The Absolute State Of Laura Loomer

This video reveals several key points.

  1. Memes work.
  2. Loomer is clearly conscious of being Jewish.

She clearly is affected by all the memes pointing out that she is Jewish, despite all the damage control she tries to pull in the Twitter thread. Furthermore, she clearly has a complex about the goyim knowing that she is not one of them, but rather among them like a sheep in wolves clothing. Take a look:

Often times, people like Loomer act like they don’t know what the fuss is all about. They feign ignorance and pretend to be just like you and me. A little bit of alcohol reveals that they are very cognizant of the fact that they are an other and that they are secretly resentful. She even demonstrates knowledge of common stereotypes of Jews. She references big Khazar milkers and high IQ. While both stereotypes don’t really apply to her, she takes some pride in them.

The “Aryan” clearly knew that the conversation was veering into dangerous waters. Loomer might be able to point out that she is a Jew and brag about it, he could not turn around and brag about his Aryan heritage. So he tried to disengage.

In her follow-up tweets, Laura Loomer claims that she was actually secretly filming for Project Veritas and knew she was on camera. It was probably just damage control. But if it wasn’t, then what was the point of that? To say inflammatory things like “Aryan degenerate goddess” and then get the goy to say something potentially incriminating to prove anti-Semitism is a big problem? If this is true, then it makes the video even more damning.

All in all, what more is there to say except that Rebel Media is thoroughly kosher. If anyone had any doubts, they should be dispelled from watching this video.

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  • What happened to Disqus? As far as Loomer goes, she’s wearing a Trump costume now and would have been a Bolshevik Jew in 1917 and problably would have been for the IRAQ war. Little difference between her and Pam Geller, except one has to hang in a room close to racialist whites that are Jew wise and the other doesn’t

  • Most of the comments here are about her physical appearance and you guys expect to be taken seriously eh…

  • Tell me this Jew hasn’t had a rape fantasy involving a Nazi or several… She’s probably already had sex with couple of them

  • The video seems staged. If I was in that setting and she called me a degenerate, I would have been upset and suspicious. I also would have said, lets go fuck after she mentioned her big tits and IQ, which I would have said. We’ll see about that. I have a 137 IQ, all that means is that I can problem solve in unique was. I doubt Laura is as intelligent.

  • I never had any troubles with a Jewish person in my life. Never. I have nothing against the jews, the Jewish nation or Israel. On the contrary, africans, arabs and third world people, who have inserted themselves in my country, have given me and my nation much grievances over the years. The Alt-Right should instead start focusing on the Sleswig-Holsteiners – those people are the real “Jews”.

  • “Your hair and your eyes omg you’re like so beautiful. Like an Aryan degenerate Goddess”
    “The alt-right wants to put me in gas chambers”
    “They’re just jealous because I have big tits and ashkenazi IQ”
    “Did you know like so many people in this movement are like hooking up and cheating on the side on their partners”

    This chick just wants the D.

  • Stop. She’s is obviously a giant attention whore and this is exactly what she wants. It’s better if we just ignore her and don’t let her troll anyone.

    • Alt-lite Jews are useful idiots best known for trolling Muslims. If they’re not explicitly denouncing white people, I don’t care what they do. Since I never watch Rebel Media I didn’t know about her until she became the new MILO of the alt-right.

      I guess these sorts of posts are useful in that they bring out all the “gas the kikes!” ADL shills and naive FBI agents.

  • She actually tweeted the line “there’s no such thing as a Palestinian” with those stupid hand-claps between each word, which is apparently supposed to make it more “profound” or something.

    You can really see the Jew strategy in action when you put their lines together: “Palestinians are an invented people and Whites are a social construct.” First you “deconstruct” someone’s identity, thus dehumanizing them which of course opens the way for genocide.

    Jews want to do to Whites what they are doing to the Palestinians.

    But the funny part is that (((Rebel Media))) lost Laura Southern and had to replace her with Lauren Loomer, which is clearly a downgrade. Say what you will about Southern, at least she’s good looking. It’s also rather hilarious that the ADL is now accusing Gavin McInnes of being some sort of Nazi.

    (((Rebel Media))) is just a youtube channel, it’s not as if they have any significant influence on anyone.

    • Its been said by many people, Kevin MacDonald, myself, yourself, others, that Jews lack empathy towards other ethnic groups. Only Jews would make the ridiculous claim that Palestinians are just Arabs who invented their identity after 1948.

      • The Saddest Thing??

        The Vast Majority of Evangelical White Christian Goys in America…..


      • Yo know how the Grand Canyon was formed?

        A Jew once dropped a Dime down a Gopher hole.

    • LOL, it is freakishly big isn’t it. I’m glad you said something, because I simply can’t get past that massive rudder on her face. She’s such a grotesque downgrade to Southern, really – who wants to hear this whiney Jew say anything. She must have got the job at Rebel, because daddy knows someone there. Comical really. Oy vey!

  • Before I knew about the Alt-Right, throughout my entire life I had a natural disdain for jews. My God, why do they all have that annoying accent? Why do the women try to look White? I wish the holocaust did happen the way (((they))) said it did because the none of (((them))) would be here today! I cringe when I see their huge hook noses & droopy pointy lower lip! Jews like loomer feel the power draining from the tribe & now they are all trying to go conservative in hopes of taking over. The Alt-Right blind sided the jew! Jews are going nuts, in a complete panic & they know that they are done!

  • Laura Loomer is More White than Me…….

    Her Skin is PALE……

    She obviously has a LOT of White European Goy Ancestry……

    …..along with the obvious Minority Semitic Ancestry as well……

    If she wants to Identify as being Semitic over her White European Majority Genetics……

    That’s her choice……

    We in the Alt-Right are Counter Semitic……

    We don’t Apologize……

    We are Necessary…….

    I don’t hate Laura Loomer…….

    She’s still Young and battling with her Identity…….

    But, if she attacks the Alt-Right then we’ll attack back…….

  • Considering that Rebel Media is owned by a Zionist Jew and took its staff on a brainwashing trip to Israel, I don’t think anyone could have been in doubt about its kosher status!

    I think Loomer, despite being awful, is rather useful to us. People can see through her, and her degeneracy is bound to turn lots of decent folk off. Some more observant goys may have noted how she didn’t get onto the same ‘hate lists’ as her gentile colleagues.

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