The Poz Is A Weapon Of Class Warfare

When I was a teenager, I went to one of the preppiest of all prep schools and after serving my time there, I stumbled out bewildered and confused by what happened. It just didn’t make sense to me. None of it did. It was like being in a completely foreign land for my entire high school experience. A sort of khaki-wearing Lord of the WASPs survival scenario.

As all the SJW insanity started reaching fever-pitch levels (it’s arguably still getting worse) I couldn’t help but notice that there was some overlap with what I had seen in prep school and what I saw with the SJW menace in college. I was insulated from a lot of the degeneracy during my 4 years at the private school but was keenly aware of what my public school friends went through. And I was completely floored when I went to college.

All of the ideas espoused and taught at these institutions were more or less the same…but the demographics and the results were completely different. In general, the rank and file that believed in the SJW crap were almost all genetic failures, mystery meats, or just genuinely lower-class people that felt the movement to be advancing their interests on some level.

But there was a higher level to all of this. The Elite SJW’s did their own thing.

College is when I started noticing it. See, there were top-tier Social Justice type clubs and then there was the chum. The smart, White and careerist shrews wisely segregated themselves from the rank and file prole SJW’s in their own Feminist organization. In fact, they would routinely deny funds to the other Feminist groups on campus (because they had a lot of their girls and faculty support in funds-allocating organizations) and they bared their fangs at the other Feminist groups in private. It was interesting to observe.

The gays did the same thing. The top-tier “preppy” ones actively disassociated themselves with the more plebby, prone to dye their hair pink gays. The top-crust gays still participated in all their gayification campaigns, but they played an interesting game. They came off as reasonable and not insane. The type of man-poodle you let your fashionable girlfriend gossip with and spend time with her girlfriends as well.

They would also bro it up with the top-tier bros. The ones that looked the part, but didn’t really play any sports…because they didn’t actually need to get the free ride to college…because they were well to do.

I realized then and there that the Poz could be weaponized to by upper middle-class folks to keep up their caste rank in Weimerica.

Despite all their lip-service to equality and fairness, they were fundamentally un-egalitarian in their attitudes and behavior. I am convinced that many of them picked it up from their parents. See, these upper-tier SWPL’s are quite good at the game. Preaching all that democratic feel-good stuff and then quietly leveraging the situation in their favor. It’s like a game of who can hold their hand on the boiler plate the longest. Everyone gets hurt, but some can bear the pain better than others…and come out on top.

Their parents will join the PTA at their school, and then elbow their child into the best homerooms, arrange playdates with the parents of successful power parents like themselves. As their kids get older, they will arrange shindigs centered around some sort of fund-raising effort or a charity-based scheme. These functions serve as places to chink glasses with other parents like them, and also to give their kids a chance to mingle in an acceptable social milieu. They will allow their kids to throw alcohol sodden parties in their mansions or at least look the other way. They seem to understand the importance of helping their children to retain their social rank…even if it means having to replace the carpet from time to time.

The top-tier girls pick up on this almost immediately- they figure out who is in the in-group and who isn’t. And while to some extent, the cool kids made their own “cool” clique, they never seem to realize how their parents actively facilitated and helped create it.

They create these social-circles, carpools, and volunteer events. They pick a sports team and lobby the coaches to let their sons and daughter play on a team with each other. They organize pep rallies and bake sales. They force their kids to go to church events even if they are part Jewish and everyone there is an agnostic- even the priests.

We have TRS to thank for popularizing the concept of “virtue-signaling” to legions of shitlords everywhere. But there might be something more to all of this. I am convinced that the SWPLs morally posture from down-on-high to the rest of the proles to actively sabotage them, NOT just because they believe in what they preach. They have a noblesse malice nowadays. And like women, you have to look at what they do, not what they say.

If you’ve ever really spent with the Brahmin caste you notice this serious contradiction right away. I mean, the debate is eternal: do shitlibs actually believe the bullshit that they preach? I’m of the opinion that the elites do NOT. Most of them are not True Believers.

Their kids avoid the serious diversity but are allowed to mix and mingle with some pre-selected talented tenths minorities that sell them overpriced weed and become the token minority to prove their PC credentials.

The regular kids get the Vibrant Diversity that results in gangs at their schools, assaults in the bathrooms and constant harassment.

The upper crust gets their kids set up with a girl or two of the same class. They tend to be thinner on average, even if they are feminist careerist shrews like their mothers.

And the proles get stuck with other obese prole girls, with piercings, colored hair, and tats, ostensibly feminists just like their upper-crust counterparts…but not really the same.

The cavorting aristos let in a little bit of token fag to spice up their social milieu. It’s all smiles, lisps, and good-times at the Sunday brunch.

The lumpenproles get blue-haired trannies and the absolute worst of humanity forced upon them.

They claim the moral high ground, the social high ground, and the intellectual high ground with their progressive attitudes, but the fallout doesn’t get distributed equally. The proles get hit by it way worse than they ever will.

And so, the upper crust’s relative rank rises in relation to everyone else. Things may be worse in absolute terms, but no one thinks like that in the real world. Only economists can draw lines on blackboards talking about the wonders of absolute gains. Everyone else looks on at their neighbor’s new car with envy. They want the same social circles, the same access to women and money, and the same safe sort of progressive ecosystem that the aristos have managed to successfully engineer.

And while the aristos posture and preen, they still retain the know-how and the means to mitigate the effects of Vibrant Diversity and other woes while the proles they push it on get negrified, atomized and start dropping out.


Less competition for them. As long as their kid gets to Duke and stays off the hard drugs long enough to inherit his trust fund, he’ll have the connections, qualifications, and the correct ideology to get ahead relative to everyone else. A little bit of POZ is a small price to pay for maintaining social rank in Weimerica.


  • Canucklestani

    We need to replace this fake aristocracy with a genuine nobility that actively cares for the lower castes of their ethnos. Vice signaling these snakes is a good start

    • Johnny Fascismo

      I agree. Class Cooperation not radical egalitarianism.

      • Canucklestani

        I prefer the caste hierarchy that has worked for all traditional civilizations to the class cooperation of fascist corporatism, which is still too close to modernism and Leftism to be a successful alternative

        • Svmmoned

          Actually it can be a successful alternative exactly because it is close(r) to modernism.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            My thoughts exactly. I don’t think we can go back to the feudal system entirely, though I’m sympathetic to that view.

          • Canucklestani

            There is a difference of opinion on the Right as to whether modernity can be saved or must be abandoned completely. I think history shows the failure of the first approach. The second is risky, but I don’t see that we have much choice

          • Svmmoned

            We really cannot judge fascism as something which failed by its own inability.

          • Canucklestani

            Fascism has been failing for some time now. It is time for something more radical. Desperate times call for desperate measures

  • WHAT

    Well, shouldn`t the result here be the same as with every other revolution? Dirty prole from whatever side of the barricade storming the muh elite compound and setting up tribunals everywhere?
    I`d bet you can already see it happening in the very colleges described above, and it will only accelerate.

    • Vincent Law

      Every prole American thinks of himself as a temporarily disgraced millionaire.

      • Flavius

        That’s correct. In my opinion, this mentality is a huge problem, particularly since it is currently being exported everywhere. I see it here in my country, where middle class youngsters have been completely disconnected from their own country and people.

        • Vincent Law

          Nationalism is too democratic. The poorest man can be a nationalist because it takes no money to identify as one.

          Which means that a middle classer and a prole can both be nationalists. Middle-classers hate that, because they don’t want to have anything in common with people that are beneath them. So they counter-signal all prole beliefs.

          Being a lawyer or a doctor takes more resources, so they take pride in these elective and harder to achieve identities that proles can’t partake in.

  • Вичёвски

    Really good article друже. Great to see an article from your old blog. I think there’s a lot of quality writing on there. (What happened to the podcasts btw? I can’t seem to access them)

    The sort of classism you described in this article, I hate to say it, seems very typically Anglo. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about the Anglo’s as a people that gives me the impression that they all really hate each other, if they’re even aware of themselves as ‘a people’ at all. They seem almost unique among white peoples in the degree to which they’re rigidly divided into what one could almost call castes. I’ve noticed it in my own experience with them, as well as just observing and participating in their culture. Now of coarse I’m not saying that this sort of classist infighting is solely an Anglo phenomenon, but the degree to which it exists and the level of its cultural diffusion does seem somewhat odd.

    I really don’t know why it’s the case, but if I had to guess it might have something to do with the fact that the Anglo’s have for most of their history been relatively isolated from others, thereby not needing to develop a strong ethnic consciousness and socialistic ethos like continental Europeans (especially Eastern Europeans), and that, the British Isles being the birthplace of the industrial revolution, they were practically forced to regiment and devour themselves to fuel the process.

    Either way, definitely traitors to their own people, and a terrible model to follow. I don’t see how ruining their own people will end well for them. It’s one thing to play games with your own ethnic group, but quite another to play it with racial aliens when they become the majority in the countries that this game is played. As much as these “elites” despise their own blood of the lower orders, these lower orders still see these “elites” as their leaders. Blacks, Asians, Semites etc do not. I think that detail is a rather important one.

    • Vincent Law

      Yes, I edited it heavily and I cut down on the Anglo criticism. Podcasts got shoah’d by soundcloud.

      But you are spot on and I have noticed that tendency as well.

      I hope to address it in more detail in other articles. As for Italians, Irish and Slavs (fringe Europeans) there is a MUCH stronger sense of community and far less competition. Intra-group competition works if you are insulated and only competing against other individualistic Whites.

