Lefty Academic Has A Problem With White Marble Statues

What the Left wants.

The Left in attack mode is very similar to ISIS and the Taliban. They are iconoclasts who want to smash everything of beauty and tradition in our society and replace it with ugliness.

Not content with attacking Confederate statues in the US because of “muh slavery,” they now want to attack European statues and works of art in general on the grounds that the vast majority of them are by Whites and represent Whites. Not surprising really, as most of the countries where this is taking place used to historically be almost totally White.

Now the next onslaught on White heritage is being prepared, as revealed by a recent op-ed for the leftie art website “Hyperallergic” by Sarah E. Bond (Contact her here)

Bond argues that classical statues, many of which are made out of white marble because of its hardness and durability, used to be painted, and from this, she comes to the surprising conclusion that our refusal to repaint them in their original colors is somehow “racist” and “white supremacist.”

“The assemblage of neon whiteness serves to create a false idea of homogeneity — everyone was very white! — across the Mediterranean region,” she writes.

She blames the German art historian Johann Winckelmann (1716-68) as the main “culprit” because his books celebrated the whiteness of classical statuary and saw the Apollo of the Belvedere as the epitome of beauty.

The Belvedere Apollo

Because of the work of Winckelmann – according to Bond’s fevered reasoning – color in sculpture came to mean barbarism, “for they assumed that the lofty ancient Greeks were too sophisticated to color their art,” while Whiteness became an assertion of White supremacy and ammunition for advocates of White identity and interests:

“It provides further ammunition for white supremacists today, including groups like Identity Europa, who use classical statuary as a symbol of white male superiority. It also continues to buttress the false construction of Western civilization as white by politicians like Steve King.”

Wow, she even mentioned Identity Europa. Guess this article was actually written as a direct response to Moldylocks getting her lights put out.

But what about Bond’s theory, is there any substance in it? Do faded Greek statues somehow promote non-White genocide?

Well, just so we have a little context, let’s just have a quick look at that population graph that has been doing the rounds recently, thanks partly to French President Emmanuel Macron:

We should be very concerned about the effect of White statues on Black demographics.

Firstly, the main point about the theory is that it is sure to play well in the PC shithole that the Left has turned academia into. It is a great way of demonstrating her Leftist bona fides. So obviously the theory has to be viewed mainly as a career-promoting device.

But having said that, there are obvious flaws with Bond’s point of view. Repainting the statues is not an authentic option, as there is almost no reliable data as to how they were painted. Any gimmicky attempt by ill-trained academics to do so, based on crass conjecture, is sure to lead to ugly results. In fact, in those rare cases where this has been done the results are always poor and sometimes laughable.

Somehow a lot less impressive.

But even if we could paint the statues in their original hues, guess what, they would look even more like White people than they do now because that’s who the ancient Greeks and Romans were — in fact Whiter than present day Greeks and Italians. So, how exactly would this promote Bond’s anti-White agenda?

It seems that Bond is mistakenly latching onto another meaning of the word “colored” that is now considered dated and a “bit racist,” namely to signify African American, and using it to refer inclusively to non-Whites while seeking to exclude Whites.

What she is doing is really as retarded as that.

Despite this, you can count on it that at some stage in the future this dirty little theory is going to be weaponized and rolled out across museums and art galleries in the West to push for more vandalism of European culture, and will be moralized as “representing the rich diversity that now surrounds us” and “making amends for the past,” etc.

Futures in brown paint will soar, or — more likely — having created confusion and stoked up racial tensions, the Left will then be able to claim that classical statues are just “socially divisive” and should, therefore, be removed in the interests of preserving some mythical idea of racial harmony.

By Bond’s childish logic, this vase should be smashed up or repainted because it promotes Black supremacy.

  • Matthew Funk

    The war is on. We will win. I would prefer that casualties be minimized on both sides, but whatever price must be paid to secure the existence of our people and a future for our children shall be paid. Our links to our past must not fall. Our enemy must be repelled with as much force as lawful and ethical self defense allow for.

  • Learnabout Papercups

    I remember a time when I didn’t believe they hated us. So naive.

