The Alt-Right Can Learn From The Pan-African Movement

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Here in the United States, it is no new claim that the specter of West African slavery has haunted policy for centuries: beginning with cessation of trade, then to the abolition of practice, and now reparations for consequences. A majority of today’s black Americans (and the rest of us, for that matter), know nothing about Africa and African politics and only get involved with the legacy of slavery insofar as they can further the anti-colonialist narrative. Not only is this damaging in the sense that unquestioned, the anti-colonialist viewpoint is more sympathetic to the Liberal morality of the west, but also that when the rare scholarly leftist brings about true argumentation his position is without rebuttal. Not contesting this sort of person, or not being able to contest him, is just as damaging to our cause as those who willfully cuck to it.

In order to develop a truly coherent position on blacks in the United States, one must first make one key distinction; black Africans who immigrated to this country (and the offspring thereof), and black Americans whose ancestors were slaves.

Let us begin with the first sorts of blacks, whose migration is a recent and much less nuanced issue than that of the slaves. Aside from Oceania, Africa makes up the least amount of persons awarded “Lawful Permanent Resident” status from the United States Department of Homeland Security per year, with a number that has fluctuated around 100,000 for the last decade.

Sub-Saharan (read: blacks) currently account for around 75-80% of those Africans that are accepted. This trend is the aftermath of the larger demographic influx beginning during President Reagan’s term wherein he expanded all immigration, and from the time period between 1980 and 2010, the population of sub-Saharan immigrants doubled every ten years.

When I tabulated these data to analyze, I was struck by two things in particular. Firstly, that of the 79,081 sub-Saharans admitted into the United States, a whopping 12,862, or 16.25% of them, came through The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program — part of the Immigration Act of 1990 — which entitles non-whites (and some slavs) to 50,000 visas per year. These people are chosen through a lottery system in which those deemed eligible are randomly selected; the few criteria that exist are not very selective: aside from being a resident of applicable countries, only a high school diploma or two years of work in a trade is needed. Because this is enough to be considered “brain drain” for most of sub-saharan Africa, this policy not only damages American demographics but those of the African nations as well.

Keeping in mind that it was George H.W. Bush who signed the Immigration Act bill into law and that only one Republican senator voted against it, it is indicative of how the progressive agenda is largely accepted as written law. While the border wall is fantastic for dealing with illegal immigrants both symbolically and functionally, the legal cobelligerent in the war against demographic shift is fought in Congress, not on the border. While it is bad enough to think that there are state-owned corporations and universities in Europe and America which employ discriminatory hiring practices against whites, there are also country wide diversity quotas which constitute overt and intentional White ethnic pollution.

The second surprise I received in analyzing these numbers is the discovery that a staggering proportion — 41 out of every 100 — have visas that come from having immediate family members as naturalized citizens or lawful permanent residents. This is, of course, in conjunction with the diversity lottery, means that once one family member gets into the country, in effect, every relative of his does: brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and all the dependents thereof are included by “Immediate Relative” ad infinitum.  This major flaw in legal immigration policy from Africa means that the United States is taking not only the best and brightest black Africans but also their perhaps not so smart relatives.

This means the population in many African countries — especially in Nigeria, Kenya, and Somalia — is not only being drained of its cognitive elite, but the genes which contribute to that eliteness are being removed when recessive as well. This leaves a situation wherein these nations genetically bottleneck toward non-productivity, further exacerbating the colonial legacy of destruction. It is actually more effective to repair the damages of colonialism through reducing African immigration to the first world than it is to provide them with Western comforts, education, and a place in our countries.

For those expatriates already present in the United States, however, some form of resettlement effort, whether it be a stipend to return to their nations of birth (or parents’ birth for naturalized citizens), or simply a revocation of visas issued, is in order; the latter of which is well within the power of officers of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement should the legislative path prove futile.

The places where black Africans tend to settle are the large metropolitan areas, mostly on the east coast. This means that ICE activity in these cities would be thinly spread to deal with both illegal immigrants and those here on visas; with no expansion of ICE, accomplishing both of these two tasks would be nigh impossible — the agency would never undertake such a project in its current state with the two million black Africans who reside here. Therefore, if no legislation finds its way to the congress floor, it becomes the sole responsibility of the President to expand and direct the agency accordingly.

The issue of the descendents of slaves, however, is not so straightforward. These people are blacks who have never seen Africa, and probably have ethnicity so polluted through plantation breeding practices that they do not have a ‘home country’ to speak of. Without delving too much into the history of blacks in the United States, for the uninformed, the first slaves were used on tobacco plantations in the Chesapeake bay colonies circa 1650; the owners of these farms had one or two slaves if any. The majority of slaves during this period were imported to the sugar haciendas of the Spanish and Portuguese to the south. It was not until the invention of the cotton gin that slavery practices kicked into overdrive in the south. This meant that the primary locale where blacks were imported into the United States was within the cotton-arable countryside of Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Mississippi — though Virginia and Maryland remained densely enslaved as well.

After the effective emancipation of the slaves by 1866, and the ratification of the three Civil War amendments, many blacks began to migrate to northern cities, where manufacture was becoming a promising employment prospect: Detroit, New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Cleveland in particular. Because of this, the westward expansion of the United States remained primarily white. All of this, of course, is reflected in current census data when one maps ‘blacks per square mile’ in the United States.

The distribution and high concentration of blacks in many areas meant that the black community in these places was far more culturally unified, and by pigeonholing from whites in the southern states, these bonds were further strengthened; political movements had much more capital available simply through the sheer will of black societies. Within these communities, there were many groups which sought to come to terms with a new black identity: leftists and progressives commonly tried to find common ground with the promotion of the oppression narrative, while black conservatives often cucked to the bourgeois liberal narrative. But the strain of black ideology which was (and remains) most compatible with the Alt-Right is that of Pan-Africanism.

