Basketball-American Travels To Greece To Deface White Marble Statues

There are few things that get White people up in arms like the destruction of historical artifacts. It’s on the level of pet abuse for most of us. It provokes a gut reaction of visceral disgust and even nausea.

When stories came out of ISIS wrecking ancient ruins in the desert, Whites were horrified. It made many of us sick to the core to see history being destroyed like that.

But that is clearly the next front that the Progressives are opening up in their war on the White world. We reported earlier this week about a lefty academic that wrote some screed condemning white marble statues from being too White-looking and because of their use by Alt-Right groups like Identity Evropa.

Vice then made some bullshit documentary about how marble was raycist and how it “whitewashed” history.

And now, the logical result of this Cultural Pogrom is coming about. The educated Dindu masses are getting riled up to start destroying Whitey’s history.

Greek police are in search of an African-American woman who reportedly defaced more than 10 tombstones at the Museum of Royal Tombs of Aigai in Vergina, Macedonia

Yes, Dindu-neesha, or whatever her name is, flew all the way to Greece to get even with Whitey who be oppressin’ her an shiet wit dem white marble statues.

She looks like one of those Pan-African types.

[she] used a small colorless, oily spray to paint the porous bases of over 10 tombstones. The spay has left blotches on the exhibits.

And the phenomenon isn’t just contained to Greek marble statues. Like orcs scrawling their hideous graffiti into statues of the kings of Gondor at Argonath, Blacks have an insatiable urge to scrawl their doodles everywhere and deface everything.

Why do I reference Lord of the Rings? Well because John Boyyyyyyyyega started complaining about the lack of Diversity in Lord of the Rings. Who is Boyega? He’s the sweaty Dindu who affirmative-actioned his way into the Storm Trooper corps.

Now, Lord of the Rings is the most implicitly White, and implicitly pan-European movie series of all time. Unsurprisingly, Blacks hate it.

Thank god that the Lord of the Rings movies were made when they were, I am not sure they could have been made in the Current Year.

That’s what casting Blacks in former White roles really is. It’s defacing our history. It’s not the same as going out and destroying statues, but it is fundamentally the same affront. It is Black-washing White heritage.

Blacks can have their history and take pride in their own cultural heritage. But the minute they start stepping over and attacking White heritage because of jealousy and spite, they’ve gone too damn far. Whites need to stand up collectively and say:

No other way around it. They are attacking our identity, and that is unforgivable. See, in theory, our identities could co-exist in peace. But sadly, theirs is based on a revisionism and jealousy towards Whites. Every single Black Identitarian I’ve ever met is vehemently anti-White more than they are even pro-Black. So believe me when I say that I am fresh out of sympathy for Dindu Nationalism of any kind.


  • Johnny Fascismo

    All Moolies outta Europe!!!

    • Lawrence

      Hear, hear!

  • Arthur Vickstrom

    Every single Black Identitarian I’ve ever met is vehemently anti-White more than they are even pro-Black. So believe me when I say that I am fresh out of sympathy for Dindu Nationalism of any kind.

    Glad someone is finally pointing this out. The Pro-White movement has spent far too much trying to ‘team up’ with Black Nationalists (I could give multiple examples of this phenomenon if anyone wants).

    The simple truth is this: Blacks are inherently too impulsive, greedy, and obsessed with White women to be useful allies. Trying to find common ground with them is therefore normally a tremendous waste of time. Even the ones who claim to agree with you will forget what it is they said within a few days.

    If the pro-White movement is looking for international allies it would be much smarter to focus on the nations of India, Argentina, and possibly Iran. Those peoples have never had any historical grudge against Whites (and in the case of Argentina, there are quite a few Whites living down there).

    • Johnny Fascismo

      I agree on Argentina. Indians are a repulsive sh-t breed.

      • Jarod

        Agree on Indians.

      • WHAT

        Problem is, there are many types of indians. Brahmins would be valuable allies.

