Antifa Punk Band Makes Music Video Promoting Murder Of Alt-Right Members

Antifa has an official band.

The lead singer has already been tracked down by /pol/. Sure enough, Drew is some stay at home spoiled kid living at home with his parents.

Stray From The Path’s lead singer Drew York – AKA Andrew Dijorio – lives in Long Beach, NY with his mother Mary Dijorio-Lieberman. A quick Google search confirms his current legal address being the same as his mother Mary, who’s current home is listed at a market value of 790,000 as of 2016.

Lieberman, eh? A traditional Anglo-Saxon name if I ever saw one.

The video is full of imagery advocating for the murder of Alt-Right supporters. Will Youtube take it down for promoting violence? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

It is amusing to see the comments section and the like/dislike ratio. The Left has lost the internet, they should just stop trying to compete with us online at this point. It’s pointless, they can’t win.


In related news:

It really is a blossoming new genre of music. “Cuck Punk” or “Cuckcore” if you prefer.


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  • Both the insidious and absurd nature of each of these videos is a true blessing that will only grow our ranks.

    Hardcore music is exclusively white, even though it’s entirely implict, there are many ripe young recruits one could find in a mosh pit who could sympathize with our cause. Of course, that’s why these angsty SJW numb heads are being trotted out to overtly support Cultural Marxism and self immolation.

    Another band that has recently raised my suspicion is DED, they came out of nowhere suddenly with a nihilist message that works to combat Alt Right thought on a more discreet level.

  • It is very much a pleasure joining discussions with you people in this web site – you are intelligent, polite and no bad words or rudeness which is so common on many “normie” cuck conservatives site- hate of Germany, fascist Italy -very much un-informed people – I have banned from many sites – Britbart, rude at Inforwars and Daily Caller, American Thinker and such – from liberals I expect rudeness – I have learn much here thank you.

    • I was called a troll at
      Breibart for calling out
      Trump. Thing is the guy seems to be two steps back, one step forward. I also got banned twice from from calling out Bush and McCain.

  • So they doxxed him. Good job.

    But remember that the next time you want to cry about someone in the altright being doxxed.

  • Based on my own research, I’m 95% sure /pol/ has the name of his “mother” wrong, that she was actually his stepmother, that she died in 2014, and that both sides of his family are Catholic. It looks like her aunt was a nun. I can’t be 100% sure but based on my research that’s what it looks like.

    This is the second time in a week this site has said or implied that someone is a Jew and it’s appeared to be in error. You’re going to lose any credibility with the normies we need to red-pill if you keep getting this stuff wrong. By all means, point out when someone echoes throughout history, but be sure it’s true first.

  • I think its perfectly natural them to want to exterminate their enemy. But these guys need to stop with moral outrage when their enemy wants to exterminate them too.

  • At this point we almost have to just let them self destruct or get so violent that the cops will do our dirty work for us. The kid is typical from the libtards at the Univ of Michigan Ann Arbor. Rich kids, probably never seen a black person in their neighborhood, come to school and immediately get fed and go for the white guilt crap. They are stupid as fuck too. Just think because they are rich means they have brains.

  • Any publicity is good publicity. More discussion of the alt-right, good or bad, equals more converted Whites. Control of the narrative has been lost.

  • These videos and antifa get a huge assist from self hating whites. They are the vanguard of a much broader movement that includes middle class white church goers sending beaucoup money to Africa and adopting colored children and white “men” sympathizing with BLM. All these people are race traitors, plain and simple. What kind of person is a traitor? Every other culture through out all of history, traitors are seen as the lowest pieces of filth imaginable, lower than cattle, deserving of stern reprisals. Yet only in Western culture, not only are they tolerated, they are seen as heroes for “loving the other”. The other races must be laughing behind their hands when they see this.

  • “And it’s as if we’ve held up a mirror and shown them who THEY are. Filled with fear, filled with loathing, filled with contempt, self-contempt most of the time. These people hate their country, as much as I love mine.” Justin Barrett

  • Jews debating amongst themselves who to Tar and Feather……

    …..with the ‘Nazi’ Ad Hominem…….

    They are starting to realize that they ‘Cried Wolf’ too many times…….

    And now it’s Out of their Control…….

    They LOST Control of their Most Potent Tool……..

    They want to DESTROY the Alt-Right…….

    But, every White Conservative Republican is a ‘Nazi’……..

    …..and now the Alt-Right is RISING…….

    ……and their Favorite Weapon…….

    ……..has been rendered……



  • Cuckcore…..



    Or Suckcore……

    ‘Stray from the Path’…….


    They are Mainstream, Orthodox and PC…….

