Why I Don’t Care About Russian Scandals

Written by American Renaissance’s Chris Roberts 

Idealists may not like it, but politics is a transaction. I support politicians I think will do something for me and the people I care about. Therefore, I could not be less interested in the endless parade of accusations and speculations about what certain Russians might or might not have done to help elect Donald Trump. No matter what the answer is, I don’t care. J.M. Bernays at The Baffler has convincingly described the liberal frenzy over this:

[A]t this point, the empirical question of whether or not it happened is secondary to the deeper psychological need for media pundits, policy wonks, and the professional-managerial strata to maintain their sense of self when the objective historical conditions in which they flourished are being actively dissolved. For liberals, the continued libidinal investment in the drama of the as-yet invisible Trump-Russia scandal actively blocks any realization that the neoliberal order they are trying to restore is already dead on its feet, and that Trump is the uniquely bizarre American expression of a visible worldwide trend: the virulent, deepening nationalist backlash against a financially-integrated global economy based on the relatively free movement of commodities and people. His ascent is a death knell for an entire era and the basic assumptions about economic and political life that shape the worldview of contemporary liberals.

Mr. Bernays is wordy, but he’s right. Liberals want the verdict to be treason because Mr. Trump would be removed and, they hope, things would go back to normal. Just like Republicans who wanted to believe Barack Obama was born in Kenya, they think that by revealing this one key truth the damage of the last election will be undone!

At the Women’s March in Washington DC, January 2017.

If it will help the media and liberals get over this delusion, let me be clear: I and the overwhelming majority of Trump-supporters don’t care at all about this Russia business. Even if—and it sounds unlikely—Russia undermined American democracy to help elect Mr. Trump, I still don’t care.

Mr. Trump and Russia do not want to bring hordes of Muslims into our cities. They will not pass “hate speech” laws that could put me in prison. A President Trump elected by Russians is still better than a Hillary Clinton elected by “Americans.” I want my grandchildren to live in a country where they are not a despised and oppressed minority. A President Clinton would have done everything to ensure that happens.

Should we set aside our petty differences since we are all Americans and we all believe in the democratic system?

No. It’s only by inertia that is still one country. If each state, or even each region, magically became a sovereign nation tomorrow, there would be no movement to unite into one bigger nation. The only thing that keeps us together is that secession is messy.

At the American Renaissance office, we sometimes get phone calls and email from folks threatening to kill us. They are never from Russians. They are almost always from blacks, and sometimes from white ethno-masochists. I would rather not live in the same country with those people; the United States should have dissolved long ago.

Conservatives talk about “civic nationalism” or “patriotism,” but what do those words even mean? I would rather my children went to a public school in Moscow as the only American, than to a public school in Washington DC or Los Angeles as the only white. In the current year, “citizenship” is just a social construct.

Maybe the next time a liberal complains about Russians stealing the election, I should say, “Boy I hope they did. It’d be comforting to know there’s a powerful white nation looking out for us.”


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  • Stop our country from waging war in the Middle East and then the refugees will stop leaving their bombed out country. Europe has taken 1 million refugees.

  • The Russia story is all bs and everyone knows it except stupid gullible liberals. Lets not pretend like the democrats don’t know what they are doing, they know exactly what they are doing. Pushing the Russia story for one riles up the democratic voters in a really tough time for them when they are constantly getting upset bigly. A lot of them would probably jump ship, but the thought of Trump being illegitimate fires them up. Second it takes away from Trump presidency because he has to constantly defend himself against Russia accusations. Shit it wears me out having some fake news scandal every day and having to listen to snarky liberals say this is the end of Trump. Third it doesn’t allow Trump to undo the horrible foreign policies set in place by Obama and Hillary funding terrorist and the whole Syria civil war. Any moves to end ISIS with Russia like Trump original campaigned on looks like Trump is appeasing Putin and that the colluding is correct. So instead of trying to ease relationships with Russia Trump has to pretend not to know Putin. We already saw this when Trump stopped the program to sell weapons to the rebels and the narrative was instantly followed with a “a move that russia will surely like”. When in reality everyone should like that move.