        • Crud Bonemeal

          India is exporting a lot of chocolate Jews who have every incentive to parasitize us

          I don’t know what caste they are

          • Marcus

            Indians in America are overwhelmingly Brahmin, have extremely high IQs, and are second only to Jews for per capita income. The Indians we in Europe get are nowhere near this level, but are stil significantly above the Indian mean (talking of Indian averages is redundant as the country is a mishmash of many different ethnicities, there are some good articles about this on )

          • Ken31

            And yet they are still an existential threat to our people and our nation. I don’t feel I have to rehash the arguments here. Are you a Jew? A lot of Jews taken to using Greek avatars lately.

          • Marcus

            No, I’m Irish.

          • Helix adastra

            You think the high IQ or net worth = white? To each his own.

          • Marcus

            I certainly do not.

          • Crud Bonemeal

            Yes, American (dot) Indians are very wealthy and high achieving, but also extremely left wing. Asians as a whole vote very left wing, but Indians vote even more left wing than other Asians.

            Chocolate Jews.

            I don’t know if this is result of some deep seated psychological characteristic or if they’re simply assimilating to the dominant (((progressive culture))), but whatever is causing it, the result is bad.

            At this point, it hardly matters if immigrants are high IQ or low IQ, they’re all being actively and effectively weaponized against the White Population… and they’re becoming worse people through associating with progressives and believing prog memes.

        • Learnabout Papercups

          There are no allies, everyone is out for themselves except for White people.

        • Johnny Fascismo

          Yeah thats true. Some of the old Indian Nationalists were even pretty fashy. Like this guy (Subhas Chandra Bose.) I’m just biased because I went to an Indian majority High School and have a strong dislike of them in general.

        • I lived with a Brahmin Indian for six months in very good accommodations, law school in NYC. NOT ONCE in six months did that “Brahmin” wash his hands after wiping his ass (assuming he did even that) before leaving the bathroom. But he would stroke his beard all day. They are disgusting people. The manners of ways of the bottom castes reflect the so-called uppers. Animals are cleaner.

    • Bigguy4u

      Yes because teaming up with black nationalist assumes they are our equals. They aren’t they never will be. As soon as you start treating them as your equals they will destroy you. That is what every person who’s ever gone to Africa has realized. Blacks are at best a hunter gather society and that’s where they do the best not in a modern agricultural society like our current one.

      • Marcus

        I only wish that people who’ve travelled/lived in Africa came to realise that blacks are nowhere close to our equals, but most are simply too indoctrinated to see what should be blatantly obvious. I’ve travelled a bit in Africa (Kenya), I was a race realist before I went there, but I was still amazed by the sheer stupidity of the locals. For example, we often ordered pizza as the local eataries were ghastly places, every pizza on the menu cost 790, I would give the delivery man a 1,000 note, but for his life he had no idea what change to give me (tipping is not a big thing there, and 210 would have been about half a day’s wages).
        It was patently obvious that the problems of the country were due to the peoples’ deficiency of intellect, yet none of the backpackers I met would even countenence such an abhorrent notion, not even the South Africans who should know better.

        • Everybody should read: “Where Black rules White: a journey across and about Haiti”
          by Prichard Hesketh.

          It was an eye opener some years ago.

          • Helix adastra

            I agree – it is a very straightforward account of the racial differences after the blacks basically inherited every advantage of French

    • altright_sobriquet

      African languages lack linguistic constructs for the future, morality, and abstraction. They are quite literally several millennia behind the rest of humanity. One must accept reality for what it is.

      • Ike35

        Yes but, Oooga Booga!

      • Joe Boston

        Honest to God, no joking, for real.
        If you shaves a chimp, trained it to walk upright and taught it to speak, it would not be much less civilized than the avg Black.

    • unpaidpundit

      I have no problem in encouraging blacks to think that they are superior, because I think that plays into our hands. I would say to any African-American, “Maybe you are smarter than whites. Maybe you created the greatest civilizations the world has ever known while whites were living in caves! Now, don’t you want your own country? Take the black belt of the southern United States, and prove that you can turn it into the Wakanda of the comic books, and your dreams!”

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      Pretty soon, Argentina will be one of the whitest countries in the world.

      • Gordy

        I wouldn’t count on that. Demographics are shifting there too. It used to be overwhelmingly European.

