ADL Finally Picks Up On Alt-Lite/Alt-Right Divide

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Back in late 2016 a big concern for the Alt-Right was that many mainstream figures began identifying as part of the movement. Deluded under the belief that the Alt-Right was simply a boys club for anyone anti-Establishment, figures such as Milo Yiannopoulos, Steven Crowder, and even Alex Jones began associating themselves either explicitly or implicitly with the movement, even though none of them placed any emphasis on race realism, which is the core principle of being Alt-Right. Back then, this phenomenon was a real threat, as the ethno-nationalist movement found itself in danger of being co-opted by people who really did not care about race, least of all the White race.

Fast forward to 2017, and most of this mess has thankfully been cleared up. The old pro-Trump movement has now broken into clear lines of division, the Alt-Right and the Alt-Lite, one subscribing to racial nationalism, and the other to merely civic nationalism (or at the most, anti-SJWism).

With the ADL’s updated guide on the Alt-Right and Alt-Light, the lines have been officially drawn once and for all, and probably for the best.

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When even your enemies acknowledge something, it’s more or less set in stone. At this point it is universally accepted that the Alt-Right is a movement made BY white people FOR white people, and anyone who does not believe this is not, by definition, part of the movement. Now that the lines have been officially drawn, I believe that ‘converting’ the Alt-Lite is an inevitability. Despite the fact that the ADL distinguishes between Alt-Right and Alt-Lite in their guide, they still make it very clear that they regard both groups as being rife with hateful, bigoted, racist, sexist, homophobic Nazis. Members of the Alt-Lite are finally beginning to realize that cucking for Marxists won’t get you anywhere, and as expected, many have been gradually joining the Alt-Right.

Things are looking quite optimistic, and I can say with renewed assurance that we are going to win the battle against the Alt-Lite, against Centrists, and against ‘Skeptics’. By doing so, we will consolidate the opposition, an important step for moving forward.

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  • Not surprising at all that the ADL omitted curious biographical details about many of these people such as having Asian wives and hapa kids, being Jewish, being part Jewish, being part non-white and constantly harping on it, and being gay for chrissakes. They didn’t mention all the people who’ve been in prison like Weev, Stickman, Damigo, because that would make any normie raise an eyebrow and think FBI informant, which would cast doubt over their whole scheme. No, instead they whitewashed the bios to give everyone a pure white Nazi glow.

    It really speaks to how threatened by the alt-right they are that they wouldn’t dare present the more complicated truth. And do they their audience won’t Google these names for more info? One of the first things that comes up with Greg Johnson is that he’s gay. Were I still a normie, that would give me pause and I would feel deceived by the article.

    Jonathan Greenblatt is out of his depth.

    • They left off lots of people. They know that an unabridged version of the article would make a casual reader who’s white think, “Gee, if these hundred people are openly pro-white then maybe I can be open about it too. Hey look at that cute as a button little blonde girl, surely the alt-right can’t be that bad if she’s in it!” And then their whole scheme is undermined.

    • It was definitely striking they had a bunch of very minor figures and yet left Southern out.

  • Deluded under the belief that the Alt-Right was simply a boys club for anyone anti-Establishment, figures such as Milo Yiannopoulos, Steven Crowder, and even Alex Jones began associating themselves either explicitly or implicitly with the movement

    Um, might want to take Crowder off that list, maybe you missed the memo.. I’m all for being pro white but unironicaly saying that feeding people to woodchippers is “a good start but still kind of cucky” is a little extreme

    • Agreed, we should distance ourselves from Steven “Jews Scream Louder in the Fake Shower” Crowder.

  • There will always be an Alt-Light and its existence will be for the better of the Alt-Right because it provides connectivity to normies and a glacis against the establishment. You better focus on our common foes instead of wasting valuable resources in a brother’s war. Learn from history: The communists were hoping for a century in vain that the socialists would rejoin them, let’s not commit the same stupid mistake. ‘Getrennt marschieren, vereint schlagen’ should be our motto.

    • In calling for cooperation with Alt-Light, you fail to understand that the struggle we are in is one of the survival and expansion of White people and the avoidance of our genocide by mixing and mating with non-Whites.

      There can be no cooperation between those who have White survival as the most essential element of their beings (the Alt-Right) and those (Alt-Light) who prefer to have a Star Wars Bar group that is full of pontificating exhibitionists who prefer to have sophomoric tea room discussions about communism vs. socialism vs. capitalism disguised as being edgy because of some of the outrageous poseurs in that group who seek personal aggrandizement.