  • Dorian28

    So Collin, what evidence can you present that the Ancient Greeks where ‘whiter’ than modern ones?

    If you look at artwork from the oldest Greek civilization, they are entirely brunettes or having olive skin:

    • KrugalSvylse

      This argument is getting tiresome. To my knowledge, no one has claimed that the ancient Greeks and Romans were all blonde ultra-Aryans, but the totality of the evidence does suggest they were generally lighter than they are today, especially the ruling classes. Which is pretty much the default result you’d expect from an Indo-European invasion.

      Your link shows Minoan paintings. The Minoan civilization was by all accounts pre-Indo-European.Mediterranean civilization, which was later conquered and incorporated by the

      Mycenaeans, who were Indo-European.
      One of the pictures in your link does show only blonde people, btw. (“Sarcophagus fresco from a Tomb at Agia Triada, Late Minoan Period, 1390 BC.”.) Interestingly, that painting shows what seems to be traders (possibly Mycenaeans) with their wares, though that would be open to interpretation.

      • Dorian28

        1. No, the Tomb shows exclusively brunettes, there are no blondes. Half of the people in the photo which extremely tanned skin.

        2. Minoans are genetically European, and very similar to modern day Cretans despite what other Indo European migrations came after that period:

        3. Where is your evidence on this supposed caste system for the ruling class? There is no mention in all of Greek literature that the ruling class where racially different to ordinary Greeks.

        4. If the ‘consensus’ was Greeks & Romans are generally lighter in antiquity, again, where is the proof? I’ve been to Greece & Cyprus, and all the frescoes, paintings & mosaics show predominantly brunettes with olive skin.

        Look at the frescoes from Pompeii, for every 8-10 brunettes, there’s 1 light haired person, which is about what you find in Greece or Southern Italy today

        • A hymn to Hermes

          3. Where is your evidence on this supposed caste system for the ruling class? There is no mention in all of Greek literature that the ruling class where racially different to ordinary Greeks.

          I don’t have quotes on hand but the extant Greek literature has multiple references to being able to recognize “Argosians” by sight from Greeks.

        • Better Dead Than Red

          The problem here is the Anglo-Germanic appropriation of Classic Civilization. We need to get rid of nordicism ASAP.

          • Clark Kent

            I think Europeans need to acknowledge that we as a race are already incredibly diverse.
            The creative spirit and elegant form of the various European ethnicities expressed itself differently in the Nords, Romans, Greeks, Germans, etc. We should be able to look across our ethnic groups for inspiration, and even take pride in the accomplishments of our Aryan brothers.

            Creating too many internal tensions between European ethnic groups, religious views, historical grievances, etc., can only weaken us. Our differences and our commonalities should be celebrated. If a Nord is inspired by Byzantium, I would be flush with pride for it.

        • Ike35

          Extremely tanned skin. Yeah I got a nice one going myself since I’m living in a sunny climate. Don’t think they had Banana Boat back then.

        • Gordy

          Nordicists tried to claim that Greeks and Romans or at least the upper class looked like Northern Europeans to cover up for the fact that the only great civilizations in European antiquity were in Greece and Italy.

      • Sangre

        “… the totality of the evidence does suggest they were generally lighter than they are today, especially the ruling classes …”

        No it doesn’t ->

    • Ike35

      By your name you obviously know that the Dorians were Indo-European invaders who also happened to be the founding stock of the Spartans if I’m not mistaken. Also contemporary sources say that none had lighter eyes than the Greeks.

      • Gordy

        Indo-Europeans =/= fair skinned, light haired and light eyed.

    • Catiline_Conspirator

      Still no evidence.

  • Return to the Old Ways

    These articles are great and facts like these are powerful weapons to have. However, I think we still need to try and link the actions of these SJWs to their sponsors. At the end of the day all the facts in the world aren’t going to stop powerfully-sponsored SJWs from tearing down whatever they want. Granted, the SJWs are off the leash and the strategy seems to be “let them riot and burn everything down, and blame it on Trump,” so always holding them at bay is important, but any true reactionary knows that to strike at the heart of the matter is to strike at who is condoning these actions.

