Is Trump A Liar Or Just Persuasive?

Two individuals who are both insufferable (albeit to varying degrees) engaged in a debate as to whether President Trump is persuasive, or just a liar.  Scott Adams prides himself on having successfully predicted the outcome of a binary event—there were two options, and he predicted that Trump would win the 2016 election.  The Dilbert creator now fancies himself a type of guru, as if tens of millions of Americans did not make that same “prediction.”  He argues that Trump is a master of “persuasion,” a concept that Adams expounds upon with some facility.  While most of what Adams says is correct, his conception of himself as an otherworldly philosopher is a bit too much.

Sam Harris, on the other hand, is a Jewish intellectual who displays the vituperative, unpleasant style of that type of public figure.  He simply asserts that Trump is a “liar” and he can’t believe how much this lying liar lies.  This is the “argument” we have heard from Harris’ compatriots at the New York Times and the Washington Post.

How does someone with the bile of Harris view our beloved President, a man who is humorous, inspiring, and gutsy?

The most superficial man on Earth. A guy who has been totally hollowed out by greed, self regard, and delusion. The way he talks about himself… If I started talking about myself the way Trump talks about himself, I would throw myself out a fucking window…

Because Harris is used to his compatriots having complete dominion over our political system, he feels that the universe is somehow askew in the Trump Era:

The fact that politics is so much part of our lives now is toxic. It’s a sign that something is wrong with our society.  If things were good, we would not be talking about politics, right?  We’re talking about politics ten times more than we ever have in the lifetime of anyone listening to this podcast.

Adams, in response, claims that the Trump Era has brought forth “joy and happiness” to an extent which he has never witnessed.  Harris will not let this stand, and points out that “that could have been said about the burgeoning enthusiasm for the 1,000 year Reich in 1938.  I mean, you get nothing with that claim.” Adams senses his opening:

               Did you go full Hitler analogy?

What ensues is a debate about whether analogies are a valid form of argumentation, with Adams arguing that analogies are a kind of crutch when one does not have a valid argument with more straightforward reason and evidence.  I would actually have to side with Harris that analogies are valid, though one hardly can appreciate his paranoid Hitler bogeyman analogy.

This debate was quite revealing of the elite journalist class’s mindset vis-à-vis Trump.  It’s all about a fear of the Hitler archetype.  As to whether Trump “lies” or is a “liar”; well, that’s just academic.  This is more a matter of hatred and loathing, which Harris so aptly displayed.  The only concern is that this will be misinterpreted as a symptom of “liberalism” or “progressivism.”  Alas, it’s so much more than that.

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  • Is there any jew out there that can have any type of conversation without bringing up Hitler or the holocaust? I love it when I get to share my feelings on the matter with a jew! To be counter semitic & a non-believer in the holocaust is their kryptonite!

  • I really don’t get this site’s tendency to bash everyone that doesn’t %100 agree with the editors. Scott Adams may not be out there talking about the JQ, but he was on Trump’s side early on, took a lot of flack for it from Leftards and did a pretty good job exposing and hitting back against their idiocy. This ‘With Us On Everything Or Against US’ pettiness is SJW nonsense.

  • Scott Adams didn’t predict Trump would win a binary event; he predicted that Trump would win the republican nomination when there were ~16 other candidates, AND would go on to win the presidency. He solidly made this prediction after the first republican debate.

    I don’t care about him one way or the other, but get your fucking facts straight. I don’t care if you hate Scott Adams, I don’t need you to influence my reality.

  • I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed that podcast in the way I would thoroughly enjoy watching two guys in a wheel chair get in to a fist fight. If you really want to see the effect, both Scott and Sam posted the conversation on twitter and the comments of each are quite a thing to behold.