    They aren’t Rebellious AT ALL……

    They’re BORING……

    And that Moron is going to get Throat Cancer if he keeps Yelling like that……


  • Lieberman? It smells kosher.

    Here is an Alt-Right singer. Saga (Lina Erikson) is a Swedish singer. She’s the former vocalist of gothic metal band Symphony of Sorrow.

    The Snow Fell

    • I like the song but what is the point of romanticizing Hitler and the Nazis? Their legacy is 50 million perished White souls.

        • Right about what? The JQ? Lots of leaders that were his contemporaries were wise to the JQ. Churchill certainly knew how his bread was buttered. Stalin also knew and purged many of them.

          Would it be wrong to see Hitler then as a German nationalist that wanted to do good by his people at the expense of the Slavs?

          While I understand that modern NatSoc’s don’t bear ill will towards Slavs (for the most part), it is hard for Slavs to idolize a man that waged total war on their ancestors.

          While I don’t begrudge any German taking pride in their heritage and rehabilitating the image of Hitler, (or Italians), It’s not a man that people east of the Hajnal can get behind. It would be extremely cucky to say the least.

          White Nationalism is for ALL White folks, not just Germanics. And part of the message of the Alt-Right is our take on the 2nd World War as a tragic brothers’ war. Not as an epic showdown between good and evil.

          • Well said. Any glorifying of Hitler and Nazis will draw a divider in the movement. In no way or fashion, I will cross way with my grandfathers past who defended the motherland from Nazi beasts all five years. Regardless of how much I feel or participate in White nationalism.

          • Was the Bombing of Dresden…..


            I don’t in any way support 50 Million dead White People…….

            Hitler and the NatSoc’s destroyed themselves through their Stupidity and Idiocy…….

            They would have been much better off just sticking to purging the (((Marxists))) from Power in Germany, purging and jailing the Treasonous (((Bankers/Capitalists))), rebuilding Germany and fighting the (((Cultural Degeneracy))…..

            ….instead of bombing England, invading every surrounding country, declaring War on America, and invading Russia…….

            The Concentration Labor/Holding Camps were also a Moronic Mistake……

            They should have allowed/paid all German Jews to move to Israel…….

            But, I also don’t support the Holocaust Industry……

            …..and jailing people like David Irving for questioning this Orthodox Religion…….

            White Europa lost BIG TIME……..and still suffers the Consequences……..

            But, I also believe that Adolf Hitler was trying to Save Germany from Perceived/Real Threats…….

            Telling the Real Complex Historic Truth is what is needed…….

            Not (((Propaganda))) and shutting down Free Speech/Inquiry and jailing Thought Dissidents……

          • I’m in the same boat.

            White Nationalism can’t be about Hitlerism otherwise it will be a purely Western phenomenon again.

            And then the Jews will just use the rising tide of nationalism and throw it East again.

          • Andrew is re-habilitating the image of Hitler and casting him as a White Nationalist.

            He is great at what he does and I find DS to be really funny and well-written.

            However he caps his movement at maybe 2% of the population by being explicitly pro-Hitler.

            It’s his decision and he is good at what he does. But we are trying to not pidgeon-hole ourselves like that.

          • However he caps his movement at maybe 2% of the population by being explicitly pro-Hitler.

            Do you not realize that associating Slavic “patriotism” with Communism has the exact same problem in both the West and most of Eastern Europe? How much more traction do you expect to see with “Stalin Did Nothing Wrong” in Poland than the Hitler variant?

          • This is the problem with “post-ideological” movements. People still bring ideologies into the movement with them, and when they express their beliefs or views, it leads to division. Shared Whiteness isn’t enough. Neither is simply reacting to the Left.

            The Alt-Right is a big tent movement, so I’m not saying we should become Fascists, or Communists, or Paleocons or whatever, just saying that these kind of debates are inevitable, until it is stated clearly by someone in a leadership position what is Alt-Right and what is not.

            Up until now it has been kept vague in the interest of growing the movement, but at some point some kind of platform or Manifesto is actually going to have to be produced. Different groups of whites have different perspectives on a good number of things (WWII and Religion are probably the most frequently divisive issues) and we’re not going to accomplish much together unless we’re all working towards the same goals.

          • Well Hitler wasn’t a white nationalist. He was a German Nationalist. Good and Evil are relative terms. I see World War II as a conflict between Soviet interests and German interests. If Hitler didn’t go into Poland, then Stalin would have. Then he’s got a hostile neighbor to the East who has every intention of conquering the rest of Europe. I don’t think he was wrong. I totally understand why Slavs would have a different perspective on this issue too though.