Modern Pan-Africanism is a product mostly of two different factors. Firstly, that southern Whites, seeing blacks as a threat to their control of power (and rightly so), unified all of the freed slaves, regardless of background, into the label of ‘black’, which effectively made impossible any cultural distinctions among themselves that the blacks tried to preserve. Secondly, the reign of Haile Selassie, coupled with Rastafarian religious beliefs about the man finding their way to the United States, there developed an afro-centric, ‘return to roots’ culture during the mid 20th century. While many in the movement, such as Bob Marley, called for a repatriation of the diaspora, more still only sought racial unity within their nations, as well as increased political activism. Of course, for us, support for repatriation is the best option, for any blacks, but Pan-African politics are better in the long term than liberalism and progressivism; only blacks gain power from Pan-Africanism, while every (((predatory capitalist))) and virtually all minorities gain from either of the other two.

Unfortunately, ethnic solidarity on the dark continent still remains a pipe dream, but regardless, the Pan-Africans remain right-minded in many of their objectives. While nation or state political power has been and will always be the focus of any political movement, the idea of a unifying African identity uniting all blacks is one that is beyond political. More importantly, this unity was not something that arose naturally, but it came from Whites defining blacks as the other, and blacks taking this categorization and doing something with it, creating something that embodied the spirit of their people — reflected in their conversion to Islam, adoption of traditional clothing and hairstyles, and a newfound appreciation for artifacts produced by their slave ancestors, from quilts to soap carvings.

The Alt-Right might find that it has a lot to gain in supporting black identity. Pan-Africanists fundamentally understand the importance of race (even though there are some arabs in the movement), and moreover fundamentally understand the importance of racial unity and solidarity in the face of diminishing or diminished power. Aside from supporting repatriation, many Pan-Africanists in the civil rights era were segregationists — the most influential of which was Malcolm X, later killed for his repudiation of racism and segregation by someone within the movement — and certainly undertones of segregation can be found in the fringes of many black activists to this day.

In 2017, we have become the diaspora. We have been pigeonholed by the established political power. We have lost the ability to differentiate ourselves between Anglo, French, Polish, and Irish. To them, we already are one people, and in order to defeat our opposition, we must behave as one people. The Pan-Africanists have given us more than a framework of legitimacy, but also a shining example to follow; religious reawakening, traditional attire, and artifacts of the diaspora are not only options for us, they are exponentially more abundant than for the Africans — we simply have better history and traditions to draw on. While we should support Pan-Africanists wherever possible, and especially African repatriation within the movement, we must simultaneously turn to them as guidance for the creation of a Pan-European identity.

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  • Google ‘Yurugu’.

    Selassie was flattered by Pan-Africanists and Rastafarians thinking him to be a god, but he ignored their movements for the most part.

    Pan-Africanism and the ‘We Wuz Kangs’ meme is an attempt for American blacks to establish some sense of identity, yes. But in doing so they’ve resort to hyperbole and claim all North African accomplishments as their own. If you want to support Pan-Africanism as Identitarianism for blacks, then you must also advocate Zionism for Jews and support their ethno-state.

  • Blacks or Africans ONLY play identitarian politics. They are all about getting a larger piece of the pie, undeservedly so, for themselves. I would prioritize them as the biggest threat to our survival. Regardless of their country of origin or religious affiliation. More so than Mexicans or Asians. Why we accept more of them in our country – beats me.

    Another problem is internal migration. Blacks move in packs from Chicago, NYC, and Cali to good old cities in Southwest. While Houston has always been a shithole, Dallas and Austin, great places to live back in the ’90s, are becoming shitholes. So, sad to see this process in front of my eyes. If the Somali pirate/”cop” shooting and killing an innocent White woman is not a wake up call then we are totally screwed.

    If God is there and he sees it, may he help to stop and reverse this process. It is an existential issue for us.

  • It would be sad if there is any bad feeling between the Russians and the Germans, over The Second World War. After all, both are so very hated by “Americans”. Moreover, one could even advance the argument, and I will, that the Russians and Germans are the way that they are, and do what they do, due to how both were victimized by the British and French. This is especially so, since the British and French, being Colonial Powers, cruelly played them against each other over the Centuries.
    Now, in light of this Brexit is very interesting. I foresee, The United Kingdom disassembling into its components: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Once that occurs, the Irish Nationalists will soon, afterwards, have their dream of a United Ireland. And let us not forget, The United Kingdom, itself, is something of an International Bloc. Much like the Germans call themselves Europeans, hoping other members of the EU will do the same; the English, for their part, call themselves British, hoping other members of the UK will do the same.

  • There is one problem with Pan-Africanism: It is a partially promoted idea! Any white movement like it would have immediately been labeled as “racist” and be hunt down. And living in Europe also national difference still matter and are being used to keep a clear pro-white identity from existing. And NO we don’t have anything to gain by supporting black identity, this could have been so eighty to fifty years ago but today racial relations are so polarised that this is impossible! If we see non-whites as allies this should be done only if they fear other non-whites to such a degree that they can throw their grudges against us! Needless to say i can’t count more than 3 nations and all are endangered by their neighbors.

  • Blacks don’t DO politics. Blacks DO do tribal warfare. Yet, another long winded argument of how blacks think. Blacks don’t think ,they react. Believing that blacks-in Africa,in Europe or in America act differently because of culture is totally wrong. This very wrongly attributes intangible intelligence to blacks that they simply do not have in general.It is articles like this-too long and too wrong that can endanger your Alt Right-because it’s mostly BS. What White People can /should learn from blacks is GREED, tenacity to Demand More and then much more again and again and again. This is exactly what Arab Muslims have learned by watching how successful blacks have demanded everything from cradle to grave from white people and always received it over and over and over again. What else can white people learn from minorities-Blacks , Arabs , Hispanics and Asians all know that they are ALL expendable ,that whatever they want the white people already have ; and all they have to do is demand it or take it. If white people can just “get over” their liberal collective guilt and ACT in their own interest – the sky is the limit.