      But in America, Good Whites use non-Whites as auxillaries in their competition against fellow Bad Whites.

      It is tempting to blame it all on the Jews, but Jews are in all European nations and they have clearly had different effects, so clearly there is something else at play here.

      • Вичёвски

        Funny you mention the Irish; I tend to like them and never had any problem socializing or just getting along with them. But the Anglos -I find it extremely difficult to relate to them on almost any level, irrelevant of class. I have a “my Anglo” whose also basically a nationalist, but the rest of them… nope. Worlds apart, even though I grew up in one of their countries.

        There probably is a genetic aspect to this. Totally agree on the Dzhü thing as well. Their responsibility for it all can only go so far. Some of the theories make it seem like Whites completely lack any sort of agency.

        • Vincent Law

          Yes, I’ve experienced the same things. Try as hard as I could, I could never make friends with the WASPs. That is until I found the Alt-Right.

          • “I could never make friends with the WASPs.”

            Cool, thanks for verifying what I said about Sailer’s thesis was exactly correct. You have some sort of anti-“WASP” hang up due to high school experiences.

            It’s truly bizarre. As an American, I had friends of all white backgrounds and there was never any sort of problem, at all, ever. “WASP,” Anglos, Southerners, Yankees, Midwestern Protestants, Irish Catholics, Italians, Slavs – even some Russian kids. We were all “white” and “American” and got along just fine.

            It was only when I discovered NRx – and the NRx entrists in the Alt Right – that I ever came across supposed “pro-white” people that go out of their way to attack other white people based on their ethnicity.

            Dragging personal problems from high school into an ostensibly pro-white movement is obviously not a very good strategy.

          • Clytemnestra

            Catholic Franco-Slav here. I never had a problem getting along with WASPs although they have their own flavor of weirdness just like everybody else. For example this one British guy told me with a straight face that he’s not a European. I was like, “Dude, England is like Cape Cod which is a part of the continental USA You’re European!” But nope, he could not be dissuaded.

            Like, if they see each other every five years, that’s a lot to them. The relatives in my family are very close-knit and in each other’s business all the time. We fight and fuss, but we have each other’s back if someone attacks one of us.

            In any case, I feel like a fully assimilated Anglo. I love Anglo culture. I don’t know any other language but English. My history is Anglo-American, the literature and history I studied in school was all about Great Britain. When I lived in Canada for two years as a kid, I went out with the other school kids to cheer for Queen Elizabeth.

            I can honestly say I love WASPs and feel very defensive of them. I don’t know why they aren’t as clannish as other Europeans. I suspect that they never had to fend off an invasion from another race like the people of Southern Italy or the Eastern Europeans. I also suspect that they shy away from a well-needed healthy xenophobia because they think it’s beneath them to view any other people as a threat. They ignore the threat until it’s too late..

            Look at Brexit. I was very excited that the Britons voted themselves out of the EU. I thought they’d kick all these Pakis raping their daughters out of their country, but all they do is exclaim how they’re not racist while they gripe about Poles. What a disappointment. Compare and contrast to the Eastern European countries who didn’t have to exit the EU to tell their officials to go pound sand rather than take in the migrants Merkel so foolishly let in.

            But I want WASPs to be restored to power because our country was so much better when they were in charge. I want Donald Trump to clog the court systems with WASP male judges and I want virtually every politician we put in power to be a WASP male.

        • How odd, throughout my entire youth my social group has consisted almost entirely of WASPs and Irish Catholics, and there was never any sort of social tension between us whatsoever.

          • Вичёвски

            If your definition of Irish is anything like your definition of Italian, then I’m not surprised.

          • WTF are you even talking about?

          • Вичёвски

            Your ridiculous definitions. Check your own comment history.

          • I did. I’ve never “defined” Italian, or Irish. You are literally just making up bullshit. One can only assume JF is your boyfriend or something.

        • “even though I grew up in one of their countries.”

          The Klan and all the Protestants trying to restrict immigration were 100% correct to attempt to keep this type out of our countries.

          We have the supposed “Italian” from Canada saying “there’s no such thing as a Canadian” – except for all the Canadians who founded Canada and have lived there since the beginning, but they don’t count because they were “WASPs.” He’s literally spewing the Jew line that “there’s no such thing as a Canadian” and “anyone can be a Canadian.”

          Now there is this guy whining that he couldn’t ever get along with “Anglos” – even though he grew up in their country.

          They all have to go back. Clearly, the Klan types were right all along.

          We obviously are never going to be able to have a pro-white movement with these types spewing Jew hate against the founding people of America and Canada.

          The only thing these people can do to help the pro-white cause is to go back.

      • “I cut down on the Anglo criticism”

        LOL, it came through anyway.

        Steve Sailer was completely wrong when he wrote that it was Jews which were the most jealous of Anglos because they were still holding a grudge from high school.

        Apparently all those Jew movies from the 1980s where the blonde haired frat boys in sweaters are the “bad guys” and eventually the swarthy types get the blonde “shiksa” appeal to a whole lot of “goyims” too.

        And we’re supposed to pretend there isn’t an anti-White, anti-Anglo, anti-“WASP” coalition of Jews, non-whites and, er, white people pretending to be Catholics?

        It is tempting to blame it all on the Jews, but Jews are in all European
        nations and they have clearly had different effects, so clearly there is something else at play here.

        Oh it’s more than just the Jews alright. Jews aren’t the only anti-whites and are most certainly not the only anti-Americans.

        • Вичёвски

          “Steve Sailer was completely wrong when he wrote that it was Jews which were the most jealous of Anglos because they were still holding a grudge from high school.”

          -If jealousy is what you got from this essay then you are a very poor reader.

          “And we’re supposed to pretend there isn’t an anti-White, anti-Anglo, anti-“WASP” coalition of Jews, non-whites and, er, white people pretending to be Catholics?”

          1- Don’t conflate ‘Anglo’ with ‘White’.
          2- No idea what Catholicism has to do with this essay. You seem to be obsessed with Catholics and Protestants or something.
          3- When it comes to White on White prejudice, Anglos are far from innocent.

          • Are you making up your own definitions like you apparently do with Irish, Italian, and Anglo?

            Perhaps you aren’t a native English speaker and there is some confusion.

          • Вичёвски

            No, I’m just not retarded like I’m beginning to suspect you are.

          • Did you just forget to switch handles or something? You aren’t making any sense and are apparently having some sort of hallucination.

        • Vincent Law

          Lots of WASPs are intermarrying with Jews to create a new elite. Not as many blonds, lots of curly-headed kids preparing to work on Wall St. though.

          I’m not swarthy, so I wouldn’t be jealous of blond hair. Nice projection though.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            “Lots of WASPs are intermarrying with Jews to create a new elite.”

            Like Trump’s kids.

          • Trump’s a “WASP” now? He’s a German.

            God you people can’t even keep your own bullshit straight.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            As Trump says, he’s a Protestant, a Presbyterian. I’m not getting into dumb parsing of a definition. The point is that he’s a rich White Protestant and his kids married Jews.

          • Krafty Wurker

            One of Trump’s kids is married to a Jew and converted to Judaism. He has 4 others children, all of whom are gentiles. He has one daughter in law, whose father was a 1/2 Jew and her mother Danish. I don’t think that makes her Jewish does it Rabbi Yehudah?

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Two of Trump’s kids married Jews, and here you are once again autistically missing the forest for the trees by getting lost in bullshit details.

          • Krafty Wurker

            Excuse me, asshole. But, which 2nd daughter are you talking about? His daughter with Marla Maples is still single.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Don Jr’s wife is part Jew.

          • When I lived in NYC I couldn’t even keep count of the Jewish men marrying Italian women.

            The Anti-Anglo coalition is nothing but poison for an American pro-white movement – it’s stupid. So is the religious nutjobbery. Let’s try to keep it pro-white.

      • Anime Nazi Troll 3000


        We sometimes get so caught up in blaming Jews that we ignore the aristocratic Whites who are deliberately and sociopathically sh***ing all over the working class and petit bourgeoisie.

        As I recall, Jews were brought into Europe as financier pets of feudal European aristocrats, and the working class serfs were oppressed by certain nobility in far greater measure than they’ve yet been oppressed by envious, genocidal Zionists.

      • Arthur Vickstrom

        It is tempting to blame it all on the Jews, but Jews are in all European nations and they have clearly had different effects, so clearly there is something else at play here.

        This x 100. Excellent observation and something that really needs to be said. Just look at the difference between how various nations have reacted to Jewry:

        – Jews gain near total control of Weimar Germany, but 14 years later Hitler is in power and the Jews are being driven out.
        – Jews spend hundreds of years attempting to subvert Britain (after Cromwell let them back in), but don’t succeed in gaining much power until the 1950s (when our nation was rapidly in freefall and already an American puppet).
        – There were more Jews in the American Confederacy than in the Union, yet it was the Union that supported Egalitarian politics.

        Just look at the marching songs of the American Union Army:

        John Brown was a neurotic terrorist who attempted to create a slave rebellion and he was considered a hero in large swaths of New England. The Southern Nationalists really do have a point: not all Anglo-Saxons are the same. The ones in the Northeastern U.S. are descended from Puritan nutjobs – that is a very powerful genetic Founder Effect.

      • Scythian

        This is brilliant: “Good Whites use non-Whites as auxillaries in their competition against fellow Bad Whites.”

