Russia Stands Poised On The Brink Of A Coup

The meeting of the presidents of Russia and the US in Hamburg has been sold to us by the press, particularly in the West, as one of the key events in the most recent history of bilateral relations between the two great powers.

Special thanks to Helge Sjöfarare for his collaboration on this analysis


In fact, the event was so hyped up that the entire G-20 meeting looked more like a backdrop (or a scene in a movie where the extras simply look on as the two protagonists finally meet face to face) than a political event of serious consequence. The Western press wanted us to believe that Trump would give in to Russia if he were left to his own devices. It was going to be nothing less than a royal treachery of American interests, a catastrophe that could only be prevented by true American heroes like Fiona Hill (Russia Adviser on National Security Council) or Trump’s wife (who apparently tried to butt in and interrupt the meeting.) Who could have prompted her to do that? Food for thought…

Either way, both the neo-liberal and neo-con camps were hysterical in their desperation to prevent President Trump from discussing anything meaningful, peaceful and constructive with President Putin. After the meeting took place, they were even more aghast to learn that the two had got along rather well and talked amicably for more than two hours, instead of the allotted thirty minutes. A naïve observer might have thought that indeed something big happened, some sort of a breakthrough. It might even appear that this was a victory for all peaceful political forces, and I would dare say all normal people, who were interested in the normalizing of Russia-US relations, right?

Not so fast.

The meeting was a charade, or a smoke screen if you prefer this term better. It was allowed to happen for a reason: to obfuscate the real geopolitical machinations going on behind the scenes. Let me explain. It would not be news to you, dear reader if I said that the foreign policy of the United States is shaped by its long-term interests, the latter being formed by powerful interest groups and then formalized by various government agencies. While the president can influence the execution of the long-term strategy, it is hard to imagine that he alone can change it, particularly as a result of a nice chit-chat with a fellow president. In this respect, let’s recollect what the long-term strategy of the US is. A thorough reading of the President’s National Security Strategy statement (circa 2015) shows an unyielding desire to dominate the world: “We have an opportunity—and obligation—to lead the way in reinforcing, shaping, and where appropriate, creating the rules, norms, and institutions that are the foundation for peace, security, prosperity, and the protection of human rights in the 21st century.” If global domination is the unabashedly stated US foreign policy goal, then a confrontation with those countries who oppose it, particularly Russia, is the only logical consequence. It simply cannot be otherwise.

The election of Donald Trump as the President of the US was an unpleasant surprise for the globalist neocon elite, who was responsible for composing the above-mentioned strategy and who by the end of Obama’s term had become deeply entrenched in the Deep State. All the US government agencies and international organizations, and NATO were marching in lockstep to promote the neocon agenda for a  global, US-dominated world order. They are not going to change these plans because of Trump’s presidency or because of his desire to come to terms with President Putin. They staked way too much on their strategy to let Russia or Trump stop them. Given that, I would suggest that the globalists will do all they can, short of nuclear war, to remove any obstacles in their path. The biggest international obstacle for them is Russia, with its independent foreign policy, slowly recovering economic and military power and its deeply rooted traditional values.

In the very near future, all neocon resources will be thrown into action to weaken and destabilize Russia at a minimum or, if circumstance allows, to effect regime change in the Kremlin. I think all the pieces are set on the geopolitical chessboard and are ready to move. They are:

  1. Energy Sector Sanctions. We know the US Senate has passed a bill imposing sanctions on companies investing in energy projects with Russian capital participation. The next stops are the House of Representatives and the President, who may or may not veto the bill. Should the bill be passed and signed into law, the federal budget of Russia will fall by 12%, the oligarchs in charge of Russian energy companies will sustain losses, the Europeans will have to buy American shale gas, imported through LNG tankers even though they are vehemently objecting to this perspective now.
  2. Ukraine. Ukraine is gearing up for war. Leaks from anti-Kiev military officers still in the Ukrainian army talk about a massive concentration of armor and artillery on the eastern front. Meanwhile, Ukraine is increasing its propaganda efforts to justify war with Russia internally and externally. In other words, the country is getting ready to fulfill its historic mission: to become inglorious cannon fodder for the Globalists in the next edition of “Drang Nach Osten.”
  3. Un-systemic Russian opposition. It is no secret that US diplomats have spent an inordinate amount of time in Russia trying to consolidate disparate opposition groups of misguided Russian citizens. Ambassador Tuft, who is leaving Russia now, was particularly skilled at this type of coordination work. We saw how it worked in Ukraine in 2013-2014 when different marginal groups from the radical left to the radical right were cobbled together to start the EuroMaidan. Now, it is true that most Russians of a certain age remember the notorious 90’s and don’t believe Western promises of prosperity through Democracy and free-market Capitalism, however, there is a vocal slice of the population that has fond memories of the freedoms of the 90’s. They got rich robbing and looting the country and wouldn’t mind a second shot at that. And of course, there is a new generation of Russians, the trendy youth, who don’t really remember what the 90’s did to their country. They make for useful idiots and good props for Western cameras.
  4. Russian oligarchs. Americans are already putting a lot of pressure on key Russian oligarchs so that they stop supporting Putin and his governing team and favor more pro-Western political figures. Again, this has been successfully tried before in Ukraine. Frankly, it was done successfully in Russia under Yeltsin, as well. But back to Ukraine. Let me remind readers how the Special Representative on Ukraine, the notorious Victoria Nuland, quietly met with Ukrainian oligarchs during the Euromaidan in Kiev. It was not hard for her to be convincing when she knew their ill-gotten assets were stored in the West. One after another they abandoned the legitimate (but also very corrupt) President of Ukraine and signed up for the America-led coup d’état.
  5. Syria. Here, Russian and Syrian troops are winning the war against ISIS. However, the Russian troops can be checked by American forces, just like the Syrian forces have been forcefully checked on multiple occasions. An escalation in Syria is not off the table.
  6. Southern underbelly. Conflicts in Central Asia and the Caucasus can be re-kindled to make it even more difficult for Russia and its partners to cope. Uzbeks and Chechens are the two easiest groups to rile up. They are Muslims after all. Chechnya remains poised on the brink of civil war and Wahabi Islam is starting to penetrate Uzbekistan which has visa-free travel with Russia. Not a good combination. But hey, big business needs its cheap labor, so the border stays open.

Again, there is really nothing new at work here. The “partners and colleagues” of Russia in the West, along with the “progressives” and the “real patriots” in Russia, are going to try the old, but thoroughly rehearsed strategy of 1917. Remember, Imperial Russia was broken by a combination of domestic disgust over an unpopular “imperialist” war and a foreign government-funded revolution by the Brits with Kerensky in February and the Germans with Lenin in October. So that’s the plan. The chessboard has been reset for 2017. The steps are as follows:

  1. It is very likely that the ruling regime in Kiev (Ukraine) will start a major provocation in Donbass in the next month or so. The scale of this provocation will be large, very large. This provocation should be sufficiently large that Russia feels obligated to respond. To put it even more bluntly, the Kiev regime will be ready to commit atrocities to get Russia to openly enter into the conflict in the East. The regime in Kiev has exhausted all means of staying in power otherwise: there are clashes now with the neo-Nazi muscle that they used in the Euromaidan who now demand more power, Ukraine’s economy is in disarray, its reserve funds are dwindling, and it’s being nudged relentlessly towards confrontation with Russia by the US and NATO. War with Russia vindicates Kiev’s propaganda and allows them to sign off all their sins and failures, it may even allow them to cling on to power a bit longer, steal a bit more and prepare an escape route to the West where they can receive their Nobel Peace Prizes or something similar. Come to think of it, it also vindicates all the US/NATO propaganda and justifies their belligerent policy (and aggressive military spending) towards Russia. The only potential obstacle here is Trump and his small team of “isolationists”.
  2. Let’s imagine Trump doesn’t object and Kiev pounces. Let’s also imagine that Russia responds with full force. Footage of Russian troops pouring over the border will be played on the news round the clock. This will allow the Neocons to push through Congress and the White House a bill slapping sanctions on energy-related projects connected to Russia. All objections from Europeans will be shoved aside under the pretext that “allies must act as one in the face of blatant aggression.” They did the same when they blamed the East Ukrainian militia and by extension Russia with the downing the Malaysian airliner… By the way, there is some consolation for Trump here: the US LNG exports to Europe will grow, (the first full tanker is already berthed in Poland) and demand is high. That’s good for America, even if it hurts Europe. Another captive market for American goods.
  3. Sanctions will start biting the oligarchs. According to all well-tested color revolution scenarios, they will start changing their allegiances slowly but surely. They should be expected to start funding the non-systemic opposition groups. In fact, there is plenty of evidence that they have already started to do so.
  4. If we play out the scenario some more, by sometime in mid-winter, the war in Ukraine is turning into a Russian Vietnam, and Russia starts sustaining visible losses. The economy starts faltering and the moral in the Russian society at large drops.
  5. On top of things, in Syria, someone (maybe even the Americans) downs another Russian plane or a helicopter. Yet, the Russian government doesn’t respond, as it is stretched thin and cannot commit itself to combat enemies successfully on two fronts, particularly in Syria where communication lines through the Bosporus are controlled by a NATO member – Turkey. The government now looks weak and pathetic which is very bad optics in Russian politics.
  6. Unrest and trouble in Central Asia start brewing. The Nagorny Karabakh conflict starts again as the Azeris launch a fresh assault on the heights. Everywhere the noose is tightening.
  7. Now, it’s time for the Russian presidential elections in March and of course, they are labeled illegitimate by the (((international community))) and its Russian collaborators. After all, according to the American well-tested scenario book on color revolutions, there simply cannot be fair elections in countries opposing the US.
  8. The mass demonstrations begin, led by the “white-ribbon” Bolotnaya activists (or whatever color they choose this time around.) The power in the Kremlin caves and Russians are given a new, politically correct and progressive leadership, who will reconcile them with their estranged Western family. They’ll get welcomed back with open arms and a stern lecture. Something along the lines of what the Godfather might say: “Fredo, you’re my brother, and I love you. But don’t ever take sides with anyone against the Family again.”

There you have it, the Deep State strategy for Russia in the upcoming year. Most importantly, the odds seem high that it might actually be attempted. Will it succeed? Maybe, maybe not. It seems that the Russians know what is afoot. But time will tell, and we won’t have to wait long to see if this theory plays out.


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  • I dont think President Trump colluded with Russia at all. The Democrats are simply copying the Republican script of investigation and investigation as was done to Obama and Hillary.

  • It won’t happen. Russia has been thoroughly inoculated against the “color revolution” virus. Even if *all* the oligarchs flip on Putin, it won’t matter because Putin can snap his fingers and have 10’s of millions of Russians in the streets. I agree that what VL wrote is the plan, but it is not going to work.

  • I do not believe the Americans have the political savvy to out fox Putin, this is why Neo Cons like Ralph Peters and Max Boot are so triggered. They want nothing more than to sink Zio claws into another Orthodox Christian nation, but know war with Russia is not winnable. Fuck, Americans do not even have the smarts to defeat Yemen or Hezbollah at this point.

  • I don’t see any of this happening. Even if Putin were to lose power, the things that the altright likes about Russia would likely remain the same. I understand that the cultural zeitgeist in Russia is similar to that of Poland and Hungary in terms of immigration. All of these countries want Europe for white people. I have read that black students in Russian universities run the risk of being beaten if they venture into crowds like those at sporting events. Police in Moscow and St. Petersburg are likely to stop and check the identity papers of anyone with a complexion that approaches swarthy darkness.