    Even if Russia did try to influence the election which I believe they did a little bit it was not to get Trump to elected it was to not have Hillary be president. Trump was just the most Russia freindly candidate, but lets not act like if it was Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, or even Jeb that Russia wouldn’t have attacked Hillary. Her foreign policy was always dreadful and arming terrorist on Russia’s border was obviously not something they wanted. Not to mention she probably would have dragged us into more wars in the middle east and maybe even sent troops into Ukraine. Who knows with that war mongering psychopath.

    If Russia really wanted to hurt America they would have tried to get Hillary elected. She was the one parroting the social marxist egalitarian bullshit and would increase the amount of terrorist let into this country and destabilize the demographics by amnestying thousands of illegals. God the thoughts make me shudder we really dodged a bullet.

    • If the MSM was not spending credibility, attention and resources pushing the irrelevant and fake russia story, they would be attacking Trump some other way. The Russia story makes it slightly harder for the Trump administration of normalizing relations with Russia and implement a sane foreign policy. But they will probably manage it in the end anyway.

      So the MSM pushing the Russia story is great. People dont really care about it and its fake anyway. If they opposed Trump more domestically instead, he would get alot less done.

  • The AltRight is an AMAZING Phenomenon……..


    Because it’s so Basically Logical and Common Sensical…….

    So Natural…….

    So Moral…….

    So Virtuous…….

    So Humane and Survival Based……..

    But, also so Amazing……

    ……because this Moral, Virtuous and Natural Life-Force………

    …… attacked by our Cultural High Priests……

    ………as Immoral, Evil and Debased……

    And we think the same way about them……..


    And Evolution laughs also……..


    …..whomever dominates…..

    …….is the Winner in Her Womb……..

  • All this worry about the Russians and George Soros goes unnoticed. Perhaps it is George Soros pushing this Russian nonsense since he was banned from Russia for interferring with the elections there. George Soros interferes with every election in America and also promotes terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter.

    • Fo’ shizzle, and it’s fairly certain S0r0s thugs are/were involved with the mess in the Ukraine, and iguana eyes intereferes with just about EVERY election in Europe, USA, etc…

  • “Mr. Trump and Russia do not want to bring hordes of Muslims into our cities.”

    You think Russians care about the number of Muslims in le ebil fascist West? They don’t even care about them in their own capital.

    Russians pride themselves on being mixed race and defeating the evil racist Nazis in WW2. They’re indifferent to Europe’s survival, and apparently their own survival as well.

    If Russia did help Trump win, thanks, but I’d still rather live in America than a corrupt, drab, grey ex-communist country that has its own dwindling White populace.

    • Muslims that have historically lived in and near the borders of Russia are very distinct from the Muslims that are currently squatting in Europe. People like Chechens, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kyrgyz, etc are racially and culturally very different from Arabs, Pakis, and negroids.

      • Nah, mudslimes in Russia are quite similar in their tribal behavior with the possible exception of Kazan tatars, who got integrated so long ago as to lose the distinction sometimes.
        Ethnic mixing is very minimal there even between coreligionists, but Riopel won`t tell you that, or anything else besides this laughabe “muh russians pride themselves on being of mixed race” bullshit.

        And russians very much care about the churka numbers. That old adage about 40 years seems to hold true after all, so expect interesting things to happen there in the next ten years.

  • Six month into the Trump administration and the Democrats are panicking. The serious Democrats – the ones that know how to win elections – have seen the polling and they realize that liberal Zionism + Black Lives Matter + La Raza + anti-Russian conspiracy theories = permanent minority status for the Democrats. There have been numerous articles among serious Democrats – the ones that know how to win elections – to get Democrats to stop reducing their platform to “Drumpf is a Russian spy” and anti-white political correctness…

    But they can’t stop their base from engaging in this because it’s the only thing that holds their minority coalition together.

    Democrats lost the Presidency, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and 2/3rd of the state government. They are looking into the abyss for the next few elections. Their hysteria over the recent NRA ad shows exactly what they fear – being painted as the party of Antifa communists, rioting blacks, and illegal aliens.

