What Is Russia Turning Into?

I saw my first corpse a couple of days ago.

I was walking home from the metro to my new place. Just my luck, I decided to rent on the same street where there are about 7 migrant shops all clustered together.

The old Russian man that was lying on the asphalt was in the “paradnaya” arc right next to these migrants’ shops.

He had blood around his mouth that had dribbled into his beard. He lay on his back, sprawled out. A helpful civilian slapped him a bit to see if he would wake up. No cordon sanitaire in Russia. And no response. The police officer started rifling through his pockets, white latex gloves on, looking for clues. He pulled out a prescription bottle, unscrewed it and sniffed it.

Nope, that wasn’t it.

The day had started so well. I was in the metro and I saw a darky being harassed by the police. It was a sight for sore eyes. I had seen similar scenes when I had first arrived in St. Petersburg three years ago. And about two years ago there was a massive clean-up. Several of their massive markets were raided and permanently shut down. Like the Sennaya Square market next to where I lived then. Meanwhile, they were getting accosted left and right by 6-foot tall White policemen with batons and blue camo to be hauled away to the station. I told my friends in the states about it and I would talk about how great it was, the city was actually getting whiter, not darker and it was happening right before my eyes.

In fact, one day I was walking down the street when policemen started running straight at me and barked out an order to STOP. I froze and my heart skipped a beat, but they whooshed on by and grabbed a swarthy fellow right behind me and started demanding his papers. It was a glorious day. I imagined if Trump won that it would become a common sight all over the United States as well.

But then things got worse. I’ve certainly noticed it in the past year. There are more and more of them and I haven’t seen any of them getting in any trouble with the police. Today was different. The Uzbek (or whatever) in the metro. Then right outside the same metro stop, there was a migrant fruit stand next to a Shawarma stand that sold fresh southern produce out of a van that was surrounded today by the police as I walked by.

So far so good.

Then right across the street was the dead man. All of a sudden, the pieces fell into place. Of course, it may not have been them. Just like it may not have been an Uzbek that blew up the St. Petersburg metro. People were saying it might have been a Ukrainian terrorist. But I knew. And I think I know this time as well.

At the very least, I hope the police will be very harsh. I hope they won’t get bribed out of acting on this.

In related news, Sputnik i Pogrom, a nationalist Russian website was shut down. There were other nationalist sites that were shut down recently as well. I was never a reader of Sputnik i Pogrom. Despite their massive reach in Russia, they seemed to be fringe within an already rather nationalistic society.

I found that I agree on almost all doctrinal points of the Alt-Right even with normal Peterburgians and Moscovites. Hell, even the Communists seemed pretty on point about the JQ, about international finance and the war against the White world. They just liked Stalin and thought Hitler was an Anglo shill. Which is an interesting argument to say the least. I met up with pro-Putin nationalists from the Rodina party as well. They knew about the Alt-Right and were good on all the points. They just couched their points in different-sounding words. “Globalists and bankers” for the usual suspects.

Once again, to review, they are:

  1. White advocacy
  2. Counter-Semitism
  3. Traditional worldview

I had even read some Liberal in the Moscow Times kvetching that Russia was a Fascist country that lacked a Fascist leader. He made the point that the people were more to the Right than Putin, who was more of a manager-leader and a classical liberal. The Sputnik i Pogrom people were some of the weakest on the JQ, which I found out after chatting with one of their writers. A lot of them are just racist liberals. But to be fair, Kirill Kaminets is pretty much 14/88.

All in all, the situation seemed good.

I gotta say, even Putin’s party seemed decent. They had a massive propaganda campaign promoting a healthy birth rate and offering government subsidies for large families. The posters had smiling blond, White families on them. There was no Dindus with White women or people in Hijabs in the propaganda effort. Functionally, Putin was promoting pro-White policies. And no, Russia’s rising birthrate isn’t due to Muslims. Just ask Anatoly Karlin.

In general, there are two types of Nationalists in Russia, those that support Putin and those that don’t. Both have fallen on hard times. It seems that after the spark of nationalism that was needed to retake Crimea, someone has decided to dial it all back. It was a heady time, but it seems to be coming to an end with the 2018 elections coming up. The regime is worried. Should they be? I don’t know. They will lose St. Petersburg and Moscow to the office plankton, but the provinces will back up Putin no matter what. To be fair, he has done a lot of good for them.

So what is the concern?

Probably the regime fears a Maidan scenario. Liberals protesting corruption for the cameras at the front, armed nationalist muscle in the back. So they are clamping down. Once again, I defer to Anatoly’s take on the situation.

The only half-way conceivable way in which the Putin government could be overthrown would be through an overarching alliance between liberals and nationalists, as in the Ukraine itself in 2014, or in Serbia in 2000.

So, what does this mean going forward?

While I long for the day where having White consciousness is not an imprisonable offense, I can’t help but feel that things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. No, Russia isn’t a White Nationalist paradise. It’s more like America in the 70’s. Things seem relatively normal here in terms of public consciousness. SJWism is non-existent. Being proud of your country, your religion and your race are just fine in most prole and even polite company.

But migrant crime is still a reality.

And other things are changing too. They are building new gated communities, filled with modern glass and steel monstrosities around the outskirts of St. Peterburg and Moscow for the new burgeoning upper middle-class. They stick out because of the fences surrounding them. No Soviet-era constructions had fences surrounding them. There was no getting away from the proles, you had to see them day in and day out. You had to eat with them at the stolovaya. Maybe you had to share a communalka with them if you lived in the city center.

It was a very democratic mindset, you have to admit. I would compare the USSR to Sparta in that sense and the United States to Athens. Hell, the USSR even forbid kitchens in the early days to make people eat together at the dining hall as a community, just as the Spartans did. And the comparisons don’t stop there. A funny thing happened when they eliminated the bourgeoisie, you immediately had an incredibly illiberal society. You got a deeply patriotic and war-like society. The military got the best of everything and money wasn’t as important as having a rank in society.

See, you could have a lot of money, but you still wouldn’t be able to buy that car you wanted. But the officer who just got promoted to colonel would get it for free. If you were a foreman or something similar, you got a nice apartment in the city. People took pride in having dirt under their fingernails at one point as it meant that they were proletariat, not merchants or shopkeepers.

People spent several months of every year in their country houses, raising vegetables, eating sunflower seeds and gossiping. When the 90’s rolled in, these dachas saved many Soviet citizens from starvation.

You rarely saw any brown people. Despite being multicultural, the USSR kept strict internal migration controls. Only a few watermelon salesmen from Azerbaijan would be found in the marketplace hawking their wares. And if you were from the major metropolises, your internal passport let you travel just about everywhere. Implicit White Privilege if ever there was such a thing.

(But I guess the USSR’s widget production was inefficient, so the whole project was obviously evil.)

And the proto-SWPLs of Soviet society HATED that aspect of life. They wanted to live and schmooze with people of their own sort, not have a mailman or a truck driver as their neighbor. God, how they wanted the USSR to fall so that they could join their peers in the West with their red convertibles and blue jeans. How these Soviet liberals agitated for its collapse. And now, with the fall of Communism, and the recovery from the 90’s in full-swing, they can finally start doing that. They can finally self-segregate like all their well-to-do peers in the West have already done. They’ll vote Liberal because that’s what they already do and that’s what the upper-middle class always does. Anything to spite the proles with their disgusting nationalistic impulses.

And that’s when Russia will really go to shit. When they finish building these gated communities that is. Then these people will be able to check out of Russian society for good and sink the damn boat for everyone else with their virtue-signaling. Just like they’re doing in the West.

Migrant crime won’t effect them there. And then they’ll have no need for Nationalism. A dead old Russian man in some paradnaya arc will never be enough to make them lift a finger. They have more important things to think about. Like that vacation to Italy, and those English classes for their budding Bobo-to-be son. Anything to prove that they’re Yuropeeeen and not like those disgusting Russian rubes that vote Putin or god-forbid vote Nationalist and give them all a bad name.


