Alt-Right Politics July 17, 2017

Selite, Soren, Don Camillo and Greg Ritter discuss 1) The last three weeks’ media circus. Including: Trump’s triggering twats and the latest iteration of the “muh Russia” Hypothesis. 2) Races in Space: interest in the Great Beyond is surging, even among normies. Colonies on Mars, terra-forming, asteroid-mining, contacting extraterrestrial beings–we have the tech, what are we waiting for?

The NYTimes on: life on Mars and contacting aliens. The Daily Stormer on Israeli interference in the US election.

AltRight Politics
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  • There’s a pretty OK new sci-fi movie: Science Fiction Volume One: The Osiris Child
    Features surpisingly little diversity and SJW topics.

  • Before we colonize Mars, wouldn’t it be a good idea to at least visit the Moon again? Or maybe visit it for the first time?

    Look up Jeff Berwick’s new video on YouTube: “Was The Moon Landing Fake? Of Course It Was.” I had never heard of Jeff Berwick, but he seems to be fairly well known in certain circles. The video has 12,500 views, which is a lot for a video that was just posted three days ago. I agree with ~95% of the hoax / false flag theories he mentions in the video. He mentions a Space Shuttle conspiracy theory that I had never heard of, so I can’t vouch for that. He questions whether we have even sent people into space. I think we almost certainly have, but it is possible that some of the manned low earth orbit missions have involved fakery.

    • I think we went to the moon but I do believe there is a case for fakery on the Soviet side– google “lost cosmonauts”.

      • It is easy to believe that the Soviets could have covered up some of their failed missions. In recent years, however, it has become clear to me that Western deep states carry out plenty of deceptions against the public. We are led to believe that we have an open society, in which the truth always comes out. That, in itself, is a deception. The Internet is changing things, but the deep state floods social media with disinformation to taint legitimate conspiracy analysis. In order to figure out what is and isn’t real, you have to just wade into the subject of conspiracy analysis (e.g., on YouTube) and decide for yourself what is and isn’t legitimate.

  • In 17 years Social Security will be bankrupt – but “Civil Servants” get huge pensions – but wait SSI is 1/20th of the nation debts – so where goes the shekels – Oh, $221 billion per month paid to interest —- which
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  • “Wait until the majority of these #altright types have to start paying Federal, State and local taxes. Then you will see a whole new level of dissent.”

  • Where the hell you guys been?! You’ve been rather letting the side down with this tardiness but I ain’t mad at ya!

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