    Democrats are hated by most of America and their constant warmongering against Russia … and Syria … is making them even less popular.

    • The democrats have reached the point where it’s too early for them to go full “Kill Whitey” and too late for them to pretend to care about things like jobs and taxes. The demographics just aren’t right for that yet. However, unless there’s a sweeping political change in D.C. in regards to immigration, by 2024 or 2028, the democrats will be in a position to simply declare themselves the White Genocide party.

    • Isn’t it funny how we hear almost nothing about BLM after the election. It’s almost like they realized that promoting those lunatics did nothing, but hurt their cause. Even moderate democrats could stand to support those people and their anti white rhetoric. Democrats are hurting themselves big time by becoming the party of the minorities. Hillary all but ignored the white vote and it showed in the electoral college.

      • The New Yorker just ran an article defending the “new neo-liberals.” They painted these people as the future of the Democratic party, and defined “neo-liberals” as pro-business, pro-capitalism, anti-political correctness, anti-Bernie Sanders … and specifically mentioned how many were “White Males.” They even said they had the “best memes!”

        The professional Democrats that know how to win elections know they are in dire straits and are actively fighting the Black Lives Matter/La Raza types and the pierced green-haried transgender Social Justice Warriors.

        Post-election they pointed out that Bill Clinton was begging them to reach out to the “working class” – which is code for “white males who are not post-grad urban liberals” – but the Hillary camp thought they were passe and they could win with urban white liberals and blacks and browns.

        But of course Trump destroyed them in the Rust Belt by appealing to that exact demographic.

        Our biggest threat right now is the stupid conservative Republicans – the Mike Pence faction – muscling out the Steve Bannon populists and going back to GOP business-as-usual bullshit.

        • Yeah basically the pendulum is swinging back to the right. You know this when professional sjw like Lacy Green have to pretend to be right wing to actually get views on their videos. Will be funny to see democrats play to those things you say and try to win back the white working class and see the modern Marxist that are so vocal in the party now a days flip out. I knew Hillary would never win appealing to minorities and college kids and grads considering they never vote. In Brazil you are forced by law to vote probably for the same reason as here because its hard to get non-whites to vote.

          I’m not to concerned about the cuckservative, Rinos, and isreal bought republicans. I think everyone hates them except boomers at this point. I think the only way they win is if they sneak in there during the primaries and people vote for them because they have an R by their name.

  • All you need to know is one thing – ZERO FACTS about anything attached to this BS… We on the Right should always keep tabs on our own leaders – make sure they are doing right

    • The insiders understand that Trump’s “Russian” connections are actually Trump’s “Israeli connections by way of Russian Jews” – but of course that cannot be discussed. So a lot of what we are seeing (aside from just the silly anti-Trump stuff from partisan Democrats) is actually using “Russian” as a code for what cannot really be named.

      Hence, we saw what happened when Jared Kuschner’s Jewish connections started to be talked about – that is precisely when the Trump admin took control of the narrative and the Democrats went on the retreat.

      • I would say – NO. The Jewish world now is in a civil war – the Likud Jews vs the Commercial Jews (CJ). Trump is a CJ groupie… Jared is a Likud group guy. The Likud group wants and news the “finial” war to knock out the US and become the only world power – the CJ group wants to keep things as they are the ruler of 80-90% of everything – what is a few free goy for the over all power of the world ??? Putin is also a CJ guy. The CJ understand that going for the finial ring of power would / will most likely mean there total destruction …

        • Hmm, well I think you are correct about the Jew civil war – but Kushner’s connections to Israel via Russian orthodox groups has already been exposed.

          Trump is openly pro-Likud, openly pro-Netanyahu, and has even done commercials for them. Kushner is also clearly Likud – and Likud is heavily influenced by both a religious orthodox faction and Russian Jews that generally like Putin.

          Putin is fine with religious Jews in Russia because they don’t cause any problems – Putin has taken down “International Jew” oligarchs that were working for the West.

          So I’m not sure if I would draw the partisan lines the same way but there is most certainly a civil war between the Zionists and what Colin Liddell calls the “Cosmopolitans.” It’s the Cosmopolitans that are anti-Russia – I wouldn’t say that Netanyahu is exactly Putin’s puppet but Put most certainly knows how to manipulate Netanyahu.

