The McGregor Phenomenon

There’s a big fight scheduled for August 26.

A MMA fighter will go toe to toe with an undefeated boxer. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the McGregor/Mayweather fight and boy, have things started to escalate.

These are McGregor’s fans harassing Mayweather’s security detail and surrounding his car. Notice who the fans are and what color they are? And notice the bodyguards?

A lot of White people are feeling something. Something they haven’t felt in a while.

The Chateau had a good short story about racial pride. Some manlet Asians at the gym saw a buff Asian and were filled with pride at the sight:

The lesson is this: We find soulful nourishment in the accomplishments of our racial kin, no matter how personally unknown to us or in what part of the world we find ourselves entangled. Racial pride is natural, and really unremarkable until recently, and it’s why we honor the achievements and glories of our racial ancestors, no matter how distantly related, and it’s why a dweebening of asian manlets felt their hearts soar at the sight of Jacked Asian. We can’t help ourselves, and that is why our quisling lessers have to spill so much verbal diarrhea trying to convince themselves they have the feeling under control.

Race matters. It won’t stop mattering, so we may as well start speaking honestly and truthfully about it.

And McGregor, for better or for worse, is tapping into that racial pride, whether he feels it or not. (Chances are, in fact, that he doesn’t. He is as progressive as most every normie is these days.)

But damn, does it feel good on a visceral level to see him rub Mayweather’s chrome dome and stalk around him in the boxing ring.

It reminds me of Trump breathing heavily into his mic and stalking Hillary at the debates.

McGregor is no bastion of White morals like humility, stoicism, decency or any of that 19th-century stuff. He’s 100% confrontational, vain, and in-your-face mockingly rude.

I won’t lie, I like it. Gets the blood flowing to see him trash talk and prance around on stage like that.

And that’s probably part and parcel of the spectacle that’s been prepared.

See, there’s a very high chance that this fight is rigged and that this is all a cash grab by Dana White (UFC President) and co.  And a quick reminder: Dana is a riod-head, just like Joe Rogan and while he postures as a tough guy, he’s as PC as they come.

By the way, back in the day, the mafia would put on fights between Black and White fighters, get Whites to put money on their champion and then have him throw the fight.

Boxing, bare-knuckle or not, underground or not, has always been very corrupt. And I can’t help but feel that this will be more of the same. A lot of people are already making a ton of money on this anyway.

Some more details:

McGregor has agreed to boxing rules, and he’s an MMA fighter.

MMA is very different from boxing, and Mayweather’s style is to just rack up the points, not go for KO’s. The last time I saw him fight was with Pacquiao, which was a total waste of time. He’ll almost certainly just hang back and poke at McGregor instead of going toe to toe. So even if McGregor isn’t planning on taking the dive for a massive cash payout, the odds are still stacked against him.

I can see Mayweather’s trainers preparing him with advice:

“You got dis, but watch out fo’ dat cracka’s hook. He got some juice on dat muffuga!”

Despite my foreboding about the reasons for this fight being allowed to take place, I can’t help but get into the hype.  McGregor has become a symbol of racial pride for many- even if they themselves don’t understand what it is that they are feeling, tucked away as it is under layers of preventative PC self-policing.

It’s not just his fans though.

McGregor is starting to resemble a sort of Hitler-reborn figure internationally. At least according to the Lying Media:

McGregor was criticised for telling Mayweather to “dance for me, boy” – a phrase that has racial overtones in the United States.

Ah, the same siren song. I’ll spare you the trouble of clicking the link. The article just talks about why McGregor might be racist and his father jumps in to defend him:

And Tony McGregor has now given an interview in which he has insisted that the fight “is not about race” and that his son is “not a racist”.

And there you have it, the minute the media began to float the questions of “is he a racist?” the answer became unequivocally, “yes, yes he is.” And no amount of protestation on his part or his father’s will change that now.

This fight is now officially about White vs Black, and despite all my reservations, I know who I’ll be cheering for on August 26th.

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  • So much for the great white hype. Connor McPikey is the best wypipo can do; the most obvious rebuttal to the myth of White “supremacy”.

  • McGregor and Mayweather is fake. The two shared a trans-atlantic charter jet together. It reminds me of the WWF before it was the WWE when Iron Shiek and Corporal Kirchner were pulled over in a car together with lots of drugs in it partying it up.