    • The entitled attitude of blacks is a leftover from days of slavery. Slavery culture still permeates African-American psychology. We housed and fed them for hundreds of years, and they still demand that. If you look at true Africans, especially East Africa, you;ll find quite a different (independent) attitude towards whites.

  • America has a WASP culture and is Northwestern European. Deal with it. Europe’s peoples deserve to live. We can work together without this Jew inspired melting pot bullshit. Genociding our diversity was their idea, not ours.

    • Thankfully no one is even attempting to turn Europeans into a “melting-pot” Northwestern WASP identity. Literally no one.

      Apparently, sad to say, Southern Europeans must have some sort of inferiority complex, I guess having to do with how the English language and British imperial culture has dominated the world and Northern/Protestant German engineering is far and above anyone else.

  • 90 years ago there was a successful White Nationalist movement that managed to come to power in the face of overwhelming hostility, degeneracy, and leftist violence, and it did it on its own, by simply telling the unvarnished truth.

    The philosophical grounding is already there. Either we rehabilitate National Socialism or Whites will die out. As long as fascism is seen as bad, Whites will be gaslit and continue to die out. Why doesn’t do any articles on NS? Afraid of having Russian funding be revoked or something?

    The jews are still fighting WW2. White genocide was the goal then and it’s still their goal today. From their perspective, the invasion of the West is just mopping up the Whites who survived WW2.

  • Decolonization and the Pan African movement were organized, funded, and sometimes even led by the (((left))).

    The NAACP was run by American jews. Decolonization and black supremacist organizations like ZANLA were funded by muh based Russian commies. Same for the murderous ANC in South Africa.

    What’s happening with Whites is not analogous to the PA movement, as they had the complete support of both ZOGS at the time, ZOG West (USA) and ZOG East (USSR). We are a dissident movement and help is not gonna be coming from any government currently in power.

  • The Pan-African Movement” – There is NO SUCH THING that is real and organic – Like the NAACP – its all about ZOG power and using the black race as a battering ram vs ourselves – just like they use all non euro ‘immigrants’ vs all Euro nations and ONLY Euro nations… What can we learn from this? That full control of central reserve banking matters …

  • In the West, explicit black solidarity is supported by the establishment while explicit white solidarity is repressed.

    From a race-realist and pro-white perspective, black Americans have not suffered any adverse consequences as a result of slavery. They do not deserve any reparations unless it is contingent on their renouncing U.S. citizenship and moving to Africa.

  • There is a stark difference between Black Africans and American Blacks in the way they are treated.
    Black Africans face two cultural aspects. They are seen by non Blacks as part of the American black community when they are not
    At the same time Black Africans are pressured by American Blacks to take on the history of slavery and “hate” the whites. They do not hate the whites or have any idea of a “slave” based history. Often they are alienated by both communities and more so by American Blacks than by Whites or Asians.
    African Blacks face two walls of bias with the wall from American blacks being the worst.

  • Great article. Whites’ lack of ethnocentrism is our Achilles’ heel. I support all peoples having racial awareness, lets hope that whites will wake up before it’s too late.

  • Interesting article. As a Brit I’m aware of the confusion we in Europe experience with ‘white nationalism’, but pan-europeanism is explained well when compared to Pan-Africanism. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander and if a ‘neo-european’ identity arises in North America, then all well and good. However – I always was under the impression that terms like Irish-American, German-American and Italian-American still held widespread popular appeal. Is this not the case?

    • Yeah. I don’t see myself as White-Canadian. I see myself as Italian-Canadian. Whites all identifying as one group is problematic as it breaks the ethnic ties with the old country. I don’t support it.

      That being said I see no reason why we can’t set our differences aside and work together to defeat common enemies and work towards common goals we all share. Pan-Europeanism as a short term group strategy is fine. As a long term nation building concept, it’s not fine.

      • The ethnic identities of Europeans is America is rather silly at this point. European Americans (i.e. Whites) are so mixed in at this point that almost ALL Whites I meet under 30 that are of mixed European ancestry. And, with so little European immigration to America, within two generations almost all European Americans will just refer to themselves as White. After all, when someone has half a dozen ethnicities in their blood, how would they decide what to call themselves? They will call themselves White and or American.
        And this is all for the best. Everyone else in the world (with the possible exception of the Japs) hates us. We need to stick together and stop our daughters from being mud-sharks and our sons from running after China-dolls.

        • It’s a sad thing though. I don’t think its for the best at all. Those who can should definently try to reconnect with their roots. For those who are mixed they should do a DNA test to find out what is most dominant. A separate ethno-state or commune could be set up for those whites who are mixed bad Euro-mutts lol. The point is they are still diaspora Europeans.

          Blacks identify as a group defined by their skin colour because they genuinely don’t know where they come from. It’s not something for whites to emulate.

          • I disagree with your notion that the mixing of us various Europeans in Americans a bad thing.
            After immigration was essentially halted in 1924 and there was no longer a steady influx of fresh Europeans, the various White ethnic groups began to rather quickly mix in to what was really becoming a melting pot. That 90% White America was on its way to becoming an organic new nation of an essentially new people. That process is actually still underway; it’s just that now we are under siege by the Third World. That is what makes it all the more important that we stick together and act as a single people.

          • Ideally we would be able to set our differences aside and work towards common goals. Unfortunantly there are some in the movement who feel that anyone with a different perspective from them is a LARPer, a troll or a shill. Common cause can not be found with the extremely egotistical or the selfish.

          • Yes – we would be able to set aside our differences and work together, except for the LARPers who purposefully, admittedly want to see “the old ethnic tensions reappear” and never miss a change to whine about how “oppressed” they are. No different than the purple haired transgendered social justice warriors.

            Fortunately these teenage trolls only exist online – in real life no one would take their silly little crap seriously.