          • Trump plays Pro Likud but is not – Look at how he and Putin are stopping the war in Syria, talking about stopping the immigration flow, stopping globalism, not allowing the war that Likud MUST HAVE. That is all anti Likud ACTIONS. Kushner is a leader in Lubavitch and in fact runs their world wide media center from NYC.

          • I would say that Trump has always been pro-Likud – but he’s the President now and he and Putin have more important things to do than listen to the shitty little country whine. So yes the latest development in Syria is awesome, it’s great, and Netanyahu has complained but in fact has gotten the message and started getting with the program.

            Kushner will remain a problem, he’s more than just a Mossad agent, he’s more like a handler.

  • How can there be an article about the insanity of the Russia/Trump supposed imbroglio without mention of jews and their desire for war with Russia as part of their cleansing of the Middle East? Amren always fails because they are philo-semitic

  • My background is half Polish, half Russian, and anytime this BS comes up when running into a libturd, I just say “yes, I influenced the election!”. Then follow up with “Well, maybe y’all should have been for the extreme vetting, huh?!”… Because while I immigrated here, and became naturalized US Citizen, all I brought was principled conservative values, Christian faith and hard working ethic. Also, as some might know we E. Europeans breed like rabbits, so between myself and 4 siblings we have 14 babies (yes, white), and can afford them. MAGA! Re-elect Trump/Pence 2020!

    • Luckily, I am in the industrial business and reside in Texas, so rarely I run into a libtard. But I am becoming more and more vocal about our principles regardless of the environment.

      I have three White sons. Once I get a higher paid job, we will push for another kid, so Sub-Saharans can rest assured. Most of my Anglo friends of my age are on vasectomy – another anti-White invention of the modern world. We, the “Russians” do not believe in vasectomy. We simply believe that if Roman Abramovich can have five kids, then why can’t I?

      • “We simply believe that if Roman Abramovich can have five kids, then why can’t I?”
        This is what I call a healthy culture.

  • One big difference between the Barack Obama birth certificate issue and the current Russia controversy is that in the latter instance there is an actual independent prosecutor pursuing the case. In the former instance, what is asserted is that the deep state was involved in the creation of a fraudulent identity for someone who became President, not necessarily that Obama was born in Kenya. The latter instance amounts to little more than a fishing expedition. If a special prosecutor wants to find impropriety, he always can. People will be caught lying under oath at the very least.

    The Barry Soetoro channel on YouTube had some great videos about likely deceptions involved with the identities of Barrack Obama and his “wife.” The channel was taken down by YouTube. In fact, most of the conspiracy channels I have every recommended in comments have ended up being taken down.

  • Yeah. The Left will do anything and everything it takes to win. This includes bending and breaking the rules. Their only concerned with “fairness” when their losing. I’ll take the “Russia hacked the election” meme serious when they produce some real evidence. And yeah, I still probably won’t care. Hillary would have been a trainwreck.

  • If someone brings up Trump and Russia, just counter argue with the fact that Jews have owned every American President since JFK.

  • Amazingly, I hear the same comment from my clients, customers, recruiters and anyone else: “If you are “Russian”, you must be big on Trump.”

    While ethnically I am not Russian, because I am from the former SU, in some way or fashion, I belong to the “Russian World”. And, ironically, I appreciate the credit given for “picking up” the President of the USA.

    The truth is, of course, that Russia or anything Russian have nothing to do with the Trump phenomena. I was on the Trump train ever since he announced his candidacy and his first anti-immigration speeches. I have joined the pro-Trump club because I worry about the future of my three White sons in this country. I joined the Trump camp because globalists snatched most of high-paying jobs to overseas or given them to Indian H1B recipients. I joined the Trump movement because I was seek and tired of the Obama yoke and could not comprehend the continuation with Hillary.

    Yet again, my Trump allegiance has nothing to do with my ability to speak Russian and my affiliation with the “Russian World”. Trump is necessary for the survival of my kids in this country.

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