    • It was Sheik and Hacksaw Jim Duggan who got pulled over while doing lines in their car.

      • Oh ok. Thanks for the correction.

        If I remember right, Corporal and Hacksaw were tag team partners against the Shiek. Long time ago and not a wrestling fan so don’t know for sure.

  • aren’t these guys little guys? like 5’10” and 160 lbs or something, the media plays this up like it’s Brian Urlacher vs Mike Tyson

  • I care far less about the outcome of the actual fight than the possibility of using the fight to exploit the racial divide. If McGregor loses (he probably will lose in boring fashion like all Mayweather fights end up) and a bunch of pissed off young white men who are ready to raise hell feel let down, we should try to harness that energy to keep it going and direct it at things that are far more important than a boxing match.

  • The only reason Mayweather is taking this fight is because his stupid nig ass owes $22 million in back taxes. With all those hangers on you’d think he’d get one person to do his taxes but nah, nigs gonna nig.

    • You’re the only person that caught on.

      Floyd has to take this fight before he ends up like MC Hammer.
      McGregor wants to take this fight so he can be one of the richest athletes in the world.

  • McGregor doesn’t have a great gas tank. He’s got maybe 10mins to finish the chimp before he fades and crumbles.

  • You’re likely to regret having invested yourself emotionally in this.

  • We are White Supremacist Society………

    That’s what Cultural Marxists in the Media and Academia tell me……

    But, Black and Hispanic Trash Talking Street/Urban/Ghetto Pugilists…….

    …..are Celebrated in America…….

    White THOTS and White Boys run to them……

    … Flies to Shhhh…….

    But, let a White Trash Talking Street/Urban/Ghetto Pugilist……

    ……Capture the White Imagination…….


    Well, we all know our (((Cultural High Priests))) reactions…….

    In some ways……similar to putting Mike Cernovich on an ADL Hate List………


  • It seems ((they)) coached him to talk like an America negro. Some of his expressions are clearly American negro and not Irish.

    Nature Boy Rick Flare was a much better representative of us if you want a trash talking White who at least doesn’t ape negro language. Whoooo!

  • Thank you! I have been waiting for an article on this. I’m not really into MMA or boxing but I hope to God McGregor wins.

  • It appears to be hyped for marketing purposes. But you make a good point, white America needs a warrior role model in this age. Even if he is a loud, brash foreigner. As my pals in the Wolves of Vinland practice, and as Jack Donovan writes, white males need to rediscover their masculinity and start being men again.

  • Not holding my breath, but it sure would be awesome if McGregor pulled this off! The victory would be even sweeter if McGregor was an unabashed White nationalist

    • He’s not yet, but how can he be anything else once this check is safe in the bank, lol . I am grateful for the racial attacks on him, can only push him farther Right 😉

  • If McGregor fights the genes and not the man, he can win.

    This means you don’t fight a Negro the way you fight a White. A White will often fall from a right cross to the point of the chin, but a Negro may not always fall from that. The usual weak spots for Negros in boxing are the neck area just below the ear and the chest just in front of the heart.

    If McGregor slugs away at the left and right ear/neck areas with hooks, he may knock out the Negro very easily. And, to get the Negro to lower his hands to get in those hooks, McGregor should slug away at the chest in front of the heart.

    To throw the hooks effectively, McGregor should be training to throw them instinctively as soon as the Negro throws a punch. Because of fast twitch muscles many Negros have faster hands and feet and this means that if McGregor has to think before throwin a left or right hook, he may lose.

    Also to be noted is that Mayweather is not a heavy puncher. He bicycles around the right and racks up points. If McGregor plays that pitty pat game with Mayweather, McGregor is likely to lose on points.

    BTW–If McGregor is allowed to fight with a chin beard, he’ll have extra protection for his chin (a usual weak spot for Whites).

      • Go to fight videos and watch. Especially watch when Blacks are knocked out. It is usually by a hook to the neck near the ears.

        Also, the reason that most police departments have had their officers stop using choke holds is because Blacks die fairly easily with not that much pressure with such holds while Whites usually do not.

    • It will probably be a boring fight. All Mayweather has to do is follow what Sugar Ray Leonard did to Haggler in their super fight back in the 80’s. Sugar stayed away just dancing and landing jabs, with landing the occasional combo to get the points. No way
      Merriweather attempts to get close to the huge Irishman.