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  • This DIVERSITY argument got it upside down.

    It wasn’t Diversity that made the West great. It was unity and solidarity, which become frayed with diversity.

    After all, the US became a superpower BEFORE the mass immigration beginning in 1965.
    And UK was a great power before any non-white immigration.
    And Japan and Germany became giant economies without or before immigration.

    Instead of diversity making those nations rich, it was their richness that attracted diversity.

    After all, if whites had utterly failed to build an economy and stable order in the US, would diverse peoples from all over the world want to go there?

    No one comes to the US or any Western nation for diversity. They go there for the wealth and success and rule of law. After all, if diversity is the main attraction, why shouldn’t immigrants choose Brazil or Venezuela over Canada or Australia? Surely, Latin American nations are more diverse. And why are people running from diverse North Africa to white Sweden? Sweden is cold and has long winters and is still less diverse than North Africa. So, why do people go there if diversity is utopia? Because Sweden is rich and better-run than most societies(until diversity ruins everything).

    Diversity didn’t make America. America attracts diversity because it’s rich. That’s it.

    It’s like a tree. If a tree grows big, it produces lots of fruits. Fruits attract monkeys. Monkeys didn’t make the fruits. The tree did. The monkeys just came to feed on the fruits. It would be fallacious to say ‘Monkeys lead to Big Tree with Fruits’. The tree is tall and hanging with fruits not because of the monkeys. No, the monkey climbed the tree because the fruits were already there. Tree made the fruits, and monkeys came to feed on the fruits. Likewise, diversity didn’t make America. Diversity came to feed on America.

    The real formula for the success of the US was already developed in Northern Europe. America was essentially the extension of the Northern European people, values, culture, and formula. (Later, other Europeans remolded themselves to conform to the Northern Model.) It was unity and solidarity of these peoples and principles that made America. Diversity had nothing to do with it.

    Imagine an alternative founding of the US. Suppose America was settled by every ethnic group in the world in equal representation. So, if the world has, say, 200 ethnic groups, each people compromise only 0.5% of first Americans. So, the first Americans are a crazy quilt of all 200 ethnic groups from Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, etc. It’s truly diverse. Would this kind of nation have amounted to anything? Of course not. But PC diversity freaks would us believe that diversity is the reason for America’s riches and power. It’s just a BS excuse to feed on whitey. By invoking diversity, even peoples who had NOTHING to with American success lay claim on America because they are part of ‘diversity’.

    Because America is now diverse, PC pushes the fallacy that the US is rich and powerful because of diversity. So, we are to believe diversity is the reason for success of America. In fact, Diversity came to feed on the success created by white unity and solidarity. Diversity is Our Parasite.

    Now, one can make a case for blacks and their contribution of labor to the economy. But blacks were only useful when they listened to whitey who knew better. Once blacks got ‘uppity’ and insisted on doing it their way, they messed city after city. And in the end, blacks took far more than gave to the US with their uppity parasitism.

  • You’re falling for the same fallacy that a lot of communists fall for. “The USSR was really white so it must have been great.”

    Let us not accept communist second-best for whites until we have literally no other choice.

    • There is nothing, I repeat, nothing about the USSR that was defensible. This isn’t the first time I’ve read a Russian or Russian-sphere author speak in reverent tones like this. Usually tends to be a Duginist…

  • It’s exceedingly rare that we get a well written informed article about Russia in the West particularly the USA. Thanks for this and I will continue to follow your work as Russia has always been a fascination for me.

  • I don’t get the point of this article.. is it just about migrant crime? You don’t need to find a migrant to fuck you up in Russia, plenty of locals will provide the service free of charge

  • Do you know what the real problem is with the West?
    I mean the real root problem; not the symptoms that are the indicators and correlates of the problem.

    Pathological Altruism
    Misguided Egalitarianism
    Excessive Democracy
    etc, etc, etc.

    These are all symptoms or incidental traits.

    The REAL PROBLEM is that we are TOO FUCKING RICH!!!!
    Every Tom Dick and Harry thinks he is or should be a goddamn aristocrat.
    We have had things so good for so fucking long that everyone seems to have forgotten that they are descended from peasants.

    Guess what you libtard shit-head, your great-great-great grandfather was NOT a duke or or earl. He was a dirt-poor hardworking farmer. He got his hands dirty and calloused, he put his muscles into his work, he loved his country and most of all, he was NOT a snob to the members of his tribe.

    So, you know what the West needs to be saved?
    Something REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD to happen.
    It could be any of the following:

    -Economic Disaster: but not like the Great Depression, that is not bad enough. We need people to actually starve to death.

    -A super bad and long war: Something like WWI or WWII is not even enough. It needs to be long and disastrous with hardly any families escaping death. And, it would be even better if we survived the war only after being invaded and occupied with unimaginable destruction and death.

    -A super bad civil war: but not like 1861-65. It needs to be like the Spanish Civil War. There needs to be fighting almost everywhere with no defined front lines. Everyone needs to be hurt by the war.

    (I think this third option is the most likely to happen and fortunately would be the best medicine. Since it would almost certainly be a racial war It would force all White Americans to take sides and we could finally have our fate determined one way or another.)

  • The clean-up starting 2014 has been largely economy driven with the ruble depreciating from 30 per $1 to 60+. Did not make sense for many Uzbek’s and tajiks to send money home to their local families. The sanctions hurt liquidity and construction sites dried up.

    To see a dindu with a local whore, you really have to go to one of the cosmopolitan or Latin dance clubs in Moscow. High end clubs do not allow dindus in. Amazingly, how dindus dry out with the Russian winter even around the dorms of patrisa lumumba.

    Most people from the Caucuses area are relatively well off and motorized. They have been replaced in metro and on the streets by central Asians.

  • Interesting Read…..

    Thanks, Vincent……

    When’s your first Alt-Right Novel coming out??

    Full of Alt-Right Romance, Danger, Escape, Mystery, and Salvation??

    Look forward to it……

    You’re a Very Talented Writer………

  • Under Putin Russia has the 2nd largest illegal immigrant population in the world ( USA is no 1)…He jails nationalists, revisionists, and floods white areas ( think Kalingrad ) with darkies, while he schmoozes with Chabad Zionists…..He is not one of us.

    • The number of illegals is not as large as it used to be. Yes, the current regime favors the migrants from the former SU. But there also tons of Belorussians, Ukrainians and Moldovans working in Russia. Annexing Crimea and taking 1 mil refugees from Donbass did not add any darkies.

      • Can anyone confirm that illegals are routinely rounded up and deported without any legal recourse. I sure hope that is true but it is Russia, so who knows?

        • During certain periods the immigration enforcement is pursued rigorously, during others it’s lax control. The difference is that Russians actually guard their border and most illegals are overstayers.

          • Thanks, I thought it was something like that. Different country but I know an American guy who has lived in Ukraine for 10 years or so without proper documents. He was even caught once, went to court, charmed the female judge and she let him go and told him to get his docunents in order.

  • Evidently, Putin has done nothing to prevent migration of swarthy Muslims into the heart of Russia and Russia’s cities. I have long thought that Russia’s wars to control Chechnya were foolish. Chechnya has no wealth, and the Chechens are never going to create any wealth for Russia. Russia fought for Chechnya out of a foolish sense of geographical nationalism. Russians (especially Putin) think the greatness of a country comes from its borders looking particularly expansive on a map. The greatness of a country actually comes from the productivity and innovative capacity of its people. Resource poor nations like Japan, and small, resource poor countries like Switzerland are still influential because of the powerful economies and creative cultures of their respective people. Russia would have been much better off if it had jettisoned the former Muslim regions of the Soviet Union. Those regions have nothing to offer the European people of Russia.