      At least that’s the way I see things.

      • Strategy is all about prioritizing and the article suggests fairly clearly that the first step is to assimilate the Alt-Lite into the Alt-Right. Well, then the Alt-Right will be stuck in fratricidal war because that is not going to happen. The author should have learnt from Monthy Python…

        • Once again you focus on differences in philosophies and fail to understand that the struggle we are in is much more basic than that. We are not primarily in a struggle to promote this or that political or economic view. We are in a struggle to survive as the distinct and unique human type that we are.

          The Alt-Light is a mixed race group and does not promote the survival and expansion of White people. In fact, it implicitly promotes just the opposite and in this regard is no different than those who want to blend all humanity into one Tan Everyman.

  • Well, you know you’ve made it when you’ve been defamed by the Anti-Defamation League. So congratulations to Richard Spencer, Jason Reza Jorjani, Lana Lokteff, Andy Nowicki, and the rest!

  • If there was an Alt-Right Protest Rally planned…….

    And Antifa planned to show up in a Counterprotest…….

    …..armed with Bikelocks, Poles, Knives, Mace, Rocks in Handkerchiefs……….

    Looking to Shed Alt-Right Blood…….

    Would you want your Alt-Right Brothers………

    … take Bong Hits beforehand…….

    ……or a Couple Shots of Jack Daniels???

    Smoking Marijuana cripples you as a Fighter……

    It makes you Physically Weaker……

    It Delays your Reaction Time……

    It Lowers your Testosterone Levels…….

    If you plan on showing up at the #UnitetheRight Rally on Aug. 12th…….

    You need to realize that there will be 1000+ CounterProtestors…..

    Many who want to Draw Blood……

    Smoke Marijuana at your own Peril…….

  • Actually I’ve got to thank the ADL. Now I know what some of these rubes stand for, as it his hard to discern the finer points by reading hundreds of pages of poorly written garbage. Daniel Kleve needs to learn that Christianity has nothing to do with being white, as it is a Semitic religion, like all Abrahamic orgs. And some punk named Matt Forney thinks its ok to beat up women (something I would only do in self-defense, or if they had a weapon). Perhaps the website could put together a list like this…since infighting seems to be the rage. Just recently Spencer had the audacity to attack more whites on Twitter; this time John McCain. SMH.

    • You’re complaining that Spencer attacked war mongering cuck John McCain on Twitter? Good grief! Everyone should be so attacking McCain. McCain and his buddy Lindsey Graham are horrible for Whites.

      Ask of everything and everyone: Is this or are they good for Whites.

      • I’m against white attacking whites, especially war heroes. McCain isn’t championing much of anything anti-white, and surely doesn’t deserve a comment like “I hope he dies painfully”. That’s a far cry from the same man who proclaims ‘I love white people’. It’s cowardly, childish BS and more self-defeating attention whoring that only serves to limit the AR’s cause. Perhaps Spencer just wanted some attention that day. And since when is war-mongering wrong? You are preaching to the choir with the last bit. I’ve been living 1488 since before this movement came into existence.

  • It is important to consolidate the Alt-Right.We are starting to do a much better job of defining what our movement stands for (an overt support for the interests of White people).As we do this we can move forward with our program of change and educate our people.The Alt-Light people are afraid to tackle the race issue and acknowledge its centrality.RACE is THE issue.

  • If the Alt Lite wants to help their based blacks they should point them to Hotep. But they probably won’t because they’re closeted racists, they openly brag about catering to the minority vote solely to further their cuckservative agendas.

  • jews and Russians are whining about a new NATO short about Estonian heroes who fought as partisans against commie butchers.

    Some alt righters might cry as well.

    We should be using the recent anti-Russian hysteria to our advantage to redpill people on the crimes of the bolsheviks before, during, and after WW2.

  • What’s the Alt-Right Position on Marijuana Decriminalization??

    Mike Cernovich is Pro-Marijuana Use……

    This is another chance for the Alt-Right to differentiate itself from the Alt-Lite……

    Marijuana Use has led to MASSIVE White Degeneracy……

    I used to Smoke a lot of Marijuana…….

    I look back…….

    What good did it ever do??

    Which is why I won’t ever use it again……..

    ….and haven’t for years……

    For Cancer Patients, Glaucoma Sufferers, MS Sufferers, AIDS Patients……..

    Different Story……

    But, Overall…….

