A Sacramento Spartan Needs Our Help

A couple weeks ago, Will Planer was arrested and detained for his participation in last year’s peaceful, planned, and permitted rally for free speech in Sacramento which was attacked by a small army of nearly 200 armed “anti-fascist” radicals. Will, who lives in Colorado with his family, is currently being held in El Paso County’s Detention Facility without legal counsel, without a legal plan, and without access to the resources he needs to put a plan in motion.

In 2016, in response to leftist radicals disrupting and attacking several conservative political events, the Traditionalist Worker Party scheduled a legal, permitted, peaceful rally on the steps of the Sacramento statehouse to confirm that we will not be intimidated by leftist threats. Yvette Felarca of BAMN and hundreds of other leftist “antifa” radicals threatened to attack and assault our event attendees. In the weeks leading up to the event, they openly and explicitly planned a violent criminal response to our free speech event both in their online platforms and in mainstream media interviews and press releases.

Will was one of the 18 Sacramento Spartans who braved the 20-to-1 odds, death threats, and explicit law enforcement stand-down order to take a stand. He took a stand with the conservative families who had been bludgeoned and bloodied only weeks prior for merely attempting Trump’s town halls. He took a stand against outright anarchy, and against an emergent extremism which threatens to replace civil discourse with mob violence.

I spoke with Planer while he was on his trip to California and we commented that given the publicity leading up to the event, there’s no way any actual fighting will take place. We assumed, wrongly, that the State of California would have a police presence commensurate with the estimated crowd sizes leading up to the event. That at least 200 antifa would be present was widely known, and there’s a well-established protocol for ensuring basic public safety. “Surely,” I joked, “The cops won’t just let an anarchist mob run around attacking random journalists and innocent bystanders right on the capitol steps.”

They did exactly that, and they did exactly that because California’s law enforcement have become criminally incompetent and politicized. They set Will and the rest of our men up for a public lynching, deliberately. Will and the rest of the men there could have easily been killed and likely would have been if they hadn’t fought back. As we know, it didn’t go down like that. Our disciplined and well-trained nationalists trained for months for every eventuality, including a peaceful event with prepared speeches. The worst case scenario presented itself, and our men were prepared. They won the fight and made it out alive.

In the entire history of the “self-defense” defense, there may not be a more clear-cut open-and-shut case of self-defense than what Will Planer is facing. He can and will win his case, but we need your help to get him the basic representation and support he needs to survive “the ride” and pay for his legal defense. Yvette Felarca went on camera before the event and announced that she and her mob intended to assault Will. In the midst of the brawl, as antifa radicals were beating up journalists and random pedestrians in the background, Yvette mugged for another camera, proudly announcing that she and her mob had assaulted our event attendees.

Why was Will arrested if it’s all so straightforward? Political pressure. The left losing the fight, Sacramento’s citizens reeling from hundreds of thousands worth of property damage, and several locals being attacked resulted in some much-deserved blowback on the local and state government for their maliciously irresponsible handling of the event. After an “investigation” which has dragged on for over a year, they’re finally arresting some of the antifa who instigated the violence, but they necessarily had to make arrests on the nationalist side in order to avoid appearing to side with the nationalists.

They know he’ll win his jury trial, …if he has competent legal counsel. They know this is all an incredibly cruel waste of time and taxpayer money to persecute a patently innocent family man. They don’t care. All they care about is blaming the victims of their own scandalous failure and refusal to do their job. With enough support, we can deliver Will the support he needs to return to his family. Whether you’re a nationalist, a conservative, or just about any American who values free speech and opposes leftist mob violence, we need you to stand with Will.

Please dig deep and give generously. We need to stand strong for a man who stood strong for us.

The Will Planer Defense Fund can be found here:

Jossur Surtrson
the authorJossur Surtrson


  • I donated $30 – I am currently working on minimum wage, so this is what I could afford, although I am familiar with the Battle of Sacramento and it took me only to read the title of the article, as well as the first passages and I then scrolled all the way down and went to the donations section.

    It is UNACCEPTABLE for you NOT to donate! Even if it’s a tiny small donation, such as one under $10, that’s still good, because we HAVE the numbers! I am aware that the Daily Stormer has a few million visits every single day and I imagine that is not that far off!

    We have to help our NS brother! DONATE NOW!

  • You don’t have to show your face, show your name, even show up to an event but you CAN help financially. $100 incoming

  • Interesting. I paid through paypal — when I tried to have paypal charge to my credit card, it was declined. (I’m nowhere near my credit limit with that card). I had to send the charge directly to my bank. I wonder if this is being blocked by my credit card for being politically incorrect.

    I have my disagreements with the TWP, and with many other parts of the alt right, but free speech is not negotiable. The willingness of “progressive” politicians to allow left wing thugs shut down speakers they don’t like is alarming.

  • I wonder what exact action he is being charged for. Self-defense laws are pretty narrow. What may start out as a clear case of self defense can instantly turn into aggression in the eyes of the court.

  • Why is AR silent on actually good news of today? McCain will finally fucking die and Trump stops CIA funding of fucking ISIS is not newsworthy anymore?

  • Donated $50. We can’t all go march against Antifa Bolsheviks, but we can keep them from winning. The Police State can not be allowed to intimidate us.

  • Self defense is a human right. But when it’s against Antifa in a liberal place, it gets you in trouble. That’s why I say, cover your face as while when fighting them. The cops will either enforce no mask laws for everyone, or they won’t, but they will arrest people if photo or video can identify you carrying out an offensive act even if that act is in defense. If you can’t prove this, you could get charged and even convicted of assault.

  • Dumb Conservatives worry about Sharia and Muslims(a problem in EU, not here), but it is Gayria that has real quasi-religious hold over America.

