Somali Affirmative Action Police Hire Murders An Innocent White Woman And Gets Away With It

The recent murder of a White woman in Minneapolis proves once again that Blacks are incapable of living in First World White societies. A woman from Australia named Justine Damond was executed in Minneapolis, Minnesota from close range by a Somali Muslim immigrant named Mohamed Noor. Ms. Damond’s purported transgression was wearing pajamas while reporting a crime. For this offense, she a received a heavy helping of Sharia law in the form of a bullet to the abdomen from Officer Noor, a 2nd-year officer for the Minneapolis Police Department.

Why wasn’t she wearing her burqa?

According to the New York Times:

Last Saturday, Ms. Damond, 40, called 911 twice to report a possible sexual assault near her home. Officer Noor and his partner, Officer Matthew Harrity, arrived at the scene in a dark alley several minutes later. Officer Harrity told state investigators that he had been startled by a loud noise just before Ms. Damond approached their cruiser. Officer Noor then shot her through the open window.

The result of this murder besides the routine homicide of some White broad at the hands of a Black has been the firing of Minneapolis police chief Janeé Harteau for her inability to keep Noor on a leash as he wreaked havoc on White Minnesota. Harteau, a 30-year veteran of the Minneapolis police force, was forced out by Mayor Betty Hodges, whose actions and words sent a clear message that employees who are unable to keep Affirmative Action Black troglodytes in check have to pay the ultimate price. Bad Black behavior is always thanks to systemic racism, the legacy of slavery, and White privilege. If a non-White murders someone White, then a White person must be sacrificed on the altar of White guilt.

Damn racists!

Too bad Harteau is only mostly White presenting and not 100% White. She was only the first female, openly gay, and partially Native American chief in city history. Good thing she was easily replaced by Medaria Arradondo, another obvious Affirmative Action hire who definitely does not look anything like most of the people that inhabit Minnesota.



Mayor Betsy Hodges said in a statement that “I’ve lost confidence in the chief’s ability to lead us further” and that “it is clear that she has lost the confidence of the people of Minneapolis as well.”


Mayor Hodges wrote on her Facebook page regarding Noor in 2016 when he first joined the department:

I want to take a moment to recognize Officer Mohamed Noor, the newest Somali officer in the Minneapolis Police Department.

Officer Noor has been assigned to the 5th Precinct, where his arrival has been highly celebrated, particularly by the Somali community in and around Karmel Mall. The community even hosted a meet and greet event (see pics) to welcome him! A wonderful sign of building trust and community policing at work.

Welcome Officer Noor and all of the new officers in their new precinct assignments across the City!

According to CBS:

Records from the city’s Office of Police Conduct Review reveal some details about Noor’s background. They show that Noor has had three complaints against him. Two are pending, and the third was dismissed without discipline. Under state law, details of open cases and cases that result in no discipline are not released.

The officer was also sued earlier this year after a May 25 incident in which he and other officers took a woman to the hospital for an apparent mental health crisis. The lawsuit claims Noor and the other officers violated the woman’s rights when they entered her home without permission and Noor grabbed her wrist and upper arm. Noor relaxed his grip when the woman said she had a previous shoulder injury, the lawsuit says.

Thomas Plunkett, Noor’s attorney, released a statement Monday to CBS Minnesota regarding Damond’s death, saying that the officer “extends his condolences to the family and anyone else who has been touched by this event. He takes their loss seriously and keeps them in his daily thoughts and prayers.”

He said Noor entered the police force to serve and protect the community and that he “takes these events very seriously because for him being a police officer is a calling.” Plunkett described Noor as a “caring person with a family he loves and he empathizes with the loss others are experiencing.”

“The current environment for police is difficult but Officer Noor accepts this as part of his calling. We would like to say more and will in the future,” the statement read.  “At this time however, there are several investigations that are ongoing.  More importantly Officer Noor wants to respect the privacy of the family and asks the same in return during this difficult period.”

The statement said Noor came to the U.S. at a young age. He joined the department in March 2015, CBS Minnesota reports, where he was the first Somali-American officer to serve in the department’s fifth precinct team. The officer worked the “middle watch” evening shift is among nine Somali officers on the force, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The 32-year-old is among more Somalis hired in recent years as the department continues its efforts to diversify.

To those in Minnesota’s Somali community, the largest in the United States, he was seen as role model, and his hiring was celebrated.

“There is a shock that is happening that a Somali police officer shot and killed a woman in Minneapolis,” Mohamud Noor, executive director of the Confederation of the Somali Community in Minnesota, told CBS Minnesota.

Mohamud Noor, who is not related to the officer, said “everyone was excited” when he joined the force.

“We’re all excited when police officers look like the people that they serve,” he said. “It opens a big door, whereby you feel welcome, you can trust, build that relationship. But this tragedy that happened separates that relationship from what the people are expecting.”

Yay, Diversity!

Why is Diversity always at the expense of White people? Why does fewer Whites and more non-White people always equal Diversity? Makes me wonder…conspiracy…nah. Those are dangerous thoughts.  That 68 average IQ for Somalians has nothing to do with why Minneapolis woefully lowered their hiring standards in the name of Affirmative Action. I’m pretty sure that Noor is splitting the atom and inventing new ways to travel through time on his weekends.