    • Lawrence

      Chinese and northeast asians in general are politically incorrect and sometimes very based:

      • Arthur Vickstrom

        The issue is that the Chinese are mass migrating to Canada, America, New Zealand, and Europe. They are also intermarrying with our people at a very high rate (mostly Chinese women), stealing our technology, and selling us poisoned goods. They don’t like Blacks but they also aren’t good allies.

        I think we should keep our relations with them limited to a type of neutral ‘you do what you want in your nation, and I do what I want in mine’ status. They are simply too cutthroat and amoral to have as partners.

        • Lawrence

          I’m with you! European countries for the Europeans. Chinese fornthe chinese, et.c.

          I hope that when everybody has at some sweet point in the future gone back to their own countries, all the genetic pollution the non-europeans have left behind can be rooted out via gene-technology,..

        • Le Ruse

          Arthur.. I’d rather have all my neighbours Chinese, than one black African/American or Arab ?? I put as well, some white in that mix ??

          • Arthur Vickstrom

            So what? If Whites are replaced by Chinamen they will disappear and so will their culture. Whether those Chinamen are more pleasant than Arabs is therefore irrelevant.

            We are fighting to give our people the best future possible. We are not here to debate over which minority group is the least annoying.

          • Le Ruse

            Look at Chinese European child ?? Look at African European child ??
            Go to schools, universities & see which one are in serious studies ??

          • Arthur Vickstrom

            Who cares? I’ve met plenty of kindly Blacks who wouldn’t hurt a fly. But – no matter how nice they may be as individuals – they will never be part of my race. And the same applies to Asians:

            A mixed race Eurasian child will never be White. Eurasians aren’t our people. They don’t belong in our nations. It’s that simple.

            We want to build a White ethno-state for White people – Eurasians and Asians will necessarily not be allowed in that nation.

    • Argentina is 70% white, as for India, besides the Sikh (due to their hate of Islam), I wouldn’t put much hope with them. With Iran there can be some short of an alliance because they fear Sunni (they’re Shia) Islam and the Israelis hate them, both of which can be capitalised. And no, with Iran there are some grudges from the ancient (Greece) and medieval (Byzantium) times but no way close with anybody else. The good thing is that it remains a civilized nation for the most part at least and so it is stable enough to pursue it’s goals most of them, if not all, for the time being, are not against us.

      I might be controversial but I would add up Japan, it might be today a U.S. puppet but its fear of the Chinese can be capitalized and their state is stable, even if they have a grudge due to WWII. China log-term will be a greater threat due to its numbers and weirdly advanced human capital, it has both hordes of near worthless drones in its West but also extremely high value people in the east on its coast.

      But Really we need to stop supporting black nationalism it is against our interests and it becomes more and more evident that they are dangerously erratic making their countries unstable. I would also add that this should be extended towards mullatos and muslims in general, even skypes! We are living in a world which becomes more dark and anti-white by the minute and even if we forget them they won’t forget us, mark these words!

      The non-whites that don’t care about us should be left alone but these nations increasingly become fewer and fewer.

  • Вичёвски

    Why was that dindu even allowed entry into Greece in the first place?

    • Al 7-Eleven

      Because of the EU…😩

    • Ike35

      Because Greece is being run by a bunch of commie sheeit heads. Why else would they be letting in all those rapefugees?

    • I am Greek… because tourism is our heavy industry…. Just don’t ask that happens when you have been electing socialists for nearly 20 years, making a conservative intermission for 8 years and then electing a bunch of anarchist with the socialist agenda of the past… And no Greece has a small industry but next to no one knows that here.

      We are a joke…

  • James Alexander

    Nothing is sacred to these people. Their value system ranges from “muh dick” to “gibs me dat” and exists along a time horizon that stretches no further than five minutes into the past and five minutes into the future.

    She and her ilk seek to establish a post-facto historical equality by tearing down, scrubbing out, and revising every documentation and manifestation of our heritage until no delineation can be made between the achievements of Europeans and non-Europeans. *rage*

  • James Alexander
  • Riopel

    Orcs? No, blacks are more like the xenomorphs. At the least the Orcs are organized. Naggers just kill, eat, destroy, and reproduce.

