5 Ways To Increase Native White Birth Rates

1. End the White Tax

The true cost of diversity is hard to measure. But most Whites experience it in one way or another. There are only certain sections of major cities that are safe to live in if you are White throughout most of the United States and increasingly in Western Europe too. They almost all are extremely expensive and most young couples cannot afford to move in without financial help. This leads to delayed family formation.

And then there is the problem of good schooling.

Only certain neighborhoods have schools that are White enough to be able to send your kids to. You can guess how expensive it is to afford housing there as well. When young urban professionals live in the city, only private school is an option. If they cannot afford it, they go childless another year.

Examples of the White Tax are abundant. But all examples serve to depress White earning potential and the ability for White families who are just starting out to have a fair shot.  Whites have to pay a premium to avoid the worst parts of living in Weimerica and it takes a toll on their reproductive ability. Unfortunately, the White Tax is here to stay. The only way that it can be mitigated is with subsidies. Implicitly White subsidies can be implemented to boost the fertility rate by offering young legal families with no criminal records (that rules out Blacks and Hispanics) helpful loans to afford their first kids. The squeamish center politicians can even avoid calling it a White subsidy because, in theory, all can partake in it.

2. Leave the cities altogether

Cities are natural population sinks. The birth rate is far higher in the country. We already have ample proof of this throughout history. Cramped living conditions and the relentless 8-6 work day do wonders in reducing fertility. We need only look to recent times to see this play out. One of the greatest mistakes of the Soviet Union was to move huge numbers of villagers to the cities to create an industrial workforce and a proletariat. It lead to a devastating decline in fertility rates.

The country is a natural population surplus generator. The city is the opposite. And I haven’t even mentioned the cultural differences between city culture and country culture. One is naturally conservative and the other almost always naturally liberal. There is also less community in the cities which leads to fewer support networks. This problem can be drastically exacerbated if young Whites have moved into the city to get away from their suburban hum drum lives. Then they are completely atomized and cut off from any support network to lean on.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Nowadays with the internet, certain kinds of work can be done online anywhere there is an internet connection. It makes no sense to live in an overpriced city if you can make your living online. Better to move out where the housing is cheap, the diversity is less and there is an organic community. Downshift and be happier for it.

3. Ban female contraceptives

We are unlikely to see any real strides in the direction of legislation banning the pill. But we can meme and spread awareness about the effects that the pill is having on the female population. The explosion of THOT behavior, the nasty effects of estrogen pills in our water supply/environment and the risks of becoming rendered permanently infertile by the pill are all arguments that we can meme and spread. Women are already starting to have doubts even as younger and younger girls are put on the pill. There is more than enough reason to believe that it leads to disastrous results.

The best move, of course, would be to start suggesting that women of the pill are better than those on it. Many men have noticed that there is a difference in softness, and in the emotional behavior of girls who are on compared to those off the pill. Competition and shame are two emotions that girls feel keenly. All it would take is a little push…

And the result? No one-year waiting periods between getting off the pill and conceiving. Less slutty behavior from girls that have to be more careful now. And accidental pregnancies of course. You know, the ones that have kept the human race going since time immemorial. If we as humans could just have sex without consequences, we just would. The modern West has proved that given a chance, most people would rather take vacations, go out to restaurants and keep it casual until they are 30-35 before heading to a fertility clinic and paying huge sums to figure out why they aren’t able to make babies. Getting rid of the safeguard of the pill will do wonders in promoting fertility.

4. Remove No-Fault Divorce

Marriage is the building block of civilization. And it is the best method that we have devised to date of raising children successfully. No-fault divorce incentivizes bad behavior and the disintegration of relationships. Furthermore, it gives men pause. Why should they rush into a trap? So they wait or don’t get married at all. And once again the White population suffers.

Feminism has served to decimate the reproductive rate of White countries. This is the sole reason for which the ideology was devised.

Institutionalized Feminism has led to broken families, millions of aborted White babies and the opening of our borders. Churches, men’s groups and any conservative group that gives a damn about the reproductive health of their people need to start aggressively lobbying to end No-Fault Divorce. They have completely dropped the ball on this issue for decades, but the pressure needs to be put to bear on them. They need to start fighting the battles that matter. There is already a massive Manosphere presence online. Instead of just complaining, at this point they should start lobbying.

5. Start a new economy

The awful truth of the matter is that there are a lot of surplus bodies running around nowadays. The West doesn’t need that large of a working population anymore.

Which really makes you wonder why the Elites are hell-bent on importing so much of the Third World…

Think about it. In pre-Industrial times, you needed lots of farmers. Land and food equaled wealth. Then you needed lots of workers in the factories. Industrial might equaled wealth. Modern war required massive armies. The bigger the army, the stronger it was. Nowadays, we don’t need many farmers, we don’t need many factory workers and we don’t need massive conscription based armies. Mechanization, robotization and nuclear weapons have changed the rules on the ground.

The only growing industry in the US is the IT and Finance industries. You only need a couple of clever nerds and autists to do those jobs which by the way are the only ones that pay well and offer growth prospects. Unfortunately, most nerds belong to the third sex and don’t plan on reproducing anytime soon. It all just becomes a waste of resources that could be allocated better.

There needs to be a new driver of growth in the White world and whatever it is, it needs to be protected with tariffs and trade barriers.


So much ground has already been ceded that many now advocate for a full-on collapse scenario to be able to make any meaningful changes. But short of waiting for the collapse, there are still measures that can be taken. If the collapse happens, it happens. Until then, we have no excuse to not do what we can to improve our own chances of reproducing and of our kinsmen. Cough up the black pill, we have work to do.

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