The Poz Is A Weapon Of Class Warfare

When I was a teenager, I went to one of the preppiest of all prep schools and after serving my time there, I stumbled out bewildered and confused by what happened. It just didn’t make sense to me. None of it did. It was like being in a completely foreign land for my entire high school experience. A sort of khaki-wearing Lord of the WASPs survival scenario.

As all the SJW insanity started reaching fever-pitch levels (it’s arguably still getting worse) I couldn’t help but notice that there was some overlap with what I had seen in prep school and what I saw with the SJW menace in college. I was insulated from a lot of the degeneracy during my 4 years at the private school but was keenly aware of what my public school friends went through. And I was completely floored when I went to college.

All of the ideas espoused and taught at these institutions were more or less the same…but the demographics and the results were completely different. In general, the rank and file that believed in the SJW crap were almost all genetic failures, mystery meats, or just genuinely lower-class people that felt the movement to be advancing their interests on some level.

But there was a higher level to all of this. The Elite SJW’s did their own thing.

College is when I started noticing it. See, there were top-tier Social Justice type clubs and then there was the chum. The smart, White and careerist shrews wisely segregated themselves from the rank and file prole SJW’s in their own Feminist organization. In fact, they would routinely deny funds to the other Feminist groups on campus (because they had a lot of their girls and faculty support in funds-allocating organizations) and they bared their fangs at the other Feminist groups in private. It was interesting to observe.

The gays did the same thing. The top-tier “preppy” ones actively disassociated themselves with the more plebby, prone to dye their hair pink gays. The top-crust gays still participated in all their gayification campaigns, but they played an interesting game. They came off as reasonable and not insane. The type of man-poodle you let your fashionable girlfriend gossip with and spend time with her girlfriends as well.

They would also bro it up with the top-tier bros. The ones that looked the part, but didn’t really play any sports…because they didn’t actually need to get the free ride to college…because they were well to do.

I realized then and there that the Poz could be weaponized to by upper middle-class folks to keep up their caste rank in Weimerica.

Despite all their lip-service to equality and fairness, they were fundamentally un-egalitarian in their attitudes and behavior. I am convinced that many of them picked it up from their parents. See, these upper-tier SWPL’s are quite good at the game. Preaching all that democratic feel-good stuff and then quietly leveraging the situation in their favor. It’s like a game of who can hold their hand on the boiler plate the longest. Everyone gets hurt, but some can bear the pain better than others…and come out on top.

Their parents will join the PTA at their school, and then elbow their child into the best homerooms, arrange playdates with the parents of successful power parents like themselves. As their kids get older, they will arrange shindigs centered around some sort of fund-raising effort or a charity-based scheme. These functions serve as places to chink glasses with other parents like them, and also to give their kids a chance to mingle in an acceptable social milieu. They will allow their kids to throw alcohol sodden parties in their mansions or at least look the other way. They seem to understand the importance of helping their children to retain their social rank…even if it means having to replace the carpet from time to time.

The top-tier girls pick up on this almost immediately- they figure out who is in the in-group and who isn’t. And while to some extent, the cool kids made their own “cool” clique, they never seem to realize how their parents actively facilitated and helped create it.

They create these social-circles, carpools, and volunteer events. They pick a sports team and lobby the coaches to let their sons and daughter play on a team with each other. They organize pep rallies and bake sales. They force their kids to go to church events even if they are part Jewish and everyone there is an agnostic- even the priests.

We have TRS to thank for popularizing the concept of “virtue-signaling” to legions of shitlords everywhere. But there might be something more to all of this. I am convinced that the SWPLs morally posture from down-on-high to the rest of the proles to actively sabotage them, NOT just because they believe in what they preach. They have a noblesse malice nowadays. And like women, you have to look at what they do, not what they say.

If you’ve ever really spent with the Brahmin caste you notice this serious contradiction right away. I mean, the debate is eternal: do shitlibs actually believe the bullshit that they preach? I’m of the opinion that the elites do NOT. Most of them are not True Believers.

Their kids avoid the serious diversity but are allowed to mix and mingle with some pre-selected talented tenths minorities that sell them overpriced weed and become the token minority to prove their PC credentials.

The regular kids get the Vibrant Diversity that results in gangs at their schools, assaults in the bathrooms and constant harassment.

The upper crust gets their kids set up with a girl or two of the same class. They tend to be thinner on average, even if they are feminist careerist shrews like their mothers.

And the proles get stuck with other obese prole girls, with piercings, colored hair, and tats, ostensibly feminists just like their upper-crust counterparts…but not really the same.

The cavorting aristos let in a little bit of token fag to spice up their social milieu. It’s all smiles, lisps, and good-times at the Sunday brunch.

The lumpenproles get blue-haired trannies and the absolute worst of humanity forced upon them.

They claim the moral high ground, the social high ground, and the intellectual high ground with their progressive attitudes, but the fallout doesn’t get distributed equally. The proles get hit by it way worse than they ever will.

And so, the upper crust’s relative rank rises in relation to everyone else. Things may be worse in absolute terms, but no one thinks like that in the real world. Only economists can draw lines on blackboards talking about the wonders of absolute gains. Everyone else looks on at their neighbor’s new car with envy. They want the same social circles, the same access to women and money, and the same safe sort of progressive ecosystem that the aristos have managed to successfully engineer.

And while the aristos posture and preen, they still retain the know-how and the means to mitigate the effects of Vibrant Diversity and other woes while the proles they push it on get negrified, atomized and start dropping out.


Less competition for them. As long as their kid gets to Duke and stays off the hard drugs long enough to inherit his trust fund, he’ll have the connections, qualifications, and the correct ideology to get ahead relative to everyone else. A little bit of POZ is a small price to pay for maintaining social rank in Weimerica.


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