          • You confuse stating an inevitability with actively wanting or pushing for something to happen. I’m not a LARPer or a teenage internet troll, it’s just easier for you to label me as such, so you don’t have to deal with reality. Whatever, its your funeral, not mine.

          • I think American mystery meat whites have the right to consider themselves a unique ethnic group at this point tbh

          • Yeah. Most of them are more broadly of Western European ancestry, with some other elements thrown in. I’m not trying to imply that their a lesser breed of white. And yeah in these cases, ‘White American’ is perfectly valid and probably the most accurate.

            Still, they didn’t grow out of the ground here. Their roots can be traced back to Europe. In these cases doing so is just a lot more complicated.

          • There’s nothing “mystery” about my meat – I know what I am. But yes, of course, “American” – “White American” – is an ethnicity at this point, one nearly half a millennium in the making. The “American” ethnicity is as old as some European ethnicities – where are the people dividing “Italians” between north and south or chopping off Sicilians?

            They don’t exist – why? Because the only people trying to cause ethnic tensions among Whites are the stupid teenage internet trolls who pretend to be something they aren’t.

          • “There’s nothing “mystery” about my meat – I know what I am”
            Heh I was just poking fun here.. you guys are the descendants of revolutionaries and visionaries. I have more respect for Americans than I do most Canadians tbh.

            “where are the people dividing “Italians” between north and south or chopping off Sicilians?”
            This shit pisses me off too when I see it.

            “Because the only people trying to cause ethnic tensions among Whites are the stupid teenage internet trolls who pretend to be something they aren’t.”
            And straight up anti-whites who see an opportunity for divide-and-conquer.
            I think I’ve got a better idea now of where you’re coming from HR.

    • No, the “Hyphenated American” thing has no appeal out side of leftist anti-whites. No one calls themselves a “German-American” or an “Irish-American.”

      In fact, the book “How the Irish Became White” was written by a Jew to attack Irish because they weren’t joining the Jew-led anti-White coalition.

      White Americans just call themselves “American.” Sure if you ask they will say “I’m Irish” or “I’m Italian” but only anti-whites use such terms as an identity to counter-signal against other whites.

      • Only anti-whites try and deprive white people of their European identities, and call them “anti-white” for not abandoning their ethnic identity for an American WASP one.

        • Isn’t it great that no one does that? So what do you call people who attack Whites by making up absurd fantasies that they were “oppressed” by Whites for being Italian? Anti-white malcontents.

          • The founders defined “white” as Western European, particularly of British descent. Your conception of White identity, is WASP specific. It shows through your anti-Catholicism.

            As much as I would love to continue this debate, I’m on my way out. Good day sir.

          • 1. You aren’t an American and don’t know anything about America or our Founders.

            2. I’m not anti-Catholic – I’m anti-LARPer. Catholics and the real Italian fascists are fine by me. Teenage internet trolls who do nothing but counter-signal against White people are a problem, however.

            Not much of a problem – just an internet annoyance.

          • I’m not a teenage internet troll. You have no argument so you make up lies. Pathetic.

      • When I refer to myself as Italo-Canadian, I don’t mean to be counter-signalling other whites at all. I don’t even understand what that means.

        • Me neither. Hippie Rapist is the only person who has ever called me ‘anti-white’ for doing so, so I don’t take the charge very seriously.

          • If you continue to try to start getting the “old hostilities among whites to re-emerge” – as you yourself have admitted you are working toward – get used to be called “anti-white.”

          • Like I said in my OP. I don’t see a reason why we can’t set our differences aside and work towards common goals. Also like I said, you’re the only person calling me anti-white. Go f-ck yourself.

          • I’ve been considering it more and more. I’m even panning on taking some Italian language classes in the Fall. I’m Canadian anyways so it’s not your issue.

            PS Long live Catholicism, Long live the Monarchy!!!

        • The only time I’ve ever heard the term “Italian-American” used is a) in very specific cases where it’s extremely relevant and b) in Spike Lee movies.

          Oh and also c) among Alt Right posers who are desperately hoping that “the old ethnic hatred are beginning to reemerge” – but literally it’s only them trying to make that a thing.

          • Hmm well fair enough. If you think it’s divisive, I’ll take that into consideration.
            I’ve always thought of “whites” to refer to huWhites (as in Jared Taylor or Mike Pence), and other people of European descent as Slavs, Meds, Scandinavians, etc.
            But if the camp is broken down the line of white vs. non-white, than of course I identify with the white camp.

          • In America, when you use the term “white” – everyone knows it means everyone who is racially white. When you use the term “American” – everyone knows you mean “white Americans” maybe, maybe, only excluding say, a Russian or a Spaniard right off the boat. They are “white” but not yet “American.”

            The only people who routinely use “Hyphenated-American” in America are African-Americans.

            There are a whole lot of LARPing morons that are trying to “get the old hostilities among whites to re-emerge” which is why they embrace cartoonish re-enactments of medieval Catholicism, mid century fascism, and other Dungeons and Dragon style posturing. They are just a slightly smarter version of the Anime Nerds, to be blunt.

            Those people ONLY exist online. In the real world, in America, everyone is just “white.”

          • I’m Canadian and we’ve been living in a “multi-cultural” society for some decades now. There is no melting pot, and so different ethnic groups cling onto their traditional identities a little tighter. The province of Quebec has been speaking of seceding from Canada since I was a kid for instance and they still fight to hold onto their traditional French culture.
            If that’s how Americans speak and think about these things it’s good for me to understand. The only people I know who plainly call themselves Canadian are the descendants of the French/British colonisers who’ve been here for generations.

            I think you might be misunderstanding these “LARPers” though. In the face of all this madness I’ve turned back to my traditional roots of Roman-Catholicism and WW2 fascism as well… Because this really is my recent history and identity. It’s not just a joke so I can troll online. And it doesn’t whatsoever come from a place of wanting to create tensions with other whites.

