Germany Braces For Hundreds Of Thousands More Refugees

The Migrant wave isn’t over.

The first wave won’t be what destroys Europe. It will be the 3rd or 4th wave that does that. I’m calling it now, this isn’t going to be a slow demographic death. No, the refugees are flowing in at massive rates that will only increase. Europe has blinked in the face of the first assault wave. Now, everyone will be emboldened. Germany hasn’t stopped taking in more refugees. Just because you haven’t heard about it on the news doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. We have been living in a Camp of the Saints scenario from 2015 onwards:

The Ministry of the Interior announced that it granted asylum to 90,389 people in the first six months of 2017, and expects that Germany will receive a total of 180,000 migrants this year  – a fraction of the influx of almost a million who the country admitted in 2015.
However, Die Weltreports the situation — with regards to housing, welfare, education, integration, and crime  — will be far more demanding for taxpayers than official figures suggest, as they do not take into account the migrants who are flown into Germany as a result of family reunification rules.
Wait for it, here’s the kicker.
Responding to a request by the German broadsheet, the Federal Foreign Office said it estimates the process will enable an additional 200,000 to 300,000 to travel to the European nation.

So it’s 500,000 more, right?

According to the Foreign Office, the calculation is based on the number of visas which have already been issued, and on how many applications the department expects based on patterns currently seen with regards to average family reunification numbers for Syrian refugees…

Though Germany has now suspended the possibility of family reunification for many newcomers until March 2018, authorities are still overwhelmed by the huge backlog of claims which come as a result of Angela Merkel’s move to open the country’s borders in 2015.

I’m sure that the German bureacracy with its characteristic efficiency will get through that backlog, never fear.

And that’s all just legal migrants. What about an illegal wave like we saw in 2015? Hard to say, but things could get very bad very quick. We saw about 100,000 migrants already cross the Mediterranean sea this year.

But the German government is prepared, never fear:

Social networks could face fines of up to 50 million euros ($57 million) for persistently failing to remove hate speech from their websites, under a bill the German parliament passed July 7.
No criticism allowed.
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  • After the inevitable collapse, those “Hate Speech” laws will be used to defend Whites against Cucks, Jews, and anti-Whites. With the swish of a pen their weapons will be used against them.

  • The only hope I see for Germany is if Southern and Eastern Germany break off from the heart of the dildo in Western Germany. They’ll have to cut off a limb to save the body at this point because it’s getting damn late.

    • For Europe to survive the Germanic and Nordic nations must be cut out. These are sick nations full of sick brainwashed people. Once they are walled off our allies amoung them will join us in the East, Central and South of Europe.

      The Germanic/Nordic people are a cancer on the White man. I wish it were not so but it is an undeniable fact. Europe will live amoung the Celts, Slavs, Latins and Balts. The Germanic/Nordic people are doomed. The best amoung them will flee East and South under the precondition that they integrate with the local people. The last thing we need is a a bunch of self righteous secular puritan Nordics and Germanics bringing their poison to the East and South of Europe. Come, integrate, intermarry, and leave your disgusting culture where it came from to wither on the vine.

      • Nonsense. Germanics/Nordics are responsible for the greatness of Europe and have formed some of the most powerful nations that the world has ever seen. Also, a disproportionate amount of modern European nation states were originally set up by a Germanic/Nordic conquering group that historically served/serves as the nobility. For example:

        France = The Franks
        Russia= The Rus’
        Spain = The Visigoths

        And so on.

  • Alt-right needs to learn fluency in numbers; the US is just as endangered as Germany. The Cotton/Trump immigration plan that everything thinks is a white pill only halves the immigration rate. We have the problems we have today because on average, about 680,000 a year immigrated here from 1965-2010. Current rate is 1,050,000, so halving it would be almost equal to what we have historically taken in! The effect would actually be much worse, since native reproduction/replacement is much lower than it used to be, so historical immigration levels are still too high and would overwhelm the native population. Just to be consistent with no-welfare use would put the cap at 340,000 (half of legal immigrants take means-tested government benefits). This plan is way above that! Only 75,000 immigrants a year come for work. We are hosed unless the bill limits immigration to a few tens of thousands of skilled employees only.

  • Hopefully, many of our messages about White survival and the fact that there are many of us who are working for it are getting through to our German brothers and sisters so they don’t feel all alone and isolated.