    And who cares about Putin personally? He is a kleptocrat who has stolen billions of dollars and stashed them in foreign accounts under his cronies’ names. Putin wears a Patek Philippe watch while his countrymen struggle to make ends meet. Putin is running a stealth war in Ukraine because the Russian people do not like the idea of a war with their Slavic brothers. The Russian military does all it can to conceal Russian casualties in the war from the Russian public.

  • Even professional geopolitical forecasters like Stratfor have a shitty track record predicting upcoming events. I’ll check back here in a month when none of this happens

      • Assuming that the average reader of this site hasn’t got a tenth of your knowledge about Russia, and of Deep State machinations, your post is still speculative, and your comment to orbit shows more than a little insecurity on your part. Are you suggesting that those of us with less knowledge should just nod our pretty little heads and bow to your greatness?

          • I’m not interested in his comment history, only in the one comment to which you responded.

            You’ve now thrown insults at 2 of 2 commenters in this string.

            You’ve made a public post, and then shown an incredibly thin skin when you got some feedback that you didn’t like.

            Grow up, sonny, you’re beclowning yourself. Your behaviour is not manly.

  • What a lot of wishful thinking Mr. Law……. some points about Ukraine inadvertently could happen the opposite way. Brussels has already sent notice to Kiev that there is no more money unless they they implement the cruel reforms which were supposed to have taken place 4 years ago.

    As for the US LNG shipments the infrastructure is not there in most European harbours to handle the loads. Plus European consumers will not stomach higher energy and inflation into their daily lives. They will take it out on their own governments which can easily be replaced in the following elections of the respective countries especially Eastern and central countries. Remember that with Britexit the EU budget will be cut by 10% to 12% so imagine where is that compensation is going to come from? An increase in VAT
    Watch out for more riots in Paris when Macron implements his Neo-Con agenda on the pretext of reviving the moribund French economy! So what the possibilities you pointed out Mr. Law that could or could not happen in Russia, a similar scenario could possibly take place elsewhere in the West. Not including a slow down or a recession in the dear old USA!

  • George W. Bush was constantly mocked for his supposedly friendly relationship with Putin and Democrats were constantly saying he was being “duped” by the crafty Russian “dictator.”

    What has changed?

  • My Russian wife tells me that the Russian Gov’t cares not what Putin says – It follows DC London and the Chosen… Wish Putin best of luck – it will be the Russian people that save him if this is tried !!

  • The article is excellent albeit a bit too dramatic: The U.S.’s deep state wants for years, maybe even more than a decade to oust Putin, because he is a leader that cannot be controlled.

    • found this on wiki:

      Zbigniew Brzezinski was born in Warsaw, Poland, on March 28, 1928.[6] His family came from Brzeżany in Galicia in the Tarnopol Voivodeship (administrative region) of then eastern Poland (now in Ukraine). The town of Brzeżany is thought to be the source of the family name. Brzezinski’s parents were Leonia (née Roman) Brzezińska and Tadeusz Brzeziński, a Polish diplomat who was posted to Germany from 1931 to 1935; Zbigniew Brzezinski thus spent some of his earliest years witnessing the rise of the Nazis.[7] From 1936 to 1938, Tadeusz Brzeziński was posted to the Soviet Union during Joseph Stalin’s Great Purge,[8] and was later praised by Israel for his work helping Jews escape from the Nazis.[9]

      Not sure, but he was surely close to them.

      • His wiki also mentions that cunt (((Albright))) who is “of Czech descent”.

        I wonder whether Zbigniev was (((Polish))) in that way too.

        • Maybe the Shabos Goy tried to become more Skypey by marrying her… In short let’s consider him a Polish SG ’till his roots become more evident. His full stance on Russia can be even completely understood under a very specific type of Polish nationalism…

          • “His full stance on Russia can be even completely understood under a very specific type of Polish nationalism…”

            Yeah, I’m all too familiar with Slavic family problems.