    • Well if there is one White nation that might round them up and deport them that is Russia, Putin or not.

    • Russia is dependent on the oil in the Muslim regions. They’ll never give that up.

      Also, Russia is not really a nation any more than America is. What is “Russian” is not based on blood or heritage but rather people simply self-identifying as Russian.

      This is probably the best series of articles alt righters can read on Russia. It’s a dissection of a book called “Prison of the Nation: The Russian Perspective on Russia” by Alexiey Shiropayev.

      The basic gist is that “Russia” has always been a geopolitical project at odds with the true Russian people, the Rus, who are White. The aims and goals of “Russia” have always been mongrelization, Asiatic tyranny, and mindless expansion. Shiropayev asserts that at its heart, the Russian project was always anti-White, even under the Tsars, who had no problems installing Asiatics in positions of power to rule over Rusyns.

      It’s a long read but very edifying.

      • There is such a thing as a natural resources curse. Countries rich in natural resources tend not to develop value added industries.

  • White nationalists can not win without white elites, but I would not be so pessimistic about winning the majority of white elites over to white nationalism. (I’m not so sure about a “traditional worldview,” whatever that means.) White elites are rather intelligent, if naive. They have had very little contact with blacks and browns, and their only understanding of black and brown culture comes from the media and Hollywood. White elites must be educated on what it is like to live in close proximity to blacks and browns, and to have to send your kids to school with blacks and browns. We must explain to rich whites that when the blacks and browns are the majority, there will be no where to run, no where to hide. The mud people will control taxation, regulation, education, i.e., every aspect of public life. And the blacks and browns will use all the power of the government to disadvantage white people, while they advantage themselves.

    • White nationalists can not win without white elites, but I would not be
      so pessimistic about winning the majority of white elites over to white

      White nationalism is not a complete and working political system. Our more affluent people do not want National Socialism or Communism, and are slowly realizing that democracy is a dead end. We need to pitch them something as safe and prosperous as democracy, but without the insanity.

      • White Americans (including most affluent whites) have already moved 80% to the altright side. Most white Americans voted against Obama because a black man in charge scared them, even though the white alternatives were probably worse. Most top Republicans are neocons, and Republican Ayn Rand economics are not in the best interests of the vast majority of whites. The altright just has to convince whites that they should not listen to the people screaming “racist” at them. There is nothing wrong with supporting your own race. In truth, supporting our own race is the only path to white self-preservation.

  • It’s important to remember that “nationalist” groups in Russia are more often than not (((front))) groups for the US and world Jewry. Believe it or not but the US doesn’t use leftist groups in Eastern Europe nearly as much as it uses putatively “right-wing” or “fascist” groups. So when you see “nationalists” or “fascists” getting locked up in Russia, don’t automatically feel bad. Chances are a good number of them are Jews or working directly for the US government.

    This will make a lot of people unhappy, but the vast majority of Ukrainian “nationalist” movements are like this. That’s why the “””fascist””” Ukrainians immediately proceeded to install Jews in all positions of power after they toppled Yanukovich on behalf of the US Jews who funded their “revolution”.

    • It is inaccurate to dismiss Ukrainian nationalism. Ukrainians do see themselves as a separate ethnic group from Russians. The Ukrainian language is distinct from Russian. I have read that hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have fled from eastern Ukraine to Poland because they very much do not want to live under Russian domination.

  • “pro-Putin nationalists from the Rodina party” — this is very funny. ? There is no such thing as “pro-Putin nationalists”. “Rodina” members just get paid for their “activity”.

    “Sputnik i Pogrom people were some of the weakest on the JQ” — this is not weakness, S&P doesn’t pay much attention to JQ considering it a kind of overrated conspiracy theory.

    “A lot of them are just racist liberals” — they have never concealed the fact that some of them have classic liberal views along with Russian nationalist. But you are wrong calling them “racists”, they don’t write about race and racial question a lot.

    “I gotta say, even Putin’s party seemed decent.” — yes, a bunch of criminals with a serious part of ethnic minorities wearing gold guns seems to be very decent. ?

    “There was no Dindus with White women or people in Hijabs in the propaganda effort.” — we don’t have Dindus because we didn’t have black slavery, but there is a lot of Hijabs on our streets and our schools, and you can’t speak against it because you end up in jail or you will be killed by Putin’s party members from Islamic regions of Russia.

    “Functionally, Putin was promoting pro-White policies.” — Yeah, tell this to the Russians from the South of the country and the Far East populated with Chinese. ?

    “And no, Russia’s rising birthrate isn’t due to Muslims.” — yes, it is. The migration process plus the high birthrate in the Islamic republics funded from the Russian budget by Putin. I personally was on the South a week ago: less Russian faces and more Hijubs. But hey, there is no Dindus (there were a little, to be honest, at beaches). ?

    “In general, there are two types of Nationalists in Russia, those that support Putin and those that don’t.” — Wrong. There are those who support the final solution of the Ukrainian question and the Russian irredenta, and those who don’t (hence they are automatically become someone else that Russian nationalists) and neither of them supports Putin. The people who you call “Russia nationalists” are just soviet patriots.

    “but the provinces will back up Putin no matter what. To be fair, he has done a lot of good for them.” — here you are right, they are very thankful to Putin (unfortunately just several provinces)

    “Probably the regime fears a Maidan scenario. Liberals protesting corruption for the cameras at the front, armed nationalist muscle in the back.” — those “nationalists” who support Ukraine in the conflict are also pro-Navalny, the real Russian nationalists support Russian people and not that soviet-liberal fake leader choice. But I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that the Russian nationalists will make a deal with others to overthrow Putin, because it will give Russian the opportunity to take part in the real political process, create a political party and to be afraid to be thrown in jail.

    Sorry but the article is rather delusional and has little to do with the Russian reality, just like the previous one about Russian nationalists, buy the way.

    Good luck.

  • This does not trigger me.

    I just want to say that the usual “Russia did this, Ukraine did this, no but Russia did this, but no Ukraine did this” arguments are ok with me, as are all the nationalist points of contention. Whites have been fighting each other for centuries, that itself was never the threat to Western civilization. What is absolutely the red line of all red lines is in any of these nationalist debates somebody wants to form closer relations with the US or EU regimes to beat some other rival. These regimes are absolutely anti white and should be seen as an enemy by anyone who is pro white.

  • This has to be one of the most interesting and thought provoking essays that has ever published.

  • S&P blocking is certainly bad news, but it was to be expected. Strange that id did held out for so long considering their, well, unfavorable view of Putin and the like.

  • Let’s not glorify any aspect of Jewish Bolshevism, even if things improved after Stalin dealt with them. It will simply confuse people.

    • I think the author was simply trying to show the differences between then and now by juxtaposing the two extremes. I don’t think he’s glorifying communism. The dirt under the finger nails for example: no one would seriously argue that this is a good habit or something to be proud of. Good hygiene is something to be proud of, worker or non-worker.

      • He compared the Soviet Union to Sparta, which is viewed favorably by the Right, whereas Athens is seen as decadent. I think Vincent is generally correct, that a nuanced view of the effects of Communism is most accurate. I just don’t see the value in spreading it around. Most people on the Right appreciate the order and heirarachy of any totalitarian state, so we could find nice things to say about all but the most petty tyrannies.

        • I see what you mean. When I read that paragraph I interpreted the comparison to be specifically in regards to the democratic or socialistic ethos (which was the premise of the sentence), as opposed to the actual USSR itself as a whole. I understand your point though.

        • I’m sure most people who read the AltRight think Hitler was the only anti-Semite political leader in Germany. Or, that Athens didn’t have a navy. Or that Solzhenitsyn really didn’t understand Communism-Socialism.

          • This idiot never has any point, it’s all projection by Krafty Wurker since a Priest fiddled him when he was an altar boy.