      • Clark Kent

        As someone with Italian blood I never thought of myself as “fringe” European.

        • Endymion

          Good for you.. (fringe)

    • Arthur Vickstrom

      I’m an Anglo, born in Britain but currently living in America, and I’ve found that there is a big difference in mentality between American & Aussie Anglos verses British Anglos.

      In Britain there traditionally was a very strong class of ‘lower nobility’ that kept the system running. The lower nobility fueled the Empire and provided the best soldiers, politicians, and leaders. Men like Arthur Wellesley, Horatio Nelson, General Picton, etc. were all drawn from that class. That class also was very racially aware (the ‘Committee for the Relief of the Black Poor’ was successfully deporting nonwhites from Britain as early as the 18th century).

      In America there used to be a very similar class system in the Southern states and it did a great job of keeping the local Negroes in line. But the Northeast U.S. was a different animal. New England WASPs, the types you meet at Ivy League schools, are dramatically more focused on class than on race. When I interact with them, I see the worst traits of my own people stretched out and exaggerated beyond proportion. They’re like a caricature of us.

      • Vincent Law

        Indeed. I have always noticed how Southerners in the US and Australians are so radically different from the Yankee WASPs.

        The lower nobility observation is fascinating.

      • Вичёвски

        “But the Northeast U.S. was a different animal. New England WASPs, the types you meet at Ivy League schools, are dramatically more focused on class than on race.”

        It just boggles my mind. I understand the class thing; even Slavs have their own version of class differences. For example, Serbs from the big cities see the rural Serbs from towns and villages as being peasants that have ‘nekultura’ instead of ‘kultura’ (sort of like their culture being the lack of culture; just ignorance, backwardness, primitivity, rudeness etc), but still we all understand that we are a single people. We’re all Serbs. No one would seriously consider these peasants non-Serb or “not our people” on account of their class, or lack of.

        But then again, Slavic history has been far more violent and demographically upsetting than Anglo history. With all those wars, invasions, conversions, countries completely disappearing and so on, there hasn’t been the opportunity for a rigid class system to develop undisturbed and for the highest class to become so entrenched in its own classism that they start to see themselves as a distinct people in their own right. The Slavic elites have always been tied to their lower orders because their entire societies seem to have risen and fallen as a wholes throughout history. I’d even argue that when shit hit the fan, it was the elites that got the bullet (or sword) first. It’s hard to get the lower masses to fight for them if those masses feel like they’re being ruled and used by foreigners instead of their own kin. As I said, I think history and genetics have something to do with this; though which caused which, I don’t know, but if Kevin MacDonald’s theories are anything to go by, then I’ll probably be inclined to think that Slavs and other Eastern/fringe Europeans are not quite as individualistic as the Germanics/Nordics, but at the same time not quite as ethnocentric as Semites.

        “I’ve found that there is a big difference in mentality between American & Aussie Anglos verses British Anglos.”

        Would you be able to elaborate on that? Genuinely curious.

        • Arthur Vickstrom

          Would you be able to elaborate on that? Genuinely curious.
          In my own experience, the British and Australian Anglos tend to dislike each other for some reason, which I always found kind of funny because I don’t see them as separate peoples, but they seem to see each other that way.

          We have a strange relationship with our former colonies for a few reasons:

          1. Australia was originally a penal colony. British culture has traditionally placed a strong emphasis on lawfulness, so we had no issue ‘banishing’ those who seemed like a threat to social stability. Some Australians are ‘touchy’ about this aspect of their history.

          2. Australians have far more Celtic blood than us due to heavy Irish & Scottish immigration. As a nation, it is more Anglo-Celtic than Anglo-Saxon.

          3. New England WASPs are largely descended from a small number of Puritans, Quakers, and other religious ‘refugees.’ The Puritans were chased out of England twice and the Quakers were a hyper-egalitarian cult. This is why 1850s era New England was a center of feminism, Negrophilia, etc.

          Serbs from the big cities see the rural Serbs from towns and villages as being peasants that have ‘nekultura’ instead of ‘kultura’ (sort of like their culture being the lack of culture; just ignorance, backwardness, primitivity, rudeness etc), but still we all understand that we are a single people. We’re all Serbs.

          This is very similar to the culture which once existed in England. During the Napoleonic Wars, our leaders were almost all drawn from the lower nobility and they bravely fought alongside the soldiers drawn from peasant farms. WWI was the same: we all fought as one.

          That culture mostly died during the early 20th century though. Our modern upper class is very heavily Judaized (David Cameron is part Jewish and that’s the norm).

          Long story short: we bled ourselves dry conquering the world and then made the fatal mistake of underestimating Jewry. We are also exposed to an insane amount of American propaganda due to being an English-speaking nation.

          • Вичёвски

            Thanks for your insights.

            Do you classify all Anglos as a single ethnic group/people, irrelevant of whether they’re predominantly Saxon or Celtic or whether they’re American, British, Australian etc?

            Putting aside the issue of race and speaking in a purely ethnic or pan-ethnic sense, who specifically do you classify as ‘your people’?

          • Arthur Vickstrom

            Those are excellent, but difficult to answer, questions. Here’s my perspective on it:

            Do you classify all Anglos as a single ethnic group/people, irrelevant of whether they’re predominantly Saxon or Celtic or whether they’re American, British, Australian etc?

            Short answer: No because Australians, Brits, and Americans have evolved into different ‘ethnic groups.’

            Long Answer:

            1. Britain is a gradient of Anglo-Saxon and Celtic peoples. There is an immense amount of English blood in ‘Celtic Wales’, most Lowland Scots have Anglo surnames and Germanic Y DNA, and yet there is also a lot of Celtic blood in some parts of England (especially Liverpool, Birmingham, and other port cities which received waves of Irish immigrants in the early 19th century).

            2. Australians have a different culture than us. The process of building a nation has shaped them into something unique. They’ve basically undergone a sort of ethno-genesis.

            3. Many rural American Anglos have significant German blood and are therefore more ‘Anglo-German’ than British.

            Honestly, I’d say the best way to describe Anglos is by saying that we are a group of closely related ethnicities and cultures. We’re like the Dutch and the Germans – very similar but not interchangeable.

            Putting aside the issue of race and speaking in a purely ethnic or pan-ethnic sense, who specifically do you classify as ‘your people’?

            The native people(s) of Britain, especially my fellow Englishmen. I believe in ‘circles of loyalty.’ The people who I feel the closest to are therefore:

            1. Englishmen
            2. Brits in general
            3. Australians & Canadians
            4. Anglo-Americans
            5. Other Western Europeans (Germans, Frenchmen, etc.)
            6. Other White people (Slavs, Meds, Basques, Iberians, Hungarians, etc.)

          • Вичёвски

            Thanks for your answer. It was interesting to read.

            I was surprised that you wrote ‘Other W.Europeans’ for point.5; I was expecting you to say ‘Germanic’ peoples specifically, but that might just be my own biased assumptions.

            The ‘circles of loyalty’ is something that I think is really going to have to properly be put into theory and worked out, because as I’m sure you’re aware, inter-White relations are a big mess right now. It’s one thing to talk of White-vs-nonWhite, but that doesn’t explain inter-White relations, nor the fact that the latter takes places within the former context.

  • Ajudeo

    “Their kids avoid the serious diversity but are allowed to mix and mingle with some pre-selected talented tenths minorities that sell them overpriced weed and become the token minority to prove their PC credentials.”


    So True……

    “And so, the upper crust’s relative rank rises in relation to everyone else. Things may be worse in absolute terms, but no one thinks like that in the real world. Only economists can draw lines on blackboards talking about the wonders of absolute gains. Everyone else looks on at their neighbor’s new car with envy. They want the same social circles, the same access to women and money, and the same safe sort of progressive ecosystem that the aristos have managed to successfully engineer.”

    Somewhat true…..

    But, not entirely……….

    Everyone is not a Social Rank/Class Climber……

    And Peter’s Principle is Pseudoscience…..

    Yes, Social Competition is coded in our Genetics…….

    But, there are a Plethora of ways to Compete……

    …..beyond Normie Avenue……

    Which is why when the Aristos want to Social Signal their Cultural Literacy and Awareness…….

    ……they dip down into the Great Churnings of the Prole World……

    …… add a New Shiny Pin to their Lapel……


    • Vincent Law

      “Slumming it” is indeed something the uppers engage in. Not so much the middle-class who are terrified of the proles.

      • Ajudeo


        The Middle Class are much closer to the Proles……

        ….and so they have to Signal harder to Differentiate themselves……

        That relatively tiny social ranking advantage is so precious……..


        • Vincent Law

          Indeed, they need to work harder to signal how non-prole they are. When you’re at the top though, you don’t like the middle, which you see as try-hard and which you dont want to be confused with. So you counter-signal the middle by slumming it up.

          Also when you’re already at the top, there’s only one direction to go..

          • Ajudeo



          • Vincent Law

            Guess that makes us Commies for noticing social class, eh?

          • Ajudeo

            Alt-Right Commies?


            Or just Realists who find the Essence of Life is in the Struggle??

          • Vincent Law


          • Вичёвски
          • Krafty Wurker

            There are all kinds of “Ivy Leagues” in the United States. Esquire Magazine pointed this fact out in a brilliant essay back in the 60’s.

            Some of the Ivy Leagues that were described by Esquire were Chicago Ivy League, Mafia Ivy League, Up the Ivy League, Down the Ivy League, and a dozen other Ivy Leagues with room for many more.