          • “The only people I know who plainly call themselves Canadian are the
            descendants of the French/British colonisers who’ve been here for

            Isn’t this to be expected? I don’t even understand why this is an issue, exactly. Of course, recent immigrants are going to hold on to their old world identities for a generation or two.

            The only “issue” here is a handful of individuals who constantly attack Americans – especially English and Protestants – and use their pretend “old world identities” to do it.

            “In the face of all this madness I’ve turned back to my traditional roots of Roman-Catholicism and WW2 fascism as well.”

            Catholic identity? Sure. Fascism only lasted – what, 20 years? There is no “fascist” tradition – it was a very short lived political movement – a thoroughly modern one at that. Fascists are 100% LARPing at this point.

            Ten years ago the online WN movement was plagued by “Nordicists” who were constantly attacking and trolling “Meds” and suggesting that “Greeks aren’t White” for instance. They were just shit-stirrers and trolls and were eventually chased off. Now we have the opposite problem, people pretending to be “trad Catholics” and “fascists” who just troll Americans, pagans, agnostics, atheists, etc. It’s obvious they are just doing it to cause trouble – some of them admit freely they want to see “old hostilities” among different white groups to “re-emerge.”

          • Considering the problems we face stirring up old infra-racial conflicts makes no sense. Hell, if we’re going to do that, it should wait til after we’ve stabilized our nations.
            To me turning to fascism means forming a military organization that takes an absolutist stance on race and cultural issues.

            Catholicism is hierarchical in nature (priest, bishop, pope, God) and lends itself towards this kind of thinking. It’s the religious leftover of the Roman and Byzantine empires after all.
            The majority of European history included strong military traditions. Fascism was the most recent expression of that for many. I think Americans and the Allies can’t relate on this and it’s understandable.

            I’m not sure what’s the best course for the alt-right as a whole, but I absolutely agree that intra-racial tensions don’t serve us well in any way.

          • Nobodies trying to stir up intra-racial tensions. Hipster Racist is retarded. He wants all whites to conform to his indentity which he see’s as the only valid one.

            I honestly think it’s a Canadian vs American issue. Canada is a cultural mosaic, not a melting pot. We both identify as Italo-Canadian and it is normal to do so here. I’m pretty sure it’s normal in the States too, HR is just autistic.

            Fascism lasted a lot longer than 20 years also. Mussolini came to power in 1922 and Franco died in 1975, I believe. These are the official years of Fascism as a tangible political option. The roots of Fascism go deeper than that with thinkers like Nietzsche, Georges Sorel, Charles Maurras etc. And of course there have been various post Fascist movements since the death of Franco. The Baathist Regimes of Suddam Hussein and the Assads are arguably Fascist, or very similar, and of course there are groups not in power yet but have increasing popular support (not just with neo-nazi types) in Europe like Golden Dawn, Casapound etc. When I call myself a Fascst it encapsulates all of this. It should also be stated that Fascism is a philosophy, not a Political party or an economic system so even if it never gets back into power it will not die for a good long while yet. It’s no more LARPy to call yourself a Fascist than it is to call yourself a liberal or a conservative.

          • I’m just trying to iron out differences with HR, because these kinds of petty issues will hold everyone back. It’s clear that WASPs have a different mentality than Catholics, fascists, Eastern Europeans, etc., but we need to find a way to work together and understand our differences. Forcing the broad range of European ethnicities into one giant “white” identity is awkward. Functionally it makes sense though as a political bloc, and of course I identify with whites over non-whites.

            Ultimately, while I think I’d prefer to implement a proper fascist state, I’m happy with whatever approach will yield results. WASPs seem to still have faith in their democracy/republic, but I’m much more skeptical. I think trying to work within the system is ultimately just delaying the inevitable.

          • Yeah me too. I tried to find common cause with him for months, but it seems we disagree on pretty much everything. Acceptance of peoples differences is a two way street. When someone is constantly trying to belittle and ridicule everyone who doesn’t agree with him on everything, it’s pretty much impossible. I’d be fine with making compromises and meeting him, and others like him, half way. But he is not willing to do the same, so its pointless.

          • There is no common ground between us, JF, because you’re a lying troll. I’ve never – not one time – asked you to “conform to his indentity which he see’s as the only valid one.” Never – not one time, not even hinted at such a thing. It is you who constantly – always, 100% of the time, has whined that Americans and Canadians somehow “oppressed” you because 100 years ago there was rightly sentiment against a mass influx of immigrants. You’ve dozens of times said that you either want to start tensions between white groups or said that they are “inevitably” reappearing – when in reality it’s only YOU doing that. No one else cares.

            Since you’re a dimwit you constantly project your own bizarre need to force everyone to conform to your stupid LARPing – you aren’t even a real Catholic, you aren’t even a real fascist and you don’t even speak Italian – but you never miss an opportunity to whine about Canadians, Americans, Protestants, etc.

            Just move to Italy already – Americans and Canadian don’t need yet another dumb teenage internet troll LARPer.

            Just remember me when the real Italians and the real Catholics laugh in your face and call you a “Yank” and do nothing but mock your juvenile play acting.

          • YAWN. We’re talking in circles. How do you define “real” Catholic and “real “Fascist.” I was baptized and raised a Catholic. Like most people when I was a teenager I stopped practicing. A couple years ago I felt the desire to reconnect with those roots and found that the church was totally pozzed. I’m sympathetic to the Sedevacantists arguments against Vatican II. I’ve admitted I’m not a practicing Catholic several times. I still respect what the Catholic Church historically has been and I hope will be again.

            The more I read about and learn about Fascism, the more I like it. What do you consider a real Fascist to be? There are no real Fascist groups in Canada for me to join. I’m not a White Nationalist or a Neo-Nazi so those kinds of group are really not what I’m interested in anyways.

