Are Germans Sick of Merkel Yet?

It’s fair to say that we in the Alt-Right have registered our chagrin, to put it mildly, in regards to the anarchists’ rampage at the G-20 in Hamburg, Germany.  But when you’ve lost even the left-wing European Press; well, you know Angela Merkel has gone too far.

Originally it seemed that Merkel held the summit at Hamburg because the city apparently has a predilection for left-wing violence.  She wanted to send a “message” to Trump.  It’s one of those ideas floating out there in the ether, Twitter, wherever.  Plausible, infuriatingly plausible.

But no, in fact, Merkel was trying to sell Hamburg as a city in which the Olympics might be held in 2024.  I’m not so sure she did the best salesmanship on that one.  Instead, what Merkel really advertised was liberal permissiveness gone amok—one of her specialties.

Perhaps she learned police tactics from Loretta Lynch?  I know that Frau Merkel is a dear friend of Obama; they’re ideological kindred spirits.  The two leaders share a laissez faire attitude towards left- wing street violence, shall we say.  Attorney General Lynch continued Attorney General Eric Holder’s policy, officially known as, “Release the Brown Hordes on White People.”

As for Merkel, she invites chaos into Germany in many regards, and then stands aside like a cow passively beholding the consequences. Wir Schaffen Das.  Famous last words, echoing over the rubble.

Though the Germans’ voting habits are inexplicable, they still have a sense of humor.  They know absurdity when they see it and call it out in their inimitably wry manner.  Yes, there is still life in them! Stefan Aust of Die Welt describes the scene of police confronting the leftist scum:

The sun was shining, and in the heat of the sit-in, policemen appeared, placing their H2O guns in gentle shower mode, and brought refreshment.

Perhaps water is not exactly the best “weapon” with which to fight the Black Bloc. Just a thought.  But would it be right to inflict violence upon those who had come “in order to rise up against the violent rulers of the world”?  After all, these protestors were there,

…for the good of the world, against coal and for love, for protecting the climate and against slaughtering animals, the destruction of gender barriers and the abolition of global capitalism […]

And why did all the rioters come anyway?

They were all invited by the Federal Chancellor, the good Angela Merkel. With a cheerful “We can do it” she had chosen the Hamburg mayor from the SPD to have the G-20 summit [..]

Yeah, that’s Merkel, blithely mouthing ridiculous slogans while her country literally burns.  The German people seem incredulous; and yet they continue to elect this woman.  Even press outlets which are ordinarily in lockstep behind Chancellor Merkel are starting to ask questions.  And when you’ve lost them, perhaps it’s time to reassess?  One hopes…

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  • Every German I’ve ever met in the US was trying to get a Green Card, and I know at least a dozen others who emigrated to places that were 90% or more white. What they all have in common are spouses and kids. I don’t think the German race is doomed to die out. The smart ones who have the normal human instinct to breed seem to be bailing. The childless nuts are sticking around to witness their replacement.

  • Another speciously argued article about Germany written by someone who probably knows next to nothing about the country. Where do you even get the idea that Merkel gets any resistance from the left, not to say even most of it? For Antifa even Obama would have had to serve as a stand-in for “the man” if he was still in power. In reality the left is in complete agreement with Merkel, because she has adopted their politics a 100 per cent.
    Last federal election btw. was in 2013, almost two years before Merkel opened the borders. should drop any pretensions of “white advocacy” and concentrate on its core audience. And then rename itself “”.

  • 70 years of brainwashing and de-nazification has worked well. I’m pretty sure the germans will vote the hag in vor another term. Even if it means their own extinction. At least we are not racists, as the popular meme goes.

  • “Perhaps water is not exactly the best “weapon” with which to fight the Black Bloc.

    But just mix some soap in with it, and it would be f**king kryptonite.

  • “Are Germans Sick of Merkel Yet?”

    Apparently not.

    However, Merkel is pretty clearly sick of Germans.

  • It’s funny seeing all these commenters saying that Germany is finished. Probably the same people who still think 50% White America can still be saved. What’s happening in Germany and Europe in general- uncontrolled non-White migration, cultural marxism, elite hostility, and brainwashing- has been happened in America for 50 years. We’re closer to the end than they are.

    • True but Americans have two important amendments that could yet save them. Europe on the other hand…

  • It’s what they wanted. The Germans are hopelessly lost to white guilt and far left politics. It’s been that way since the ’60s. Germany isn’t Germany anymore, in case you didn’t notice. I’d rather visit Poland, Russia, and Hungary to see nations with better pro-white policies and half the guilt.

  • > “The German people seem incredulous; and yet they continue to elect this woman.”

    And it’s rather stupid of us to continue questioning their choices.

    Germany is dead. They chose Marxism. I’m tired of hearing lamentations about it. Nature must run its course.

