The Rise of the Nords

“We live in interesting times”, as Richard Spencer says from time to time. And that’s certainly the case for us who are deeply involved in not just living in the times, but also changing them. Indeed, the timeline has shifted so dramatically these last two years that one cannot help to wonder how long the liberal lefties can go on.

On March 21 in The Current Year of 2017, Daniel Friberg called up Christoffer Dulny, one of the highest ranking staff members of the Sweden Democrats who was working as a budget chief in the Swedish Parliament. Friberg suggested that they should form a new metapolitical movement, with its own media platform tied to the “ mothership”, with Christoffer as chairman and the well-known alt-right community organizer Gustav Hörngren as part of the initiative. At first, it sounded like a wild idea, but after a few hours of conversation and brainstorming, both Christoffer and Gustav booked flight tickets to Budapest where they for the following five days engaged in intense brainstorming, strategizing and ideological discussions. Shortly after returning to Sweden, Christoffer quit his well-paying job in the Swedish parliament in order to work full time building the Nordic Alt-Right together with his new colleagues, setting up a proper website and podcast. had been born. — The Beginning Of A Centralized Power Structure

The formation of is already a success story as described by Dr. Reza Jorjani, Editor-in-Chief of Arktos, in his speech at the Identitarian Ideas IX in Stockholm of February 2017. It had started during a Skype conference, suggested by Jorjani, between him, his colleague Daniel Friberg, and Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute (NPI) and Radix Journal. During that phone conference, different forms of collaboration were discussed, and a consensus was reached to create a new media platform, “a more radical and ideological version of Breitbart”, as well as a global infrastructure, to facilitate the promotion of alt-right ideas to a wider audience. The foremost alt-right television and radio company, Red Ice Creations, joined in the following week. An American corporate entity was created and was born.

In the following five months of its creation, has experienced an immense growth in traffic and in short time become one of the leading alt-right media outlets. This is just the beginning.

Shortly thereafter, the construction of our international infrastructure was initiated by Friberg, through the Nordic Alt-Right, which was seen as a pilot project and a way to test the waters and develop a model that other countries and regions could then follow.

The Rise Of The Nords

It is no coincidence that the Nordic Alt-Right would be the first international movement to collaborate with Firstly, Daniel was the one who came up with the idea of having national alt-right movements tied together in a shared infrastructure to create massive synergies. It also made sense, since “Sweden is the most alt-right country in Europe,” as BuzzFeed phrased it, which is indicated by the fact that no less than half of the board members of AltRight Corporation are Swedes. Hard times create strong men.

However, just as was literally created in a few days, Nordic Alt-Right got off to a flying start, thanks to the hard and efficient work in creating our localized website ( and thanks to Christoffer’s hard work and experience in quickly setting up our very own podcast, “Det vita pillret” (The White Pill) and starting, together with Gustav, to create quality original content in the form of articles and memes for our website.

It also helped that we already had a Swedish Facebook community of around 200 high quality and fantastic people, including skilled writers, musicians, coders and artists, of which many played a crucial role in building the basis of our new exciting endeavor.

Already less than two months after our launch, we’ve built a team of around 40 people who are helping out in various ways. We’ve had daily updates on our website, a weekly podcast, weekly physical training activities in Stockholm as well as various meetups and lectures. We are growing rapidly. The equivalent of New York Times (Dagens Nyheter) has already done several pieces about us, the latest issue of our version of SPLC (EXPO) was fully dedicated to us as they correctly perceive us to be the new counter-culture.

Moving Forward

So what does the future have in store for the Nordic Alt-Right? The answer: Everything. We are already noticing the effects as we are filling a major void in the Nordic political scene. There is an immense interest in our ideas and a desire to become active in our project.

Our next bigger project will be to organize the World’s biggest alt-right conference, Identitarian Ideas X, in Stockholm on November 4th, with Richard Spencer as the keynote speaker, and Christoffer Dulny, Daniel Friberg, Nathan Damigo from Identity Evropa, Jason Jorjani from Arktos,  the Red Ice crew as well as many others. Our last conference attracted close to 400 guests. This time we are aiming for more than 500.

The Nords are rising. Join us.


Christoffer Dulny, Chairman
Daniel Friberg, Vice Chairman
Gustav Hörngren, Board Member

Nordic Alt-Right
The Nordic Alt-Right is a metapolitical, alternative right organization covering the entirety of Scandinavia (Skyrim). If you are a True Nord, join us now.


    • Hi Avi.