            As for Italy, I. really wish that Mussolini did what Franco and Salazar did and stay out of the War. Focus more on what is going on in Italy internally rather than adopting an aggressive imperialist agenda. Italy conquered Ethiopia and the British (or rather Jews in Britain) put sanctions on them for it, forcing them into an alliance with Germany and the rest is History.

            Personally I take more of a tribal, ethnic approach to Ethno-Nationalism. I don’t really consider myself a White Nationalist. I support the sovreignty and preservation of all European nations and cultures. I don’t consider myself “white-Canadian” I consider myself “Italian-Canadian.” I get why British or Eastern Europeans don’t like the Fascist/NatSoc stuff, but at the same time I’m not going to condemn my anscestors for the sake of “white unity.” I do also feel the wrong side won the war, but it’s history at this point. There are more pressing current issues, and arguing about what could have been doesn’t really accomplish anything.

          • Good Post, Cousin……

            I think Adolf Hitler for some in the Alt-Right represents a Symbol of Rebellion against Cultural Degeneracy, Jewish Supremacism, and a many other issues……

            Didn’t know you were Canadian……

            It’s a lot worse for Alt-Righters there……..

            I’m pretty sure you could go to jail if you were publicly doxxed……

            You could always come to America…….

            We have President Trump instead of Justin Trudeau……


          • Trudeau’s only got two years left. I’m confident that the Conservatives will win in 2019, and then we’ll go back to being a centre left country.

          • Hopefully, you guys can slow down Non-White Immigration……

            I recently read somewhere that by 2100……

            …..White Canadians will make up about 20% of the Population…….

          • 12%-20%… Immigration probably isn’t going to slow down even with a Conservative government. The situation isn’t good. But the blatant pandering to non-whites will probably ease a little bit. So will the ant0-Islamophobia laws.

          • The Alt-Right is a conscious attempt to distance ourselves from the legacy of Hitlerism.

            Just because Hitler was red-pilled on the JQ doesn’t mean we have to be disciples of Hitler.

            The JQ predated him, the protocols were published in Russia I might add. If we doubt the 6 million, then what is his legacy? Bohdan Khmelnitsky probably killed more in his pogroms in Ukraine and Poland and he was a Cossack.

            Even within the Nazi movement there were Slavophiles at one point. They got purged though.

            Long story short, it’s fun to be a “Nazi” in the West because the war is all about muh 6 million. No one even knows about the Eastern Front. Being a Nazi is about being anti-Jewish. But in the East, the war meant something else. And everyone was already an anti-semite already before Hitler showed up as well..

          • Well I’m not a Hitlerist exactly. I just acknowledge that American History has been unfair to him, and Hitler is weaponized against all Whites in a way that Stalin is not. I was into WWII History before I was ever alt-right and will continue to be.

            I’m not anti-Slav or anti-Russia in the modern context. I think enough time has elapsed that people should be able to talk about WWII without getting emotional about it.

          • It really is great to have the top writer on this site be involved in the comment section. Can anyone imagine a (((MSM))) writer taking the time to debate the opposing perspectives from WW2 on a totally unrelated article?

            It’s genuine and authentic content like this that keeps me addicted to this site, so thank you Vince, keep up the good work.

          • Yes, Italy should have stayed out of the Northern Europeans civil war -one might call it – Italy could protected Germany’s under-belly and been an arms arsenal for Herr Hitler –
            Your sentiments are correct – I too, of Italian and German decent a family formed under fascism including Franco’s Spain

          • Yeah. Italy hasn’t really been politically stable since Mussolini and corruption has been rampant since the fall of Fascism. If he stayed out of the war, Italo Balbo would have succeeded him and I don’t doubt a lot of the chaos of the ‘years of led’ could have been avoided. Spain was the 9th strongest economy in the world in the 60’s, and I suspect Italy would have evolved in a very similar direction.

          • Yes, which remembers to an old Italian saying I am too much fond of saying –
            “With a government like this the only honest thing to do is to cheat on your taxes”

          • The NS Germans were fighting communism. You do realise that operation Barbarossa was a pre-emptive strike against a blood-soaked jewish/communist regime? The USSR was planning an invasion of Europe in early July 1941, the NS Germans just threw the first punch.

          • That is debatable.

            Why did the USSR provide Hitler with a massive shipment of oil from Baku that Hitler then used to fuel up his tanks right before the start of the campaign?

            Why were the Soviets so unprepared then, if they were all ready to go, why were they so caught out?

            Why did they do joint aviation training together in the run up to the war? Why did Hitler and Stalin pledge eternal friendship over dinner?

            Why did Stalin not listen to spies that told him of the preparations for imminent attack? Accounts are that he didn’t believe Hitler would betray him.