    • Exactly, go after the sponsors. Go after the advertisers. Go after the lawyers. The pierced and green haired SJWs making all the noise aren’t the ones with actual power.

      • Schlomo Goldbergstein

        Also,do what they do.If it isn’t immediately apparent who their sponsor is just put the blame on whoever the highest authority in the immediate vicinity is.If you see them at Wendy’s eating a triple stack in between promoting White Genocide,hold the manager responsible for their actions until they make the sjw leave.One distinction I would make is to not blame the authority for their ideas unless you know they share those ideas.Get them dead to rights.Blame them for any violence the sjw or antifa terrorist does in their space,and blame them for giving them a space to promote those ideas.One mistake sjw’s make is alienate people by calling them racists if we are in their space.Give the authority a way out.They’re “not responsible if they do X”.Then,we will seem like the reasonable party and the sjw’s will appear to be psychopaths,which they are.

        • We also need to flag all of their accounts and posts on social media. We need to name and shame their employers. We need to call their parents and relatively and get them on the record either supporting and denouncing their relatives anti-white hate.

          If a corporation is advertising on an anti-white video on youtube, we need to call their complain department, but then, most importantly, find someone else in the hierarchy who isn’t necessarily publicly facing and name and shame them. We need to call their supplies and their customers.

          The Alinsky tactic is to isolate and personalize, and that’s a good tactic. We need to constantly, always, relentlessly complain, make noise, flag, deny them a platform, and do anything and everything legal to put pressure on “normies” to openly denounce anti-whiteness.

  • Artūrs Čalmanis

    Greeks. White. LUL.

  • ForlornHope

    Miss Bond’s problem appears to be with white men “appropriating” their own culture.

  • Albionic American
      • trannyfagandproud

        No he wasn’t! He wasn’t calling for the death of white people like BLM does, he simply wanted equallity for black people in a time where there was none.

        • Christopher Heydrick

          How am I supposed to trust the intellect of a person who thinks girls LARPing as men are men?

          • trannyfagandproud

            Do you even know what Larping is idiot?

        • Ike35

          They’re not equal. You can’t have something that doesn’t exist.

          • trannyfagandproud

            Black people are equal actually

    • Ajudeo


    • Cascadia


  • They really have nothing of substance to say which is why they produce copious amounts of bullshit. “Art Theory” isn’t exactly physics, and making beautiful art is hard. But rehashing anti-white talking points is easy, hence, “marble statues are muh racisms.”

  • Albionic American

    I guess Michelangelo’s homosexuality doesn’t shield him from social-justice iconoclasm.

    • Ike35

      Nope, race always trumps buggery.

  • Albionic American

    Mike Enoch awhile back speculated that Happy Merchants, like their Muslim cousins, abhor the practice of making images of the human form, and that that provides the context for their efforts to destroy portrayals of white men in statuary.

    • Yes, Semites hate art, which is why (((modern art))) is visually simplistic but has thousands of words written about it. Thomas Wolfe pointed this out in “The Painted Word.”

  • Forced Integration at any price is the #1 liberal rule ; and every day ,in every way that battle must be fought on every front. Destruction of white culture is not enough. All indications of white’s past greatness must be destroyed too. This is the racial imperative that opens the door to nonwhite achievements and accomplishments ;the only problem is that those achievements and accomplishments are far and few between.

  • Above Ground

    If varying degrees of sink whiteness can fracture White Unity – perhaps we should glorify Albinism

  • Johnny Fascismo
  • Jeff Goodman

    Culture is the real battleground in the fight for truth and a better life to come. Articles like this one is what I come here looking for. Read and commented on the source article as well.

  • Marathon-Youth

    The demand to remove Confederate monuments has nothing to do with slavery (I avoid writing “little to do with slavery”) and everything to do with dismantling and rewriting history in order to perpetuate the demonizing of White history.. One example is the complete lack of interest regarding black on black murder rates to the inner city projects.
    Both of the projects and the lifestyle that promotes a violent black culture is the direct product of liberal policies from DC.
    Long story short. DC policies built the projects to house blacks migrating from the south looking for jobs. These policies never included blacks buying their own homes or a plan to help them do that.
    the single family household is the result of DC politics which gave benefits to a family based on the number of dependents and did not include the father. Eventually that led to black men being categorized as “sperm donors” and black women as “sperm banks”. The black family was taken down. Drugs, Gangs, AIDS did the rest of the damage. Black on black crime is one byproduct, but the left focuses on Confederate monuments instead of the mess they did on the black community.