Thankfully, the clear-headed Australians have decided to protest Damond’s death at the hands of this murderer. They are rightfully angry that one of their own has been executed in cold blood here in the United States. They also maintain the very popular viewpoint where inanimate objects can procure superpowers. Australians are big believers in guns killing people rather than Blacks killing people:

“The country [USA] is infested with possibly more guns than people,” said Philip Alpers, a gun policy analyst with the University of Sydney who has studied the stark differences in gun laws between the nations. “We see America as a very risky place in terms of gun violence — and so does the rest of the world.”

Allow me to set the record straight: guns do not kill people, Dindus do. Honestly, I believe that even calling most of them “people” is a stretch. The fact that we allow ~40,000,000 to flourish in our society thanks to White handouts should be enough to give anyone pause. My idea of Affirmative Action is to ship them directly back to Africa first-class, which will allow White people to get back to the business of creating civilization and not have to pay for a bunch of Black deadbeats the rest of our lives.

Regarding Black crime, Amren wrote:

  • In 2014 in New York City, a black was 31 times more likely than a white to be arrested for murder, and a Hispanic was 12.4 times more likely. For the crime of “shooting” — defined as firing a bullet that hits someone — a black was 98.4 times more likely than a white to be arrested, and a Hispanic was 23.6 times more likely.
  • If New York City were all white, the murder rate would drop by 91 percent, the robbery rate by 81 percent, and the shootings rate by 97 percent.

This is not a statistical anomaly. This is true wherever Black people are in any part of the world.

Whites need to start getting used to the idea that non-Whites will never make White countries better. Our philosophy must be that we stay here, and you go there.

Bye! Thanks for nothing! Bon voyage!

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but it’s time for us to really start planning our separation from non-Whites. The time is nigh, and they have to go. They can complain about us all they want with a few thousand miles of ocean in between us, but the point is that they are no longer welcome nor serve a purpose in our countries.




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  • affirmative action college + diversity hiring program = Officer Mohammed Noor

  • Well said, we need to be aggressive with our intentions, no more pussyfooting around… time is short

  • I see I can interact with this nig/kike troll Jay G Rosky but my comment on the article not posted. ? This alleged silverback is very proud of his kind’s cock-manship. Well it’s true that the Jews who control the porn industry have found a number of White women, who for what reason, allow themselves to be filmed being abused by negros. I believe they also film women being screwed buy dogs and donkeys. Seems like about the same thing to me. All three are examples of bestiality.

    • Yep blame the Jews, this is a theme I have noticed with you guys, every single one of your problems from drug addiction, suicide, unemployment, and not being able to keep your women in check seems to be everyone else’s problem but your own? FYI women love men that can dominate them in the bedroom, in that regard they want to be abused lol unfortunately for you it would seems most whitemen don’t have the tools or the balls to do that?

      • Wow this is an Alt-right site and this African’s ravings get posted! While my latest response to him not posted! It’s stuck in pending???
        Yeah I decided to go with him being really African as opposed this troll being a Hebrew posing as an African!?

  • This has been an eye opening experience guys ? You all go fuck yourselves (or better yet your wives?) and have a terrible night!

    • +500 good boy points. The blacks will totally not burn your bitch down, and will treat you like one of their own when we finally achieve TRUE EQUALITY.

        • I thought you were white. It doesn’t make sense because it was addressed to a white cuck. You’re black, hence it would logically follow that you adhere to the ideology that lionizes your race’s collective failure to thrive in civilization while displacing and erasing the white founding stock that created this nation.

    • “This has been an eye opening experience…..

      Good for you. Now you can go back to the sphincter-opening experiences you are used to.

  • OK, now write something relevant like below:


    ” it’s time for us to really start planning our separation from non-Whites. The time is nigh, and they have to go. They can complain about us all they want with a few thousand miles of ocean in between us, but the point is that they are no longer welcome nor serve a purpose in our countries.”

    Finish this thought!!!!!


    Most of what I’ve read here so far -for The AR -is rewritten mush from someplace else .Lets hear something really worth writing about “Separation” /segregation /re segregation /un desegregation / black/Hispanic/ Arab/ Muslim repatriation .
    Your the writer, or suppose to be- so write:
    I’ll get ball rolling:

    Freedom isn’t free
    That’s how it use to be

    Equality is just a myth
    Something to fixate with

    Diversity is just another word
    Every punch bowl has a turd

    Acceptance doesn’t keep them out
    That’s what segregation was about

    Inclusion is a political game
    Another lie, by another name

    Tolerance is resistance doubled
    Made to fit the poor and troubled

    Forced Integration never works
    It’s the invention of liberal jerks
    This is how most of America looked, not so long ago
    Back when segregation ruled, just after old Jim Crow
    Back when white people could walk the streets almost anywhere
    When white women and children could be out in the clean fresh air
    Before 1964 ;when the US Constitution was changed
    Back before the entire United States became deranged
    When white people could live in comfort and security
    Based primarily of our history of cultural white purity

  • The ironic, sarcastic tone in this article blurrs out some of the enormity of the horror of affirmative action I think. It’s not very likely he was executing sharia but it is quite likely he wasn’t suitable for the job, and the media’s reaction is full of doubble standard. And btw, the black lives matter movement, has turned Baltimore into a hell in hell because of the extreme caution of the Police there.

    • I must I must agree this had nothing to do with Sharia and everything to do with black stupidity. I suppose that’s another division within the White reaction to this deadly failure of affirmative action.

