Alt-Right Politics July 24, 2017

Greg, Selite, Soren and Don Camillo discuss 1) Healthcare Hustling: The House and Senate are crawling over each other to undo Obamacare. How will the Republicans find a way to lose this time? 2) Titans of Dildocracy (43:50): The robber-barons would be proud, or maybe not. Do Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Uber-guy and Jeff Bezos match up to those old-time captains of industry?

Sorry about the quality, my laptop is broken and I can’t fix it because we have no money. Also because I’m spiritually a boomer. -Greg R.

AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.


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