    Use of white marble for art and architecture in the West roughly began with the birth of the Renaissance in Florence. With the construction of the Dome based on Roman techniques was the single act of the birth the “rebirth”. Artists like Michelangelo used white marble to represent David to all his statues. Other Renaissance artists followed suite but also used marble of other colors.

    White marble became the symbol of Victorian era monuments

    Some of the world’s most famous buildings that used white marble includes the Taj Mahal to Jain temples as in Mount Abu and have nothing to do with race. The subcontinent has a large collection of ancient and medieval art and monuments made from stone of different colors.

    Jain Dilwara Temple

    • Christopher Heydrick

      Black culture is indeed as bad as a half aborted fetus, but I don’t think that is the entire reason blacks are trouble.

  • Ben

    It’s hard to believe how much disconnect typical whites have with their forebears. To every white who lives and has deep ancestral roots in the South, the removal of a Confederate monument should be seen as nothing less than spitting in the face of your family. After all, the justification the (((elite))) use for such action ultimately comes down to the fact that your ancestors were evil, and therefore the memory of them must be wiped off the face of the earth.

  • SLCain

    This Bond woman is ostensibly a classical scholar, and yet she doesn’t seem to know that the ancient Romans and Greeks were white.

    • Better Dead Than Red

      Academia must be cleansed ASAP.

  • Above Ground

    Nothing pains an American boy more than to realize his grandfather fought and sacrificed himself for nothing but to kill his own kin for the benefit of the Zionists. The almighty Jews who run the world and will never allow any nation to free itself from Zionist enslavement.

    Oh America, how long will you be blind? How long will it take for you to realize Germany Italy (1922–1943) Japan (1931–1945) Austria (1933–1945) Brazil (1937–1945) Chile (1932-1938)
    China, Republic of (1932–1938; 1941-1945) Croatia (1941–1945) was your brother in a fight for liberty against the world banker Jewry and Government elite Freemasonry? How long will you keep demonizing a great hero and leader like Adolf Hitler? When will you realize that we were tools used to murder our own?
    Until you recognize elite Jewry and Freemasonry as the enemy, you will continue to be slaves of communistic Jewmocracy.
    “It still sickens my heart to see the picture of that Red Flag in Berlin”

    • I was with you up to the “Freemasonry” bullshit. The problem is anti-white Jews, try to stick to the point and leave the moronic Catholic superstitions to yourself.

      • Above Ground

        Ok Freemasonry is out – the target is covered

        • Right now in the US, local Mason clubs are being attacked by the usual suspects for not being “inclusive of gays and Jews.” It’s of a piece with the same anti-fraternity activism by a left-wing that can’t stand White men getting together for any reason at all.

          The Reformation was 500 years ago, let’s leave it in the past and deal with anti-whites in the Current Year.

          • Above Ground

            Yes, bitte – please – my bad – I agree totally with your last. My follow was meant to laugh – I guess it did’t

          • Better Dead Than Red

            No need to excuse yourself. Your criticism of freemasonry is perfectly valid. And Protestantism must recognize and apologize for the damage done. Constantinople is still Muslim for a reason.

          • Above Ground

            Thank you very much, it did not bother me to retreat fur this time – but please, if you could lesson to me more about “Protestantism must for the damage done. Do You mean Reformation? Yes, that the Jews nose into the tent – also,Constantinople is still Muslim for a reason.” I too am a katholisch Romean Catholic – if you cqn thank you.

          • Better Dead Than Red

            Protestants are full of shit, and their greed is what brought us to the current situation.

          • Catholics tore down our indigenous sacred groves, we must embrace our True Pagan Roots!


            Catholics have their own problems to worry about, an anti-white Pope and the fact the majority of your celibate priests are kiddie diddling homosexuals. Feel free to take the beam out of your own eye, etc.