            I can speak some Italian, but I don’t have adequate conversational skills. I would like to improve that. I don’t call myself “Italian,” I call myself “Italian-Canadian.” Italian = Ethnicity, Canadian = Nationality. This isn’t complicated or difficult to understand. My Italian ethnicity is important to me. Canada is just a place on the map where I happen to live. There is no National Canadian culture. Literally anyone from anywhere can decide to become a Canadian. Theres no merit placed upon it, and calling yourself Canadian doesn’t describe a single thing about you, unless your one of those WASP types whose family has been here for 10+ generations. That isn’t me.

          • There is no National Canadian culture. … calling yourself Canadian doesn’t describe a single thing about you, unless your one of those WASP types whose family has been here for 10+ generations.”

            “There’s no such thing as a Canadian, well, except for all those Canadians that founded Canada and still live here after 10 generations – but they don’t count, because, um…”

            Are we supposed to even take you seriously? You are just parroting the anti-white Jew line, “Canadians are a social construct! Anyone can be a Canadian! What does ‘white’ mean anyway? ”

            Just be honest – you’re anti-Canadian, you’re anti-American, and basically you are just generally anti-white.

            Canada was obvious wrong to let people like your family to ever immigrate to their great country – when you leave, please take the rest of your clan with you. Canada will be immediately better once you fuck the hell off.

          • I’ve never denied being anti-American or Anti-Canadian. They are both failed social experiments. Any one CAN be an American or a Canadian, and that is one of the reasons why they are failed social experiments. The concept of a proposition nation was a horrible idea, and it didn’t start in 1965 when more non-whites entered the equation.

            Pretty much every Western country, post-enlightment era, is a failed social experiment. How things are today is the logical conclusion of where those liberal values you like so much lead to. There is hope for Europe because they have a history that pre-dates the Enlightenment that they can draw from. It’s a long shot, but atleast its something. The US and Canada are both f0cked. Removing non-whites from the equation isn’t the solution. To think it is is incredibly naive and short sighted. Also, simply moving to another country isn’t going to fix that for me or anyone else. Still there are other reasons why I have considered going back, and other reasons I haven’t done so already. They are practical, not ideological and I’m not going to get into them. They are really none of your business.

          • Your family, specifically, is the failed social experiment. The rest of us are fine, and will be far better off when you leave – and take the rest of your family with you.

            You have to go back. All of you.

          • Yeah. Gay marriage, race riots, trannies, plummeting birth rates, substance abuse, suicide, homicide, the list goes on. Wonderful. Once that goddamned eye-tlian goes back everything will be Leave it to Beavery again though. Your a fool.

          • You have to go back. Your opinions about America and Canada are irrelevant. You aren’t a Canadian, you aren’t an American, and you and your entire family need to be deported off of our continent post-haste.


            Just like an SJW, pretending that you are “oppressed” by all those Canadians who are just social constructs who don’t really exist anyway!

            You have to go back.

          • You’re a moron. I was obviously mocking how WASP’s often pronounce Italian.

            I’m not whining about how I’m opressed at all. That’s exactly what WN’s do though. They peddle White Genocide memes and whine about how the Jews are oppressing them. That’s not exactly what is happening, and when you tell them this they call you a Jew. It’s infantile and pathetic.

            LOL Canadians are mostly WASP’s who decided to cut off their roots to the old country and embrace an identity they made up for themselves. Then they decided to open their doors up and apply it to everyone else in the world, who mostly didn’t care about their made up identity, but had economic reasons for coming here. America is no different.

          • The Canadians that founded Canada and have lived there for 10+ generations are the real Canadians. You are the “diversity” that is the problem.

            You’re a rootless cosmopolitan. It’s quite obvious that allowing your family to immigrate to Canada was a huge mistake, one I only hope my brothers in Canada rectify quickly by putting you on a boat to elsewhere.

            Although I have to admit I’m terribly sorry for Italy – they already have problems and you’ll just be adding one more.

          • “The concept of a proposition nation was a horrible idea, and it didn’t start in 1965 when more non-whites entered the equation.”

            There you go again, repeating the Jew lie. “Italian” huh? Sounds more doubtful every time you type. Neither Canada nor the US was founded on mere “propositions.”

            “Removing non-whites from the equation isn’t the solution.”

            Wow – you really are painting yourself into a corner here, aren’t you? Although we can agree, removing non-whites will necessarily include “whites” like you.

            The only “solution” to any issue in North America that you will be part of is removing yourself. If you are in fact white – if you are in fact Italian (now I’m seriously having doubts) – you are far worse than a Jew. Jews are outsiders, they aren’t us. They aren’t white. You claim to be white, and are literally a traitor.

            You have to go back.

          • lol I’m not a Jew and what I’m talking about is not at all similar to the lines that Jews peddle that you’re referring to. You’re argument that all whites are essentially the same thing is a lot closer to the Jew argument than what I’m saying. It’s easier to deconstruct one rootless blob, than it is a diverse group of people with various unique identities.

            This is the classical Alt-Right cop out though. Anyone who deviates from or questions the narrative is a Jew. It’s the equivalent of an SJW calling everyone a racist or a Nazi who disagrees with them. It’s a means to shut down healthy argument, not an argument in itself. In other words exactly what I’ve come to expect from you.

            To be clear, Diversity is always horrible. This goes for cultural diversity, racial diversity and ethnic diversity. It destroys social cohesion, community engagement and levels of trust. Non-whites are only part of the problem. Removing them is not the be all, end all solution. WN types think it is and they are wrong.

          • “You’re argument that all whites are essentially the same thing”

            I’ve never said any such thing. You are the diversity that is the problem.

            You have to go back.

      • Speak for yourself. There is no identified “white” tribe, speaking a “white” language, with “white” dress and “white” customs. this is an artficial construction created by jews and enlightment inspired American idiots with nothing unifying it except some vague border around Europe which doesnt even exist and a spectrum of light skin colors.