  • Chuki na hisa duni ni za nini? mnazi jaza roho na nafsi zenu na hisia za chuku , uhasma na nia za ku wa thulumu bin adamu wenzenu. Huu wafaa kuwa Uchweo mpya wa bin adam , kutekeleza ahadi kwa uzao na vizazi vijazo, kudumisha Amani kati ya Jamii zote Duniani kote , wawe Weupe , Weusi , wa njano , huthurungi ama rangi yeyote amboyo muenye enzi aliwapa wana adam kwa hiari yake. Wacheni chuki , Dhurma ambayo ya hatarisha maisha na usalama wa wenzi enu.

  • The problem isn’t about blacks but about the liberal self hating bleeding heart white sellouts that are allowing diversity to ruin western civilization. I think white people have a subconscious desire to commit racial suicide. I cannot see this trend of diversification to ONLY WHITE COUNTRIES ever ending.

    • You know Ken that is the sixty-four Thousand shekel question. Do we have a deep subconscious racial desire to commit suicide? Or is it that we are suffering from a severe parasitic infection? A parasite that will not be satisfied until we are all dead. A parasite that would see itself dead along with us. A parasite that would return us to a planet of apes.

  • We are not even the same species. We are Homo Sapiens. They are Homo Apeiens. Even scientists has started to doubt both Darwin and the out of Apefrica theory. it is more credible that we have evolved on our own in various parts of the world. Of course the insane (((left))) will not want to hear about it. They have built whole careers on racism, discrimination and what not. I’ll accept we are the same species but only if I can see credible evidence for it from multiple sources.

    • By credible sources you mean the past 9 decades of peer reviewed anthropology right? You came from us, were your fucking fathers, deal with it

          • Yeah, they wuz Kangz. And Israelites. And Moors. And Samurais. And Native Americans. And Beethovenz. And Internet Inventors. I guess when your people have no History or accomplishments you have to claim everyone else’s.

          • Being as I have never said any of those things here it’s obvious you like mr white guy above are again projecting what you need to believe to help cope with the fact that you have absolutely nothing worthwhile to say in the presence of clearly intellectually superior black man????

        • Lol you idiot, try taking a composition class at your local community college ( I hear they’re pretty easy to get into) because it’s obvious you have no idea what constitutes a credible source. Little hint though if your going to cite from the internet any peer reviewed sourced deemed credible isn’t likely to come from a website that ends in .com?

        • Jeez, you idiots are even dumber then I thought, on top of pulling some bullshit article off the internet to try and back up you claim its apparent you have not even read this bull lol? Wtf is wrong with you people ? “An analysis of uranium, thorium, and lead isotopes in individual dust particles yields an age between 0.6 and 3 billion years and infers an origin in Northern Africa”

        • Maybe add a basic ESL class on your next semester to, looks like you need a refresher in reading and the nuances of the English language

          • Says the person who doesn’t the difference between “were” and we’re”. Jay G Rosky: “You came from us, were your fucking fathers, deal with it”

          • Jay: “Maybe add a basic ESL class on your next semester to, looks like you need a refresher in reading and the nuances of the English language” Derides others for lack of subtlety in the English language (doesn’t know 2nd grade contractions.)

          • ?? your on an alt right website, your known for fucking frog memes lol you think I honestly give a fuck about contractions and punctuation on a message board here?? My masters from NYU indicates my spelling and grammar are fine✊?

          • But saturating your posts with juvenile emojis is…………what? Sophisticated?


          • Sophisticated? O god no I put hot sauce on my pancakes but yet it’s evident I’m easily the most intelligent person in this room?

          • True perhaps, if you are alone in the room you’re in. Even then, I’m not sure it’s a sure thing. There might be a rat lurking under your feet.

          • Says the person trying to correct someone else grammar but started their sentence with ” doesn’t the difference.” LMAO????????

    • There are no credible multiple sources proving that we are all the same species. All we have are endless Jewish lies that would see global race mixing. Read Richard D. Furerle’s Homo Erectus Walks Among Us for scholarly refuting of the out-of-africa BS.

  • As I keep pointing out, the diversity hordes in our country have the job – the job, as in their real reason for occupying space and consuming resources in our country – of making white people’s lives demonstrably worse.

    This situation makes no humanist or utilitarian sense, and the utopians who try to defend it have the burden of proof to show otherwise. They simply cannot argue on any level why we white people deserve to have our lives disrupted and de-flourished in this way.

  • Gee, a cop does his job and the victim happens to be white…so the AR goes apeshit, stealing the passion from BLM. Two sides, same coin.

    • A primitive, violent black man killing a white woman isn’t news, that happens every day. This story is unique because the black is an immigrant and a cop. It advances our narrative by catching the national interest and ‘red-pilling’ normal people who aren’t yet openly racist. That’s why we need to promote the story by ‘going apeshit’, not because one more white woman murdered by a low-IQ negro makes any difference.

      • Why, what is wrong with his post. He was dead on. Guy answered the call, got spooked, and took a shot. A girl got killed and he got justly nailed for it. Nothing in the narrative suggests he intentionally went to kill a white chick.

        • Dead on what, the crazy train?! She walked up to a police car in an extremely nice non-violent White neighborhood, and this Dindu cop shot her for daring to talk to the driver of their vehicle, who is also a police officer, from the passenger’s seat. She was unarmed, wearing her pajamas, and could not be seen by any sane person as a threat. Are you thick or stupid?