            NRx is the Catholic movement that teams up with the Jews to fight Protestants – and it’s anti-white. Some of us are pro-white.

          • Better Dead Than Red

            The anti-white pope is a very recent thing. I have long term vision. The homosexual priests… death penalty used to be the case not long time ago, until Protestants pushed the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.

          • Every proto-Protestant and Protestant movement was against the “celibate” priesthood because they knew it was homosexual. You can go back to long before the Lollards to see people complaining that “celibacy induces sodomy in Holy Church.” Half the popes were called “sodomites” by dissidents – this LONG before the Reformation.

            You people are just in denial.

            In any case, I don’t really care about your religion. I’m pro-White. You people starting religious fights are not pro-White, you are entryists trying to co-opt Whites for your religious cults. I hope you fail.

          • Pareto

            Hipster Racist you write graphic sado-masochistic
            pornography. Why would any of us think a person like that is going to have a
            lot of valuable things to teach us about religion or history? Just go write your smut, HR. Also, what is it with Jews being into producing pornography? Can you shed any light HR since you’re a tribesman?

          • Show us on the doll where your priest touched you…

          • Better Dead Than Red

            Your cult is called Anglo-universalism, which created feminism and fostered cultural marxism. The rest is history.

          • Cultural Marxism came from Germany. Does truth even matter to you people? Apparently not.

          • Better Dead Than Red

            I said fostered, not created. Improve your reading skills.

          • Pareto

            Are you aware that Hipster Racist writes graphic sado-masochistic pornography? Do you really think a person like that is going to have a lot of valuable things to teach you about religion or history?

          • Better Dead Than Red

            I see.

          • Pareto

            There’s a good chance you’re a Jew tho, HR.

          • Better Dead Than Red

            More on piracy and kidnapping by muslims and anglos, does it sound familiar?

          • Above Ground

            thank you I will read

          • Above Ground

            Very interesting I did not know the details – The Protestants and the Muslim “Turks and Berbers” – thank you

          • Yeah – Constantinople is Muslim because the Pope had no problem allowing his rivals to be destroyed by the Muslims. Protestants weren’t even a thing yet.

            Protestants are indeed full of shit, but are irrelevant – the last Protestant LARPer was drummed out of the pro-white movement in the early 1990s. The only idiot LARPers left are the Catholics now.

          • Pareto

            With every comment of yours I read I become more convinced you’re a racial Jew, even if you no longer think of yourself as Jewish.

          • Pareto

            Freemasonry *is* a social club today and in Protestant countries because they had nothing to overthrow. The Thrones and Altars of those nations had already been destroyed so Freemasonry was conservative in those places.

          • Yeah … and?

      • Pareto

        You don’t know much about Freemasonry, do you? It’s entirely 100% Jewish. Freemasonry is Judaism for gentiles. It was invented by Jews, all its symbols and myths are Jewish and the entire degree process if based on Kabbalah. If you deny any of the above, you’re ignorant I suggest you read Morals and Dogma where it is all explained. Freemasonry is and always has been Jewish. It was conservative in Protestant countries (because Jews already controlled those countries lol) and it was Revolutionary in Catholic countries, that’s why it appears as “benevolent social club” in the US and other Anglo-Jewish hubs.

        • “It’s entirely 100% Jewish.”

          No, it isn’t. That is your absurd superstition talking. You do realize that Taxil was a hoax, right? The infallible Papa turned out to be nothing but a superstitious peasant.

          In Anglo-American nations, Masonry is just a social club, that happens to be implicitly White, implicitly Western/European/Christian and the religious aspects are simply tradition – most people are essentially agnostics.

          You aren’t even pro-White, and I’m not trying to recruit you into anything, so you trolling me just shows how your ideology has no appeal to anyone worthwhile. If your “Trad Catholic” stuff had any merit – you wouldn’t be so triggered by little old me.

    • altright_sobriquet

      Sorry to break this to you but Jewish power in the US was quite limited until the 1970s.

