5 Ways To Increase Native White Birth Rates

1. End the White Tax

The true cost of diversity is hard to measure. But most Whites experience it in one way or another. There are only certain sections of major cities that are safe to live in if you are White throughout most of the United States and increasingly in Western Europe too. They almost all are extremely expensive and most young couples cannot afford to move in without financial help. This leads to delayed family formation.

And then there is the problem of good schooling.

Only certain neighborhoods have schools that are White enough to be able to send your kids to. You can guess how expensive it is to afford housing there as well. When young urban professionals live in the city, only private school is an option. If they cannot afford it, they go childless another year.

Examples of the White Tax are abundant. But all examples serve to depress White earning potential and the ability for White families who are just starting out to have a fair shot.  Whites have to pay a premium to avoid the worst parts of living in Weimerica and it takes a toll on their reproductive ability. Unfortunately, the White Tax is here to stay. The only way that it can be mitigated is with subsidies. Implicitly White subsidies can be implemented to boost the fertility rate by offering young legal families with no criminal records (that rules out Blacks and Hispanics) helpful loans to afford their first kids. The squeamish center politicians can even avoid calling it a White subsidy because, in theory, all can partake in it.

2. Leave the cities altogether

Cities are natural population sinks. The birth rate is far higher in the country. We already have ample proof of this throughout history. Cramped living conditions and the relentless 8-6 work day do wonders in reducing fertility. We need only look to recent times to see this play out. One of the greatest mistakes of the Soviet Union was to move huge numbers of villagers to the cities to create an industrial workforce and a proletariat. It lead to a devastating decline in fertility rates.

The country is a natural population surplus generator. The city is the opposite. And I haven’t even mentioned the cultural differences between city culture and country culture. One is naturally conservative and the other almost always naturally liberal. There is also less community in the cities which leads to fewer support networks. This problem can be drastically exacerbated if young Whites have moved into the city to get away from their suburban hum drum lives. Then they are completely atomized and cut off from any support network to lean on.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Nowadays with the internet, certain kinds of work can be done online anywhere there is an internet connection. It makes no sense to live in an overpriced city if you can make your living online. Better to move out where the housing is cheap, the diversity is less and there is an organic community. Downshift and be happier for it.

3. Ban female contraceptives

We are unlikely to see any real strides in the direction of legislation banning the pill. But we can meme and spread awareness about the effects that the pill is having on the female population. The explosion of THOT behavior, the nasty effects of estrogen pills in our water supply/environment and the risks of becoming rendered permanently infertile by the pill are all arguments that we can meme and spread. Women are already starting to have doubts even as younger and younger girls are put on the pill. There is more than enough reason to believe that it leads to disastrous results.

The best move, of course, would be to start suggesting that women of the pill are better than those on it. Many men have noticed that there is a difference in softness, and in the emotional behavior of girls who are on compared to those off the pill. Competition and shame are two emotions that girls feel keenly. All it would take is a little push…

And the result? No one-year waiting periods between getting off the pill and conceiving. Less slutty behavior from girls that have to be more careful now. And accidental pregnancies of course. You know, the ones that have kept the human race going since time immemorial. If we as humans could just have sex without consequences, we just would. The modern West has proved that given a chance, most people would rather take vacations, go out to restaurants and keep it casual until they are 30-35 before heading to a fertility clinic and paying huge sums to figure out why they aren’t able to make babies. Getting rid of the safeguard of the pill will do wonders in promoting fertility.

4. Remove No-Fault Divorce

Marriage is the building block of civilization. And it is the best method that we have devised to date of raising children successfully. No-fault divorce incentivizes bad behavior and the disintegration of relationships. Furthermore, it gives men pause. Why should they rush into a trap? So they wait or don’t get married at all. And once again the White population suffers.

Feminism has served to decimate the reproductive rate of White countries. This is the sole reason for which the ideology was devised.

Institutionalized Feminism has led to broken families, millions of aborted White babies and the opening of our borders. Churches, men’s groups and any conservative group that gives a damn about the reproductive health of their people need to start aggressively lobbying to end No-Fault Divorce. They have completely dropped the ball on this issue for decades, but the pressure needs to be put to bear on them. They need to start fighting the battles that matter. There is already a massive Manosphere presence online. Instead of just complaining, at this point they should start lobbying.

5. Start a new economy

The awful truth of the matter is that there are a lot of surplus bodies running around nowadays. The West doesn’t need that large of a working population anymore.

Which really makes you wonder why the Elites are hell-bent on importing so much of the Third World…

Think about it. In pre-Industrial times, you needed lots of farmers. Land and food equaled wealth. Then you needed lots of workers in the factories. Industrial might equaled wealth. Modern war required massive armies. The bigger the army, the stronger it was. Nowadays, we don’t need many farmers, we don’t need many factory workers and we don’t need massive conscription based armies. Mechanization, robotization and nuclear weapons have changed the rules on the ground.

The only growing industry in the US is the IT and Finance industries. You only need a couple of clever nerds and autists to do those jobs which by the way are the only ones that pay well and offer growth prospects. Unfortunately, most nerds belong to the third sex and don’t plan on reproducing anytime soon. It all just becomes a waste of resources that could be allocated better.

There needs to be a new driver of growth in the White world and whatever it is, it needs to be protected with tariffs and trade barriers.


So much ground has already been ceded that many now advocate for a full-on collapse scenario to be able to make any meaningful changes. But short of waiting for the collapse, there are still measures that can be taken. If the collapse happens, it happens. Until then, we have no excuse to not do what we can to improve our own chances of reproducing and of our kinsmen. Cough up the black pill, we have work to do.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • no babies being born.. and all the drugs white people are doing killing then self on meth yup you all in trouble.. lol when white people are gone off the face of the earth then the earth will see peace.. white people are the 1# criminal on the face of the planet…

  • Everyone always views this issue on a group level. Think about it on an indivual evolutionary level, those who want to reproduce a lot will and those values will be passed to their kids. Those who don’t, wont and will not. Eventually through natural selection those with these backward views of not reproducing will die out and the birth rate will stabilize… Though will will suffer population decline before any increase happens again.

    We cannot allow this view to infect our children, we should all aim to have 3 children and tell them about the problem so they solve it too after we’re gone.

  • I noticed in the article that you left out us oil field workers, we are many and we are also not scared to speak our mind. The oil field might require long hours, but I get equally as much time off. Also were it matters, diversity here, in the field means that it’s ok to self segregate, no one cares. Only the big companies like Halliburton are trying to strong hold muh diversity and they are paying for it horribly. Great article Vincent!

    • yeah right, you are talking nonsense. More and more white people are waking up. Look at Eastern Europe now, all white and not taking in any non-whites.

  • 6. Stop handling plastics that contain ESTROGENIC Bisphenol, (BPA among OTHERS) Get bamboo keyboards, use glass and ceramics.

    7. Create and invest in Pro-White biotechnology firms to apply Transhumanist methods for the betterment of the Right.

  • One idea that I have is to educate young women in math and science and classical literature really well so that they are competent home school teachers, rather than “career girls.” A home schooling mom can educate children who wlil go on to do amazing things, that will be more rewarding and fulfilling than a corporate job. Also, home schooling moms can use Skype videoconference teachers and tutors for material they have not mastered. But the mom should learn the material along with her kids.

  • birth control is the number one problem. sex used to mean children, if you wanted sex you would have children, having children was not always about wanting to have children.

  • 1-Have white babies!
    2-Move to rural areas (agreed). The western midwest, plains states, and upper Rockies is full of white-only areas or small towns with large white populations and cheap land (think Kansas City and westward). It has always made me wonder why urban types would pay out their ass to have a small cell in a skyscraper instead of owning LAND…what the Founders envisioned. Ignore myths that such areas are “boring”, as “boring” is often a word used by urban liberals to describe places that lack “diversity”. And we all know what that means.
    3- Have white babies!
    4-If you are childless, get out from behind your computer, motivate yourself to improve assertiveness skills. Approach 10 women a day if you are single. Talk to them, tease them, but don’t grovel or appear weak. Make eye contact and smile, if nothing else. Court women and find one to have your children, your legacy.
    5-If you aren’t into monogamy, as today’s youth seems to be skeptical of, then have white babies with several women. Beta males and other white knight types will step up to take care of them and support them. Spread your white, healthy genes (unless you have a major mental illness or genetic disease). Just make sure you pay $upport and visit the child regularly so it knows who you are and that you love them.

