BASED Black “Proud Boy” Wants To Kill Him Some Alt-Righters

The Alt-Lite continues to show off its best and brightest.

Wow, I always thought that Ancaps were all just Jews, tech autistes or trust fund babies. I had no idea they were so diverse.

Now, all jokes aside, I seriously doubt that this Darius BASED Fitz has ever cracked open a Rothbard book.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the reason he wanted to come to the Alt-Right “Unite The Right” rally wasn’t to fight people over their economics. He didn’t take offense to the Alt-Right’s critique of capitalism or our promoting socialist policies. I don’t think anyone on the Alt-Right talks about economics that much at all. We’re an identity movement, first and foremost.

No, it has nothing to do with tax rates and everything to do with NatSoc being associated with White Identity. That’s what the Proud Boys mean when they talk about fighting “NatSocs”. They are really saying that they have a problem with White Identity.

It is illuminating to see what kind of freaks the Alt-Lite has hanging around them th0ugh. And while Gavin’s cult is different from Cernovitch’s cult, they are all still freaks.

Darius posing with his guns.

To those who believe that we shouldn’t engage in infighting, I have this example and many others to point out. The Alt-Right is fine letting the Alt-Lite do its own thing. It’s they who are constantly threatening and counter-signaling us. What can we do against such reckless faggotry except call it out? I suggest taking your concern-trolling elsewhere.

It’s not infighting when your movement has literally nothing in common with theirs. This is a consolidation of the dissident right. The “infighting” was bound to happen sooner or later. Let’s just grit our teeth and finish the job.

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  • So basically the Proud Boys have become a new version of Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice. Depressing and pathetic, as is the fact that they stole their motto from a dumb song by The Doors.

  • No you dont need to call the alt lite out. It only looks weak and sectarian. Let them countersignal the alt right all they want, it only hurts themselves.

  • These misfits are no more associated with the white advocate movement than the girl scouts or an insurance salesman’s association. The digital carnival barkers that briefly stood in the light of truth for a moment and then couldn’t profit (aka create a pack of twitter lemmings) on the association stepped out. They are what I call, the Fault-Right. You know them by their behaviour. They are 1) Those who by their own bad judgement, are unfit to advocate Alt-Right core beliefs because they are homosexuals or have committed miscegenation. 2) Those who remain enslaved by abstractions such as “civic nationalism” or “constitution” or “melting-pot” or other sweet nothings without political utility. 3) Those who have a Blindspot of Racial Self Awareness (BORSA) and cannot decide what to keep and what to throw away in the junk drawer of their psyche. These people never had the courage or determination to have a political goal much less the balls to express it. We do, we can articulate it, and this is why the movement has motion. Alt-Right ideas drive fear into muds, much like a young adult of no accomplishment learning that daddy’s checkbook is closing and they will have to earn their own keep, a terrifying realization. As for the jew, they have stolen from the white middle class using the sub prime mortgage as a weapon. The jew has maimed and killed our white sons with war. The jew has corrupted our white daughters with feminism and anti-family thinking. The jew knows white men pay fairly, and having worked so hard to earn white wrath, may the shekels of payback be many, many. Lastly, we witness the sad creature exposing a hide of genetic antiquity, adorned with man-made scribbles, perched upon a couch as filthy as would be expected when left in an animal’s cage, surrounded by weapons conceived by whites. Should we wonder why he projects his self hatred upon what he can never become? Within that humanoid prototype brain, does a dim flicker of knowing scream without end about the futility of being at this place at this time? It is the plight of a monkey in a little suit, chained to an organ, grinding away to make unpleasant sounds to it’s primitive ear, it does not understand it’s own dismal existence in an alien environment. If it bites, it gets put down.

  • As Don Black always says, “In a race war, your enemy will tell you which side you’re on”:

  • You’re not engaging in infighting because this guy isn’t white. Even if he’s not a Proud Boy himself his actions are being tacitly endorsed by the Proud Boys. They didn’t let anyone know this guy was threatening to attack people and they didn’t discourage him either. One look at this guy’s facebook page and it’s pretty obvious he’s going to go nuts one day. He’s mentally unstable and prone to violence. I predict that he will eventually shoot up a place or murder his baby momma because she left him. Keep your eyes peeled for future headlines featuring this guy going on a rampage because they will appear. It’s only a matter of time.