          • You know how many innocent people get whacked by spooked, trigger happy cops in the US? A ton and it happens way to often to both blacks and whites. A few years back a 7 year old black girl was shot in
            Detroit out of the blue when the cops were looking for a fugitive. One shot, one kill and nothing came of it. There was no trouble during the search either. Walking up to a cop car at night isn’t exactly the safest thing to do. Chalk it up for what it is, a frigging tragedy. Not everything is about race.

          • “You know how many innocent people get whacked by spooked, trigger happy cops in the US?”

            The words of a deracinated cuck.

          • >not everything is about race
            >when dealing with dindu
            Ahahaha, great stuff.

            And then there is the truly platinum nugget of “Walking up to a cop car at night isn’t exactly the safest thing to do”.

  • Australians are hopelessly cucked and their reaction is no surprise. They don’t understand why our police are so militarized and trigger happy because their police don’t have to deal with a huge population of obsolete farm equipment.

  • White people, wake up. We must all move en masse to the old Southern States. We can take over the governments by sheer numbers and once in political control, vote to secede from the Jewnited States. Oil and coal occurs naturally in the Southern Jewnited States. That can be our energy source. The mild Southern climate will allow the growing of food. The ocean will allow trade. Whites from Europe can migrate here. Later, we can expand our borders and regain our lost territory. We don’t need Negros. We don’t need Muslims. We need to put the word out and work together.

    • well cops in general kill or ruin the lives of whites by the thousands every year and get away with it. in fact they get paid good money and hardly work at all. if they are told to go get Cam and stick him cage they will do it with a smile and not ask why

  • Anti-whites have an unshakable religious faith that diversity is strength. No amount of facts or information will dissuade them from that belief. That’s why political correctness is a religion.

    The way to deal with PC is to discredit it by pointing out it’s contradictions. Why is diversity only recommended for white countries? if race doesn’t matter how can anything be too white? How do you get diversity in a melting pot? etc.

    • Well, for them it is strength. Anything that weakens white people makes them stronger.

      There is only war.

      • We have to distinguish between the people at the top who know what they’re doing and the brainwashed anti-white masses who repeat what they’ve seen on TV. For the anti-whites at the top, you are correct.

    • Diversity cannot be defeated intellectually or academically. Only radical legislation or revolutionary violence can create such changes.

      • No. It’s done by winning the propaganda war. Controlling public opinion. The group that controls public opinion is the group that is in power. Anti-whites took over with virtually no violence.

    • Aussies had a high trust Anglo society. The effects of third world immigration are just beginning to be felt in a big way there. Easy to see why the Aussies would fall into the trap of disarming cops in a society that was overwhelmingly British until very recently.

      • I’m trying to show how absurd Alpers’s position is. He says this killing is the result of a lack of gun regulation but the only way this killing could have been prevented would be to disarm the police.

        • Of course it is absurd. But high trust, homogeneous societies aren’t aware of the dangers of multiculturalism and diversity. So they make the argument that Cops with Guns are the culprit rather than noticing that the real problem is Somalis.

          • Whites in the 50’s were perfectly well aware of the criminal nature of blacks. Australia must have been aware of it too because they had a whites only immigration policy. What’s changed since then is decades of effective anti-white propaganda. You blame white nature, I blame anti-white propaganda.

          • I’m not blaming white nature. It’s just a product of high trust societies that people think cops don’t need guns, small children can be left unattended, etc. You will find similar phenomena in societies like Japan or Korea.

            If there is a homogeneous society, then logically that society remains ignorant about diversity because there are only members of the ethnic group. America had a huge black population and was never homogeneous and took measures to separate blacks from the white population. Hence why cops have always been empowered to use guns and take extreme measures to enforce the law.

  • And it turns out that Justine’s fiancee appears to be involved in some sort of homosexual relationship with his son. Or, more likely, the whole thing is a hoax:

    You know, 90% of the YouTube conspiracy channels I recommend end up being shut down by YouTube, so if you want to see the videos on this channel, especially the ones having to do with this “shooting,” you had better hurry up and watch them now.

          • Define “like this.” Crimes certainly occur. It is the over-hyped ones that tend to be hoaxes, lately.

          • And what exactly do the plotters of this “hoax”, as you style it, hope to achieve? How does it serve their agenda? How does it further their aims? It seems to me that it furthers nobody’s agenda other than that of…………the kind of people who frequent web-sites like this one.

            You, with your ridiculous false-flag mania, are like a broken clock that isn’t even right twice a day.

  • We can blame endlessly the JQ and Dindus in our genocidal path to extinction. But we must look in the mirror, the core of us, those immune to the vagaries of this rotten world and still capable of critical thinking, unite and create a new captive culture. The culture which will find a Salomon who will lead our race out of bondage and captivity towards the ethnic state. The state where we will be free to pursue happiness for ourselves and posterity. We must accept the fact that some of our kind are beyond the point of return and will perish in the multi-cultural hell. So be it. We will shrug off the rotten concept of the world domination and defend our state to the last drop of our blood. And if they kill one of us assaulting our cherished state, we will kill thousands of them. We will steer clear from Nazism and White Supremacy towards the only righteous path – White nationalism. And we do not need the whole continent but a parcel of land, the land which will be ours and our children’s for eternity. And they are God chosen people and we are dumb goyim, then we need to find another God, who will choose us over them. The God who will guide us to our survival through ethnic solidarity.

    • Go see a Psychologist, your either boarderline schizophrenic or suffering from serious delusions of grandeur

      • I wish I was a madman and fit to this current narrative. But my mind is clear as a mountain spring water and we don’t believe in shrinks. This ain’t Sopranos here. But if you do not see a problem that needs radical solutions, I just hope you are on Obamacare to see a doctor.