    • dont advocate having fatherless babies, they will just become gay sjws… maybe in 2070 when the ethnostate needs bodies for the front line but today no.

        • it is arguable, but not preferable, fatherless children, bastards, rarely turn out well, Hitler did but his dad died when he was young, not run away with another woman.

    • The only part I disagreed with what the remarks about autistics many people with autism high functioning do want to have families and many do

  • I would like add this about having children. My mother’s generation mostly looked at having children as something negative. It really had a bad effect on my 1st years as a mother. They believed having children ruined a woman in every way. This needs to STOP! We need to show how wonderful having children really is for a woman. It is the most rewarding calling! It also guarantees that we will be taken care of in our old age if our husbands go 1st. I have 2 & working on a 3rd! We love watching them grow up! If I could go back & know what I know now I would have as many as possible!

    • unless you’re a woman yourself how would you know how “rewarding” it is? Its not. its financially draining and the fathers never stick around these days.

  • 6. SINGLE PAYER HEALTHCARE….give whites gov’t paid healthcare like most nonwhites already get…we are already paying for nonwhites healthcare and our own premiums….we should get the benefits.
    7. outlaw most building construction regs, codes, ordinances, zoning laws etc…make housing cheaper…

    • The part they forgot regarding taxes was the seeming sky rocketing tax on food. Not food at say McDonald’s or your favorite pizza joint but food even take home meals from the grocery store especially in Canada. If you think it costs a lot to feed one person imagine the costs for a family of multiples

  • Build newer, better cities in the country. With massive border walls! Majority white by law.

    Contraceptives and abortion keep people you dont want born away!! THE BLOOD IS NOT ON YOUR HANDS. It is on that individual only.

    Eugenics is the answer. They call it transhumanism now, write articles on that topic. Why would anyone DESIGN a new human being to look any less beautiful than a white??? Inspire all races to marvel at the beauty of european genes.

    Now lose the handle-bar mustache and revise your list!

  • That’s funny and all, but I don’t see the most important one: END FEMINISM!
    Stop playing sympathetic to Jew-run anti-power tools like feminism.

  • It really is all about “birth control”. Humans had been evolving for *millions* of years in an environment where when X happened, Y almost invariably followed. X=sex, Y=children. All human societies are fundamentally organized around that equation. The idea that we could change it and sever the connection between X and Y and not suffer a grave disruption was always preposterous.

  • As with most things white-White people are our own worse enemies. Nonwhites don’t care about birth rates because they never did ; and neither does their own or any other society care either. Humanities ONLY imperative is REPRODUCE of die. Nonwhites have always got that-Always. White people put a long list of impediments , challenges and obstacles in their own way as barriers to self reproduction- that’s it’s a wonder any of us even got this far. Muslims are blatantly telling whites that they can reproduce 8 to 10 times more than white people ; and that “That” is the #1 weapon in their arsenal. White men have over though reproduction and now it’s coming back around to bit them in the butt. Our collective sense of responsibility has reasoned us immovable ; until we can over think the answers , and by that time-time has passed us by. If it weren’t for white women’s female reproductive instincts we’d probably be instinct by now. The answer is relatively simple-Lebensborn Remove the political BS ; and all the phony historical left wing Jewish propaganda of the last 70 years and the answer is crystal clear. Learn to learn from your enemies if you expect to conquer them. The wrong answer was declining “birth rates”; the right answer today is definitely Breeding world wide Now!

    • never gonna happen sorry. move to the middle east if you hate women’s rights. You will be happy as a Muslims. they are so weak that the only way they can ever mate is to oppress.

  • I have none, but am looking for a good woman to start a family with. Also, we need to learn how to protect our children from the psychological tactics of the teachers in public school, and use some of our own. I’ve alredy come up with a few of my own, but we need to teach our kids from the time that they start talking (2 or 3yo) that if the guy is not white he’s not alright. and other short ryms.

    • Don’t be too picky. No one is perfect. The time is never perfect. The situations are never perfect. Find the best White mate(s) you can find and have children. In order for each of us to survive into the next generation we need a person or persons of the opposite sex who is White to agree to contribute his or her 23 White chromosomes to our 23 White chromosomes to produce a new one of us.

  • I dont know what is the purpose of incrasing white birth rates. What is the intended goal of “more breeding”? Breeding for sake of breeding is stupid. We have been able to destroy our enemies with 1:100 ratio and more. We arent going to win this battle with “numbers”, we are going to win it with dedication. There is no problem of “too few whites” in this world, only a problem of too many shitskins.

      • Mediocre white men have more going for them than the so-called smart fractions in nonwhite populations.

        Understand it this way: Q: What do you call the guy who graduates at the bottom of his class at Harvard? A: A Harvard graduate.

        In other words, mediocre white men resemble the bottom level Harvard graduates. They still belong to an elite relative to the world’s POC’s.

        • We must have faith in the White genome. Many of our brightest White people are the produces of not so bright White parents. It’s all in the shuffle of the 3 billion or so pieces of the DNA code and there are so many variants possible that the best practice is to have as many White children as possible. Some will be great, some less so, but they’ll all be White and they will continue on our collective White genome, which can never be a bad thing.

      • We actually need white countries with stable populations with minimal fluctuations. And the population density in these white ethno-states should probably be lower than it currently is.

        • While you’re thinking about such White countries, you should do what you can do, which is to have White children.

          • Mihilus is right. Whites wont out-breed the other races in the US anyway and there is nothing you can do about it. You cant change everyone’s mind. having more kids isnt going to magically solve all issues.

  • Cities are not the problem. The Greatest Generation gave birth to the Baby Boomers while living in cities like Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, etc. The Greatest Generation, and the older Baby Boomers were able to raise families because they earned wages that could support a family in steel mills, auto plants and other factories. Globalization, in the form of unlimited immigration and “free” trade have driven wages down to the point where only individuals with certain skills and/or luck can comfortably support a family of two or more children.

    I found this opinion piece in The New York Times to be eye opening on the subject of “free” trade. It is signed by the leaders of the American and Canadian auto workers’ unions. In it, they point out that both Canada and the U.S. have lost auto industry jobs to Mexico, while Mexican wages have failed to increase. A corrupt system in Mexico keeps wages low. A renegotiation of NAFTA must take into account the fact that Mexico does not play by what we consider to be the rules.

    By the way, my father was an auto worker who had less than a high school education. In 1985, he made about $35,000. I remember this, because I needed to know his income in order to fill out college financial aid forms that year. If you adjust for inflation, that would amount to about $81,000 in 2017, an sum which could easily support a family of four, or even more.

    • that is the difference, non-white have children even if they can’t afford it. But whites being responsible won’t have children if they can’t afford it.

  • repost dsqus

    Children are high-commitment. Most Whites see themselves as atoms and not part of something that transcends them. Their attachment to their race/culture/people is low-commitment, if existent at all. The math doesn’t add up. I’m convinced that this particular problem cannot be fixed with compulsion or external means. It will have to be the result of an internal change that results from a new high-commitment which itself would have to be part of some sort of bigger concrete adherence or ‘group’ of some kind.

    To “have a child in the world”, is very different from (for example) “producing the next generation of Mormons for the Church”. The individual in the former context completely lacks the incentives, purpose and support. structure that the latter has. Even having a child “for your race” isn’t enough, because without that cohesive group, it’s still just you as an individual, irrelevant of the reasons. People don’t seem to understand that there is a qualitative difference between a crowd of 10 people, and a team of 10 people.

    To use a bit of formal logic, if (a) represents an individual, then:

    (a) x 10

    is different from ((a) x 10). [ ‘((a) x10) x 10’ would be 10 teams of 10 individuals]

    Without the parentheses encapsulating the (a) x 10, it’s just (a) multiplied potentially indefinitely. A collection of (a)’s. There can be 1 or a million. Quantity is completely irrelevant, which is why:

    the “x 10” behind the (a) can be dropped. (a) is just (a). That’s what we’re dealing with here.

    While ((a) x10) must taken as a whole and cannot be broken down into parts any more than an (a) can, so it can now be simplified into (z), with (z) now being a new ‘unity’ that has 10 individuals locked in a specific social relational-structure within itself. It becomes a sort of super or meta individual, or a meta-(a).