  • Left Wing strategy: Win the culture war by any means necassary.
    Right Wing Strategy: NAP. Violence is wrong m’kay.

    Guess who’s going to keep on winning.

      • Did I advocate violence? No. I just pointed out that the Left will utilize violence to get their way, while the Right won’t. Which side has been winning? I leave it to the reader to answer the question for themselves.

        • Don’t be impatient. We couldn’t use violence without being relentlessly attacked. Left-wing violence is sanctioned. Our violence wouldn’t be.

          But soon enough right wing death squads will become a reality and traitors will be dragged out of their houses by their dreadlocks. Until we have consolidated our power we’ll continue to hide our power level.

          Acting like left-wing scum would be highly unseemly. They’re not exactly winning hearts and minds with their idiocy. This type of behaviour is not the reason they’ve been winning. They’ve been winning because their ideology was chosen by the globalist elite.

    • Street violence is easy when the Feds tell the Police not to stop you, touch you and or arrest you – They are just using that to get you into the street to shoot you …

    • Violence is bad when it can be used to demonize you. However, once the public thinks you are justified, there should be no such worry.

      • Yeah. The point I was trying to make is the Left will use violence and when our guys go out to a rally they should be prepared for that. It’s important at this point that we not be the aggressors, but we should be prepared to defend ourselves.

        It gets a little old seeing right wingers surprised that the Left will engage in violence and property destruction. It should be expected that they will behave in this way. It’s what they’ve always done, and it has always worked for them.

  • There are 35,000 American troops stationed in Germany. Insinuating they have any say what happens in their country is absurd. The elections probably aren’t even real.

    • You’re letting them off easily. They wouldn’t have had to cuck to this extent even with all our troops there, but Merkel and those around her insist upon it. As far as their elections, sounds like the same all over the west really.

      • Millions of Germans literally fought to the death to keep their enemies out of their country and prevent this awfulness that we’re faced with today. It’s not letting them off too easily, it’s accepting the reality of the situation. What have Americans ever done to stop the evil of the Jews? Nothing.

    • In 88′ there were 500,000+ troops excluding the “other” allies and about 2.5 million Americans lived in country and it was just West Germany then. Having visited Bavaria in the past few years I can say the Germans I encountered as a whole were more savvy to the goings on than the Americans I encounter in the South on a daily basis. They are just more reserved in how they talk about it and the media.. I did note with some surprise the signage on the gates of a decommissioned U.S. Kaserne celebrating the departure of the occupiers. Got a chuckle from that. And really man, if you think 35000 Americans can control a Nation of 80 million … see Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

    • Let’s remember that Germany has a parliamentary system of governance. Those who control the legislative control the executive, and the legislative picks the executive. Coalitions between legislative parties to form governments are common, such as in the case of the CDU/CSU – SPD coalition which now rules Germany. In the past, when there were not enough votes to form a government, often the FDP (Free Democrats) provided the parliamentary edge.

      The SDP is about 3/4 left-socialist-communist-nuts, and about 1/4 normal hard working people, traditional Protestants from central & northern Germany. It’s this 1/4 that needs to be peeled away from the Roman Catholic-socialist-communist coalition.

  • Two things: Firstly, there is no such thing as a public opinion. ‘The public’ is not an entity able to carry an opinion. There are individuals who are able to place their opinion into public in a more or less impacting way. In modern societies these impacting individuals are those who rule the media. In Germany, as in many other countries, there is a very small set of owners of media conglomerates publishing their opinion. Politicians who are in line with these opinions yield more return than others. Through this we have a continuous selection process that at the end creates a homogenous set of individuals publishing or mirroring the same opinion into the public. Each individual in the public yields higher returns if adopting this opinion, making the biotope unreversible of same orientation on the long run, if things go on without disruption. Therefore it is not really a matter of German people’s mental structure that Merkel plays this game. Her game is the final consequence of a self-aligning process of selection.

    Secondly, the western hemisphere is in a deep crisis. Groups in a crisis frequently lack the ability to initiate fundamental change from it’s inside order of entities. There might be self-healing phenomens, but these happen driven by dynamics outside each individual’s cognitive decisions towards this dynamics. A corporation going chapter 11 will not heal itself from all employees’ individual decisions. Nobody will suggest to cut his wage, to outsource his own job, to force himself to undergo severe change. Voting for one of the established parties, who in turn caused the crisis due to the straitened opinion funnel, has been the practice since decades. How can one expect from average persons to initiate the change? Towards where? The solution needs to sound like this: Change your behaviour, change what you have learned and what returned social success to you since you can think. This will never work. So do not expect from white people that they vote for other parties than usual. The change has to be forced into the crowd. From leaders or from disruptive events (that create new leaders).

    • Yeah, but they don’t have free speech in Germany. Just look at the case of Germar Rudolf: the man publishes a scientific report and he is imprisoned. In Germany 2+2= 6,000,000

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