    • There are videos of Germans protesting against refugee centers and the German police are beating them. The Germans are rightfully asking, “How can you do this to your own people?”

      It should be obvious to Whites in America and elsewhere that our own police are no different. They do not hesitate to turn against White people which is precisely how we got in this mess.

  • The evil and genocidal Blenders are trying to wipe out all Whites via bedroom genocide and Germans are among their first targets. They won’t be happy until there are no more white skin, blue eyed, blond Germans with Aryan features.

    This is the modern way of war: Simply send millions of people of a different race across borders and this will increase miscegenation until everyone accepts it as normal. It is not normal. It is evil. It is genocide.

  • In the late 90’s there was a canadian sci-fi show called First Wave. The invasion had already begun. The important aliens were already in place manipulating humanity. Just like now, only a few took notice of what was happening. The normies continued their lives as usual. What the aliens were waiting for was the second wave. The one that would end it all. Now it has been quite many years I saw it but I think the end game was extermination. The goal I think was to terraforming our planet to suit their needs. Who can say for certain a scenario like that isn’t going on? Think about it. Chemtrails could very well be it. They cannot come out openly and tell us that, look here, chum. We’re just going to terraform your world. It means all of you are going to die so that we can live. Once the terraforming continued for as long as possible, it will become a selfplaying piano. We will die off in mass, as simple as that.

  • I see this as a good thing. A small amount of nonwhites can sneak by and carve out their barbarian cities in white countries which white people avoid like the plague. Remember how much whites kicked and screamed when their school were forced to integrate? It’s easy to be cool with diversity when it’s not knocking on your front door. Easiest way to redpill people on race is too have them be around these people. I want muslims and Africans in the every neighborhood in Germany it’s the only way to wake these people up and actually do something about this.

    Just like how in America we tolerate blacks because it’s easy to avoid them as long as you pay the black tax higher rent and private schools. It wasn’t until obama tried to force blacks into our schools and neighborhood did whites start fighting back. This is exactly what we need to red pill whites on our ideas and get actual change in our societies. If there is no conflicts it will never happen. The system will just limp along with whites footing the bill but still living in comfort because it mostly doesn’t effect them. The worst thing that could happen to Germany is a million Muslims living quitly in their country in cities that whites have fled from.

    • I certainly don’t see it as a good thing, but maybe we Whites have to hit rock bottom so that it is completely clear to the dumbest among us that we are facing our extinction for us to really fight back.

      • One step back, two steps forward. We take the next step in our social/cultural/genetic evolution, or we disappear forever from this world.

    • No,by your theory Detroit ,Chicago , Baltimore and New Orleans should be in flames by now ,but they aren’t ;because liberalism rules and whites aren’t yet apparently defiled and humiliated enough. By your definition the above once white communities would have to become 99% black ;where upon – there wouldn’t be even enough white people left to schedule a march.

      • Because its easy to avoid those negro infested neighborhoods and they can slowly destroy more and more cities like a bunch of termites destroying a forest. Thats my exact point. Blacks in America are such a small part of the us populations white Americans can easily avoid them and not have to worry about them coming into their neighborhoods. That’s why we have so many “antiRacist” liberals in America because they live in their nice gated communities away from all the blacks. You certainly don’t find a lot of white liberals in the south especially not in areas near lots of blacks. You find the biggest liberals in Maine and washington where black populations are small. Those whites vote for anti-racist policies that only screw over the racist in the south when they have to deal with blacks in their school, neighborhoods, and places of business.

        I wish I could force every white person in America to work as a cashier in an all black town. They would get the message really fast that these are not our equals. Just like every person understands really fast when they try to help Africans in Africa.

        The worse thing that could happen in Europe with their new migrants is what happens with blacks in America. Where they stay as 10-20% of the population allowing whites to just avoid them while they slowly destroy parts of their country.

        Just look at those cities that you mentioned. The entire state besides the negro infested urban cities voted for Trump. That tells me all I need to know about how they feel about diversity.

          • Yes it is as long as whites are comfortable shit will never change. Why do you think the civil rights movement was able to pass? Because middle class whites in their gated neighborhoods were comfortable and just wanted blacks to shut up and stop rioting and now we are here. Nothing will ever change if we are comfortable.