          • Nobody has ever said that Hitler was the only anti-semite in Germany. The JQ used to be mainstream and common knowledge pretty much wherever you found whites. Europeans have been giving Jews the boot since 139 BC. We’re long overdo for another expulsion.

    • At least liberals in the West are pro-American against Russia and Assad.

      liberals here on the other hand roll over and join in the Western liberals’ condemnation of their country in the hopes of getting a pat on the head.

      • Liberals in America are pro-gay marriage, pro Hillary Clinton, pro brown people and pro tranny, not pro “America” in my experience.

        • Right, they support America as long as it is functioning as a part of the (((Globo-Homo–Empire)))

          They want to destroy red state America

          • Yup, they would gladly sacrifice every White American male for their above political agenda.

      • But they are only “pro-America” and anti-Russia because all of a sudden it’s convenient and because this has become doctrinal for American Democrats at this point. This is virtually the only situation they’ll act patriotic but it’s not real. They have no real feelings about it, it’s just an easy way for them to score political points against Trump. They simply follow the directions of the media and that’s about it.

        This comparison doesn’t really mean anything. Russian liberals essentially have to be pro-West because the rest of society is so nationalistic. They’re not any more awful than Western liberals are, they just sympathise with others that share their political worldview – and those people just happen to be Westerners. It’s virtually the same situation with Western nationalists Vis-à-vis Russia. The two national situations are essentially inverted in a fashion.

  • A funny thing happened when they eliminated the bourgeoisie, you immediately had an incredibly illiberal society. You got a deeply patriotic and war-like society. The military got the best of everything and money wasn’t as important as having a rank in society.

    See, you could have a lot of money, but you still wouldn’t be able to buy that car you wanted. But the officer who just got promoted to colonel would get it for free. If you were a foreman or something similar, you got a nice apartment in the city. People took pride in having dirt under their fingernails at one point as it meant that they were proletariat, not merchants or shopkeepers.

    I make no secret of my dislike for middle-class values, but the solution is not prole society, but an aristocracy. The USSR failed, as you recall, after leaving behind an environmental crisis and a shattered country. The Alt Right will fail if it chases the egalitarian dream as well. We are hierarchy, not equality.

    • Aristocracy of merit not spoilt sh..heads like you will still find in many European nations, and you will find said spoilt sh..heads supporting the entire SJW agenda.

        • I don’t think there was a conscious evolution to a meritocracy in the USA, but, unfortunately that’s the way it has more, or less worked out. There’s a lot of criticism of the Jews here on AltRight, and, if any group has foisted a meritocracy on us it’s the Jews.

          • It’s not black and white, because many leaders of the American Revolution were Southern aristocrats, but the propaganda of the time clearly attacks Britain and the Old World as being an evil aristocracy. So the idea is intrinsic to the American experiment.

          • Successful farmers would be more like it. Property in the US was cents on the dollar, and in many, if not most cases free.

          • If you wanted to brave the wilderness in Kentucky perhaps, not in Virginia, and the more developed colonies.

          • Property in Virginia is still relatively cheap today, outside of the Washington metroplex.

          • What? The areas outside Washington are the richest in the whole country. I find that shocking, but maybe you know more.

          • Two, three, five cents an acre. Property in the US is still relatively cheap. Of course your folks were potato niggers back in Europe at the time.

          • If you hate the Irish and other Celts then you have to hate your own nation. Good luck with that.

          • They were only opposed to the British aristocracy because they weren’t being given respect as equal parts of it. The founders had no problem with local aristocracy though.

          • Wrong. Jews foisted an artistocracy of money on us. Their nepotism on full display as they take over institution after institution.

          • As usual you are talking out your Roman Catholic ass. Your church is an aristocracy starting with your infallible Pope at the top and working down through you Cardinals, Bishops, Priests all owing allegiance to their supreme leader. LOL.

          • And Calvin (Cohen) and Cromwell (who brought the Jews back to the British Isles) judaized you. It’s why you whorship money and material..It’s call Mammon. Look it up.

          • Actually the Pope appropriated much of his authority and symbols and even name from Cesar. It was a degeneration even way back then of the religious function seeking power. Religion has no place in politics so maybe you should leave it out to. Kings rule not priests.

          • That makes no sense at all. America was founded as a meritocracy and it was precisely Jews that destroyed the traditional American meritocracy, although they did have some help.

        • Whatever semantics you want to use, just that we have the best people ruling us. Not mob rule and not an aristocracy of money like we had had since what? The commercial revolution and merchantilism embodied in England and its colonies.

          • Rule by military class would probably most closely align with Alt-Right ideals.

          • I work in a Communist country and it is rule by military and turning into or already is National Socialism. They threw out the communist nonsense.

          • Yes once the revolutionary fervor dies out. We don’t have fag parades and drugs culture and the like where I work.

          • A warrior “aristocracy” is the kind of thing that might emerge naturally, through a happening. It would probably be ok for a while, until the aristocrats degenerated.

            Artificially engineering one using today’s / tomorrow’s generals seems ridiculous though. Just look at them.

          • Not really.

            Evola proposes a return to traditional society, complete with monarchy/aristocracy and a caste system.

            This is aristocracy, not timarchy.

          • Evola clearly states that the Warrior caste should rule. Read Revolt Against the Modern World.

          • Bonapartism? Hasn’t had a great record. Franco and Pinochet are more the exceptions than the rule.

          • Bonapartism refers to something else. It is when a leader subverts a revolution and bends it towards his own aims. Its a derogatory term used for leaders like Napolean and Stalin by Trotskyites mostly.

          • So a military upstart seizes control of the state. That wouldn’t make sense in the US, where the military is a large affirmative action program. Perhaps in an ethnostate, you could some kind of military government.

          • There is no real Praetorian guard in the states, and the military has a history of never interfering with politics. That’s more relevant than the Diversity.

          • I’m just talking about theory here. Of course, the US doesn’t have a Republican Guard.

          • In theory, one class of elites needs to up and overthrow another. That seems to be the American and English way.

          • You have the Judeo-Cons vs whatever is left of the old guard Pentagon, JCS, and Dod I suppose.

            Or better yet, you have the new rising Silicon Valley elite starting to throw its weight around.

            Like Zuckerberg.

          • You AltRight ideals not mine. The military is always universalist, not identitarian.

      • what kind of merit?

        Do you have some system in mind that would select for the Donald Trump kind of merit, rather than the Erich Schmidt kind of merit?

        • Since I’m pretty sure we will not return to the feudal system but remain in the modern world for the forseeable future, then a society of rank like what the author wrote of in the soviet system. Military leaders, scientists, philosophers and so on and they would not get their position based on birth but on worthiness. On talent, intelligence, bravery, and so on.

          Businessmen like Donald Trump should be on the bottom like their always were in Traditional societies.

      • Meritocracy tends to reward those who conform to an educational system and its testing requirements.

        Aristocracy rewards quality genetics, and most aristocrats are not in any way Leftist, but cannot say that in public.

    • So, what traits will this aristocracy be based on?

      And can you name some people who would make good aristocrats?

      I ask because NRX weighed in on aristocracy back before the election, and they picked a lot of smart people… who are on the wrong side and obviously mean harm to the historic American nation.. or at least don’t feel any sense of noblesse oblige towards it, but want to treat it as a disposable economic unit.

      I recall NRX wanting to hand the nation over to Eric Schmidt, the guy who ended up visiting the Obama whitehouse 18 times and collaborating with Obama extensively.

      Meanwhile, the normie cons, who are by all accounts intellectually mediocre and cringeworthy… found us a leader who, despite his flaws, does seem willing to sacrifice for the nation… and has a long track record of saying at least some of the right things.

      • NRx is an anti-white movement started by a Jew. NRx exists precisely to brain-drain the pro-white movement and co-opt high IQ White men into intellectual masturbation and turn them into Israel-first cuckolds.