          • The Poles have an innate hatred of Russia and it manifest itself in a ignorant type of Polish nationalism. It is fine to hate your adversaries like the Irish do the English but it potentially catastrophic to amass a foreign mercenary army (NATO) on your adversaries border. If Poland gets nuked then they deserve it.

          • Amazing how the IRA was willing to bomb Brits, but now agitates for open borders with the third world. Priorities, man.

          • The greatest challenge of Poland is to keep Russia out, while making it a trade partner, while not inclining dangerously close to the U.S. or Germany… I fear they are making serious mistakes here and from the E.E. countries the one that should be taken as the example of good politics is Orban’s Hungary… at least on the geopolitical and immigration spheres, I don’t know much of the inner situation.

  • Putin’s problem is that he has no vision for Russia. He’s no Napoleon or Frederick II, he’s basically a third world-style strongman in the vein of Saddam or Duterte, just trying to keep an inherently dysfunctional, multi-ethnic society together.

    If the (((deep state))) pulls off a coup in Russia it’ll reignite the White nationalist movement that Putin decimated on the orders of his jew handlers in the late 90s and early 2000s. It might also end Russia’s cargo cult commie BS and pseudo-nationalist celebration of its non-victory in WW2.

    Here’s a rule: stabilizing anti-White systems is not a good thing, and that’s all Putin has done as president/prime minister.

      • Napoleon or Frederick II had full control of their States and the money of the nation – Putin has neither …. Putin like Trump is doing what he can to stay alive and do what he can …

        • Russia is also a declining power punching above its weight. A more apt historical example for Putin is Metternich. Austria was a fading great power, but Metternich used the chess board of diplomacy to advance conservative Austrian interests. Putin has done the same in the 21st Century.

          • Metternich had a sovereign State – Putin has a nation who’s Constitution was written by the enemy and has ownership of the National Bank … Not close – Putin has done far MORE … just saying

          • I’m anti-Russian because Russia postures itself as an opponent of Europe and the West in general, same as leftists and Muslims do. They fucking celebrate their invasion and conquest of Europe in WW2, including the mass rapes and executions. This is not an ally.

          • Get over WWII. Hitler fucked up big time invading Russia when he did. If your nation won a death struggle with another nation, you’d be celebrating the victory.

          • He didn’t invade Russia, there was no Russia at the time, he invaded the Soviet Union to destroy communism since it was an existential threat to Europe.

            The Russians didn’t win WW2, nobody won WW2 except for jews. Russians were cannon fodder slaves for jew communists, no different from the army Xerxes sent to destroy Greece.

          • >to destroy communism
            >with the same people in chief sometimes

            Yeah, right.

          • Germany really had had no choice. 400 Russian Divisions were massing. At its height Germany controlled just 54 divisions. War came much earlier than expected and frankly, I do not think Germans wanted another War with over a million disabled WW1 veterans hobbling about on public display daily.. And if it had not been for the Danzig mess they (Poles and Germans) may have sorted things out. That War was so unnecessary.

          • 1- Do you seriously think that Russians should have just let themselves be exterminated along with Communism? They were chained to it; just like Xerxes slaves. What should they have done in that situation?

            2- That they survived WWII, that Russians still exist today -is this something that you think is beneath consideration? Is the existence of the Russian today a “nobody” to you, a void where there is nothing to celebrate?

            I ask this because I’m pretty convinced that you just hate Russians/Slavs, and that your stated reason is just a convenient cover for it.

          • 1. The Germans weren’t going to exterminate Russians, and just because a lot of Russians had no choice but to fight for their jew masters doesn’t mean I have to respect them. Slaves don’t typically get respect.

            2. Maybe they should celebrate surviving the jewish mass slaughter of Russians and the destruction of Russian culture under the bolshevik system instead. Maybe they should be asking questions, like why their grandparents and great grandparents were murdered and thrown into mass graves instead of patting themselves on the back for defending those murderers.