            Why did Stalin run away to a cabin in despair for 2? weeks? Hardly the reaction of a man who was preparing to go to war. More like caught with his pants down and shocked.

            Its a debatable point. And they were functionally fighting Slavs. Regardless of ideology.

            The Alt-Right is post-ideological. We care about White blood more than Capitalism vs Communism or something similar.

          • Why were the Soviets so unprepared then, if they were all ready to go, why were they so caught out?

            They were preparing to invade not defend (big difference), that’s why they were caught out.

          • You are talking about the two titans in terms of dictators. They were playing nice. Think about what happened between Putin and Trump at the G20. They played nice, then it was back to the usual tension, with Russia threatening to dismiss US officials, etc. It is all for the cameras and the plebes.

          • A german/russian alliance was a grand project that had been on/off in the works for half a century at that point. Russian raw goods and german industrial might would make an incredibly powerful union.

            The Tsars intermarried with german nobility intentionally. The great Slavophile Skobelev talked about this project with enthusiasm and warned about a souring of relations between the two great tribes of Teutons and Slavs. From the German side, so did Spengler and Kneisel.

            Later on, we have Yockey who talked about what could have been if Germans and Russians hadn’t fought.

            And this bad blood was something new. Germans were always welcome in Russia, they settled the Volga, they brought Russia into Europe. They served as generals, as advisors as specialists. They intermarried and became nobles. There was nothing but good relations between the two peoples.

            Tell me you know about this and aren’t like one of those plebs you deride.

          • How is it a big difference? Did they point their tank turrets in the wrong direction? When one is preparing to attack one is incapable of shooting if the opponent shoots first? That makes little sense.

            Do you want to take a stab at any of the other points?

            Do you not find it suspicious that Hitler was able to re-occupy the Rhineland with no resistance even though that was a direct violation of the treaty of Versailles? Ever ask how a bunch of reformed Freikorps on suburban commuter trains with no armor just so managed to take back French territory with little fight?

            And then “appeasement” is a nice way of describing what happened next. More like someone knew which direction a re-armed Germany would go and LET it happen.

            Give Red Symphony a read.

          • All the Soviet military hardware was lined up on their western front ready to invade, that’s why the commies suffered huge losses in the first few weeks.

            The commies had around 1.1 million paratroopers, they’re only used to attack, they may have been used against Britain.

            You should read ‘Stalin’s War of Extermination 1941-1945: Planning, Realization and Documentation’ and ‘The Cheif Culprit’.

          • Oh yes, I remember this guy.

            He based most of his sources on a Ukrainian intelligence guy who defected to the UK.

            His claims are disputed. Its certainly a thesis, but its matter for debate.

            As for Soviet warcrimes, which the majority of the book seems to be about, yes, they occurred. Mostly at the end of the war, when the Soviets rolled back German advances. Do you think no war crimes occured on Ukrainians, Poles, Belarussians and Russians?

            This part is suspect though:

            “Dr. Hoffmann’s book shows in detail how Stalin and his Bolshevik
            henchman used unimaginable violence and atrocities to break any
            resistance in the Red Army and to force their unwilling soldiers to
            fight against the Germans who were anticipated as liberators from
            Stalinist oppression by most Russians. Stalin ordered not only to kill
            all German POWs, but also to kill Soviet soldiers who fell into German
            hands alive, because they failed to fight to their death.”

            They were used as penal labor to rebuild bombed out cities like Kiev. Many died, but there weren’t mass executions. Same for the Soviet soldiers.

          • They were unprepared because they were in preparations for a major offensive themselves. What happened was the largest single military buildup in history with Stalin just pouring tons of troops, tanks, etc into the Western USSR. They tore down their inner defense rings and started to build another one farther west, but Hitler struck first. Yeah it was an insane move, but Hitler probably saw no choice. He was outnumbered by over a million men and who knows how many tanks, etc.

          • You realize that they had both just captured Poland, correct? Why wouldn’t they have troops on the front?

            Hitler wasn’t outnumbered at the beginning of the war. He mobilized more men than the Soviets. It was only when the Eastern Army was brought over to fight at the gates of Moscow that HItler encountered any real organized resistance and superior numbers from the Soviets.

          • An in-depth study of Russian armaments, tanks, logic, placement of aerial support facilities etc. everything designed and readied for an offensive invasion attack explains why the Wehrmacht was so successful in the first stages of Operation Barbarossa”.
            The attack against Soviet Russia on June 22, 1941, the German forces were able to inflict enormous losses against the Soviets precisely because the Red troops were prepared to strike. an aggressive war that was scheduled for early July — not the defensive war forced on Stalin.