        We need an “Alt Right” type movement, except for White Americans. A movement that is intellectually solid while also appealing to the middle-brow/middle class non-academics. Populism proper can come later, get the middle-brow/middle class on board and the populism will follow.

        NRx and “Trad Catholic” movements are the main impediments to a genuine pro-White American renaissance – they are even more of an obstacle than the silly “Alt Lite” (((Rebel Media))) astro-turfers.

        • Agree re: NRX and Trad Cat

          Agree that there is still an opening for a prominent Alt-Right site that is more “traditional American” in terms of its appeal

          I can’t really blame the existing people for not filling that role though, it’s hard to avoid becoming alienated from America during the red pillling process. But we need to bridge that gap to bring more people over.

          • This article and the author’s comment shows that the same thing happens in Russia – dissident always tend to alienate themselves from their own country while idolizing foreigners – hence, the Chinese guy that just died that hated China while sucking up to Europe, and the Russian liberals who hate Russia but love the West/America. Of course foreign countries love to support such dissidents in rival countries (i.e., Germany supporting Lenin.)

            Richard Spencer, a rich American WASP with an Episcopalian background would be a great leader for such a movement, but as he has a Russian wife and child I guess his future is elsewhere. We have the Southern Nationalists – which are great and I support them 100% – but they are too regional, we need a pro-White movement that includes all of the USA and probably Canada as well.

            I’m not a Freemason but I keep up with their developments, and I think it’s a possibility we could recruit leadership from there. They have a long pro-White tradition that is under attack and there are plenty of classic Enlightenment liberals that embrace modern science and evolutionary naturalism, which is what we need – not “Throne & Altar” LARPing and pretending to be Crusaders from the 12th Century.

          • I wonder where the non-hyphenated Americans end up in the current movement?

            My guess is split between Alt-Lite / semi-Patriotard stuff and then 14/88 once they get fully disillusioned, but that’s just a guess.

          • Dixie is basically America at this point, perhaps it always was. “Non-hyphenated Americans” outside of the South still fly Confederate flags. There’s a lot of “semi-patriotardism” in the Southern Nationalist movement, to be sure, but there are few, if any, “non-hyphenated Americans” of the younger persuasion that are going to go all out for the homosexuality and Jewism of the “Alt Lite.”

            AR is basically WN 3.0, “14/88” was 1.0 and was obsolete by the time 4chan was born 20 years ago. I’m guessing by the end of Trump’s first term and the inevitable disappointment that comes with all Presidencies, we’ll be well on the way to a WN 4.0, that’s what I’m preparing for. I suspect it’s going to be all about de-facto segregation (Brazil style,) high tech, and “exit” as the NRx types say. In fact, among the smarter crowd that the NRx types tend to attract, there is already a lot of impatience with the “muh Israel muh pre-Vatican II” stuff. That’s why I’ve been banned from virtually all NRx platforms, I suspect, because they can’t keep up appearances with some one suggesting the Emperor has no clothes.

          • Billy Roper writes convincingly of the coming Balkanization, which is basically a more realistic view of NRx-style exit.

            My guess is that people will look at Brazil and the Confederacy and realize that “exit” is not viable, and that our only option is to recapture leadership in our countries, and that it is more attainable than is popular to think.

          • NRx “exit” tends to be institutional – and psychological – more than geographical, at least above the neighborhood level.

            But I’m all for capturing the leadership – which is why I constantly warn about the anti-White NRx movement which is attempting to capture the leadership and turn it even more anti-White and pro-Jew. At the end of the day you are far more of a threat than a clown like Gavin McInnis.

          • Oh, wow.. A comment from KSigMason. What a coincidence, I know this particular mason from frequenting conspiracy boards a few years ago. Struck me as typical of their kind, involved in a pseudo-mystical society but with zero understanding of actual spiritual realities. Completely clueless yet love to pretend like they’re authorities.

            I haven’t come across a Mason yet that didn’t strike me as utterly mediocre. It’s a good scheme but Masonry isn’t what it used to be.

            His every response was as formulaic and trite as you’d expect. If I used Twitter I’d be in full-on assault mode by now. It’s right about now I wish I had whole troll armies to command.

          • dissidents always tend to alienate themselves from their own country while idolizing foreigners

            Leftists always hate the majority and its standards.

          • Recruiting leadership from the freemasons – or even just adopting a few of their symbols – would be a great way to force a schism between ourselves and the TradCaths. The TradCath crowd tends to want different things than us and I think it will soon be time to part ways with them. Or they can put racial issues first and stop obsessing over their religion. The choice is theirs.

          • @Arthur Vickstrom

            The American Masons are under full frontal assault by SJWs right now, I’ve documented it here:


            There is a full court press to get the Masons to stop being “waysis” and “homophobic” and even the Shriners are being attacked for … I’m not making this up … “cultural appropriation of Turkish symbols.”

            The old timer Masons are having none of it, but know they are going to lose everything if they don’t get the younger men involved – but so far most of the younger men joining are SJW anti-whites whining that their “gay and black friends don’t feel welcome in our lodge” because of “old racists.”

            I’ve started a minor shit-storm on Reddit and Twitter by outing the SJWs doing this – they are now warning that “White Supreeeeemacists” are joining lodges and must … be … stopped!

            I have no problem with Catholics at all – the “Trad Caths” you see on these forums are just trolls faking it for attention. The Evangelical Israel-loving bible-thumpers are also anti-Mason. The actual superstitious nutjobs that think the Freemasons are secretly run by Bnai Brith – well, all I can say is they call me a conspiracy theorist?

            Besides, there are three main branches of Masons. French/Continental, which are essentially SJWs already, they have women – they are a minority. The Nordic Masons are fully Christian and already based. The Anglo-American Masons are up for grabs.


          • Agree that there is still an opening for a prominent Alt-Right site that is more “traditional American” in terms of its appeal

            They’re out there. They are just not as popular as those which meme to the internet audience.

            I would recommend as a start looking at the work of Hunter Wallace, Stephen Clay McGehee and perhaps my own 25-year oeuvre.

        • We need an “Alt Right” type movement, except for White Americans. A
          movement that is intellectually solid while also appealing to the
          middle-brow/middle class non-academics.

          I agree wholeheartedly and write frequently about this topic.

          To my mind, it makes sense to view Neoreaction as a type of libertarianism.

          It, like Anarcho-Capitalism and Anarcho-Monarchism, is a partial solution.

          The big important point is to get rid of modern government by removing its justification, egalitarianism.

          • I put you in the “NRx” category, you attempt to protect Jews by blaming anti-white policies on “egalitarianism.” “Egalitarianism” isn’t the cause nor source of anti-whiteness. Maybe “egalitarianism” is a problem – maybe it isn’t. But it’s not the cause of anti-whiteness. The Jewish elite is the primary financial and intellectual core of the anti-white movement.

        • “NRx and “Trad Catholic” movements are the main impediments to a genuine pro-White American renaissance – they are even more of an obstacle than the silly “Alt Lite” (((Rebel Media))) astro-turfers.”

          NRx Monarchists and Trad Catholics are a tiny subset of the Alt Right/WN and can’t even begin to match the influence of ZioCuck entryists like McInnes who seek to place whites into the Civic Nationalist cul de sac. You have obvious problems with NRx and Trad Catholics and are projecting greater strength to those movements than they actually have. Both are tiny and irrelevant.

          The Alt Right is an American movement. I don’t know if you paid any attention to the last election but middle of the road politics which appeals to the Bourgeoisie is dying in America and populism on the left and the right is the future. There will be more candidates like Bernie and Trump. This isn’t 1962 or even 1985 when America had a strong, healthy white middle class and expecting a white middle class renaissance seems doomed to failure. The best strategy is to utilize Populist red meat.

          • (((Rebel Media))) doesn’t have the staying power that NRx and Trad Catholicism does. (((Rebel Media))) may be a mile wide – but it’s an inch deep. They are nothing but a media company after all. No one “converts” to (((Rebel Mediaism))) and even Milo’s fans – if he has any – just think of him as an entertainer.