  • Violence always being directed towards the alt right, not the other way around. Just can’t allow White people to live in peace.

  • Splinter groups and infiltrators… bread and butter of the (((mans))) work at destroying ,destabilising counter insurgencies that look like they have traction.

    “I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member”

  • When certain sectors of the Alt Right started promoting Socialism, I knew this one was coming. An anti-Leftist focus on economics is required. White Western identity is strongly tied to tribal monarchic liberty. We can’t allow the multicult to seize the high ground by painting us all as totalitarian statists. The Alt Lite may prove itself more dangerous than Antifas in the long run because of their radical subversion of conservative politics

    • Bismarck was the most ardent monarchist ever, yet he introduced many measures that were considered “socialist.” Monarchism is something very different from (((corporatist capitalism))).

      • How was Bismarck an ardent monarchist? He was not a monarch, yet wielded autocratic power. He wiped out Germany’s little ancient monarchies to bring about the socialist Germany we all love today. How is socialism different from corporatist capitalism? They seem similar to me

  • so the ALt-Light goes full Antifa now? That showes that they are doomed. The last good people that are left there will wake up because of stupid shit like this! If this guy comes for trouble he will get shot.

  • I still believe the best idea is to ignore and push on. The whites that are part of the Alt-Lite because “they know something is wrong but they don’t want to be called racist” will either perish or join us soon enough. If we continue our propaganda and philosohpy, they will join us. The rest will end up either being put down by the media (as they are idiotically willing to take the brunt of the attack on the “alt-right”) or will join the liberals as they always really wanted to anyways.

  • Ezra Levant is pulling McInnes’s strings. Both Cernovich AND Breitbart go out of their way to troll and countersignal against traditional gender roles and sexual morality. Cernovich has started outreach to the far-left on tuition forgiveness because he hates the Alt-Right even more than the leftists.

    The Alt-Lite Will side with the left over us. F*** them.

  • “Proud Boy” sounds so GRIDS infested homo that only a Jew could come up with it and think it’s cool.

  • Your based black man will only continue being based so long as you don’t go too far off your leash white boi. You can talk about having an identity and white rights and all that jazz, but don’t try to actually push for it seriously or I can’t be your based black guy anymore and might have to shoot you in the face before you have a chance to fight back.

  • Anarchists have always been a rather childish lot. A few steps above Libertarians.

    If this guy wants violence, he’ll get it. Doesn’t matter how many s/a guns he has (which are likely stolen or obtained illegally). One well-placed bullet does wonders. He must be acting on the assumption that NatSocs are weak and can’t defend themselves. I for one don’t make a good victim.

    And no, this isn’t infighting, this turd has nothing in common with the AR or Identitarians, He is an enemy. Likely an infiltrator in Gavin’s defunct group.

  • Anarcho-capitalist negroes?!?
    Don’t they know that the way to maximize their value is to part them out like an old Chevy?

    • Shalom Ms Grenabaum! IDK if this based black knows that real An Caps like Murray Rothbard considered people like him absolute trash who could be kicked out of businesses solely because they were based blacks.

    • Gavin is on the same fence as Jim Goad, def. won’t choose a race preference, cos, open minded and all that shit .. cos .. fuck white libtardia… cos .. never limit your market for tshirt sales.. ‘rebels’.

      • AR’s are shit.They jam and they use .223 or .556,which is designed to wound and go through you making a pencil-sized hole.When they come out the other side,they probably won’t even go through the guy behind you.The one on top is an ak pistol.It uses 7.62×39,which is designed to kill.If you get shot with that and someone is standing 20-50 yards behind you,not only is it going to kill you,it’s going to kill him too.

  • Time and time again there are “right wing” groups who sound promising and say some of the right things but when it comes to the most important racial issues and JQ, they stab you in the back and take up SJW talking points. It’s possible to waste 20 years on these groups.

