White militarism in their culture. And yet he’s also widely mocked and hated by Germans for having led them down a dark path.

          They have to square him away somehow. But he’s just too multifaceted to be ignored, condemned, or excessively praised.

      • The culture of Nazi Germany in the 30’s was like another planet to anyone living in this day and age. The subject confuses many because it is so difficult to understand. Totally foreign zeitgeist.

      • We were at the point of no return in terms of culture decades ago. The culture has been corrupted by design and us silly humans, being corrupt ourselves, went along for the ride. Evola had it right in
        Ride the Tiger. The current is too strong. You just have to wait for it to come to the point where it stops, then take control. Whatever comes next will be entirely new.

  • “Don’t let the Left bait you into defending trucker hats and oil rigs in
    national parks. Don’t let them make the Alt-Right about business suits
    and slaving away at the cubicle. Don’t let them trick you into defending
    Suburbia or McDonalds.”

    Actually, the “Alt-Lite” is about defending those things.

    • I suggest that white men learn a martial art. Get hit or kicked on a regular basis. It would be a partial antidote to modernity.

      • The Greeks were all for excellence in mind, body, and spirit. You want to leave modernism, that would be the goal to strive for.

  • Return of spirit of the Bronze Age – revolt of vitalism, destruction of the cities in fire!

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