    So, (a) vs (z), who’s better off? Or to put the question differently: the atomized White or the White that is part of a distinct tradition and community which not only functions as a distinct subject in the world, with its members being constituent parts, but also acts as a mechanism or social vehicle that the individual member benefits from because, despite his high-commitment to it, he benefits when the (z) succeeds at the expense of other similar but foreign (z)’s? The individual “pays” to be a member, but non-members pay him back when they lose to his group.

    Without the parentheses that turns a plurality of (a)’s into a single ((a) x 10) or (z), you get the free-rider problem. The quantity of (z) can be ‘mass’, but the quality cannot be. It’s sort of like a movement or community that is “elitist in quality, but mass in quantity”. This ‘elitism’ would be the high-commitment I mentioned earlier. Without it, it’s just (a) irrelevant of quantity. There’s no real commitment there between (a) and another (a) etc. They’re not bound by the parentheses that turns the quantity into a new distinct quality i.e. (z).

    I hope what I’ve written. makes even a tiny amount of sense. I’ve had a long day at uni.

  • A lot Nationalists in the New World (particularly the US) strongly believe Whites are having less children due to diversity.

    I’m sorry, but while non-White immigration is a serious problem that will eventually displace you in your own country, it can not be the main reason for the decline in the White birthrate. Other developed countries like South Korea & Japan have similar problems, as do homogenous White countries like Poland & Belarus which have strong boarders.

    Even many years of Putin’s tax benefits for reproducing couples is having a minimal effect to date, and while a step in the right direction, it may take decades to reach replacement levels in Russia.

    I believe the problem is in culture & education, and that will take an entire new generation to change that. There is nothing in the school carriculum to promote family life, and that needs to change. Girls in particular need to embrace motherhood, rather than be indotricnated in Sex Ed classes that getting pregnant is the worst thing in the world, without any context provided.

    Mothers need to be glorified again, and having children should be considered a blessing, rather the modern perspective that they only interfere with travelling, finances, careers.

    Of course, to do this, we need a strong nationalist regime and the total abolishment of feminism. Some serious economic reforms as well. In the meantime, I strongly recommend those of us who are woke to produce as many kids as you can afford.

  • Great points, however they repeat lefties failure to assume a society can be ‘designed’. There is no such thing, any design against the trend will produce more failures.

  • Four out of the five are exactly right — and I actually think this is a more important, more central approach to the decline of our civilization than the immigration issue. Immigration and depressed native fertility are actually both symptoms of the core disease, which is moral/spiritual/psychophysical ennui. But the latter (birth rates) is somewhat closer to the heart of the matter than the former (immigration).

    The fifth one, however, is not right. We don’t have to wait around for a mysterious “new economic driver” to alter conditions on the ground. When you look at periods of moral/cultural formation in the western world (e.g. the high middle ages), they aren’t really the same periods as periods of technological revolution (the enlightenment, 19th century, and 20th century).

  • The education problem also shows the contradictions in the diversity ideology. Our educational practices come from the experience of schooling white people exclusively, namely, people with an average IQ of 100, so why does anyone assume these techniques would work on generally dullard nonwhite people?

    In other contexts progressive ideologues complain that we shouldn’t impose many aspects of white culture on nonwhites because these practices oppress these groups. Hence the effort to remove Shakespeare, Milton and other English writers from university education because the nonwhite students’ coarse and animalistic minds can’t process these white writers’ deep thoughts expressed in unfamiliar words and difficult syntax. This kind of education just makes these students feel inadequate, and it has to go.

    But why stop at that high a level? Honestly, if we just stopped trying to school most blacks and Hispanics, they would have about the same outcomes in life.

  • I agree with #3. I just have to laugh at progressive degenerates who talk about the importance of living in harmony with nature – you know, the organic foods nuts and such – yet they encourage young women to ingest artificial hormones produced by Big Pharma which sabotage the natural fertility cycle so that women can engage in damaging sexual encounters with a series of men who have no intention of marrying them, much less forming families with them.

    Women’s bodies and minds didn’t evolve to handle this kind of abuse. No wonder so many white women, especially, suffer from anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addictions, fertility problems, early loss of sexual interest, early menopause and a general hostility towards men – the last a predictable result of getting banged and dumped by one cad after another.

  • Birth rates will not come up to what we need till we own our own mean of production and credit. Its about the money …

  • Razing the family courts is essential. Today a woman with kids who’s a poor mother and decides that she’s bored with her husband can get a lawyer, make a false claim that her husband is abusing her kids, and file for divorce. The judge will issue a stay of protection and the man will not be able to go home or see his kids. His wife will get the house and the kids. He has to pay alimony and child support, which will be garnished from his wages by the government. His ex-wife has no obligation to spend the child support money on the children, she can use it to party with her new boyfriends. The man winds up sleeping in his car. The woman stands no chance of being accused of perjury for her false claims about child abuse or any other lies she states during the divorce.

    Until this all too often repeated scenario is made impossible, white marriage rates and birth rates will stay low. Feminists wanted to destroy the nuclear family, and through divorce law and the family courts, they have succeeded.

  • Yep, live in a delightfully Deplorable area, about 3 hours away driving from nearest “city”. Between 4 siblings and myself of E. European background have 14 “babies” and the eldest 2 are engaged!

    • You don’t want to give up your lifestyle and move to the nearest Metropolis and live in a crappy 20 story apartment building?

      • Been there done that. Left OC, CA in 1987… Was already too diverse and libturd then, even with Reagan as Pres.

        • I’m being sarcastic. See the stupid comment string below. Anyone with a functioning brain doesn’t want to raise children in a large city.

  • Whites aren’t having children because they’re demoralized 24/7 about the future. In both America and Europe, the (((system’s))) message is clear: your country belongs to shitskins. This message is reinforced in the media, classrooms, and halls of power. Get rid of that message and replace it with a tribal message of procreation and we’ll start having children again.

  • All advanced societies have low birth rates.. homogenous or not. even eastern Europe does (especially them)..

    Only 3rd world populations have 5 kids

      • Even Iran and Saudi Arabia are transitioning to low birth rates

        It’s just black pepo and Afghans left

        • And the blickety blecks are headed toward their wonderful Malthusian trap so that’ll take care of itself, so long as we keep them the hell out.

    • It’s time to change that. Whites must teem as we did in the past when we conquered the whole planet. The more of us the better.

        • No more brother wars my friends. You can look at the same thing from more than one perspective. It is right to say go fuck and raise children as expression of a positive grow to defend idea. But it is also right to return facts from the files and explain that there is more to overcome for realizing this idea than just expressing it.

      • Nice, but Google says the average is 1.3 for Poland ie below replacement. No brown people or diversity to blame it on, no Jews to speak of, apparently more Catholic and trad than Western Europe.. yet lower birth rate than US whites.
        Again, maybe *gasp* demographics is a bit more complicated than just racial identity politics. A Pole is objectively richer than some Indian or African peasant but she is more educated and thus is more likely to think before having unprotected sex.. “am I ready for a child? Will I have enough money for clothes, food, doctors, and school? Will I be able to provide it with a good life? What if something goes wrong?” In the third world this process doesn’t happen.. the woman just gets fucked and has no say in it either way (assuming birth control methods are even available).

    • You little faggot emo nazis want the easy life and expect doom and gloom. You wont be the last generation of white people. The world will not end and the struggle will continue. Your way of thinking took us from 25% of the population to 6%. Stop being a selfish jewfag obsessed with money and failure. Find a white woman, court her, fuck her, raise children with your value s and teach them greatness. Its what you were born to do.

  • It’s not primarily an economic issue, it’s primarily a social issue, thus it needs social solutions. If young women gained social status for marrying and having children, they would marry and have children. Since they are (in the terminology) “shamed” for marrying young, having children, and taking on the role of wife and mother, they go out of their way to not do so.

    Ironically, the way for women to gain social status by marrying is to raise the social status of men, and an easy, legal, and mainstream way to do this is by forming civic fraternities. Not only do these benefit young men economically, they provide a ready made and independent status system. Man contributes to fraternity, man gains status in fraternity, woman who marries that man gains status as his partner.

    The working and middle classes in America have long known how to do this, and did, but 30 years of radio, cinema, and the final blow, television, demonized civic institutions and stripped them of their social status.

    This is precisely why anti-white institutions have gone on a generations-long attack against social and even college fraternities for being “sexist, racist, and exclusionary.”

      • Any time you have a social group of men that has some sort of structure to it, that’s a social fraternity. It makes no difference what the mascot is, is the organization that matters.

        For social factors, you want a social fraternity. For economic factors, you want a union (labor union, credit union.) For business issues, you want a “league” etc.