            I remember the only Ivy League educated lawyer (Harvard) in a small town near the Mason Dixon Line, who hung around my grandparents place of business. I guess the reason he chose to hang around my grandparents business was that he had known them since he was a young kid? What kind of Ivy League is that? Hillbilly Ivy League, Farmer Ivy League, Small Town Ivy League, Mason-Dixon Ivy League, Country Ivy League?

            Nice essay.

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    This article seems like an indictment of the WASP elite. But while WASPs fucked up by handing over their Wall Street and the Ivy League to Jews, I don’t think there is anything particular in the WASP psyche that caused it to happen. Just like there was no reason for the Irish to hand over the Democratic city machine politics to Jews and minorities.

    It’s important to remember how the old way of doing things utterly collapsed during the Depression and World War II. The FDR New Deal Agenda and entry into World War II was bitterly contested by WASP elites and Catholic politicians like Supreme Court Justices Sutherland, Butler, Van Devanter and McReynolds, Charles Lindbergh, Father Coughlin, and Al Smith. World War II quickly swept away any opposition and the old ethnic institutions became untenable. After World War II, WASPs opened up the Ivy League and high finance to Jews, and the Irish handed over the urban Democratic Party machine to blacks and Jews. The Southern way of life was immediately targeted and destroyed.

    The rich WASPs and the Irish politicians of today are just living off the legacy of what their ancestors built. What’s important is that we have a few brave individuals like Bill Regnery and Richard Spencer who reject the cool parties and an easy sinecure because they want to fight for our future as a people.

    • Ed Edgerton

      What makes you think it is just Protestants who do this? Catholics are just as bad.

      • Krafty Wurker

        As usual Yehudah is spreading Jew lies, McReynolds, Sutherland and Van Devanter were all Protestants, so was Charles Lindberg.

        • Ed Edgerton

          The thing is, Yehudah presents himself as a non-Jew with a satirical Jewish persona.

          I just checked Wikipedia, and you seem to be right. Butler, Coughlin, and Smith had Catholic backgrounds. The others didn’t.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            You fail reading comprehension as well. Nowhere did I claim that Lindbergh and the old Supreme Court justices were Catholicks.

          • Ed Edgerton

            I was just following up on what Krafty Wurker wrote. Regardless, your sentence was not very clear.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            It’s pretty clear, I state there were both Catholick and Protestant leaders who opposed FDR and entry into WWII: “The FDR New Deal Agenda and entry into World War II was bitterly contested by WASP elites and Catholic politicians like Supreme Court Justices Sutherland, Butler, Van Devanter and McReynolds, Charles Lindbergh, Father Coughlin, and Al Smith. ”

            I’m actually defending WASPs. My point is that their control of the institutions came under assault in the wake of WWII.

          • Ike35

            Duhhh, could ya dumb it down a shade? Purple cows ass, what’s goin on? I don’t get it! LOL

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Sorry, I forgot to translate my comment into tongue speaking so Krafty Wurker could understand it.

        • Yehudah Finkelstein

          You miss the point entirely Sperg. Go back and read, my point was that many Catholick and Protestant leaders opposed FDR. I know abstractions are lost on you due to your Autism.

      • The Alt Right is becoming infected with NRx bullshit. It was supposed to be a pro-white movement, but look at what has happened.

        The counter-semitism is degenerating into moronic superstitious religious nutjobbery. The Jewish problem is an ethnic problem, one of nepotistic networks. But instead we have all this religious nonsense and people quoting some superstitious priests from the 1600s and whining about people becoming “spiritually Jewish” due to “Calvinism.”

        The NRx is a Jewish movement that recruits faux-Catholics to fight in a coalition against “Protestants” and “WASPs.” Hence, the problem is the “Cathedral” – not the “Synagogue” – and the real enemy are the “Puritans”

        While there are plenty of people complaining about “spiritual Judaism” and such nonsense, you’ll notice that Israel isn’t criticized too much – the Fifth Column of AIPAC isn’t really considered all that big of a deal.

        The only part of the pro-white movement that is NOT being infected with the NRx crap is the Southern Nationalist movement. What a damn shame that Hunter Wallace is no longer the editor here.

        Richard Spencer needs to step up to the plate and show some leadership here.

        • Ed Edgerton

          I agree to some extent. I wouldn’t use such abrasive terms about NRx, however.

          My problem with Cromwell, Calvin, Freemasons, etc., is not that they made non-Jews more like Jews but that they were under the influence of Jews and served the interests of Jews. Cromwell let Jews back into England. The American Revolution gave Jews equal citizenship.

          • All that stuff may be interesting historically, but it isn’t relevant to America and Europe in The Current Year, 2017.

            Spencer said that his platform is: a) race exists b) race is important c) race is the foundation of identity. That is what the “Alt Right” is supposed to be about.

            But of course there are entryists trying to push the race issue aside and bring up their pet nonsense. Ten years ago the WN movement had all these stupid Bible thumpers talking about “WE WUZ ISRAELITES” but fortunately they were laughed out of the movement. Hopefully we’ll get rid of the NRx types too and we can go back to:

            a) race exists b) race matters c) race is the foundation of identity.

            Certainly in North America you’re never going to get anywhere unless you have a big tent based on race.

          • Ajudeo

            a) race exists b) race matters c) race is the foundation of identity.

            100% Agreed…….

            And an Alt-Right Writer’s Social Critique of Class Warfare……

            … not only Interesting…….

            It’s Vital……

            Remember what Richard said?

            “We have a White Problem”……

          • Dave Overman

            Hipster reminds me of young Adolph, standing on a bunch of crates, giving a speech to men in some corner of Munich, shouting at the top of his lungs” Stabbed in the back! Stabbed in the back!” lol

          • PrometheusReturns

            Dave Overwitz, that’s the most Jewish thing you’ve ever said. It only took a hundred comments.

          • I’m the furthest thing from a Hitler partisan but I took it as a compliment, regardless of how it was meant. All the (((Hollywood Nazis))) love Hitler anyway, so …

          • Krafty Wurker

            Cromwell and the Jews is highly exaggerated, because Cromwell never granted the Jews political rights or standing in the courts. The Jews didn’t get political rights & standing until the 1850’s and the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Cromwell was an assclown. If you like White Shariah, he’s your man! No fun, sports, gambling! Why am I not surprised this mouth breather is defending Oliver Cromwell?

          • Ike35

            Don’t forget that he was also a hateful regicide that sold Irish into slavery in the Caribbean which is where we get the term “red neck.” Yeah, he was a real peach.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Cromwell also fucked over the Scots Covenanters because they disagreed with him a little bit on theology. He basically laid waste to the entire British Isles for 10 years, then when he died the British begged Charles II to come back and restore some levity and sanity.

          • Ike35

            I was unaware of his treatment of the Scots but not surprised since the man was a civilizational dumpster fire.

          • Krafty Wurker

            I thought Yehudah hated the Calvinists who believed in “Covenant” theology—disagreeing with yourself again Yehudah?

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            I’m making a historical point about Cromwell. Because you see, unlike you, I’m not an Autist and do not fail to grasp abstractions and see the world in an absolute black and white prism.

          • “Regicide” – LOL. He killed a king and basically made himself a king. That’s how it usually works.

            Whining about monarchy – another aspect of the NRx infection. Who gives a shit that kings and faux-kings were killing each other hundreds of years ago?

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            “Who gives a shit that kings and faux-kings were killing each other hundreds of years ago?”

            Yes. Who gives a shit about history?

          • Ajudeo

            No More Monarchies……..

            Get rid of them ALL…….

          • No – the era of monarchy and anti-monarchy is over. The Queen of England is fine, the republicans in the UK are wrong. But the republicans in America were right.

            This bs is nothing but a distraction from the real problem – anti-whitness.

          • Ajudeo

            Get rid of the Queen of England also……

          • Ike35

            I don’t think that’s really necessary. The monarchy in Britain is one of the last organic institutions left that give the Brits patriotism and pride. Just imagine how that could be leveraged to our advantage if they had a monarch of our general persuasion. For all we know they might right now but under these clown world conditions they have to keep their heads down. Although that’s not to say that their aren’t royal houses in Europe completely pozzed but my basic point I believe still holds true.

          • Ike35

            I’m not whining nor am I NRx. I just think Cromwell was a piece of trash for several reasons, being a regicide only being a minor one and enslaving Irish being a very major one. Sure we can go down the historical rabbit hole too far but we can’t ignore history entirely.

          • The anti-Anglo faction just can’t help themselves but bring up their long history of losing. Of course it contributes nothing to the pro-white cause, but of course it isn’t supposed to.

            If you had a blog and wrote long screeds about Cromwell, no one would mind.

          • Ike35

            Being an Old Stock American I find it difficult if not quite distasteful to be anti-Anglo or anti-any white group, for the record, not that I believe you’re accusing me of that. “Long screed”, nah I’ve said my piece, we can keep it short. Ya gotta lighten up a tad there Hipster, you too often assume malicious intent and it’s not always warranted. For god sake I agree with you more often than not.

          • Good, I’m glad, and no I wasn’t accusing you of that. I can “lighten up” when the four handles (two people four handles likely) who are constantly making up absurd allegations about me stop doing that.

            Some piece of shit troll says “Canadians are a social construct” because they are “WASPs” and then *I’m* the one accused of “redefining Italian” or other such craziness.