      • Romantic nationalism is a mental illness goy; why don’t you go watch some MTV and take your mind off things.

        • I have seen modern nationalism building new ethnic states and I participated in the process. We will build a new ethnic state for White Americans. What is MTV, anyway?

  • “Medaria Arradondo, who is most likely a blonde and blue-eyed woman as deduced from the fact that she is from Minnesota.”

    Close, hes a basketball American.

    Its not a great step above gay woman Indian, but it prolly slowed the riot planning…

    • Was a OTR driver for 20 years – Philly is a SHIT HOLE, there is olny reason and it ain’t because its Dems … Rush… Hannity, Waters .. ect.. Philly has BLOCKS of burned out, wrecked and empty stores and Apts… sad as hell

      • I traveled to St. Louis for a business expo 18 years ago. I expected to see a waterfront city with middle American brickwork architecture, like most big cities in the Midwest. What I found was burned out buildings and homes then right across a highway are gorgeous brownstones, bustling pubs, and paddle boats on the Mississippi. It was two completely different worlds right next to each other and nobody was talking about it. They’d just say, “You don’t go over there” as if that was an explanation.

        A lifetime of never mentioning the problem and now all of America is talking about entire cities being no-go zones. All of this can be solved overnight with mass deportations based on race. Halfus can go with them.

        • St. Louis – we drivers called it the Chicago of the mid west … its bad and the Blacks there just do not give a shit about anything … fact

          • Chicago is just like St. Louis in that respect. Twenty years ago there was no-go zones like Cabrini-Green. Just like then there were White people making really dumb excuses. Those people need to be chased out of White neighborhoods. They need to make excuses from inside the mess they’re defending.

      • It’s evident most of the people who frequent these boards work some menial physical labor jobs while extolling upon the achievements of men they never knew to validate their own worth in an otherwise failed existence. Remember that the next time a black person gets on your bus and ask yourself do you still feel superior ✊?

        • It’s evident most of the people who frequently troll these boards are the very leftist snob scum that has no balls to work hard … just time to look down on other from the High Tower…. Sorry if i owned my own company, earned a great living and moved America forward… Never been on a bus and never lived near a black person to ask one anything… life for me is better that way. so to sum up here go Rosky yourself Jay. PS – everything you have in your life Jay come by truck and all trucks are driven by hard working folks – white or black.

          • ohh you moved America forward alright, you helped put an unstable sexual deviant in the whitehouse thats working toward bringing us to the Third World War.. atta boy Bob!

          • Rosky – Bill Clinton has been out of office now for quite a few years … maybe you need to regroup… NEXT!!

          • Bob I’m no fan of bill but bill just got his dick sucked, don on the other hand is getting pissed on by Russian hookers while bragging about grabbing pussy on national tv. Bills just an asshole, dons a deviant I hope u can see the difference lol

          • You actually believe the russian hooker story? A story which even its’ proponents no longer standby and which was debunked within a couple of days?

            Yeah, you’re a f**king genius.

          • Debunked by who? The alt-right and faux news lmao! I’m sure both of them are capable of an unbiased investigative inquiry lol! I hear man brag on national tv about how he likes to grab pussy then the thought that he may also like to get pissed on by hookers isn’t to far of a stretch. I swear the cognitive dissonance you idiots employ to rationalize this dribble is astounding?

          • Then again making sexual comments about your own daughters seems to be perfectly normal for white men, your all alike maybe that’s why you defend him ????

          • Yeah, I really believe that a self-made millionaire has time to troll some website he has no interest in, and leave peurile comments ending with emojis.

            You sound like a dips**t twenty-nothing.

          • 31 to be exact, and one of the perks of both making your own hours and staring at a monitor all day is I have plenty of time to entertain myself, and you guys are nothing if not entertaining!

          • Sure, on the internet, everyone’s a millionaire.

            “…….I have plenty of time to entertain myself,…”

            Well, plenty of time to abuse yourself, anyway.

          • True,difference between me and them though, my story is real. Black man with a masters from NYU who started a software company at 15 and runs a scholarship fund that has put 87 kids through college. I have given more then enough information for anyone with half a brain to find out exactly who I am, hell I would just tell you if I wasn’t sure that would lead to me having to filter nooses and frog memes out of my company inbox for the next decade lol. But like I’ve been saying all along, whatever helps you sleep at night bud?

          • Which part Trey? I have loft in Parkslope, a condo in Williamsburg and three rental units in Boerum hill, Brooklyn is treating me quite well

          • I’m not insulting your menial physical labor job. The world needs ditch diggers to!

          • 150K + a year job and small business owner … = “menial physical labor job” … have fun with that big time college loan… lolol …

          • Never needed a loan Bob. I was millionaire before my 16th birthday so yea me and you may have different ideas about what “menial labor” actually is ?

          • Hah, good one. “I’m not a snob, I’m just a millionaire who thinks physical labor is degrading and evil white racists are a worse problem than black crime and violence.”

          • Well I built my millions on my own without family money or loans from the bank and I did it all while still child. I’m self made man in the truest sense of the word, not a claim many can honestly make so if I come off as snobby then so be it. Secondly white people spend plenty of time worrying about black problems but with the rate of drug addiction and suicides in your own ranks, maybe that time would be better spent worrying about your own

          • Lol not all I am on linked though but I’m from NYC I wouldn’t never venture into that wasteland you call Ohio lol

  • The cult of Negro veneration has penetrated to the very core of the United States; it infests its every fibre. Anyone who tells the truth about Negro/African dysfunction is subject to persecution. I simply don’t know what kind of shock it will take, or how many whites have to die at the hands of Negroes, for white people as a group to shake themselves free of this cult..