            Meanwhile, the real intellectual heft is being co-opted by the NRx movement – just read sometimes – while the Trad Catholics spend all their time attacking “Prots” and all Whites that aren’t posturing as religious. E. Michael Jones is well worth reading but he brags about having personally attempted to turn David Duke and Kevin MacDonald away from White identity – Jones – like all Catholics – is anti-White in word and deed.

            I have no idea why you are counter-signaling me about populism – I’m all for populism – but Trump is an elite – populism tends to be run by elites behind the scenes. Besides, my civil society strategy can actually form the basis for an actual populist movement, while online trolling cannot.

          • No one cares about NRx or Trad Catholics, you’re seriously overestimating their influence within WN and the culture at large. These are just dumb pissing contests no one outside the movement thinks about. Ask yourself this, will Latin Mass Catholics or Monarchists ever cross over and have mass appeal to the wider culture like the Alt Right has? Of course not. Their ideas are too absurd and rooted in the past to ever take root.

            Rebel Media and the ZioCucks are tied to Trump. If Trump does well, they grow. If Trump is a disaster, they go the way of the neocons and wander in the desert for 40 years. Most people don’t care about depth and facts. It’s why Mr. “Mile Wide and inch deep” WJ Bryan had such an enduring following. It’s why Trump is President. Lauren Southern is hot. Gavin McInnes is funny. So they have huge followings, much greater than some well read WN intellectual figure can hope for.

            You ignore the fact that the American white middle class is in decline. It’s great to rebuild fraternal organizations. However, that alone will not fix the shrinking middle class. The bourgeoisie is not going to return to greatness due to severe economic pressure.

            Trump is an elitist. So was Jackson. So what? Obviously an elitist populist can succeed. Just because Trump has been a dumpster fire as President doesn’t mean another elitist Populist can’t come along and be more like Jackson and less like Trump.

            No one mentioned online trolling. But the internet and social media are the public sphere now and online trolling clearly has its place.

          • is a “populist” social media site – and it’s bigger than CNN. It was actually created, and it’s run, by elites. The masses will follow the trends that the elites set for them – that’s how the system works. That’s why NRx is dangerous – it’s recruiting an elite that, if successful, will move the masses which way they want.

            The masses can organize themselves and work in their own interests, through popular organizations. Which of course I’m always plugging, to the chagrin of the usual suspects who apparently hate the idea of average people organizing themselves in their own interests.

            If the middle class is indeed shrinking, that is even MORE reason for the formerly middle class, and the current working class, to join those fraternal organizations – of which labor unions are one type, as in the “Brotherhood of Teamsters” – surely you have heard of them?

            “IRL” institutions are a bulwark against media manipulation. It’s amusing that some are not complaining about “IRL” organizations only because I’m suggesting it.

          • The Unions are dying, I’m pro old school white union workers, but they’re a thing of the past.

          • No, the unions are already dead. Now it’s time to reinvent them. Organization isn’t something that just goes away, it’s a built in feature of human existence.

          • LOL… Sides with Jews over Catholics…

            Calls Catholics “anti-white.”

            Wonders why people hate WASPs.

          • No. I describe myself as Italian-Canadian, not White-Canadian. I don’t define myself by my skin pigmentation. Skin colour is not an adequate foundation for an identity. Neither is nationality, once it opens up its doors to anybody who wants in. Italian has substance to it and actually describes what I am. Catholic has substance to it and actually describes who I am. “White” is how my enemies define me. Not how I define myself. Someone like you who is 10+ generations deep in America, is American. Canadian is inadequate for me, and a lot of other post-WWII immigrants and their offspring.

            You just said that (((the Rebel))) was less of a threat to WN than TradCat’s. You defend Lauren Southern all the time who built her name at a blatantly Jewish and Zionist media outlet. Gavin McInnis punches in our direction all the time, the Proud Boys bad mouth us all the time, and you’d rather spend your time punching at TradCats, than actual enemies. You sir, are a clown.

          • You’re the one that said the “old rivalries” will reappear – and you, apparently, are doing everything you can to make sure that Whites fight among themselves – including using a Jew line that White is “just a skin color.”

            “You just said that (((the Rebel))) was less of a threat to WN than TradCat’s”

            It is – no one takes (((Rebel Media))) seriously – it’s a Jew front group. While people – like you, personally, use Trad Catholicism as a way to attack Whites – I mean, you just did it, just now, in this very thread.

            You took a break from telling a blatant and stupid like that I was “siding with Jews” – in a thread where I spent ten comments warning about Jews – then admitted you hate White “Prots.”

            You’re anti-white – I mean, you are literally being anti-white right now.

          • The comment sections of this website prove my point about old rivalries. White people as one group is a fairly recent phenomena and only became a thing when lots of actual non-whites entered the equation. Before that Italians and the Irish were “the niggers of Europe” to your ancestors. Once all the darkies are removed from the equation its logical to assume that different European groups will go right back to bickering with each other over their differences which really haven’t gone away. They just seem less drastic in the context of current year Weimerica.

            You literally said that all Catholics are anti-white. I never see you flame Krafty Wurker for constantly taking jabs at Catholics. As soon as a Catholic says anything about their religion, there you are calling them “anti-white LARPers.” Your bias is obvious.

          • YOU prove you own point about old rivalries because it is YOU that is constantly trying to start fights among Whites.

            Thankfully you’re fighting a losing battle, there’s more White solidarity than ever and you are never, ever going to get your wish of another Brother’s War.

            So keep LARPing if it makes you feel better, you will fail, and are failing, at dividing Whites.

            “I never see you flame Krafty Wurker for constantly taking jabs at Catholics.”

            Because he’s a stupid troll that no one takes seriously.

            “As soon as a Catholic says anything about their religion, there you are calling them “anti-white LARPers.”

            Do you ever even attempt to tell the truth? The only time people like you pretend to be religious is when you can use your fake religion to attack other White people. You don’t even believe in Catholicism, you just use it to attack “Prots” and “WASPs” and Anglos – just like a Jew.

          • Your literally the only regular commenter here that I find myself arguing with constantly… I’m trying to start a “brother” war, while all you do is punch to your right and defend people to your left.

            “So keep LARPing if it makes you feel better, you will fail, and are failing, and dividing Whites.”

            WTF does this even mean. You say that I’m trying to divide whites and that I’m failing at doing so, and then in the same sentence tell me that I’m dividing whites. Sh*t doesn’t make sense man.

            To be clear I’m not trying to divide whites. The reality is there are many different kind of whites, and we should be proud of our differences. I’m against whites being molded into one entity. The truth is, you will always feel more confortable around other WASP’s and I will always feel more comfortable around people of Southern European descent. Thats just the reality. You constantly seem frustrated that white people have not molded into what you expect them to be, rather than just letting them be who they are. It’s lame.

          • Yes, you are constantly biting my ankles and are obsessed with me. I go out of my way to ignore you but you won’t give me the same courtesy. How sad for you.

          • I’m glad Christianity is all but dead in Sweden. Makes the possible resurgence of actual indigenous European spirituality a possibility.

            I look forward to that development.

            Wonderful times, horrible times, interesting times. It’s good to be alive.

          • Christianity is mostly dead in America too, to be honest. There is still a sort of “American Southern” kind of rump Christianity, often called “Evangelical” but even those people are really just “Christian” in a traditional sense, and they tend to be socially conservative.

        • Nice to see someone pointing out the NRx charade. I’d love to see post an article dismantling NRx’s nonsense.

      • So, what traits will this aristocracy be based on?