          • Are you quoting the same book that Norman quoted earlier?

            This is VERY debatable info.

          • Ja, VERY debatable — debatable because of time and modding of events
            I am approving what you and Mr. Norman are writing
            My source is “Did Stalin Start World War 2? The Secret Plans to Conquer Europe (2009)” Viktor Suvoro und Fascism and Dhrama (2016) by (taliano) Columbus Falco

          • Stalin’s first secret order for the total military-industrial mobilization of the country was issued in August 1939. A second total mobilization order, this one for military mobilization, would be issued on the day the war was to begin. Russian offensive weapons Before the war, Russia had the world’s only Amphibious Light Tank T-38. Germany had none.
            Russian flying tank – No, just one of many assault tanks – BT-14 the T-34 tank designed to run fast on paved highways, (Russia did not have very many paved roads in the west) jump over impediments. See the short canon, an offensive weapon.

          • In the secretly recorded conversation between Mannerheim and Hitler in Finland, Hitler reveals how taken aback he and the german high command were when they had attacked the soviets, at just how much military material the soviets had amassed..


          • I wouldn’t be surprised. Ribbentrop-Molotov was essentially a high-stakes staring contest. It was only a matter of who would blink first.

          • R-M was a brilliant diplomatic move that could have prevented war.

            If you want something to mull over, I suggest reading “Red Symphony” which details how Stalin got the idea.

            The International Jews were always pushing for Germany and Russia to fight. So was the UK.

            Hitler believed that he could make peace with the UK. His Anglophilia blinded him to Churchill’s true intentions.

          • The English have always sought to keep a “balance of powers” on the continent. They stood to benefit from Soviet-German conflict, not to mention England was heavily Jewed by that time too. The Germans should ask why their English cousins screwed them over, instead of trying to pin sole blame on Slavs for being under Communist occupation.

            The irony is that the US snatched Western Europe from all three. Bet (((no one))) expected that.

          • Funny how the Germano and Anglophiles never mention who financed the Russian revolution that they so deride.

            Kerensky was a British agent who took power to make sure Russia stayed in the war. He was deposed by a German agent, Lenin, who took Russia out of the war and ceded huge swaths of lands to Germany.

            Now, there was Jewish influence at work obviously But Parvus, was a German Jewish agent who brought Lenin to Germany’s Army command. Funny how they condemn the Russian Revolution and then never point out that Germany financed the Soviet gov to the tune of 50 million marks a year in its rocky infancy.

            But yes, its all the Russians fault, of course.

          • I’m not blaming the Russians, the ‘Bolshevik revolution’ was just a jewish coup d’etat.

            Planned, financed and executed by jews.

          • Did you not read what I wrote?

            The German Army sent him to St. Petersburg in a closed train car. They financed him. He took Russia out of the war, which is what they wanted. He signed Brest-Litovsk. It was a German ploy.

            If you want to talk Jewish money, then you need to talk about Trotsky- Bronstein- and who was financing him. It was Wall St.

            The center for worldwide Jewry wasn’t Moscow, it was always New York.

          • It suited the Germans at the time, simple expidiency.

            I bet they were horrified when they realised what the result was.

          • I bet.

            Especially when Stalin took back the lands that Lenin had ceded.

            Then it was time for another land grab?

          • It was Slavic expediency to fight under the red banner since they were enslaved to it, instead of allow themselves to be wiped out.

            It simply suited them at the time.

          • I haven’t got anything against Russians or slavs, but the NS Germans had to defend Europe from the horrors of communism.

          • They had to gain more land in Eastern Europe to have more “living space” for German colonists.

            The “horrors of Communism” sounds a lot like waging “a war on terror”.

            Stop following for buzzphrases. It was an attempt to gain back what they had lost since Stalin tore up Brest-Litovsk.

            Just read Mein Kampf, Hitler literally talks about how Germany can’t feed itself and needs more lands. Instead of colonies in Africa, he envisioned colonies in EE.

            Just like the Teutonic Knights of old.

          • “Lebensraum” is literally what Hitler calls it.

            You never hear it, so it remains, tragically, not a buzzword.

            Have you even read his book?

          • Have you read ‘Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany’? Read that and tell me the communists weren’t horrific…and the allies.

          • I specifically mention Soviet warcrimes in an earlier post.

            Are you a bot, high or just slow?

            Seriously, are you hearing anything I’m saying?

            Soviet warcrimes are a documented fact. They occured when the Red Army rolled into Germany. Many officers did not hold back their men.

            Others did and kept up the death penalty for marauders, looters and rapists.