    Get a load of this:

    A homo fecal penetrator into ‘gay’ poo-ride talks about punishing the ‘wicked’. He uses religious lingo. So, what is ‘wicked’? Defense of true marriage rooted in biology and morality.

    What is holy? Celebration of homo men who do fecal penetration and trannies who hire doctors to carry out frankenstein medicine of genital mutilation far uglier than female clitoris removal in African nations. American religiosity has gone from Sermon on the Mount to Sodom on the Mount. Sexual deviants and perverts are preaching to normal decent people not only about morality(which would be funny enough) but about spirituality. Oh yes, the ‘wicked’.

    It goes to show how useless secular culture has become in the West. It is neo-religious with new angels and new devils, new sacraments and new taboos. If you don’t support ‘gay marriage’ or ‘same-sex marriage’, you are ‘wicked’ and must be hunted down. Now, Conservatives have been supporting Big Business and Big Money all these yrs, but it is Big Bucks that are behind the Buttfu**s.

    Homomania or Queertianity is the new religion of the West. It is what most ‘secular’ people go gaga over. Dawkins and Maher mock religious people(and yes, some religious people are truly wacky), but the secularist worship of the golden calf of sodom and mammon is even more ridiculous since it is worship of decadent vanity of homos and trannies. People get so passionate, weepy-eyed, and worked up over the Cult of the Holy Homo.

    The West went from Gay Rights to Gay Rites. The new homily is the homoly. To be ‘saved’(and maybe shaved), you need Gay on your side. Even the word ‘pride’ has been made synonymous with homosexuality. It used to be ‘gay pride’, a ridiculous enough idea as who wants to associate pride with fecal penetration and genital mutilation? But now, just say ‘pride’, and it’s the domain of homos.

    Many people wanted to be nice to homos and offer them tolerance. But they failed to realize the homo nature. Homos are vain, narcissistic, hissy, and bitchy. They are very jealous and demanding. They prefer fantasy over reality, artifice over nature. So, if a some tranny says he is a ‘woman’, not only does he fool himself that he is a diva but he demands that we better agree too. And homos feel as members of some elite society of natural aristocrats with style and flair deserving of praise and admiration from straight serfs and peons.

    It is no wonder that Jews have forged the closest alliance with homos since Jews have similar personality traits: chutzpah, cult of specialness, self-righteousness, supremacism, and holy victim mentality. And what better way to destroy deep-rooted gentile spiritual systems like Christianity and Islam with the neo-religion of Queertianity and Homoslam?

    Also, Jews and homos are both for the normalization of minority-elite-supremacism. And Jewish Power and Homo Power are both diaspora power. Jews have settled all over the world, and homos sprout in all parts of the world. Except for Israel, there is no Jewish nation. And there is no homo nation. So, Jewish power and Homo power is about gaining minority supremacist privileges over what are mostly gentile/straight nations.

    So, in social politics, always know the nature of the people you’re dealing with. If homos had a saner personality, they would have stopped at Tolerance, the acceptance by straight society that homos are born that way and should be allowed to be free in their deviancy.

    But homos have a vain, narcissistic, queenie-meanie, and neo-aristocratic personality, and once they got some power, they began to demand more and more and more. And homos were bound to become fabulously rich since they are so predominant in vanity and vice industries of pop culture and fashion. They are rolling in ill-gotten profits from peddling opium to the masses. And they got the backing of Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Silicon Valley that are dominated by Jewish oligarchs.

    But in the end, Homomania will fail for the same reason the Golden Calf did. If we look past the fanfare, festivity, fake colors, and fandom, there is nothing there there. There is nothing holy about narcissistic homos and vain trannies. There is nothing moral about ‘gay marriage’ that equates a homo man’s anus with a woman’s vagina. There is nothing sane about pretending that a man’s penis and balls have been magically transformed into a ‘vagina’. And preferring escapist fantasy over sober reality cannot be the basis of real culture and values.

    Stupid Conservatives talk about the need to protect homos from Sharia, but what we really need is to protect sane decent people from Homomaniacs and Poo-Ride supremacists. From Gayria.

        • I couldn’t even find it with a search from inside the website. I had to use Disqus to find it. BTW he is at 10k, so still not quite to the goal. Hopefully he gets to keep it for legal defense if the goal isn’t met. I am not sure how that crowdfunder site works.

          • Yeah, if a few other Alt-Right websites post about the fundraiser they’ll reach it in no time. 10,000 in a couple days is steady momentum.

  • After you win the case for self defence, can you sue the police for failing to do their jobs? Always fun to punch back.

    • Maybe some sort of malicious prosecution lawsuit, too.

      See if you can get attorneys to work for a share of the civil suit fees in addition to the money raised. Might as well get the best and hungriest counsel possible.

  • I swore I’d give some money to a worthy project every month to help out whatever the inevitable anti censorship crowdfunding platform was, and I’m glad to give to this one.

    I had originally planned to give this month’s to Fount of Life or Help RootBocks Grow, but I think this one might be a tad bit more urgent.

    God knows I’d certainly want help if I was ever dragged to jail on politically motivated charges for defending myself against leftist thugs.


    • Please make the postal money order out to “Will Planer”

      P.O. Box 606
      Benson, NC 27504

      You may also donate to a bitcoin address established for Will.


      Or send it to our PayPal, (with a note that it’s for Will)

    • Cash cow of the enemy, who could you possibly be implying as the enemy profiting from credit services? if it is who i think you are suggesting that is just a lunatic fringe conspiracy theory.

      • If you think helping high finance is “lunatic fringe conspiracy theory” – PLEASE have at it… I would say a big reason that the Right has no power in finance is a big reason why we are where we are…

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