        Intelligence + moral character, as it always is. Let me share some words from Arthur S:

        “With our knowledge of the complete unalterability both of character and of mental faculties, we are led to the view that a real and thorough improvement of the human race might be reached not so much from outside as from within, not so much by theory and instruction as rather by the path of generation. Plato had something of the kind in mind when, in the fifth book of his Republic, he explained his plan for increasing and improving his warrior caste. If we could castrate all scoundrels and stick all stupid geese in a convent, and give men of noble character a whole harem, and procure men, and indeed thorough men, for all girls of intellect and understanding, then a generation would soon arise which would produce a better age than that of Pericles.”

        “If you want Utopian plans, I would say: the only solution to the problem is the despotism of the wise and noble members of a genuine aristocracy, a genuine nobility, achieved by mating the most magnanimous men with the cleverest and most gifted women. This proposal constitutes my Utopia and my Platonic Republic.”

    • Aristocracy will fail because you can’t guarantee quality over generations. Ultimately the aristocracy has as much disdain for the average person as the globalists. They will do what’s in their best interest.

      • Well when the average person is a degenerate, low IQ lemming it’s hard not to have disdain for them. A benevolent elite is necessary to guide the commoners.

      • You cannot guarantee anything over time. You can only do what works best. Democracy has steered us into self-destruction. The aristocracy at least protected us from that.

      • If you tie the aristocrat’s interest to the proles well being, you’ve solved the problem.

        • The Corporate (not corporations) Medieval Period is a good example. Folks have to look into it. Look into things like everyday life and festivals and the sharing of resources (rights to water, fire wood, the commons, etc…), the lack of the idea of work, total private property and so on.

    • The soloution is to destroy the economy and everlasting war. A destroyed economy will drive out the majority of the invaders and everlasting war will fuse the classes together.

    • The soloution is everlasting war, as the societies of the hunter gatherers. When real danger is always present the classes are fused together.

    • Plato’s theoretical “dictatorship of the philosophers” couldn’t own property or wealth. Neither could the military. The problem isn’t aristocracy and corruption, it’s the form of aristocracy, or what quality makes them aristocrats. If it’s wealth, you’re guaranteed plutocracy, corruption, and all the rest. Truth (philosophers), justice (the military), or wealth (workers and their plutocratic masters), which one should rule the other two?

      • Like Dumziel’s Tripartite structure. But I am not sure about philosophers on top which sounds a lot like priests. In our oldest traditions the warriors were on top.

        Then again it sounds a lot like Odin (the law), Thor (the enforcer) and Freya/Frey (the economy…farming, fertility of herds etc…

        The question is who is on top of the pyramid? The warriors king or the priest king. The Celts apparently had the philosophers on the top in the Druid priesthood. The oldest Vedic text tell us the warriors ruled in the Kasitras, later to be replaced by the the priests, the Brahmins.

        Who should rule?

        • Or in the Medieval Tradition; King, Nobles and Knights, and then the Economy. Then we know the King was a Warrior King and not a philosopher. He was often illiterate. He led his people in battle and often died a hero’s death in battle.

          I’m not sure. Philosopher King or Warrior King?

  • How’s Russian media? My sense is that pretty much everyone in Russia understand the JQ on the appalling “American” media, “Hollywood movies”. No one, not even these Russian liberals in gated communities wants Russian media to be like CNN, MSNBC, Saturday Night Live, the Negro Felon League

      • This explanation breaks down when you look at the united states where the people did not vote for the vast majority of these changes and voted against many of them, but elite progs forced the issue anyway, using the courts, their control over the institutions, media, education, etc.

        The people are still voting against it, and their efforts are still being sabotaged by the elites.

        Now, I’m not necessarily saying all elites in all history are bad. Just our elites. And lately our elites have been intellectually colonized by a foreign tribe.

        • the people did not vote for the vast majority of these changes and
          voted against many of them, but elite progs forced the issue anyway,
          using the courts, their control over the institutions, media, education,

          Voters do not understand that principles are cumulative. If you demand equality, and then accept racial equality, you will have civil rights laws soon after that.

    • Russian news is 10/10 on geopolitics and on informative docs teaching the public about history.

      But entertainment media is degenerate and internal news is obviously controlled.

    • Russian mainstream media, by large, keeps the state position. Although there are a few outlets like Echo Moskvy that are anti state and run by JQ. Amazingly, the media is fairly free, they just can’t cross the line like Colbert or Kathy Griffin. An equivalent of Griffin would have been long dead by now. Nemtsov did cross the line.

  • Yep.

    The movement to live, talk and think like George Clooney and Mark Zuckerberg or worse Liberation Theology pro Muslim migrant Pope Francis.

    • Seems like the problem we have is that the enemy has unlimited reinforcements. Not only does it have the obvious overseas reinforcements, but it can create domestic reinforcements by damaging people and/or turning them into socially parasitic or harmful elements. Every time progs destroy someone’s psychology, or promote them into a parasitic sinecure… and they create more progs.

      We need to think about structural incentives, and how we can either limit the ability of the enemy to create reinforcements, or even use incentives to create our own reinforcements.

  • A few thoughts:

    1- Why are Slavic societies so prone to maidan-type scenarios? Why are ‘we’ so easily infiltrated and manipulated by outsiders? I’m convinced this is a deep socio-sctructural flaw.

    2- “You got a deeply patriotic and war-like society. The military got the best of everything and money wasn’t as important as having a rank in society.” This instantly reminded me of Prussia. Spengler wrote a great essay on Prussian vs Marxist socialism that spoke about this. To a lesser degree it also reminded me of Japan, which still places a very high importance on social rank despite or lack thereof a person’s wealth.

    3- As for the liberals and their gated communities; “And then they’ll have no need for Nationalism.”, I think this is only partially the case. These people violate a fundamental principle of nationalism. They allow their class to become their nation, at the expense of their actual and whole nation. What this does, in practical effect, is make them foreigners to us, because these “gated ones” now have their own nationalism -that of their gated communities. So you have two competing nationalisms -the “gated Russia” and the real Russia. Their Russia is limited to their gated communities.

    They become like hostile foreign elites; like parasites and traitors; a cancer in the body of the narod -one that is willing to excise the rest of the body from itself.

    You could think of it like letting the ship go to hell, “as long as my cabin stays nice and warm”, or a family being robbed in their house, and one of the family members locking himself in his own room and thinking “I’m the only family I have now, fuck the rest of them”. From our perspective, they are anti-national traitors, but from their perspective, they’ve got a new, more limited and narrow nationalism of their own. This is important to recognize, and is why I specifically called them foreigners (in addition to traitors).

    I hope one day these gated communities will be sealed from the outside and left to starve on the inside.

    • They allow their class to become their nation, at the expense of their actual and whole nation.

      When you perceive that lower classes want you dead, this is what happens.

      • This is not about upper vs lower classes. This is about those who adhere to national integrity and oneness vs those who do not. Self-interested traitors can be found in every class. The manifestation of this sort of anti-national treason just depends on the class in question. The upper class ghettoizes itself, the lower class demands the blood of the rich. Both are wrong.

        Also, as for the lower class wanting the upper class dead; with Russia’s communist history, sure, I get that. But this phenomenon is not unique to Russia -it’s actually worse in the the West. What’s their excuse? Can aracial WASPS really claim the white workers of the US want them dead? Eh, tough sell.

        • Also, as for the lower class wanting the upper class dead; with Russia’s
          communist history, sure, I get that. But this phenomenon is not unique
          to Russia -it’s actually worse in the the West.

          This is the nature of egalitarianism. The lower castes scapegoat the upper for the problems of overpopulation in the lower castes. Russia and the West are both in the grips of egalitarianism. The only way a society can be made is equal is to get rid of those who rise above the average, and take what they have and give it to the below average in a theoretical hope of making them “equal.” France was the first time this played out in recent history.

      • I’ve never met a rich person that wasn’t complete scum. Maybe if they didn’t want people to wish death on them they shouldn’t be the kind of people that deserve death. If I had my way everyone with money would be tortured to death and society would be restructured with martial values and scientific acumen at the top and any hint of liking money pathologized as Jew behaviour.