        It’s the organization that is the key.

        • In reactionary circles they call this a “mannerbund”.
          I think you’re absolutely right on this.
          A big part of social status, especially from the perspective of women, is the appearance and optics of social status. Social fraternities could offer a legitimate boost in social status for its members, but also the appearance of social status to outsiders.
          Implementing this would take some initiative but I think history shows that this sort of thing works.

          • I used to use the term “mannerbund” but there was a deliberate effort to “queer” that term so I switched to “fraternity.” Everyone knows what a “fraternity” is and the people that are more into “spiritual” mumbo-jumbo can use “brotherhood” if it makes them feel better.

            I’ve written about the issue on my blog for years, just search for the tag “mannerbund.”

          • The status system moved away from the community and to the TV (and other mass media.) If a young woman’s brother and all her potential mates are members of the fraternity, and the fraternity is the community group that holds the parties and dances the young woman desperately wants to be invited to, and all her prettier friends are already married to men in the fraternity – that young woman’s social hierarchy is based on the fraternity – not the TV’s.

            Want more proof? Now the status system has moved from the TV to social media. Now women will post their tits to get Facebook “likes” and will commit suicide if they are “shamed” on social media.

            Control the status system, control the people. It’s really simple.

          • “Want more proof? Now the status system has moved from the TV to social media. Now women will post their tits to get Facebook “likes” and will commit suicide if they are “shamed” on social media.”

            Social media is the real competition… Lots of girls get lost in InstaGram life… And Facebook and other popular platforms clearly promote certain social norms over others… No one that I know dare (save a couple of bold outcasts) posts conservative views on FB for fear of having their posts used against them in the future. The manosphere at large is still a fairly new phenomenon, but I think it is indicative of men becoming more open to the idea of fraternities and deliberate social organisation as you say.

  • The new world was always a caste system dominated by whites. The future holds the same. Our battle is with the white shitlibs here. They dont breed. If we have 75%+ of future white people, our children will be in better shape. Control what we can.

  • Nature screams out to all organisms: MAKE MORE LIKE YOURSELF OR GO EXTINCT. And, this applies to humans as it does to bacteria. If we Whites do not make more like ourselves, we will go extinct and we will listed with other unfit kinds that have gone extinct.

    I have faith in the White genome and I believe we will survive, but not all of us, not all of our family lines. Many of our White families will be blended away into non-White forms.

    It is up to each White individually both male and female to make more like himself or herself.

  • The title, “5 ways to increase native white birthrates,” and the subtitle, “Realistic steps short of racial holy war to improve the situation” do not go together and indicate an incorrect understanding of the problem. We do not have to choose between racial holy war and simply increasing the white birthrate. I have posted a number of comments on this subject recently.

    I am not saying that Mr. Law does not understand the problem. He is obviously a busy person who cannot always get everything right.

    Here is why the title and subtitle present a false choice. What is most important now is for more whites to become consciously pro-white. In other words, we need to make explicit white identity politics mainstream. (Trump’s politics, for example, are implicit, not explicit.) Many people who are new to the alt-right or on the fringes fail to appreciate these important distinctions.

    • “Realistic steps short of racial holy war to improve the situation”

      I thought it was Funny……

      Actually, Hilarious…..

      • Sorry, but I don’t “get” your comment. It is too brief.

        What is the one most important thing needed to save the white race? Obviously, it is to stop miscegenation. The only way to stop miscegenation, short of a “racial holy war,” or an ethnostate, is to speak out against it. We do not have that ability in mainstream discourse, currently. This is an example of what I am talking about.

    • Homosexuality is statistically irrelevant. Not all men need to have children -it’s every woman having children that actually counts because any single man can impregnate multiple women at once, while a woman can only have one man’s child at a time.

      Feminism, divorce rates, lax sexual mores between men/women, and a host of other things are much more relevant to this issue than homosexuality. It’s just a red herring, though in saying that, I do recognise the role that it plays when turned into a hostile ideological identity/movement and tied to feminism, anti-white sentiment, liberalism and so on. But even then, it’s just a symptom, not a cause.

  • “The only growing industry in the US is the IT and Finance industries.”

    And all the many Health Care Jobs associated with taking care of all the Dying White People…..

  • “Think about it. In pre-Industrial times, you needed lots of farmers. Land and food equaled wealth. Then you needed lots of workers in the factories. Industrial might equaled wealth. Modern war required massive armies. The bigger the army, the stronger it was. Nowadays, we don’t need many farmers, we don’t need many factory workers and we don’t need massive conscription based armies.”

    Which is why America probably will somewhat resemble Brazil in the Not too Distant Future……….

  • “Feminism has served to decimate the reproductive rate of White countries. This is the sole reason for which the ideology was devised.”


    • there is no feminism in a handful of white countries and the birth rates are still low, try again. its only 3rd world countries that breed like rats to the point they cant feed everyone.

  • we have no excuse to not do what we can to improve our own chances of reproducing and of our kinsmen. Cough up the black pill, we have work to do.

    This is a good point, especially because ‘the collapse’ may never come. I’m personally of the opinion that America is going to drift away into a slow Brazilian slumber.

    But what other options does that leave for White American & Canadian Nationalists? The only ones I can think of are:

    1. Try to take back America democratically (considering the size of the nonwhite and liberal voting bloc, this is essentially impossible – open racialists simply can’t get elected anymore).
    2. Try to secede (but this would almost certainly end in disaster when the local secessionists get hit with everything the U.S. military has).
    3. Leave the U.S. behind.

    My honest advice to White Americans is to heavily consider option #3. Western Europe is in desperate straights and we need all the help we can get. I’d be ecstatic to take pure-blooded Whites back.

    It’s also the easiest. If you’re a White American man who hates what you see around you, then you can either try to change America (many have tried and none have succeeded) or you can be an expat. Your odds of succeeding are a hell of a lot better if you choose the latter.

    • I’ve said that it is easier for a rapefugee to arrive at a Hauptbahnhof and get on Sozialhilfe than it is for a white person to immigrate to Europe. And it’s true. Many people wouldn’t mind moving back to Europe, but the European governments are engineered to let in third world detritus and keep out Whites.

      • That’s true for Western Europe and, to a certain degree, Russia. But it’s not that hard to get into Moldova or Bosnia or any of the other third tier European nations. I’ve also known expats who managed to permanently move to Western Europe by attending college there.

        But the difficulty of emigrating is something that we can work on and aim to fix.

        At the end of the day, building an expat community is dramatically easier than taking over a superpower that is filled with 7 million Jews.

          • The goal isn’t to live around Bosniaks. It’s to find a cheap country with a corrupt government that is located in Europe. The long term goal would be to bribe the government into allowing you to bring in enough of your compatriots to create a stable White American expat community. You would essentially be building a community of expats who would work with each other, marry each other, etc.

            It’d be a bit like what the Germans did in the Renaissance era when they began creating German enclaves all over the Balkans & Russia.

          • History shows that that didn’t work out too well for the Volga Germans and Danube Swabians. Although I think it’s a good idea somewhere like Serbia, but not in a Muslim run shithole like Bosnia or Albania.

          • Part of why I like Bosnia is that it’s not a real Moslem country. It’s divided between Bosniaks, Croats, & Serbs (and the Moslems there don’t even practice Shariah). And most of the young Bosnians have already emigrated. It’s a strange, dying nation. If you could get 10,000 young men into Bosnia, you could literally take over the entire nation. It’s that decrepit.

            There are also stable expat communities in nations like Serbia & Hungary. There’s even a village called Asotthalom which semi-openly encourages Western Nationalists to immigrate:

          • We might be able to create Amerikaner colonies in some friendly white country, where getting absorbed into the natives isn’t exactly the worst thing in the world.

            But it sure seems like a last resort. Unless we paralyze ZOG it is still going to be around, ruining things for everyone else.

            If American whites can at least create a long and drawn out struggle for control over FEDGOV, it will have less of a free hand to bomb European countries etc.

    • 4. Raise white consciousness among white people and form white communities. If politics is downstream from culture, politics is premature anyway.

      The pro-white movement has for 50 years been waylaid by premature electoral politics and very odd fantasies of revolution and secession (and that is all any of that is, fantasy.)

      If America is on track for a Brazil like future (and I believe you are correct) than look at how it works in Brazil: a class system based almost entirely on race. The ruling class is white, and it gets browner and blacker as you go down the class ladder. The United States and Canada may wind up with a similar system, in some ways, has always had a similar system.