      • Above Ground

        true the 1970’s was when they began to hit their high points. I am far from being a expert . in American history – but as I understand it in the 1890’s mass easterner Jews began to arrive in the USA by the pre WW1 they established themselves in newspaper media, politics and finance – influence in Wilson administration ref. Supreme Court Louis Brandeis – 1916
        President Woodrow Wilson nominates Louis Brandeis to the Supreme Court n 1916. After a bitterly contested confirmation, Brandeis became the first Jewish judge on the Supreme Court.influence in America’s joining WW1, n 1913 the founding of the Federal Reserve and ADL, the creation of the IRS & income tax
        16th Amendment – The Jews used their media, newspaper power to turn America from pro German to pro British and join the WW1.
        By the 1920’s-1930 they consolidated they financial strength – triggering Henry Ford’s anti Jew books. By the mid 1930’s they were influential in Declaring a boycott of NSDP Germany – the arrival of the Frankfort School 1934-35 they gained ranking positions in the WW2 effort and the anti fascist propaganda pre, during and post the war… after the war they were influential in causing more Jew immigration many with questionable academic credentials – with the enactment of the GI education bill colleges needed to hire more Academics – the Frankfort School was by this time very much entrenched it media and influence America social structure which by the 1970’s, as you point out they reached they zenith and now have control of American society

  • Better Dead Than Red

    Folks, the anti-whiteness is real. Don’t get used to it like the frog who is slowly being boiled. In ten, twenty years, they will start physically remove us.

    • Above Ground

      Yes, We are being weakened from within our own European race – i.e. conservative-ism, old testament evangelicals, academics. cuck-patriots —- the enablers

  • Ajudeo

    Great Post, Colin……

    People like Bond are the reason that the Alt-Right is Ascendant……

    It’s also why the Democrats are losing Electoral Seats all across America…..

    It’s the reason that President Trump won…….

    It’s the reason that the Fake News Lugenpresse has lost MASSIVE Power and almost all Respect…….

    But the Degenerate Anti-White Left won’t stop……

    And that’s good for White America……

    And hopefully, Europe as well…….

    White People are only going to take so much……

    Even some White Liberals now support the Alt-Lite……

    And while many in the Alt-Right hate the Alt-Lite……

    I don’t……

    Most White People won’t come to the Alt-Right…….

    It’s too Radical……

    But, if they reject the Anti-White Left……..


    • Above Ground

      Yes, The enemy of my enemy is my friend –

      • Ike35

        Sometimes, but sometimes he’s just another enemy.

        • Above Ground

          Yes, good retort

  • By the graph, white statuism causes Africans to quickly expand their population, thus adding to overpopulation and climate change.

  • grimlocke9

    So what shade exactly were the Byzantine/Rennaisance era Greeks and Italians? Still white-ish or beyond the threshold. I must know.

    • White

    • Ike35

      They were white then and still white enough now. Does that help?

  • Above Ground

    It is very much a pleasure joining discussions with you people in this web site – you are intelligent, polite and no bad words or rudeness which is so common on many “normie” cuck conservatives site- hate of Germany, fascist Italy -very much un-informed people – I have banned from many sites – Britbart, rude at Inforwars and Daily Caller, American Thinker and such – from liberals I expect rudeness – I have learn much here thank you.

  • Pareto

    It’s not right that Collin still gets a platform here. He has spent the last 2 years doing *nothing* but attacking and defaming more successful Alt Right personalities like Anglin and the TRS goys. Why are people pretending like Collin is one of us and that he’s done nothing wrong? He’s been talking shit on us for two years now. Do you know why he doesn’t show his face at any conferences? It’s not because he lives in Japan.

  • Randy

    Professors walk across campus every day

  • WHAT

    Why is Bond not bracketed.

  • AllonsEnfantsdelaPatrie

    Holy crap…Can’t believe we are getting there. Coming from France and with Greek roots too, I can only agree with the population graph in the middle of the article. We should offer the ridiculous Ms Bond a trip to the Jungle of Calais, there are dozens of those near Paris now. Don’t let them in America! Europe is becoming the middle east… The flame of Western civilization is in your hands now.

  • Gordy

    There’s no evidence that the Greeks and the Romans were whiter than the modern population. That’s just nordicist BS.