            The nasty anti-American, anti-English bullshit from these trolls is toxic to the pro-white movement. It’s too bad – we have such a great spokesman in Richard Spencer and just nasty trolls online doing everything they can to turn off normal White Americans who would naturally be on our side.

            Please, Spencer, bring Hunter Wallace back.

          • Ike35

            I agree that’s why I said it’s not always warranted and not that it’s never warranted. The countersignaling of Richard does get exasperating but when you’re on top of anything it’s unfortunately the nature of the beast, those below will want to pull you down. I like Hunter as well but he wasn’t kicked out was he? I’ve had the impression that he’s more of a ghost who floats in and out and doesn’t stick around one site for too long. Hey, that could be a Paranormies episode.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            When does Richard Spencer countersignal? He’s pretty disciplined about NOT doing that.

            The idiot you’re replying to on the other hand…

          • Ike35

            I meant other people countersignaling Richard, not that he countersignals others because I agree he’s been very good about not doing that.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Got it. The only time I can think of Richard countersignaling was when he banned Heimbach from NPI a few years ago for some Anti Fag comments. Not an issue anymore, both Heimbach and Spencer are over it. Heimbach was at Auburn, and is speaking with Spencer at Unite the Right.

          • Ike35

            I’m glad that was patched up for the good of this Thing of Ours.

          • I don’t know I thought Hunter Wallace was great, it’s too bad he doesn’t write here any more.

          • Ike35

            Was he producing original content for Alright or were they repostings of his blog articles? Either way, I agree he does good work.

          • A hymn to Hermes

            Social movements really aren’t dictated from the top down and the puritanism of the English Republic was almost certainly dictated by the masses.

        • Yehudah Finkelstein

          No one cares about NRx. Rosie Gray did once say NRx was the Alt Right though, so maybe you’re onto something.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            NRx = Neoreaction. Theres a lot of overlap in ideas between the Alt-Right and NRx. NRx is more of an anti-modernist movement though, while Alt-Right is more of a racial identity movement. Also NRx is more, for a lack of a better term, elitist. They seem unconcerned about red pilling normies or engaging in electoral politics.

            NRx got its start with the writings of Mencius Moldbug, real name Curtis Yarvin, who is a Jew. But the claim that their sole function is to undermine WN movements is absurd.

        • Vincent Law

          Why are you obsessed with NRx?

          No one who writes here is NRx. I could never get through Moldbug’s and Land’s tomes.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            I don’t get it either.

          • Why are you lying? Of course you get it.

            1. Blaming “Anglos” and “WASPs” for everything.

            2. Counter-semitism based on religion as opposed to ethnicity.

            3. Whining about “the Enlightenment” and “egalitarianism” – and of course, Protestants and Lutherism.

            This bullshit is 100% NRx nonsense and would fit right in at

            It’s not pro-white, it’s NRx.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Never heard of, keep projecting.

          • That’s too bad, it’s clearly influencing you and others, so you are parroting their talking points without even knowing where they are coming from. That’s pretty typical, frankly.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            I’m parroting talking points I’ve never heard of? These NRx Larpers must have very persuasive arguments.

          • You’re parroting talking points without realizing where they originate.

            “These NRx Larpers must have very persuasive arguments.”

            Yes, just that like tranny faggot who joined NRx to get back at all the people that mocked him in high school. Just read this thread, and others – a bunch of whiny losers that couldn’t get along with their own peer group in high school and are now using what is supposed to be a pro-white movement to “get back” at the “Anglos” and “WASPs” that they “couldn’t get along with.”

            These people don’t belong in a pro-white movement – they apparently need a shrink – or maybe just to get a fucking life.

            It’s NOT a surprise that the worst offenders are unmarried, childless rootless cosmopolitans either estranged from their own country or living abroad.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            I see you’ve moved on from ranting about “Hollywood Nazis” to sperging out on “NRx” in every thread.

          • Vincent Law

            Seriously, this is bizarre.

            I had no idea HR was this fucking paranoid, Disagreement is one thing, but calling everyone you disagree with part of a secret club is the height of paranoia,

            And then of course claiming that we’re all Dugin shills.

            Or Hollywood FED Nazis.

            The accusations just keep flowing from this guy.

            And the irony is that he makes a point of bragging how he’s a freemason in every other post.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            See my post above. Hunter Wallace called out his behavior on one of his first articles here. Notice how Hipster Racist doesn’t post over at Occidental Dissent?

          • “Hunter Wallace called out his behavior on one of his first articles here.”

            Link? Are you just making up bullshit again?

          • Krafty Wurker

            Hipster doesn’t post over at OD like you do as “SpahnRanch1969” either. Do you have a Charlie Manson fetish Yehudah? LOL.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            What is your fixation with this SpahnRanch guy? Did he also expose you for the illiterate holy roller you truly are, like I frequently do?

          • “but calling everyone you disagree with part of a secret club”

            Why are you making up such an absurd lie, Vincent Law? I never accused you, nor anyone else, of being in any “secret club.”

            What the hell are you even talking about?

            I’ve also said that I’m NOT a Freemason – are you taking that obvious joke to Edgerton seriously? Of course not.

            Maybe there wouldn’t be a problem if you stopped using the pro-white movement as a platform to attack English people, Americans, and even Protestants?

          • I see you are still stuck on the “sperg” thing – which ironically is pretty fucking autistic in and of itself.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Sorry if it’s true. But there are a few commenters here, yourself included, who rant about the exact same thing over and over.

          • Says the guy who can’t do two comments without ranting about “spergs.” Your lack of self-awareness is, ironically, typical of actual “spergs.”

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            The only people I call out as Spergs are in fact, Spergs, mostly yourself and Krafty Wurker.

            Does the guy who goes on weird, 10 paragraph, non-topical rants about “NRx” and “Hollywood Nazis” really want to bring up the issue of lacking self-awareness?

          • You use the same catchword, that you apparently don’t even understand, because you aren’t particularly creative. The fact you are triggered by “NRx” and (((Hollywood Nazism))) shows that I have you pegged correctly. You really hate being reminded of those two things, because they hit the target.

          • Vincent Law

            Holy shit dude you’re a fucking schitzo. There’s never been an article on this site that has defended Jews.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            If you go back to one of the very first articles on this site, Hunter Wallace called out “Hipster Racist” for his constant divisiveness and counter signalling. Now, whose word are you going to take?

          • Vincent Law

            HR clearly believes that anyone who didn’t step foot off the mayflower doesnt belong in the United States. Hard to find common ground with that mentality.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            Back in the heydey of America as a “Whites only” country there were all kinds of ethnic tensions and divisions and he wonders why I’m sceptical about one shared white identity.,_1891,_lynchings

            I’m fine with people disagreeing with me and arguing my points in good faith. But if I’m going to be called a Jew, told repeatedly that I “have to go back,” and have my family insulted, who don’t share my views, then I’m not going to bother.

            I’ve got HR on block right now so I can’t see what he’s saying, but I think I have a pretty good idea. I’m concious of the fact that our little feud is derailing every comment section and one of us is going to have to be the bigger man and disengage.

          • Ajudeo

            I didn’t realize he was abusing like that……

            Not cool……

          • Johnny Fascismo has said that “there’s no such thing as a Canadian” and that the people who founded Canada “don’t count” because they were “WASPs.”

            He openly, on a regular basis, attacks Canadians and Americans and complains that they “oppressed” him somehow. He also repeated says he doesn’t want to live around “Anglos” and that he wants the “ethnic tensions to reappear.”

            Why don’t these people just STOP attacking other White people all the time? Why purposefully go out of your way to start fights and cause division?

          • Vincent Law – you spend half of your posts and articles attacking Americans, the English, and Protestants – and are surprised when those people object to be demonized?

            It is hard to find common ground with someone who is pretending to be “pro-white” but can’t get enough attacking your people and culture and nation.

          • Ike35

            Perhaps you’re exaggerating a wee bit? Mine stepped off the Mary&John, I wonder if I’m ok?

          • ” Hunter Wallace called out “Hipster Racist” for his constant divisiveness and counter signalling.”

            Link? You’re making up lies again.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            It was Matt Parrot who called you out six month ago. Not Hunter Wallace. It’s my mistake in attributing that to Hunter Wallace and I apologize to Hunter for the error on my part.

            I don’t remember threads in great detail from six months ago, I did remember that one of the writers pretty much called out your absurd behavior back then. Parrot’s criticism was true then and it is true now. Guess who will actually be at the Unite the Right rally with Spencer? Parrot and Heimbach.


          • Yes, Parrott is upset because I pointed out how he a) made up an absurd lie about Hunter Wallace, accusing him of stealing money from the pro-white movement and using it to hire black prostitutes. He also b) accused Richard Spencer of banning Christians and being run by a secret cabal of homosexuals.

            When Parrott stopped doing that, I stopped talking about him. Now YOU, not me, are dragging up that stuff to cause division. How ironic.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            You were accused back then of being a conspiracy crank and you’re still a nutjob. Now you’ve moved on to the “NRx is subverting the Alt Right angle.”

          • And you’ve been accused of being a Jew crank by multiple people.

            You got nothing but a bizarre personal grudge against me and clearly can’t actually respond to the substance of my posts. How sad for you.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            The only Autists who think I’m actually a Jew are yourself and your Snake Handler brother Krafty Wurker. You literally hijacked this whole thread into some anti NRx jihad just because.