    What’s the crest on the hip pocket of the jeans worn by the Dindu on the right hand side of the photo? Looks like the crest of one of those German lander.

      • Funny, figured It was the nationwide meth and opioid epidemic out their dropping white people like flies that was slowing you down but nope! It’s the Mexicans and negroes ?

          • Riiight I bet those Mexicans ground up all those pills and helped you smoke it too?????

          • Well, we all know who the dealers and pushers in the US are. The fact that it’s shocking that white Americans use drugs at a an alarming rate is because we try to set higher standards for ourselves. When blacks sort out the frankly astonishing level of problems in their midst and replaces whites as the net contributors to society, your advice might be taken seriously. Besides, you are obviously only here to subvert and demoralize, so off you go.

            To Africa, that is, eventually.

          • Yes classic racist logic, it’s your fault my kids are OD’ing every weekend LMAO? Luv it!

          • Seems to me that instead of worrying about black problems you whites got might want to start worrying about ur own. I’d suggest starting with learning how to fuck your wives correctly cause this cuckolding shit is a real bad look for you!!!!???

      • Honestly, WHEN we create the Ethno-State, we won’t just ban Blacks, we will ban all images of them. We have all the diversity we need within the Aryan Diaspora.

        • Sounds like a good action flick, you guys should write a script, MICHAEL BAY is pretty good with the action FANTASY genre ?????

          • it is a good look, my dark skin is perfectly natural, you’re the freaks who bake yourselves in tanning beds trying to imitate it!

        • Really that is a bit much as the nigs are not that bad if they’re not being all riled up by the kikes. There really is great deal of Truth in Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind

    • “…Negro veneration…”

      Watched a little TV last night, every commercial featured blacks and mulattos, Every One!… Except a skin disease cream advert…thatwas whitewoman

        • What makes sense? I wasnt watching the ebony channel.

          What doesnt make sense is the jewsplaining pushing niggerdom ad nauseum

          • Did the 13%negro population finally garner attention from companies advertising department because of Thier increased buying power via finnaly getting the jobs they are so rightfully entitle to OR is every companies advertising department afraid of commie jew indoctrination that demands niggers be over represented in adverts because muh 6million years oppression needs reparstions, if they dont cowtow they get sued or boycotted?

            Mad no
            Curious yes

          • Reveal yourself, faggot! Who are you who comes here to make boring insults and failmeme in our space? Are you a Jew? I thought Jews were funny? Are you black? I’d be surprised considering the proper spelling and grammar. Are you a white cuck? Or some kind of mongrel? Surely not a gook. I don’t think the gooks care very much about muh ebil natzees.

          • Well I’m black, I founded a company that employs over 1000 people, made millions of dollars and bought everyone in my family quarter million dollar homes before I graduated highschool, I graduated from an Ivy League school myself and setup 3 scholarship funds that have put 87 kids, (including some poor white hicks from rural Virginia) through college. I have plenty to be proud of now please do tell exactly what have YOU done with your life???✊?

          • Oooohhhhhhh, okay. Well, we expect you to put the interests of your own in-group above those of other groups. There is no argument to be had, we simply find ourselves on opposite sides of the struggle to survive.

          • Way off bud, my interest is in the betterment of humanity, you are some of the stupidest people I’ve ever spoken to but I still love you all the same in spite of your hate of my skin color

          • We don’t necessarily hate you. We hate that the Jews have weaponized the black population against us. I wish slavery never happened, I wish that we had just left you to your devices in Africa.

    • Emotions of white women, in particular, are very easily manipulated. And its gone mainstream, now. Almost every advertisement, a white woman and a negroid male.

      Unfortunately. this reflects poorly on white men. We must start protecting our women better. We must start educating them, at an early age, that they are targets. They are actively targeted by the (((media))) because the (((media))) realizes just how easily they are manipulated.

      Situation can be turned around, but it requires aggressive and quick intervention with white women. That is the one group that needs to be our sole focus.

      • You know that will never happen because at the end of the day women regardless of race are biologically attracted to men. And manhood is something you testosterone deficient mutants have always lacked. To you bunch it’s obvious black lives don’t matter but your wives and daughters show us everyday that to them black cock certainly does?

        • Nobody likes black peckers. Real life just doesn’t mirror Hollywood. Women look down on black boys. Even prostitutes advertise no black males. Prostitutes LOL!!!

          • Lmao again jokes on u bud! First off the amount of cuckold porn out there indicates both white men and women seemed to be obsessed with black cock!!!!? Secondly it’s clear you spend a good amount of time on backpaige paying for sex lol not surprising you are white, but do you actually know any hookers( I mean by their real names lol) I knew a few of these white whores and have asked that very question, always the same three answers, white men treat us nice and we can usually get more money out of them, black men are to aggressive, and black men call them names like whores (which they are). In other words white men are idiots that will pay a bitch for sex and then act like they love them JAHAHA hookers call you idiots tricks! Us black people call you Simps! Nothing to be bragging about there buddy???

