Tucker Carlson Savages Neocon Max Boot

This was savage. Absolutely savage.

Tucker takes no prisoners.

This video is a must-watch.

Remember, the neocons have Israel’s best interests at heart, not America’s.

Vincent Law
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  • As you scroll through the comments on this column, you’ll see many from a non-White character who calls himself Brando Martinez who hates White Russians (emphasis on White). Martinez tries to hide the fact that he is not White and is probably ((( ))), so I’ve challenged him to post his 23 and Me results here. No reply from this character yet.

    My point in this present post is that perhaps we should ask many of those who try to fragment Whites to post their 23 and Me or similar DNA test results before we waste time arguing with these haters of all things and all people who are White.

  • Having been to Russia many times I can say this – Russia in the 1940’s was 350 million people – now its 140 people – It has the eco size of Italy – it in no way can attack anyone and keep a long term war going … NATO now to is not a threat to anyone – After all, how can the Gov’ts of NATO draft its men to fight XZY and leave the women and children at home with 10 million Islamic nut jobs??? The only 3 Nations on earth that can attack anyone are the USA, China and Israel.

    • Bob, Russian Empire, the Soviet Union or whatever you call Russia was never 350 mil in population. The Soviet Union lost between 20 mil and 28 mil people in the World War II.

      • The 1989 Soviet Census right before the breakup of the USSR had a population of 286 million. Bob is off on the figures but it’s shocking to see that Russia’s population has been halved in 30 years, in addition to a massive territorial loss. And for the Spergs out there, the USSR was essentially Russia so just stop.

        Russia is not going to threaten America or China. They have stemmed their terrible demographic death wave from the 90s and early 2000s and now Russia is growing slightly in population.

        • USSR and Russia apples to oranges from standpoint of the population count. The combined population of the former SU is much larger now than 286 mil. But the largest contributors are Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, etc.

  • Hats off to Tucker. I’m amazed he can take on garbage like that night after night and continuously better them. I don’t blame him for not replying to the Lindbergh line by Boot in a different way, but I would call Lindbergh a peace advocate who only defended Germany to the extent that he thought Europe and western civilization would be better off not killing off over 50 million Europeans and destroying most of Europe.

    Congress may have thought Germany was the bigger enemy than the USSR but that would have been because Jews like Boot owned most of the US media back then already and they spread non-stop hate propaganda against a Germany at peace with itself with little violence against anyone before the war broke out in 1939 (including Jews), while the Jew run Soviet Union was burning down the countries churches and murdering millions of its citizens, most notably Ukrainians in the Holodomor. Germany’s problem was with its neighbors that were awarded large parts of Germany with millions of Germans living there and they had no problem solving these problems, just as Britain solved problems with its colonies while the US does more than solve its own problems. It continuously interferes and starts wars all over the world by getting involved in things that are none of its business. But Britain and the US, led by Jews did not want Europe’s problems solved. They wanted a war against Germany and would smear Lindbergh and others who didn’t share their desire to murder Germans.

    So, yes, to the Jew Boot’s satisfaction the US attacked Germany, where there was little violence until the outbreak of the war and took the side of the murderous Jewish Bolshevik regime against Germany. But why should this surprise anyone? His politics are geared towards what is best for the Jews and that is why he wants Syria destroyed. It borders Israel and its their enemy. That is the same reason he wants Iran destroyed and as Jew, he objects to Christian Russia. He wants them to be the LGBT, crime ridden shit hole many of America’s cities are, now that the Jews dominate American governmental policy.

    Among the lies Jews and their lackeys like Churchill and FDR peddled for many decades were ridiculous lies that Hitler “wanted to take over the world”, was going to take over South America and other accusations exposed as outright lies over 30 years ago already. In truth, we know Germany repeatedly offered Churchill peace, but Churchill accepted a large amount of bribe money from wealthy Jews and elected to continue the war and destroy his own empire, rather than be perceived as a bungler, as he was perceived until that point.

    Dr. Andrew Joyce has written an excellent article on the Jews role in WW II.

    “Review: How the Jews Defeated Hitler: Exploding the Myth of Passivity in the Face of Nazism, Part One of Two”

  • (((Max Boot))) is fighting for his people and Israel. The (((ethnic Marxists))) lost total control over Russia when the Soviet Union collapsed. When (((they))) lose control (((they))) immediately go into panic mode. (((They))) try to mobilize their new host country against their old host country. That’s precisely what (((Max Boot))) is doing.