          • So you acknowledge that not all accusations aren’t true, then? Interesting.

            You have nothing interesting to say but you have a bizarre obsession with me. I’m just some guy with an internet handle and a blog but at least I stand by my words.

            You, on the other hand, snipe and troll behind multiple private handles because you can’t stand by your words. How many handles do you have anyway?

            Why are you trying to drag up old accusations that Parrott made against Richard Spencer, Hunter Wallace, and myself? You really think that dragging up that drama from six months ago is worth it just to score points against me?

            Try responding to substance. Be a man. Stop hiding behind multiple private handles.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            This is the only handle I post under. Your paranoia is showing.

            You’re the one who derailed the thread with bizarre NRx Jew honeypot crap. Now that you’re dealing with the blowback of your own actions and being called out on it, you’re whimpering like a little puppy.

            First you asked for proof that an Alt Right activist called out your behavior when this site was born, I provided proof, and now you say I never should have posted the proof because it causes division! That’s really rich coming from you with your endless supply of Preparation H that you need for chaffed ass right now after whining endlessly about NRx, “Anti Anglo” sentiment, and calling the author a Tranny Faggot.

          • “Jew honeypot crap”

            Just like you made up an absurd like about Hunter Wallace, now you are making up an absurd lie about “Jew honeypot” – which has nothing to do with anything I’ve said.

            And you’re still hiding behind multiple anonymous handles because you’re not man enough to stand behind your own words.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            I clearly apologized to Hunter Wallace because the error was my own memory. I’ve corrected the error. Just like Parrott said he corrected his errors in his post 6 months ago. So who’s the person who refuses to move on and continuously counter signals, proving everything Parrott said correct?

          • You are the one that is bringing up shit from six months ago, AND making up absurd lies, then when called on it, just making up new lies.

            Which is obviously why you hide behind a private account, you can’t stand by your own words, because of how little truth is in any of them.

            I’m not “counter-signaling” pro-whiteness. Don’t try to drag other people into what is clearly YOUR bizarre obsession with me. Amazing how you just can’t ignore me – apparently my words cut you deep.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            So what did this article have to do with NRx again?

            That’s right. Not a damn thing. Keep whining Cry Bully.

          • “and calling the author a Tranny Faggot.”

            WTF? I literally never did that, you pathetic liar. I was referring to a once famous actually self-described “tranny faggot” who was a somewhat famous NRx leader. I never called the author that.

            Can you just stop making up lies even once?

            No wonder you hide your posts – it would be too easy to call out your absurd lies.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            I don’t know what’s sadder, the fact you know so much about NRx or the fact that you know there is an NRx Tranny faggot leader. You may not have called Vincent Law a tranny faggot but all of your wacky doodle NRx comments in this this thread are starting to run together.

          • “You may not have called Vincent Law a tranny faggot”

            Hilarious – you just make up lies, then when called on your lies, back off and just make up new lies.

            No wonder you hide behind a private account. You’ve derailed this thread trying to make it about me instead of issues.

            How sad for you.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            If it was that big of a deal, I would have edited or deleted the post. Sorry, but your rants really all sound the same and it’s hard to tell each NRx is the Great Satan tome from the next one. I don’t read your posts in great detail, thankfully.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            Yeah. Thats an accurate description of HR. He liberally reads between the lines of what people actually say, makes up his own version of reality and runs with that. He spends more time attacking people who are ostensibly on the same side as him (Anglin, Heimbach, Landry, Stevens, countless commenters) than he does fighting the real enemy. And he constantly throws temper tantrums when people disagree with him.

            Others disagree with things I say all the time. That’s fine. I’m able to keep it civil with them, and we can agree to disagree on certain points. This guys ego prevents him from working with others and he’s just a toxic individual. I’m sick of it.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            What’s telling is that Spencer and Heimbach (Parrot is Heimbach’s Father in Law) had a very public feud over Heimbach being banned from NPI. But they are over it!

            Meanwhile Hipster Racist accuses people who disagree with him of being Jew shills (Brett Stevens), ADL plants (Anglin, Heimbach) or NRx (whatever that even means!).

          • You apparently responded to the wrong comment because I didn’t say anything that you wrote.

          • Krafty Wurker

            Vince Law international man of mystery speaks…

          • NRx is a Jewish movement to recruit White people against me, and my people, and my country. Why wouldn’t I be concerned with a movement trying to do to me and my people what Jews are doing to Palestinians?

            Good to know you aren’t NRx, how odd that your articles and comments read so much like something straight off of an NRx site.

          • Ajudeo

            I think you’re reading into things too much……

        • Ajudeo

          Chill, Bro……

          Breath In and Out…….

          • PrometheusReturns

            HR spergs and counter-signals from time to time. This is one of those times where he’s doing both.

        • A hymn to Hermes

          The only part of the pro-white movement that is NOT being infected with the NRx crap is the Southern Nationalist movement. What a damn shame that Hunter Wallace is no longer the editor here.

          Kind of ironic considering how influenced by NRx Hunter Wallace actually is and how much NRx was influenced by people like George Fitzhugh and Stephen Alexander.

          Because the Enlightenment is when the Vatican lost power.

          It’s also when the Jews were emancipated and Jewish banking houses became dominant. The Vatican “lost power” during the Protestant Reformation. Protestant churches were also significantly disprivileged in terms of their direct role in government during the Enlightenment as well. I have no idea what you are talking about about and I suspect you don’t either.

          “Egalitarianism” has existed long before, and long after, the Enlightenment

          Egalitarianism as a moral principle has never actually been the pillar of any civilization, and for most of them egalitarians have been viewed as pernicious radicals to be suppressed which has also historically also been true in America. The ones which preached “egalitarianism” either didn’t associate moral value to it and were simply making a pseudo-scientific statement of “fact” (like the Spartans) or were speaking in terms of a pragmatic leveling of a class where people were ‘equal in rank’ for the purposes of chain of command like privates in the military(also the Spartans). No society has ever taught its’ children that it was immoral for other members of that society to prosper or for anyone to hold authority, et cetera.

          A ‘religious type’ is going to predominate in any institution because you need these people who are believers in the thing itself to make it functional and stable. It’s a matter of inborn psychology that any ‘managerial class’ will essentially be priest-like because self-interested sociopaths are not capable of upholding institutions. When you take ecumenicism to it’s logical conclusion and enfranchise a vague religious pluralism as a universal moral principle where a ‘wall between church and state’ must be maintained all of the priest-like people maintaining your institutions are going to be antagonistic to their religious competitors who must be kept from exercising authority. You have one group of people in power who have Truth in their hearts versus another group of people (who could broadly be called “us”) who believe things which are contrary to Truth.

          “Enlightenment values” are a serious problem to stability. Add in Jews and Jew-like sociopaths dictating what Truth is to the managerial class and you have a problem on steroids. The reality of early America as detailed by Alexis de Tocqueville is that no one even two generations after the Declaration of Independence gave a shit about Enlightenment values. They weren’t taught in school houses, they weren’t taught in Church, and the folkways of the common people were still a quasi-medieval religiosity. Yes, if you teach to 5 year olds the most outre and radical beliefs of the most outre and radical Founding Fathers whose ideas were rejected by Americans until the 1960s as gospel then you are going to have a problem. We have a problem and would have a problem even without Jews. Unfortunately we do have Jews and we can’t get rid of people who are variously open sociopaths or believers in a religion which dictates enslaving the entire population of the Earth because muh Enlightenment principles.

          the problem for these people isn’t race, it’s religion/culture

          The two are inseparable anyway. Black “Christianity” teaches that the only way for non-blacks to go to Heaven is to ‘bless’ blacks with material rewards in life. Gibsmedat is literally a religion. Talking about religion and culture is only obfuscatory if you actually deny the racial component. Talking about race without discussing culture (the actual behavior of the race) is about equally as nonsensical.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            Good post. But a waste. HR doesn’t really believe in anything except that he doesn’t like Black people, and believes Jews hold magical powers that cause huwhytes to do incredibly dumb things. Of course these powers only work on huwhytes, as no other civilized or even not so ciilized group in the world would ever buy their crap. Any talk of root causes of our problems is a distraction from muh huwhyte skin.

            It’s not even just HR. It’s a very prevalent problem throughout the Alt-Right.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        Read my post. That’s my point.

        • Ed Edgerton

          Except that the article did not single out WASPs.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            “Except that the article did not single out WASPs.”

            From the text- Brahmin caste.

          • Ed Edgerton

            The article didn’t seem to be just about Boston Brahmins, who are Protestant. The term “Brahmin” can mean various things. I think that if the author had meant Protestants he would have said so.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein


          • Krafty Wurker

            Here’s what Yehudah the Jewperson wrote: “and Catholic politicians like Supreme Court Justices Sutherland, Butler, Van Devanter and McReynolds, Charles Lindbergh”…

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            That’s not the whole sentence Sperg. Everyone can see that you’re either A.stupid, B. autistic, C. lying, or D. both A and B.

            I’m going with D.

          • Krafty Wurker

            Jews like you are always right. Btw, why don’t you use your “Spahnranch1969” moniker here?

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Not an argument. Do yourself a favor and just delete your posts before you make it worse.

          • Krafty Wurker

            You (Jew) could not have been any clearer,…”and Catholic politicians like Supreme Court Justices Sutherland, Butler, Van Devanter and McReynolds, Charles Lindbergh,”

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Keep digging your grave. You keep autistically posting part of the sentence when the whole sentence I wrote is here for everyone to see.