      Thanks for the votes.

      I have been reading your recent posts with great admiration. I had to look up a couple of words but thanks for improving my education. And I especially commend you for taking the fight into hostile territory while so many of us (myself included) spend too much time in our safe spaces.

      Kudos, min venn!

  • How does Nord Alt-right respond when accused of racism?

    If you don’t get that right you’re not going to get anything else right.

  • The Key to the Future of White Survival is maintaining constant pressure. Not accepting appeasements ; and continuing to make greater and greater demands just as minorities have very successfully done for the past 50+ years. Never be intimidated and fear reprisals ;that’s what the enemy is counting on-threats , loss of status and power and prison. Act carefully but abruptly – with full confidence and strength that what you do is required for your future and the future of all you love. Now, almost suddenly , a very small light of real Leadership is beginning to appear and needs to be nurtured and protected at all cost to maintain the drive to accomplish our goals. Hopefully very soon ; these Alt Right meetings will turn to conferences and rallies -occurring daily, not just monthly-influenced and lead by multiple leaders -where like in Greek mythology The Hydra with nine heads; when struck off -each head was replaced by two new ones -making it impossible to overcome the inevitable outcome it desired to accomplish.
    This is Exactly how our enemies work today -from the soft liberal Democrats to urban preachers and their legions of thugs, Hispanic gangs and Muslim terrorist. Heed the call- Now.


  • “Centralized power structure”? Yeaaah it’s not. The Alt Right is a distributed, networked, decentralized movement.

  • After all the shit I have heard about Sweden, there is nothing better to hear than the rising of the Scandinavian.

    Hail victory

  • I am probably much older than most alt-righters, but I am heartened by this movement. I will go out on a limb and extrapolate: If alt-righters from different nations join together, however loosely or tightly, there will be less of a chance of a war of brothers in the future.

    • Most Americans don’t want war, but are rather apathetic and cowardly. Can’t change a god damn thing till that changes.

    • I am with you on being older. Lol I am 37 & have been waiting for a movement like the Alt Right! I only regret I didn’t know about this from the start but I have always held these morals & values. I am so proud of these younger people for following their instincts instead of what’s “cool”.

  • There is also the highly glorious Nordic Resistance Movement. They also have a great podcast called Nordic Frontier, be sure to check it out if you haven’t yet.

      • Nordic Resistence Movement is a revolutionary orthodox national socialist organisation. They are a highly organized and disciplined activits movement. Members have to fullfill strict requirements to become activists. Fanaticism is seen as a good thing and all the movements websites, leaflets, podcasts etcetera are called “propaganda”. Their main website publishes articles every day and the language is impecable, by far better written than the MSM in sweden.
        They never back down and do lots and lots of activism. Being orthodox national socialists triggers the authorities and the left to no end so them just showing up creates situations. The movement prohibits members from initiating violence but always answer provocations or aggression in kind. Their biggest demonstration was 700 people. As % of population it would be equivalent to 30 000 people in the US. Which is pretty impressive considering how radical they are.

        They are very left wing on economics and society and such. Which I dont like. But they are by far the best organized nationalist organization in Scandinavia. Possibly in all of northern Europe.

        • Clip from their biggest demonstration when they thought that the ANTIFA was advancing on the place where they were holding speeches. One of the guys in yellow vests is a leader in their movement, the text on the vest says “dialog patriot”, a response to the police using “dialog policeman”:

        • Is it perhaps due to Nordfront’s success that Friberg and co. are setting up their own Nordic organization? Controlled oppostion in order to steal support from the legitimate organization that has the establishment worried? Otherwise, why not simply support the NRM?

          • Short anser no, Friberg is not controlled opposition.

            Friberg has been active in swedish nationalism for 20 years. One example is the “motpol” website which has been publishing identitarian and conservative articles for a long time. Or the Arktos publishinghouse that was started in 2009, i think from a preexisting publishing house.

            As I said, NMR is an orthodox NS organisation and thgus very leftwing. This is a world away from the identitarian position of Friberg. The youth movement of the identitarians in Sweden is called Nordisk Ungdom (nordic youth) and it has been around for 10 years or some such and came out of the estranged youthwing of a now defunct political party, the National Democrats that was formed 2002 or somesuch. Nordisk Ungdom is an activist organisation that in some respects could be said to be the rightwing equivelent of NMR.