        • Most “rich” people simply want a life away from diversity and figure there is nothing they can do to affect the outside world. Liking money and aspiring to a good life is not Jewish. Putting that before your people however is.

          • Indeed. Why shouldn’t I live far from diversity if I can? There is nothing noble about subjecting your family to a dangerous non-White environment out of principle.

          • How much “Principle” did you engage in getting your shekels? My guess would be absolutely none, if anything you engaged in scumfuck Jewery to get that money therefore you’re a piece of shit race traitor. Moneyfags get the bullet too.

          • (((Capitalism))) is the same Jewish money obsession as (((communism))), I’m neither. But you my friend are a Jew with your Jewish love of money.

    • “Why are Slavic societies so prone to maidan-type scenarios?”

      Western cargo cultism. The Russian highly educated, upper middle-class is absurdly infatuated with all things Yuropean, and ready to follow any photogenic conman who promises them “European choice” like lemmings.

      “I hope one day these gated communities will be sealed from the outside and left to starve on the inside.”

      Unfortunately, they also happen to be the highest IQ component of any nation. This is why NRx right; if we can’t bring a substantial percentage of the the elites round to our point of view, then our cause is doomed. Class war of any form is ruinous.

      • Western cargo cultism is the obvious answer, but that’s not what I meant. Why are they open to cargo cultism at all, in the first place? Muslims who automatically come to mind, for example, seem immune to it. Why? That’s what I’m trying to figure out. It’s not enough to simply say “because of X”. There have to be deeper reasons why X found fertile ground in the first place. What is this fertile ground? Something here has to be flawed, or missing.

        “Unfortunately, they also happen to be the highest IQ component of any nation”

        -This is where we need to really define what we mean by ‘nation’. Is it ethnicity, or ethnic unity? It is very possible to have the correct ethnicity and be in a state of disunity with the rest of your ethnic group. In such a situation, I don’t think it is any longer a case of class war. I might take a somewhat extreme view on this matter, but ethnicity itself is not a sufficient condition. This point needs to be emphasized. Something more is needed, and those that reject this have in practice discarded their ethnic unity and thus ethnicity for something else. I don’t see these people as ‘us’, irrelevant of their origin or IQ. It seems harsh, but at the same time, giving them a free pass simply because they’re ethnically correct gives them license to do whatever they want while we try and justify their behavior for the sake of a ‘nation’ they have clearly rejected and removed themselves from. In saying that however, I believe many would revert; the ones that remain steadfast to their treason when shit hits the fan in a “choose now” sort of scenario are the ones that I had in mind with the quote about sealing/starving them.
        I’m not familiar enough with NRx thought to really comment on the technical aspect of high-IQ withdrawal, but I always found it very odd that supposed high-IQ types like liberals seem to be attracted to dead-end pathways. They might be smarter than the average man, but they’re apparently not smart enough if they think fortifying themselves while letting the rest of their people go to hell is a winning strategy. All too often I come under the impression that these liberal-IQ types are solidly “middle class” on the intelligence spectrum. I don’t know.

        • I suggest you visit and study Kevin MacDonald’s work on evolutionary psychology. What you’re unwittingly describing is the heritability of psychological traits. Kevin MacDonald’s work has been proven correct time and again with “new”
          discoveries on genetics of ancient and proto-Europeans. Much of our morality is ingrained. We see this time and again with twin studies. Expand that relationship to mothers, fathers, siblings, and cousins. Then you’ll see patterns of behavior that are recognizable.

          The moral imperatives of Liberals are unique in that they are wholly religious in nature and cannot be reasoned away. The Liberal must feel different, or have an epiphany, before they change. It’s important to note that when you’re talking about “liberals” you really mean a subset of “White people” and not Arabs, East Asians, or Negroes. There are certain traits that Kevin MacDonald has categorized which are uniquely White:
          * Individualism
          * Moral Universalism
          * High Empathy Towards Outgroups

          All humans morally police their ingroup (racial and ethnic). What makes Whites unique is White people morally police their ingroup to protect outgroups. Of course, this is made worse because of Jewish influence in White countries. You cannot escape the parasitic combination of White pathological altruism and Jewish ethnocentrism. The two are intertwined, and it’s something that “Muslims” lack.

          It’s best you study Kevin MacDonald’s work, and others found at TOO.

        • How are Muslims immune to Western cargo cultism? You mean since the Gulf sheiks wear their traditional dress when they drink cognac and drive their Ferraris , it doesn’t count?

          • “You mean since the Gulf sheiks wear their traditional dress when they drink cognac and drive their Ferraris”

            Yes, exactly. If Slavs wore their traditional costumes then all of our problems would be solved.

      • This is why NRx right; if we can’t bring a substantial percentage of the
        the elites round to our point of view, then our cause is doomed.

        I tend to agree. The Alt Right needs to appeal to those who are at the peak of ability and power.

    • I think the Demoralization campaign has something to do with it.

      Kids are taught that their nation is shit and that everything that was ever good came from the West from Peter the Great onwards.

      Spengler also talks about the day when the Russian soul actually wakes up from its slumber and stops trying to be Yuropean. Says the world will shake or something prophetic like that.

      • “Kids are taught that their nation is shit and that everything that was ever good came from the West from Peter the Great onwards.”

        The same mentality exists among Serbs too. If it’s from the west, it must be good. There’s actually a saying “better American shit than Russian cake”. Terrible.

      • Spengler also talks about the day when the Russian soul actually wakes up from its slumber and stops trying to be Yuropean.

        This makes sense to me. Eurasia is properly not European, but a European-descended society with a partially Asiatic identity.

    • “Why are Slavic societies so prone to maidan-type scenarios? Why are ‘we’ so easily infiltrated and manipulated by outsiders?”

      Because they’re low-trust societies. 70 years of bolshevik tyranny- extermination of the native intelligentsia and their replacement with enemy jews and Moscow functionaries, annihilation of organic culture and tradition, 24/7 communist propaganda, etc.- will do that.

        • Europeans did not exterminate the native intelligentsia and replace them with Jews in any European colony as the blacks and browns had no intelligentsia. Efforts to Europeanize the natives were not longed lived as we can see now the Australian abos, the Americans Indians, the Blacks in Blackfrica all are free to live as they will and many still live in tribes in the same primitive conditions that we found them except that they get to get some of the goodies our civilizations produce (some anyway) like a steady supply of food and a permanent dwelling.

          We improved their condition (for many anyway). The fact that they cannot handle living in civilization with their low impulse control and end up drunk, drugged up, unemployed, sex addicted, and fat is their fault. The only blame we share is not walling them off from our world and leaving them totally in their native primitive state. We should have never taught them to read and write, let them see how we live, given them medical care, or anything. In that we are to blame.

          Time to send em back!

  • A little too pessimistic. If the leaders have to be elected and only a small minority in Sankt Petersburg and Moscow vote liberal then they will never take power. Plus you discount the moves that Putin or other nationalist minded leader may take against them. Then there is the prospect of the country going on a war footing and suspending all rights (such as freedom of movement).

    The minority elites in the USA got their a.. handed to them by the “fly over” people voting Trump. The UK got Brexit. I just don’t see Liberals ever having any real power in Russia when 80something% vote Putin.

    • I hope you’re right.

      I don’t think any Russian should be given a platform to blackpill people.

      It’s like sitting inside a Mcdonald’s with a Big Mac screaming about how you’re starving to a bunch of ethiopians.

    • Problem is that in all Eastern Europe liberals are concentrated in big cities, and they’re infiltrating institutions, meanwhile average nationalists view on politics is “yuck”.

    • Putin strikes me as someone doing what other leaders could not: taking a few decades, or possibly generations, to fix a society before attempting to use it as a weapon in favor of goodness, sanity and decency.

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