            I could throw this right back at you. Do you know anything about what the Germans did to occupied territories as they retreated? Who was the aggressor? Who occupied whom first?

            Did you ever consider that war is not a pretty thing and that the Germans didn’t act so nice to many Slavs?

          • For some the Red Pill lets them go from not knowing anything and thinking they know everything to knowing a little and still thinking they know everything. Sad!

          • Re-read what has been written, think about it for an hour, THEN write something that isn’t literally the same thing that began this entire discussion. I mean ffs dude.

          • Why would they be horrified?

            It worked.

            Russia was knocked out of WW1. They could focus on France and the UK.

            They captured huge swaths of land.

            And all for a bargain-basement price.

          • They funded Lenin and the Bolshevik goverment all through its early days when it teetered on the edge of ruin.

            Again, are you reading my posts or are you regurgitating TGSNT at me?

          • YES,Why didn’t Russia launch its invasion of Poland, (September 1st, 1939(as agreed in the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact? Answer: So, that Hitler and Germany would be blamed for starting the War.

          • Hitler was only declared war upon when he bit the hand that fed him. Even then, he thought he could make peace with the UK. He let the brits get away at Dunkirk. He sent secret envoys over to make peace (who died mysteriously in prison after the war was over), he did everything to make peace. He dropped more bombs on Stalingrad in a day than the entire London bombing campaign.


            Who financed Hitler’s rise? Partly the UK.

            The UK always did this. Pitting the continental powers against one another. They knew Hitler would start another continental war. Then the UK would pick up the pieces. That was the plan.

          • Absolutely right – Numerous attempts to settle the Danzig corridor issue

          • Yes, money from, UK, American capitalists and Jewish bankers was funneled a New York – the nome alludes me just yzt

          • Yes, and the reason Komrade Stain sold oil to German just prior to invasion was Stain needed money Hitler needed oil

          • They were in a non-aggression pact based on common interests until Hitler went into Poland.

            History can be interpreted and re-interpreted in countless ways 80 years after the fact. I think Hitler was totally justified in taking back territories lost under the Treaty of Versailles. Was going into Poland a tactical mistake? Perhaps.

          • Pleas see the massacre of German nationals by Polish – estm. 58,000 please to see Bromberg Poland massacre many – source 1937 Before the Chaos by Columbus Falco – Italiano author – Jewish banned

          • You know, that’s the second time Columbus Falco’s books have been recommended to me in the comment sections here. I really need to get on top of that.

          • Hitler didn’t wage total war on slavs anymore than he waged war on the French and British. Hitler didn’t go into Poland and Russia because he hated slavs as he was allies with other slavic countries (slovakia even helped the Nazi’s during the Polish invasion.) Hitler was trying to spread national socialism throughout the entire Europe. He also invaded Denmark but of course it didn’t take them long to surrender and there wasn’t much bloodshed.

          • Hitler went East for a more living space for German peasants. The Slavs were clearly second-hand humans in his view. Only a handful of Western Slavs were deemed to be a German material.

          • The danish governement had actually made an agreement in advance with Germany to stand down as they entered. The export rose under occupation, many danes went to work in the german industry, and many volunteered to go and fight with the germans against the communists on the eastern front. Only when it became clear that gernany was losing did the resistance swell. Very opportunistic…

          • Stalin also knew and purged many of them.

            If he only purged many and not all he wasn’t Jew wise. He viewed the Jews he purged as traitors but didn’t seem to view the conflict as anything other than ideological leaving their “loyal” co-ethnics in power, and now their descendants own most of Russia and attempted to own it all. I don’t see how Stalin is any more Jew wise than any other gentile world leader who has occasionally had to have a showdown with Jewish political rivals. Stalin just happened to have more authority to dispose of rivals than most leaders have had.

            Presumably just about anyone who is very ambitious and competent enough for it to matter is aware of Jewish ethnocentrism. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump included. Neither can be said to be aware of the JQ, which would more properly be translated as the Jewish Problem.

          • Thousands fled the USSR because of persecution to resettle in the West and in Israel.

            Hitler let them keep their assets if they repatriated to Israel, Stalin and others did not.

            Stalin may have been planning to send them all to Eastern Siberia before his suspicious death by doctor.

          • In the USA, Patton, his fellow generals, and the Admirals of the Navy all were “wise to the JQ.” So was Truman, so was JFK (JFK was even a fan of Hitler, as was his father.) So was Nixon. Everyone was “wise to the JQ” back in those days. Many of the US leaders even complained about the treatment of the Germans after the War and blamed it on Jewish revenge and hated the US being involved as it was part of the European blood feuds that Americans had always tried to leave behind.