  • Is this one of those “based black conservative” that Gavin uses as his reason or not letting “nazis” into the proud boys from his video “why we don’t let nazis into the proud boys”. Yes nazis aren’t allowed into the proud boys because of the 2% of the black population that are conservative which in reality they are just on the upper end of the bell curve. How can you justify blacks in your country because 2% of the population. Are these “based black men” really worth the lower quality of life and high crime the rest of them bring. Ironic part is he would probably tell you that one good muslims doesn’t mean we should bring in the rest of them. When its the same argument with blacks he some how believes it? I don’t get it. When will they realize the muslim thing is a red herring and its Muslim thing is just like all the other issues that plague western society. A race issue.

  • In My Hood……

    i’m Known……

    … the Face Slasher…….

    No One wants to get their Face Slashed……..

    ……so I have Open Space……

    Call me EVIL…….

    I call it Self-Defense…….

    Leave me ALONE……

    And find PEACE…….

    I was Born an Innocent Christian……

    But, Life Happens…..


  • I heard somewhere……..that Whites can’t Fight……

    That somehow we can’t………Use our Hands and Bodies for Self-Defense/Offense…….

    … Non-Whites…….

    Then, I stopped watching the Mainstream……..

    I turned OFF the Movies…..

    I turned OFF ESPN……

    I walked the Streets like a Beatdown Ticking………

    I Payed my Dues…….

    On the Streets and in Court……

    I OWNED my Inner Animal………

    And the Non-Whites seemed to Pacify around me………


    Once they Sensed the Fear Extinguished from My Eyes……..

    …..and the Violence Innate……

    I became Free……

    Interesting Case Study…….

    A Model not a Law…….

    I NEVER Sleep…….

  • Civic nationalism means having at the helm of our social institutions an alien ethnic group that doesn’t identify with the majority population or its interests. Civic nationalism facilitates Jewish imperialism.

  • Conservatism is economic materialism

    Liberalism is social materialism

    Cultural Libertarianism, which is what Gavin and Milo push, is the combination of both.

    Antifa and the Proud Bois are closer to each other than they are to us.

    • “Antifa and the Proud Bois are closer to each other than they are to us.”

      Objectively false. There is no one we would want to recruit from Antifa. There are plenty of Proud Boys who have left and joined Identity Evropa, Trad Workers, and TRS. It’s already happened. At the same time, zero Antifa have abandoned their group to join White Identity groups.

      • I should have specified that I meant ideologically.

        Both groups are full of good goys.

      • At the same time, zero Antifa have abandoned their group to join White Identity groups.

        Not in the US. Although there was that chick who showed up at Auburn with one of them and left with one of us. Not sure if that counts.

  • There is, or maybe was, a decent number of Proud Boys who were White and
    joined because instinctively they saw a group that was fighting against
    anti-Whites (Leftists, Liberals, Muslims). The talk of “Western Supremacy” and “culture” from the Proud Boys lured them in believing they could live in the peaceful (and naive) American past of the 1950’s before the POZ. Then after joining they found their leadership (Gavin, et al) would abandon them and turn against their neighbors (other Whites) when it mattered most.

    The Proud Boys will talk about “Western Supremacy” while they openly
    support anti-White hatred and displacement of Whites from every facet of
    “Western Culture.” Nowhere is this more obvious than their zealous hatred of “Nazis” while passively resisting BLM, La Raza, BAMN and other explicit, violent, anti-White groups. All of their energy is directed at physically attacking White people.

    The goys over at TRS have been recruiting Whites from the Proud Boys for
    precisely the reasons outlined in this article, and more. There have been “Anti-Sharia” rallies where every “right wing” speaker is Jewish and/or gay. They talk about Israel non-stop and “the Jewish people.” After a while you see Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s (no relation to Richard) attacks on “racists” and “Nazis” as just another Jewish attack on White people and you leave the movement. But where will they go? TRS, Identity Evropa, Trad Workers…

    If there is a protest near you with Proud Boys, get involved. Find the Whites who have a problem with Rabbi Media and cucking for Israel. They’re already willing to stand up. Best they stand up for themselves.

    • In Canada at least, rallies associated with the Proud Boys and the Rebel are swarming with JDL goons. If your going to go I’d be discreet about anything pro-white or counter-semetic. Personally, I wouldn’t go at all.

      • clusterfucks in Canada are best avoided and monitored, etc. don’t bother showing up and don’t even think about discussing white survival in this multicult mosh pit

    • +1 No reason to leave otherwise well meaning Whites to (((Ezra Levant’s))) Jew Israel front group. Go to their rallies and raid them for recruits to the pro-white cause.