            I like identitarianism and anarcho fascism alot more than NS. However, its not like we would sabotage for NMR or attack them or not join forces in a civil war like situation. The counter signalling against other nationalists organisations is kept at a minimum in Sweden. We have some veterans from the nationalist movements of 1990 that have been through it all and seen all the mistakes done back then that give leadership now and always stress how important it is not to go back to sectarian infighting. For example former NMR member Magnus Söderman that heads the motgift publishing company (identitarian leaning but its a big tent).

            Fribergs organisations tend to get more infiltrators and such than NMR. But thats because identitarianism is less rigidly defined, there is discussion, idea development, debates etcetra. Infiltrating NMR is mostly pointless since they cant be changed or influenced.

          • Being active for 20 years and having nothing to show sounds a lot like controlled opposition.

          • Biggest new right publishing house is nothing to show? Biggest new right conference is nothing to show? Explain what you mean by “nothing to show”? Please give me someone who has more to show than Daniel Friberg?

      • Clip from their biggest demonstration when they thought that the ANTIFA was advancing on the place where they were holding speeches:

    • Scandinavia is lost till the people take back their respective govts. Scandinavia has bent over backwards to ensure their ethnocide. More migrants pour in every day and
      Scandinavian women are not having kids. Reality sucks and having group therapy sessions (conferences and rallies) aren’t going to cut it.

  • By the gods, it’s about time. Scandis have become too ‘nice’. Their socialized health care and public programs are the envy of the world, but hospitality has it’s limits as the Havamal wisely proclaimed. Immigration and a taste of the world’s trash has stained the beautiful fjords, mountains, and ice of my people. Good to see the people of the North starting to awaken.

    • We actually have had redpilled people for quite some time over here, but now it’s really starting to spread for real. The “Overton window” is even shifting towards the right in the media and the anger is boiling among the populace. I do believe a serious change won’t come before an economic crisis though, but it’s definitively changing fast right now. My mission as a editor and writer for is to educate people about the scientific facts about human nature and break the liberal narrative. Stay tuned, the norsemen are about to rise!

      • it is a crisis. breeding age people cant afford kids. they aren’t going for mass starvation this time because they know if would be 1933 all over again. this is it

      • If Hugin is your real surname (I assume you are Swedish), that’s awesome to be named after one of Odin’s ravens. The one that stands for “thinking and reason”. ^^^

  • “..days engaged in intense brainstorming, strategizing and ideological discussions.”

    “ infrastructure, to facilitate the promotion of alt-right ideas to a wider audience.”

    “..having national alt-right movements tied together in a shared infrastructure to create massive synergies.”

    That just made my day. Beautiful!

    • 1 ) What is needed, ultimately, is subversion that is more thorough and greater scale than what happened with the Baby Boomers and Counter-Culture.

      2 ) When this is done, the objective will be that a new era of greatness is not just another way back to soft, weak, spoiled men and women! We will make the White Race mightier than ever before!

      3 ) 1) and 2 ) are most likely irreconciliable with the “conservative” dream of going back to 19th-20th century “traditional values” and worship of an idealized past (that lead to the Federal Reserve, WW1, WW2, Civil Rights, Current Year etc).

      • Its hard to know whether its feasible to re-subvert social institutions or if that is the best way forward. I wonder if letting some of these discredited legacy institutions such as television news/entertainment die out and creating new platforms may be more effective (Alt-media). With this, there can be a reshaping of cultural norms through art, music, entrainment etc. The mediums by which people get information are evolving and younger generations are in tuned to those changes. I have hope in the fact that European men are creators, innovators and pioneers. As they are pushed out of the very organizations and institutions they created they will need a space to achieve anew. It was also mentioned by others that the movement needs to better utilize the instrument of organized pressure.

        A wise man once said:

        “Go after the sponsors. Go after the advertisers. Go after the lawyers. The pierced and green haired SJWs making all the noise aren’t the ones with actual power.

        We also need to flag all of their accounts and posts on social media. We need to name and shame their employers. We need to call their parents and relativels and get them on the record either supporting or denouncing their relative’s anti-white hate.

        If a corporation is advertising on an anti-white video on youtube, we need to call their complaint department, but then, most importantly, find someone else in the hierarchy who isn’t necessarily publicly facing and name and shame them. We need to call their suppliers and their customers.

        The Alinsky tactic is to isolate and personalize, and that’s a good tactic. We need to constantly, always, relentlessly complain, make noise, flag, deny them a platform, and do anything and everything legal to put pressure on “normies” to openly denounce anti-whiteness.”

        -Hipster Racist

        Ordinary people looking for a way get involved can engage in organized pressure.

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