The Plot To Kill Trump

*Julius Caesar*, Shakespeare in the Park, New York City

Jonathan Freedland, a British-Jewish journalist infamous for hailing the demographic eclipse of the British people in their own homeland as “a kind of triumph,” has devoted the last 12 months of his miserable journalistic life to neurotic attacks on the Trump presidency. His hyperbolic writings at the Guardian, while making little original contribution to the intellectual debate over the progress of the Trump administration, have instead revealed much about the paranoid preoccupations of Freedland, the Left, and elements of the organized Jewish community.

Until recently, Freedland’s rantings have been predictable. In Freedland’s caricature-like portrayals, Trump emerges as a shameless, Duce-like figure who “respects no limits on his lust for power.” Rarely shy of a dramatic turn of phrase, Freedland writes about his prior enthusiasm for the Constitution of the United States—a document he sees as guaranteeing a multicultural state—and his growing unease that this same document somehow permitted a “dangerous man” like Trump to assume office: “Trump is testing my admiration for that document— testing it, perhaps, to destruction.” Freedland has lamented that democracy in America “now stands naked—and vulnerable.”

Freedland’s opposition to the Trump administration, interpreted on the basis of his own words and arguments, is not rooted merely in generic Liberalism. It also comprises an element of ethnic self-interest. Freedland perceives Trump to be obstructive to Jewish social and political objectives. This is most apparent in his journalism for the Jewish Chronicle. While he rarely, if ever, mentions his Jewishness to the Guardian’s mass readership, in his writings at the JC, Freedland is significantly less circumspect. In March, for example, he wrote that Trump “is no friend of ours and the correct Jewish stance on Trump was one of vigilant opposition.”

Trump’s “crimes,” according to Freedland, have included the White House statement marking Holocaust Memorial Day, which did not mention Jews or antisemitism. Freedland further complains that Trump “has no instinctive sensitivity for Jewish concerns:

Any condemnation of antisemitism has to be either scripted for him or else extracted under pressure. More troublingly, he has an uncanny knack for speaking to and about Jews in a way that thrills antisemites.

More embarrassingly for Freedland, he was one of the most vicious and persistent critics of Trump’s assertion that the bomb threats called into a number of Jewish buildings were probably made by Jews. At the height of the controversy, Freedland had written:

Trump was asked in a meeting of State Attorneys General about the wave of bomb threats to Jewish community centers. According to those present, Trump speculated that, rather than taking these incidents at face value, they should consider that “sometimes it’s the reverse, to make people—or to make others—look bad.” Trump reportedly used the word “reverse” two or three times. What can this mean, except an implication that these threats to Jewish buildings were made by Jews themselves, to damage Trump? The notion of “false flag” attacks is a staple theme of the far right. In this context, it is a classic antisemitic trope: that anti-Jewish attacks are invented by cunning Jews to win underserved sympathy.

How unfortunate for Freedland that this ‘classic antisemitic trope’ was later very soundly confirmed.

Not one to waste his talents, Jonathan Freedland has for several years published fiction under the pseudonym “Sam Bourne.” His earliest pulp novels appear to have been an attempt to cash in on the success of Dan Brown’s thriller formula, and the syllable similarity in the two names likely isn’t accidental. In these novels, one can discern Freedland/Bourne using fiction to play out personal fantasies. For example, The Righteous Men (2006) is a trashy religious thriller, which derives its subject matter from Jewish folklore and has “a faction of the Christian Church” in the “bad guy’” role. The book was followed by The Final Reckoning (2008), a revenge fantasy about a group of so-called “Holocaust survivors” who set out to assassinate former National Socialists.

Book Cover

Freedland/Bourne’s recently thriller, To Kill The President, has taken matters to a new extreme, and blends the author’s history of anti-Trump journalism with his penchant for fictional ethnic revenge fantasies. Of course, no-one in the Trump administration is named in the latest novel, but Freedland makes no attempt to disguise his meaning. In the “feminist” plot of To Kill the President, a female White House aide (and “avowed liberal”) uncovers a conspiracy to murder a recently elected populist president who unexpectedly won an election against a female Democrat who attracted criticism for being careless with her email service. The President, described as a “cheat and bigot,” offends the political and media establishments with “the tweets, the lies, the grotesque misconduct, the acts of unwarranted aggression.” One scene includes the President grabbing a female assistant by her genitals in the Situation Room, where staff have been summoned in the middle of the night because the President plans to launch missiles at China and North Korea. Using a puppet, Freedland gets to vent his spleen, casting the most vulgar accusations and insinuations against Trump without fear of a libel suit.