  • Bigguy4u

    These blacks have gotten embolden I see. Some how they are forgotten that every single thing they have is because of white people and we can just as easily take it all away. Its like the spoiled child who’s parents are too nice to punish him/her. Blacks are pushing whites buttons a lot now a day and we are slowly starting to wake up and will tear the shit out of everything when we do. They should have listened to Malcom x and not martin luther king. We giveth and can just as easily taketh away

  • Ed Edgerton

    If a negro-American female travels to Greece to deface white tombs, something tells me that she was put up to it by (((someone else))).

    • Alt-Right Personal Ads

      If she’s an American tourist I agree. The linked article doesn’t make it clear how they determined she’s American. They just have CCTV footage of a black woman in African garb.

      • From what the News, here in Greece, reported yesterday she is probably from Africa prior. They still have no idea how she came to do it or if she was part of an organization, something that should be looked into.

      • Vincent Law

        A follow-up revealed that she flew to the United States afterwards.

    • Le Ruse

      A negro american is below average intelligence a woman negro american is twice below average ??
      OHH.. BTW to all of you offended by my comment??
      First FACTS are FACTS !!
      Second I wear a shirt with a collar , to hide my “redneck” !!

  • ForlornHope

    Dindu-neesha certainly has a lot of disposable income for an oppressed person, enabling her to travel the world and vandalize European cultural treasures. I do hope she will be caught when she tries this again.

  • BeanerWall

    Allowing this scum to live on our Earth is a mistake, they will just fly to our Countries to destroy our culture. There can be no peace between Europeans and the black savages.

    • Alt-Right Personal Ads

      Spot the ADL try-hard? There’s a perfectly serviceable continent for them to live on called Africa, and they can’t leave except with the aid of non-Africans who can build and navigate planes and ships.

  • Ken31

    LoL @ Basket-Ball Americans. Vdare is taken to calling them Africans in America.

    I get the feeling that this site is trying real hard to get some of the DS audience. I am all for pushing the Overton Window.

  • Bob
    • Just Plain Gleimhart

      Any patriot with access to dynamite or plastic explosives oughta blow that ugly monstrosity to powder.

      • Bob

        you mean the black Mao ? lol

  • Alfa158

    How do they know she is African-American unless they already know who she is? She looks plain African. African-American is used as a generic term for blacks because saying black is now frowned on. A few years ago an American sportscaster was interviewing a black man from Britain who had won some sports event, and asked him how it felt to be the first African-American to win this event.

    • Pure africans are usually darker than american dindus. I doubt many if any american dindu is 100% nogger anymore. Not even Obama are pure bred.

  • Jen

    Whites need to stop making it so easy for the opposition. We need to make a collective fuss, we need organized political/social pressure to push back against anti-White policies/propaganda.

    “The Alinsky tactic is to isolate and personalize, and that’s a good tactic. We need to constantly, always, relentlessly complain, make noise, flag, deny them a platform, and do anything and everything legal to put pressure on “normies” to openly denounce anti-whiteness.” -Hipster Racist

  • unpaidpundit

    What does this stupid professor, Sarah Bond, say about the fact that the facial features on the statues are clearly, obviously Caucasian? DNA evidence has been used to conclusively prove that the ancient Egyptians were white and Middle Eastern. I suppose that we will have to test the DNA from ancient Roman and Greek tombs to prove that those societies were white. But even when we do so, crackpots like Bond will continue to cling to their buffoonish anti-white theories.

  • unpaidpundit

    The ancient Greeks often described themselves as people with light complexions. Theseus was said to be blond. Alexander the Great was said to be blond. The Romans had nine biographies of Alexander written by his generals that have since been lost. The description of Alexander as blond is probably on good authority.

  • As long as the Alt Right keeps being sidelined by this kind of BS , with smoke and mirrors , it will remain inconsequential and small. This is the Left’s very obvious fake attack on statues and monuments to get The Right to focus away from the real serious issues.Serious issues: Nonwhite invasion of Europe ; Muslim invasion of America and Europe.Statues and monuments won’t mean anything once the invaders arrive.

  • Randy West

    we need to send all basketball americans back to africa – sooner the better.

  • Randy West

    it wil be a shame if black momuments get rekt! reeeeeeeeeee

  • Jen

    This is ethnocide!!!

  • One Man’s Chorus

    Blacks have nothing to do with ancient Greece.