      We simply need practical ways for whites to organize. There are political, legal, and social roadblocks to white organizing, but it’s still in the realm of possible, while secession and an explicitly white political party are not (yet.)

      Start with what is possible.

      Option 3 is simply not feasible for the vast majority of Americans, and I say this as someone who has been an ex-pat for years.

      • Those are all good points and I’m glad you clarified what your end goal is. I knew you had one, because your posts are very focused, and I find it interesting to see where Americans are coming from.

        I also agree that, even if a strong ‘expat league’ were created, most White Americans would never leave. Most are too old, have family obligations, or simply don’t have the desire to leave. It’s a good option for young people though (especially ones who feel alienated by American culture).

        If you don’t mind me asking, which nation are you living in now?

        • The solutions to the common problems people complain about are almost always plainly obvious, but are almost never suggested – in fact, are hysterically attacked when they are suggested – because most “movement” people aren’t interested in solutions. They are interested in, variously, showing off obscure knowledge or posturing as “more hardcore than thou.” That’s not at all an original observation of mine, it was discussed by the late great Bob Whitaker, who for most of his life tried to get white people to focus on solutions as opposed to distractions.

          White people in North America have always lived in a multi-racial environment. There were Red, and along with the Whites came the Blacks. Yet for all of the history of Whites in North America, white racial solidarity in the face of non-whites was the rule, not the exception. Virtually all White Americans (and Canadians) saw themselves as “white” and their nations as a nation for white people, specifically, “themselves and their posterity.”

          This only changed with the advent of television and the social revolution of the 1960s. Yet even afterward, most white people were opposed to mass immigration and supported, at least implicitly, maintaining a white majority up until the 1990s. Once White Americans were given a choice to say “no” to the mass immigration – if only implicitly – they voted for Trump, a comical reality TV actor, because he was the only politician even talking about the issue.

          Our problems are social, not economic, not logistic, and not even really political. The pro-white movement has failed because it’s never been particularly interested in solutions. Bob Whitaker, the most important pro-white figure of the last 50 years, bar none, is the only one who focused on the solution.

          The solution – a social solution – is to counter the anti-white propaganda that began to take effect with the advent of the TV.

          All else is a distraction.

  • Homeschooling has always been popular among fundamentalists but now even the more obnoxious hippy-dippy white parents are doing it. It’s not regulated at the federal level, only at the state level, with some states hardly regulating it at all. Might be a good third option for some white families. If you’re in an area where there are already homeschooling cooperatives it could be as enriching as a good private school.

    • Yes. Even if you live in a safe white area with good schools that have high average SAT scores you can be sure the children there are given the standard shitlib curriculum. That’s where the worst cat ladies come from — they are taught to think the “right” way about race and don’t get the real world experience to contradict that.

    • Yeah, you can’t give up the cities because those who control them control society economically, politically and spiritually. I would have thought that this is self-evident to a metapolitically-minded movement such as the Alt-Right. If Whites are reduced to the social status of campesinos, you can forget it all. From that ephemeral position there won’t be no comeback possible.

      • I live in Chicago. Abandon the city and abandon the nation. White flight turned the boomer kids into shitlibs because they didnt see it. Non gov city whites are red pilled by life.

        • Good points. But it is hard to start a family in a Western city. And the institutions are already gone, we don’t have 60 years to infiltrate them.

          • My neighborhood went from 95% white to 70% spanish when i was growing up. Most white people are terrfied to raise their children by Mexicans but i find it healthier than raising them by the shitlibs in the suburbs. I have four boys 4 and under. That is normal around here. Its better to be the smart white kid in the city compared to the poor white kid in the suburbs. White flight ruined our sense of birthright. My kids are at least 6th generation Chicagoians on all 4 sides. Chicago is their birthright. I will not leave. No one in history will know Naperville but they will know Chicago.

    • I think that Vincent’s ideas are very, but that they will never come to pass in the U.S. The government would never allow them and most of the locals don’t want them.

      But they’d be great for a nation like Russia which is trying to boost its population. And you never know who is reading sites like this. It’s possible that articles like this might inspire Russian Nationalists.

      • You cant force white women to breed unless you go full savage. They have to want to breed. Child credits and lower tax bracket if your family has 5 children. White people worship money now. Give them a reason, especially the upper middle class.

        • I don’t follow:

          >First you claimed that Vincent’s ideas ‘sounds just like the cucks plan of the last 60 years.’
          >Now you are promoting child credits and lower tax brackets (one of Vincent’s ideas).

          Are you for or against the ideas in the article?

          • That idea is fine. The retreat from our birthright is foolish. We built those cities. We should fight for them.

          • Thanks for the clarification, mate.

            I understand the desire to stick it out and fight for your city, but I just can’t see it as being a strategically sound move in the short term. Most White Americans aren’t nationalists so they aren’t going to think twice about the morality of ‘White flight.’ Just look at Detroit, life sucks there for the Whites left behind.

            Sometimes you have to retreat & regroup so you can launch a counter-offensive. Just my two cents.

          • We have been retreating for 60 years. They always follow. Slow drain of our money as we build up farmlands to have them change in 40 years. In the mean time the white kids live in denial of reality of modern america. The brave new world is already here. The next white generation can not ignore the fact that they are less than a majority of their generation. The counter culture has already set in.

  • We really don’t need more white people, than we already have. We only need much less of the others in our countries.

      • The needs of the current conflict aside, we have plenty of white people. This country has tons and tons of them. Most of them are not particularly great and, in the vast majority of cases they’re not doing much of anything useful either.

        We don’t really need to bulldoze this continent to build McMansions and corn product distribution centers for them.

        We need to make the current white people better and make their descendants even better than that. Once white people start doing something useful with themselves they can always expand their population later on, in a responsible way.

        But most of all we need to close the borders and reverse mass immigration.

        • No plan forward is viable without increasing the white birth rate of nationalists. We will convert the shitlib kids and turn them into white breeders. We do need to shut down immigration and secure the border but the brown horde is already here. We need to keep up and build the army.

          • Nationalists probably do need a higher birth rate.

            But hopefully they’re doing something different than the average white consumer.

  • Birth rates don’t matter*, only closing the borders matters.

    But ironically, closing the borders and reversing mass immigration would probably improve white birth rates, by making housing more affordable for younger people and opening up more [s]jobs[/s] social roles for young whites.

    *except to the extent that having a family incentivizes healthier behavior among whites and helps to prevent them from becoming insane cat lady type people

    • While trying to close the borders, we can have White children. And, the problem with focusing on borders is that we are no longer in the days when we didn’t have fast mass transportation between non-White lands and White lands and we are no longer in the days when those in non-White lands couldn’t switch on the computer and see that conditions in White lands are better (because of Whites) than in their own lands (because of their own non-Whites) and thus decide to take those quick mass transportation means to the White lands.

      No, our primary goal for each one of us should always be to make more like ourselves. If you don’t agree and don’t do it, well, bye. I’m doing it and my family line will continue. I will be in future generations through my descendants as I am in this generation because of my ancestors. I will not be a broken White link.

          • Not if you live in cities and stop sprawling away from brown people. Rural towns could afford 300% increase. The cities have been shrinking for 70 years. Retreat mentality will continue for years but the horde will follow. Still a lot of room to retreat. Quickens the process. Ends up building the infastructure for mass population. White flight to the exurbs is a killer

          • As of 2017, do you feel like high population density produces good behaviors in white people?

            Voting conservative and having large families for example?

            Or do white people behave better in low population density areas?

          • White people lived good lives in the northern cities until the 50s. Even now its safe to live in white city neighborhoods. Most of the crime is in the hood. Chicago has roughly a million white,black, and spanish people. Every year there are 5-10 white murderers and 15-30 white victims. Spanish is like 15-30 murderers and 25 to 50 victims a year. The dindus end up with 50 arrests and atleast 300 victims. Most violent crime is localized to dindu open air drug markets.

          • I don’t care how Whites behave. I just want more Whites. We will work it out when we have the numbers.

          • Mao tried this in China. The Chinese aren’t a stupid race of people. It set the Chinese back a generation.

          • Whites aren’t Chinese. I have faith in the White genome. It is very special and very unique.

          • Expecting your genetics to fix every problem, both demographic and environmental, is not a wise strategy.

          • It is the best strategy. Trust in the White genome. It has made the world a better place and it will continue to do so, if we just make more like ourselves.

