Antifa Punk Band Makes Music Video Promoting Murder Of Alt-Right Members

Antifa has an official band.

The lead singer has already been tracked down by /pol/. Sure enough, Drew is some stay at home spoiled kid living at home with his parents.

Stray From The Path’s lead singer Drew York – AKA Andrew Dijorio – lives in Long Beach, NY with his mother Mary Dijorio-Lieberman. A quick Google search confirms his current legal address being the same as his mother Mary, who’s current home is listed at a market value of 790,000 as of 2016.

Lieberman, eh? A traditional Anglo-Saxon name if I ever saw one.

The video is full of imagery advocating for the murder of Alt-Right supporters. Will Youtube take it down for promoting violence? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

It is amusing to see the comments section and the like/dislike ratio. The Left has lost the internet, they should just stop trying to compete with us online at this point. It’s pointless, they can’t win.


In related news:

It really is a blossoming new genre of music. “Cuck Punk” or “Cuckcore” if you prefer.


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