    Marijuana Use, in my opinion, has had a Negative Cumulative Effect on White America…….

    I support AG Sessions in his Fight against Marijuana……

    If the Trump Administration wants to get Americans back to Work……..

    Get people off the Doles…….

    Induce a MAGA Effect on Cultural Values……..

    We need to once again re-apply a Negative Stereotype to Marijuana Use…….

    • I’m fine with it for medical use. The medical field would know better than I the medical effectiveness of marijuana. I’ve never used it and I have no interest in recreationally using it, but there seems to be something to the statement that it is safer than alcohol.

      And I agree, if the Feds crack down on state-level legalized marijuana it is a big mistake. Most people, increasingly, are fine with it. This is as democratically-decided an issue as I’ve ever seen. People are influencing their own State governments to legalize it and the Feds are dragging their feet. It’s just like the Alcohol Prohibition period. There’s no popular support for marijuana criminalization anymore.

      • Marijuana can lower IQ over extended periods of use……

        Marijuana lowers Testosterone and Sperm Levels…….

        Marijuana can lead to Mental Illness over the Long Term……

        It is DEFINITELY a Gateway Drug…….

        It lowers your Energy like Yehudah said…….

        It lowers your Motivation……..

        It can lead to a serious Lack of Focus……..

        It should not be Decriminalized…….

        We need to Protect the White Youth……..

        Alcohol can be Toxic and Dangerous also……..

        But, I prefer a Society of Alcohol Consumers…..

        ….over one of Marijuana Consumers…….


          • Let’s legalize Pedophilia also……

            And Normalize every aspect of LBGQTism…….

            Let’s also just Surrender our Borders……

            Let’s give in to White Genocide…..

            How long do you want to beat these dead horses??

          • Medical or recreational marijuana is not the same as any of those other things. Are you suggesting that the consumption of marijuana is immorally equivalent to pedophilia, queerism, open-borders, and even White genocide? Really? REALLY? This is laughable.

            More people suffer ruined lives from alcohol and opiates (painkillers) and heroin than they do from marijuana. As other commenters have noted, marijuana legalization could stem these other crises.

          • And you know what the kicker is? I bet if you asked them, they even smoked tobacco and drank alcohol first! Whoaaa! Better ban tobacco and alcohol! C’mon, Ajudeo, get to it! Start banning all the things!

          • And maybe they also ate at Burger King……

            ….and loved Tasty Cakes and Chocolate Sundaes…..

            And Big Juicy Steaks dripping with Grease…….

            C’mon Someone (Libertarian Ghostface)……

            Let the Idiocracy Expand Exponentially………

          • You don’t have a good argument, Ajudeo.

            Tobacco, alcohol are of a class with marijuana. Sundaes and Tasty Cakes and Steaks (Really? Steaks? Last I heard steaks are healthy, but then I get my nutrition news from Dr. William Davis) are not of a class with tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana.

            I said that most people who use alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana do NOT end up using harder drugs. That was true. What’s your argument against it? Nothing? Okay.

            You morally equated marijuana, a soft drug with known medicinal qualities, to violent crimes against people and nations, like pedophilia, open-borders, and White genocide. Marijuana is not remotely morally equivalent to those things, not any more than drinking alcohol would be. Yet you support drinking alcohol.

            You’re not being consistent with your classifications and therefore are unable to support your argument against marijuana.

            If the Alt-Right is going to be credible to the mainstream, the Alt-Right will need to address these arguments. I would suggest that the Alt-Right support marijuana legalization and regulation, particularly for medicinal purposes. It is NOT anti-White to take this position.

          • Hey, Alt-Right LARPer…….

            I fundamentally OPPOSE Marijuana Legalization………

            Deal with it…

            As I recall…..

            …..the Advent of Widespread Marijuana Use…….

            …….led to the Decay of Traditional Moral/Family Values……

            …… the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s…….

            And here we are NOW…….

            Alcohol lowers Inhibition……


            Marijuana leads to Paranoia, Delusion and Illusion…….

            Marijuana leads to Delusional Anti-Whiteness……

            Johnny Fascismo (Marijuana Smoker) isn’t really White……..

            The Fracturing of the Mind dominates Natural Feelings……

            Marijuana is Anti-AltRight……..

            It’s Pro-White Genocide……..


          • I don’t care if YOU oppose marijuana. I only care if the majority if the Alt-Right movement supports legalization and regulation. The pro-legalization and regulation side has the sounder argument, so … I guess you’ll have to get used to it.