          • So what were the Germans planning on doing with all those millions of Slavs that lived on what was to become future German territory?

            Interesting that you mention respect. Who do you actually respect? Going through your comment history, you don’t seem to identify as anything other than some generic ‘White’, without any real attachment to anything other than abstract ideas about racial unity, and any concrete Whites that fail to live up these abstract standards seem worthy of perishing to you.

            What is your actual ethnicity? (‘Central European’ is a geographic reference, not an ethnicity, by the way.) Or have you entirely lost your ethnicity and now do what White Americans do and use race as a proxy for one? If so, that would explain a lot about your comment history regarding almost every actual White ethnic group that you spit on.

            As for your second point, fair enough. It would have had even more credibility though if you acknowledged that it wasn’t only Jews killing Russians.

          • “So what were the Germans planning on doing with all those millions of
            Slavs that lived on what was to become future German territory?”

            Who knows, but if they didn’t even exterminate k1kes then they sure as heck weren’t going to exterminate Slavs. Allied propaganda mentions something called Generalplan Ost, which allegedly stated that German plans called for the integration of Aryan Slavs into Europe and the enslavement of the rest, but since there’s no surviving copy of this plan, no one can say.

            It’s moot anyway. Do you think the Germans would have treated the Russians worse than the Jews who had a genocidal hatred of them, and acted out on that hatred? If the Russians could survive Jewish occupation, they surely could have survived German occupation.

            “Interesting that you mention respect. Who do you actually respect?”

            1. Great people.
            2. Great people who defend Europe from its enemies.

            “What is your actual ethnicity?”

            Czechoslovak with Nordic ancestry.

          • Czechoslovak with Nordic ancestry.

            Ah, Rolls Royce.

    • Your comments are literally all the same. You hate Slavs, ok, we get it.

      But don’t ever accuse them of being bad at war.

  • Putin is not stupid enough to blow up the Donbass conflict and provide the Americans an opening to fuck him over. Putin is like Bismarck, a foreign policy realist who fights short, winnable wars. If Ukraine escalates in the Donbass, Putin will just allow more Russian “volunteers” to slip across the border.

  • There is also a chance that all these events lead to an identitarian government in Ukraine and/or Russia.
    The ukrainian identitarians are really very powerful and they could take the country by revolution. While in Russia the main force of opposition to Putin are nationalists.

  • It won`t come from the khohol, not this year at least, as a half of summer is already gone. They have no capability for blitz operations, constantly get lured into pockets and then are massacred therein. Should they still try it on neocohen orders, you won`t see russian troops boiling the swine, oh no, it will be the “volunteers” who somehow got all the latest toys. Russia will only enter the thing overtly if there is an indisputable proof of khohol actually attacking russian soil first, like bombing Rostov or something, and then it will end long before winter. Last time, a rumor of russian troops crossing the border overtly sent khohol into retreat(especially the much vaunted nazi shabbos goyim batallions, ahahaha), imagine this but with planes coming long before the troops and levelling everything hostile.

    “Russian trendy youth” takes exactly the same niche in Russia as their counterparts do in US, only worse, meaning that if they try to start anything, beatings will come from every possible side, televised and cheered on by the russian normie. Not much of a danger.

    Regarding recent Syrian moves by all parties, it seems like we`re getting closer to the partitioning. Erdogan is especially interesting in all of this, as he is consistently signalling against US policy and actually just announced he`s buying a russian-made SAM system instead of Patriot or whatever. This trend is not new, he was moving away from US arms for a while after 2006 when helicopter deal failed, what`s interesting is the timing here. By the same token, Turkey will probably stiffle any attempts by azers to start shit in Karabakh. Didn`t play well for them last time they tried as well.

    Oligarchs would do well to remember the fates of (((Khodorkovsky))) and (((Berezovsky))), with the addendum that Putin is obviously very nervous now and will pull the trigger so much faster.