Freedland’s portrayal of Steve Bannon is also noteworthy. The novel’s President, an unstable demagogue, is ultimately a marionette dancing to the tune of a “ruthless chief strategist” with an Irish name—in this instance Bannon becomes Crawford “Mac” McNamara. McNamara/Bannon saunters around the White House as if he is President, talking down to women and acting every inch the alpha male. The Bannon caricature presented by Freedland has been likened to a “middle aged rock star.” One senses that Freedland is made deeply uneasy by Bannon’s opaque role within the White House administration, as well as his perceived masculinity. Much could be read into the fact that Freedland offers no fictional portrayal of Jared Kushner.

The novel thus offers insight into the minds of our opponents. Their fears, insecurities, and, yes, their fantasies, are right here in black and white. But most importantly this is a work of incitement. Given the current context of increasingly violent leftist conduct and rhetoric, To Kill The President should be interpreted as a deliberately targeted (and potentially quite dangeorus) flirtation with the idea of political assassination. None other than Mark Lawson, one of Freedland’s colleagues at the Guardian, writes at the end of his review of the book: “Even committed Trump-haters may suffer struggles of conscience over what would count as a satisfactory resolution of the plot.” This is a book that, ultimately, get its “thrills” from the prospect of the murder of Donald Trump.

The mainstream publication and promotion of To Kill The President is symbolic of the degradation and co-option of our cultural and political life by neurotic, twisted, and hateful elements within our gates.

Andrew Joyce
the authorAndrew Joyce
Andrew Joyce holds a Ph.D. in History and Literature. He is the Editor of Washington Summit Publishers and a frequent contributor to The Occidental Observer among other publications. He is a father of three.


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  • First I’d buy Freedland a beer, then I would masturb@te over The Donald’s festering Orange corpse. None of this will actually happen, but one can only dream…

  • I thought Trump would be a way-better choice than Clinton…shows how wrong you can be. But to be fair to him, it’s ‘America’ itself that is the problem, so whoever is President it’s likely to make no difference whatsoever.

    • Trump seems like the best of both worlds.

      We get both the accelerationism AND the supreme court justices

      Let’s just hope the bad guys keep doubling down

  • More troublingly, he has an uncanny knack for speaking to and about Jews in a way that thrills antisemites.

    Really? Aside from appointing large numbers of Jews to his administration, the only thing I’ve heard Trump say about Jews is how much he loves Israel. We have the most philosemitic antisemite in office ever. Despite this, open borders anti-white Jews hate the man.

    • They hate Trump because his give no fucks attitude has inspired White Nationalist resistance to jewish power.

  • Do you suppose we could get away with something like this?

    “Don ‘Sneaky’ Piazza, campaign manager for Democratic candidate Helena Carter, looked on and furiously masturbated as his big brother Thomas choked the life out of 7-year-old Marilyn McCoy, whom the two had kidnapped the previous day. ‘Get that White bitch, Tommy!’ Don cried out, his eyes starting from their sockets over his beaky nose as he rabidly flogged himself towards climax. ‘I MUST DRINK HER SOUL! YAAAAAGGHHH!'” etc.

  • I have mixed feelings about Trump, but the fact that he seems to drive these Jews crazy is a good sign.

  • The left does this on a regular basis to supposed “conservatives” and Republicans:

    Death of a President is a 2006 British docudrama political thriller film about the fictional assassination of George W. Bush, the 43rd U.S. President, on 19 October 2007 in Chicago, Illinois. The film is presented as a future historydocudrama and uses actors, archival video footage as well as computer-generated special effects.

    Notice how the media barely discussed the Democrat that shot the Republican Congressmen at the baseball game – he was clearly radicalized by terrorist groups like the Jewish ADL and the Jewish $PLC.

  • Does anyone remember when the editor of the Atlanta Jewish newspaper wrote an editorial calling for Mossad to assassinate Obama because he was supposedly “anti-Israel?”

    What is it with Zionist Jews calling for the assassination of American Presidents? Come to think of it, they really hated JFK because he tried to prevent the Zionist entity from getting nukes. Huh.

      • Trump may be extreme compared to previous Presidents, but he isn’t stupid, and he does have a filter, just like Kim Jong-Un to a certain extent. If you’re talking about nuclear threats, no leader have ever once come close to firing one since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and no one ever will.

        A nuclear war would mean the end of the world, quite literally, as atomic bombs are far more powerful than they were in 1945. It’s in our nature to be selfish, and to survive, starting a nuclear war would go against our inner programming. Not even Kim would risk his own life, just to show off his guns, and certainly not Trump. Anyone who believes that he would, have not been paying attention outside of the MSMs relentless character assassinations.

        But this is the problem with the digital age. Adults are no longer adults, we lack the discipline that we were supposed to have been taught at an early age, and our degeneracy is out in the open for all to see, yet somehow we’re still proud of it. Self-control is something that separates us from children, and what it means to be an adult; these values is something that one from Trump’s generation grew up with.