          • Negros are always trying to Jew them down yes, they’re not gonna have sex with you for less. They also know most carry STDs so why risk it? If anything it’s extra. They don’t want to hurt your feelings, being how fragile black boys are

        • LOL then why do nogs want to be in white countries so badly? Us whites are always trying to escape the dark plague, not the other way around.

          • Lol white people are obsessed with us! Especially white men, it’s a wierd inferiority issue probobly from lack of testosterone not being produced from your melanin deficient mutated genes. You need proof? Go to any porn website and you see Cuckolding is a real thing! White men wanting to watch their wife’s take black penis it’s a whole freaking sub genre lol one thing I’ve never seen though is a black man getting cuckolded by a white man lol. Your sick white perversions say everything about white men that your mouths never could ?

          • You know I actually just took the time to look. It’s incredible in the wide wonderful world of internet pornagraphy where anything that can exist does exist, I can not find one single video of a married black couple being cuckolded by a white man yet there are entire website devoted to white men (if you can even call yourselves that) paying black men to screw there wives while they watch film and beat off to it! Lol ? Yet you are the ones calling black people subhuman?? You sad little men are hilarious

          • O really? With all the tanning, lip injections and ass implants that seem to be all the rage with white woman you sure as hell had me fooled?

          • Is that why black women straighten their hair and spend their money on whigs that look like hair they could never have naturally? Why is it that the only black females considered hot barely pass the brown paper bag test? Your right on some level though, there is a trend amongst some whites to look and act black. Sad really…those whites tend to be intolerable. Adopting a degenerate culture, devoid of values.
            Lastly, you’re free to believe all you like about whites and caves and what ever other genetic nonsense your preaching here but just look at the world man… If whites are genetically inferior then why are white countries far superior to any and all black countries? The large majority of scientific and technological advances have come from whites. Blacks have contributed little of anything to the advancement of our modern world. Look at all the starving blacks in Africa. Why are all European countries better off?
            The problem you face is that nothing in reality matches up or supports your claims against whites. It’s difficult to take I’m sure. If my people were doing as poorly as yours I too would be upset and possibly looking for any explanation as to why other than “my race is intellectually inferior in general”. You might not be, I don’t know you, but the qualities of peoples are talked about in averages and tendencies, not outliers. Your right, blacks do have more testosterone, but what your missing is that in the modern day the biggest guy isn’t the one who wins. That’s cave man shit and you know it. Today the winner is the best planner, the smartest and (sometimes) bravest, not the most impulsive guy with the most T. You should check out “Hotep”, they believe some silly shit but mostly they believe blacks should stop blaming whites and they promote self determination , very alt-right. Enjoy the site.

          • Lol you trying to sell a book here? But whatever I’m game. I’ll answer some of your questions. Black people come in all different colors in the USA. The reason is your great great granddaddy had a thing for rape and black pussy. You animals raped your slaves fathered children with them then raped your own fucking daughters. It was a wide scale practice evidenced by the fact that there is not 1 single black in the USA without some European blood but funny no one likes to talk about that though right? As for your deficient genetics there is a very simple answer to that as well. White people have absolutely excelled in one aspect of human nature above all others, and that is pure fucking savagery. You stole the Chinese invention of gunpowder which they stopped using in battle because they felt it took the honor out of combat. Luckily for you savages the concept of honor was not something you concerned yourself with. You used stolen tech to murder and subjugate the entire planet not cause you are superior in any way but because as a whole you are all morally devoid, perverse, and savage to your fucking cores. 2nd atleast half of the worlds top supermodels are have been dark skinned African women but even if we are light skinned as a result of white rape it doesn’t make us any less black. And third by conservative estimates the black man has walked this earth for more then 120,000 years yet in the last few centuries of white “civilization” you have destroyed the environment beyond repair. The rate of global warming coupled with trump pulling out of the Paris Accord means your great great grandchildren may literally see the end of the world as we know it. Even worse you are all well aware of this danger but rather let your children suffer tommorow then deal with the declining profits regulations would impose today. There isn’t even a word to describe the kind of evil you plague of of a people have bought to this earth

          • Dude you’re obsessed with white people. Like you actually took the time to try to piece together a sad and pathetic diatribe about us.

            I just look out the window and see you jungle apes can’t even put your pants on and just laugh.

          • O yea I’m the one obsessed with white people ? Again…. cuckold porn it’s a thing!

          • U laugh all you want trust me I’m currently watching a fat white man in a maga hat suck a black nut out of his wife’s vagina. Talk all the shit you want the joke will ALWAYS be on you!….also just learned Hitler was a drug addicted closeted fag with a micro penis… isn’t that like your god around here? ?

          • Yep your still trying your hardest to imitate us even today, something’s will never change?

          • Ahhh the grammar nazi’s come out, the last resort of every person ever to lose an argument on a message board! Never fails?

          • Wow you guys are really deleting my comments!! Now I know just how pathetic this whole alt right circle jerk actually is!

          • Again what is it with white mens fascination with black dick?? The only place I’m going to go mudik is in your daughter!

          • Why don’t you go be a stupid ape on some other site. You have to be White to have an opinion here. Ooga booga, no one cares what a dim-witted sub-85 IQ Black Studies major like you writes. We cannot help it that you do not know who your father is, nor the fact that your mother was a crack whore who died from AIDS-not our fault, so don’t project your sad existence on us. If Whites were as bad as you make us out to be then this country’s economy would come to a grinding halt, and your monkey asses would all starve to death. Think about that tonight when you are at the liquor store buying Hennessy and lottery tickets instead of paying your child support on all your niglets.