          • Still need farmland and maybe some people don’t want natural environments replaced by cities.

          • The cities already exist. The farms already exist. White flight keeps sprawling. Not my plan

          • If population expands fourfold (which is what you want), then the cities have to grow, and they have to sprawl out into open space and farmland.

          • No population density of the city suburbs and rural towns would go up if we stopped sprawling out. Build up and not out. We only build out because of retreat mentality.

          • So you want people living in massive skyscrapers? Do you understand that this is not appealing for everyone?

          • So people who don’t want to live in giant skyscrapers are “Faggots”? Are you in middle school?

          • Keep doing what you’re doing, confirming what I said that you’re on the level of the average 12 year old.

          • Your faggot ass got triggered by MOAR white babies because of some combonation of global warming fagotry and failure of fucking fagotry. Solid strategy of dying off willingly. I bet you win the race lol

          • Don’t care about global warming, but expecting everyone to move back to giant skyscrapers and increase the population fourfold without fucking up the environment is dumb.

          • U mad bro? I can’t help the fact that your ideas are stupid. No doubt a result of the fact that you were born fucked up to begin with.

          • The fag saying dont breed is claiming victory. Thanks for being a coward faggot. A waste of effort onnyour parents part. Sad

          • No one said “Don’t breed”. Autism.

            But Malthusian meltdowns are very, very bad. If you even know who Malthus is.

          • Nope. We must not think in terms of how many “lumpen people” are on the planet, but how many “White people” are on the planet. There can never be too many White people.

          • Many white people are lumpenprole. Marx was in fact explicit and stated that his writings only applied to Europeans.

          • Marx was Jewish and was twisted. He was also a product of his times and his theories are very Jewish sans a belief in God.

          • You’re the one who brought up Marx. And do you deny that there are some working class whites who aren’t very intelligent? I’m not looking down on them, just saying that their existence is statistical fact.

          • I didn’t bring up Marx. You did.

            I want Whites in ever social strata. I want them doing menial work and everything else. So long as they are pure White, I am one with each and every one of them and they are my kind.

          • Marc didn’t coin the term “lumpen.” It existed long before him. Think deeper.

          • Whites are a part of nature. They are not magical creatures. They operate within natural law, not beyond it.

          • You apparently do not understand natural laws (plural) very well. If I have time, I’ll try to explain them to you in words you can understand.

          • I think this must all be a tea time game for you while for some of us it is about our survival and expansion as the distinct people we are.

          • Yes, it’s entirely realistic to expect everyone will move back to the inner cities and live in huge buildings.

          • It doesn’t matter where Whites live so long as we keep breeding pure White. We can live in large cities, on farms, in the country, in the mountains, it doesn’t matter where we live, because no matter where we live we bring our Whiteness with us.

          • OK, but if we increase the population to over 1 billion and you say it doesn’t matter where people live, that is going to lead to people moving into the farms, country, mountains. Then you lose those resources forever when you pave them over.

          • Nope. You sound like the people in the 18th century who said the world would be plunged into darkness once we killed off all the whales for the whale oil to be used in our lamps.

            Trust in the White genome. It is sacred.

          • Remember what happened to the Indo-Europeans who invaded into India instead of Europe. Today their descendants shit in the streets.

            Putting “faith” in our “genome” seems like the kind of pride that go-eth before a fall.

          • Yup. When you walk in mud, you get mud on you. That’s why I say Whites must separate out and stay separate from all non-Whites.

          • Non-Whites think White people are magic. If their kids get to go to school with White kids, then their kids will be smart too. If they get to move into White neighborhoods, then they will live like Whites too. And so on.

            You think Whites are magic too. You think just like a non-White, not a White man.

          • Stupid comment from a shallow thinker.

            Whites are special. We are unique. We are a blessing for this planet.

          • I don’t care where Whites live so long as they breed to their maximum. Each White person, both male and female, carries an entire White civilization within their body. Let all those future Whites out! Set them free on the planet, and watch how great everything becomes. Imagine the inventors, the artists the great people who will emerge to make everything better.

          • I only care about the White population and I want it to expand much more than fourfold.

          • There’s plenty of land on the planet for Whites. We just need to take it and we will if we make enough more like ourselves to let nature work its magic.

          • When we Whites fill a land, we spill over into other lands and fill them with our kind and then into other lands and soon to other planets. We must make more like ourselves and then we must fill all of existence with our kind as the only human kind.

          • Okay, you can go worry about the natural environment and join with those who thinks humans should all die off to save the planet. I’ll take another route and preach that we must fill the whole planet with Whites.

          • Go to China and look at how disgusting their society is with 1 billion plus people in an area the size of America.

          • The obvious answer is to fill the planet with whites… while keeping a low population density and low overall population.


            Future generations can easily expand as much as they need from such a situation, and will have far more resources to work with.

            Plus the quality of life and mental health of the population will be far greater.

          • What did William Pierce ever know? I bet he had a fake Doctorate in Sociology or something.

          • There is plenty of open space. The whole planet is full of open space. We Whites need to breed to fill it all and make sure we are the only ones filling it.

          • Why do you want to fill up everything? You realize you need: Wood, Cropland, Power generation, grazing land, mining areas, etc?

          • You are making the hunter-gatherer argument. Ugg, oog, too many people, not many animals to hunt. People eat all the berries. We are doomed.

            The reality is that we Whites always improve things and find a way. We always have and we always will.

          • I said SHOULD, not COULD.

            We could turn the planet into a hive world, and pack in tens of billions of people, but to what end? Why should we do this? Would this really lead to selection for the best traits? Would this enhance the mental health of our people? Or contribute to harmful behaviors?

            Even if you don’t value the natural world at all and just want MOAR people, we still have a responsibility of STEWARDSHIP, for future generations. Nobody really knows how long this planet is going to have to last us, but it’s probably a long time, so don’t we have a responsibility to make it last, and conserve the resources that future generations may need to get us off the planet?

            Right now we kind of need people for the race war, but aside from that most whites aren’t doing anything useful or valuable, merely serving the consumer economy, so it hardly seems responsible to pave the continent and expand out to a billion consumer units.

          • The point of life is to breed. Its self evident. We could easily fit a billion people here without sprawling 100s of miles. We could fit a billion now with the amount we already sprawled away from brown people.

          • “The point of life is to breed.”

            This is what r-selected people actually believe.

            Some animals have large litters, and just hope a few of the pups get lucky and survive the many environmental hazards.

            Other animals have smaller litters, but invest a lot in each offspring, up to and including changing the environment to benefit them… and/or driving away rival animals.

            Humans can use both strategies, but the second one seems to be more our style, and creates a better society.

          • That style didnt exist without the pill. White people always had large families. America exists becuase white people overpopulated. Rome collapsed because they gave up big families and stopped breeding.

          • Wrong, the white fertility rate adapts to changing environmental conditions, to avoid pushing into Malthusian conditions.

            France famously filled up relatively early on, resulting in a shift to a late marriage ( late 20s early 30s), low fertility pattern of behavior, with a significant portion not marrying at all.

            However, those same French people shifted to a high fertility, low age of marriage pattern of behavior when they moved to the new world, and were faced with the need to quickly populate a large empty area of land.


          • What was the historic birth rate of europe? You are so full of shit. Dont let your personal failures influence your politics too much. More white people has only ever meant good things for the world.

          • It varied from time to time and place to place

            When the land was full, and a first son could only get land by waiting for his parents to give it up, and a second son faced difficult prospects for marrying at all, then it would hardly be responsible to breed like you were settling a newly colonized region with no resource constrains.

            The advantage whites have is being slightly more capable of using our brains to control our behavior, rather doing stupid shit like, for example, breeding into a Malthusian situation and relying on war, famine and disease to fix the excess population.

            I’m just an anonymous shitposting handle, so I feel like I win when you get mad and start to bring my imaginary personal characteristics into it.

          • Im not mad at all. Im trying to save those kids in your nuts and give them a chance. Otherwise its fagotry no matter how you slice it. Stopping at 1 or 2 to ensure an easy life has failed and will fail. The rest of the world doesnt stop

          • The only people with high birthrates anymore are goat fucking Muslims and African apes. You are encouraging whites to act like them and not care about the long term future.

          • You are the posterchild of basement rage. Stop acting like a fag and talking about feelings, the earth, and what you think is fair. Maybe a bitch would let you fuck her if you didnt think like a fag. Useless white person. You should kill yourself now to make more room.