  • SLCain

    I guess it makes sense that the Imperial Storm Troopers were blacks. That explains why they couldn’t hit anything when they fired their blasters. They must have have been holding them sideways.

  • Christopher Heydrick

    Two can play that game niggers. The only problem I see is finding something significant that niggers actually made. Anybody know anything about the Harlem Renaissance, or do we have to just settle with the basketball hall of fame?

  • RoidFish

    These globalist jews are worse than isis.

    • Ed Edgerton

      You mean Israeli Secret Intelligence Service? The manufactured terrorist organization that never attacks Jews?

  • Lawrence

    Wesdont have to allie ourselves with based black people, but we can make sure to help push those who are honest and frank forward in the information war:

    • Innocuous

      Not down from Moscow to St. Petersburg on the Black Sea but UP to St. Petersburg on the Gulf of Finland.

  • Hagarqim

    Don’t forget that recently a dindu a (US Black tourist) was beaten to death by 6 Greeks. I wonder why? The Media never said what the motif was?

  • Lawrence

    Well, these Libyans are doing the Lords work; stopping european NGO boats from taxiing immigrants to Europe. They are almost rammed by one of the NGO boats, and the captain pulls his gun on the immigrants to make them stop their boat. Fucking based! We need to make the EU fund these libyan police and coastgards even better, combined with getting the Austrian Identitarians more boats to track the NGO boats and tip the Libyan coast guards. The video is in german, from Swizz tv, but thats ok, you all need to train up on you german skills, for when the mother continent calls you home to evict the non-whites in the not so distant future.. Enjoy the immigrant tears:

  • Above Ground

    Since these statues don’t have lower lips the size of salad plates they like white to me —-

  • Doug

    Please don’t refer to leftists and communists as “progressives.” They have nothing to do with progress. Progressive is a complimentary word they have chosen to describe themselves. Nationalists should avoid using cultural communist terminology whenever possible.

  • Marathon-Youth

    Excellent article Vincent Law.

  • Edward Shattuck

    When are we going to realize that these people are children? They didn’t know they had any problems until Elanore Roosevelt told them they did. They can’t compete with us and they know it.

  • Destroying white history is the only way they can become kangz an sheeit.

  • Marathon-Youth

    There is another way Western society and European Christianity is defaced and that is through literature and the arts. To call a Jar of urine with a crucifix in it as “art” means those endorsing this “expression” promote it as “art” knowing it offends..deeply

    The treachery of this act is seen in the lack of doing the same to icons of Islam, Judaism, or any other faith. Even Christian icons from non European cultures are left alone. The “black Madonna’ is not defaced through art.

    The montage of a Madonna with dung for tits is another example. From media to poster art regularly deface and debase the iconic art of Europe here in America while carefully avoiding doing the same to iconic art of lets say Blacks or African cultures.

    On the long run this kind of “defacement” is long lasting and deeply contaminating. We cannot stop (I wish we can) this but we have to be fully aware of the original icons which are being changed in a bad way to an unsuspecting population.

  • Bob


    What is the most important issue to you?

    Immigration (51%, 4,400 Votes)

    Unemployment and jobs (24%, 2,102 Votes)

    Health care (15%, 1,302 Votes)

    Terrorism (9%, 806 Votes)

    Total Voters: 8,610

  • Above Ground

    America is a plague sicken ship.

  • Le Ruse

    Now !! That’s the best one yet ??

    Latino College Chancellor Wants to Abolish ALGEBRA Because It’s RACIST


    But..But.. Chancellor, ALGEBRA has come from Arab civilisation ?? AL !!! Gebra ?? Like AL !! Chemy, which has morphed in to Chemistry ??? & You are a Chancellor ??? LOL !!

  • Jews can monetize anything.

  • Ken Burroughs

    The penalty for defacing any historical monument should be death! The ignorant criminal should be hanged drawn and quartered. This kind of infantile hateful jealous behavior is unacceptable.

  • MagnoSparkz

    Wow. What a shit article. Whites will be a minority in 2042. So you can go fuck yourself. Piece of shit. You dont even have the balls to come out and protest. Be a little bitch and shut the fuck up 🙂