          • HAHAHAHA trey the fact that you took the time to even write that reply like every other idiot on here seems to imply that you all care very much ??

          • lmao the economy did come to a grinding halt by the way, the black man bailed your asses out????????

          • Don’t you have some felonies to commit? Whose computer did you steal to write all this nonsense? Next you’re going to go on-and-on about all the Black man’s great inventions and how u wuz kangz and sheeeiit, right? Pathetic and sad.

          • Actually that’s you projecting what I imagine you must tell yourself to mentally cope with the fact that some random black man on the internet is making you all look like absolute fools

          • Not at all. I just don’t like the fact that you are commenting here. This is a place for AltRight White people not Dindus. Everything that you have written is completely idiotic and very typical of your people. We’ve heard all this mindless drivel before. Monkey see, monkey do.

          • Well then trey looks like we have something in common, us negroes have also heard all your bullshit before and honestly I’m just here for a good laugh and this seems to be an endless source of entertainment… also Trey is an interesting name, you one of those cuckold babies? ???????

          • The difference is that I am not on trolling you. You’re just too vacuous to intelligently explain “some things.” Anything that you write screams closeted faggotry at one level or another. It does not trigger me in the slightest. I just don’t like you posting here.

          • Closeted faggotry? Coming from White man that honestly doesn’t even warrant a response ?

          • hahaha are you actually attempting to post stats from the daily mail To support your argument? I mean we all knew trumps voter base was low iq middle America but I didn’t know how bad it actually was. Pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, incest, homosexuality, all the most perverse shit this planet has to offer is an always will be a WHITE thing???????

          • Maybe Trey but I’ll put my fucking house up any day that MY iq is a helluva lot higher then yours!!!????

          • Pathetic Dindu:”Maybe Trey but I’ll put my fucking house up any day that MY iq is a helluva lot higher then yours!!!”

            Quite possibly the stupidest sentence that I have ever read.

          • Really, you spend your time on here and that is somehow the stupidest sentence you ever read??

          • You’re first correct statement thus far. I do spend a significant amount of time here. Being part of and this movement is a huge honor for me, so for that specific charge I am very guilty.

          • I know what you mean, but I am obviously not above a good bantz. We just need a more private discussion board since people like him are becoming the norm rather than the exception. I hate how they taint honest and genuine discussions between our people with their stupid bullshit.

          • They rule is just never answer – it was after me to about being a blue collar working … total loser – good day Bro

          • ” If Whites were as bad as you make us out to be then this country’s economy would come to a grinding halt, and your monkey asses would all starve to death.” Exactly. They claim to hate Whitey so as to get all of the perks of White Civilization for free. Without the burden of the Brown, Black and Semitic parasites, Whites would have colonized the Solar System by now.

          • Aww now the site is deleting my comments? That’s low even for you parasites! Pathetic.

          • Haha that’s why you niggers cry about “muh civil rights”. You can’t even have freedoms without the white man allowing you.

            Get back in the slave shed you ape

          • Well I expected some random totally off topic reply, it’s all u really can do lol but I’ll be happy to sail my ass right back to Africa the moment you and your kind go crawl back into whatever cave the caucus mountains shit you out of. O and you love to talk about what the white man ALLOWS us to do lol if you haven’t noticed Americas is Chinas bitch where likely to all be speaking Mandarin in 20 years so U go right ahead with that Alabama white pride bullshit, lets see what that gets you ?

          • Here we go again, the “Cave Theory”. Even if we “crawled out of caves” and “stoled your culture” (which we didn’t), that would still only prove our superiority. To summarize your stupid theory: we were some primitive cave beast that emerged from caves out of nowhere, overtook all other peoples, stole all of their culture and technology, ENSLAVED YOUR RACE and went on to dominate the Earth? Sounds pretty badass to me.

          • Well that’s what happened so I guess it’s all a matter of perpesctive what you see a badass just comes off as savage and subhuman to me but hey perspective right?

          • I thought that you left? Are you going to post more of your résumé? If in fact you do have a master’s degree, it just goes to show how degenerate and Poz’d this country has become thanks to Affirmative Action and virtual signaling. You are obviously not one of the talented 2% of your people.

          • What can I say Trey, I have the bad habit of suffering fools. And also my masters degree nor my acceptance at any of the four ivy leagues schools I had the blessing to choose from was the result of affirmative action. It was the result of me starting a million dollar software company at the age of 15. But tell yourself whatever you need to validate your unremarkable life if it helps you sleep at night.???

          • I am really starting to believe that you are schizophrenic. What was this magical software company, pray tell? Did it involve any type of algorithm on how not to get raped by a Dindu or where to buy crack in Da Hood? I can see how that can make someone millions.

    • We know (((they))) started to embolden them already in the early 20th century. The negro are too lazy or too dumb to start their own organisations. So of course they get a helping hand from happy merchants like in ANC, BLM and others.

    • Blacks are Weapons Of Mass Destruction in human form and Jews are their operators. Destroy both forever.

    • The cult of Negro veneration has penetrated to the very core of the United States; it infests its every fibre. Anyone who tells the truth about Negro/African dysfunction is subject to persecution.

      There’s a reason Hitler described America as ‘half Negrified and half Judaized.’ Both groups of nonwhites have become bonded to the culture of mainstream White Americans. It’s a strange thing to witness.

      You can even see the difference when you travel to Canada (which has an immense number of cultural issues but far less wiggers).

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