            Everyone was “wise to the JQ” back then, it was only the advent of TV that caused people to forget it.

            the 2nd World War as a tragic brothers’ war. Not as an epic showdown between good and evil.

            That’s my take on it but the Clown LARPer Faction has always been strong on the “right” since George Lincoln Rockwell used to give regular reports on his subordinates to the FBI.

      • The fact that Great Britain and France declared war on Germany, and not the other way around bringing war to the west points the blame at them and not the “NAZIS”. The fact that many historians (including Russian historians) now say that Hitler’s attack on the USSR was a preemptive strike also points the accusing finger elsewhere than the “NAZIS”. If Germany’s attack on Poland, a country recreated twenty years earlier by stealing a lot of German land and placing millions of Germans under foreign rule to be mistreated, while Germany made great efforts to come to a peaceful agreement is the excuse for throwing all of Europe into a war that completely destroyed most of Europe, then seemingly when Britain mistreated Indians in its colony or the US started a war with Spain to take its colonies, or more recently, murdered 1.5 million Iraqis on the WMD lie, then seemingly those actions should have caused a world war. Surely, more was at stake for German national interests in its disagreement with Poland than the USA’s disagreement with Iraq where seemingly no American national interest was at stake. As Patrick Buchanan put it in his book “Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War”, WW II could easily have been avoided, or at least much of it.

        But it’s not just that. It’s not just that the “NAZIS” didn’t want war, it’s that Great Britain and others, including the USA wanted war with Germany and the outrageous lies they told to make that war happen (like the WMD lie) put the blame for WW II elsewhere than on Germans.

        Here is an outrageous lie by FDR used to justify the USA’s attack on Germany a second time in 25 years. In the early 1970’s the British admitted they created this phony map and
        fed it to Roosevelt. Any suggestion that Germany even had the ability
        to take over South America, especially when it was already fighting the
        Soviet Union and Great Britain is ludicrous.

        Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof on The War That Had Many Fathers w/ English Subtitles

        • Barbarossa was a preemptive strike? Is this some kind of joke? Ever since the Miracle on Wistula, the Soviet Bolsheviks shelved any plans of expansion. The pre-war expansion was a consequence of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. It is preposterous to state that the SU was about to attack the Reiht.

          • These historians disagree with you.

            History of World War 2- Was the USSR set to attack Germany before Operation Barbarossa?

            Russian and German Historians Debate Barbarossa and Its Aftermath
            “To the second group belong military historians such as Viktor Suvorov,
            Mikhail Meltiukhov, V. A. Nevezhin, V. D. Danilov, and Aleksandr
            Solzhenitsyn, as well as several Germans (Joachim Hoffmann, Wolfgang
            Strauss, Fritz Becker) and Austrians (Heinz Magenheimer, Ernst
            Topitsch). (See review of Topitsch’s Stalin’s War in JHR, [Summer
            1988]). They argue that Stalin trusted no one, least of all Hitler;
            that Stalin had, together with Marshal Zhukov, devised his own plan for a
            surprise offensive against Germany, with the ultimate goal of
            establishing Communism in Europe; and that it was the USSR, not Germany,
            which was better prepared for war…..”

          • Stalin had anything in mind but the immediate war with Germany. How the hell the SU was prepared to sustain horrendous losses in just the first few days of war?

            Marshal Zhukov was no one at the beginning of the war and rose to great prominence during the war.

            I just hope that this website will stay away from the re-writing of history.

          • Revising history is a constant and it’s desirable. When history isn’t revised, you have people repeating lies seventy years old, lies exposed decades earlier such as Germans making Jews into soap and lampshades, “Hitler wanted to take over the world” and other moronic statements that many people still believe.

            People should know that France and Britain declared war on Germany, people should know that the USSR was dominated by Jews, that it outlawed “anti-semitism” and Christianity, that it burned down the countries churches and that it murdered millions of its own citizens, including millions of Ukrainians in the Holodomor. Many people know the Germans referred to the USSR as run by “Jewish Bolsheviks”, but instead of the standard reply “that is NAZI lie” or something along those lines, people should learn the truth, and the “NAZIS” were telling the truth and the allies lied and covered up the mass murder the USSR was carrying out. People should also know that millions of Europeans, and not just Germans, considered the murderous USSR a threat to Europe, although Germany was the first line of defense.

            President Vladimir Putin – Jews founded and dominated the USSR

            Goebbels on Atrocities Jews are Carrying Out in the USSR

            2009 – Ukrainian Gov’t Says Jews Murdered Millions of Ukrainians – 2009

  • Wow! Good Night Alt-Right has an 86% dislike rating. That means that about 6 out of 7 people who watched at least the first second of the video disliked it. Granted, this stat is boosted by the fact that it is attracting people who will only watch it to down vote it, but still…

    The second video has only about 1/50th the views of the first, but still about the same dislike rating. I don’t know if “The Rocking Horse Club” are goyim, but they do seem younger and less outwardly degenerate and defective, so perhaps there is some hope for them.