    Kevin MacDonald has outlined perfectly that the Jewish argument is
    always a moral argument. We must keep that in mind when we watch this
    clip. Tucker cleverly turns (((Max Boot’s))) brow-beating against him around the 7:00 mark when he asks about foreign aid sent to Stalin to oppose Hitler. The (((Max Boot))) has no answer. Why? Becuz muh 6 gorillion!

    If you’ve read “The Culture of Critique” you’d know about Jewish immigration to America and Britain. You’d know why the US was sending food to the Soviet Union. The infiltration of the US government was complete. Hitler was never our enemy. Charles Lindberg was right.

  • At one point I came to oppose the Iraq war based on philosophical ‘non-interventionist’ doctrine. But this is just White moral solipsism. Maybe it works in the context of the European-dominated 18th century but that ship has sailed.

    I later reversed my opposition to Iraq as, to cut to the chase – the end goal should be destroy the enemies of the West. Across the millennia whoever develops the best technological, political and economic systems to destroy their enemies and uses it wins. All of human history can be distilled down to this one simple principle.

    US imperialism is not going to end until the empire collapses – period. If we are going to print money which will never be paid back we might as well destroy the ability of our historical enemies the wage war instead of feeding granny. Shermanesque tactics set back countries 100++ years. Since there is no solution for Whites until the current corporate, neoliberal paradigm breaks down, we might as well weaken any and all future adversaries for when that day comes.

    Having Jews as the facade for these military expeditions into the Islamic world is all the better, because when the winds change, as they always do, the payback will be a bitch.

  • “Syria, a country that is dedicated to the death to (sic) America…”

    The neocons sure live up to the old saying about the Jew crying out in pain as he strikes you. But how many gentiles are actually fooled by this utter nonsense? (Not a rhetorical question, I’d really like to know what groups of Americans are stupid and/or uneducated enough to buy this steaming pile of horse manure.)

  • Wow.

    American-born neocons became anti-communist not because they were anti-communist, but because they were anti-Russian. They had a grudge against Russia because the cossacks chased grandpa out of the shetl. Also, while Jews fared well in the early Soviet Union, they were pushed out of power after WWII and that counts as “anti-semitism.” In the 1970s, many “persecuted” Russian jews, such as Boot and his parents, refugeed to the US.

  • My summary of the arguments and critiques put forth by Mr. Martinez:

    Russia is bad, Putin, Putin, Putin, Putin, Putin, Putin, AltRight shills, Spencer is a cuck and has a Russian wife, Putin, Putin, Putin, Putin, I’m Canadian and sell books, Arktos, Arktos, Putin, I was on Red Ice so I have credibility, Russia, Jews, Jews, Israel, Israel, Israel, Israel, Ukraine, Putin, Putin, AltRight cucks, Russia is really bad, Ann Coulter is a whore and shills for Israel, Carlson loves Israel, Russia is super bad, Jews, Israel, Putin, Putin, Putin, Putin, I took half my adderall script today. Did I mention that I sell books?

  • Notice how Jews use “morality” to bludgeon us into complying with their agenda against our own self-preservation. And of course, only they have the ticket to morality. You must accept their moral pronouncements because everybody knows they are indisputable. “Everybody knows” Assad is a brutal dictator, etc. You don’t want to be immoral, do you, goy?

  • I don’t like or trust Vladimir Putin. The CIA thinks that Putin has billions of dollars (that he has essentially looted) stashed (under other people’s names) in foreign accounts. The war in Ukraine is an unnecessary war between brothers. Putin is only going after Ukrainian territory for reasons of ego.

    Having said that, I think the Russians have a more practical understanding of the Middle East. Sunni Islam is a greater threat to the West than is Shia Islam. The Iranian people seem to have a longing for better relations with the West. The Iranian man in the street even seems to want to Westernize to a certain extent. Arab Muslims seem much more hostile towards the Western world. I don’t see why the U.S. should favor the Arab side of the Persian Gulf. The Russians are more sensible in seeking a constructive relationship with Iran.

  • What is Russia?

    The Biggest Landmass Nation on Earth with 11 Time Zones…….

    …..Massive Mineral and Fossil Fuel Reserves…….

    Most of its Population centered in Europe…….

    Its Royal Family murdered by a Foreign Shapeshifting Tribe…….

    …..who then went on to kill Millions of Russian Christians/Peasants……..

    A Nation with a Low Birth Rate……

    A Nation……..Humiliated………..when America won the Cold War……….

    …..and its Economy Collapsed…….

    A Nation….Humiliated again… Foreign Shapeshifting Capitalists bought up the Big Industries…..

    ……in the Yeltsin Era…….

    ……and then escaped to Israel and the West to avoid Prosecution………

    A Nation with a Proud Pre-Soviet History………

    A Great Historic Culture……..Rich with Artistic, Scientific, and Humanistic Achievement……..