      • You’re right. Mayweather will have his bicycle with him. Whitey has to cut off the ring and give him a flat tire early on.

    • Word is, that McGregor, in the last few days, got knocked out by a sparring partner.

      I could see McGregor doing some damage in the first few rounds, if he gets in close with his head down, and windmills Merriweather. After that, it’s a boxing match.

    • More, check out the photo of the two at the top. Look how much neck the Negro has to hit. Great for McGregor if he fights the genes and not the man.

    • Joe Louis was flattened by Schmeling’s right cross, a double right cross to be precise.

      Marciano dropped Walcott with a right cross in ’52 and that was one of the shortest punches ever thrown in the 13 round.

      Johansson dropped Floyd Patterson with a right cross to the chin and he couldn’t recover.

      There were a few times Floyd was hurt: Maidana and Mosley both come to mind. Watch the Mosley fight and you’ll see how Floyd reacts when he gets hit with a clean shot that hurts. Mosley was never a boxer, but he was always a puncher.

      I’ve watched a LOT of boxing and I can tell you you’re speculations are WAY off.

      • Nope. Check the punches before the right crosses. My major point remains: The weak spot for Negroes is the neck area. The weak spot for Whites is the point of the chin.

        Are there exceptions because of mixed genes, etc. Yup. But my point remains.

  • Originally I thought McGregor had no chance, because Mayweather would jab and run like he did against Pacquiao. But then noticed that McGregor looks quite a bit bigger, and Mayweather is now 40 with 2 years of inactivity. MMA fighters often spend most of the time on their feet so McGregor knows how to box. You’d think if these fights were fixed they would have at least made the Pacquiao-Mayweather one more interesting.

  • Don’t let the hype fool you, this is all staged. Both Mcgregor (which is a wigger btw) and the Dindu are in here for the money and all they are going to do is an spectacle: the first throwing sloppy punches and the former dancing around and scoring points with girly punches, and in the end the fight is for the dindu because of that.

    • Yeah, such a “dindu” he’s just fathered a beautiful White son with his beautiful and loyal White gf.
      More already than can be said for many others who calls themselves WN. Ireland is being targeted for Muslim/African invasion, like everywhere else. Conor will not want to leave as his legacy an Ireland looking like Africa. He is one of us and later on, with his piles of money in tow, he may be the most powerful of us. Try and use your brain, please. The short term buzz so many of you morons get by insulting some of our people is worthless: grow up.

      • Oh, he’s had a WHOLE WHITE CHILD? There’s the salvation of the race right there.

        A one-child unit isn’t a family.

        • One child is a start. He’s not finished yet. Every pure White child born is a blessing to the planet. Where we are, things are holier and nicer and the more of us in existence the better is everything.

    • The only good thing is that normies MAY start to racialize such fights. The fact that companies start to take advantage of that is only good for us. Still, supporting the hype is immature and putting too much to professional athletes is just plain stupid.

    • Not a good look for the alt-right when the number of people who believe boxing matches aren’t fixed surpasses the number who believe in the tooth fairy. This is irrelevant bread and circus.

      • Exactly, the odds would seem to be against the
        Irishman. Modern day media is geared toward belittling white males.

  • When Andrew Golota beat the shit out of Riddick Bowe (Bowe now suffers from dementia due to the beating he took in the fight) at Madison Square Garden in 1996, blacks chimped out and began attacking random white fans in the crowd. When the ref stopped the fight over Golota’s low blows, blacks rioted, stormed the ring, and attacked Golota’s 70 year old trainer Lou Duva. Duva had to be carted off in a stretcher.

    Expect something similar to happen if McGregor is dominating the fight.

    • That seems to happen all the time in wrestling/boxing/MMA events. It probably happened in ancient Roman gladiator amphitheaters as well. Fans turning on each other with bloodlust, as mob violence is infectious, often caused by witnessing an act that serves as a spark.

    • Golota vs Bowe is good for showing the reactions, but what a bad boxer! He had all of the physical attributes to be an unbeatable world champ. He just didn’t have the focus or mental fortitude.

      • You basically just described Golota AND Bowe. Both were physically dominant but lacked heart.

        • No arguments there.

          (((People))) complain about the current state of the heavyweight division while propping up heartless boxers like Bowe.

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