  • “Cuckcore” me likey very much, LOL! That Jew singer looks like he’s dropping a load in his adult diaper.

  • When does the altright even advocate hate? Sure a few trolls here and there make some hateful comments, but people like Richard Spencer aren’t out their saying fuck black people. Why do leftist never even try to understand us? I feel like we in the altright understand the left better then they understand themselves.

    I wish the left was as loving and tolerant as they pretend to be. They always preach that shit, but I never see it they are the most hateful people imaginable. It’s always projection with these people they are hateful, intolerant, and irrational so they assume we are as well. A society that was all altright would be a relatively peaceful, structured society where women could walk down the street without fear of being raped. The leftist society they preach would be full of hate, mistrust, and just straight up anarchy.

    • we in the altright understand the left better then they understand themselves.

      This phenomenon is well studied in the social sciences: the right understand the left, and disagrees with them. The left doesn’t have a clue what the right actually thinks, instead projecting onto the right their own stereotypes.

      I suggest it comes from the fact that the left is actually a hate movement, a psychological mechanism to displace internal hostility onto the “other.” Considering that the Western “left” in the Current Year is essentially a Jewish movement, I suspect it’s just another form of secularized Judaism, “crying out as it strikes you.”

      The failure of the right is in simply reacting to the Judaic left. They peach hate disguised as love, therefore the right must take the exact opposite tack and hate. This is inauthentic which is why the right can never actually defend itself from the left.

    • They psychopathologize “hate” in Whites to prevent us from hating people who hate us.

      Hate is good and necessary.

    • Is that one of those “high-capacity magazine” things that hold lots of ammo clips? I bet it’s a “12-gauge”…………or maybe even the far more powerful “20 gauge” assault rifle.


      That coiffured ponce lives on Lon-Giland. Where’s he gonna lay hands on a gun?

  • Aesthetics can tell a lot about a person or people. In the case of both of these, it’s absolutely revolting.

    The first video is literally just screaming and yelling -if there was no video the “song” wouldn’t even make sense. It’s barely intelligible. The second video is, I would argue, even worse. Almost every person in it has that degenerate look about them. The lead singer is covered in piercings and looks like his parents were a beluga and a polar bear. The supposed Str8WM in the video is also basically a manlet. I kind of hate him too. But that purple-haired lesbian construction worker whacking it in her pants really takes the cake. The incarnation of the 21st century feministic western woman. Nothing in that video can be described as beautiful, yet I’m assuming it was supposed to be a “take that!” type thing, with everyone’s place reversed or something. It shows just how ugly these people really are, and what poor taste they have in virtually everything.

  • Does anyone remember those early pre-Caliphate ISIS videos where they conducted home invasions and kidnapped / tortured Iraqi officials?

    That was one of their early tactics. One pretty unpleasant video stuck in my head and this music video shows a very similar scenario.

    It’s kind of amazing that this band was dumb enough to think that ENDORSING POLITICAL TERRORISM is a good look for them.

    Grats Spencer on getting under the skin of our enemies.

    • Who does Dijorio-Lieberman want to do hits for, the Italian mob, the Jew mob, or some combination of the two?

      Did you see where that nice wannabe Italian Roman Catholic hitman from the Philadelphia area buried the bodies 12 & 1/2 feet deep, after they had been burned, and they were still found! What’s an aspiring young mob hitman going to do today? The neighbors, including a medical doctor though the youngster was the best. LOL. You can’t make this stuff up.

      • Checked these guys out after your suggestion. They were cheered when interviewed on Fox News the other night after being kicked off their label for non-politically correct statements about immigration. Another case of no publicity being bad publicity. Unfortunately, I then found this video. Of course, when you are starting at the bottom you will play for whoever is willing to listen.

  • Actually they are our best allies, useful idiots. They are actually helping a lot those they are trying to oppose and they don’t realize it.
    They are helping polarizing society more and more, and making fed up people come to our cause. The far-left has now the reputation and image of terrorism, social inepts, marginals and violent criminals. While us, once seen as dumb stereotypical boneheads, are now a bastion of decency, rationality, civilized behavior, style, and ethics; a respectable force worthy of the status of defenders of Europa.

    • are now a bastion of decency, rationality, civilized behavior, style, and ethics

      That’s the first thing I think of when I hear /pol/, for sure.

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