        • “this is an artficial construction created by jews”

          What an utterly historically ignorant thing to say. Hunter Wallace has written about when North Americans started to refer to themselves as “whites” as opposed to “English, Christian and free.” That was loooong before Jews had any power in America.



      • Who would actually desire to call themselves a German American? I would not. And for various reasons. First of all, and though this is literally Ancient History, in Roman Times they referred to any and all West of the Rhine and North of the Danube as Germanii. This, of course, was much like many “Americans'” practice of referring to those of the Far East– whether Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, or Japanese as Gooks.
        Moreover, America is, like it or not, a nation of anti-German bigots. “Americans” actually pride themselves on that. And most importantly the (((Left))) would not desire any to properly assimilate to the American Way of Life, for if any could, too many German Americans, as they are called, would take that option.
        The ((Left))), I even suspect, concoct lies about The Civil War, for instance claiming that German Americans, as they are called, fought disproportionately in The Union Army because they opposed the enslavement of Blacks. This claim, a mere propaganda ploy, I suspect, to cause a wedge between German Americans and White Southerners. We should all watch out for these propaganda ploys, invented merely to divide segments of The White Race against each other. They are truly insidious.

        • >America is, like it or not, a nation of anti-German bigots.

          This is, of course, absurd, unless you count “anti-Nazi” sentiment, which is wholly a Hollywood creation other than a leftover from the war, “anti-German.” German is the second most listed ethnicity for White Americans after Irish. There is no anti-German bigotry among White Americans.

          “The Civil War, for instance claiming that German Americans, as they are
          called, fought disproportionately in The Union Army because they opposed
          the enslavement of Blacks.”

          There is no wedge between “German-Americans” and Southerners – none, zero, ziltch. There was a significant number of German and “German-American” mercenaries in the North, but no one in the North fought for the Union because they cared about Africans anyway, they opposed slavery because they didn’t want American to be filled with Negroes.

          It’s ironic that it’s the supposedly “pro-white” types that are constantly making up this absurdity about some sort of ethnic hostility between Whites in America – it doesn’t exist – why would ostensibly pro-white people making up such lies?

        • The plains states were largely settled by German and Scandi farmers, from north Texas to Minnesota. If there is an anti-German sentiment, it is likely disguised as dislike towards ‘flyover’ or mid-westerners in general.

    • Case in point: my uncle was Italian. A real Italian, as in born in Italy. Still had an accent. Married my mom’s sister. If you asked him he would say “I’m Italian.” In another context he would have just said “of course I’m white.”

      He wouldn’t have even thought to use his Italian heritage to attack other Whites, to whine about how “Italians were discriminated against 100 years ago” or otherwise cause division the way that “hyphenated Americans” do. Of course all of his white friends and white familiy thought of him as “white” too.

      Malcontents who are alienated from their own neighbors sometimes use their ethnic identity to counter signal – it’s a bad habit they picked up from Jews. Jews of course promote this.

      • Well my neighbors are all Paki’s so of course I’m alienated from them.

        I have Italian uncles from Italy too. They also identify as Italian-Canadian. My post wasn’t divisive at all. Your just being a faggot again.

        • You are so touchy about how overtly anti-white you are you responded to me twice while I was ignoring you, simply answering a well meaning question from a non-America who is pro-white.

          Guilty conscious, apparently.

          • You were clearly talking about me. You were just doing so in a passive aggressive, effeminate way. Say it muh face, pussy.

      • If you asked him he would say “I’m Italian.” In another context he would have just said “of course I’m white.”

        But he is not ‘White’ the way a de-ethnicized ‘White American’ is. He is White because Italians are a racially White ethnic group. But ‘White’ is not his ethnicity the way it is for ‘White Americans’, who are ‘White’ TWICE because they use their race as a substitute for the ethnicity they lost in project America.

        ‘White’ is both a racial category, and a sub-racial proxy-ethnic one. The latter has no right to try and monopolize the former just because it uses racial terminology.

        Here, I’ll try and explain it this way -“White” includes:

        Huwytes are White, but not all Whites are Huwyte, just as not all Whites are Slavic or Germanic.

        This is because ‘White’ is a racially category, and ‘Huwyte’, just like Slavic, Germanic, Latin, etc are all ethnic-categories. They’re separate categories, even if they use the exact same terminology.

        The problem occurs when you expect other Whites (Slavs, Germans, Italians etc) to become Huwyte.

        The point is, your definition of ‘White’ only includes a very specific part of the entire White race, but since you’re unaware of this, you’re unknowingly imposing your specific definition onto the whole where it doesn’t belong.

      • (repost dqus)

        ” If you asked him he would say “I’m Italian.” In another context he would have just said “of course I’m white.” ”

        -But he is not ‘White’ the way a de- ethnicized ‘White American’ is. He is White because Italians are a racially White ethnic group. But ‘White’ is not his ethnicity the way it is for ‘White Americans’, who are ‘White’ TWICE because they use their race as a substitute for the ethnicity they lost in project America.

        ‘White’ is both a racial category, and a sub-racial proxy-ethnic one. The latter has no right to try and monopolize the former just because it uses racial terminology.

        Here, I’ll try and explain it this way -“White” includes:


        Huwytes are White, but not all Whites are Huwyte, just as not all Whites are Slavic or Germanic.

        This is because ‘White’ is a racially category, and ‘Huwyte’, just like Slavic, Germanic, Latin, etc are all ethnic-categories. They’re separate categories, even if they use the exact same terminology.

        The problem occurs when you expect other Whites (Slavs, Germans, Italians etc) to become Huwyte.

        The point is, your definition of ‘White’ only includes a very specific part of the entire White race, but since you’re unaware of this, you’re unknowingly imposing your specific definition onto the whole where it doesn’t belong. You’re blurring the two completely different definitions.