    A Nation remaking itself……..rebuilding……..finding its way………

    …..after over a Century of Confusion, Upheaval, Genocide, World War, and Chaos……

    With a MASSIVE Military and Nuke Arsenal…….

    I don’t really understand Russia at all………

    But, I know it has its own Interests…….as every other Country has……..

    And sometimes America aligns and a lot of times it doesn’t…….

    But, I particularly enjoy when Russian Interests…….Diverge and Conflict with the Neocons/Israel…….


  • An article with 25 words praising a video. C’mon Law, can’t you at least elaborate on why the neocons (a dying movement) fail to produce cogent arguments?

    • Because Law understands that we Alt-Righters are already well educated about the Neocons……

      ….or we wouldn’t be in the Alt-Right…….


      If you need an explanation on why the Neocons are a Dying Movement…….


      Even the most of the Alt-Lite understand this…….

    • So disgusting. So thoroughly disgusting. There isn’t a circle of hell hot enough for these cucks.

      • The far left progressives actually stood up to their own Israeli shill, Bernie Sanders, in Vermont – he had them dragged out by the cops. But at least far left wing liberal progressives have the balls to stand up to the Israel lobby.

        Conservatives? Their mouths are so full of Netanyahu’s circed stump they wouldn’t be able to say anything anyways. As for the Alt Right, well, they like to post comics of Big-Nosed Merchants but criticism of AIPAC is as muted as ever.

  • People wouldn’t hate the Neocons so much if they would just be HONEST…….

    “Yes, I’m Jewish and Israel First and I believe in manipulating and steering American Foreign Policy for the sake of the Jewish Ethno-Nationalist State……..

    Goy Blood is inferior to Jewish Blood and American Goy Lives lost for the Security of the Jewish Ethno-Nationalist State is HOLY…….

    …..according to Talmudic Morality and Spirituality…….

    And if you disagree……’re an Anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi who deserves to be personally destroyed”……

  • Boot’s parents were Russian JEWS who emigrated from Russia.He is a neo-con shill.CFR and globalist tool. I like Tucker more and more.

    • Yeah, Tucker’s pretty cool. I think he knows the score, although he wouldn’t dare let on (nor should we expect him to). Push comes to shove, though, I think he’d still cuck.

      • Tucker spent the entire George W. Bush administration shilling for neo-cons and Israel. Tucker also spent the entire Obama administration shilling for neo-cons and Israel. Maybe his ratings were low so he’s trying a new angle, good I guess.

        • If his newfound stance is improving his ratings, that is a development to be profoundly grateful for. Imagine the mainstream potential in no longer having to worry about one’s rating tanking or reputation being tarnished for opposing the zioscum! For the time being it’s a pity he can’t call them out by name, but if he keeps going the way he is they’ll reveal themselves sooner or later. Even now they can barely contain their agitation. What a joy it is watching them get so hot under the collar.

          • Ann Coulter has “named the Jew” on numerous occasions and she survived. Tucker’s old bow-tie act was implicitly WASP and he obviously knows about the Jews, so here’s hoping he will at some point grow a pair as big as Coulter’s.

            If they call him “anti-seeeemite” he can just do his smirk – I am 99.999% positive that nobody gives a shit about being called an “anti-seeeemite” anymore.

          • It’s not newfound stance. He supported Ron Paul. His Daily Caller had a little bit of Bannon’s Breitbart in it.

        • That’s not completely true. He apologized to Pat Buchanan for criticizing him from the interventionist position and he changed his mind on Iraq relatively quickly.

        • I don’t think that’s accurate. Carlson began to deviate from establishment Republican foreign policy sometime during the G.W. Bush administration. Since then, his views seemed to have consistantly evolved in a non-interventionist direction. Even back in 2007, he was giving Ron Paul a respectful hearing:

          And not just that time. He gave Paul a lot of chances to air his views during the 2008 campaign and was respectful towards him. And this at a time when FOX treated Paul as an unperson or, when they noticed him at all, as some kind of demented crank.

  • If the Assad regime is toppled, then Israel will legitimize the annexation of Golan Heights plus will be able to secure a resettlement space in the former Syria for West bankers. Boot is Jewish and plays his identitarian card buy supporting the expansion of the State of Israel. Does he give a damn about the potential US confrontation with Russia? No he does not,

    Only Whites are not allowed to play the identitarian card.

    • One correction: Whites are neither allowed nor disallowed from playing the identitarian card. Rights are not granted, they are taken. As Whites we must not be bullied into being less than we can be or to hide who and what we are. We must be openly and joyfully White.