          • So the 4 hookers you knocked up need child support? I know child support is expensive…

          • Grown up non fag problems. Maybe one day when you arent a fag you will know. Ask your dad. Im sure hes proud 🙂

          • Your intelligence and arguments are straight off short bus. Like the Special Ed teacher, I tolerate and am amused by your behavior.

          • Did they forget to diagnose you on the Spectrum in the great Public Schools you attended? I’m truly sorry complex arguments are lost on you.

          • Your argument are not complex at all. They are very simplistic and are made up of the usual cliches that one can hear college sophomores talking about–that is, the college sophomores who can’t get dates and spend their Friday and Saturday nights huddled over tables in the corner of their local college union.

          • My arguments may not be overly complex but they are a helluva lot more thought out than “just have faith in the white genome!”

          • Your arguments are to mask your failures as a man and you borrow heavily from the shitlibs for your excuses. The simple fact is you cant get a woman to have your babies. Everything else is just you crying

          • Anyone who doesn’t agree with me that our future is living in hellhole built up cities like Shitcago is a shitlb faggot failure!

          • Dude, you’re gonna need to up your trolling game. “Basement dwelling Nazis” may work for Rick Wilson and over at Breitbart, but otherwise it’s a fucking lame meme.

          • You need to step up your IRL game and stop feeling sorry for your soft bitch ass. Did you even know your father ? Who taught you to act like a bitch?

          • A literal Cuck (is it 4 or 5 kids, not claiming one of them for some strange reason) is just as fuming mad as Rick Wilson was during the primaries!

          • It’s fun fucking with an actual honest to G-d Cuck like yourself.

          • Let’s just say I probably had less Dads than you have “stepsons.”

          • With such little competion from fags like you, marriage isnt needed to have kids. I cucked my current woman from her lawyer ex husband. Then when he was watching his kid, the kid died eating marshmellows. I replaced with 4 ubermensch. That guy became a priest. My strategy is like a fucking lion.

          • Lol my first born was with my high school girlfriend in 2006. Hes autistic. All 3 of ud have brown eyes and hair. The ubermensch all have blond hair and light eyes. William Ignatius, Robert Augustus, Henry Octavious, Patrick Aurelius and Donald Julius (born on pussygate). Emulate me faggoy 🙂

          • “my first born was with my high school girlfriend in 2006. Hes autistic.”

            Why am I not surprised? Sort of lends credence to the whole nature over nurture argument, right?

          • Most smart white people have autistics in the family. It goes hand in hand with high IQ. Extreme male brain. Fags wouldnt understand.

          • Very silly comment. Trust the White genome. We must expand Whiteness always and contract it never.

          • This really is not a conversation for you. White people who are concerned about phony white guilt and low replacement rates among whites are discussing something that really does not concern you.

          • Are you trying to censor me from the discussion??? That’s racist.

          • Acting like them would mean leaving them fatherless and without support. Whites can and will do quite the opposite. The long-term future is being out-numbered and seeing a vibrant culture and accomplishments go down the drain for the benefit of the zoophiles and urban apes you mention.

          • Research the concept of the demographic transition, the rest of the world is steadily decreasing their fertility in response to environmental conditions associated with modernity. Even the Muslims.

            The Africans are the exception, as they are not responding in the same way, and are maintaining high fertility even in the face of decreased infant mortality, etc. They are headed for a population explosion, 4 billion by 2100.

            They simply need to be contained and starvation, disease, internal warfare will force them to stop. You won’t outbreed unlimited Africans who are immune to the fertility penalty from things like “women’s education”.

          • Stop already with the r/K selection talk. No humans have r selection. Each human female can usually produce one new human in 9 months. To have true r selection, each human female would have to produce hundreds of new humans in a shorter time.

            Also, r/K selection theory is falling into disfavor among those in the know for various reasons.

          • r/k selection is indeed increasingly discredited

            However, it fits the situation, with the spergs spamming the comments section about how whites need to breed as much as possible with no regard to quality or resource constraints

          • I know of a whole continent full of resources that the Chinese are stripping right now. I say we get in the game as well and take what we want.

          • I have faith in the White genome. If we breed, breed, breed, but only White we will rise to ever higher quality. We need as many of us as we can possibly make.

          • This isn’t how evolution actually works

            Harsh selection pressures create “quality”, as inferior specimens reproduce less. It is notable that most people seem to envision an ethnostate with relaxed selection pressures, which would, of course, create a dysgenic situation, especially if people started breeding for “quantity”

            It’s a slow process, so not something major for us to worry about right now, during the 4gw race war, but something to keep in mind.

          • Actually it is how evolution works. We live in a dynamic universe in which existence is one with movement and movement brings change. Organisms evolve to thrive in the changes or they die out. Once again, I say I have faith in the White genome. We can adapt and evolve. We are the most “plastic” of peoples on this planet and this means that our DNA code can change fairly quickly to new conditions. But for this to work properly, we must make many more like ourselves.

          • If we provide unlimited resources, and everyone just breeds as much as possible, it does not select for the strongest, most intelligent, wisest or most loyal to our race. It just selects for the person who can breed the most.

            Like, lower age of puberty, lower time between children, fast life history, etc.

            Basically the white version of Mexicans

            These people are fine in moderation, especially in a war time situation, but they have their limitations, to put it mildly.

            Now that evolution is not really helping us out all that much, virtually every form of artificial selection has to potential to warp the characteristics of our population when put into practice at a mass scale.

            I don’t claim to have all the answers, but it’s a problem that deserves thought and research, not faith.

          • I’m not talking about “everyone” breeding as much as possible. I am talking about Whites and only Whites breeding as much as possible.

            I am in favor for all kinds of birth controls and free abortions for non-Whites and for Whites butting out of the business of non-Whites and letting them live or die as nature and their luck and their own devices will have it.

          • Whites still have a variety of traits and natural selection is still happening, just in a weird way.

            Under your hypothetical plan where every white breeds as much as possible, you are still selecting for people who are good at breeding, due to lower age of puberty, lower time between children, fast life history, etc.

            In the absence of significant resource constraints, this selects for quantity at the expense of quality.

            Even if, for some horrible reason, you wanted to turn the Earth into a hellish hive world, you’d be far better off ramping up to that population in a more gradual way that selected for something other than the ability to be pregnant by age 12, and at least maintained quality or limited how fast it degraded..

          • i wouldn’t worry, there’s not gonna be that many of us. There’s just too many of them.

          • I don’t have time to pre-judge the disposition of future white persons, and neither do you…especially if this ‘war’ is crucial.

          • I agree.

            Right now we need everyone we can get. It was not my intent to discourage anyone from having as large a family as they want.

            I just think there is a need to balance out the singlemindedness of the “moar white babies will solve everything” crew, of which evolver is almost a parody.

          • “Right now we kind of need people for the race war”

            RAHOWA! Crud, are you making bombs too?

          • It’s a 4GW race war, obviously. And it’s already ongoing, obviously.

            4th Generation warfare is conducted using all available pressures, demographic, cultural, economic, political, social and military. Mostly whites are not fighting back, but they’re starting to respond a little bit, in some theaters of the conflict.

            Of course, in a 4th generation conflict the moral element of war is essential, and especially essential to the insurgent, non-state actor, and it would be a big mistake for that side to resort to military conflict in a premature / undisciplined manner, which would cause people to view them as morally illegitimate.

            And of course, a 4th generation non-state actor is often better served by using the law to their advantage (as in LAWFARE), and using it for protection, rather than defying it and exposing themselves to the full pressure of the authorities.

            TL/DR: Memes, not bombs, FBI no bully.

        • So many that there is no room for any but Whites. We need to fill every inch with our kind alone.

          • Have faith in the White genome. There is plenty of planet left for us to colonize and use as resources for Whites. And, when the planet if full to the brim with Whites and Whites only, we’ll go to another planet and fill it with our kind alone. That is our destiny. And, is a good one and it brings our goodness and justice to all niches where we can find energy and thrive.

        • Lets me think, hmmm, well a third are brown hordes, that’s about 100mill, so once they’re gone we can replace them with whites.

      • You are correct to produce white children, but you are wrong if you think that there is not a relation between mass immigration of Third World hordes and the lower white birth rate and Affirmative Action for that matter. Notice that the Immigration Act of 1965 was almost immediately followed by the disastrous Roe versus Wade decision of 1973 and the astronomical abortion rate as well as skyrocketing out of wedlock birth rates. Also, the increase in “diversity” has made our society less safe and it has led to the breakdown of community feeling that encourages people to reproduce.