        • “American” has been its own ethnic group for going on 500 years. Trying to deconstruct “Americans” (i.e., White American) into its constituent parts is like deconstructing “British” into Welsh and English and Scottish or deconstructing Spanish into Catalonian vs. Basque – but it’s even more incoherent.

          “your definition of ‘White’ only includes a very specific part of the entire White race”

          No, you are project your own confused understanding of the American ethnicity. No one is “monopolizing” “white” – the racial term. In America, “white” is both a racial designation and an ethnic designation. Even in Northeastern cities where it makes some sort of sense to refer to yourself as “Italian” or “Irish” or “Polish” – the people are still mixed with other “white” groups.

          So people just call themselves “white” and “American.”

          No one – outside of posers on Alt Right sites and leftist anti-whites, uses whatever permutations of “Hyphenated-American” as a general rule.

        • “The problem occurs when you expect other Whites (Slavs, Germans, Italians etc) to become Huwyte”

          There literally is no “problem” except for the one that anti-White-Americans are making up. No one “expects” anyone to give up their various European identities – least of all in Europe. Literally no one.

          In fact, even in America, no White people have any problem whatsoever with people who show pride in various European ethnicities – except when it’s used to signal against other Whites – and that hasn’t been the case for nearly 100 years.

          You have people that claim that “the old ethnic hatred are beginning to reemerge” – but the ONLY PEOPLE that are doing that are those people themselves. Literally no one else cares.

          • For the last time, I have never said that old ethnic rivalries are begining to re-emerge. That’s not what I said… Ever. What I said was when you remove non-whites from the equation, and America goes back to what it was pre 1965, the probablitity of all the white groups not living in harmony with each other is very high. There are still cultural and religious differences between these groups and difference causes dispute. I advocate for seperate communes to be formed where people can self-segregate and preserve their unique cultures.

            The only other way to avoid conflict is for all whites to be molded together to form one blob, essentially conforming to American WASP culture (a degenerate culture btw) and that kind of WN is destructive and I don’t support it.

            I’m definently not trying to start a white ethnic race war. You keep saying that as if thats exactly what I said, and it’s not what I said at all. Step your reading comprehension skills up.

        • But Hipster Racist’s uncle was born in Italy. You can’t actually fault him for calling himself “Italian”.
          That said, his descendants in two generations at most will be Americans, White Americans and nothing else.

          • “That said, his descendants in two generations at most will be Americans, White Americans and nothing else.”

            -That depends on whether they hold on to their ethnicity or not. I have no idea why you think assimilation into the generic ‘White America’ is inevitable.

            But Hipster Racist’s uncle was born in Italy. You can’t actually fault him for calling himself “Italian”.

            -Where someone is born or lives has nothing to do with ethnicity.

    • It really depends on what part of the country you are in. There are a lot more hyphenated Americans in places like New York than in the Deep South. America is an extremely ethnically and culturally diverse place and things can change dramatically from state to state.

      This is something that I didn’t fully realize until I moved to the United States. America no longer has any real national culture. That is why its Nationalist movement is so chaotic. You have Fascists, National-Socialists (often of German descent and ‘hailing’ from the Midwest – sorry couldn’t resist that pun), Southern Nationalists, Pagans, etc. It is a very chaotic movement. There are people who desperately want to ‘move back’ to Europe and others who think they are cowboys. You will find some people who are extremely proud of their nation’s Anglo-Saxon founding stock and others who try to deny that America was once a de facto British ethno-state.

      My own personal view is that America as a political state is doomed. It’s children are already majority nonwhite, 10% of newlywed Whites are married to nonwhites (and the actual rate of mixing is higher due to Black men impregnating unmarried White women), and it has no national culture.

      IMO, it’s future will be to slowly balkanize and there will be multiple ethno-states formed out of the rubble.

      • America is as big as Europe – there are many cultures in America and there has never been one monolithic national culture. The Union Republicans attempted to create such a culture post-Civil War – it was called “Americanism” – but it only lasted for about 50 years until the 60s TV social revolution.

        America has 50 state governments that are traditionally all but independent nation-states and the entire conservative movement of the last 50 years has been trying to re-establish state sovereignty with very limited success.

        The “nationalist movement” in America – if by that you mean “White nationalist” – is nothing but a fringe that exists more on TV and the purple-prosed rhetoric of the $PLC than in real life. “Fascism” in America is nothing more than a handful of internet trolls, not anything even close to a serious movement.

        There is and always has been an implicitly-white “American nationalism” – we now call it “civic nationalism” – and whether that will be a pro-white movement or not is exactly what we’re fighting over right now…

        With zero help and nothing but opposition from the LARPers, the trolls, the anti-enlightenment counter-signalers, and the Internet “Fascists” who go out of their way to stop an actual explicitly pro-white American nationalism from gaining any traction.

        • With zero help and nothing but opposition from the LARPers, the trolls, the anti-enlightenment counter-signalers, and the Internet “Fascists” who go out of their way to stop an actual explicitly pro-white American nationalism from gaining any traction.

          I agree that most White Americans will never embrace those ideologies. But bashing NS doesn’t answer the key question:

          How are you going to build a mainstream White Nationalist movement in America that is capable of creating a White ethno-state? It’s too late to take back America so you have to think outside the box.

          The American government is your #1 enemy and you no longer have the numbers to vote explicit Nationalists into office. Trump is a Jew loving neo-Con and it was hard for you to get him elected. The majority of the children in America are nonwhite and the rate of inter-racial mixing means that more than 50% of the Whites in your nation have nonwhite relatives.

          What options are left? Several states could secede, but that would require people to adopt a post-American identity. Or you could create a White Zionist movement – and that would also require your supporters to identify primarily as White and secondly as Americans.

    • It is. Most Americans still identify with their majority stock. Even though it’s gradually fading as people forget and become confused about their heritage.

    • I never heard a word about my European root ethnicity until I became an Identitarian. I was just white and more than four decades old.

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