    Central Asia is a credible problem for the russians, yes. Some believe that visas are coming back in the next few years, Anatoly Karlin who visits here can expand on that much better than I ever could. Security in the region itself is a horrible mess with all tribal vendetta and loyalties for sale, and somehow western media is very hush-hush about another big player coming in – China. With their pan-continental infrastructure thing coming online, last thing they need is a disturbance along the line, so they will probably shoulder some of the load together with russians here.

    • And some more food for thought: Kissinger has been flying to Moscow several times this year, and having long secret conversations with both lavrov and Putin. Western media, again, does not talk about it, and russian media only mentions it in passing, as if all this goddamn kabuki theater we see for the last couple of years has ran its course and some kind of comprehensive settlement is being worked out in the background.
      Now, I know how AR views Kissinger, but we must not forget the reality of his status: this is the man with the highest diplomatic weight US had for a long time, a literal dinosaur. Russians do respect him.
      If he is taken out of his retirement and sent to you, US means business.


      • That is because the USA cannot burden itself with another arms race which Putin is not going to to fall into. Thus the meetings with Putin in search of some sort of agreements in certain areas of spheres of influence by both sides – in the Middle East Central Europe and the South China Sea. Trump knows this so does, the Deep State and those Senators and Congressmen and women who are due for re-election next year! 23 Trillions in debt staring you in the face and a trade deficit balance with China?

  • Russia is not the enemy of the U.S. In fact, it may save Whites in the U.S. and the rest of Europe from genocide.

    • Geostrategic adversary would probably be a better term. It`s simply a function of geography and relative military/economical strength, nothing personal on both sides. Racial concerns don`t matter on this scale as well.
      At least MAD is keeping us alive…yet.

      So don`t expect Putin to start attacking FEMA troops when they are taking you to the death camp or something, but fully expect Putin and Xi to jump in should US fracture. Not for some kind of gain(it won`t be their first motivator, at least), but for their own security, as US has an incalculable number of war assets dangerous on continental scale.

  • What is missing from this article is at least one motive for the neo-cons’ (who are mostly Jews or Israel Firsters, and this includes, but is not limited to, Lindsey Graham and John McCain) trying to foment war with Russia. This motive is that Israel wants to push the Palestinians into Syria, so Israel can expand, but to do that, Assad must fall and this isn’t going to happen so long as he is supported by Russia. So, if Russia can be distracted or attacked in its homeland, the door will be open to get rid of Assad and take over part of Syria for the Palestinians.

    You will note that Jews are already trying to strip Palestinians of that identity and usually refer to them just as generic Arabs. By reducing the Palestinians to a more general identity as Arabs will allow Jews to soften the blow of world opinion when they deport them to Syria to live with their Arab brothers and sisters.

  • 9th BRICS Summit will be held in China this September.

    The U.S./European economies are based upon selling each other exotic financial instruments, cell phone data plans, and burrito bowls.

    If the Anglosphere can’t get that gaspipe run through Syria, the $20 TRILLION dollars in U.S. National Debt will become more than just interest payments.

  • I think this is a significant overestimation of the globalist puppetmasters. If the last couple years have taught us anything is that these people aren’t nearly as powerful or intelligent as everyone thought they were. On top of that they are limited by their own restrictions of that motivate them: vanity and self-gratification.

          • “The Big Short” is a fascinating movie. Makes you realize how many Wall St. guys belong in jail. What a racket.

          • yeah another one of those surprises is in the works right now as we type on our laptops!

        • I believe so. At first I was worried that they were intentionally crashing the economy to bring in a global or digital currency. That theory doesn’t make sense though. The Media/Banking/Educational Complex is the source of their power and it took them at least a century to build it. Since 2008, they have been bleeding creditability. At this point, most normies don’t trust the economy, the media or the schools anymore. The “Camp of Saints” invasion and “fake news” hysterics are clear signs of desperation. All their power is built on lies. If no one believes their lies, they are powerless.

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