      • White people are not reproducing themselves in the West. We should analyze why whites are reproducing so few people. Whites want all these social services that require that they not abort their babies and that they have bigger families. The totally gay Left wants to abort their babies, always be confused about which bathrooms to use, and generally promote the most decadent view of the West that is possible and then tell us that this is fate and that we must bring in all kinds of Third World barbarians to save our pensions and pick our grapes. This is pathetic.

    • This is a point lost on many. Japan has a low birth rate but is not facing an existential crisis like the West. Because Japan has closed borders.

      • I think Japan is headed for a financial crunch due to the pension problem, but so long as they don’t try to “solve” the problem by opening the borders they will weather that and still be Japan on the other side of it.

        • Japan like all the aging populations of the West, has a problem. But Japan is not trying to destroy its culture by bringing in a lot of Third World barbarians.

        • Japan is doing better than Western European descended countries

          Despite the fact that they lost a giant war, got nuked, and were forced to adopt emasculating and humiliating alien social norms

          Sure, their culture is weird, perverted and insane, to the point where most of the country is VOLCEL

          But if they continue to refuse to accept migrants they might recover someday, and will have a decent base to rebuild from

          Meanwhile, the nations of the West will have devolved into some sort of 35 IQ Homo Erectus type creatures

          If that happens hopefully Japan nukes us

          • Ive read way too many of your ranty pointless baseless comments for a lifetime.

          • What kind of last name is Zeidner, anyway? I don’t know any white people with a last name like that.

          • I think that Crud’s comments have a point. Like the last one. He thinks that we will be worthy of being nuked by Japan if we keep importing stupid low information Third World immigrants to give the RINOs cheap labor and the Democrats a voting electorate to which they can appeal. He thinks that our current immigration policies are going to destroy the country just like they are destroying Europe.

          • Give Japan the bomb and tell them to nuke us when they see that we are shitting in the streets and calling it progress.

    • This isn’t an either/or problem. It is both/and.
      Increase white birth rates AND close the border.

      • That’s fine, but you have to reduce barriers to family formation if you want to increase the birth rate. Which requires political change.

        People aren’t getting married because marriage is a bad deal for them, and it’s difficult for them to really have a good family like people had in the past. Being “red pilled” doesn’t change the fundamental incentive structure of society.

        I view the idea of “white babies at any cost” as dangerously close to “man up and marry the sluts”. If you think you can have a good marriage, go for it.

        But bad marriages are still quite common and quite devestating, and it’s not at all clear that we need people to submit themselves to bad marriages and the severe restrictions on their behavior that come with them in order to produce 2.1 kids with the attendant behavioral problems that come from a bad upbringing.

  • The pill creates a pseudo pregnancy. Grumpy, irritable, disinterested in sex, as well as being a carcinogen and when they urinate, they contaminate water supplies with high hormone levels, making fish near the outlets turn from male to female. If this was mercury or thorium it would be banned, but Feminist destruction of the environment is allowed. Mother earth can be aborted.

    One other point about country living. You can slowly become self sufficient – independent. Grow a garden, raise chickens (for meat or eggs), real food! No chemicals or processing. You can add solar or wind, you may have a well. But you can cut expenses. And they start off much cheaper than any city you might want to live in. And there is internet, often good internet. And many places aren’t that diverse, and the little diversity doesn’t create the problems Little XYZistans do.

    Finally while there may be a large number of surplus bodies, there is a dearth of minds.

  • You traveled and wrote a novel when you should have been reading about what causes nations to dwindle and how to address it. The prescriptions here show a failure to break out of the prevalent ways of thinking.

          • The main thing is to instill a different mindset. People who regard life from an individualist perspective naturally will not want to have many children because it will spoil their fun.

            On the more practical level, women should be discouraged from pursuing careers and generally removed from the workforce. The government should secure the ability of men to earn a living wage.

            I have more that I will post later.

          • While you’re waiting for a perfect world, just have more White children. We will work it out.

          • Very stupid comment. I remember William Cooper saying exactly the same thing to a caller who was worried about the demographic change in the United States. Basically it was Cooper’s way of telling him to drop dead.

            This kind of problem is not solved through individual choices alone.

          • Your comment is stupid. I don’t care who you remember saying the same thing.

            My point remains unscathed: While you are busy over tea discussing theories and waiting for someone to give you all the perfect conditions, I’ll be making more like myself.

          • Nobody here would argue about the importance of instilling a different mindset. What we want to know is how, specifically, you would go about that.

          • Oh, I am sure that many of them would argue about it. A lot of people who think that they are racist and nationalist still advocate worthless individualist approaches to problems.

            Explaining that they are wrong is how I go about it.

          • I know that you go back a long way in the Movement, but I don’t think that you understand that if you take a stance against rugged individualism here then you will merely be preaching to the choir. By and large the readers and contributors to this site get that already.

          • And there is no need for you to exhaust everybody’s time and patience preaching to the choir.

          • This exchange is Exhibit A as to why White Nationalism 1.0 did nothing but repel normies. Nobody likes being talked down to, especially when they already understand the point that you are belaboring.

          • You are so convinced of your own omniscience that you didn’t even notice that the anti-intellectual respondent before you was advocating precisely the “rugged individualism” that you say nobody here represents.

            I don’t pay enough attention to this site to know what a typical attitude HERE would be, but individualism and hedonism and materialism are supported by the USA’s Enlightenment tradition, and are very powerful barriers to reproduction for White people in the United States.

            The ideology of submission to market forces is a barrier to solving these problems, and it is omnipresent in the USA. It’s what passes for conservatism. I found it quite scandalous that the author of this essay couldn’t get past the idea that there were too many White people because THE MARKET says so.

            Eliminating no-fault divorce and banning contraceptives are certainly a very superficial solution compared to engineering relations between men and women to make them more inherently strong and stable and fertile.

          • “You are so convinced of your own omniscience that you didn’t even notice that the anti-intellectual respondent before you was advocating
            precisely the ‘rugged individualism’ that you say nobody here

            Yeah, and he’s getting criticized by virtually everyone in this thread, myself included.

          • National-Socialist Solution to the Low Birthrate

            Reeducate the people away from individualism and hedonism. They must develop a sense of responsibility as a member of the nation, rather than thinking of themselves and everybody as individuals trying to squeeze the maximum amount of pleasure out of life by experiencing the highest possible standard of living. Hedonism implies avoidance of labor. Instead of that there should be reverence for labor and exaltation of the laborer. They must learn that living only for oneself is empty.

            Instead of throwing one’s hands up and accepting that there are too many workers and that our numbers must therefore decline, foster a return to the family farm. Make transfer of agricultural land to anyone other than a small farmer illegal. There are two good reasons for this.

            First, agriculture gives a very natural attitude toward life — there is no feminism on a farm — and the farming population has always had a high birthrate.

            Second, in the event of a general collapse — which is bound to happen from time to time — the self-sufficient farmer can survive and perpetuate the race and nation, because he does not rely on trade for his survival. The peasantry is the last-ditch guarantor of a nation’s perpetuation.

            In the rest of society, discourage women from pursuing careers so that those women will be available for bearing children and so that the reduced supply of labor will cause an increase in wages for the men. This will recreate a natural relationship between the sexes (despite unnatural conditions) giving the women a sense of dependence on the men, and the men a sense of pride as provider, that is conducive to sexual attachment and a secure marriage.

            Make sure that wages of working men are high enough that they can support children, and that they do not have to worry about being unable to provide for their children if they become unemployed. Incentivize production of children and penalize failure to produce children.

            Since fertility declines with education, make higher education free but restrict enrollment to those who meet the qualifications. Give additional financial assistance to male college students who marry and sire children before their education has been completed. make sure that there is a true meritocracy where the most qualified men, and not by default the wealthiest men, enjoy positions of leadership and influence, so that the future of the best exemplars of the race will be secure.

            Promote the Nordic ideal of marrying a soul-mate, rather than marriage for wealth or other practical reasons, because the marriage based on love is durable and harmonious and produces mentally healthy children with a healthy attitude toward mating.

            Create tax-incentives for being married. In National-Socialist Germany the bachelor tax was 3/8 of income.

          • Right. But there is more and had the right side won, Whites would be in a much better place today. I have no argument with that.

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