          • Krafty Wurker

            I guess the word “like” isn’t in the Jew dictionary.

          • N0 0ne

            Or perhaps:
            E. Monomaniacal

    • Ike35

      Excellent comment my friend. I completely agree.

  • Prof. Lindenbrook

    Excellent article, and quite “spot on”. I think this is particularly correct in some White (only) suburban areas of larger cities. For example, the community of Overland Park, just south of Kansas City, is one such “Fakerhood”. – Most of the residents don’t really believe the Leftist crap being pumped into their kids heads by the public school system, but the parents feel they have to defend it – to maintain their social position. The interaction of the kids is key to the entire matrix… It’s not just a “Fakerhood”, but a “breederhood” as well. However, I believe, in the end, all this “showboating” will backfire, as their offspring will marry outside of their races to “out virtue signal” their parents.

    • Вичёвски

      There’s always the danger of falling for your own bullshit -or being forced to abide by it when someone that has fallen for it comes to expect it.

      It’s one of the dangers of the ‘noble lie’, or in this case the cunning one.

    • German-American

      Good comment and even better Journey to the Center of the Earth reference.

      • Prof. Lindenbrook

        They’ve already deleted all my comments…

      • Prof. Lindenbrook

        Ignore that, pertains to another story.

  • For the past 50+ years white kids have been purposely “dumbed down” in all forms of education /school /collage and universities to facilitate Diversity / Inclusion / Acceptance / Tolerance /Equality /Forced Integration /Desegregation-AKA the lowest criteria for minorities. No employers can hire these people-black or white, because they are basically too stupid. They will hire minorities anyway to fill racial quotas ,but white people who learned as little as blacks are even less useful that the EEO appointees.

  • “noblesse malice”

    This is a great turn of phrase.

    Of course the concept of cultural leftism as class war is well known, among the right and the left, and has been discussed forever. Catholic intellectual E. Michael Jones quotes Michele Foucault’s “deal with the devil” he made while tripping on LSD in the Nevada desert. The deal was that the left would get “sexual liberation” if they stopped complaining about economic inequality.

    This is cultural Marxism 101. When the Frankfurt school Jews came to the United States they were not going to be able to ingratiate themselves with the ruling class by talking about labor unions, high wages, and communism. So Marxist classes were changed from economic classes to social classes. Instead of the proletariat vs. the bourgeosie, it became the “oppressed” vs. the “oppressors.” The class struggle was now a struggle between women, racial “minorities,” and queers vs. the “White Males” that oppressed everybody.

    Jews counted as “white” when it benefited them but automagically turned to “minorities” when needed.

    Their kids avoid the serious diversity but are allowed to mix and mingle with some pre-selected talented tenths minorities that sell them overpriced weed and become the token minority to prove their PC credentials.

    This isn’t even limited to the upper classes. Every private fundamentalist Christian school in the South has precisely 1-3 well behaved black children, which is about all the diversity they are prepared to accept. It prevented them from being sued as “segregationist.”

    The cavorting aristos let in a little bit of token fag to spice up their social milieu. It’s all smiles, lisps, and good-times at the Sunday brunch.

    This reminds me of a party I attended a few years ago in the Deep South, put on by the town’s most famous liberal family. It had precisely one black, who “just happened” to be the gayest gay that has ever gayed. So, they got a two-fer – racial diversity but the fact he was a queer meant he wasn’t going to be bothering the White girls.

    And so, the upper crust’s relative rank rises in relation to everyone else.

    Of course. The White middle class is the competition to the White upper class. So to prevent the White middle class from taking their spot, the upper classes play the lower class against the middle. This has been observed and commented on forever.

    Hey – the Alt Right supports all this, remember? You are “right wing” and you are “reactionary.” This is what you wanted, and this is what you got. Not everyone is equal, remember? You may not like how the upper classes disciplines you and keep you in line, but you acknowledge their right to do so.

    After all, you don’t want to be an egalitarian now do you?

    • Vincent Law

      I am not an anti-egalitarian. How could I be if I was a Socialist and a Nationalist? Both egalitarian ideologies.

    • Ajudeo

      We disciplined the Upper Classes on Nov. 8th…….


    • Anime Nazi Troll 3000

      Agree completely until you get to the Alt-Right supporting this degenerate aristocratic behavior.

      The Alt-Right supports national socialism, enlightened monarchy/dictatorship, or some form of non-pozzed republicanism. None of these systems are in favor of aristocratic oppression and demand a fiduciary relationship with the working classes.

  • Ed Edgerton

    Steve Sailer has been been writing about the phenomenon of virtue-signaling for a long time. Lawrence Auster used to point out that you can’t truly understand a phenomenon entirely in terms of status competition. When people say they believe in something, it is a mistake to dismiss this as merely a cynical attempt to get ahead at other people’s expense. I accept that elite SJWs believe what they profess to believe. They are not merely behaving cynically.

    I used to post lots of comments on the subject of the underlying meaning of political left and right, referring to Jonathan Haidt’s book “The Righteous Mind.” Some people are more predisposed to be loyal to their group than others. The non-Jewish white elite is primarily just disloyal, in my opinion. Some of them are predisposed towards loyalty towards their own race, but these people are confused. They cannot tell the difference between the false loyalty preached to them by mainstream conservative pundits and the true loyalty espoused by the alt-right.

    • A hymn to Hermes

      When people say they believe in something, it is a mistake to dismiss this as merely a cynical attempt to get ahead at other people’s expense.

      It’s a mistake of what “saying things” actually represents on an evolutionary level. There is a boy born without 98% of his brain mastering language skills because it’s hardwired into his extant lizard brain. Talking for humans is growling for wolves. It’s not a matter of “cynicism”, it’s a matter of people having a more acute instinct for language which means if they are using words they are engaging in a power struggle and expect the outcome of all social interactions to alter relative social positions.

      They can believe or not believe in things all they want, but if talking about those beliefs can’t result in jockeying for status they aren’t going to do it at all.

      • Ed Edgerton

        It isn’t all of one thing and none of another. Actual beliefs are important. Most people are not sociopaths/psychopaths. They need to believe that what they are doing is “right.”

  • Sam Cru

    The SWPL bloodline will be destroyed by barbarians.

  • Cam

    A small band of anti-whites outside Richard’s place this afternoon

    • unpaidpundit

      These crackpot whites need a good dose of vibrant diversity. I don’t think they’re malicious, they’re just foolishly naive. I would challenge each of these SJW’s to send their children or grandchildren to a vibrantly diverse school. Such a diverse school is not hard to find in the Washington, D.C. area.

  • Randy

    Basically rich whites redeem their guilt debt by sacrificing poor whites.

    • Alt-Right Personal Ads

      This posts reminds of a good place to subtly troll and redpill rich white ladies
      It’s supposed to be an anonymous message board for wealthy moms in NYC. Half the posts are about how to manage your team of six nannies, or rants about how an income of 2 million is not enough to buy an apartment in Manhattan near your child’s private school. The rest are shitlib political posts. The working mom vs stay at home mom posts give a glimpse into their insanity.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        If its an NYC blog, many of the women will no doubt be Jewesses.

      • Ike35

        i can see the potential utility in doing that but dear god having to read that stuff!

  • Above Ground

    we are ruled by the
    Religion of Wealth and Power

  • Ed Edgerton

    I disagree with the title of the article, as a blanket statement. Class warfare is a component of non-Jewish elite anti-whiteness, but I see it more as a byproduct of something else than an end in itself. It is important to consider the role of Jewish influence in bringing us to the point where we are now. Jews put explicit white advocacy off-limits. This distorts the political landscape. It shifts everything in the anti-white direction. People who would ordinarily be consciously pro-white instead cling to mainstream conservative bromides. This phenomenon extends into the non-Jewish white elite. It happens that they are better able to withstand the effects of anti-white policies, but I don’t see a conscious cynical choice there. They don’t think “I am going to get ahead by stepping on my fellow whites.” They think “Too bad my fellow whites don’t see the benefits of diversity and are too lazy to earn enough money to get their kids into a good school district like I did.” In other words, they believe the anti-white lies.

  • Marathon-Youth

    Nice article on our class based society. We have always had class divisions but it was politically incorrect to teach that or even discuss it.

    We put a lot of emphasis on the “middle class” and not much on any other class. The lower classes are never mentioned except in a round about manner. Those who live in trailer parks are seen as different from those who live in inner city projects or Barrios.

    The homeless are simply called the “Homeless” and no one dares use the word “beggar”. Use of Food Stamps is an immediate indicator of class.

    The “elite” act as if they are royalty and are treated as such by their European peers. Some marry into European royalty and assume the same aristocratic level of their European counterparts without the title. I see a problem when people behave like royalty without the title, which defines their position in society, and by doing that places restraints on their power.

  • Dave Overman

    “I went to one of the preppiest of all prep schools” – That is quite evident.

    • Ajudeo


  • Cascadia

    Some thoughts:

    1. Charles Murray already wrote about this in Coming Apart. He also mentioned, and for some strange reason you didn’t, how the upper classes are also relatively insulated from the sexual revolution. The upper class SJW’s you met are more likely to have parents who are still married. The vast majority of poor people I met have divorced parents.

    2. Is this not what the alt-right wants? You’re all against equality, after all. You don’t hate the upper class liberals for their hypocrisy because you want to live the same life. You just hate them cause their ideology is different. Most folks on here just want a fahsier version of all this. If that were ever to come to pass, we’d be back at square one because the proles would still be resentful and open to subversion.