      • It might be a good idea for someone to write an FAQ or How To video or piece about how to go about recruiting those folks effectively during their rallies.

        I’ve seen plenty of videos where someone is interviewing people during a rally and ends up getting the cold shoulder, if not bounced out. Won’t do any good recruiting people if we get kicked out of the rally or word gets around to ignore us, for example.

    • Nowhere is this more obvious than their zealous hatred of “Nazis” while passively resisting BLM, La Raza, BAMN and other explicit, violent, anti-White groups.

      It’s more obvious in their rabid support of Jewish identity politics. PB can still claim to be against “identity politics” as a matter of principle when only passively opposing groups like BLM, but not when actively supporting Jews as a special interest group. It gives proof that their principle isn’t opposition to identity politics as an abstract point of political philosophy but specifically opposition to white racial identity. Being against “identity politics” necessitates being opposed to Jewish interests, because such a thing shouldn’t exist according to this ostensible pillar of their beliefs.

      When you bring this up to them they attempt to obfuscate with this sanction of the victim narrative, which is basically that Jews are morally justified in being Pro-Jew because of the existence of Anti-Jews. Of course you can expose their hypocrisy in pointing to obvious Anti-Whites which should in their moral reasoning sanction Pro-Whites, but instead just results in them calling you a Nazi. The more we interact with them the more illiberally leftist they will become as the Ur-Idea of their philosophy is the moral righteousness of being Anti-White, and while we may peel off many members from their organization it is never going to get any better because it is basically an Israeli outfit at this point. It’s JDL: Goyim Division and this will become increasingly clear as time goes on.

  • I don’t know about any other Whites, but for me any individuals or groups that do not put Whiteness above all else and who criticize those of us who do are not on my side. I do not see our struggle as primarily being about religion or culture or ideology or nations, but about preserving, expanding and evolving our White genome so that it fills all lands and makes the planet a better,a holier, a more just and peaceful place. I see this as a sacred obligation. All else is secondary to me.

  • This Nog personifies the logical conclusion of the Proud Boy’s counterfeit “Civic Nationalism” (which is neither civil nor national), a pseudo-philosophy that attracts “Tragic Mulattoes” with Identity issues to it’s ranks. Oy vey the biting irony; a half black guy with Identity issues wants to attack Identitarians! I never expected much from “Alt-West” types.

  • Look at how DISGUSTINGLY FILTHY that Couch is…….

    How could someone live like that??

    And with all those Guns surrounding him…….

    All that Displays is his Frailty and Mental Illness……..

    He won’t be in Charlottesville…….on August 12th………..


    But, if we were to be there……..

    He’s definitely a Marijuana Smoker……..

    And Marijuana makes you a WEAK Fighter……..

    It Lowers your Testosterone and Energy Levels……….

    His Muscular Amplitude is Moderate at Best…….

    The Best Thing going for him is his Mulatto Skin Color…….

    He’s a MESS…….

    He’s NOTHING to Fear…….

  • I’m ex US army MP and trained in Boxing Kung Fu Soo San jie jujitsu and (((Krav Maga))) i can take him

  • I’ve been saying for awhile now that the Alt-Lite and the Proud Boys aren’t on our side. We share nothing in common with them. And everytime we find ourselves in the same place we end up fighting each other rather than the real enemies… This is because they are our real enemies. Gavin is a Zionist shill. We gain nothing by playing nice with him or anyone around him (and that includes Lauren Southern.)

      • True. She built her name at the Rebel the very same Zionist media outlet that Gavin still works for. Until she proves herself trustworthy, she shouldn’t be treated as such.

        • “Until she proves herself trustworthy…”

          Laura Southern did an expose on Generation Identitaire and brought tens of thousands of Euros in donations to fund counter-refugee boats. She was also arrested with GI for chasing down refugee boats. She’s proven herself more trustworthy and valuable than you.

          • I donated to that and support GI. Still, they don’t touch the JQ, which is why LS is willing to do an expose on them.

          • “They still won’t touch the JQ”

            Apparently you don’t realize they will literally be arrested and thrown in jail for YEARS. Europe is NOT America. If they “touch the JQ” it’s instant prison. There’s an army of Lawyerbergs waiting to throw them in jail.