  • It would appear that “To Kill A President” constitutes hate speech. As such, it’s author appears to have violated U.K. law, and must be arrested and put on trial. Would British law enforcement tolerate a novel about the assassination of a Muslim mayor of London?

  • If ordinary working class British people can be arrested for incitement to violence in a tweet then this guy should face the same punishment.

    • That’s the thing. People like Freedland are clever enough to avoid saying anything actionable and have good lawyers in case they do. John Smith writing ‘let’s smash those filthy camel jockeys’ and suchlike on Facebook isn’t and doesn’t.

  • Andrew Joyce and Amren articles on!


    Form VOLTRON…….

    And the Alt-Lite wonders why we’re Counter-Semitic……..

    There needs to be a Counter-Semitic Movement in EVERY Western Country…….

    All Jews are NOT my Enemy…….

    But, the Majority are……..

    ……due to their own Tribal Nepotistic Ethno-Politico-Social Activism…….

    …….which is almost always Anti-White Goyim…….

    ……….IN EFFECT……..

    And if the Majority of Jews had been Philo-White Goyim for Centuries there would be no need for Counter Semitism……

    But, then Jews would have gone Extinct as a Demographic…….

    I guess that’s the point though……..

    And that’s why this is a Perpetual Battle which the Alt-Right refuses to back down from…….


  • I despise Freedland. He is simply the worst example of Jewish media domination in the UK. He is also a warmonger and has voiced support for every catastrophic Western intervention in the Middle East.

    I remember when Trump won and he wrote about six articles in quick succession, real cri de cœur stuff, about how awful it was. This book sounds like the long-form version of that.

  • Unfortunately Trump is too much of an imbecile to understand that Jews hate him and that if they could, they would wipe out his entire family like they did the Romanovs. They’d probably spare the botoxed race traitor Ivanka though.

    This whole thing is a farce.

    • Perhaps Trump is owned and operated by the Freemasons, who in turn are owned and operated by Zionists (not that rank-and-file Freemasons would realize this). Ultimately, Jews control Trump. It’s just not out in the open the way it has been for most recent presidents.

      • Yeah, the Freemasons are such a huge powerful faction in American society these days. But you have to be a super-duper high ranking 500th Degree Turkish Rite Crusader to know the real secrets, when you find out that Abe Foxman is the Grand Poobah of All Masonry (it used to be Ben Franklin!) and he personally circumcizes you.

        • What you don’t know can hurt you.

          Speculative Masonry (what we now call Freemasonry) has probably always been controlled from the top by Jewish supremacists. There is no question that these Jews have always used Freemasonry as a way to exert influence without drawing public attention.

          • “Speculative Masonry (what we now call Freemasonry) has probably always been controlled from the top by Jewish supremacists.”

            It hasn’t.

            “There is no question that these Jews have always used Freemasonry as a way to exert influence without drawing public attention.”

            There most certainly is a question, and whatever influence Jews have had on Masonry is a byproduct of their influence in the British aristocracy, not the other way around.

            You know why Kevin MacDonald is such an important figure in the pro-white movement? Because he was able to explain Jewish power and influence without resorting to superstitions worthy of a Catholic peasant from 1740 or ridiculous “Protocols of Elders” style conspiracy theories. He actually gave us a way to understand Jewish power, historically as well as in the contemporary world, via science and evolutionary theory.

          • I arrived at my views on Freemasonry via Kevin MacDonald’s work. In other words, I realized that Jews had group interests at odds with those with whites before I realized the importance of Freemasonry and, more generally, secret societies, in providing hidden channels for Jewish influence.

            It is odd that someone like yourself, who professes to be open to the possibility that major hoaxes and false flags have taken place, could be so closed minded about secret societies. What hoaxes / false flags do you actually believe in?

          • It is YOU, not me, that is “closed-minded” about “secret societies.” You are reveling in rank superstitions about “secret societies” based on absurd nonsense from religious nuts Pinay, et al.

            There is a big difference between understanding that ethnic groups have competing interests, and understanding the rather unique role Ashkenazis have played in European societies – and propagating absurd superstitions about Freemasonry being some sort of rigorous hierarchy secretly controlled by Jews at the top.

            Apparently you have the need to come up with a simplistic model – MacDonald’s evolutionary theories do not in any way lend themselves to the comical superstitions about Freemasonry.

          • I am relatively new to the subject of secret societies, so I was not familiar with the name Pinay. Perhaps I have seen it before but forgot it.

            Understanding the role of secret societies is not a simplification. It is the next level, after understanding race-realism, racial group interests, and the group characteristics of Jews.

            You are making a guilt-by-association argument. You are saying that, since superstitious people who were not up to speed on group interests had suspicions about Freemasonry, therefore the whole subject must be invalid.