    3. You kind of validated the black SJW’s who complain black kids don’t get the same advantages. Most black kids don’t get the prearranged play dates and summer camps with other rich kids cause their parents are less likely to have come from that milieu themselves. People on the right laugh at that kind of rhetoric because they’re more likely to believe that intelligence and hard work are what get you ahead. Which is bullshit of course, connections and people skills get you ahead. Kind of undermines the whole “black people are poor and marginalized cause of their IQ” narrative.

    Over all, it’s a good article and pointing out this social dynamic is good but try to think things through more and be honest about your own motivations.

    • Vincent Law

      Some Alt-RIghters want to larp as aristos. Not all though.

      • Ajudeo


    • Ajudeo

      “the upper classes are also relatively insulated from the sexual revolution.”


      “The upper class SJW’s you met are more likely to have parents who are still married.”


      “The vast majority of poor people I met have divorced parents.”

      Probably true…..

      “You’re all against equality, after all.”


      I support Equality under the Law for all American Citizens regardless……

      “You don’t hate the upper class liberals for their hypocrisy because you want to live the same life.”


      “You just hate them (be)-cause their ideology is different.”

      No, I hate Upper Class White Liberals……for their Hypocrisy, Cowardice, Virtue-Signaling, Socio-Pathology, Parasitism, Ignorance, and Class Bigotry…….

      “Most folks on here just want a fahsier version of all this.”


      “If that were ever to come to pass, we’d be back at square one because the proles would still be resentful and open to subversion.”

      If the Proles could find Meaningful and Justly Compensated Work, afford Housing and Healthcare, and afford to Raise a Family and send their Children to University…….

      You’d be WRONG again……


      “Which is bullshit of course, connections and people skills get you ahead.”…..

      And “intelligence and hard work”…….

      “You kind of validated the black SJW’s who complain black kids don’t get the same advantages. Most black kids don’t get the prearranged play dates and summer camps with other rich kids cause their parents are less likely to have come from that milieu themselves.”

      You sound like a White Liberal………


    • unpaidpundit

      The problem with your point 3 is that poor whites score higher on the SAT than affluent blacks. Poor whites also commit fewer crimes than affluent blacks. The poorest white community in America has a lower crime rate than the most affluent black community.

      • Cascadia

        Some good it’s doing the poor white kids these days

    • A hymn to Hermes

      Which is bullshit of course, connections and people skills get you ahead. Kind of undermines the whole “black people are poor and marginalized cause of their IQ” narrative.

      So a person with Down’s Syndrome could ‘get ahead’ based on their connections and “people skills”?

      • Cascadia

        If you can find someone with Down’s who can smooth talk people then yeah. Good luck with that.

        • A hymn to Hermes

          80% of the black population is dumber than the average white person and the average white person is too dumb to be a smooth talker. “Connections” and “people skills” are not independent of cognitive ability. If they were then we should be seeing lots of really influential Downies swimming in social cachet.

          • Cascadia

            They kind of are though, you already mentioned Down’s syndrome but people also become more socially inept the farther right you go on the bell curve.

    • Scythian

      I think there is a difference between the Pareto Principle elite’s social hierarchies and that of the Beta Uprising’s social hierarchies.

      The Beta Uprising types don’t want to sabotage others, but rather create social dynamics making things more equitable, or just, rather than paying lip service to equality.

  • unpaidpundit

    That’s the way it works out, but I doubt that it’s conscious. Affluent whites really don’t know what it’s like to have to deal with Vibrant Diversity. The Vibrants can’t afford to live anywhere near affluent whites, and it’s not like the media tells the truth about race relations. For instance, the media suppresses the facts about black on white murders. Affluent whites are left thinking, “Those poor, dear black men! So oppressed by the police! Whatever is to be done?”

    • Jarod

      An economic collapse will force those affluent Whites to face reality.

  • Einar von Vielen

    I loved to read this article. From one perspective, I’d like to exonerate the ‘aristos’: As the idea of reasoning is a delusion anyway and humans shape easily any kind of rationale ex post to justify their intuitive positioning, this – in combination with our confirmation bias – drives them to truly believe what they say. Since their say is returning positive individual pay offs, there is no need to falsify the own feeling. At the end of the day it is a question of human free will. They seem to be captured in their social role.
    The human moral scheme (which is a free-floating variance system of six parameters including harm, fairness and in-group loyalty, see J. Haidt) evolved to serve the survival of individuals, but within their group, that also needs to survive. Consequently, human moral set up is associated with the relevant group of an individual. This is not necessarily the ‘nation’ or the ‘own people regardless of class’. Instead, most periods in history so far were shaped by group identities other than that.
    The wealth of ‘nations’ (that altrighters like us strive for as this returned the most absolute and relative value to all vertical layers and – on the long run – also across all horizontal stacks of nations) to me seems to be a function of vertical synchronous group interests across a society’s layers of economic freedom. If the vertical interest vibes harmonize, acting together across vertical layers develops more force and return to the powerful layer, which is the shaping force of social rules. A ‘national economy’ then unfolds.
    In contrast, if horizontal vibes across nations / regions among local top layers yield superior returns to the economic elite, their relevant group identity is no longer ‘the nation’. To this point the lefties are right, if they consider ‘nations’ and ‘people’ social constructions, because any existing relationship of entities (and nation and race is a relationship) can or cannot be considered as relevant for human decisions. Trees can be a forest or they can just be trees. Nations and races still exist even if they are considered not relevant by the elites. Which seems to prove the lefties’ position, simply it doesn’t as it is a question of time when this relationship will become relevant again to the elites. The plot is about bringing the horizontal vibes back into harmony. Maybe this requires to cut off the top layer.

  • It’s always been some version of this, going back at least to the rich Progressives. Feminism had roots with upper class Anglo women before the Jews revolutionized it. This has been my experience up and down the east coast my whole life. You can also get a tipsy GoodWhite standing on the shore in Palm Beach to admit everything Jared Taylor goes on about regarding intelligence, etc. Those strands are related.

  • A Wise Man

    The collapse can’t come soon enough.

  • Anime Nazi Troll 3000


    Elite prep school veteran myself, and this is 100% accurate.

  • German-American

    This was an excellent article and the reason we need NATIONAL SOCIALISM now. A revolutionary racial socialist dictatorship is the only force which will secure the survival of our people in North America, anything which seeks to preserve capitalist privilege or bourgeois self-centeredness is going to lead directly to our extinction. “Oh, but the Nazi brand carries too much baggage!” It’s up to us to change that through positive conditioning… good experience with Nazis = opinion raised of Nazis. Beyond that, they’re going to call us that anyway, so why not own the brand? And more importantly, what have we got to lose? The “prole” whites described above have no future, no career prospects, next to no chance of a happy family life, dignity or even the means to properly care for our parents in their old age. We need to band together into a powerful movement of discipline and self-sacrifice, pool our collective strength as men and focus it into a truly fascist organization hard enough to take on all comers — and win. Capitalist greed-based degeneracy cannot be tolerated if our race is to exist in the coming centuries. Only the National Socialist virtues of self-sacrifice, struggle and pitiless hardness inside and out will give us the strength to reverse course. And we’re not going to get that by running away from the swastika, but only by embracing it fully! We have no choice.

    • Anime Nazi Troll 3000

      To be fair, the American aristocracy, not its bourgeoisie, are the true degenerate villains promoting cultural Marxism to hurt and oppress the bourgeois and working-class Whites.

      The boomer bourgeoisie are just going along with it to selfishly protect their 401(k)’s like a bunch of cowardly cucks.

      • Scythian

        Honestly, after all this time, they are one and the same since the aristocracy cucked their children out to the industrialists and moneylenders in exchange for shekels.

        They are the same rootless cosmopolitans

    • Vincent Law

      Well, you’re a German so German NatSoc appeals to you. It doesn’t appeal to all Whites. The Alt-Right is an attempt to create new symbols, look forward, not back. And not pit one group of Whites (Germanics in Hitler’s case) against another.

      • German-American

        Read Leon Degrelle’s famous speech “Epic: The Story of the Waffen-SS” to see how National Socialism was transformed into pan-European movement by the end of the war. Much like Christianity, which began as a movement of the ancient Hebrews but was spread after the death of Christ to all peoples, so too has National Socialism spread since the destruction of the Third Reich to every corner of the Earth where white people – Germanic, Celtic, Slav, or whatever – fight for their existence against the encroaching enemy. In America particularly, we have a long tradition of National Socialists going back to the Bund and earlier. No other idea carries the historical weight and spiritual power necessary to inspire the youth to honor and glory.

        This is just my opinion. But I believe it will be borne out by future history.

      • Tonton Macoute

        Let’s hope you’ll heed your own advice in the future.

  • Scythian

    The more I come here, the more I see Marx come through in the ideas and texts. Not that this is bad per se. But it seems like there is a distinct humanistic, almost genuinely egalitarian wave sweeping through the Alt-Right.

    Excellent piece, by the way. I like that: noblesse malice

    if only we can dumb that concept and term down a bit for mass consumption and easy agitprop.

  • Scythian

    This seems to explain why the CIA send poz out its own citizens during the Cold War, like Gloria Steinem, a known CIA asset, pushing radical feminism.

    It’s to sabotage us

  • Endymion

    Hard to imagine a worse group of people than these disgusting excuses for human beings.