          • I’m well aware. We have similar hate speech laws here in Canada. I didn’t even say it was a bad thing they avoid the JQ. Their trying to make European Nativism mainstream, and Jewish conspiracy theories would probably hinder their prospects. Thats why LS interviews them, and not figures in the American Alt-Right.

            Way to edit my quote to make your point though. Nice touch.

          • Fuck Lauren “gravy train” Southern. Anyone remotely taking her serious is an imbecile. Its just bidness.

          • naming the jew is not essential .. naming a particular one is however more helpful .. Amitai Etzioni / Werner Falk, born in Cologne, Israeli, American, communitarian.

          • Counter-refugee boats? Thousands of Africans landed in Italy yesterday. I think the “counter-refugee” boats aren’t working and all those euros ended up in someone’s pocket.

            Lauren is a childless, unmarried, career-girl who signals against the alt-right and White Genocide. She’s just in it for the shekels, when things get real, she runs and cries like every other woman.


          • Martin Sellner promotes ‘Saul Alinsky’ Rules for Radicals tactics .. he is most likely controlled opposition ~ ‘movements’ are used to further the cause [communitarianism[ .. violence pushes the agenda along faster… chasing boats, meh, good for a visual act of ‘resistance’ but not stopping a damned thing..

          • She did some good things

            That doesn’t make her “trustworthy”. There are many circumstances where it would be ridiculous to “trust her”.

            Luckily it’s rarely necessary to trust some youtube personality. Even Moly is very untrustworthy, he openly says he’d side against us, doesn’t mean he’s not producing a lot of good content.

            Trust is the wrong metric.

          • It’s of course impossible that she might have ulterior motives for doing these things. Everyone just assumes she left the Rebel because of ideological differences. Like she has too much integrity to associate with (((Ezra))) or something. LOL. She probably realized that her name is big enough that she can make more money independently than working on someone elses platform.

            The way I see it she is trying to be just edgy enough to attract people on the Alt-Right, while not being too edgy, so as to not alienate her original Alt-Lite audience. The boat event was an attempt to gain credibility with the Alt-Right, and she was willing to get arrested to earn that credit. I have to give her this much. She is clever and her plan does seem to be working for the most part.

            Most of these people defending her, after the Washington rally, were saying that Cernovitch and Poseibic are shills and anyone who defends them or anybody of their ilk is a cuck. All that goes out the window when confronted with a nice smile and some fake blonde hair.

            Whatever though, I’ve stated my case. You’ve all been warned.

          • Keep paying your taxes like a good wage slave so that Tyrone and his five kids get to live for free, pleb.

    • That POS AntiFa Mulatto LARPer……is My Enemy………

      Laura Southern isn’t My Enemy…….

      Gavin is being paid his Sustenance by a Jew……..

      Of course, he’s going to Counter Signal……..

      He’s not Street Hardened or Prepared for Battle anyway…….

      Some of his Followers are…..

      But, I truly doubt that most of them would support attacking their White Brothers in the Alt-Right….

      Either way……..any White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red Man tries to Physically Attack me……

      I’ll leave them GUSHING……


    • Lauren seems to be migrating in our direction. Or perhaps even implicitly being one of us without saying it perhaps because she doesn’t want to have the label of Alt-right because of the stigma attached. Other than the fact that she won’t openly say white genocide, my biggest problem with her is the fact that she said she was studying to become military intelligence when (((Ezra Levant))) approached her and offered her a job at “Rebel” Media. That’s pretty shady to me and I wouldn’t trust her unless somebody trustworthy did a thorough investigation.

      • Yeah. I heard she was training with CSIS before joining the Rebel too.

        Historically attractive women have made more effective infiltrators than men. Proceed with caution.

      • “she was studying to become military intelligence”

        LOL – if you excluded everyone in the pro-white/Alt Right movement who has a military intelligence/spook background – there literally wouldn’t be anyone left.

        Take it for what it is … it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it may be a good thing if you think about it. But knowledge is power as they say …

        • This is why it is important that we never do illegal stuff.

          If there is an aboveground WN movement, then we can waste huge amounts of Fed money.