            And in all honesty, it’s not a high priority for me. I’ve never used it. But as a domestic policy, I would support the legalization and regulation of marijuana. The majority of Americans agree. It seems that some of the Alt-Right people here also agree.

            Marijuana has been around for thousands of years. Has it led to the downfall of other civilizations? No? Then is it perhaps Cultural-Marxism that has led to our civilizational decay, rather than marijuana? After all, marijuana has been in use in the American Republic long before it was banned in the 1900s. It doesn’t seem to have been a serious problem before that, despite its availability.

            Medicinal marijuana is PRO-White. As pro-White as any other pharmaceutical that manages pain and helps people heal. To argue against medical marijuana is to argue against other pharmaceuticals. (They are, after all, of a class.) Are you prepared to argue that other pharmaceuticals are “Anti-White”? I wouldn’t expect so.

            Let’s just agree to disagree, shall we? Have a good day.

          • “Are you prepared to argue that other pharmaceuticals are “Anti-White”?”

            At this point I would say Opiods are a far more serious threat to white people than Marijuana.

          • They’re designing painkillers that aren’t addictive, so that will probably be the future for opioids. But in the meantime, it’s very easy to become addicted to them. For many people, marijuana would manage their pain satisfactorily without risking the danger of opioid addiction.

          • If you think that the Consumption of Marijuana has had a Overall Positive Effect on White America since the 50’s……

            You’re a FOOL……

            And you never used it……

            So shut up……

            You don’t have any business conjecturing on its Positives or Negatives…….

          • “Johnny Fascismo (Marijuana Smoker) isn’t really White”

            I’m not sure where you got this impression. I’m Italian, and Italians are white.

          • I’m of northern European extraction and I absolutely consider Italians white. We have to unite to fight our foes.

    • In my experience weed is less degenerate than alcohol. I mostly quit drinking a few months ago, but still like smoking a joint every now and again after work. Perpetual daily use is not a good thing, but daily drinking is even worse.

      • In my experience……

        Weed is more degenerate than Alcohol……..

        Good to hear that you’re getting Healthy…..


        • All things in moderation. I’ll still drink a glass of wine with dinner, or have a couple social drinks with friends now and again. I used to be a total boozehound and have cut way back.

      • Same here. I’m all for medical marijuana and moderate social use. But alcohol is straight poison.

        • alcohol disinhibits you. No one would talk to each other at parties without it. Weed isnt the social drug of the two.

          • THC disinhibits as well…jsut depends on the person, as it affects most people differently in social situations. Many get paranoid or highly anxious. Others (like me) get totally chill and talkative.

            If people can’t talk to each other w/o alcohol, then they have some significant inadequacies.

    • Decriminalize then leave it up to the states to decide from there.

      I’m still iffy about recreational, unless the make the legal age like 26 for recreation then I wouldn’t care either way, due to the effects long term use has on the developing brain.

      But it MUST be accessible for medicinal because the opioid/opiate addiction in my state is really bad thanks to people getting hooked on prescribed pain killers which is responsible for a heroine crisis that is also really bad. Medical pot would be the only good alternative to this problem since the non opioid/opiate would just damage the liver at the rate they’re prescribed with higher recommended dosages upped.

      The only loser in that situation is big pharma, well not really since they could manufacture the cannabis into pills but they’re greed thinks joe shmoe growing a couple plants is a threat to them… So it’s gonna be a hurdle unless Trump can go all in with his lobbying ban, raising the promise to ban it entirely.

      • Yes, millions of others have already taken that stance. That’s why some states have been successful. And I fully agree, it is the unspoken answer to the opiate crisis.

    • Controlled amphetamine and coca usage should be allowed well before hallucinogenic, low-energy weed is legalized.

      The former can enhance productivity, whereas the latter eviscerates it.

      • Not exactly true. Low doses of amphetamine can produce increased activity in people with severe fatigue or ADHD. It especially works well with people who have average to low-average IQs, as it helps them complete school work more efficiently.

        However, people who are intelligent with above average IQs don’t receive the same benefit as described above, It gives them a burst of activity that helps with ilness-related fatigue, but doesnt enhance academic performance. The same research also indicated that larger doses do not have any discernable effect.

        Talking about Ritalin and Adderrall. I’ll find the link if you want.

        Cocaine isn’t worth the trouble of legalizing. You might as well legalize methamphetamine too.