          • I’m not new to the subject of secret societies. You may not be aware of Pinay, but your understanding of Masonry comes from him, perhaps indirectly. Which is a shame, because the ignorant superstitions of Pinay and others of his ilk actually prevents an understanding of how these things work.

            You’ve got it completely backward – understanding genetic and ethnic interests is the next step. Positing conspiracy theories about secret societies actually prevents you from understanding genetic and ethnic interests – it is a simplistic and superstitious misunderstanding of how these things work – it’s Plato’s cave.

            What’s rather fascinating to me is how modern intelligence agencies had their genesis in secret societies like the Jesuits and the Freemasons. The guy who actually started the Bavarian Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt, recruited from the Freemasons and whined about how disorganized and unfit for an actual “conspiracy” they were. Not coincidentally, Anders Breivik also made the same observation about the Nordic Freemasons.

            It’s the genetic and ethnic interests that drive “secret societies” – not the other way around. Superstitious Catholics are always seeing some sort of well-defined hierarchy in their perceived opponents because they are projecting their own rigid hierarchy outward. They have a “Pope” that is at the top of their hierarchy, so they always assume there must be a “Pope” secretly running all their enemies.

            Superstitions about Masonry are so absurd they even think that George Washington’s gardener was actually running the American War for Independence from behind the scenes, because Washington’s gardener “outranked” him in his Freemason lodge. It’s like Protestants believing that JFK was literally taking orders from the Pope. That’s now how real organizations work.

            Jews do the same thing – they project their own fanatical ethno-centrism on to other people – hence why Jews have always slandered WASPs and fanatical anti-semites – when in fact it is Jews themselves that are fanatically “anti-goy.”

            We have a much, much better understanding of large organization – “institutional analysis” – then did people from hundreds of years ago. Modern management theory of the kind you learn in business school is far, far more sophisticated – and far closer to the truth – than the comic superstitions that people believed hundreds of years ago. We have more data, more insight, and a better way to test our theories now.

            “Going back” to old nonsense like Pinay or the Protocols of Zion is like ignoring modern chemistry to learn the “lost art of alchemy” or ignoring neurology to learn about putting hexes on people.

            Reaction is the curse of the “right.” I thought you people were all into Hitler? Say what you will about Hitler, he was a modern man with his eyes on the future, not the past.

          • If secret societies don’t like being suspected of being controlled by Jews, they should stop being secretive. The idea that secret societies must be working for the group interests of the race(s) from which they draw their members is not rational. Explicit white advocacy is repressed in all white societies. As Kevin MacDonald repeatedly points out, this repression is imposed from the top down. It is not believable that this repression would not also exist within secret societies, which are hierarchically organized.

          • Your comical conspiracy theories about the Freemasons being “controlled by the Jews” is likely the most fun they have these days. The reality is the Masons are a dying fraternity that haven’t really been relevant for over 100 years. Conspiracy theorists like you are the only thing keeping them relevant – just read /r/freemasonry sometimes. Without people like you, everyone would realize they are mostly a bunch of dorks.

            “The idea that secret societies must be working for the group interests
            of the race(s) from which they draw their members is not rational.”

            Can you even make a coherent argument why this is so? Was the Klan secretly working against the interests of the Southern Confederates after the war? Of course not.

            “Explicit white advocacy is repressed in all white societies. It is not believable that this repression would not also exist within secret societies”

            Of course the repression exists in the secret societies – precisely because those secret societies are susceptible to the same social pressures as everyone else. Masons watch TV too.

          • You seem to have some major blind spots and/or mental blocks. The Klan said it was working for white group interests. Do the Freemasons? Of course not. Secret societies provide cover for Jewish influence. That does not mean that every secret society is a tool of the Jews.

            Masons watch TV too.

            And they also do what their masters tell them.

            By the way, how is it that you know so much about secret societies?

          • You claim to know something about the Freemasons yet you’ve never even read Pinay – I’m calling bullshit on you. You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.

            “By the way, how is it that you know so much about secret societies?”

            I’m a 184th Degree Crusader Knight of Freemasonry, and it’s ME giving the orders to the Jews!

          • I have read several books on Freemasons and secret societies. The fact that the name Pinay does not ring a bell proves that he is not as important as you are making him out to be.

            You did not answer my question. You also did not answer my earlier question about hoaxes and false flags. I am not going any further with this conversation unless you answer my questions.

        • The words are too small for me to read, but I think the joke is that it all leads back to the Jews.

    • The Majority do hate him…….

      But, not all…….

      Which is why Counter Semitism is an Art Form well honed by the likes of Kevin MacDonald……

    • Trump is a brave guy who put a lot on the line (perhaps even his life) to stand up against the deep state. He may not be perfect but he deserves some credit…

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