      • dude, she was cut free from (((the rebel))) for a reason. shes still on his payroll, shes just ‘indepdenent’ now but still towing the same BS

      • I’ve been saying since she came on the scene that she ticks all the boxes for being a honeypot spook. All these fake blonde graduates that promote traditionalism, but are all barren and unmarried. This is obviously her first assignment as a spook, and leading those of a similar age would seem like the only assignment they could put a new spook recruit on.

        • Even if they aren’t honeypots, they’re dangerous qua women. They all likely have high cock counts and will band together and form a feminist fifth column. Very important not to let them anywhere near positions of power.

      • I saw somebody “debunking” a video by Lauren Southern about “The Great Replacement” just the other day.

        She’s talking about white genocide alright. Just not in those words.

    • The problem they have is they’ll increasingly start looking like fags.

      As one fellow poster here put it a while ago: “They need a permission structure in order to move in our direction.”

      They’ll come to us in due time, otherwise we’ll call them sissies.

      • Some of them will. Others will drift leftward. I agree that their current position will become more and more irrelevent in the coming years though.

  • It has nothing to do with tax rates and everything to do with NatSoc being associated with White Identity. That’s what the Proud Boys mean when they talk about fighting “NatSocs”. They are really saying that they have a problem with White Identity.

    Yes, because (((Rebel Media))) is a JEWISH Israeli front group – that’s it. This Negro faux-thug is nothing but a sock-puppet of the JEWS that run (((Rebel Media))) – chances are he’s not coming to any rally he’s just a picture, just a Facebook account, being used by the JEWS at (((Rebel Media))) to counter-signal against Whites and try to pressure pro-Whites out of the Trump movement.

    Blacks don’t give a damn about Jewish economic ideologies like “anarcho-capitalism” (*snicker*) nor do Black people care about Israel, any Black people involved in this stuff are merely stalking horses hired by JEWS.

    Don’t be distracted by Negroes, eyes on the real enemy.

    • While you’re right, we can’t just ignore negroes. Kinda like any other war. While the enemy soldier is only shooting at you because his leadership told him to, fact is that he’s still shooting at you.

      • If this Negro said he was a “based Trump supporter” that didn’t like “racists” and “white supremacists” – that would be believable.

        The fact he is supposed to be against “national socialists” (i.e., “Nazis”) and the fact he’s claiming to be an “anarcho-capitalist” shows beyond any doubt a Jew is writing this script.

        Besides Jews *always* use Black masculinity against White men, because Woody Allens are not particularly intimidating now are they? This is a typical Jew using a dim witted and compliant Negro as a proxy against Whites. I mean look how they dressed him up for the pictures. They were going for “thug” but he looks more like one of Milo’s boyfriends.

          • Hipster Racist is correct on who the real enemy is. But he really needs to read some Hemingway and economize his words like a Jew.

    • Isn’t it true that has Jew on it’s Board (Friberg)?? Not saying that to be contrarian or argumentative, just want to know the truth.

      • You are transparent. From your comments advocating laying down pipebombs, to you inability to use the ((())) meme correctly. You reek of shill.

      • -berg is a common working- and middle class name suffix in Sweden. Here it is typically not associated with jewishness but swedishness, though I once vaguely knew a jew named Rosenberg. Berg means mountain in Swedish (and German) and is a common suffix, for instance we have a small town named Adolfsberg (Not any association with that guy). But I can assure you it’s nothing fishy with being named Friberg in Sweden.

  • Reminder, that the same people who have a facebook that look like a grinder profile accuse the Alt Right of being homos.

    • The Proud Boys leader literally shoved a black dildo up his butt on his show. Their faggots.

      • Nah dude ya got it all wrong, it just proves his masculinity. Only a real man would be comfortable sticking black rubber cock up his ass for the masses to see.

  • Africans are a nasty and unpleasant race of useless parasites who rely on White men to give them gibs but insist on acting like uppity apes. Can’t think of a single reason anyone would want these “people” around.

    • If every single nagger on earth dropped tomorrow, what could there possibly be to mourn? I’d say it’s occasion to pop the champagne.

      • Meh, the NBA and NFL might be less exciting, but then I haven’t watched either of those in years, so could be a good time to refresh.

        Also, all the sprinting records would end up adjusted upwards without them around, and many jails (here in the US anyway) might face substantial layoffs for not having as many prisoners to watch.

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