  • Trump just speaks in hyperbole like he’s entertaining people at a dinner table. It’s fun to hear and it gets you riled up. I love listening to Trump because of that much better then lawyer speak where every word is crafted on a TelePrompter and just seems so fact. I:e obama. Trump has good instincts and he trust them a lot thats why it seems like he’s lying because he will expect something to happen and say quite stern that it will happen and then when it doesn’t people assume he’s lying when he didn’t intent to lie just assumed it was gonna happen. Also there is some art of the deal stuff going on plus he just adds extras stuff to get crowds hyped like Mexico paying for the wall.

    It seems like the people who hate Trump can’t seem to understand this and take everything he says as 100% literal. People who like Trump just understand what he’s trying to say without taking it at face value.

  • Scott Adams is a dork. He claimed Trump was finished when the Access Hollywood tape came out. Adams is just trying to make money off of Trump.

  • Sam Harris is one of those atheist thinking liberals, like Dawkins, who will get the bullet too, if the far left ever comes into power. Naturally, though, he would never align with someone right of center to stop that from happening.

  • While Trump has been a huge dissappointment it is still satisfying watching how much he triggers libtards, leftists and the Jewish elite.

  • The internet is making the “journalist class” obsolete, just like buggy whip manufacturers were made obsolete by the auto industry.

    Trump is hastening this process by appealing to the masses via Social Media/Twitter. Trump’s advisor, Steven Bannon, realized that the opposition party is not the Democrats (a minority party largely irrelevant for the next 20 years) but in fact the journalist class. So Trump is making the journalist class the enemy.

    The journalist class has been used to smelling their own farts and giving each other reach-arounds for so long they actually think they have some right to be the 4th branch of government, a “Fourth Estate.” Now that they are largely obsolete, they are lashing out like the Luddites they are.

    You’ll notice that various publications that still do fact based journalism are doing fine. People willingly shell out money for the Wall Street Journal because they report facts and information that is worth paying money for.

    Some anti-white Jew at the New York Times or CNN is not worth paying money for, which is why they distribute their words for free. You get what you pay for. They used to make their money from ads because they had an audience – now they don’t have an audience and advertisers have a better platform anyway.

    The Wall Street Journal and the Christian Science Monitor are literally the only real “journalism” left. Which means there is room for some competition. But “anti-white whining by Zionist Jews” is simply not a product anyone is willing to pay for.

    Sorry, Jews.

    • Agreed–Wall Street Journal is an excellent paper. It’s good to stay abreast of the news with some center-right MSM sources, even if you don’t agree with everything they say. I guess they’re “globalist” or whatever, but they’re also fighting Cultural Marxism on many fronts.

      • The WSJ editorial page is “center right” – and it’s literally one page.

        The actual content of the WSJ, the reporting of factual information about the world, is not “center right.” In fact one of the reasons it’s good journalism is because it’s neither “right” nor “left.”

  • Everything “they” say is all in their own head – they live much of the time in a fantasy world … That is why everyone is “Hitler”.

  • “The most superficial man on Earth. A guy who has been totally hollowed out by greed, self regard, and delusion. The way he talks about himself… If I started talking about myself the way Trump talks about himself, I would throw myself out a fucking window…”


    A Multi-Billionaire who could have just relaxed and lived the rest of his life in Upper Upper Upper Class Comfort…….

    Decided to plunge himself, his family, and his Fate into the Maelstrom of American Politics…….

    Now hated even to the point of violence…… the Far Left……..egged on by the Fake News Lugenpresse……

    Attacked from the Right and the Left……

    Attacked by Hollywood and the Pop Culture Elite…….

    Undermined by the Never Trumpers………

    Attacked by Mueller and the Deep State………

    He continues on Unwaveringly……..

    Takes ZERO Salary and Donates it to Veteran Charities………

    Continues to try to keep his MAGA promises…….


    “[Trump is]…..The most superficial man on Earth. A guy who has been totally hollowed out by greed, self regard, and delusion.”??


    “If I started talking about myself the way Trump talks about himself, I would throw myself out a fucking window…”

    ……because we have a Cultural, Political, Media, Academic Establishment Elite…….

    …….who are Sociopathological Self-Hating Misanthropic Projectionists??

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