  • (((Max Boot))) got BTFO so bad by Tucker he should go into hiding… that was flat out ruthless and awesome hahaha

    • Boot was crying like a Jew nerd getting beat up by the White football team captain. He literally whimpered like a dog in this segment.

  • Check out the comments section. Mostly our Good Goys, but the Hasbara heebs are out in force.

  • We have got to expel every single one of these (((people))). Send them to the only country that they really care about.

  • (((Max Boot))) Does anyone need to any thing else about why this guy is so full of hate for WHITE Russians?

    • Boot was born in Moscow in 1969. Do not know for sure, but most likely, his parents immigrated out of the former SU in the late ’70s. So, he had good 8-10 years in the country before moving to LA. Perhaps, he had felt a few notes of antisemitism as a kid, but most likely it was his parents’ influence.

      Bear in mind, lots of Jews stayed in the former SU and made tons of money, particularly those from Moscow. Possible, Boot is on the other side and jealousy hurts.

      • Boot is obviously a raving globalist. He hates Russia and Putin because they stand in the way of his dreams of megalomania.

    • The hatred for Russia is probably not because they are white. Neocons
      have a long list of countries they have started war with and have acted
      aggressive towards, the majority of which have not been white. Did
      Neocons start war in Iraq because they hate brown people? Do they act aggressive towards North Korea because they hate asians?

      • The can hate more than one group, but they do hate Aryans which is defined as non-Jewish White people of European descent no matter where they were born or live.

        • Then why are they being aggressive toward Russia and not other white countries? Russia is a multicultural society with tons of muslims and Putin jails white nationalists. In that regard how is he much better than Merkel? The only reason neocons oppose him is because Russia wants to compete with them in Globalism. Russia wants Ukraine to be their puppet, not the puppet the US. Russia wants Syria to act in the interest of Russia, not in the interest of the US.

          What many people in the alt-right do, however, is paint this false narrative where the US is opposing Russia because Putin is anti-globalist and for white people, which is complete nonsense. If you were a Ukrainian nationalists you would understand that Russia is just another globalists mobster seeking power for itself.

          • Reality is somewhat more nuanced than this – many in the AR do overly lionize Putin and the Russian state, which is indeed not “white nationalist” in any meaningful sense. I would disagree with characterizing them as globalist – the issues in Ukraine are hardly bc Russia is promoting some global ideology to compete with our version of globalism but rather due to their own (rightly or wrongly) perceived security needs.

            Likewise RT is not some kind of coherent ideology but rather just a melange of stuff that they think somehow reflects poorly on the West. Historically that’s been a leftist narrative regarding oppression or whatever but that’s not bc Russia actually gives a shit about all that, its just what they thought would undermine hostile states.

            While Russia isn’t a “white nationalist” state it does clearly reject the western version of multi-cultural pozzed globalism, which is what I think rightly attracts many on the alt right. Porn is restricted, gays are expectted to keep quiet, natalist policies promote having children, and no one expects Russians to sit through minority-a-month celebration festivals. All that alone is deserving of some credit, at least.

          • Are you saying Jews have not been aggressive towards other White countries? Try speaking up against Jewish interests in any Western European country, or the US.

            The only reason Jews appear to be “non Aggressive” to other White countries is because they do exactly what Jews tell them to do. Go against that grain and the full might of the government comes crashing against you. The only thing separating a place like the US from other countries is our first amendment, and trust me, Jewish interests are constantly working on curtailing that.

            Since I don’t think a lot of critics like you live in the US, you have to understand we must deal with the enemies living 6 miles away, before we deal with enemies 6k miles away. When the two are fighting you side with the one that lives 6k miles away.

          • Yes, RT is very two-faced. One moment they are trying to rile up the nationalists sentiments in Europe with frank talk about problems with immigrants in fx Germany, but the next moment they are calling the EU and european leaders fascists, or talking about the rise of the “extreme right” in Europe. Its devide and conquer.

          • WRONG……

            The Neocons hate Russia……

            …..because Russia sells Arms to and Allies with Iran and Syria……

            ……who funnel weapons to Hezbollah…….

            All Israeli Arch-Enemies……

            Study up on the Basics……..

          • Russia and Ukraine have been joined at the hip for a thousand years. Why wouldn’t Russia want them to act in Russia’s best interest? What business does the west have in Kiev, other than to tear the place up to promote their globalist megalomania? As well, why would Russia not intervene in Syria? It is not some globalist ambition, it is the ambition to retain the sovereignty of Russia. The integrity of Syria’s nationhood is a linchpin and is of major strategic interest to Russia.

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