  • Reminds me of the fall of ancient Rome. They lost their inner integrity first and then failed to stem the inflow of barbarian hordes because of their demoralization. It’s happening to Europe and it’s happening to us. Why do you see so many Confederate flags? People like you and me are sick of this liberal conditioning we received through the media and in our schools and sick of having out rights to freedom of expression stomped on by the liberal press. What can we do? Fight back. Stop passing the buck. Let us stand up for who we are. Let us call our politicians to account. You can’t win if you don’t fight.

    • back then no internet .. today.. internet…. WINNING … the push back is coming… thanks to people like Martin Sellner.

  • Germany is already dead. That cake is baked.

    I’m tired of hearing endless lamentations about them.

    It’s time to focus on actionable things.

  • Germany is obviously demoralized. Demoralization is a psychological state where you cannot come to reasonable conclusions in the interest of defending yourself, your family, your race. This state is brought about by years of psychological conditioning i.e. brainwashing through effective anti-white propaganda. No volume of facts or information can reverse demoralization. It can only be reversed with effective counter-propaganda.

    It starts with having something to say when you’re called a racist. You can’t say yes I’m a racist or no I’m not a racist because that just affirms the the weaponized term the anti-whites use to maintain power. The term itself must be discredited, not affirmed. That is how you destroy the anti-whites’ legitimacy and thereby remove them from power.

    Here are some effective responses to the accusation if racism:

    “In your opinion I’m a racist. You’re just saying that because I’m white. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

    “Racist is an anti-white hate slur.”

    “Racist is your word for heresy to the Religion of Political Correctness.”

    You’re not going to get anywhere politically if your enemies win every argument simply by calling you a name and you have no effective response.

    Germans need talking points more than they need air.

    • Another useful tactic i’d say is to make it known that there are others who think similarly. When you think you’re the only one thinking a certain way, it is reasonable to question your own sanity.

      This is partly why Merkel wants such a censorship crackdown on social media. German nationalists have to find a way to communicate their ideas to some kind of public platform.

    • Mass murderer Leon Trotsky turned the historically neutral word, racist into a pejorative to describe the Russians that were resisting communism by wanting to hold on to their cultural traditions and ethnic identity.

    • I think that the best response is to actually completely, conspicuously ignore the accusation and immediately go on the offensive by angrily spouting off the facts and figures that we all know that support our beliefs. No, the facts and figures won’t matter to our interlocutors, but the point isn’t to win the debate, it’s to show that you JUST DON’T CARE what they have to say anymore. Their words are meaningless and roll off of you like water. The best defense is a good offense. We’re smarter and we’re right. That should be all we need to be completely unflinching and unapologetic in our approach.

    • In Germany you have what the German’s call a “grand coalition” government made up of the Roman Catholic CDU/CSU and the socialist-communist left of the SPD or Social Democratic Party. Both of these parties are for open borders immigration for Germany.

      What you need are practical politics to break this coalition up.

    • Nice post. I wish I had written it. Well, actually I have written things very close to it, but nice post, anyway.

    • My reply is : “So?” If I am told that’s wrong, I ask: “By whom?” After some bullshit response that it is “wrong” or “immoral”, I merely ask to what authority they are referring? They either believe in the Bible, in which case I point out that the Bible has no rules against “racism”, shoot, it’s not even in the Ten Commandments. If they don’t believe in the Bible, I point out that all cultures are equal, as are all beliefs. There is NO universal morality. Thus, my being a “racist”, is just part of MY moral code, which, according to them, is just as valid.

      It pisses them off, but, they end up with sputtering, “It’s the right thing to do”. Yup, you’re correct, we end up right where we started. They can’t answer according to whom? GO ATHEISTS AND CULTURAL MARXISM. Here’s hoping you really enjoy the color with which you have painted your corner.

  • Give white Germans refugee status and we can keep them here in the US until we reconquer Europe.

  • News outlets are already reporting on a massive wave of over 4,000 African migrants that are expected to reach Italy tomorrow thanks to “rescue boats” scooping them up on the borders of Libya. -.-

  • F. William Engdahl: “By now it has become clear to most that something quite sinister is afoot, something which threatens to destroy the social fabric of the very core of European civilization. What few realize is that the entire drama is being orchestrated, not by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, or by faceless EU bureaucrats of the Brussels EU Commission. It is being orchestrated by a cabal of NATO-linked think tanks.”

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