    • A few tokes after a long day from work can be very relaxing.
      Smoking a bit of pot and working on some kind of creative problem can also be worthwhile.
      Sex on weed is pretty incredible also.
      But it definitely can contribute to a degenerate and lazy lifestyle.

  • I understand Spencer wanting to protect his brand, “Alt Right.”

    But the ADL lashing out at the various “Alt Lite” people is great. When there weren’t any more KKKs left, and the Jews pretending to be “neo-Nazis” were outed, the ADL and the $PLC were losing revenue. So they started attacking Protestant Christians that were “homophobic.” This didn’t work as well as they wanted so now they are expanding the net to include generally anyone who isn’t a liberal Israel-first Zionist – AND a bunch of Israel-first liberal Zionists like (((Rebel Media)))

    It’s a good development. Abe Foxman is gone and his understudy has no clue how to keep the scam going in the internet era. The $PLC is increasingly being discredited and isolated politically. It’s all good, we’re winning.

    • Where I live the SPLC is held in higher regard. Check out the nonsense in Nashville, Tenn. An SJW group ‘Against hate’ or some generic title, is protesting the opening of a private gym. A private gym that they say is a front for WN. The SPLC championed their cause and donated to their cause. The ADL only takes, rarely gives, Much like the Tribe’s inter-racial behavior.

  • Whites need to stop caring what non-Whites think of us. They are not our kind and we should no more bend to what they think we should think, say and do than we would bend to want a muskrat might think we should think, say and do.

    • Well said. We shouldn’t give a fuck about what they think. Our apathy will scuttle their determination to demonize us.

  • Nice article. And, that’s how I look at the Altlight vs. Altright.

    We always see similar splits as some try to hijack a true pro-White movement and sanitize and generalize it and this often leads to the destruction of the true pro-White movement. I hope it doesn’t happen here.

    One example of what I mean above is to be found in the Skinhead movement which was originally all pro-White, but as soon as they started getting lots of press, some cucks started an alternative Skinhead movement and loudly claimed that they weren’t racist and anyone of any race was okay with them so long as they had closely cropped hair, boots, etc. And, of course there were ((( ))) in this group hiding in plain sight to make it look as though they were non-racist Whites.

  • The ADL and newly associated Never Trump Zio-Cons……

    ….are overflowing with Hatred…..

    …..towards Traditional White Folks…..

    …….and the White Working Class……….


    They are the Essence of Hatred……

    They are the Essence of Bigotry…….

    They are the Essence of Ethno-Supremacy……

    So, they try to Preclude their Full Exposure…..

    … creating ‘Hate Lists’…..

    …..when they sense……

    ……the Tide of Goyim Knowing…….

    ……… RISING……….

  • Always a hoot to be accused of racism by the group that was founded on “A black guy did it, it wasnt one of ours.”

    • You make it sound as though White racism is a bad thing. It is not. It is a survival mechanism and helps keep Whites who are blessed to have the White racist “gene” safe from bedroom genocide.

      • I think you misunderstand his post. The ADL was created in the wake of the lynching of Leo Frank, a Jewish rapist. The ADL was created as a result of this and tried to pin the blame on an innocent black man. Remember, this was in the Jim Crow South and the all white jury found the black man not guilty of rape!

        • Nope, I understood what he meant. I was responding to this (with my emphasis added here): “Always a hoot to be ACCUSED OF RACISM…”

          To say one is ACCUSED of racism sounds as though racism is bad. One for example would not write that one is accused of being intelligent or good looking or nice.

          • His point was simply that the ADL had shady beginnings. It’s telling that Jews ALWAYS defend their own when others would throw a monster like Frank to the wolves.

          • The point was that its typical Jew hypocrisy at its worst. The use of Israel and Jewish hypocrisy on borders, walls, and immigration is one of the Alt Right’s most effective arguments.

          • Yes, yes, yes, I know. I know. My point remains. Here is my point again: We should not even subtly suggest that we think White racism is bad. It is not bad, it is good for Whites.

            And, my larger point is that we should never use Whites as examples of something that is bad. That plays into the hands of our enemies. In other words, we should not use Hitler as an example of someone who is bad. Instead we should use Pol Pot or Marx or someone who is not White as bad. It is a subtle thing, but we must avoid filling our subconscious minds with negatives relating to Whites–that is what our enemies want us to do.

          • I never see anyone on the Alt Right bring up Hitler. That’s shit tier Alt Lite antics from the likes of Jack “You are all Gerbils” Proboscis.

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